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LW, Franklin @ Woodinville

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Woodinville HS, Woodinville

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Delaney11.4Lake Washington      
2.11Michael Park11.8Woodinville      
10Christian Sylvester12.1Woodinville      
6.12Ethan Nordness12.2Lake Washington      
10Tarik Camp12.3Lake Washington      
12Ben Smith12.4Lake Washington      
11TJ Galbraith12.4Lake Washington      
12Jacob Lewis12.8Lake Washington      
11Ben Slagle12.9Lake Washington      
11Chris Barnard12.9Woodinville      
10Joseph Kim12.9Woodinville      
12Steven Jeung12.9Woodinville      
10Kevin Hakala12.9Woodinville      
12Kyle Nordby13.5Lake Washington      
10Justin Shelton14.1Woodinville      
10Justin Mitman14.9Woodinville      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Austin Delaney23.5Lake Washington      
3.10Christian Sylvester24.5Woodinville      
4.11Michael Park24.7Woodinville      
11Jesse Squires25.3Woodinville      
5.10Tarik Camp25.3Lake Washington      
12Ben Smith25.5Lake Washington      
12Sept Washburn26.2Woodinville      
11Chris Barnard26.5Woodinville      
12Steven Jeung26.9Woodinville      
10Kevin Hakala27.2Woodinville      
10Justin Shelton29.7Woodinville      
10Justin Mitman35.1Woodinville      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christian Sylvester54.0Woodinville      
3.11Ben Slagle57.0Lake Washington      
4.12Sept Washburn57.2Woodinville      
10Kevin Hakala63.4Woodinville      
6.10Ibrahim Khilfeh65.5Lake Washington      
10Justin Shelton68.3Woodinville      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Tim Hobbs53.2Lake Washington      
12Ian Story53.9Lake Washington      
12Ethan Nordness56.3Lake Washington      
10Collin Sayler57.2Lake Washington      
10Tarik Camp57.4Lake Washington      
12Austin Delaney57.9Lake Washington      
11Ben Slagle58.4Lake Washington      
10Brendin Crandall60.1Lake Washington      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tim Hobbs2:04.8Lake Washington      
2.10Collin Sayler2:11.8Lake Washington      
4.12Zac Alexander2:13.7Woodinville      
11Cameron Albertson2:15.2Woodinville      
6.10Grady Olson2:16.6Lake Washington      
7.12Chris Post2:27.2Lake Washington      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alan Dayton4:38.7Woodinville      
2.11Tim Hobbs4:42.9Lake Washington      
3.12David Spencer4:46.3Woodinville      
3.10Collin Sayler4:54.4Lake Washington      
5.10Grady Olson5:14.1Lake Washington      
11Seth Sivinski5:29Woodinville      
11Julian Ellermeier5:30.5Woodinville      
8.11Daniel Lewis5:32.1Lake Washington      
11Matt Ridenour5:50.6Woodinville      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pascal Weber11:15.4Lake Washington      
2.10Max Sodorff11:16.8Woodinville      
3.11Andrew Palmer11:27.5Woodinville      
4.10Joah Fennell11:31Woodinville      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Story17.0Lake Washington      
2.12Steven Jeung18.2Woodinville      
3.10Connor Drazil21.2Woodinville      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Story44.2Lake Washington      
2.12Steven Jeung47.4Woodinville      
3.10Connor Drazil53Woodinville      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 47.2Franklin      
2.-Ben Smith
TJ Galbraith
Brendin Crandall
Nate Munk
48.3Lake Washington      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ian Story
Tim Hobbs
Austin Delaney
Brendin Crandall
3:45.1Lake Washington      
2.-Alan Dayton
Cameron Albertson
Zac Alexander
David Spencer
3.-Ben Slagle
Colin Sayler
Tarik Camp
Ethan Nordness
3:49.3Lake Washington      
-Chris Barnard
Michael Park
Kevin Hakala
Jesse Squires
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robin Wisner44'10.50Franklin      
2.12Jason Wang43' 2.5"Lake Washington      
3.11Sam Graham39'11Woodinville      
4.12Eric Gillison39' 2"Lake Washington      
10Maxx Forde36'0.5Woodinville      
12Eli Seward34' 5.25"Lake Washington      
11Erich Kaindl34' 3"Lake Washington      
11Marc Lobree33'1.75Woodinville      
11Chris Burrus31'5.25Woodinville      
11Michael Helbock28'10Woodinville      
10Ibrahim Khilfeh27' 4.5"Lake Washington      
12Andrew Kelly26'1Woodinville      
11Thomas Turner23'9Woodinville      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robin Wisner113'6Franklin      
2.11Sam Graham107'11Woodinville      
3.12Jason Wang105' 0"Lake Washington      
4.11Michael Helbock100'5Woodinville      
11Erich Kaindl97' 1"Lake Washington      
12Eli Seward93' 6"Lake Washington      
12Cory Stoll90'8Woodinville      
11Chris Burrus87'8Woodinville      
12Kyle Teteak80' 9"Lake Washington      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Eric Gillison140' 4"Lake Washington      
2.12Kyle Teteak114' 8"Lake Washington      
3.11Erich Kaindl103' 5"Lake Washington      
4.12David Cuthbert98'1Woodinville      
10Steven James97'2Woodinville      
11Thomas Turner87'10Woodinville      
10Alex Wade-Easley48'10Woodinville      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Lewis5' 8"Lake Washington      
2.10Trent Fullerton5'4Woodinville      
3.10Marcus Nelson5'4Woodinville      
4.12Ethan Nordness5' 4"Lake Washington      
5.11Nate Munk5' 2"Lake Washington      
10Maxx Forde5Woodinville      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Henry Park11' 6"Lake Washington      
2.12Kyle Nordby10' 0"Lake Washington      
3.10Curtis Flolid10Woodinville      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ethan Nordness18' 4.75"Lake Washington      
2.12Austin Delaney18' 1"Lake Washington      
12Scott Fahey17'6.25Woodinville      
4.11TJ Galbraith17' 0"Lake Washington      
5.12Jacob Lewis16' 11.75"Lake Washington      
12Henry Park16' 7.75"Lake Washington      
11Marc Lobree16'6.75Woodinville      
11Jesse Meier15'9Woodinville      
11Nate Munk15' 8.5"Lake Washington      
10Brendin Crandall15' 8.5"Lake Washington      
10Sam Ross13' 5"Lake Washington      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11TJ Galbraith36' 6"Lake Washington      
2.10Brendin Crandall35' 4.25"Lake Washington      
3.11Nate Munk34' 6.75"Lake Washington      
11Jesse Meier33'7.75Woodinville      
4.10Maxx Forde33'2.5Woodinville      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ariana Jones12.2Franklin      
12Jessica Wyman13.4Woodinville      
4.10Lacy Newbold13.4Lake Washington      
12Molly Soliday13.9Woodinville      
7.12Brittany Dougall14.1Lake Washington      
12Stephanie Johnson14.6Lake Washington      
10Heidi Greenback14.7Woodinville      
11Devin Funkenbusch15.0Woodinville      
11Marissa Jones15.0Woodinville      
12Anna Randall15.0Lake Washington      
12Claire Eldred15.3Woodinville      
10Sophie Sturdevant16.1Lake Washington      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10McKenzie Luth27.6Woodinville      
12Rashell Doty27.8Woodinville      
11Stephanie Bateman27.9Woodinville      
5.11Alix Boyd28.9Lake Washington      
11Christina Nordin29.1Woodinville      
12Jocelyn Perry30.3Lake Washington      
10Heidi Greenback30.5Woodinville      
12Kim Vo31.2Lake Washington      
6.12Anna Randall31.5Lake Washington      
11Devin Funkenbusch32Woodinville      
12Claire Eldred32.6Woodinville      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gabby Holman65.3Franklin      
11Christina Nordin65.7Woodinville      
10April Dick65.8Woodinville      
4.11Alix Boyd65.9Lake Washington      
5.12Annie Asmussen66.5Lake Washington      
12Stephanie Johnson67.3Lake Washington      
12Brittany Dougall67.8Lake Washington      
6.12Jocelyn Perry69.8Lake Washington      
12Claire Eldred70.9Woodinville      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Alix Boyd66.2Lake Washington      
12Jocelyn Perry69.9Lake Washington      
12Brittany Dougall69.9Lake Washington      
12Anna Randall72.8Lake Washington      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Laurie Meckling2:43.6Woodinville      
11Devon Boswell2:51.1Woodinville      
4.10Becky Forgrave3:06.0Lake Washington      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Taylor Bolibol5:27Woodinville      
10Anna Billmaier5:58.5Woodinville      
10Gretchen Worley6:04.5Woodinville      
5.12Laila Zayan6:33.1Lake Washington      
6.12Anne Fogarty6:34.6Lake Washington      
7.10Becky Forgrave6:53.4Lake Washington      
8.11Alex Candelaria7:22.9Lake Washington      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Kayla Schick12:16.7Woodinville      
11Lyndsey Rakestraw12:49.7Woodinville      
12Janelle Sagawa12:50.7Woodinville      
4.11Sarah Elson13:22.3Lake Washington      
5.12Mollie Tarte13:35.7Lake Washington      
6.11Maddy Belval15:39.0Lake Washington      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephanie Bateman17.8Woodinville      
2.12Kelsey Frost17.9Woodinville      
4.12Molly Enger18.7Lake Washington      
6.10Lacy Newbold38.7Lake Washington      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
11Stephanie Bateman49.9Woodinville      
12Kelsey Frost52.1Woodinville      
5.10Sophie Sturdevant60.6Lake Washington      
6.11Anna Roberds62.5Lake Washington      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.6Franklin      
2.-Jocelyn Perry
Kim Vo
Brittany Dougall
Alix Boyd
56.0Lake Washington      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:50.6Franklin      
-Meaghan Rieke
Jessica Wyman
Molly Soliday
April Dick
3.-Lacy Newbold
Molly Enger
Kim Vo
Stephanie Johnson
1:59.1Lake Washington      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Christina Nordin
McKenzie Luth
Marissa Jones
Heidi Greenback
2.-Jocelyn Perry
Brittany Dougall
Anna Randall
Alix Boyd
4:38.8Lake Washington      
-Laurie Meckling
Anna Billmaier
Gretchen Worley
Devon Boswell
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
10Katherine Severin26'6.5Woodinville      
3.12Yinghua Zhang22' 3"Lake Washington      
10Eva Jacobson22Woodinville      
10Jessica Gilbert19'9.5Woodinville      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Felomina Cervantes98'8Franklin      
11Kenna Campbell98'3Woodinville      
3.12Yinghua Zhang64' 4"Lake Washington      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephanie Johnson89' 10"Lake Washington      
11Kenna Campbell86'7Woodinville      
12Brittany North68'11Woodinville      
12Yinghua Zhang59' 1"Lake Washington      
10Lacy Newbold58' 5"Lake Washington      
10Eva Jacobson58'1Woodinville      
10Katherine Severin56'11Woodinville      
10Elizabeth Kimn55'9Woodinville      
10Kaitie Ivory44'5Woodinville      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Emily White4'8Woodinville      
12Jessica Wyman4'8Woodinville      
10ReeceAnn Buendia4'6Woodinville      
11Jennifer Frazier4'6Woodinville      
12Molly Enger4' 2"Lake Washington      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
11Cici Cyr8'6Woodinville      
11Bryttany Enge8Woodinville      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Charissa Shoecraft15'0.50Franklin      
2.12Molly Enger14' 5.5"Lake Washington      
12Kristin Frost14'3.5Woodinville      
11Katie O'Leary12' 8.5"Lake Washington      
12Molly Soliday12'7.5Woodinville      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
10McKenzie Luth30'8.5Woodinville      
12Kristin Frost30'7Woodinville      
3.12Annie Asmussen26' 7"Lake Washington      
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