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Region 4-2A Championships

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derrick Hopkins10.59aMonsignor Edward Pace      
2.12Travis Benjamin10.79aGlades Central      
3.11Jeffrey Allen10.99aMonsignor Edward Pace      
4.11Lee Williams11.09aCardinal Newman      
5.12George Baker11.12aArchbishop Coleman F...      
6.12Michael Rios11.17aBelen Jesuit Prep      
7.12Thaad Thompson11.44aCoral Springs Charter      
8.12Jared Firestone24.80aPine Crest      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Travis Benjamin10.96aGlades Central      
2.11Derrick Hopkins11.00aMonsignor Edward Pace      
3.12Jared Firestone11.14aPine Crest      
5.12Michael Rios11.15aBelen Jesuit Prep      
7.11Lee Williams11.17aCardinal Newman      
4.11Jeffrey Allen11.21aMonsignor Edward Pace      
9.12Martavious Odoms11.24aPahokee      
6.12Thaad Thompson11.36aCoral Springs Charter      
8.12George Baker11.39aArchbishop Coleman F...      
10.10Micheal Sohi11.48aKey West      
11.12Karldell Dunning11.49aGlades Central      
12.11Justin Day11.53aAmerican Heritage      
13.11Kayvon Webster11.54aMonsignor Edward Pace      
14.10Shawn Corker11.64aCardinal Gibbons      
15.10Carlton Colson11.87aMater Academy      
--9Trei WaltonDNSGulliver Prep      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derrick Hopkins21.76aMonsignor Edward Pace      
2.11Tony McQuay21.77aSuncoast Community      
3.11Rantavious Wooten22.35aGlades Central      
4.10Andrew Green22.36aPine Crest      
5.12Anthony Whitehead22.53aCoral Shores      
6.12Michael Rios22.76aBelen Jesuit Prep      
7.12Alexio Cunningham22.85aImmaculata-LaSalle      
8.12Thaad Thompson22.96aCoral Springs Charter      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Derrick Hopkins21.81aMonsignor Edward Pace      
2.11Tony McQuay22.20aSuncoast Community      
3.10Andrew Green22.29aPine Crest      
5.11Rantavious Wooten22.52aGlades Central      
7.12Michael Rios22.58aBelen Jesuit Prep      
9.12Gus Vasquez-Milan22.59aArchbishop McCarthy      
4.12Alexio Cunningham22.76aImmaculata-LaSalle      
6.12Anthony Whitehead22.77aCoral Shores      
8.12Thaad Thompson22.91aCoral Springs Charter      
10.12Moses Sampson23.31aKey West      
10.12Karldell Dunning23.31aGlades Central      
12.12Jaxon Coleman23.32aKey West      
13.11Felix Nunez23.78aMiami Edison      
14.12Colin Sadler24.00aMonsignor Edward Pace      
15.11James Melton24.13aGlades Central      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tony McQuay48.09aSuncoast Community      
2.11Sterling Griffin48.21aMonsignor Edward Pace      
3.12Gus Vasquez-Milan49.84aArchbishop McCarthy      
4.12Chris Charles49.99aCoral Springs Charter      
5.10De'Jousha Johnson51.34aPahokee      
6.11Kevin Macclay51.59aMater Academy      
7.12Andres Navarro51.74aCardinal Gibbons      
8.11James Lindsay52.09aMiami Edison      
9.12Artis Ford52.26aPahokee      
10.12Anthony Rizo52.53aDoral Academy      
11.12Marlon Briones52.73aKey West      
12.12Ryan Eton52.88aRansom-Everglades      
13.11Charles Dowers52.99aGlades Central      
14.12Fernando Garcia54.13aBelen Jesuit Prep      
15.11Rodney Smith55.25aArchbishop Coleman F...      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joseph Dorfman2:01.61aBelen Jesuit Prep      
2.11Andy Rickter2:02.48aGulliver Prep      
3.12Robert Aran2:02.73aBelen Jesuit Prep      
4.12Giovanni Ferrara2:03.23aArchbishop Coleman F...      
5.12Mychael Hollis2:03.36aGlades Central      
6.11Patrick Billings2:03.66aGlades Central      
7.9Devonte Reddick2:04.20aMonsignor Edward Pace      
8.12Anthony Rizo2:04.84aDoral Academy      
9.12Adam Karol2:05.27aJensen Beach      
10.10William Wiesler2:06.17aArchbishop McCarthy      
11.11Kevin Drennan2:06.22aJensen Beach      
12.11Kedarius Harris2:06.64aMonsignor Edward Pace      
13.11Andrew Biviano2:08.59aCardinal Gibbons      
14.11Danny Arguello2:09.84aMater Academy      
15.12Joe Esposito2:12.02aCardinal Gibbons      
16.8Nicholas Palermo2:13.26aNorth Broward Prepar...      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Guillermo Echarte4:26.82aBelen Jesuit Prep      
2.11Chris Baker4:31.81aPine Crest      
3.11Joseph Dorfman4:32.45aBelen Jesuit Prep      
4.11Lawrence Duran4:33.75aBelen Jesuit Prep      
5.11Garett Faulkender4:46.23aArchbishop McCarthy      
6.10Daniel Friedman4:49.13aSuncoast Community      
7.11Thomas Ash4:49.73aSuncoast Community      
8.12David Bonner4:50.08aCardinal Gibbons      
9.10Robert Figueroa-Downing4:50.46aRansom-Everglades      
10.12Chris Nisa4:58.91aJensen Beach      
11.11Billy O'Connor5:06.24aPope John Paul II      
12.9Blaise Trimmer5:16.20aImmaculata-LaSalle      
13.10QuinAnthony Wright5:58.39aMonsignor Edward Pace      
--9Jeremy CapiroDNFMast Academy      
--11Sean PulverDNFCardinal Gibbons      
--12Aman StefanosDNFMonsignor Edward Pace      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Guillermo Echarte9:55.61aBelen Jesuit Prep      
2.11Francisco Triana10:11.66aRansom-Everglades      
3.11Chris Baker10:12.52aPine Crest      
4.11Sean Pulver10:15.06aCardinal Gibbons      
5.11Lawrence Duran10:20.10aBelen Jesuit Prep      
6.10Alexander Alghussain10:30.49aCardinal Gibbons      
7.11Daniel Becker10:41.90aRansom-Everglades      
8.12Richard (Mike) Berry10:42.17aCardinal Newman      
9.11Garett Faulkender10:46.99aArchbishop McCarthy      
10.9Blaise Trimmer11:34.03aImmaculata-LaSalle      
11.10Paul George11:39.50aImmaculata-LaSalle      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wilner Marcelin14.21aMater Academy      
2.10Poblo Alvarez14.59aBelen Jesuit Prep      
3.12Alexander Hueck14.89aArchbishop McCarthy      
4.12Jonuel Hernandez15.51aImmaculata-LaSalle      
5.12Brunarious Mckever15.54aGlades Central      
6.10Brix Gomez15.55aBelen Jesuit Prep      
7.12Nicholas Herrera15.71aBelen Jesuit Prep      
8.12Greg Elliot15.97aPine Crest      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Wilner Marcelin14.42aMater Academy      
2.10Poblo Alvarez14.78aBelen Jesuit Prep      
3.12Alexander Hueck15.04aArchbishop McCarthy      
4.12Brunarious Mckever15.37aGlades Central      
5.10Brix Gomez15.43aBelen Jesuit Prep      
6.12Nicholas Herrera15.53aBelen Jesuit Prep      
7.12Jonuel Hernandez15.74aImmaculata-LaSalle      
8.12Greg Elliot15.87aPine Crest      
9.10Daniel Salgado16.02aArchbishop McCarthy      
10.12Ramone Parkinson16.40aInlet Grove      
11.11Alexander Harris16.63aMonsignor Edward Pace      
12.9Carlos Garcia17.22aBelen Jesuit Prep      
13.11D'Anthony JaBoam17.24aGlades Central      
14.9Shin Iguchi17.54aSt Andrews      
15.12Roman King18.46aMater Academy      
--11Marvin PierreFSPine Crest      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Phillip Young38.80aKey West      
2.12Brunarious Mckever39.22aGlades Central      
3.11Donovan Jackson39.65aMiami Edison      
4.12Nicholas Herrera39.75aBelen Jesuit Prep      
5.12Greg Elliot40.04aPine Crest      
6.10Brix Gomez40.45aBelen Jesuit Prep      
7.12Andrew Deleo43.27aArchbishop McCarthy      
8.12Alexander Hueck46.49aArchbishop McCarthy      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Phillip Young39.14aKey West      
2.11Donovan Jackson39.65aMiami Edison      
3.12Greg Elliot40.34aPine Crest      
4.12Brunarious Mckever40.42aGlades Central      
5.12Nicholas Herrera40.68aBelen Jesuit Prep      
6.10Brix Gomez40.95aBelen Jesuit Prep      
7.12Alexander Hueck42.45aArchbishop McCarthy      
9.11D'Anthony JaBoam42.93aGlades Central      
8.12Andrew Deleo43.32aArchbishop McCarthy      
10.10Kyle Burgs43.45aPine Crest      
11.9Shin Iguchi44.67aSt Andrews      
12.11Michael Grant45.28aMonsignor Edward Pace      
13.11Hardy Johnson46.01aGlades Central      
14.10Michael Velasquez46.31aMater Academy      
--12Wilner MarcelinFSMater Academy      
--10Poblo AlvarezFSBelen Jesuit Prep      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeffrey Allen
Sterling Griffin
Derrick Hopkins
Kayvon Webster
41.04aMonsignor Edward Pace      
2.-Relay Team 41.06aGlades Central      
3.-Jaxon Coleman
Phillip Young
Micheal Sohi
Marlon Briones
41.89aKey West      
4.-Dareyon Chance
Orville Reynolds
Tim Burton
Shawn Corker
41.99aCardinal Gibbons      
5.-Relay Team 42.21aMiami Edison      
6.-Manuel Gonzalez
Randell Jackman
Darius Kittle
Anthony Whitehead
42.49aCoral Shores      
7.-Relay Team 43.39aCoral Springs Charter      
8.-Relay Team 44.23aPine Crest      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 42.24aGlades Central      
3.-Dareyon Chance
Orville Reynolds
Tim Burton
Shawn Corker
43.25aCardinal Gibbons      
2.-Jaxon Coleman
Marlon Briones
Micheal Sohi
Phillip Young
43.38aKey West      
5.-Relay Team 43.45aMiami Edison      
4.-Jeffrey Allen
Sterling Griffin
Derrick Hopkins
Colin Sadler
43.52aMonsignor Edward Pace      
6.-Anthony Whitehead
Manuel Gonzalez
Darius Kittle
Randell Jackman
43.88aCoral Shores      
7.-Relay Team 44.22aCoral Springs Charter      
8.-Relay Team 44.25aPine Crest      
9.-Relay Team 44.45aBelen Jesuit Prep      
10.-Vincent Smith
De'Jousha Johnson
Artis Ford
Martavious Odoms
11.-Relay Team 44.80aSuncoast Community      
12.-Relay Team 45.19aCardinal Newman      
13.-Mateo Hernandez-Ysasi
Cameron Warren
Remy Gouraige
Ned De Leo
14.-Relay Team 50.00aArchbishop McCarthy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jeffrey Allen
Sterling Griffin
Colin Sadler
Devonte Reddick
3:22.10aMonsignor Edward Pace      
2.-Relay Team 3:22.20aGlades Central      
3.-James Lindsay
Donovan Jackson
Judath Linder
Deion Hanks
3:23.34aMiami Edison      
4.-Martavious Odoms
Vincent Smith
Artis Ford
De'Jousha Johnson
5.-Relay Team 3:26.66aArchbishop McCarthy      
6.-Relay Team 3:27.88aKey West      
7.-Relay Team 3:28.13aSuncoast Community      
8.-Relay Team 3:29.91aBelen Jesuit Prep      
9.-Relay Team 3:36.33aJensen Beach      
10.-Relay Team 3:36.55aRansom-Everglades      
11.-Cory Gohagen
Andrew Biviano
Alonzo Hill
Andres Navarro
3:39.89aCardinal Gibbons      
12.-Relay Team 3:41.09aImmaculata-LaSalle      
13.-Claudio Cruz
Javier Pena
Juan Guerrero
Anthony Rizo
3:41.64aDoral Academy      
14.-Jordan Batts
Chris Lyle
Gabriel Castillo
Jonathan Schaetz
3:42.31aNorth Broward Prepar...      
15.-Jesse Piner
Max Jones
Anthony Whitehead
Darius Kittle
3:43.41aCoral Shores      
16.-Kyle Burgs
Matt Bedick
Mark Trouville
Matt Shachner
3:43.69aPine Crest      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:09.22aBelen Jesuit Prep      
2.-Egbert Johnson
Mychael Hollis
Tye'quan Howze
Patrick Billings
8:20.79aGlades Central      
3.-Nick Bergengruen
Daniel Becker
Travis Edwards
Francisco Triana
4.-Adam Karol
Alex Buncy
Chris Nisa
Kevin Drennan
8:24.98aJensen Beach      
5.-Kevin Macclay
Danny Arguello
Erick Medina
Michael Velasquez
8:31.37aMater Academy      
6.-Garett Faulkender
Tyler Amato
Nathan Manche
William Wiesler
8:32.07aArchbishop McCarthy      
7.-Thomas Ash
Markes Bureau
David Wakefield
Daniel Friedman
8:36.55aSuncoast Community      
8.-Relay Team 8:37.38aMonsignor Edward Pace      
9.-Gabriel Castillo
Jordan Masanoff
Nicholas Palermo
Jonathan Schaetz
8:39.18aNorth Broward Prepar...      
10.-Cale Hartle
Zack Harden
Michael Labounty
Helmer Williams
8:44.72aKey West      
11.-Joe Esposito
Andrew Biviano
Joshua Dinonno
Cory Gohagen
8:46.61aCardinal Gibbons      
12.-Relay Team 8:49.44aPine Crest      
13.-Max Jones
Tyler Boban
Hector Diaz
Dylan Valdes
9:00.62aCoral Shores      
14.-Stephen Moore
Marcus Hunter
Jesus Hernandez
Kenntavious Peterkin
15.-Davon Davis
David Games
Paul George
Blaise Trimmer
16.-Richard Tema
Rashad Bryant
Nimrod Mesidor
Cortland Fleurinord
9:46.70aMiami Edison      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Pelage55-01.00Pine Crest      
2.12Micanor Regis50-09.00Pahokee      
3.12Brian Moore48-01.00Ransom-Everglades      
4.10DeAndre Johnson47-00.50Monsignor Edward Pace      
5.10Aaron Mondshine45-07.00Pine Crest      
6.11Jim Knowles45-01.25Glades Central      
7.12Cornell Sneed44-09.75American Heritage      
8.10Desir Valcin44-04.50Glades Central      
9.12Martil Casseus42-08.75Glades Central      
10.12Greg Luckmann42-01.50Gulliver Prep      
11.11Danny Perez41-10.50Immaculata-LaSalle      
12.10Cory Rogers41-04.50Key West      
13.11Andres Rodriguez40-08.50Belen Jesuit Prep      
14.10Michael Dallas40-02.00Immaculata-LaSalle      
--12Dante ReidNDMiami Edison      
--12Paul Kelly IIINDArchbishop McCarthy      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cornell Sneed161-08American Heritage      
2.12Jeff Pelage161-07.50Pine Crest      
3.10DeAndre Johnson156-07.50Monsignor Edward Pace      
4.12Brian Moore144-07Ransom-Everglades      
5.-Bryan Rupert137-08.50Glades Central      
6.12Paul Kelly III127-10Archbishop McCarthy      
7.12Diego Fernandez-Soto123-04Belen Jesuit Prep      
8.11Andres Rodriguez122-04Belen Jesuit Prep      
9.12Daniel Heck114-00Ransom-Everglades      
10.11Danny Perez112-08Immaculata-LaSalle      
11.12Joel Joseph111-06Monsignor Edward Pace      
12.12David Deberard108-05Jensen Beach      
13.12Woodley Boucicault106-09Monsignor Edward Pace      
14.-Emmauel Rachard101-09Glades Central      
15.12Matthew Ellman100-00St Andrews      
--12Donald SuttonSCRCardinal Gibbons      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Randy Fabre6-02.00Belen Jesuit Prep      
2.12Byron Hankerson6-02.00American Heritage      
3.10Dareyon Chance6-02.00Cardinal Gibbons      
4.10Demetrius Evans6-02.00Glades Central      
5.11Gamy Cilien6-00.00Monsignor Edward Pace      
5.11Vladymir Sibera6-00.00Key West      
5.10Omar Jarrett6-00.00Ransom-Everglades      
8.10Fred Pickett6-00.00Glades Central      
9.12Eddie Poole5-10.00Glades Central      
9.10Andrew Green5-10.00Pine Crest      
11.12Anthony Whitehead5-08.00Coral Shores      
--12Wilner MarcelinNHMater Academy      
--9Jabari GormanNHMonsignor Edward Pace      
--12Jonuel HernandezNHImmaculata-LaSalle      
--8Treveon HenryNHPine Crest      
--10Clive WalfordSCRGlades Central      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Amodio13-06.00Archbishop McCarthy      
2.12Andrew Deleo13-00.00Archbishop McCarthy      
3.11Brien Garcia13-00.00Belen Jesuit Prep      
4.11Jordan Barrios12-06.00Cardinal Gibbons      
5.11Kyle Mailoux12-00.00Archbishop McCarthy      
6.12Victor Verdeja12-00.00Belen Jesuit Prep      
7.12Manuel Gonzalez10-06.00Coral Shores      
8.11Travis Stokes10-06.00Key West      
--12Adam KarolNHJensen Beach      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Benjamin22-05.50Glades Central      
2.12Alexio Cunningham21-05.50Immaculata-LaSalle      
3.11Frank Telfort21-03.00Gulliver Prep      
4.9Javier Rodriguez21-02.00Belen Jesuit Prep      
5.12Jonathan Ramirez20-09.50Archbishop McCarthy      
6.12Karldell Dunning20-04.00Glades Central      
7.10Javier Ayo20-03.50Belen Jesuit Prep      
8.10Fred Pickett20-01.00Glades Central      
9.12Chris Charles20-00.00Coral Springs Charter      
10.11Andrew Hutchinson19-10.50Cardinal Newman      
11.11Ronnie Dickens19-07.50Monsignor Edward Pace      
12.11Chris Higgins19-07.00Pine Crest      
13.12Ron Cochran18-11.00Miami Edison      
14.12Alexander Hueck18-08.50Archbishop McCarthy      
15.10Darius Kittle18-03.50Coral Shores      
16.11Alexander Harris17-09.50Monsignor Edward Pace      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Phillip Young44-04.00Key West      
2.12Cort Baysinger42-07.00Jensen Beach      
3.12Alexio Cunningham42-06.00Immaculata-LaSalle      
4.12Jonathan Ramirez41-08.50Archbishop McCarthy      
5.8Treveon Henry41-03.50Pine Crest      
6.11Donovan Jackson41-00.00Miami Edison      
7.12Maurice Walker40-11.50Glades Central      
8.11D'Anthony JaBoam40-05.50Glades Central      
9.10Javier Ayo40-05.00Belen Jesuit Prep      
10.12Shannon Thomas39-11.50Inlet Grove      
11.11Kyle Mailoux39-06.50Archbishop McCarthy      
12.12Ron Cochran38-11.00Miami Edison      
12.11Frank Telfort38-11.00Gulliver Prep      
14.11Alexander Harris37-11.00Monsignor Edward Pace      
--10Luis CalderaNDBelen Jesuit Prep      
--11Victor KeiseDNSNorth Broward Prepar...      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vionni Brown12.43aGlades Central      
2.10Ruth ann Kinglocke12.44aPahokee      
3.9S'Kaylah Woods12.71aCardinal Gibbons      
4.10Veronica Ffrench12.73aNorth Broward Prepar...      
5.11Taylor Russell12.99aSuncoast Community      
6.11Krizelda Menez13.14aKey West      
7.11Marchelle Baker13.21aCardinal Gibbons      
8.11Indigo Shivers13.28aMonsignor Edward Pace      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Ruth ann Kinglocke12.45aPahokee      
3.10Veronica Ffrench12.58aNorth Broward Prepar...      
2.9S'Kaylah Woods12.65aCardinal Gibbons      
5.11Marchelle Baker12.88aCardinal Gibbons      
4.12Vionni Brown13.00aGlades Central      
7.11Krizelda Menez13.03aKey West      
6.11Taylor Russell13.04aSuncoast Community      
9.11Shakita Robinson13.20aMonsignor Edward Pace      
10.9Victoria Ulvert13.27aCarrollton Sch Of Th...      
8.11Indigo Shivers13.33aMonsignor Edward Pace      
11.10Danielle Aromashodu13.38aReagan-Doral      
12.11Zena Stephens13.43aRansom-Everglades      
13.9Jessica Cornelia13.53aArchbishop McCarthy      
14.12Ivette Perez13.57aMater Academy      
15.12Johnson Latrice14.02aCoral Shores      
16.10Amanda Worley14.40aJensen Beach      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jaybria Calcote24.62aPope John Paul II      
2.10Raneisha Lamar24.92aPompano Beach      
3.12Vionni Brown25.09aGlades Central      
4.10Veronica Ffrench25.30aNorth Broward Prepar...      
5.9Sharni Butler25.37aCardinal Gibbons      
6.10Tiffany Charles25.60aMonsignor Edward Pace      
7.9Sara Trexler25.61aCardinal Gibbons      
8.11Taylor Russell26.09aSuncoast Community      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Raneisha Lamar25.60aPompano Beach      
1.11Jaybria Calcote25.60aPope John Paul II      
3.12Vionni Brown26.14aGlades Central      
4.10Veronica Ffrench26.20aNorth Broward Prepar...      
5.10Tiffany Charles26.34aMonsignor Edward Pace      
7.9Sharni Butler26.46aCardinal Gibbons      
6.9Sara Trexler26.70aCardinal Gibbons      
8.11Taylor Russell26.84aSuncoast Community      
9.11Amelia Valenilla27.19aRansom-Everglades      
10.12Natalie Desir27.35aMonsignor Edward Pace      
11.12Courtney Walker27.82aKey West      
12.10Danielle Aromashodu28.05aReagan-Doral      
13.11Krizelda Menez28.26aKey West      
14.9Chiquita Smith28.81aPahokee      
15.12Johnson Latrice29.77aCoral Shores      
--11Demaris BravoFSMater Academy      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jaybria Calcote58.51aPope John Paul II      
2.10Veronica Ffrench59.36aNorth Broward Prepar...      
3.7Kadeeja Dooling1:00.13aAmerican Heritage      
4.10Samantha Haddad1:00.18aJensen Beach      
5.10Marsha Ariol1:00.27aArchbishop McCarthy      
6.10Gissell Warner1:01.34aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
7.9Mallory Gillespie1:01.97aJensen Beach      
8.10Hentoya Parker1:02.09aGlades Central      
9.10Sydney Wade1:03.15aRansom-Everglades      
10.9Nicole Warner1:04.63aSt Brendan      
11.9Monica Scroggin1:04.93aGulliver Prep      
12.10Valentina Heinz1:06.08aImmaculata-LaSalle      
13.8Krystle Garcia1:07.54aMater Academy      
14.12Maria Heinz1:09.79aImmaculata-LaSalle      
--10Bianca RouttDNSMast Academy      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Conrad2:19.40aJensen Beach      
2.9Stephanie Schappert2:20.51aPope John Paul II      
3.10Julie Holling2:22.24aJensen Beach      
4.12Kate Battle2:25.76aGulliver Prep      
5.9Annika Wreder2:26.03aRansom-Everglades      
6.10Veronica Junghahn2:26.39aRansom-Everglades      
7.12Caitlin Prichard2:29.96aCardinal Newman      
8.12Anna Stockamore2:32.16aPine Crest      
9.8Nicole Golden2:35.13aPine Crest      
10.10Jenna Ludwick2:36.67aCardinal Gibbons      
11.10Katherine Baker2:44.64aPine Crest      
12.12Samantha Carpenter2:47.53aArchbishop Coleman F...      
13.10Gabriella Rouch2:54.06aImmaculata-LaSalle      
14.12Stephanie Toyos2:55.07aImmaculata-LaSalle      
15.9Monica Isquiero2:55.74aImmaculata-LaSalle      
16.10Krystal Cabrera3:00.30aMater Academy      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Stephanie Schappert5:16.15aPope John Paul II      
2.9Isabella Cuervo5:16.32aRansom-Everglades      
3.9Macy Huskey5:18.32aCardinal Gibbons      
4.12Kate Battle5:18.75aGulliver Prep      
5.12Daniela Espino5:36.32aDoral Academy      
6.12Maura Withington5:39.82aCardinal Newman      
7.9Jessica Curran5:42.42aArchbishop McCarthy      
8.10Jenna Ludwick5:44.89aCardinal Gibbons      
9.11Sari Nahmad6:02.50aRansom-Everglades      
10.10Gabriella Rouch6:30.69aImmaculata-LaSalle      
11.12Jessica Aguilar6:33.54aImmaculata-LaSalle      
12.10Jacquelin Duran6:53.45aMonsignor Edward Pace      
--10Anays MurilloSCRSuncoast Community      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Carrie Davis11:34.65aGulliver Prep      
2.12Nahali Patel11:52.30aRansom-Everglades      
3.9Isabella Cuervo11:58.00aRansom-Everglades      
4.12Daniela Espino12:02.16aDoral Academy      
5.11Courtney Perry12:10.28aCardinal Gibbons      
6.9Alexanderia Macedo12:10.56aCardinal Gibbons      
7.11Taylor Chaintreuil12:30.12aPine Crest      
8.12Maura Withington12:33.15aCardinal Newman      
9.10Paula Lapciuk12:36.03aRansom-Everglades      
10.12Ariel Urban12:42.13aCardinal Gibbons      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsea Lunn15.56aPine Crest      
2.11Vanessa Anthony15.59aGlades Central      
3.7Kadeeja Dooling15.89aAmerican Heritage      
4.10Katryna Cruz16.14aImmaculata-LaSalle      
5.12Briana Dorsett16.21aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
6.10Martha Jaimes16.87aGlades Central      
7.10Murlean Jean17.41aPompano Beach      
8.12Tara Henry17.47aInlet Grove      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chelsea Lunn15.53aPine Crest      
2.11Vanessa Anthony16.08aGlades Central      
3.10Katryna Cruz16.21aImmaculata-LaSalle      
4.7Kadeeja Dooling16.27aAmerican Heritage      
5.12Briana Dorsett16.49aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
7.10Martha Jaimes16.64aGlades Central      
6.10Murlean Jean16.76aPompano Beach      
8.12Tara Henry17.05aInlet Grove      
9.12Margo Zwerling17.32aRansom-Everglades      
10.11Gilda Arendse18.04aDoral Academy      
11.9Dayanis Olvera18.10aMater Academy      
12.9Alex Hernandez18.20aRansom-Everglades      
13.11Courtney Harrison18.77aMater Academy      
14.10Carina Lorenzen18.82aRansom-Everglades      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Vanessa Anthony44.81aGlades Central      
2.10Chelsea Lunn46.47aPine Crest      
3.10Martha Jaimes47.19aGlades Central      
4.10Danielle Aromashodu47.69aReagan-Doral      
5.12Nicole Priscal47.89aRansom-Everglades      
6.11Demaris Bravo48.63aMater Academy      
7.12Briana Dorsett49.84aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
8.9Rasheeda Dooling52.20aAmerican Heritage      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Vanessa Anthony46.53aGlades Central      
3.10Chelsea Lunn46.99aPine Crest      
2.9Rasheeda Dooling47.32aAmerican Heritage      
4.10Martha Jaimes47.36aGlades Central      
5.10Danielle Aromashodu48.11aReagan-Doral      
6.11Demaris Bravo48.75aMater Academy      
7.12Nicole Priscal48.75aRansom-Everglades      
8.12Briana Dorsett49.65aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
9.10Rebecca Ganim51.18aArchbishop McCarthy      
10.10Katryna Cruz51.93aImmaculata-LaSalle      
11.12Arianna Soares52.03aCoral Shores      
12.11Gilda Arendse52.73aDoral Academy      
13.9Carolina Diaz53.12aGulliver Prep      
14.10Wendy Wrisper53.65aGlades Central      
15.12Tiffany Patterson56.17aInlet Grove      
--9Krystelle VieuxSCRArchbishop Coleman F...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.16aGlades Central      
2.-Marchelle Baker
S'Kaylah Woods
Cassie Higgins
Sharni Butler
49.39aCardinal Gibbons      
3.-Indigo Shivers
Natalie Desir
Shakita Robinson
Tiffany Charles
50.40aMonsignor Edward Pace      
4.-Chiquita Smith
Laquasha Graham
Charmaine Sutton
Ruth ann Kinglocke
5.-Emily Lazowick
Madison Berger
Marissa Suvall
Danielle Thompson
51.05aPine Crest      
6.-Relay Team 51.43aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
7.-Francheska Hicks
Krizelda Menez
Jasmine Jones
Courtney Walker
52.43aKey West      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Marchelle Baker
S'Kaylah Woods
Cassie Higgins
Sharni Butler
49.53aCardinal Gibbons      
2.-Relay Team 49.96aGlades Central      
3.-Indigo Shivers
Natalie Desir
Shakita Robinson
Tiffany Charles
50.03aMonsignor Edward Pace      
5.-Chiquita Smith
Laquasha Graham
Charmaine Sutton
Ruth ann Kinglocke
7.-Relay Team 51.30aChaminade-Madonna Co...      
4.-Emily Lazowick
Madison Berger
Marissa Suvall
Danielle Thompson
51.32aPine Crest      
9.-Relay Team 51.70aPompano Beach      
6.-Francheska Hicks
Krizelda Menez
Jasmine Jones
Courtney Walker
52.19aKey West      
8.-Courtney Harrison
Stephanie Machin
Demaris Bravo
Ivette Perez
52.31aMater Academy      
10.-Relay Team 52.44aRansom-Everglades      
11.-Relay Team 52.48aJensen Beach      
12.-Relay Team 52.53aImmaculata-LaSalle      
13.-Beatriz Sargaduy
Jennifer Wilde
Alexia Fernandez
Mary Pisano
56.44aCarrollton Sch Of Th...      
14.-Cassandra Lopez
Camila Moni
Emily Orshan
Daisy Vexlund
56.62aGulliver Prep      
15.-Sofia Larrosa
Stephanie Andreu
Gilda Arendse
Lauren Burnes
58.01aDoral Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Conrad
Samantha Haddad
Aubrie Strohmenger
Mallory Gillespie
4:04.84aJensen Beach      
2.-Sydney Wade
Veronica Junghahn
Nicole Priscal
Amelia Valenilla
3.-Relay Team 4:07.61aGlades Central      
4.-Relay Team 4:09.03aAmerican Heritage      
5.-Indigo Shivers
Natalie Desir
Shakita Robinson
Tiffany Charles
4:09.26aMonsignor Edward Pace      
6.-Relay Team 4:12.25aPahokee      
7.-Relay Team 4:16.18aArchbishop McCarthy      
8.-Relay Team 4:21.46aPine Crest      
9.-Krystal Folkes
Taylor Russell
Deanne Roye
Natasha Jones
4:25.92aSuncoast Community      
10.-Beatriz Sargaduy
Gabriela Bruce
Mary Pisano
Victoria Ulvert
4:26.54aCarrollton Sch Of Th...      
11.-Maria Heinz
Ursula Dago
Victoria Robayna
Valentina Heinz
12.-Relay Team 4:31.66aGulliver Prep      
13.-Samantha Carpenter
Victoria Suarez
Jessica Soler
Shawna Fathuer
4:39.97aArchbishop Coleman F...      
14.-Stephanie Andreu
Natalie Cardenas
Carolina Giraldo
Lauren Burnes
4:59.67aDoral Academy      
---Krystle Garcia
Demaris Bravo
Stephanie Machin
Ivette Perez
DNFMater Academy      
---Relay Team FSCardinal Gibbons      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Julie Holling
Kelsey Coty
Michelle Peterson
Kayla Conrad
9:52.17aJensen Beach      
2.-Nicole Priscal
Veronica Junghahn
Nahali Patel
Isabella Cuervo
3.-Jenna Ludwick
Courtney Perry
Ariel Urban
Macy Huskey
10:01.45aCardinal Gibbons      
4.-Relay Team 10:04.50aGulliver Prep      
5.-Michelle Diez
Lauren Dauphinee
Jessica Curran
Marsha Ariol
10:32.15aArchbishop McCarthy      
6.-Katherine Baker
Taylor Chaintreuil
Anna Stockamore
Nicole Golden
10:34.65aPine Crest      
7.-Kirsten Hurlston
Sarah Collins
Kathleen Finch
Amanda Petrozelli
10:57.06aDreyfoos Of The Arts      
8.-Miriam Rovirosa
Shawna Fathuer
Victoria Suarez
Samantha Carpenter
11:02.20aArchbishop Coleman F...      
9.-Sophia Santalo
Alexandra LaFont
Alexandra Gadea
Krystel Francis
11:09.02aSt Brendan      
10.-Ashley Barber
Amber Coney
Ronnesha Atkins
Adrianisha Scurry
11.-Krystal Cabrera
Andrea Sacasa
Natalie Cabrera
Ashley Gutierrez
12:04.99aMater Academy      
12.-Stephanie Toyos
Jessica Aguilar
Ashley Taggert
Brooke Silverang
13.-Carolina Giraldo
Michelle Torruella
Eliana Hernandez
Natalie Cardenas
12:43.97aDoral Academy      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nashay Joseph36-07.50Glades Central      
2.12Deasha Everett36-06.00Glades Central      
3.12Jordyne Steele35-05.75Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
4.11Nalla Tejera35-05.50Doral Academy      
5.12Porscha Council32-00.50Inlet Grove      
6.12Tynisha McDowell31-11.75Monsignor Edward Pace      
7.12Lindsay Cheatham31-11.00Cardinal Gibbons      
8.11Caitlin Sablotski31-07.00Ransom-Everglades      
9.12Megan Sichler30-09.00University School (F...      
10.9Mia Mike30-08.50Monsignor Edward Pace      
11.11Catherine Walkington29-00.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...      
11.11Megan O'Malley29-00.00Jensen Beach      
13.11Krystina Tamayo28-05.00Immaculata-LaSalle      
14.12Christina Labossie28-04.00American Heritage      
15.9Ja'Taurie Mathis27-06.50Key West      
--9Morgan FalkeDNSGulliver Prep      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allison Hernandez106-02.50Archbishop Coleman F...      
2.12Megan Sichler105-10.50University School (F...      
3.9Mia Mike105-05Monsignor Edward Pace      
4.11Caitlin Sablotski104-10.50Ransom-Everglades      
5.10Jessica Miret103-06Archbishop McCarthy      
6.10Alexandria Sutton102-04.50Cardinal Gibbons      
7.12Nashay Joseph98-04.50Glades Central      
8.11Carolina Simoes91-03.50Immaculata-LaSalle      
9.12Lindsay Cheatham90-05Cardinal Gibbons      
10.12Ursula Dago85-10.50Immaculata-LaSalle      
11.9Jassenia Rodriguez82-09Carrollton Sch Of Th...      
12.12Porscha Council71-06Inlet Grove      
--10Victoria CarvajalNDMonsignor Edward Pace      
--11Megan O'MalleyNDJensen Beach      
--12Deasha EverettNDGlades Central      
--11Catherine WalkingtonNDCarrollton Sch Of Th...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brooke Owen5-04.00Archbishop McCarthy      
2.11Lauren Leniart5-02.00Cardinal Gibbons      
3.12Elizabeth Ross5-02.00Pine Crest      
4.12Margo Zwerling5-02.00Ransom-Everglades      
5.10Lauren Aguilar4-10.00Immaculata-LaSalle      
5.11Mary Pisano4-10.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...      
7.10Ke'andrenee Berry4-10.00Glades Central      
8.10Morgan Harvey4-10.00Ransom-Everglades      
9.9Jessica Soler4-10.00Archbishop Coleman F...      
10.9Madison Berger4-10.00Pine Crest      
11.9Erin Peck4-08.00St Andrews      
12.11Kiara Jones4-06.00Glades Central      
13.9Natalie Cabrera4-04.00Mater Academy      
13.10Andrea Sugranes4-04.00Immaculata-LaSalle      
--12Wiseline AugusteNHGlades Central      
--9Ashley GutierrezNHMater Academy      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alessandra Cassidy10-00.00Archbishop McCarthy      
2.11Caitlin Schuessler10-00.00Pine Crest      
3.9Jessica Cornelia9-00.00Archbishop McCarthy      
4.12Kelly Sorren8-06.00Ransom-Everglades      
5.10Marisa Folz8-06.00Cardinal Gibbons      
6.10Kathleen Warman7-06.00Gulliver Prep      
7.9Ivy Sokol6-00.00Ransom-Everglades      
--12Daniella JaramilloSCRRansom-Everglades      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marchelle Baker17-06.50Cardinal Gibbons      
2.11Katia Borgella17-01.50Immaculata-LaSalle      
3.11Lauren Leniart16-03.00Cardinal Gibbons      
4.12Briana Dorsett16-03.00Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
5.12Vionni Brown16-02.00Glades Central      
6.9Chiquita Smith15-11.50Pahokee      
7.10Tayler Tremblay15-06.50St Andrews      
8.10Murlean Jean15-03.50Pompano Beach      
9.11Niyoka Cime15-03.50Glades Central      
10.9Victoria Ulvert15-02.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...      
11.12Margo Zwerling15-01.00Ransom-Everglades      
12.10Katryna Cruz14-09.50Immaculata-LaSalle      
13.11Krizelda Menez14-08.00Key West      
--12Stephanie MachinNDMater Academy      
--8Amariliss OwensSCRMater Academy      
--12Nicole MartinezSCRGulliver Prep      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Gissell Warner36-05.00Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
2.12Charline Neptune36-01.50Chaminade-Madonna Co...      
3.12Willisha Wrisper35-02.00Glades Central      
4.12Alex Manick33-09.00Ransom-Everglades      
5.11Katia Borgella33-09.00Immaculata-LaSalle      
6.11Lauren Leniart33-01.00Cardinal Gibbons      
7.11Niyoka Cime32-06.00Glades Central      
8.9Camila Jaramillo31-11.00Ransom-Everglades      
9.10Ke'andrenee Berry31-04.50Glades Central      
10.11Kiara Jones29-08.00Glades Central      
11.9Victoria Ulvert29-06.00Carrollton Sch Of Th...      
12.10Stephanie Klein27-05.50Immaculata-LaSalle      
--10Alecia CeramiNDArchbishop McCarthy      
--9Chelsea RogersNDRansom-Everglades      
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