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Special District 1A-1 Day 2

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Portland Christian, Portland

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Lewis10.97aDamascus Christian      
2.11James Weatherspoon11.60aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
3.9Saxon Stites12.00aPortland Waldorf      
4.11Travis Hurst12.07aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
5.12Jason Loughridge12.10aSouthwest Christian      
6.10Josh Salyer12.14aDamascus Christian      
7.9Ben Lyons12.17aSouthwest Christian      
8.11Jonathan Dallas12.37aSouthwest Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sean Lewis11.88aDamascus Christian      
2.11James Weatherspoon11.97aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
3.9Saxon Stites12.16aPortland Waldorf      
5.12Jason Loughridge12.26aSouthwest Christian      
4.11Travis Hurst12.41aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
6.11Jonathan Dallas12.41aSouthwest Christian      
7.10Josh Salyer12.44aDamascus Christian      
8.9Ben Lyons12.55aSouthwest Christian      
9.9Jed Hoesch12.69aColumbia Christian      
11.11Matthew Willis12.73aHeritage Christian      
12.9Caleb Priest12.81aSt Paul      
13.12Michael Helmer12.84aWillamette Valley Ch...      
14.11Curtis Rozinek12.95aJewell      
15.12Jordan Hayes-Snyder13.02aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
17.10You Joong Park13.32aMid Valley Christian...      
19.10Zak Williamson13.59aWillamette Valley Ch...      
20.9Forrest Gamba13.88aPortland Waldorf      
21.9Joel Tolon14.02aColumbia Christian      
22.9Alex Posteuca14.11aOpen Door Christian ...      
23.10Josiah Ober14.48aLife Christian      
24.10Adrian Torres15.28aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Lewis22.27aDamascus Christian      
2.12Victor Matchi22.74aLife Christian      
3.10Ryan Pierson23.74aSt Paul      
4.11James Weatherspoon23.94aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
5.10Evan Smith24.41aWillamette Valley Ch...      
6.9Saxon Stites24.68aPortland Waldorf      
8.9Caleb Priest25.28aSt Paul      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Victor Matchi23.29aLife Christian      
2.10Ryan Pierson23.82aSt Paul      
3.11Sean Lewis24.02aDamascus Christian      
4.11James Weatherspoon24.19aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
5.10Evan Smith24.62aWillamette Valley Ch...      
6.9Saxon Stites25.19aPortland Waldorf      
7.9Caleb Priest25.59aSt Paul      
9.9Ben Lyons26.19aSouthwest Christian      
10.9Tyler Eaton26.36aSouthwest Christian      
11.9Joshua Stahly26.43aJewell      
12.9Jed Hoesch26.96aColumbia Christian      
13.10Adam Bowles27.09aPortland Waldorf      
15.10You Joong Park27.19aMid Valley Christian...      
16.9Wyatt Aichele27.49aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
17.10Chris Hatch27.53aOpen Door Christian ...      
18.9Joel Tolon28.03aColumbia Christian      
19.9Forrest Gamba28.79aPortland Waldorf      
20.10Zak Williamson28.80aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Victor Matchi51.59aLife Christian      
2.11Ryan Endresen52.46aColumbia Christian      
3.11James Weatherspoon54.30aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
4.11William Bohrer55.50aDamascus Christian      
5.11Ben Schmalz55.66aHeritage Christian      
6.11Jonathan Dallas56.60aSouthwest Christian      
7.12Matt Campbell56.73aHeritage Christian      
8.10David Curtis58.93aSouthwest Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Victor Matchi51.66aLife Christian      
2.11Ryan Endresen53.19aColumbia Christian      
3.11James Weatherspoon54.60aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
4.11Ben Schmalz54.93aHeritage Christian      
5.11Jonathan Dallas55.87aSouthwest Christian      
6.12Matt Campbell56.46aHeritage Christian      
7.11William Bohrer56.60aDamascus Christian      
8.10David Curtis59.06aSouthwest Christian      
11.10Adam Bowles1:00.27aPortland Waldorf      
12.9Jameson Steele1:01.10aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
13.9Wyatt Aichele1:01.54aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
15.9Derek Poole1:03.48aColumbia Christian      
17.10Daniel Kidd1:13.81aFalls City      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandon Massoni2:00.31aSouthwest Christian      
2.11Ben Bogert2:03.05aSouthwest Christian      
3.12Zach Uebele2:05.78aHeritage Christian      
4.11Ben Schmalz2:13.56aHeritage Christian      
5.10Chris Coons2:15.29aSouthwest Christian      
6.12Matt Campbell2:19.50aHeritage Christian      
7.10Stephen Roach2:21.63aDamascus Christian      
8.11William Bohrer2:22.90aDamascus Christian      
9.9Derek Poole2:24.66aColumbia Christian      
10.9Stephen Zumwalt2:25.46aPortland Waldorf      
11.9Daniel Burnell2:30.83aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
12.11Dennis Platte2:30.84aFalls City      
13.11Ben Himes2:33.07aColumbia Christian      
14.12Jeremy Flowers2:42.52aWillamette Valley Ch...      
15.9Alexander Hitchcock2:44.88aPortland Waldorf      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Bogert4:19.86aSouthwest Christian      
2.10Craig Bingham4:22.56aHeritage Christian      
3.9Kyle Wicks4:23.13aWillamette Valley Ch...      
4.12Michael Falconer4:25.10aPortland Waldorf      
5.12Josh Bushared4:28.17aSouthwest Christian      
6.9David Madison4:31.44aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
7.10Ben Bruns4:31.57aSouthwest Christian      
8.12Jeremy Flowers4:33.31aWillamette Valley Ch...      
9.12Andrew Ritchie4:37.94aHeritage Christian      
11.11William Bohrer4:49.69aDamascus Christian      
12.11Jonathan Hardy4:49.92aDamascus Christian      
13.10Tamlin Bley-Dawson4:53.49aPortland Waldorf      
14.10Peter Bohrer4:54.69aDamascus Christian      
15.9Stephen Zumwalt4:57.06aPortland Waldorf      
17.11Ben Himes5:09.84aColumbia Christian      
18.9Daniel Burnell5:19.55aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Falconer9:28.92aPortland Waldorf      
2.10Craig Bingham9:29.99aHeritage Christian      
3.9Kyle Wicks9:33.22aWillamette Valley Ch...      
4.12Zach Uebele9:38.86aHeritage Christian      
5.9David Madison9:39.66aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
6.11Joe Webb9:41.97aSouthwest Christian      
7.12Josh Bushared9:46.20aSouthwest Christian      
8.9Reese Lile9:53.88aSouthwest Christian      
9.12Andrew Ritchie10:13.93aHeritage Christian      
10.10Peter Bohrer10:18.57aDamascus Christian      
12.10Jeff Peitz10:33.65aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
13.11Jonathan Hardy10:35.72aDamascus Christian      
14.10Tamlin Bley-Dawson10:37.62aPortland Waldorf      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Lewis14.74aDamascus Christian      
2.11Ryan Endresen15.68aColumbia Christian      
3.10Ryan Pierson16.38aSt Paul      
4.12Gary Borrayo18.31aSouthwest Christian      
5.12Matthew Zockert18.75aSouthwest Christian      
6.9Joe Kelly19.91aSt Paul      
7.10Blake Woodard20.72aOpen Door Christian ...      
8.9Alex Posteuca23.28aOpen Door Christian ...      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sean Lewis40.11aDamascus Christian      
2.11Ryan Endresen40.51aColumbia Christian      
3.10Ryan Pierson42.71aSt Paul      
4.12Michael Helmer44.81aWillamette Valley Ch...      
5.12Gary Borrayo46.15aSouthwest Christian      
6.12Matthew Zockert46.35aSouthwest Christian      
7.9Jacob McKay47.08aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
8.11Dennis Platte50.59aFalls City      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sean Lewis38.78aDamascus Christian      
2.11Ryan Endresen41.49aColumbia Christian      
3.10Ryan Pierson44.46aSt Paul      
4.12Michael Helmer45.89aWillamette Valley Ch...      
5.12Matthew Zockert46.26aSouthwest Christian      
7.9Jacob McKay47.03aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
6.12Gary Borrayo47.16aSouthwest Christian      
8.11Dennis Platte50.30aFalls City      
9.9Joe Kelly51.26aSt Paul      
10.9Josh Turner51.73aSt Paul      
11.11Ty Hammond52.57aLife Christian      
12.12Levi Brown54.37aWillamette Valley Ch...      
13.9Alex Posteuca55.00aOpen Door Christian ...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Taylor Aichele
Jordan Hayes-Snyder
James Weatherspoon
Travis Hurst
47.19aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
2.-Ian Borrayo
Frank DeWolf
Ben Bogert
Jason Loughridge
47.23aSouthwest Christian      
3.-Jeff Annen
Reid Davidson
Ryan Pierson
Daley Smith
47.49aSt Paul      
4.-Josh Salyer
Jonathan Hardy
AJ Ikemoto
Stephen Roach
48.19aDamascus Christian      
6.-Levi Brown
Ben Stockwell
Jin Kim
Grant Smith
57.07aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ian Borrayo
Josh Bushared
Brandon Massoni
Ben Bogert
3:37.07aSouthwest Christian      
2.-Ben Schmalz
Matt Campbell
Zach Uebele
Andrew Ritchie
3:42.27aHeritage Christian      
3.-Evan Smith
Jeremy Flowers
Michael Helmer
Kyle Wicks
3:45.14aWillamette Valley Ch...      
4.-Adam Bowles
Michael Falconer
Tamlin Bley-Dawson
Saxon Stites
3:50.75aPortland Waldorf      
5.-Peter Bohrer
William Bohrer
Josh Salyer
Stephen Roach
3:54.45aDamascus Christian      
6.-Matt Brown
Caleb Priest
Josh Turner
Reid Davidson
4:04.30aSt Paul      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grant Smith40'11.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
2.10Austin Smith38'06.50St Paul      
3.11Tyler Merritt36'03.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
4.12Josh Rawson36'01.25Life Christian      
5.10Justin Vanier35'04.50Southwest Christian      
6.10John Landaas34'04.00North Clackamas Chri...      
8.9Ben Stockwell34'01.75Willamette Valley Ch...      
9.11Matthew Willis34'00.75Heritage Christian      
10.12Travis Kaczenski33'09.75Jewell      
11.9Colton Hayes33'09.50North Clackamas Chri...      
12.10Jay Riggleman31'09.50St Paul      
13.10Iain Kennedy31'06.75Life Christian      
14.10Sam Ionesi31'04.25Open Door Christian ...      
15.10David Ferguson31'04.00St Paul      
16.12Zack Eaton29'04.50Southwest Christian      
17.11Zach Wade29'00.25Damascus Christian      
18.10Josiah Ober25'09.75Life Christian      
20.10Tony Martino24'07.50Southwest Christian      
21.10You Joong Park21'11.50Mid Valley Christian...      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grant Smith116'05Willamette Valley Ch...      
2.12Travis Kaczenski114'05Jewell      
3.11Jeff Annen113'06St Paul      
4.10Justin Vanier110'02Southwest Christian      
5.10Austin Smith107'06St Paul      
6.11Tyler Merritt103'08Willamette Valley Ch...      
7.9Colton Hayes103'01North Clackamas Chri...      
8.10Reid Davidson103'01St Paul      
9.10Patrick Elliott102'07Southwest Christian      
10.12Josh Rawson93'03Life Christian      
11.9Ben Stockwell88'06Willamette Valley Ch...      
12.10John Landaas86'09North Clackamas Chri...      
13.9Aaron Baker81'05Life Christian      
14.10Sam Ionesi78'08Open Door Christian ...      
15.10Tony Martino63'03Southwest Christian      
10Iain KennedySCRLife Christian      
11Matthew WillisSCRHeritage Christian      
11Zach WadeNDDamascus Christian      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Frank DeWolf157'04Southwest Christian      
2.11AJ Ikemoto154'11Damascus Christian      
3.12Grant Smith152'08Willamette Valley Ch...      
4.11Jeff Annen145'11St Paul      
5.9Kyle Wicks141'05Willamette Valley Ch...      
6.9Colton Hayes131'11North Clackamas Chri...      
7.10Justin Vanier125'10Southwest Christian      
8.11Tyler Merritt125'08Willamette Valley Ch...      
9.10John Landaas115'09North Clackamas Chri...      
10.12Jason Loughridge103'04Southwest Christian      
11.9Jameson Steele95'09North Clackamas Chri...      
12.10Sam Ionesi94'02Open Door Christian ...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Matthew Young5'04.00Damascus Christian      
2.9Joshua Stahly5'04.00Jewell      
3.9Aaron Baker5'04.00Life Christian      
4.10Matt Brown5'02.00St Paul      
5.9Daley Smith5'02.00St Paul      
6.12Gary Borrayo5'02.00Southwest Christian      
11Greg SchaeferNHSouthwest Christian      
10Josiah OberSCRLife Christian      
9Joe KellyNHSt Paul      
10Chris HatchNHOpen Door Christian ...      
10Blake WoodardNHOpen Door Christian ...      
9Derek PooleNHColumbia Christian      
9Jacob McKayNHNorth Clackamas Chri...      
10Peter BohrerNHDamascus Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Endresen10'06.00Columbia Christian      
2.11Jeff Annen10'00.00St Paul      
3.9Josh Turner9'06.00St Paul      
4.9Daley Smith8'00.00St Paul      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Borrayo19'05.00Southwest Christian      
2.10Evan Smith19'04.50Willamette Valley Ch...      
3.11Travis Hurst19'00.00North Clackamas Chri...      
4.9Matthew Young18'06.50Damascus Christian      
5.9Daley Smith18'00.00St Paul      
6.9Aaron Baker17'11.00Life Christian      
7.9Joshua Stahly17'07.50Jewell      
8.10Josh Salyer17'01.00Damascus Christian      
9.9Jed Hoesch17'00.00Columbia Christian      
10.9Ben Lyons16'09.00Southwest Christian      
11.10Blake Woodard15'09.50Open Door Christian ...      
12.10You Joong Park15'05.00Mid Valley Christian...      
14.10Chris Hatch14'09.50Open Door Christian ...      
15.11Curtis Rozinek14'08.00Jewell      
16.11Ty Hammond14'03.00Life Christian      
17.12Levi Brown14'02.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
18.9Jin Kim12'01.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Borrayo41'06.00Southwest Christian      
2.10Evan Smith39'04.50Willamette Valley Ch...      
3.12Gary Borrayo38'11.50Southwest Christian      
4.12Frank DeWolf37'08.50Southwest Christian      
5.9Joshua Stahly36'01.00Jewell      
6.11Travis Hurst35'11.00North Clackamas Chri...      
7.10Blake Woodard35'07.00Open Door Christian ...      
8.10Matt Brown35'00.00St Paul      
9.10Chris Hatch35'00.00Open Door Christian ...      
10.11Matthew Willis33'10.00Heritage Christian      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Deanna Martin13.69aSouthwest Christian      
2.11Erin Adams13.72aOpen Door Christian ...      
3.11Kamery Meneley13.76aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Sarah Jones14.09aWillamette Valley Ch...      
5.10Jessica Wasko14.16aPortland Waldorf      
6.11Courtney Kapple14.26aFalls City      
7.9Kaylee Nicholas-Holman14.39aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
8.12Molly Young14.53aColumbia Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kamery Meneley13.98aSouthwest Christian      
2.9Deanna Martin14.04aSouthwest Christian      
4.10Jessica Wasko14.20aPortland Waldorf      
7.12Sarah Jones14.30aWillamette Valley Ch...      
3.11Erin Adams14.35aOpen Door Christian ...      
5.9Kaylee Nicholas-Holman14.45aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
8.12Molly Young14.48aColumbia Christian      
9.12Lauren Barker14.52aWillamette Valley Ch...      
6.11Courtney Kapple14.55aFalls City      
10.10Rebekah Zochert14.61aSouthwest Christian      
12.9Ashley Kary15.02aOpen Door Christian ...      
13.10Amber Myers15.48aLife Christian      
15.10Johanna Ohmes15.67aLife Christian      
16.9Havilah Sutter15.84aMid Valley Christian...      
17.10Helena Giles15.94aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
18.10Melody Jones15.95aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Adams28.46aOpen Door Christian ...      
2.9Leanne Bingham28.53aHeritage Christian      
3.9Deanna Martin28.63aSouthwest Christian      
4.10Jessica Wasko28.92aPortland Waldorf      
5.9Katy Bryant29.43aWillamette Valley Ch...      
6.10Rebekah Zochert29.46aSouthwest Christian      
7.9Hannah Owens29.47aHeritage Christian      
8.9Kaylee Nicholas-Holman29.86aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Deanna Martin28.99aSouthwest Christian      
3.9Leanne Bingham29.15aHeritage Christian      
5.10Jessica Wasko29.89aPortland Waldorf      
2.11Erin Adams30.25aOpen Door Christian ...      
4.10Rebekah Zochert30.31aSouthwest Christian      
7.9Hannah Owens30.39aHeritage Christian      
6.9Kaylee Nicholas-Holman30.61aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
8.9Katy Bryant30.68aWillamette Valley Ch...      
9.12Chantel Baucom31.02aLife Christian      
10.11Courtney Kapple32.06aFalls City      
11.10Amber Myers32.81aLife Christian      
12.9Havilah Sutter33.02aMid Valley Christian...      
13.10Melody Jones33.49aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Leanne Bingham1:02.89aHeritage Christian      
2.9Austin Lundin1:05.46aHeritage Christian      
3.11Natalie Gilchrist1:05.99aSouthwest Christian      
4.11Erin Adams1:06.16aOpen Door Christian ...      
5.9Aubrie Gatewood1:06.39aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
6.10Stephanie Linenberger1:07.09aLife Christian      
7.9Katy Bryant1:07.22aWillamette Valley Ch...      
8.12Chantel Baucom1:08.36aLife Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Leanne Bingham1:03.13aHeritage Christian      
2.9Austin Lundin1:04.60aHeritage Christian      
3.10Stephanie Linenberger1:05.67aLife Christian      
5.11Natalie Gilchrist1:05.70aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Chantel Baucom1:06.64aLife Christian      
6.9Aubrie Gatewood1:07.70aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
7.11Erin Adams1:08.10aOpen Door Christian ...      
8.9Katy Bryant1:08.11aWillamette Valley Ch...      
10.9Havilah Sutter1:15.08aMid Valley Christian...      
11.9Emily Pierson1:19.38aSouthwest Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Stephanie Linenberger2:33.40aLife Christian      
2.12Anne Aylward2:34.80aSouthwest Christian      
3.9Leanne Bingham2:36.51aHeritage Christian      
4.10Kristina Dixon2:43.68aHeritage Christian      
5.12Merri Sjodin2:45.01aHeritage Christian      
6.9Taylor Brentano2:53.52aSt Paul      
7.12Elise Janicke2:59.46aSouthwest Christian      
8.10Jessica Thorschmidt3:15.38aSouthwest Christian      
9.9Yujin Hong3:18.88aColumbia Christian      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Lundin5:09.64aHeritage Christian      
2.9Austin Lundin5:10.14aHeritage Christian      
3.9Christina Anderson5:11.31aHeritage Christian      
5.11Annaliese Wilson5:36.63aPortland Waldorf      
6.10Danielle Bushared6:09.00aSouthwest Christian      
7.12Patti Johnson6:15.17aSouthwest Christian      
8.12Liz Denker6:30.76aSouthwest Christian      
9.11Kelly McKay6:31.52aSt Paul      
10.9Yujin Hong6:32.32aColumbia Christian      
11.10Catie Holcroft6:32.99aPortland Waldorf      
12.12Melissa Keightley7:46.86aSt Paul      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Lundin11:18.34aHeritage Christian      
2.9Austin Lundin11:19.70aHeritage Christian      
3.9Christina Anderson11:28.11aHeritage Christian      
5.11Annaliese Wilson12:00.78aPortland Waldorf      
6.12Taylor Monroe12:50.60aSouthwest Christian      
7.10Elizabeth Staat13:44.58aSouthwest Christian      
8.12Leslie McNally13:55.49aSouthwest Christian      
9.11Kelly McKay14:45.31aSt Paul      
10.10Catie Holcroft14:55.85aPortland Waldorf      
11.12Melissa Keightley17:02.11aSt Paul      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Molly Young18.78aColumbia Christian      
2.10Lauren Buster18.82aSouthwest Christian      
3.9Ashley Kary20.52aOpen Door Christian ...      
4.9Dani Riggleman20.89aSt Paul      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Britta Conlon53.57aPortland Waldorf      
2.12Molly Young55.80aColumbia Christian      
3.10Mikaela Conlon57.07aPortland Waldorf      
4.9Aubrie Gatewood57.37aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
5.9Dani Riggleman57.60aSt Paul      
6.9Ashley Kary57.91aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.10Lauren Buster58.77aSouthwest Christian      
8.10Liz Williamson1:04.54aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Natalie Gilchrist
Lauren Buster
Brittney Adams
Kamery Meneley
54.58aSouthwest Christian      
2.-Taylor Brentano
Britney Petrjanos
Michelle Wilson
Hayden Smith
55.71aSt Paul      
3.-Melody Jones
Sarah Jones
Katy Bryant
Lauren Barker
56.45aWillamette Valley Ch...      
4.-Shannon Ritchie
Kristina Dixon
Jessica Precourt
Millie Sturtevant
1:00.92aHeritage Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kamery Meneley
Natalie Gilchrist
Deanna Martin
Anne Aylward
4:26.61aSouthwest Christian      
2.-Leanne Bingham
Austin Lundin
Christina Anderson
Jessica Lundin
4:33.38aHeritage Christian      
3.-Jessica Wasko
Mikaela Conlon
Britta Conlon
Annaliese Wilson
4:44.86aPortland Waldorf      
4.-Lauren Barker
Melody Jones
Sarah Jones
Katy Bryant
4:52.63aWillamette Valley Ch...      
5.-Taylor Brentano
Britney Petrjanos
Dani Riggleman
Kelly McKay
4:56.80aSt Paul      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ariana Graves33'11.00Southwest Christian      
2.12Stephanie Hutchinson31'07.25Life Christian      
3.10Alea McConnell31'03.00Falls City      
4.12Michelle Wilson30'04.00St Paul      
5.10Katie Mullen29'06.00Damascus Christian      
6.10Caitlin Porter27'04.00North Clackamas Chri...      
7.12Amanda Ryder27'02.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
8.11Colleen Crook26'11.50Jewell      
9.11Mellissa Seaton26'05.25Southwest Christian      
10.11Aubrey Wilmes26'01.00St Paul      
11.10Felicia Douglas25'11.50Life Christian      
12.10Rebecca Galart25'04.50Open Door Christian ...      
13.9Alexa Lapray25'02.00Southwest Christian      
14.10Cheyenne Brewbaker25'00.00Jewell      
15.12Brittani Brown24'10.00St Paul      
16.9Bianka Castaneda24'06.50Heritage Christian      
17.9Charlene Mack24'05.50Mid Valley Christian...      
18.11Kaylee Foster23'06.00Jewell      
19.10Johanna Ohmes21'00.50Life Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Wilson114'09St Paul      
2.10Katie Mullen112'06Damascus Christian      
3.12Stephanie Hutchinson102'08Life Christian      
4.12Brittani Brown95'05St Paul      
5.10Alea McConnell91'02Falls City      
6.12Ariana Graves88'03Southwest Christian      
7.11Colleen Crook87'11Jewell      
8.12Amanda Ryder87'10Willamette Valley Ch...      
9.10Caitlin Porter77'02North Clackamas Chri...      
10.10Rebecca Galart75'04Open Door Christian ...      
10.11Mellissa Seaton75'04Southwest Christian      
12.12Haylee Trautman71'09Damascus Christian      
14.11Kaylee Foster70'01Jewell      
15.9Bianka Castaneda69'10Heritage Christian      
16.10Cheyenne Brewbaker65'11Jewell      
17.10Felicia Douglas63'00Life Christian      
18.10Laurissa Pearson59'08Southwest Christian      
19.11Aubrey Wilmes56'08St Paul      
20.9Charlene Mack34'02Mid Valley Christian...      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hana Fisher116'04Heritage Christian      
2.10Katie Mullen108'11Damascus Christian      
3.10Mikaela Conlon108'10Portland Waldorf      
4.10Jesika Kaczenski107'10Jewell      
5.11Brittney Adams105'08Southwest Christian      
6.10Rebecca Galart99'08Open Door Christian ...      
7.12Michelle Wilson96'06St Paul      
8.12Amanda Ryder89'10Willamette Valley Ch...      
9.12Haylee Trautman87'04Damascus Christian      
10.10Kate McConachie76'11Southwest Christian      
12.12Taylor Monroe71'05Southwest Christian      
13.11Kaylee Foster71'02Jewell      
14.11Erin Adams69'11Open Door Christian ...      
15.9Bianka Castaneda68'07Heritage Christian      
16.11Aubrey Wilmes66'11St Paul      
17.10Caitlin Porter57'10North Clackamas Chri...      
18.10Tessa Brooks57'05Jewell      
19.9Charlene Mack35'02Mid Valley Christian...      
20.10Helena Giles33'10North Clackamas Chri...      
11Katlyn McKillipSCRSt Paul      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julie Drescher4'10.00St Paul      
2.10Jesika Kaczenski4'08.00Jewell      
3.11Brittney Adams4'06.00Southwest Christian      
4.11Annaliese Wilson4'02.00Portland Waldorf      
5.9Katelyn Powers4'00.00Open Door Christian ...      
9Aubrie GatewoodNHNorth Clackamas Chri...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julie Drescher8'06.00St Paul      
2.12Haylee Trautman8'00.00Damascus Christian      
3.11Aubrey Wilmes5'00.00St Paul      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julie Drescher15'00.75St Paul      
2.11Natalie Gilchrist14'09.00Southwest Christian      
3.12Sarah Jones13'09.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
4.9Hannah Owens13'07.50Heritage Christian      
5.10Britta Conlon13'07.25Portland Waldorf      
6.11Katlyn McKillip13'06.25St Paul      
7.10Rebekah Zochert13'05.75Southwest Christian      
8.12Lauren Barker13'01.75Willamette Valley Ch...      
9.9Kaylee Nicholas-Holman12'05.00North Clackamas Chri...      
10.11Courtney Kapple11'08.00Falls City      
11.9Katelyn Powers11'04.00Open Door Christian ...      
12.10Kristina Dixon11'02.25Heritage Christian      
13.9Havilah Sutter11'01.00Mid Valley Christian...      
14.10Liz Williamson11'00.75Willamette Valley Ch...      
15.9Jessica Precourt10'09.00Heritage Christian      
16.10Laurissa Pearson10'08.50Southwest Christian      
17.9Britney Petrjanos9'03.25St Paul      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Britta Conlon30'05.25Portland Waldorf      
2.10Mikaela Conlon29'11.50Portland Waldorf      
3.9Dani Riggleman28'08.75St Paul      
4.9Hayden Smith28'07.00St Paul      
5.10Kristina Dixon28'06.25Heritage Christian      
6.9Katelyn Powers28'01.00Open Door Christian ...      
7.9Hannah Owens28'00.75Heritage Christian      
8.10Amanda Bercot26'07.50Southwest Christian      
9.10Laurissa Pearson23'09.00Southwest Christian      
10Rebekah ZochertSCRSouthwest Christian      
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