SPC North Zone Meet

Saturday, April 19, 2008
  All Saints Episcopal School, Fort Worth - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12John Criss11.17aSt Marks Of Texas
2.11Whit Shaw11.37aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Joseph Robinson11.47aAll Saints Episcopal
4.9Alex Espinoza11.67aFort Worth Country Day
5.11David Baillargeon11.74aCistercian Prep
6.12Garrett Myer11.76aAll Saints Episcopal
7.12Tyler McLaughin11.80aAll Saints Episcopal
8.11Tyler Mow-Unland11.89aSt Marks Of Texas
9.10Barnik Saha11.96aGreenhill
10.11Marcus Burnside12.09aCistercian Prep
11.9Brian Kelley12.16aFort Worth Country Day
11.11Will Hoffman12.16aGreenhill
13.9Josh Martinez12.19aFort Worth Country Day
14.10L. C. Chandler12.33aSt Marks Of Texas
15.10Tarek Chehabi12.39aGreenhill
16.9Samuel Murphy12.46aTrinity Valley
17.12Brent Fescenmeyer12.76aTrinity Valley
18.9Carter Brownlie12.96aTrinity Valley
9Casey KassemDNSGreenhill
10Curtis KnoxDNSAll Saints Episcopal
12Jordan BeardsleeDNSCistercian Prep
12Rand RavnaasDNSAll Saints Episcopal
12Jacques BarjonDNSSt Marks Of Texas
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Whit Shaw23.04aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12John Criss23.44aSt Marks Of Texas
3.11Stephen Langdon23.54aSt Marks Of Texas
4.9Josh Martinez23.78aFort Worth Country Day
5.11Russell Bicknell23.79aEpiscopal School Of ...
6.12Parker Jamison23.95aEpiscopal School Of ...
7.11Tyler Mow-Unland24.01aSt Marks Of Texas
8.9Brian Kelley24.05aFort Worth Country Day
9.11David Baillargeon24.44aCistercian Prep
10.11Marcus Burnside24.86aCistercian Prep
11.9Alex Espinoza25.04aFort Worth Country Day
12.10Barnik Saha25.08aGreenhill
13.11Gaines Myer25.26aAll Saints Episcopal
14.10Tarek Chehabi25.28aGreenhill
15.9Samuel Murphy25.30aTrinity Valley
16.12Ted Leonard25.48aFort Worth Country Day
17.11Will Garnett25.63aCistercian Prep
18.11Will Hoffman26.13aGreenhill
19.9Shane Robinson26.70aAll Saints Episcopal
10James SharpeDNSAll Saints Episcopal
10David NewcombDNSCistercian Prep
12Daniel PlumleeDNSSt Marks Of Texas
11Andrew LangdonDNSSt Marks Of Texas
9Casey KassemDNSGreenhill
9Carter BrownlieDNFTrinity Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daniel Plumlee49.88aSt Marks Of Texas
2.11Stephen Langdon52.75aSt Marks Of Texas
3.11Russell Bicknell53.80aEpiscopal School Of ...
4.11Andrew Langdon53.85aSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Albert Garcia54.82aSt Marks Of Texas
6.12Daniel Stewart55.65aCistercian Prep
7.9Hill Martin56.41aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.9Grant Garrett56.51aFort Worth Country Day
9.9Stephen Tetirick57.67aFort Worth Country Day
10.11Gaines Myer57.91aAll Saints Episcopal
11.9Ryan Martinez58.70aCistercian Prep
12.10Charlie Hall59.00aFort Worth Country Day
13.12Chase Dorsey59.18aCistercian Prep
14.9Brett Merriam63.64aGreenhill
15.10Billy Bob Watt64.04aTrinity Valley
12Joseph RobinsonDNSAll Saints Episcopal
12Brian AlexisDNSFort Worth Country Day
12Garrett MyerDNSAll Saints Episcopal
10James SharpeDNSAll Saints Episcopal
12Tyler McLaughinDNSAll Saints Episcopal
9Sam WellsDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
10Samuel WatsonDNSTrinity Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Martin2:02.78aSt Marks Of Texas
2.10James Sharpe2:03.20aAll Saints Episcopal
3.11Chris Martinez2:03.69aCistercian Prep
5.11Alex Brown2:04.18aTrinity Valley
6.12Michael Massad2:07.38aCistercian Prep
7.12Kevin Mitchell2:09.13aTrinity Valley
8.11Taylor Stratton2:10.37aTrinity Valley
9.12Steve Zuckerman2:12.27aSt Marks Of Texas
10.9Evan Griffin2:14.56aFort Worth Country Day
11.9Daniel Abramson2:16.82aSt Marks Of Texas
12.12Matt Lubrano2:18.57aFort Worth Country Day
13.9Shane Robinson2:18.61aAll Saints Episcopal
14.11Gaines Myer2:20.84aAll Saints Episcopal
15.9Eriq Robinson2:21.21aGreenhill
16.10Matt Runas2:21.52aSt Marks Of Texas
18.9Spencer Heim2:25.65aSt Marks Of Texas
19.10Juan Juarez2:33.31aTrinity Valley
12Richard NewcombDNSCistercian Prep
9Sam SchoolerDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
9Sam WellsDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andres Ramirez4:38.71aGreenhill
2.12Will Young4:40.42aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Matt Martin4:45.70aSt Marks Of Texas
4.11Paul Spellings4:50.11aEpiscopal School Of ...
5.11Dave Emerson4:53.42aTrinity Valley
6.12Richard Newcomb4:54.95aCistercian Prep
7.10Miles Bratton4:55.92aFort Worth Country Day
8.11Alex Brown4:56.27aTrinity Valley
9.9Shawn Adams5:00.99aEpiscopal School Of ...
10.11Taylor Stratton5:01.84aTrinity Valley
11.12Steve Zuckerman5:04.56aSt Marks Of Texas
12.11Austin Miller5:10.14aGreenhill
13.9Issac Johnston5:14.31aCistercian Prep
14.9Henry Spellings5:18.31aEpiscopal School Of ...
15.9Sonny Stepp5:18.33aFort Worth Country Day
16.9Eriq Robinson5:22.01aGreenhill
17.9Eric Graffy5:25.21aSt Marks Of Texas
18.10Matt Runas5:30.40aSt Marks Of Texas
19.9Daniel Abramson5:36.99aSt Marks Of Texas
20.9Spencer Heim5:37.32aSt Marks Of Texas
21.11Patrick Rochelle5:41.93aGreenhill
22.10Jake Wooley6:16.83aGreenhill
9J. Clark NowlinDNSAll Saints Episcopal
9Sam SchoolerDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
9Travis HaileDNSTrinity Valley
10Nicholas ClosuitDNSTrinity Valley
12Al TorresDNSCistercian Prep
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andres Ramirez9:54.96aGreenhill
2.12Carlos Bencomo10:01.01aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Will Young10:11.68aSt Marks Of Texas
4.11Dave Emerson10:34.86aTrinity Valley
5.11Austin Miller10:36.46aGreenhill
6.9Issac Johnston10:52.05aCistercian Prep
7.9Shawn Adams11:01.35aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.9Henry Spellings11:33.06aEpiscopal School Of ...
9.10Ronan Anand11:49.43aSt Marks Of Texas
10.9Eric Graffy11:55.76aSt Marks Of Texas
11.11Patrick Rochelle12:29.43aGreenhill
12.9J. Clark Nowlin12:41.84aAll Saints Episcopal
13.10Jake Wooley13:25.97aGreenhill
9Travis HaileSCRTrinity Valley
11Alex WangSCRSt Marks Of Texas
11Paul SpellingsSCREpiscopal School Of ...
12Patrick ButlerSCRCistercian Prep
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Primm15.91aSt Marks Of Texas
2.11Nick Echevarria16.41aCistercian Prep
3.12Ted Leonard16.68aFort Worth Country Day
4.10Joe Graham16.71aCistercian Prep
5.12Taylor Short16.72aGreenhill
6.12Patrick Spence17.04aCistercian Prep
7.9Aurel Baker18.21aGreenhill
8.10Ian White18.38aCistercian Prep
9.12Pierce Eckstrom18.79aFort Worth Country Day
10.9Trenton Seale19.42aGreenhill
11.10Alec Alaggio20.86aSt Marks Of Texas
12Robert SniderDNSTrinity Valley
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Primm41.61aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Jacques Barjon42.28aSt Marks Of Texas
3.12Patrick Spence42.48aCistercian Prep
4.11Nick Echevarria44.64aCistercian Prep
5.9Aurel Baker45.83aGreenhill
6.10Eli Bogle46.05aTrinity Valley
7.10Michael Shulman46.16aSt Marks Of Texas
8.9Kellen Moczulski47.03aFort Worth Country Day
9.9Travis Cornett47.46aTrinity Valley
10.10Ian White47.98aCistercian Prep
11.12Pierce Eckstrom48.30aFort Worth Country Day
12.10Alec Alaggio48.86aSt Marks Of Texas
13.12Collin Jackson49.03aCistercian Prep
14.11Matthew Owen49.72aGreenhill
15.9Trenton Seale50.47aGreenhill
16.12Ted Leonard51.58aFort Worth Country Day
17.12Robert Snider51.87aTrinity Valley
18.10Daniel Rafkin52.57aSt Marks Of Texas
10Christian FletcherDNSTrinity Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.15aSt Marks Of Texas
2.-Relay Team 44.81aAll Saints Episcopal
3.-Relay Team 46.05aCistercian Prep
4.-Relay Team 46.18aGreenhill
5.-Relay Team 50.65aTrinity Valley
--Relay Team DNSFort Worth Country Day
--Relay Team DNFTrinity Valley
--Relay Team DNSEpiscopal School Of ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:29.98aSt Marks Of Texas
2.-Relay Team 3:35.52aCistercian Prep
3.-Gaines Myer
Tyler McLaughin
James Sharpe
Joseph Robinson
3:36.04aAll Saints Episcopal
4.-Relay Team 3:46.61aFort Worth Country Day
5.-Relay Team 3:47.07aTrinity Valley
6.-Relay Team 3:51.23aGreenhill
7.-Relay Team 4:18.40aTrinity Valley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:25.53aSt Marks Of Texas
2.-Relay Team 8:36.97aCistercian Prep
3.-Relay Team 8:38.74aTrinity Valley
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josef Albert47'01.00St Marks Of Texas
2.12Curtis Brown46'08.00Fort Worth Country Day
3.12Bob Streck45'07.50Trinity Valley
4.12Nathan Snodgrass42'09.00Trinity Valley
5.11Giancarlo Carleo40'11.00Cistercian Prep
5.11Stephen Friedberg40'11.00St Marks Of Texas
7.11Jeff Wilson40'10.00St Marks Of Texas
8.12Alexi Deri40'03.00Fort Worth Country Day
9.12Blaine Brogdon40'01.50Fort Worth Country Day
13.12Landon Medlock40'1.5Episcopal School Of ...
10.11Jarrod Sparks39'09.50St Marks Of Texas
11.12Troy Jack Smith39'08.00Greenhill
12.12Joseph Robinson39'05.50All Saints Episcopal
13.10Will Dickson39'01.50St Marks Of Texas
15.12Will Johnston37'06.50Cistercian Prep
16.10Robert Luce37'03.50Episcopal School Of ...
16.12Daniel Sorokolit37'03.50Trinity Valley
18.12Andrew Lococo36'06.50All Saints Episcopal
19.11Mitch Miller34'00.00Cistercian Prep
20.11Michael Lawson33'01.00Cistercian Prep
21.11Ricky Wysocki33'00.00Episcopal School Of ...
22.9Michael Hartnett31'05.00Episcopal School Of ...
23.12Victor Prado29'11.50Greenhill
24.10Oliver Stone29'10.00All Saints Episcopal
25.9Price Mulford29'09.00Episcopal School Of ...
26.9George Young25'00.50All Saints Episcopal
12Emmanuel AchoSCRSt Marks Of Texas
11Michael KutzlerSCRTrinity Valley
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bob Streck147'00Trinity Valley
2.12Taylor Short140'05Greenhill
3.12Troy Jack Smith139'01Greenhill
4.11Jeff Wilson138'10St Marks Of Texas
5.11Jarrod Sparks132'10St Marks Of Texas
6.12Andrew Lococo128'11All Saints Episcopal
7.9Hank Williams123'00St Marks Of Texas
8.12Mark Stevens122'01Fort Worth Country Day
9.11Josef Albert121'10St Marks Of Texas
10.10Robert Luce120'07Episcopal School Of ...
11.9Zach Christian116'05St Marks Of Texas
12.12Will Johnston109'04Cistercian Prep
13.12Nathan Snodgrass100'09Trinity Valley
14.12Matt Tobey98'04All Saints Episcopal
15.9Michael Hartnett94'10Episcopal School Of ...
16.11Mitch Miller89'08Cistercian Prep
17.12Blaine Brogdon89'04Fort Worth Country Day
18.12Landon Medlock86'09Episcopal School Of ...
19.12Calder Reinsborough84'11Cistercian Prep
20.12Luke Young81'02Fort Worth Country Day
21.10Divya Singh78'02Greenhill
22.11Ricky Wysocki77'04Episcopal School Of ...
9Price MulfordDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
9Omar MunozDNSGreenhill
11Michael KutzlerDNSTrinity Valley
12Joseph RobinsonDNSAll Saints Episcopal
12Daniel SorokolitDNSTrinity Valley
12Emmanuel AchoDNSSt Marks Of Texas
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Short6'02.00Greenhill
2.12Tyler Funk6'02.00Episcopal School Of ...
3.10David Newcomb5'08.00Cistercian Prep
4.10Eli Bogle5'08.00Trinity Valley
5.9Ted Bangs5'04.00Episcopal School Of ...
6.10Aaron Otenaike5'04.00Trinity Valley
6.10Christian Fletcher5'04.00Trinity Valley
7.9Grant Garrett5'00.00Fort Worth Country Day
7.9Mark Hartman5'00.00Cistercian Prep
9Jordan TolbertDNSAll Saints Episcopal
10Charlie HallNHFort Worth Country Day
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Stull14'00.00Greenhill
2.11Matthew Owen12'00.00Greenhill
3.11Archit Kumar11'06.00Greenhill
4.9Trenton Seale11'00.00Greenhill
4.11Stephen Goodwin11'00.00Fort Worth Country Day
6.10Tyler Freeman10'06.00Cistercian Prep
6.10Zeke Blackwell10'06.00Fort Worth Country Day
8.10Alec Alaggio10'00.00St Marks Of Texas
9.10Daniel Rafkin9'06.00St Marks Of Texas
10.10Coulter Green9'00.00All Saints Episcopal
10.9Clifton Harlin9'00.00Fort Worth Country Day
10Sam SchoonoverNHAll Saints Episcopal
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Short20'11.25Greenhill
2.12Jacques Barjon20'04.75St Marks Of Texas
3.10Barnik Saha20'00.00Greenhill
4.11Andrew Langdon19'08.50St Marks Of Texas
5.10Eli Bogle19'03.00Trinity Valley
6.12Tyler Funk19'02.00Episcopal School Of ...
7.11Tyler Mow-Unland19'01.50St Marks Of Texas
8.12Daniel Stewart19'00.00Cistercian Prep
9.10David Newcomb18'10.00Cistercian Prep
10.12Tyler McLaughin18'05.00All Saints Episcopal
11.11Stephen Langdon18'03.25St Marks Of Texas
12.9Mark Hartman17'11.00Cistercian Prep
13.9Grant Garrett17'08.50Fort Worth Country Day
14.9Hayden Krum17'00.00Fort Worth Country Day
14.11James Powers17'00.00Trinity Valley
16.10L. C. Chandler16'08.50St Marks Of Texas
17.10Lucas Russey16'01.00Trinity Valley
18.9Aurel Baker15'08.50Greenhill
19.10Aaron Otenaike15'06.00Trinity Valley
20.10Billy Bob Watt15'01.00Trinity Valley
21.12Parker Jamison14'11.50Episcopal School Of ...
22.12Kevin Peters14'11.00Fort Worth Country Day
-Abrey JohnsonSCRAll Saints Episcopal
10James SharpeSCRAll Saints Episcopal
12John CrissSCRSt Marks Of Texas
10Samuel WatsonSCRTrinity Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Short44'05.25Greenhill
2.11Andrew Langdon41'06.75St Marks Of Texas
3.12Travis Primm40'04.25St Marks Of Texas
4.12John Criss40'01.00St Marks Of Texas
5.12Daniel Stewart40'00.50Cistercian Prep
6.11Stephen Langdon39'02.25St Marks Of Texas
7.11Tyler Mow-Unland38'07.00St Marks Of Texas
8.10L. C. Chandler38'04.00St Marks Of Texas
9.9Mark Hartman37'06.00Cistercian Prep
10.10Barnik Saha37'00.75Greenhill
12Kevin PetersDNSFort Worth Country Day
10Christian FletcherDNSTrinity Valley
12Tyler McLaughinDNSAll Saints Episcopal
10Eli BogleDNSTrinity Valley
10Aaron OtenaikeDNSTrinity Valley

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan McCune12.75aTrinity Valley
2.9Dionne O'Bannon12.76aHockaday
3.10Madi Steenbergen12.91aAll Saints Episcopal
4.10Hanna Fobare13.01aHockaday
5.10Mary Mackie13.41aHockaday
6.11Morgan Calhoun13.45aGreenhill
7.9Sarah Alexander13.48aHockaday
8.9Alex Bishop13.75aHockaday
9.9Becca Leigh Brown14.15aTrinity Valley
10.10Allye Doorey14.18aHockaday
11.12Katie Bruegger14.25aHockaday
13.9Mackenzie Wall14.65aHockaday
14.10Mykel Bradshaw14.99aAll Saints Episcopal
15.9Samantha Givens15.19aTrinity Valley
16.9Caroline Low15.45aEpiscopal School Of ...
17.9Natalie Low16.60aEpiscopal School Of ...
9Cecily WilsonDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
10Emily ClosuitDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Madi Steenbergen26.40aAll Saints Episcopal
2.9Dionne O'Bannon26.93aHockaday
3.10Hanna Fobare27.07aHockaday
3.10Amanda Murashige27.07aEpiscopal School Of ...
5.10Katherine Plumlee27.53aEpiscopal School Of ...
6.10Emily Samuelson27.67aFort Worth Country Day
7.12Meredith Jeanes27.96aGreenhill
8.11Morgan Calhoun29.00aGreenhill
9.11Megan Shaw29.01aTrinity Valley
10.10Allye Doorey29.08aHockaday
11.9Sarah Alexander29.40aHockaday
12.9Flannery Baltazar29.60aEpiscopal School Of ...
13.9Merit Sharpe30.17aAll Saints Episcopal
14.9Mackenzie Wall30.40aHockaday
15.10Mykel Bradshaw31.04aAll Saints Episcopal
16.11Jordan McCune31.24aTrinity Valley
18.9Caroline Low32.28aEpiscopal School Of ...
19.9Samantha Givens32.95aTrinity Valley
20.9Natalie Low36.02aEpiscopal School Of ...
9Cecily WilsonDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
10Mary MackieDNSHockaday
9Tessa GranowskiDNSHockaday
9Barbara GassDNSHockaday
11Spenser StevensDNSAll Saints Episcopal
12Katie BrueggerDNSHockaday
11Brooke GranowskiDNSHockaday
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Murashige61.63aEpiscopal School Of ...
2.9Courtney Reimer64.87aFort Worth Country Day
3.11Katherine Bass65.20aTrinity Valley
4.9Merit Sharpe67.35aAll Saints Episcopal
5.9Barbara Gass70.49aHockaday
6.9Lamar Wilson70.55aEpiscopal School Of ...
10Madi SteenbergenDNSAll Saints Episcopal
11Spenser StevensDNSAll Saints Episcopal
9Chelsey SveinssonDNSGreenhill
10Katherine PlumleeDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chelsey Sveinsson2:12.22aGreenhill
2.12Melissa Sullivan2:25.24aHockaday
3.9Elise Hansell2:29.84aEpiscopal School Of ...
4.11Christina Co2:31.15aHockaday
5.12Amy Watson2:38.74aTrinity Valley
6.9Merit Sharpe2:41.44aAll Saints Episcopal
7.9Asha Mahatma2:43.28aHockaday
8.10Mollie Cooper2:46.35aTrinity Valley
9.12Stephanie Rogan2:50.96aGreenhill
10.11Michelle VanRooyen2:51.66aGreenhill
11.9Pearlene Cheah2:55.51aTrinity Valley
12.12Christal Strong3:06.14aTrinity Valley
13.10Katherine Marmion3:08.56aGreenhill
9Katie HebelerDNSHockaday
12Meaghan WattersDNSHockaday
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jackie Altshuler5:44.32aGreenhill
2.11Anne Tabb6:02.51aHockaday
3.10Jillian Mock6:07.24aHockaday
4.12Stephanie Rogan6:08.36aGreenhill
5.9Taylor White6:11.90aFort Worth Country Day
6.10Margaret Peyrefitte6:16.41aTrinity Valley
7.11Alice Conlin6:16.59aFort Worth Country Day
8.9Katie Hebeler6:18.03aHockaday
9.10Mollie Cooper6:26.14aTrinity Valley
10.10Lauren Grubbs6:28.82aFort Worth Country Day
11.9Gladys Benitez6:39.38aAll Saints Episcopal
12.11Michelle VanRooyen6:39.88aGreenhill
13.9Abby Kizer6:44.42aTrinity Valley
14.10Katherine Marmion6:46.36aGreenhill
15.10Jasmine DiLucci7:03.22aHockaday
16.11Ellen Slugg7:07.31aAll Saints Episcopal
17.10Sarah LoCoco7:34.88aAll Saints Episcopal
18.10Sahara Chhabra8:12.54aHockaday
9Chelsey SveinssonDNSGreenhill
10Brooke OsborneDNSTrinity Valley
10Amanda GarciaDNSGreenhill
10Emma RitchDNSHockaday
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chelsey Sveinsson11:03.43aGreenhill
2.11Jackie Altshuler12:22.23aGreenhill
3.10Amanda Garcia13:17.59aGreenhill
4.12Stephanie Rogan13:22.15aGreenhill
5.11Anne Tabb13:22.46aHockaday
6.10Jillian Mock13:22.78aHockaday
7.9Katie Hebeler13:43.56aHockaday
8.10Brooke Osborne13:50.48aTrinity Valley
9.11Alice Conlin13:52.76aFort Worth Country Day
10.9Shelby Stripling14:30.37aFort Worth Country Day
11.10Jasmine DiLucci14:36.95aHockaday
12.9Gladys Benitez14:41.38aAll Saints Episcopal
13.10Margaret Peyrefitte14:59.59aTrinity Valley
14.10Emma Ritch15:17.80aHockaday
15.10Patricia Porter15:58.57aHockaday
16.10Erin Loth16:08.93aFort Worth Country Day
17.9Maggie Hood16:11.95aHockaday
18.10Sarah LoCoco17:16.91aAll Saints Episcopal
19.10Sahara Chhabra17:45.26aHockaday
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jackie Guevel16.32aHockaday
2.11Allison Reppe18.59aEpiscopal School Of ...
3.10Madi Steenbergen18.64aAll Saints Episcopal
4.12Laura Tucker18.86aTrinity Valley
5.12Chelsea Hall19.39aGreenhill
6.12Emily Sampson20.34aHockaday
8.9Larissa Bogle21.36aTrinity Valley
9.9Becca Leigh Brown21.61aTrinity Valley
10.10Peyton Kramp22.16aHockaday
11.9Alicia Crook22.58aHockaday
12.11Nicole Jacobs23.53aGreenhill
13.10Leah Dintino24.95aTrinity Valley
11Andrea RahardjaDNSGreenhill
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jackie Guevel52.18aHockaday
2.12Emily Sampson55.22aHockaday
3.10Elizabeth Muse55.72aHockaday
4.12Laura Tucker57.99aTrinity Valley
5.12Kelsey Moczulski60.86aFort Worth Country Day
6.9Alicia Crook61.03aHockaday
8.10Peyton Kramp62.06aHockaday
9.9Larissa Bogle63.43aTrinity Valley
10.10Leah Dintino67.23aTrinity Valley
10Madi SteenbergenDNSAll Saints Episcopal
11Andrea RahardjaDNSGreenhill
10Avery RapeDNSGreenhill
10Christie LeeDNSHockaday
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.25aHockaday
2.-Relay Team 53.15aTrinity Valley
3.-Relay Team 53.72aGreenhill
4.-Relay Team 54.35aEpiscopal School Of ...
5.-Relay Team 54.58aHockaday
--Relay Team DNSFort Worth Country Day
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:11.15aHockaday
2.-Relay Team 4:11.43aGreenhill
3.-Relay Team 4:24.95aHockaday
4.-Relay Team 4:29.00aTrinity Valley
5.-Relay Team 4:32.02aFort Worth Country Day
--Relay Team DNSEpiscopal School Of ...
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:45.05aGreenhill
2.-Relay Team 9:51.76aHockaday
3.-Relay Team 11:01.15aTrinity Valley
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jenny Mitchell28'11.50Hockaday
2.10Jordan McCray27'07.00Greenhill
3.9Erica Hsu25'02.75Hockaday
4.10Luyi Adesanya25'01.00Hockaday
5.11Nicole Jacobs24'03.00Greenhill
6.10Cassidy Hall23'06.75Greenhill
7.11Ellen Slugg22'10.00All Saints Episcopal
8.9Ellie Skochdopole21'05.25Episcopal School Of ...
9.9Karen Chen18'07.00Hockaday
10.9Rose Mejia17'09.00Hockaday
9Hanna FanousDNSHockaday
10Sarah DagherDNSHockaday
10Rocia MejiaDNSHockaday
10Emily ClosuitDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Fontaine83'06Greenhill
2.9Erica Hsu79'10Hockaday
3.10Katherine Levy68'00Greenhill
4.9Rose Mejia60'01Hockaday
5.12Stephanie Bird59'11Fort Worth Country Day
6.9Hanna Fanous59'09Hockaday
7.9Jenny Mitchell59'00Hockaday
8.10Emily Closuit55'03All Saints Episcopal
9.11Nicole Jacobs53'10Greenhill
10.11Ellen Slugg51'02All Saints Episcopal
11.9Ellie Skochdopole42'06Episcopal School Of ...
9Kate KryderSCRHockaday
10Sarah DagherSCRHockaday
10Rocia MejiaSCRHockaday
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brooke Granowski4'08.00Hockaday
2.10Leah Dintino4'08.00Trinity Valley
3.10Jordan McCray4'08.00Greenhill
4.10Allison Bishop4'08.00Episcopal School Of ...
5.9Larissa Bogle4'06.00Trinity Valley
6.10Emily Samuelson4'04.00Fort Worth Country Day
7.12Emily Sampson4'02.00Hockaday
7.9Tessa Granowski4'02.00Hockaday
10Elizabeth MuseNHHockaday
10Katherine PlumleeDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mary Mackie10'00.00Hockaday
2.12Rachel Fontaine9'00.00Greenhill
3.10Paige Friedman9'00.00Fort Worth Country Day
4.9Olivia Nicolais8'06.00Greenhill
5.11Rebecca Matayas8'06.00Greenhill
6.9Allison Bulkley8'00.00Greenhill
6.10Nicole Dory8'00.00Fort Worth Country Day
8.10Ryley Schlachter7'08.00Greenhill
9.10Peyton Kramp6'06.00Hockaday
9.11Allison Relyea6'06.00Fort Worth Country Day
9.9Asha Mahatma6'06.00Hockaday
9.10Hillary Wallace6'06.00Hockaday
9Jenny MitchellDNSHockaday
11Andrea RahardjaDNSGreenhill
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Mary Mackie15'06.75Hockaday
2.10Jordan McCray15'06.00Greenhill
3.9Cameron Miller15'00.00Trinity Valley
4.12Meredith Jeanes14'03.50Greenhill
5.11Jordan McCune13'07.75Trinity Valley
6.9Sarah Alexander13'07.25Hockaday
7.9Asha Mahatma13'06.50Hockaday
8.12Chelsea Hall13'05.50Greenhill
10Madi SteenbergenSCRAll Saints Episcopal
10Emily SamuelsonSCRFort Worth Country Day
9Dionne O'BannonSCRHockaday
10Hanna FobareSCRHockaday
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Dory36'07.50Fort Worth Country Day
2.11Andrea Rahardja35'06.00Greenhill
3.9Cameron Miller33'01.00Trinity Valley
4.9Sarah Alexander31'03.00Hockaday
12Chelsea HallSCRGreenhill
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