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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dustin Fox11.58aHidden Valley
2.11Mike Forbes11.60aNorth Bend
3.11Lane Davison12.00aNorth Bend
4.12Lane Seals12.02aNorth Bend
5.10Dylan Card12.04aHidden Valley
6.12David Ingram12.11aDouglas
7.11Jared Bauder12.13aNorth Bend
8.11Jacob Neilsen12.29aDouglas
9.12Andrew Neilsen12.37aDouglas
10.10Josh Sarot12.42aHidden Valley
11.9AJ Sewel12.53aDouglas
12.12Dustin Hiestand12.71aHidden Valley
13.9Kyle Coble12.76aDouglas
14.11Talon Scherer12.99aHidden Valley
15.9Justin Collins13.60aNorth Bend
16.9Joel Freeman13.90aNorth Bend
17.12Vince Johnson15.68aNorth Bend
12David CevallosSCRBrookings-Harbor
12Martin RobicSCRBrookings-Harbor
9Jason ChildsSCRDouglas

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Dustin Fox24.18aHidden Valley
2.11Linden Loren24.54aBrookings-Harbor
3.11Kevin Sthen24.59aBrookings-Harbor
4.12Lane Seals24.87aNorth Bend
5.11Jacob Neilsen25.01aDouglas
6.11Jared Bauder25.67aNorth Bend
7.12Dustin Hiestand26.03aHidden Valley
8.12Andrew Neilsen26.05aDouglas
9.9Dylan Roberts26.26aBrookings-Harbor
10.12David Ingram26.30aDouglas
11.10Josh Sarot26.78aHidden Valley
12.11Talon Scherer27.48aHidden Valley
13.11Cris Hernandez27.74aNorth Bend
14.9Justin Collins28.47aNorth Bend
15.10Aaron Bolle VanLoo29.17aNorth Bend
12Kyle BotnenSCRBrookings-Harbor
9Tyler FrazeeSCRBrookings-Harbor
10Dylan CardSCRHidden Valley

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Jason Arbour55.31aHidden Valley
2.11Chase Kearney56.71aHidden Valley
3.11Chris Cline57.43aHidden Valley
4.9Geoff Gowman57.55aBrookings-Harbor
5.9Kasey Knavs1:00.10aDouglas
6.9Gage Northrup1:00.22aBrookings-Harbor
7.12Ryan Sanne1:04.37aNorth Bend
8.9Charles Orchard1:05.81aNorth Bend
12Kyle BotnenSCRBrookings-Harbor
10Timothy RoderickSCRDouglas

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Spenser Lynass54.8North Bend
12Lane Seals55.4North Bend
12Steven Garboden56.9North Bend
12Luke Clark56.9North Bend

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Steven Garboden2:05.67aNorth Bend
2.11Andrew Watson2:15.90aHidden Valley
3.10Earl Brown2:21.22aHidden Valley
4.9Gage Northrup2:27.38aBrookings-Harbor
5.10Alex Angstadt2:29.57aHidden Valley
6.9Matt Swagerty2:40.16aNorth Bend
7.9Charles Orchard2:41.30aNorth Bend

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Spenser Lynass4:10.82aNorth Bend
2.11Trevor Berrian4:11.55aNorth Bend
3.11Connor Kasler4:11.88aHidden Valley
4.11Andrew Watson4:34.94aHidden Valley
5.11Dan Flora4:37.67aNorth Bend
6.11David Yecha4:50.83aDouglas
7.9Zeke James4:52.47aDouglas
8.10Earl Brown4:53.47aHidden Valley
9.10Alex Angstadt4:58.38aHidden Valley
10.10Hunter Hensler5:06.90aNorth Bend
11.11Steven Cole5:27.21aNorth Bend
10Jake PedersonSCRDouglas
11Sayer JohnstonSCRDouglas

3000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Chris Cline10:01.84aHidden Valley
2.12Steven Sanders10:12.46aBrookings-Harbor
3.11Jason Arbour10:13.18aHidden Valley
4.10Sam Lynass10:33.20aNorth Bend
5.9Aaron Miller10:50.49aBrookings-Harbor
6.9Javin Fleshman11:32.42aBrookings-Harbor
7.9Matt Walker11:48.94aNorth Bend
8.10Dion MacDonald12:06.76aNorth Bend
9.10Daylen Cossey12:35.67aNorth Bend
10.11Kyle Beechly12:35.97aNorth Bend
11.12Elliot Adams12:50.72aNorth Bend

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kevin Godfrey16.30aDouglas
2.12Chris Martinez17.00aHidden Valley
3.11Chris Hodge17.55aBrookings-Harbor
4.12Chase Estep18.02aHidden Valley
5.9Keith Campbell19.43aHidden Valley
6.12Adam Marshall20.29aHidden Valley
7.9Billy Rempelos20.53aNorth Bend
8.9Carter Peck21.62aNorth Bend
9.9Kevin Accinelli23.20aNorth Bend

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Sam Lynass44.59aNorth Bend
2.12Chase Estep44.99aHidden Valley
3.12Chris Martinez45.00aHidden Valley
4.11Gavin Cooper49.61aBrookings-Harbor
5.9Zach Estep49.92aHidden Valley
6.9Keith Campbell51.27aHidden Valley
7.9Billy Rempelos53.27aNorth Bend
8.12Ryan Sanne55.68aNorth Bend

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Saxon Gotfried
Dustin Fox
Adam Marshall
Dylan Card
46.25aHidden Valley
2.-Kyle Botnen
Blake Peters
Linden Loren
Geoff Gowman
3.-Jason Childs
David Ingram
Andrew Neilsen
Jacob Neilsen
4.-Relay Team 49.40aBrookings-Harbor
5.-Mike Forbes
Ryan Sanne
Cris Hernandez
Jared Bauder
49.77aNorth Bend

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Steven Garboden
Luke Clark
Spenser Lynass
Lane Seals
3:43.82aNorth Bend
2.-Kevin Godfrey
Jacob Neilsen
Tim Urista
David Yecha
3.-Adam Marshall
Chase Kearney
Dustin Fox
Jason Arbour
3:50.45aHidden Valley
4.-Relay Team 4:00.03aHidden Valley
5.9Jason Childs
Jason Merryman
Kasey Knavs
Zeke James

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Elliot Adams48'05.75North Bend
2.11Michael Ruppert45'02.75Douglas
3.11Trae Collins44'05.50North Bend
4.12Andrew Neilsen40'04.25Douglas
5.12Josh Salmon37'05.00North Bend
6.10Collin Poulton34'06.50Hidden Valley
7.11Cole Young33'10.50North Bend
8.11Colin Gillespie32'04.00Hidden Valley
9.11Jackson DeHaven31'07.75Brookings-Harbor
10.11Kyle Rose30'05.25North Bend
11.10Kyle Syfert30'00.00Hidden Valley
12.9Favian Fernandez28'09.25Brookings-Harbor
13.9Derek Christie27'08.00Brookings-Harbor
14.11Chris Hanson26'09.50North Bend
15.10Alex Miller24'10.75Hidden Valley

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Michael Ruppert151'05Douglas
2.12Elliot Adams137'08North Bend
3.11Trae Collins126'06North Bend
4.11Colin Gillespie125'00Hidden Valley
5.12Josh Salmon110'01North Bend
6.11Jackson DeHaven109'04Brookings-Harbor
7.11Ethan Powell106'10Douglas
8.11Kaylan Maynard106'04Hidden Valley
9.12Andrew North99'04Brookings-Harbor
10.10Wesley Dexter95'11North Bend
11.10Collin Poulton93'05Hidden Valley
12.9AJ Sewel90'10Douglas
13.9Jacob Merryman86'01Douglas
14.12Lane Seals84'10North Bend
15.9Favian Fernandez77'10Brookings-Harbor
16.9Derek Christie71'05Brookings-Harbor
17.10Kyle Syfert68'08Hidden Valley
18.10Alex Miller52'11Hidden Valley

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.11Timothy Urista161'03Douglas
2.11Chase Kearney152'03Hidden Valley
3.11Ethan Powell145'00Douglas
4.11Lane Davison143'09North Bend
5.11Gavin Cooper137'11Brookings-Harbor
6.11Mike Forbes134'02North Bend
7.11Casey Cook131'08North Bend
8.12Adam Marshall130'08Hidden Valley
9.11Kyle Rose127'04North Bend
10.10Timothy Roderick121'03Douglas
11.11Eric Sanne112'01North Bend
12.9AJ Sewel105'04Douglas
13.10Paul Teixeira103'06North Bend
14.12Dustin Hiestand83'11Hidden Valley
15.11Chris Hanson81'05North Bend
11Cody CenterNDBrookings-Harbor
11Jimy DavisonNDDouglas
11Sayer JohnstonNDDouglas
11Keigan WarrenNDDouglas

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Chris Martinez5'08.00Hidden Valley
2.10James Ross5'08.00Hidden Valley
2.12Saxon Gotfried5'08.00Hidden Valley
3.9Geoff Gowman5'08.00Brookings-Harbor
4.10Singeon Gotfried5'06.00Hidden Valley
5.12Luke Clark5'04.00North Bend
5.9Jason Merryman5'04.00Douglas
6.11Eric Sanne5'04.00North Bend
6.12Andrew Tuttle5'04.00Brookings-Harbor
10.11Timothy Urista5'02.00Douglas
10.9Zeke James5'02.00Douglas
12.11Gavin Cooper5'00.00Brookings-Harbor
12.9Dylan Roberts5'00.00Brookings-Harbor

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.9Jason Merryman10'06.00Douglas
3.9Carter Peck9'00.00North Bend
4.10Brian McColligan8'06.00Douglas
12Kevin GodfreyNHDouglas
11Talon SchererNHHidden Valley

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Kevin Godfrey20'00.25Douglas
2.12Saxon Gotfried19'09.50Hidden Valley
3.10Dylan Card18'06.00Hidden Valley
4.9Jason Childs18'04.75Douglas
5.11Kevin Sthen17'10.00Brookings-Harbor
6.12Luke Clark17'01.50North Bend
7.10Timothy Roderick16'11.00Douglas
8.10Nathan Leman16'08.75North Bend
9.9Kyle Coble16'06.25Douglas
10.9Tyler Frazee16'03.25Brookings-Harbor
11.9Anthony Babb15'11.50Brookings-Harbor
12.11Eric Sanne15'09.00North Bend
13.10Hunter Hensler15'02.50North Bend
14.10Zach Phillips15'01.75North Bend
15.10Adam Langenstein15'00.00North Bend
16.11Cris Hernandez14'09.50North Bend
17.9Dallas Estep13'10.50Hidden Valley
18.9Justin Collins13'07.75North Bend
19.10Aaron Bolle VanLoo12'02.75North Bend
20.10Dion MacDonald12'02.00North Bend
21.9Joel Freeman11'08.50North Bend
22.12Vince Johnson10'07.50North Bend

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Eric Sanne37'07.50North Bend
2.10Hunter Hensler35'01.50North Bend
3.10Nathan Leman35'00.50North Bend
4.9Jason Merryman34'01.00Douglas
5.10Adam Langenstein33'06.50North Bend
6.9Anthony Babb33'06.00Brookings-Harbor
7.11Timothy Urista33'04.25Douglas
8.10Zach Phillips32'10.00North Bend
9.9Dallas Estep30'05.50Hidden Valley
12Saxon GotfriedNDHidden Valley


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Meet Schedule

Track Finals
V4x100 Relay4:23 PM
V1500 Meters4:35 PM
V100 Meters4:50 PM
V400 Meters5:05 PM
V110m Hurdles5:25 PM
V800 Meters5:40 PM
V200 Meters5:50 PM
V300m Hurdles6:05 PM
V3000 Meters6:15 PM
V4x400 Relay6:40 PM
Field Finals
VShot Put3:30 PM
VJavelin3:30 PM
VLong Jump3:30 PM
VHigh Jump3:30 PM
VDiscus4:30 PM
VPole Vault4:30 PM
VTriple Jump4:45 PM
Track Finals
V4x100 Relay4:20 PM
V1500 Meters4:25 PM
V100 Meters4:40 PM
V400 Meters5:00 PM
V100m Hurdles5:15 PM
V800 Meters5:30 PM
V200 Meters5:45 PM
V300m Hurdles6:00 PM
V3000 Meters6:15 PM
V4x400 Relay6:30 PM
Field Finals
VDiscus3:30 PM
VLong Jump3:30 PM
VPole Vault3:30 PM
VShot Put4:30 PM
VJavelin4:30 PM
VHigh Jump4:30 PM
VTriple Jump4:45 PM