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Eastern Wash 3A Regionals

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fran Rish Stadium, Richland

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Washington - 2A
East Valley (Spokane)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Cassis11.14aNorth Central
2.11Nick Bellomy11.28aEast Valley (Spokane)
3.12Lonnie Quirk11.34aEast Valley (Spokane)
4.12Kevin Anderson11.36aSouthridge
5.12Ross Manderscheid11.39aKamiakin
6.10Travis Stewart11.59aHanford
7.12Dan Simmons11.63aEastmont
8.11Brett Bendtsen11.73aEastmont
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Alex Cassis11.28aNorth Central
2.12Kevin Anderson11.30aSouthridge
3.11Nick Bellomy11.41aEast Valley (Spokane)
4.12Ross Manderscheid11.49aKamiakin
5.12Lonnie Quirk11.57aEast Valley (Spokane)
6.12Dan Simmons11.61aEastmont
7.10Travis Stewart11.72aHanford
8.11Brett Bendtsen11.76aEastmont
9.12Levi Luca11.80aHanford
10.11Ashton Grover11.92aSouthridge
11.9Ryan Greenwood11.93aMt Spokane
12.11James Hatcher12.14aSouthridge
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Case Parker22.31aEast Valley (Spokane)
2.12Alex Cassis22.32aNorth Central
3.11Nick Bellomy22.72aEast Valley (Spokane)
4.12Stephen Swanson22.99aSouthridge
5.11Josh Bland23.04aHanford
6.11Adrian Morris23.07aNorth Central
7.12Dan Simmons23.13aEastmont
8.11Cori Nickerson23.52aKamiakin
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Case Parker22.15aEast Valley (Spokane)
2.12Alex Cassis22.56aNorth Central
3.12Stephen Swanson22.82aSouthridge
5.11Adrian Morris22.85aNorth Central
4.11Nick Bellomy22.91aEast Valley (Spokane)
6.11Josh Bland22.94aHanford
7.11Cori Nickerson22.98aKamiakin
8.12Dan Simmons23.19aEastmont
9.12Kevin Anderson23.40aSouthridge
10.12Levi Luca23.65aHanford
11.12Nick Kirsch23.89aKamiakin
12.11Drew Goodman24.01aWest Valley (Yakima)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Case Parker49.08aEast Valley (Spokane)
2.11Josh Bland49.97aHanford
3.11Spencer Wordell50.72aNorth Central
4.11Cori Nickerson51.15aKamiakin
5.11Jason Nokes51.42aMt Spokane
6.10Taylor McDowell51.61aWest Valley (Yakima)
7.11Adrian Morris51.75aNorth Central
8.11Jose Calderon52.23aKennewick
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Case Parker49.64aEast Valley (Spokane)
2.11Cori Nickerson51.04aKamiakin
3.11Adrian Morris51.07aNorth Central
4.11Josh Bland51.14aHanford
5.11Jose Calderon51.47aKennewick
6.10Taylor McDowell51.74aWest Valley (Yakima)
7.11Spencer Wordell51.94aNorth Central
8.11Jason Nokes52.38aMt Spokane
9.12Nick Kirsch53.12aKamiakin
10.12Jesus Mendoza54.64aSunnyside
11.9Jerrod Johnston54.91aKamiakin
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leon Dean1:56.84aNorth Central
2.10Kyle Mellander1:56.87aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.12Drew Warner2:00.62aKamiakin
5.10JT Melgren2:02.68aNorth Central
6.11Casey Singleton2:03.15aSouthridge
7.12Nathan Wallace2:05.61aHanford
8.12Trevin Goodrick2:06.78aMt Spokane
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Leon Dean1:58.36aNorth Central
3.10Kyle Mellander1:58.61aWest Valley (Yakima)
5.12Trevin Goodrick2:01.44aMt Spokane
7.11Casey Singleton2:02.39aSouthridge
4.10JT Melgren2:02.85aNorth Central
6.12Nathan Wallace2:02.87aHanford
8.12Drew Warner2:02.97aKamiakin
9.9Aaron Smith2:04.52aSouthridge
10.10Alan Peak2:05.67aKamiakin
11.10Albert Rodriguez2:05.95aHanford
12.11Ryley Hausken2:06.28aWest Valley (Yakima)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Kimpel4:20.07aNorth Central
2.11Andrew Gonzales4:20.48aSouthridge
3.11Leon Dean4:20.49aNorth Central
4.10Allan Schroeder4:25.68aMt Spokane
5.10Evan Fiske4:26.74aKamiakin
6.10Quinton Olivas4:28.57aSouthridge
7.12Layton Bird4:28.97aHanford
8.11Casey Singleton4:31.69aSouthridge
9.12Trevin Goodrick4:32.21aMt Spokane
10.10Kyle Sturdefant4:34.35aSouthridge
11.12Todd Allen4:36.22aSouthridge
12.11Gracen Gonzalez4:41.23aSunnyside
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andrew Kimpel9:20.17aNorth Central
2.11Andrew Gonzales9:21.06aSouthridge
3.10Allan Schroeder9:25.44aMt Spokane
4.10Ben Johnston9:26.39aNorth Central
5.11Jeff Howard9:27.79aNorth Central
6.10Evan Fiske9:31.63aKamiakin
7.12Derek Scott10:00.13aKamiakin
8.10Bram Holladay10:00.86aSouthridge
9.10Quinton Olivas10:02.22aSouthridge
10.10Justin Yoke10:14.80aKamiakin
11.12Taylor Brooks10:15.87aKamiakin
12.12Matt Bare10:26.95aKamiakin
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Butler14.84aNorth Central
2.12Jamie McCain15.68aNorth Central
3.10Joe Clements15.79aHanford
4.12Roy Haringa16.08aSunnyside
5.11Ben Ward16.23aSouthridge
6.10Kennedy Sarmiento16.24aSunnyside
7.12Matt Wimett16.25aSouthridge
8.11Anthony Mendez16.52aMt Spokane
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12David Butler14.94aNorth Central
2.12Jamie McCain15.67aNorth Central
3.12Roy Haringa15.76aSunnyside
4.10Joe Clements15.79aHanford
5.12Matt Wimett15.97aSouthridge
7.11Ben Ward16.06aSouthridge
6.10Kennedy Sarmiento16.31aSunnyside
8.11Anthony Mendez16.39aMt Spokane
9.10Erik Toften16.70aEastmont
10.10Stephen Ranson17.20aMt Spokane
11.11Michael Risley17.29aWest Valley (Yakima)
12.11William Tracy17.46aEastmont
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Butler39.18aNorth Central
2.12Jamie McCain40.22aNorth Central
3.12Garrett Sears40.46aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.12Roy Haringa41.39aSunnyside
5.12Ryan Schauble41.96aKamiakin
6.10Joe Clements42.70aHanford
7.11Stanley Salsbury43.55aKamiakin
8.9Casey Adams43.58aNorth Central
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12David Butler39.88aNorth Central
2.12Jamie McCain40.09aNorth Central
3.12Garrett Sears40.40aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.10Joe Clements41.48aHanford
5.12Ryan Schauble41.68aKamiakin
6.12Roy Haringa42.26aSunnyside
7.11Stanley Salsbury42.87aKamiakin
8.9Casey Adams43.34aNorth Central
9.11Anthony Mendez43.35aMt Spokane
10.12Blaine Hansen43.87aSouthridge
11.10Kennedy Sarmiento44.41aSunnyside
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ross Quesnell
Kevin Anderson
James Hatcher
Stephen Swanson
2.-Ross Manderscheid
Ethan Morgan
Cori Nickerson
Stanley Salsbury
3.-Denis Mehinagic
Josh Bland
Levi Luca
Travis Stewart
4.-Nathan Garza
Drew Goodman
Ethan Porter
Garrett Sears
45.08aWest Valley (Yakima)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lonnie Quirk
Steven Millan
Tyler Sullivan
Case Parker
3:25.47aEast Valley (Spokane)
2.-Spencer Wordell
Adrian Morris
Jamie McCain
Leon Dean
3:26.71aNorth Central
3.-Taylor McDowell
Drew Goodman
Garrett Sears
Kyle Mellander
3:27.06aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.-Zac Street
Josh Ulrich
Kellen Drake
Dan Simmons
5.-Cori Nickerson
Ryan Schauble
Drew Warner
Nick Kirsch
6.-Victor Rios
Kennedy Sarmiento
James Sanchez
Roy Haringa
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Schneidmiller52'10.00Mt Spokane
2.12Josh Antonson51'11.00Southridge
3.11James Dorr48'08.00East Valley (Spokane)
4.12Nate Basham46'08.00Mt Spokane
5.11Joe Jacobus46'05.50Eastmont
6.12Jon Murbach46'00.25Kamiakin
7.10Zach Ames45'08.50East Valley (Spokane)
8.11Grant Robinson43'06.50Southridge
9.10RJ Harris43'02.00Hanford
10.12Chad Carman42'11.00West Valley (Yakima)
11.12Erik Magnussen41'04.00Eastmont
12.12Mike Marshall38'10.50West Valley (Yakima)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ian Schneidmiller153'06Mt Spokane
2.12Brice Rinehold138'11Sunnyside
3.11James Dorr135'06East Valley (Spokane)
4.10Zach Ames130'10East Valley (Spokane)
5.12Jacob Potter130'01Kamiakin
6.12David Roeder130'00Kamiakin
7.10Travis Sharp127'02Kennewick
8.12Kellen Drake125'11Eastmont
9.12Patrick Prazer122'04Eastmont
10.12Mike Marshall120'07West Valley (Yakima)
11.10RJ Harris105'11Hanford
12.12Trevor Walters96'11Mt Spokane
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mike Marshall179'03West Valley (Yakima)
2.10Zach Ames176'10East Valley (Spokane)
3.11Kyle Wagar173'06Hanford
4.10Luke Evans162'07North Central
5.11Ethan Morgan162'04Kamiakin
6.12Jared Ryan158'10Mt Spokane
7.9Cameron Wagar158'06Hanford
8.12Brice Rinehold155'03Sunnyside
9.10Jason Yale152'04Southridge
10.11Jordan Friesz150'06Hanford
11.10Travis Sharp150'05Kennewick
12.12Brandon Jared144'01Mt Spokane
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Feser6'08.00Kamiakin
2.12Greg Stapleton6'06.00Kamiakin
3.12Stephen Swanson6'05.00Southridge
4.11Spencer Wordell6'02.50North Central
5.12Justin Burgerson6'00.00East Valley (Spokane)
6.12Greg Kearby5'10.00West Valley (Yakima)
7.10Luke Evans5'08.00North Central
7.10Chris Petersen5'08.00Mt Spokane
9.9Tim White5'08.00Kamiakin
10.11Jason Hanson5'08.00Kennewick
11.12Evan Berndt5'08.00West Valley (Yakima)
12.12Chris Brown5'06.00Hanford
12.11Shae Lipp5'06.00Eastmont
14.9Colin Hisaw5'06.00North Central
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carter Nell14'00.00Eastmont
2.12Cameron Fancher13'09.50Southridge
3.11Derek Goulette13'00.00Mt Spokane
4.11Evan Wolff12'09.00West Valley (Yakima)
5.11Toby Moore12'00.00Eastmont
6.12Dan Hamilton12'00.00Southridge
7.11Jacob Garretson12'00.00Southridge
8.12Ryan Schauble11'06.00Kamiakin
9.10Julian Ragudo11'06.00North Central
10.11Matt Littrel11'06.00Mt Spokane
11.12Jacob Clary11'00.00Hanford
12Ian KegleyNHNorth Central
12Asa ClementsNHHanford
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephen Swanson22'02.50Southridge
2.12Jason Feser21'04.00Kamiakin
2.12Levi Luca21'04.00Hanford
4.12Patrick O'Neill21'02.25Kamiakin
5.12Brandon Jared21'01.25Mt Spokane
6.11Nerman Bajric20'08.00North Central
7.12Justin Burgerson20'06.50East Valley (Spokane)
8.12Jared Ryan20'04.25Mt Spokane
9.12Josh Cole19'00.50Kamiakin
10.12Brian Mitchell18'03.00Eastmont
12Ross QuesnellNDSouthridge
12Ross ManderscheidNDKamiakin
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick O'Neill43'01.00Kamiakin
2.12Jason Feser43'01.00Kamiakin
3.11Robert Jessop42'02.50Kennewick
4.12Brandon Jared41'08.50Mt Spokane
5.12Josh Cole41'01.75Kamiakin
6.11Harshil Matta39'04.25Hanford
7.11Josh Bland39'00.50Hanford
8.12Abe Toure39'00.00Hanford
9.10Deshean Svastisalee38'01.75North Central
10.12Kellen Drake37'04.00Eastmont
11.9Ryan Greenwood37'00.25Mt Spokane

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Clem12.36aEastmont
2.11Kasey McNeill12.76aSouthridge
3.10LaQuilla Upton12.87aSouthridge
4.12Olivia Johnston13.03aKamiakin
5.10Haley Curtis13.06aWest Valley (Yakima)
6.9Kahiesha Johnson13.26aHanford
7.10Courtney Abbott13.43aEastmont
8.10Jessica Lively13.72aNorth Central
2.12Jordan Clyburn32.91aNorth Central
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Morgan Clem12.22aEastmont
2.11Kasey McNeill12.75aSouthridge
3.10LaQuilla Upton12.91aSouthridge
4.10Haley Curtis13.03aWest Valley (Yakima)
5.9Kahiesha Johnson13.04aHanford
6.10Courtney Abbott13.08aEastmont
7.12Olivia Johnston13.20aKamiakin
8.10Jessica Lively13.24aNorth Central
9.12Kara Egland13.41aNorth Central
10.9Afton McKinlay13.55aMt Spokane
11.10Jessika Hardgrove13.58aEastmont
12.11Amie Weiler13.72aEast Valley (Spokane)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chantel Jaeger25.91aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.12Devon King26.37aEastmont
3.10Chelsea Bourque26.39aSouthridge
4.10Haley Curtis26.44aWest Valley (Yakima)
5.9Kahiesha Johnson27.01aHanford
6.10Jessika Hardgrove27.28aEastmont
7.12Katelyn Fiorillo27.41aNorth Central
8.10Joanna Luse27.73aMt Spokane
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Chantel Jaeger25.80aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.12Devon King26.10aEastmont
3.10Chelsea Bourque26.24aSouthridge
5.10Haley Curtis26.46aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.9Kahiesha Johnson26.54aHanford
6.12Katelyn Fiorillo27.15aNorth Central
7.10Joanna Luse27.35aMt Spokane
8.10Jessika Hardgrove27.37aEastmont
9.9Ashley Packard27.53aWest Valley (Yakima)
10.11McKenzie Snow27.96aHanford
11.11Amie Weiler27.99aEast Valley (Spokane)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Andrea Smith59.36aSouthridge
2.9Afton McKinlay59.46aMt Spokane
3.11Megan Dart59.80aHanford
4.11Sarah O'Hare60.67aNorth Central
5.10Chelsea Nell60.75aWest Valley (Yakima)
6.12Jenna Canter61.24aMt Spokane
7.9Ashley Packard62.23aWest Valley (Yakima)
8.10Sarah Craig62.57aMt Spokane
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Andrea Smith60.35aSouthridge
2.10Chelsea Nell60.98aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.11Megan Dart61.22aHanford
4.9Afton McKinlay61.23aMt Spokane
5.10Sarah Craig61.58aMt Spokane
6.12Jenna Canter61.61aMt Spokane
7.11Sarah O'Hare61.79aNorth Central
8.9Ashley Packard61.84aWest Valley (Yakima)
9.12Chanelle Sherman61.96aKamiakin
10.10Sydney Schwilke62.93aEastmont
11.10Katherine Hempel64.55aKennewick
12.12Raevyn Gopher67.36aHanford
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lisa Olander2:14.18aWest Valley (Yakima)
2.11Courtney Zalud2:19.01aMt Spokane
3.10Sarah Craig2:21.73aMt Spokane
4.11Nikki Dotter2:23.60aEastmont
5.-Rebecca Craig2:26.86aMt Spokane
6.9Jenna Briggs2:33.76aEast Valley (Spokane)
7.12Amanda Lopez2:33.88aHanford
8.10Gina Dickman2:41.05aSouthridge
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Courtney Zalud2:19.19aMt Spokane
2.11Lisa Olander2:21.12aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.10Sarah Craig2:21.97aMt Spokane
4.11Nikki Dotter2:26.04aEastmont
5.9Jenna Briggs2:27.66aEast Valley (Spokane)
6.-Rebecca Craig2:28.93aMt Spokane
7.12Amanda Lopez2:30.50aHanford
8.10Gina Dickman2:31.37aSouthridge
9.9Kaylee Brooks2:32.80aKamiakin
10.9Hannah Moreland2:38.02aEastmont
11.12Ashley Gneiting2:41.40aHanford
12.11Megan Dart2:46.83aHanford
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Courtney Zalud5:14.53aMt Spokane
2.9Erin Hegarty5:22.20aHanford
3.12Stephanie Shuel5:24.08aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.10Audrey Urlacher5:37.52aWest Valley (Yakima)
5.12Rachel Burt5:38.21aSouthridge
6.11Lauren Bergam5:44.29aEast Valley (Spokane)
7.9Jocelyn Yanez5:45.16aSunnyside
8.12Amy Pomante5:46.06aMt Spokane
10.10Kari Merrell5:47.62aSouthridge
11.9Sheaalee Keller5:56.56aSouthridge
12.9Emily Butler5:58.59aSouthridge
2.12Jordan Clyburn11:04.53aNorth Central
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erin Hegarty11:54.69aHanford
2.12Stephanie Shuel12:04.48aWest Valley (Yakima)
3.10Audrey Urlacher12:07.41aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.10Kari Merrell12:15.31aSouthridge
5.10Rachael Gerboth12:15.33aKamiakin
6.12Amy Pomante12:16.39aMt Spokane
7.11Leilani Anderson12:28.25aHanford
8.11Lauren Bergam12:31.28aEast Valley (Spokane)
10.9Jocelyn Yanez12:43.38aSunnyside
11.9Emily Butler12:44.69aSouthridge
12.10Elizabeth Fall12:45.44aNorth Central
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lori Bourgous15.17aEast Valley (Spokane)
2.10Chelsea Bourque15.23aSouthridge
3.12Olivia Johnston15.47aKamiakin
4.11Elise Jepsen15.92aKamiakin
5.10Joanna Luse16.24aMt Spokane
6.11Chelsea Padrta16.36aMt Spokane
7.12Jocelynn Smith16.56aWest Valley (Yakima)
8.12Jordyne Jaquish16.86aSunnyside
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Chelsea Bourque15.55aSouthridge
2.12Olivia Johnston15.87aKamiakin
3.10Joanna Luse16.12aMt Spokane
4.12Lori Bourgous16.27aEast Valley (Spokane)
5.11Chelsea Padrta16.35aMt Spokane
6.11Elise Jepsen16.46aKamiakin
7.12Jocelynn Smith16.71aWest Valley (Yakima)
8.12Jordyne Jaquish17.08aSunnyside
9.11Courtney Crace17.31aEast Valley (Spokane)
10.11Danielle Ello17.76aKamiakin
11.10Kristi Beyer18.15aKamiakin
12.9Araceli Arambul18.46aWest Valley (Yakima)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Clem43.36aEastmont
2.12Olivia Johnston44.19aKamiakin
3.12Lori Bourgous45.33aEast Valley (Spokane)
4.11Chelsea Padrta47.28aMt Spokane
5.12Jocelynn Smith47.51aWest Valley (Yakima)
6.12Melissa Trammell49.76aWest Valley (Yakima)
7.10Kristi Beyer49.87aKamiakin
8.10Joanna Luse51.12aMt Spokane
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Morgan Clem44.26aEastmont
2.12Olivia Johnston45.29aKamiakin
3.12Lori Bourgous46.13aEast Valley (Spokane)
4.11Chelsea Padrta47.62aMt Spokane
5.10Joanna Luse48.46aMt Spokane
6.12Jocelynn Smith48.49aWest Valley (Yakima)
7.12Melissa Trammell48.98aWest Valley (Yakima)
8.10Kristi Beyer49.05aKamiakin
9.11Jariel Pham50.64aKennewick
10.11Paige Blaser51.12aKamiakin
11.11Ashley LaFayette51.25aEast Valley (Spokane)
12.9Araceli Arambul52.87aWest Valley (Yakima)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chelsea Bourque
LaQuilla Upton
Andrea Smith
Kasey McNeill
2.-Jodi Hocks
Courtney Abbott
Chelsea Putnam
Devon King
3.-Abre Blake
Jessica Lively
Kara Egland
Katelyn Fiorillo
49.94aNorth Central
4.-Ashley LaFayette
Mallory Mott
Courtney Crace
Lori Bourgous
50.07aEast Valley (Spokane)
5.-Abby Winschell
Tessa Foster
McKenzie Snow
Kahiesha Johnson
6.-Laura Tangeman
Haley Curtis
Melissa Trammell
Chantel Jaeger
51.61aWest Valley (Yakima)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chelsea Bourque
Andrea Smith
LaQuilla Upton
Kasey McNeill
2.-Jodi Hocks
Jessika Hardgrove
Devon King
Morgan Clem
3.-Abre Blake
Jessica Lively
Kara Egland
Katelyn Fiorillo
1:47.86aNorth Central
4.-Jocelynn Smith
Melissa Trammell
Haley Curtis
Chantel Jaeger
1:48.06aWest Valley (Yakima)
5.-Veronica Bradley
Tessa Foster
McKenzie Snow
Kahiesha Johnson
6.-Relay Team 1:48.92aMt Spokane
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Moreland
Nikki Dotter
Morgan Clem
Devon King
2.-Courtney Zalud
Sarah Craig
Rebecca Craig
Tiara Pittman
4:06.32aMt Spokane
3.-Ashley Packard
Chelsea Nell
Stephanie Shuel
Lisa Olander
4:07.57aWest Valley (Yakima)
4.-Chanelle Sherman
Kaylee Brooks
Olivia Johnston
Mikayla Brandhorst
5.-Meghan Sorenson
Kari Merrell
Dashia Huff
Gina Dickman
6.-Heather Kubik
Rachel Casto
Hannah Fall
Sarah O'Hare
4:26.69aNorth Central
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mady Miller37'00.00Eastmont
2.10Tressae Herrera35'10.00North Central
3.10Rachel Day35'02.00North Central
4.11Liz Gramling34'00.00Southridge
5.12Richelle Stewart33'10.75Kamiakin
6.12Kathy Tate33'03.50East Valley (Spokane)
7.11Sarah Kilian31'09.00Sunnyside
8.11Amanda Overland31'05.75North Central
9.11Haley Tank31'03.75Hanford
10.12Claire Schilperoort31'03.00Sunnyside
11.10Pamela Harvey30'09.50Kamiakin
12.9Kelsey Julian29'06.00Kennewick
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Damiano119'05Mt Spokane
2.12Claire Schilperoort108'02Sunnyside
3.12Kathy Tate106'01East Valley (Spokane)
4.11Cait Johnson102'01Eastmont
5.11Amanda Overland99'02North Central
6.10Pamela Harvey96'08Kamiakin
7.9Kelsey Julian94'01Kennewick
8.10Kendra Meeker89'11Sunnyside
9.10Amber Rodriguez89'05Sunnyside
10.11Mady Miller88'01Eastmont
11.11Rachel Overland85'03North Central
12.11Amanda Salsbury83'09Kamiakin
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Richelle Stewart133'05Kamiakin
2.11Brooke Randall133'01Eastmont
3.12Jackie Goldman129'11Mt Spokane
4.12Lindsey Snyder126'10Mt Spokane
5.12Claire Schilperoort126'01Sunnyside
6.10Holleigh Bergstrom121'10Mt Spokane
7.11Ashley Perrow118'06Eastmont
8.12Tarah Lucas112'08East Valley (Spokane)
9.11Haley Tank107'06Hanford
10.10Reina Malito101'09Kennewick
11.10Quianna Winkfield94'03West Valley (Yakima)
12.10Taylor Herzog94'00West Valley (Yakima)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allyssa Thompson5'04.00Kamiakin
2.11Taymussa Miller5'04.00Hanford
3.11Elise Jepsen5'04.00Kamiakin
4.12Jordyne Jaquish5'02.50Sunnyside
5.12Emily Jepsen5'02.50Kamiakin
6.10Ashley Graybeal5'00.00North Central
7.11Kaylee Hartshorn5'00.00East Valley (Spokane)
8.12Callie Runkel4'10.00Mt Spokane
9.12Kristine Korte4'10.00Southridge
10.9Veronica Bradley4'10.00Hanford
11.9Cassidy McGriff4'10.00Mt Spokane
12.12Brooke Duncan4'08.00Mt Spokane
10Kristi BeyerNHKamiakin
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Morgan Dunning11'00.00East Valley (Spokane)
2.11Kayce Smith10'06.00Mt Spokane
3.11Shelby Johnson10'06.00Eastmont
4.12Kelsie Duncan10'03.00Kamiakin
5.12Amanda Konzal10'00.00Mt Spokane
6.11Mackenzie Hall10'00.00Southridge
7.11Lindsey McLain9'00.00Mt Spokane
7.11Christine Brynes9'00.00Kennewick
7.10Katie Smoot9'00.00Southridge
10.9Danielle Cuevas8'06.00Kamiakin
9Ashley McCreightNHKennewick
11Kirstie SchnetzerNHSouthridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allyssa Thompson17'07.50Kamiakin
2.12Jordyne Jaquish16'11.50Sunnyside
3.11Kira Lewis16'08.00West Valley (Yakima)
4.12Chelsea Putnam16'04.50Eastmont
5.11Taymussa Miller16'04.00Hanford
6.11Brittany Hill16'00.50Southridge
7.11Kasey McNeill16'00.25Southridge
8.12Morgan Dunning15'05.75East Valley (Spokane)
9.12Callie Runkel15'03.00Mt Spokane
10.9Brittany Konynenbelt15'00.50North Central
11.11Larisa Steirwalt14'11.25North Central
12.9Danielle Cuevas14'10.75Kamiakin
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elise Jepsen36'01.50Kamiakin
2.11Taymussa Miller35'10.00Hanford
3.11Kira Lewis35'10.00West Valley (Yakima)
4.12Allyssa Thompson35'08.00Kamiakin
5.11Larisa Steirwalt34'11.50North Central
6.12Morgan Dunning34'04.50East Valley (Spokane)
7.12Kaitlin Rosane34'02.50Southridge
8.11Mackenzie Hall33'03.50Southridge
9.11Kaitlin Kessie33'02.00Kamiakin
10.11Brittany Hill33'01.50Southridge
11.11Amanda Hiebert31'01.50East Valley (Spokane)
12.12Callie Runkel29'10.00Mt Spokane
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