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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Bobby Wenger11.4Newport (Bellevue)
11Alex Leonard11.4Liberty (Issaquah)
12Sean Fotheringill11.7Liberty (Issaquah)
10Alex Faulkner12.1Liberty (Issaquah)
12Brandon Nudelman12.2Liberty (Issaquah)
11Clayton Yan12.2Newport (Bellevue)
9Patrick Taiwo12.2Newport (Bellevue)
10Kris Ringor12.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Jay Chakravarty12.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9David Hirschey12.6Newport (Bellevue)
10Alexander Yu12.6Newport (Bellevue)
11Sam Staples12.6Newport (Bellevue)
12Elliot Yee12.7Newport (Bellevue)
10Jeremy Hamann12.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Matthew Gabel12.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Spencer Swansen12.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Ben Schuler12.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Thomas Mirante13.2Newport (Bellevue)
9Timothy Delmundo13.2Newport (Bellevue)
12Boston Evans13.7Newport (Bellevue)
9Steven Heo13.9Newport (Bellevue)
9Kenneth Tolbert14.0Newport (Bellevue)

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Chris Freeman23.2Liberty (Issaquah)
11Alex Leonard23.4Liberty (Issaquah)
12Alex Poplawski23.9Newport (Bellevue)
12Bobby Wenger24.2Newport (Bellevue)
9David Hirschey24.4Newport (Bellevue)
12Sean Fotheringill24.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Patrick Taiwo24.8Newport (Bellevue)
9Jay Chakravarty25.0Liberty (Issaquah)
12Brandon Nudelman25.1Liberty (Issaquah)
10Alex Faulkner25.3Liberty (Issaquah)
10Daniel Craig25.8Liberty (Issaquah)
10Alexander Yu26.1Newport (Bellevue)
10Kris Ringor26.2Liberty (Issaquah)
10Jeremy Hamann26.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Thomas Mirante26.8Newport (Bellevue)
9Stephen Strozyk27.1Newport (Bellevue)
9Spencer Swansen27.9Newport (Bellevue)
12Boston Evans28.2Newport (Bellevue)
9Kenneth Tolbert28.3Newport (Bellevue)
9Timothy Delmundo28.4Newport (Bellevue)
9Steven Heo28.8Newport (Bellevue)

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Ian Smith51.5Liberty (Issaquah)
10Troy Solly55.6Liberty (Issaquah)
9Stephen Strozyk58.5Newport (Bellevue)
11Sam Staples60.5Newport (Bellevue)
9Kenneth Tolbert65.5Newport (Bellevue)
12Justin Ellis65.8Liberty (Issaquah)

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Mitchell Byron2:02.0Liberty (Issaquah)
10Ryan McCord2:18.6Newport (Bellevue)
12Andrew Coover2:19.6Newport (Bellevue)
10Michael Hutchins2:23.6Newport (Bellevue)
9Andrew White2:24.6Newport (Bellevue)
11Andy Cheng2:30.0Newport (Bellevue)
9Daniel Muellar2:33.4Newport (Bellevue)
9Tommy Clarke2:35.4Newport (Bellevue)
9Martin Koch2:36.4Newport (Bellevue)
10Brett Bankston2:36.5Newport (Bellevue)

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

10Eric Bice4:48.2Liberty (Issaquah)
12Alex Poplawski4:55Newport (Bellevue)
12Andrew Coover4:57.1Newport (Bellevue)
12Evan Egerstrom4:59.4Liberty (Issaquah)
10Michael Hutchins5:04.3Newport (Bellevue)
9Justin Duerkopp5:04.7Newport (Bellevue)
12Andy Davison5:11.7Liberty (Issaquah)
11Erik Walton5:12.7Newport (Bellevue)
11Ryan Steele5:14.3Newport (Bellevue)
10Connor Moseley5:20.1Liberty (Issaquah)
9Daniel Muellar5:23.3Newport (Bellevue)
9Steven Yang5:25.6Newport (Bellevue)
10Bentley Altizer5:27.9Newport (Bellevue)
11Tony Yan5:36.9Newport (Bellevue)
10Ethan Moffat5:39.2Newport (Bellevue)

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

12Neil Baunsgard10:16.7Newport (Bellevue)
10Josiah Sherwood10:17.0Liberty (Issaquah)
9Neil Walton10:39.2Newport (Bellevue)
10Brandon Thomas11:17.7Liberty (Issaquah)

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

12Jeremy Taiwo15.8Newport (Bellevue)
10Ryan McCord18.2Newport (Bellevue)
11Matthew McKeon18.2Newport (Bellevue)
11Tim Park18.7Newport (Bellevue)
12Rory Jack19.1Newport (Bellevue)
10Troy Solly19.1Liberty (Issaquah)
10Ian Vensel19.2Liberty (Issaquah)
10Lanny McCanta20.8Newport (Bellevue)

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

11Matthew McKeon44.4Newport (Bellevue)
10Alex Faulkner45.4Liberty (Issaquah)
10Troy Solly46.6Liberty (Issaquah)
10Ian Vensel46.9Liberty (Issaquah)
11Tim Park48.1Newport (Bellevue)
10Lanny McCanta49.2Newport (Bellevue)
12Chris Cao49.7Liberty (Issaquah)
12Rory Jack49.9Newport (Bellevue)

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Brandon Nudelman
Alex Leonard
Sean Fotheringill
Chris Freeman
45.1Liberty (Issaquah)
-Elliot Yee
David Hirschey
Jeremy Taiwo
Bobby Wenger
45.6Newport (Bellevue)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

-Patrick Taiwo
David Hirschey
Elliot Yee
Alex Poplawski
3:41.3Newport (Bellevue)
-Relay Team 3:44.0Liberty (Issaquah)

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

11Prestin Mo40' 11.5"Newport (Bellevue)
12Peter Stacy39'10.5Liberty (Issaquah)
12Brad Wilgus36' 10"Newport (Bellevue)
12Trevor Tackman35'4Liberty (Issaquah)
11Nathan Linden33'6.5Liberty (Issaquah)
12Justin Ellis22'10Liberty (Issaquah)

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

12Kyle Dennison147'10Liberty (Issaquah)
12Ross McDonald122' 3"Newport (Bellevue)
12Brad Wilgus118' 10"Newport (Bellevue)
12Mikhiel Phillips109' 6"Newport (Bellevue)
12Peter Stacy106'11Liberty (Issaquah)
12Kyle Loftus105'5Liberty (Issaquah)

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

12Kyle Dennison165'3Liberty (Issaquah)
12Peter Stacy155'9Liberty (Issaquah)
9Aaron Marshall149' 4"Newport (Bellevue)
10Nick Eisenhauer130' 4"Newport (Bellevue)
9Andrew Reines111' 10Newport (Bellevue)
12Jacob Haynes107'5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Craig Werre93'4Liberty (Issaquah)
12Josh Ellis93'0Liberty (Issaquah)
9Andy Musallem81'1Liberty (Issaquah)
10Ryan Skanse80'9Liberty (Issaquah)
9Matt Phillips77'1Liberty (Issaquah)

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Jeremy Taiwo6' 6"Newport (Bellevue)
11Richard Woodworth6' 2"Newport (Bellevue)
12Jacob Haynes5'6Liberty (Issaquah)
11Andy Reins5'Newport (Bellevue)

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

10Ross Quarre12'Newport (Bellevue)
12Blake McDonald12'Newport (Bellevue)
12Nick Kenney10'6Liberty (Issaquah)
11David Palzer10'0Liberty (Issaquah)
10Evan Griffith9"Newport (Bellevue)

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

12Chris Freeman20'3.5Liberty (Issaquah)
11Alex Leonard18'7.5Liberty (Issaquah)
11Clayton Yan18' 3.5"Newport (Bellevue)
12Bobby Wenger18' Newport (Bellevue)
12Sean Fotheringill17'11.75Liberty (Issaquah)
12Brandon Nudelman16'7Liberty (Issaquah)

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

11Clayton Yan39' 2.25"Newport (Bellevue)
12Chris Freeman38'2.75Liberty (Issaquah)
10Daniel Craig35'7Liberty (Issaquah)
10Tyler Bradley35' 5.75"Newport (Bellevue)
11Colin Campbell34' 8.75"Newport (Bellevue)
10Josh Langager34' 6"Newport (Bellevue)
10Jeremy Hamann28'5.5Liberty (Issaquah)


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