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TAPPS District 2 5-A Championships

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Durham11.12aDallas Christian
2.11Jamodrick McGruder11.42aFirst Baptist Academy
3.11Kevin Navetta11.60aBishop Gorman
4.11Braden Frazier11.70aFirst Baptist Academy
5.10Wes Salley11.75aParish Episcopal
6.12Matt Dysart11.77aPrestonwood Christian
7.12Preston Burdette11.78aDallas Christian
8.10Kortland Hite11.98aPrestonwood Christian
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Brandon Durham11.14aDallas Christian
2.11Jamodrick McGruder11.37aFirst Baptist Academy
3.11Kevin Navetta11.69aBishop Gorman
4.12Matt Dysart11.79aPrestonwood Christian
5.11Braden Frazier11.81aFirst Baptist Academy
6.10Wes Salley11.82aParish Episcopal
7.12Preston Burdette12.06aDallas Christian
8.10Kortland Hite12.08aPrestonwood Christian
9.9Chris Grayson12.12aPrestonwood Christian
10.12Justin Bynum12.16aGrace Community
11.11Dylan Thompson12.27aLutheran
12.11Mason Walters12.29aFirst Baptist Academy
13.11David Hartley12.31aLutheran
14.11Justin Harris12.39aBishop Gorman
15.9Brandon January12.47aParish Episcopal
16.9Ryan Jones12.54aGrace Community
16.10Ricky Hand12.54aBishop Gorman
18.9Jacob Smith12.63aGrace Community
20.11Paul Johnston12.87aShelton
21.9Kyle Coughlin12.91aDallas Christian
22.11Sean Afkhaminia13.91aLutheran
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12ALex Henderson22.27aParish Episcopal
2.10Brandon Durham22.75aDallas Christian
3.12Robert Moore24.12aPrestonwood Christian
4.12Patrick Russell24.49aBishop Gorman
5.10Kortland Hite24.71aPrestonwood Christian
6.11Braden Frazier25.17aFirst Baptist Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12ALex Henderson22.56aParish Episcopal
2.10Brandon Durham22.96aDallas Christian
3.12Patrick Russell24.15aBishop Gorman
4.9Cameron Broderhausen24.25aGrace Community
5.11Braden Frazier24.44aFirst Baptist Academy
6.10Kortland Hite24.49aPrestonwood Christian
7.10Austin Childers24.76aFirst Baptist Academy
8.12Robert Moore24.81aPrestonwood Christian
9.12Trey Morse24.88aParish Episcopal
10.10Brandon Ongaro24.90aPrestonwood Christian
11.12Justin Bynum25.11aGrace Community
12.10Christian Morrissey25.12aDallas Christian
13.10Ricky Hand25.56aBishop Gorman
14.9Ryan Jones25.77aGrace Community
15.10Wes Salley25.80aParish Episcopal
16.12Tim Wilson26.08aBishop Gorman
17.9Kyle Coughlin26.74aDallas Christian
18.10Stephen Ford27.09aLutheran
19.11Paul Johnston27.11aShelton
20.11Brent Olsen27.20aShelton
21.11Shannon Finley27.21aLutheran
22.11Sean Afkhaminia28.59aLutheran
23.9David Figy30.76aShelton
12CJ DavisSCRFirst Baptist Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ethan Hicks53.58aGrace Community
2.9Cameron Broderhausen54.15aGrace Community
3.11Kevin Hardey55.18aShelton
4.10Carver Bennett55.36aPrestonwood Christian
5.12Andrew Allen55.46aFirst Baptist Academy
6.12Daniel Cline55.91aBishop Gorman
7.9Ben Hartley56.65aLutheran
8.10James Smith56.66aBishop Gorman
9.12Barrett Dickson56.88aDallas Christian
10.9Caleb Cunningham57.19aPrestonwood Christian
11.11Ross Weber57.43aShelton
12.11Andrew Robbins57.51aGrace Community
13.10Ben Anthony57.90aPrestonwood Christian
14.10Luis Fernandez59.20aBishop Gorman
15.11Payton Harris59.40aLutheran
16.10Taylor Rattan59.42aParish Episcopal
17.10Zac Gregory59.63aFirst Baptist Academy
18.10Dylan Maxwell59.71aShelton
19.12Ben Coffman1:02.40aDallas Christian
20.9Alec Schneider1:03.47aDallas Christian
21.11Shannon Finley1:03.79aLutheran
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ross Pritchard2:09.48aBishop Gorman
2.11Taylor Bowsher2:12.70aShelton
3.11Conrad Smith2:13.01aParish Episcopal
4.10Grant Ingram2:13.30aGrace Community
5.12Ben Coffman2:18.64aDallas Christian
6.9Keenan Barksdale2:19.65aFirst Baptist Academy
7.12Barrett Dickson2:23.14aDallas Christian
8.10Taylor Turman2:23.79aBishop Gorman
9.9Alec Schneider2:24.57aDallas Christian
10.10Mitchell Smith2:25.64aGrace Community
11.11Patrick Krauss2:28.43aPrestonwood Christian
12.11Daniel Megison2:29.63aLutheran
13.9Richard Price2:30.48aGrace Community
14.11Alex Finley2:34.20aLutheran
15.10Brian Bakos2:37.99aShelton
16.9Caleb Lewis2:42.53aPrestonwood Christian
17.11Amanda Afkhaminia2:43.23aLutheran
18.9Nick Hoyt2:43.39aShelton
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micah Dettmer4:54.40aFirst Baptist Academy
2.11Kevin Lavendar4:58.37aDallas Christian
3.11Conrad Smith4:59.21aParish Episcopal
4.12Paul Schick5:04.75aBishop Gorman
5.12Brad Pillsbury5:05.60aGrace Community
6.10Ben Provines5:22.95aGrace Community
7.9Miles Zeorlin5:23.35aBishop Gorman
8.11Austin Tiner5:31.11aDallas Christian
9.10Taylor Turman5:35.19aBishop Gorman
10.11Daniel Megison5:41.70aLutheran
11.10Brian Bakos5:42.70aShelton
12.9Jeff Baker5:43.60aShelton
13.11Patrick Krauss5:43.99aPrestonwood Christian
14.9Matt Green5:53.81aGrace Community
15.11Mark Eckstein6:06.29aLutheran
16.12Greg Hunt6:08.26aShelton
17.9Andrew Cause6:23.04aDallas Christian
18.10Corbin Blair6:24.18aLutheran
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Micah Dettmer10:32.61aFirst Baptist Academy
2.11Kevin Lavender10:51.15aDallas Christian
3.12Paul Schick10:55.68aBishop Gorman
4.12Brad Pillsbury11:04.59aGrace Community
5.9Miles Zeorlin11:42.70aBishop Gorman
6.10Ben Provines11:54.58aGrace Community
7.11Austin Tiner12:12.18aDallas Christian
8.9Jeff Baker12:14.19aShelton
9.9Matt Green12:31.38aGrace Community
10.9Nick Hoyt12:34.38aShelton
11.12Greg Hunt13:11.39aShelton
12.9Andrew Cause13:18.54aDallas Christian
13.11Alex Finley13:24.45aLutheran
14.11Mark Eckstein13:39.61aLutheran
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cecilio Carter16.50aParish Episcopal
2.10Taylor Henry16.60aPrestonwood Christian
3.12Jeff Klein17.28aBishop Gorman
4.12Patrick Parker17.35aGrace Community
5.11Michael McAndrew18.57aGrace Community
6.10Josh Caldwell19.10aPrestonwood Christian
7.9Jake Leisner19.57aPrestonwood Christian
11Dane WilsonDNFDallas Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Taylor Henry16.89aPrestonwood Christian
2.12Jeff Klein17.45aBishop Gorman
3.12Patrick Parker17.49aGrace Community
4.12Cecilio Carter17.84aParish Episcopal
5.11Michael McAndrew18.14aGrace Community
6.11Dane Wilson19.06aDallas Christian
7.9Jake Leisner19.22aPrestonwood Christian
8.10Josh Caldwell19.32aPrestonwood Christian
9.9Wade Jones19.44aGrace Community
10.9Graham Breeden19.67aDallas Christian
11.9Haydn Collard20.82aShelton
12.9Zach Rudd21.59aDallas Christian
10Julian LeeSCRParish Episcopal
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ross Pritchard43.98aBishop Gorman
2.12Patrick Parker44.88aGrace Community
3.10Erik DeRoo45.80aGrace Community
4.11Dane Wilson46.80aDallas Christian
5.9Keenan Barksdale47.27aFirst Baptist Academy
6.9Graham Breeden47.40aDallas Christian
7.12Ben Klein47.55aLutheran
8.11Michael McAndrew48.42aGrace Community
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Patrick Parker44.16aGrace Community
2.12Ross Pritchard45.91aBishop Gorman
3.11Michael McAndrew45.95aGrace Community
4.10Erik DeRoo46.49aGrace Community
5.11Dane Wilson46.79aDallas Christian
6.9Keenan Barksdale46.80aFirst Baptist Academy
7.9Graham Breeden47.40aDallas Christian
8.12Ben Klein47.54aLutheran
9.10Josh Caldwell48.03aPrestonwood Christian
10.9Haydn Collard48.18aShelton
11.9Jake Leisner49.41aPrestonwood Christian
12.11Tim Doyle51.31aLutheran
13.9Zach Rudd51.59aDallas Christian
14.9Stanley Mongaras52.24aPrestonwood Christian
10Paul CooperSCRFirst Baptist Academy
10Ritchie OwenSCRFirst Baptist Academy
10Julian LeeSCRParish Episcopal
11Daniel MegisonSCRLutheran
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Cordaro
Patrick Russell
Ian Murillo
Kevin Navetta
44.59aBishop Gorman
2.-Braden Frazier
Austin Childers
Brandon Mondy
Jamodrick McGruder
45.09aFirst Baptist Academy
3.-Chris Grayson
Robert Moore
Blake Wise
Matt Dysart
45.28aPrestonwood Christian
4.-Blake Rudd
Drew Smith
Caleb Withrow
Stephen Sierra
45.56aDallas Christian
5.-Andre Brackens
Brandon January
Wes Salley
Trey Morse
45.78aParish Episcopal
6.-Jacob Smith
Shannen Smith
Justin Bynum
Ethan Hicks
46.61aGrace Community
7.-Ben Hartley
David Hartley
Ben Klein
Dylan Thompson
8.-Kevin Hardey
Brent Olsen
Ross Weber
Dylan Maxwell
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caleb Withrow
Corey Brooks
Brandon Durham
Stephen Sierra
1:32.64aDallas Christian
2.-Michael Cordaro
Kevin Navetta
Ian Murillo
Patrick Russell
1:34.11aBishop Gorman
3.-Chris Grayson
Kortland Hite
Robert Moore
Brandon Ongaro
1:34.39aPrestonwood Christian
4.-Andre Brackens
Cecilio Carter
Trey Morse
ALex Henderson
1:34.48aParish Episcopal
5.-David Hartley
Ben Hartley
Ben Klein
Dylan Thompson
6.-CJ Davis
Zac Gregory
Mason Walters
Huntley Lewis
1:39.45aFirst Baptist Academy
7.-Kyle Payne
Jacob Smith
Taylor Stanley
Micah Clark
1:46.42aGrace Community
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-ALex Henderson
Conrad Smith
Andre Brackens
Cecilio Carter
3:39.08aParish Episcopal
2.-Corey Brooks
Caleb Withrow
Christian Morrissey
Stephen Sierra
3:39.96aDallas Christian
3.-Daniel Cline
Michael Cordaro
Ross Pritchard
Ian Murillo
3:42.13aBishop Gorman
4.-Cameron Broderhausen
Shannen Smith
Cole Langley
Ethan Hicks
3:48.45aGrace Community
5.-Mark Adams
Scott Lichty
Carver Bennett
Caleb Cunningham
3:51.76aPrestonwood Christian
6.-Taylor Bowsher
Ross Weber
Kevin Hardey
Dylan Maxwell
7.-Andrew Allen
Paul Cooper
Zac Gregory
Micah Dettmer
3:57.93aFirst Baptist Academy
8.-Amanda Afkhaminia
Tim Doyle
Payton Harris
Stephen Ford
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anieken Isong44'06.00Grace Community
2.12Garrett Mueck44'01.00Bishop Gorman
3.11Josh Lewis42'06.00Prestonwood Christian
4.11Ryan Simons39'10.00Parish Episcopal
5.12Aaron Ritz38'06.00Lutheran
6.12Sean McGovern38'05.00Lutheran
7.10Bryce Frazier38'03.00First Baptist Academy
8.11Thomas McNutt38'02.50First Baptist Academy
9.10Chris Adcock37'11.00Dallas Christian
10.12Joshua Roe37'07.50Bishop Gorman
11.10Michael Suarez36'01.50Bishop Gorman
12.11Rodney Caffey35'11.00First Baptist Academy
13.11Daniel Fechner34'08.00Prestonwood Christian
14.9Nestor Hernandez34'01.00Parish Episcopal
15.12Daniel Fraga33'07.50Grace Community
16.10Taylor Cooksey33'06.00Dallas Christian
17.10Stephen Machina32'07.00Prestonwood Christian
18.9David Van Amburgh31'05.00Shelton
19.12Paul Song Lee30'11.00Lutheran
20.9Tracey Bowsher27'00.50Shelton
21.9Micah Clark26'07.50Grace Community
10Bill DavesSCRDallas Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Lewis135'07Prestonwood Christian
2.12Garrett Mueck129'01Bishop Gorman
3.11Ryan Simons116'09Parish Episcopal
4.12Anieken Isong112'05Grace Community
5.10Kalon Stephen106'06Bishop Gorman
6.12Aaron Ritz104'04Lutheran
7.10Bryce Frazier103'04First Baptist Academy
8.11Hunter Soper102'04Prestonwood Christian
9.10Taylor Cooksey99'05Dallas Christian
10.10Chris Adcock98'01Dallas Christian
11.12Sean McGovern94'11Lutheran
11.9Wade Jones94'11Grace Community
13.11Tamiko Barker88'05Lutheran
14.9Jimmy Russell88'02Bishop Gorman
15.11Rodney Caffey86'10First Baptist Academy
16.12Daniel Fraga81'09Grace Community
17.9Tracey Bowsher77'03Shelton
18.9David Van Amburgh76'11Shelton
19.11Thomas McNutt73'08First Baptist Academy
20.9Nestor Hernandez73'03Parish Episcopal
21.11KJ Hite68'05Prestonwood Christian
10Bill DavesSCRDallas Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Taylor Henry6'00.00Prestonwood Christian
2.9Chris Corley5'10.00Prestonwood Christian
3.10Stephen Ray5'10.00Bishop Gorman
4.11Ross Weber5'06.00Shelton
5.11Payton Harris5'06.00Lutheran
6.12Robert Moore5'06.00Prestonwood Christian
7.12Barrett Dickson5'06.00Dallas Christian
8.10Dylan Maxwell5'04.00Shelton
9.10Zac Gregory5'04.00First Baptist Academy
9Keenan BarksdaleSCRFirst Baptist Academy
11David HartleyNHLutheran
11Tim DoyleNHLutheran
11Corey BrooksSCRDallas Christian
9Javier CarterSCRParish Episcopal
11Brent OlsenNHShelton
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Justin Harris13'00.00Bishop Gorman
2.11Dustin Phillips12'06.00Dallas Christian
3.10Chase Nichols11'00.00Prestonwood Christian
4.11Addison Oldham10'06.00Dallas Christian
5.11Will Sloan10'00.00Dallas Christian
6.9Caleb Cunningham9'06.00Prestonwood Christian
11Connor StreitNHBishop Gorman
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Cordaro19'11.50Bishop Gorman
2.11Kevin Hardey19'05.00Shelton
3.9Cameron Broderhausen19'00.00Grace Community
4.10Taylor Henry18'10.50Prestonwood Christian
5.9Brandon January18'05.00Parish Episcopal
6.11Ross Weber18'00.50Shelton
7.9Chris Corley17'10.50Prestonwood Christian
8.10Zac Gregory17'09.50First Baptist Academy
8.11Bijan Stephen17'09.50Bishop Gorman
10.10Blake Wise17'09.25Prestonwood Christian
11.12Huntley Lewis17'08.75First Baptist Academy
12.11David Hartley17'07.50Lutheran
13.9Trevor Rook17'05.00Grace Community
14.11Mason Walters17'01.25First Baptist Academy
15.10Christian Morrissey16'10.50Dallas Christian
16.12Ben Klein16'04.25Lutheran
17.9Kyle Coughlin15'07.50Dallas Christian
18.9Brody Dunn15'06.75Grace Community
19.11Dylan Thompson15'03.50Lutheran
9Graham BreedenSCRDallas Christian
10Stephen RaySCRBishop Gorman
11Brent OlsenNDShelton
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kevin Hardey39'07.00Shelton
2.9Cameron Broderhausen38'06.75Grace Community
3.9Ben Hartley37'09.00Lutheran
4.12Huntley Lewis37'01.25First Baptist Academy
5.12Ben Klein35'11.25Lutheran
6.9Conor Turnage34'05.00Prestonwood Christian
7.10Scott Lichty34'01.50Prestonwood Christian
8.9Richard Price33'01.00Grace Community
9.9Brody Dunn32'09.25Grace Community
10.9Kyle Coughlin31'09.00Dallas Christian
11.9Graham Breeden31'03.00Dallas Christian
12.10Corbin Blair30'01.00Lutheran
11Mason WaltersNDFirst Baptist Academy
11Corey BrooksNDDallas Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Susan Barry13.22aParish Episcopal
2.10Maresha Carrie13.32aDallas Christian
3.12Erika Howard13.45aFirst Baptist Academy
4.10Ke Wallace13.69aGrace Community
5.11Gracie Turner13.89aLutheran
6.10Amanda Hughes14.05aShelton
7.10Meredith Reid14.10aPrestonwood Christian
8.12Jasmin Isom14.45aDallas Christian
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Maresha Carrie13.28aDallas Christian
2.10Susan Barry13.35aParish Episcopal
3.12Erika Howard13.51aFirst Baptist Academy
4.10Ke Wallace13.86aGrace Community
5.10Amanda Hughes13.87aShelton
6.11Gracie Turner13.99aLutheran
7.10Meredith Reid14.16aPrestonwood Christian
8.12Jasmin Isom14.21aDallas Christian
9.9Paige Tatman14.23aGrace Community
10.9Aza Pace14.24aBishop Gorman
11.12Breille Money14.28aDallas Christian
12.9Marielle Brisbois14.39aPrestonwood Christian
13.10Gabby Greif14.45aShelton
14.10Ashley Chamberlin14.65aBishop Gorman
15.11Lilian DeLeon14.99aFirst Baptist Academy
16.9Tiffany Schiller15.06aPrestonwood Christian
17.9Christina Vaughn16.01aBishop Gorman
18.9Caroline Dingwall16.41aShelton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chesnie Brackens27.34aParish Episcopal
2.12Erika Howard27.69aFirst Baptist Academy
3.10Racquel Satterwhite27.70aBishop Gorman
4.11Gracie Turner28.49aLutheran
5.9Kelsey Kehlbeck28.87aParish Episcopal
6.9Aza Pace28.99aBishop Gorman
7.10Tara Hogan29.30aPrestonwood Christian
8.10Emma Hunter29.80aGrace Community
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Erika Howard27.55aFirst Baptist Academy
2.9Chesnie Brackens27.73aParish Episcopal
3.10Racquel Satterwhite28.19aBishop Gorman
4.11Gracie Turner28.90aLutheran
5.9Aza Pace28.95aBishop Gorman
6.9Kelsey Kehlbeck29.25aParish Episcopal
7.10Tara Hogan29.33aPrestonwood Christian
8.10Emma Hunter29.35aGrace Community
9.10Kristin Bjork29.38aGrace Community
10.10Amanda Hughes29.39aShelton
11.10Gabby Greif30.04aShelton
12.9Lauren Pittman30.15aBishop Gorman
14.9Kelley Adams30.79aPrestonwood Christian
15.10Abby Hudson30.93aPrestonwood Christian
16.10Amanda Murphy31.06aParish Episcopal
17.12Brittany Smithhart31.19aDallas Christian
18.9Carolyn Walther31.23aLutheran
11Lilian DeLeonSCRFirst Baptist Academy
10Melanie JohnsonSCRDallas Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erika Howard1:03.28aFirst Baptist Academy
2.10Sara Navarro1:05.53aBishop Gorman
3.10Toni Anderson1:07.51aBishop Gorman
4.10Abigail Garcia1:07.58aParish Episcopal
5.10Emily Klein1:07.66aLutheran
6.9Jillian Heil1:09.07aLutheran
7.11Maggie Jones1:09.35aGrace Community
8.12Brittany Smithhart1:13.15aDallas Christian
9.9Caroline Gregory1:13.40aBishop Gorman
10.10Amanda Murphy1:14.87aParish Episcopal
11.9Mickenzie Robbins1:15.51aGrace Community
12.9Caroline Dingwall1:18.96aShelton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haley Parsons2:20.24aDallas Christian
2.10Erin Brown2:31.85aPrestonwood Christian
3.10Molly Richey2:32.47aBishop Gorman
4.9Madeline Ryder2:40.37aBishop Gorman
5.9Rebecca Carney2:45.40aBishop Gorman
6.9Anne-Kirby Smith2:50.94aPrestonwood Christian
7.12Angela Martinez2:56.34aGrace Community
8.11Leslie Walck3:11.09aLutheran
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mia Behm5:14.11aBishop Gorman
2.11Haley Parsons5:21.66aDallas Christian
3.10Erin Brown5:47.79aPrestonwood Christian
4.12Sarah Gleason5:52.49aBishop Gorman
5.9Molly Allare5:59.92aBishop Gorman
6.10Merideth Moore6:00.45aParish Episcopal
7.9Carolyn Walther6:54.89aLutheran
8.10Allison Kelsoe6:59.61aParish Episcopal
9.9Sara Zangani7:31.88aLutheran
10.12Jordan Hearne7:34.56aDallas Christian
11.10Megan Rozman7:40.90aLutheran
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mia Behm11:10.51aBishop Gorman
2.9Molly Allare12:46.30aBishop Gorman
3.12Sarah Gleason12:46.72aBishop Gorman
4.10Merideth Moore12:58.60aParish Episcopal
5.9Sara Zangani16:03.90aLutheran
6.11Leslie Walck16:15.79aLutheran
7.12Jordan Hearne16:22.07aDallas Christian
8.10Megan Rozman16:29.52aLutheran
9Jane PinkstonDNSGrace Community
9Michelle LopezDNSDallas Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Stephanie McAndrew16.91aGrace Community
2.9Kaitlin Thompson17.05aGrace Community
3.10Meredith Reid17.96aPrestonwood Christian
4.10Diana Pemberton18.23aBishop Gorman
5.12Valerie Lindenmuth18.96aBishop Gorman
6.10Kathryn Huchton19.21aBishop Gorman
7.9Michelle Wimberley19.53aGrace Community
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Stephanie McAndrew16.97aGrace Community
2.9Kaitlin Thompson17.47aGrace Community
3.10Meredith Reid17.69aPrestonwood Christian
4.10Diana Pemberton18.35aBishop Gorman
5.12Valerie Lindenmuth18.86aBishop Gorman
6.9Michelle Wimberley19.28aGrace Community
7.10Kathryn Huchton19.32aBishop Gorman
9.10Emillee Lau19.81aDallas Christian
12Jasmin IsomDQDallas Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maresha Carrie50.85aDallas Christian
2.9Marielle Brisbois51.32aPrestonwood Christian
3.12Valerie Lindenmuth52.90aBishop Gorman
4.9Kelly Brooks53.03aDallas Christian
5.9Kaitlin Thompson53.32aGrace Community
6.12Hannah Meads53.95aBishop Gorman
7.9Stephanie McAndrew54.79aGrace Community
8.10Emily Klein57.69aLutheran
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Maresha Carrie50.43aDallas Christian
2.9Kaitlin Thompson50.60aGrace Community
3.9Marielle Brisbois51.45aPrestonwood Christian
4.12Valerie Lindenmuth52.02aBishop Gorman
5.9Kelly Brooks52.72aDallas Christian
6.9Stephanie McAndrew53.07aGrace Community
7.10Emily Klein53.49aLutheran
8.12Hannah Meads53.67aBishop Gorman
9.9Michelle Wimberley54.66aGrace Community
10.10Diana Pemberton54.95aBishop Gorman
11.10Emillee Lau56.67aDallas Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cara Massey
Brie Smith
De De Pierce
Racquel Satterwhite
52.65aBishop Gorman
2.-Laci Butler
Jasmin Isom
Breille Money
Michelle Watson
53.57aDallas Christian
3.-Kristin Bjork
Ke Wallace
Emma Hunter
Kaitlin Thompson
53.60aGrace Community
4.-Marielle Brisbois
Kelsey Ray
Danielle Wells
Abby Hudson
56.04aPrestonwood Christian
5.-Jillian Heil
Emily Klein
Gracie Turner
Carolyn Walther
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Susan Barry
Abigail Garcia
Kelsey Kehlbeck
Chesnie Brackens
1:50.37aParish Episcopal
2.-Cara Massey
Brie Smith
De De Pierce
Racquel Satterwhite
1:51.74aBishop Gorman
3.-Kristin Bjork
Emma Hunter
Ke Wallace
Paige Tatman
1:57.18aGrace Community
4.-Emillee Lau
Kelly Brooks
Laci Butler
Michelle Watson
1:57.89aDallas Christian
5.-Tara Hogan
Danielle Wells
Kelsey Ray
Meredith Reid
1:59.93aPrestonwood Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-De De Pierce
Brie Smith
Cara Massey
Mia Behm
4:19.77aBishop Gorman
2.-Susan Barry
Abigail Garcia
Chesnie Brackens
Kelsey Kehlbeck
4:21.02aParish Episcopal
3.-Kelly Brooks
Haley Parsons
Michelle Watson
Maresha Carrie
4:27.74aDallas Christian
4.-Erin Brown
Tara Hogan
Danielle Wells
Kelley Adams
4:38.95aPrestonwood Christian
5.-Angela Martinez
Paige Tatman
Michelle Wimberly
Maggie Jones
4:53.99aGrace Community
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Melody Owens35'06.00Bishop Gorman
2.11Kaci Pezoulas32'04.50Prestonwood Christian
3.10Carlee Finkelstein31'03.50Prestonwood Christian
4.12BreJanna Dawkins29'08.00First Baptist Academy
5.11Kendra Calhoun29'01.00Dallas Christian
6.12Blair Brown28'07.00Prestonwood Christian
7.12Pilar Johnson25'10.00First Baptist Academy
8.9Brittanie Muckelroy24'05.00Bishop Gorman
9.11Devon Arnold24'00.50First Baptist Academy
10.11Julia Slytern23'06.50Bishop Gorman
11.9Lauren Steadman23'03.00Dallas Christian
12.10Katherine Murphy22'01.50Parish Episcopal
13.11Spencer Lewis21'08.50Grace Community
14.9Caroline Richard20'11.00Lutheran
15.12Lauren Ferguson20'04.00Dallas Christian
10Kelley ColeNDParish Episcopal
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carlee Finkelstein108'06Prestonwood Christian
2.12Molly King103'11Bishop Gorman
3.10Sara Navarro98'08Bishop Gorman
4.12Blair Brown93'04Prestonwood Christian
5.11Kendra Calhoun90'10Dallas Christian
6.12BreJanna Dawkins90'07First Baptist Academy
7.12Claire Lamar89'01Bishop Gorman
8.11Kaci Pezoulas82'05Prestonwood Christian
9.11Devon Arnold79'05First Baptist Academy
10.9Lauren Steadman77'08Dallas Christian
11.10Katherine Murphy72'05Parish Episcopal
12.12Angela Martinez59'07Grace Community
13.12Lauren Ferguson47'08Dallas Christian
14.9Caroline Richard43'10Lutheran
10Kelley ColeSCRParish Episcopal
11Spencer LewisSCRGrace Community
12Pilar JohnsonNDFirst Baptist Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Valerie Lindenmuth5'02.00Bishop Gorman
2.12Alyssa Christian4'10.00Prestonwood Christian
3.10Danielle Wells4'10.00Prestonwood Christian
4.9Kelly Brooks4'07.00Dallas Christian
5.10Caroline Williams4'06.00Bishop Gorman
6.9Audrey Whatley4'06.00Grace Community
7.10Kathryn Huber4'06.00Bishop Gorman
8.11Maggie Jones4'04.00Grace Community
10Jodi GainesNHDallas Christian
10Emily KleinNHLutheran
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Marielle Brisbois8'06.00Prestonwood Christian
2.10Hanna Krizmanic8'00.00Bishop Gorman
3.10Danielle Wells8'00.00Prestonwood Christian
4.9Anne-Kirby Smith6'06.00Prestonwood Christian
5.9Meredith Cole6'00.00Bishop Gorman
5.9Michelle Harris6'00.00Bishop Gorman
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maresha Carrie16'11.50Dallas Christian
2.12Valerie Lindenmuth15'07.75Bishop Gorman
3.10Susan Barry15'03.50Parish Episcopal
4.11Gracie Turner15'01.00Lutheran
5.10Abby Hudson14'05.75Prestonwood Christian
6.9Kaitlin Thompson13'10.75Grace Community
7.12Jasmin Isom13'05.75Dallas Christian
8.9Kelsey Ray13'00.50Prestonwood Christian
9.10Kathryn Huchton12'09.00Bishop Gorman
10.11Julia Slytern12'08.75Bishop Gorman
12.10Abigail Garcia12'03.75Parish Episcopal
13.11Lilian DeLeon12'01.25First Baptist Academy
14.9Jillian Heil11'11.00Lutheran
15.10Amanda Murphy11'09.50Parish Episcopal
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Valerie Lindenmuth31'10.50Bishop Gorman
2.10Abby Hudson30'06.75Prestonwood Christian
3.11Tailer Harry30'04.50Bishop Gorman
4.9Kelly Brooks29'01.50Dallas Christian
5.11Lilian DeLeon29'01.25First Baptist Academy
6.10Emily Klein27'06.00Lutheran
8.9Jillian Heil26'04.00Lutheran
9.9Kaila Wright25'01.00Bishop Gorman
10.10Emillee Lau24'11.25Dallas Christian
11.9Carolyn Walther24'05.00Lutheran
10Maresha CarrieNDDallas Christian
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