Greenhill Invitational

Friday, March 07, 2008 - Meet Website
  Greenhill School, Addison - Map

  Field Events Start: 2:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Richard Stevens10.82aBishop Lynch
2.10Brandon Durham11.01aDallas Christian
3.12Zach Coleman11.02aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.12Jed Antoun11.36aPrince Of Peace
5.11David Baillargeon11.40aCistercian Prep
6.12AC Casimiro11.61aPrince Of Peace
7.12Jordan Beardslee11.64aCistercian Prep
8.9Mario Starghill11.75aBishop Dunne Catholic
9.12Chris Gonzalez11.89aBishop Lynch
10.11Brent Olsen11.98aThe Shelton
11.12Bryan Barnett11.99aJohn Paul II
12.10Alexander Goessler12.01aPrince Of Peace
13.11Dante Flick12.04aJohn Paul II
14.10Barnik Saha12.10aGreenhill
15.12Phillip Chu12.19aPrince Of Peace
16.9Chase Cantu12.27aJohn Paul II
16.9Samuel Murphy12.27aTrinity Valley
18.9Casey Kassem12.29aGreenhill
19.12Charlie Punches12.50aNolan Catholic
20.11Paul Johnston12.51aThe Shelton
21.9Flint Culp12.69aPrince Of Peace
22.9Aurel Baker12.71aGreenhill
22.11Marcus Burnside12.71aCistercian Prep
24.10Lucas Russey12.84aTrinity Valley
25.12Tyler Rowland12.98aGreenhill
25.11Will Hoffman12.98aGreenhill
27.9Omar Munoz13.02aGreenhill
27.10Tarek Chehabi13.02aGreenhill
29.9Ian Sutherland13.13aBishop Lynch
30.11Richard Fernandez13.31aNolan Catholic
31.9Brett Merriam13.34aGreenhill
32.10Alex Popa13.62aGreenhill
33.10Kyle Curtis14.41aBishop Lynch
34.10Ruchit Rana14.87aGreenhill
9Kemron WalkerSCRGreenhill
12Michael DeanSCRBishop Dunne Catholic
10Brian BruckSCRBishop Lynch
9David FigySCRThe Shelton
11Nick WillsSCRNolan Catholic
11Robbie GoegelSCRBishop Lynch
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chris Smith22.79aBishop Lynch
2.10Brandon Durham22.81aDallas Christian
3.11Max Tenney23.79aCistercian Prep
4.11David Baillargeon23.86aCistercian Prep
5.11Caleb Withrow24.11aDallas Christian
6.12AC Casimiro24.36aPrince Of Peace
7.12Parker Jamison24.73aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.9Michael Smith24.88aNolan Catholic
9.9Erik Jacobs25.14aOakridge
10.9Mario Starghill25.17aBishop Dunne Catholic
11.9Derek Lukacsko25.18aJohn Paul II
12.12Aaron Packard25.28aBishop Lynch
13.11Will Hoffman25.39aGreenhill
14.10Aaron Otenaike25.40aTrinity Valley
15.9Aurel Baker25.64aGreenhill
16.10Christian Morrissey25.84aDallas Christian
17.11Richard Fernandez26.01aNolan Catholic
18.9Jordan Pitre26.07aBishop Dunne Catholic
18.9Samuel Murphy26.07aTrinity Valley
20.10Tarek Chehabi26.08aGreenhill
21.10Timothy Gassaway26.10aBishop Lynch
22.11Marcus Burnside26.43aCistercian Prep
24.10Dylan Maxwell26.67aThe Shelton
25.12Charlie Punches26.93aNolan Catholic
26.12Phillip Chu27.21aPrince Of Peace
27.11Daniel Howard27.34aBishop Dunne Catholic
28.12Bryan Barnett27.71aJohn Paul II
29.9Frank Rivera27.83aBishop Lynch
30.9Chase Cantu28.10aJohn Paul II
31.11Nick Saville28.51aCistercian Prep
32.11Paul Johnston29.65aThe Shelton
33.9Brett Merriam30.41aGreenhill
34.9KJ Roelke31.11aPrince Of Peace
35.10Jake Wooley33.13aGreenhill
9Kemron WalkerSCRGreenhill
10Jeff RudleySCRGreenhill
11Robbie GoegelSCRBishop Lynch
9Samuell LlewellynSCRBishop Lynch
9David FigySCRThe Shelton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.11Connor Haley52.93aCistercian Prep
3.11Jamie Buckingham54.40aNolan Catholic
4.11Rowan Burch54.83aJohn Paul II
5.10Bobby Watkins III55.12aBishop Dunne Catholic
6.11Kevin Hardey56.49aThe Shelton
7.12Patrick Mueller56.56aBishop Lynch
8.9Erik Jacobs57.05aOakridge
9.11Ross Weber57.43aThe Shelton
10.9Hill Martin58.44aEpiscopal School Of ...
11.11Richard Fernandez58.65aNolan Catholic
12.9Flint Culp58.72aPrince Of Peace
13.12Nick Ventura59.53aBishop Lynch
14.9Ryan Martinez59.58aCistercian Prep
15.10Drake Coffelt59.92aNolan Catholic
16.9Derek Lukacsko1:00.18aJohn Paul II
17.11David Ratcliff1:00.60aBishop Dunne Catholic
18.9Jonathan Chadbourne1:02.23aBishop Lynch
20.9Patrick Cruz1:02.38aCistercian Prep
21.9Sam Wells1:03.76aEpiscopal School Of ...
22.12Hanford Dunn1:04.62aJohn Paul II
23.10Jacob Goodman1:06.58aGreenhill
24.9Trenton Seale1:09.30aGreenhill
25.10Jake Wooley1:14.74aGreenhill
12Michael DeanSCRBishop Dunne Catholic
10Alex WaterburySCRPrince Of Peace
10Jeff RudleySCRGreenhill
10Samuel WatsonSCRTrinity Valley
9Travis HaileSCRTrinity Valley
12Kevin MitchellSCRTrinity Valley
9Jonathan VeltenSCRBishop Lynch
12Ben CoffmanSCRDallas Christian
11Russell BicknellSCREpiscopal School Of ...
11Matthew OwenSCRGreenhill
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Josh Koeppe2:04.70aPrince Of Peace
2.12Jenner Kizer2:05.50aTrinity Valley
3.12Richard Newcomb2:07.90aCistercian Prep
4.11Chris Martinez2:08.60aCistercian Prep
5.12Patrick Mueller2:10.70aBishop Lynch
6.12Kevin Mitchell2:11.90aTrinity Valley
7.11Phillip Pollidore2:12.50aNolan Catholic
8.12Mathew O'Sullivan2:14.90aEpiscopal School Of ...
9.9Austin Yaeger2:16.50aBishop Dunne Catholic
10.11Alex Brown2:16.70aTrinity Valley
11.12Al Torres2:17.70aCistercian Prep
12.11Trey Brannan2:18.30aJohn Paul II
13.9Sean Davidson2:20.20aOakridge
14.9Eriq Robinson2:22.70aGreenhill
15.9Kevin Sparkman2:23.60aBishop Lynch
16.11Dante Flick2:25.40aJohn Paul II
17.12Chase Dorsey2:26.70aCistercian Prep
18.11Nash Witkin2:27.80aEpiscopal School Of ...
19.9Tyler Kremzar2:28.90aNolan Catholic
20.9Alec Schneider2:29.20aDallas Christian
21.10David Hernandez2:29.30aNolan Catholic
22.10Brian Bakos2:35.60aThe Shelton
23.10Michael Wray2:49.60aEpiscopal School Of ...
24.9Austin Tucker2:54.20aJohn Paul II
10Jim TempletonSCRJohn Paul II
9Nick HoytSCRThe Shelton
11Austin MillerSCRGreenhill
12Ben CoffmanSCRDallas Christian
10Ricky HofstraSCRPrince Of Peace
9Sam SchoolerSCREpiscopal School Of ...
10Taevin GoveSCRPrince Of Peace
9Sam WellsSCREpiscopal School Of ...
9Andrew GilmoreSCRDallas Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenner Kizer4:43.10aTrinity Valley
2.11Andres Ramirez4:48.20aGreenhill
3.11Chris Flaherty4:50.00aNolan Catholic
4.12Richard Newcomb4:51.60aCistercian Prep
5.11Austin Miller4:52.00aGreenhill
6.11Thomas Bobbitt4:58.00aNolan Catholic
7.11Josh Koeppe4:58.70aPrince Of Peace
8.11Paul Pesek5:02.70aCistercian Prep
9.11Dave Emerson5:04.90aTrinity Valley
10.11Paul Spellings5:05.30aEpiscopal School Of ...
11.11Nick Ramos5:09.50aBishop Dunne Catholic
12.11Alex Brown5:09.70aTrinity Valley
13.11Kyle Lonquist5:13.60aPrince Of Peace
14.11Kevin Lavendar5:16.20aDallas Christian
15.11Austin Gentry5:16.50aNolan Catholic
16.9Shawn Adams5:21.90aEpiscopal School Of ...
17.9Issac Johnston5:22.50aCistercian Prep
18.10Woody paul Lawson5:23.00aBishop Dunne Catholic
19.9Eriq Robinson5:25.50aGreenhill
20.9Henry Spellings5:25.80aEpiscopal School Of ...
21.9Austin Yaeger5:26.90aBishop Dunne Catholic
22.11Taylor Bowsher5:42.20aThe Shelton
23.11Austin Tiner5:43.90aDallas Christian
24.10Michael Petri5:44.40aJohn Paul II
25.9Jeff Baker5:44.80aThe Shelton
26.9Zach Strater5:47.70aPrince Of Peace
27.10Chad Manley5:49.80aBishop Lynch
28.12Greg Hunt5:54.80aThe Shelton
29.10Ryan Knotts6:21.50aPrince Of Peace
30.9Andrew Cause6:21.80aDallas Christian
31.9Austin Tucker6:33.50aJohn Paul II
32.9Sam Schooler6:37.60aEpiscopal School Of ...
33.11Trey Brannan6:47.60aJohn Paul II
10Nicholas EnthovenSCRBishop Lynch
11Patrick RochelleSCRGreenhill
12Mathew O'SullivanSCREpiscopal School Of ...
11Nash WitkinSCREpiscopal School Of ...
10Michael WraySCREpiscopal School Of ...
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenner Kizer9:56.26aTrinity Valley
2.11Andres Ramirez10:06.20aGreenhill
3.11Austin Miller10:09.22aGreenhill
4.11Chris Flaherty10:22.86aNolan Catholic
5.11Thomas Bobbitt10:31.32aNolan Catholic
6.11Paul Spellings10:34.57aEpiscopal School Of ...
7.11Dave Emerson10:44.32aTrinity Valley
8.9Issac Johnston10:51.01aCistercian Prep
9.11Alex Brown10:54.02aTrinity Valley
10.11Kevin Lavender11:04.81aDallas Christian
11.9Ron Hammond11:11.84aCistercian Prep
12.11Kyle Lonquist11:12.54aPrince Of Peace
13.11Austin Gentry11:13.90aNolan Catholic
14.9Shawn Adams11:16.51aEpiscopal School Of ...
15.9Henry Spellings11:22.35aEpiscopal School Of ...
16.10Woody paul Lawson11:26.85aBishop Dunne Catholic
17.12Martin Arista11:27.51aBishop Dunne Catholic
18.11Nick Ramos11:33.28aBishop Dunne Catholic
19.10Michael Petri12:01.27aJohn Paul II
20.9Jeff Baker12:03.62aThe Shelton
21.11Austin Tiner12:08.03aDallas Christian
22.11Patrick Rochelle12:40.00aGreenhill
23.12Greg Hunt13:07.31aThe Shelton
24.10Nathaniel Givens14:07.43aPrince Of Peace
12Patrick ButlerSCRCistercian Prep
9Nick HoytSCRThe Shelton
9Andrew CauseSCRDallas Christian
9Michael KirbySCRNolan Catholic
9Zach StraterSCRPrince Of Peace
10Taevin GoveSCRPrince Of Peace
10Ryan KnottsSCRPrince Of Peace
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Richard Stevens15.57aBishop Lynch
2.10David Anthony16.01aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.11Shane Smith16.35aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.12Andrew Goessler16.69aPrince Of Peace
5.12Patrick Spence17.05aCistercian Prep
6.10Joe Graham17.38aCistercian Prep
7.10Cole Holland17.65aJohn Paul II
7.9Daymond Gardner17.65aBishop Dunne Catholic
9.11Nick Echevarria18.37aCistercian Prep
10.10Carl Meziere18.62aJohn Paul II
11.10Logan Romac-Dennison18.63aJohn Paul II
12.12Collin Jackson19.47aCistercian Prep
13.9Joey Daly20.24aPrince Of Peace
9Connor RyanSCRPrince Of Peace
9Haydn CollardSCRThe Shelton
9Cameron CollinsSCRBishop Lynch
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick Spence42.81aCistercian Prep
2.10Logan Romac-Dennison43.92aJohn Paul II
3.11Nick Echevarria44.17aCistercian Prep
4.9Connor Ryan44.73aPrince Of Peace
5.11Shane Smith44.75aBishop Dunne Catholic
6.12Andrew Goessler45.09aPrince Of Peace
7.11Dane Wilson45.58aDallas Christian
8.10Joe Graham46.07aCistercian Prep
9.9Ben Mauer47.40aBishop Lynch
10.9Daymond Gardner48.15aBishop Dunne Catholic
11.9Graham Breeden48.59aDallas Christian
12.12Collin Jackson49.13aCistercian Prep
13.10Tom Uhrik49.66aBishop Lynch
14.9Joey Daly50.52aPrince Of Peace
15.10Carl Meziere50.58aJohn Paul II
16.9Sean Davidson50.87aOakridge
17.11Greg Brennan52.80aJohn Paul II
9Haydn CollardSCRThe Shelton
11Russell BicknellSCREpiscopal School Of ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.98aBishop Lynch
2.-Jordan Beardslee
David Newcomb
Max Tenney
Connor Haley
45.09aCistercian Prep
3.-Jed Antoun
Phillip Chu
Alex Goessler
AC Casimiro
45.38aPrince Of Peace
4.-David Anthony
Mario Starghill
Michael Dean
Zach Coleman
46.01aBishop Dunne Catholic
5.-Caleb Withrow
Christian Morrissey
Graham Breeden
Brandon Durham
46.08aDallas Christian
6.-Jamie Buckingham
Nick Wills
Smith Michael
Jacory Joyner
46.26aNolan Catholic
7.-Tarek Chehabi
Will Hoffman
Taylor Short
Barnik Saha
8.-Christian Fletcher
Samuel Murphy
Samuel Watson
Aaron Otenaike
48.54aTrinity Valley
9.-Bryan Barnett
Rowan Burch
Chase Cantu
Derek Lukacsko
50.11aJohn Paul II
10.-Tyler Rowland
Aurel Baker
Casey Kassem
Matthew Owen
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jed Antoun
Ricky Hofstra
Alex Goessler
Connor Ryan
3:37.46aPrince Of Peace
2.-Connor Haley
Michael Massad
Daniel Stewart
Chris Martinez
3:39.02aCistercian Prep
3.-Richard Stevens
Patrick Mueller
Nick Ventura
Braden Anderson
3:40.66aBishop Lynch
4.-David Anthony
Jerrett Williams
Bobby Watkins III
Zach Coleman
3:42.06aBishop Dunne Catholic
5.-Alex Brown
Kevin Mitchell
Samuel Watson
Christian Fletcher
3:45.29aTrinity Valley
6.-Jamie Buckingham
Drake Coffelt
Nick Wills
Michael Smith
3:48.15aNolan Catholic
7.-Kevin Hardey
Haydn Collard
Dylan Maxwell
Ross Weber
3:54.08aThe Shelton
8.-Aurel Baker
Casey Kassem
Matthew Owen
Barnik Saha
--Caleb Withrow
Dane Wilson
Christian Morrissey
ALec Schneider
SCRDallas Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chase Gaddy43'09.50Bishop Lynch
3.11Giancarlo Carleo39'10.50Cistercian Prep
4.12Troy Jack Smith39'05.50Greenhill
5.10Chris Harrington37'09.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
6.9Richard Hyde36'05.00Nolan Catholic
7.12Will Johnston35'07.50Cistercian Prep
7.12Landon Medlock35'07.50Episcopal School Of ...
9.9Travis Nault35'05.50Bishop Lynch
10.12Matt Meziere35'01.00John Paul II
11.12Drew Gavin34'10.50Nolan Catholic
12.10Chris Adcock34'09.00Dallas Christian
13.12Morgan Schwab34'07.00Prince Of Peace
14.11Will Baker33'11.00John Paul II
15.12Blake Steinford33'01.25Nolan Catholic
16.9Joe Hoffman33'01.00John Paul II
17.10Robert Luce33'00.50Episcopal School Of ...
18.9Ishmael Thorns32'11.75Bishop Dunne Catholic
19.11Michael Lawson32'11.50Cistercian Prep
20.11Chad Forshee32'01.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
21.10Taylor Cooksey31'05.00Dallas Christian
22.9Michael Hartnett29'06.00Episcopal School Of ...
23.12Victor Prado29'00.00Greenhill
24.9David Van Amburgh28'11.25The Shelton
25.11Ricky Wysocki27'10.50Episcopal School Of ...
26.10Reid Knotts26'05.50Prince Of Peace
27.9Price Mulford26'00.00Episcopal School Of ...
28.10Divya Singh25'05.00Greenhill
29.9Tracey Bowsher24'04.00The Shelton
10Kyle JohnsonSCRJohn Paul II
10Bill DavesSCRDallas Christian
9Stuart MartinezSCRBishop Lynch
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cahill Hooker128'04Bishop Lynch
2.12Troy Jack Smith123'03Greenhill
3.10Chase Gaddy115'04Bishop Lynch
4.12Morgan Schwab114'04Prince Of Peace
5.12Drew Gavin112'01Nolan Catholic
6.12Will Johnston103'03Cistercian Prep
7.10Robert Luce98'03Episcopal School Of ...
8.10Chris Adcock95'06Dallas Christian
9.11Malcolm Adams92'10Oakridge
10.12Hanford Dunn91'11John Paul II
11.12Matt Meziere90'07John Paul II
12.9Travis Nault89'11Bishop Lynch
13.9David Van Amburgh89'08The Shelton
14.11Mitch Miller87'09Cistercian Prep
14.12Blake Steinford87'09Nolan Catholic
16.11Emmanuel Chirume86'06Bishop Dunne Catholic
17.11Brian Kwak84'00Cistercian Prep
18.10Taylor Cooksey83'07Dallas Christian
18.11Ricky Wysocki83'07Episcopal School Of ...
20.12Landon Medlock83'02Episcopal School Of ...
21.10Chris Harrington78'10Bishop Dunne Catholic
22.10Carl Meziere77'11John Paul II
23.9Michael Hartnett72'03Episcopal School Of ...
24.12Austin Lanford70'04Nolan Catholic
25.9Omar Munoz69'07Greenhill
26.9Price Mulford67'10Episcopal School Of ...
27.9Tracey Bowsher64'01The Shelton
28.10Divya Singh61'10Greenhill
9Will JonesSCRPrince Of Peace
10Bill DavesSCRDallas Christian
12Taylor ShortSCRGreenhill
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Short6'04.00Greenhill
2.12Tyler Funk6'04.00Episcopal School Of ...
3.12Billy Fenske5'10.00Prince Of Peace
4.11Brandon Brown5'10.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
5.10Cole Holland5'08.00John Paul II
6.10Dylan Maxwell5'06.00The Shelton
7.9Daymond Gardner5'06.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
7.11Rowan Burch5'06.00John Paul II
11Alex VictorNHJohn Paul II
9Mark HartmanNHCistercian Prep
10Lucas RusseyNHTrinity Valley
12Daniel StewartSCRCistercian Prep
10David NewcombNHCistercian Prep
9Aurel BakerNHGreenhill
9Trenton SealeNHGreenhill
10Alex PopaNHGreenhill
10Christian FletcherNHTrinity Valley
9Graham BreedenSCRDallas Christian
10David HernandezNHNolan Catholic
12Robby DenisonNHPrince Of Peace
11Chris MassieSCRNolan Catholic
11Greg ProskeNHNolan Catholic
11Brent OlsenNHThe Shelton
11Ross WeberNHThe Shelton
11Steven HaleNHBishop Lynch
9Ted BangsNHEpiscopal School Of ...
10Jake WooleyNHGreenhill
9Connor RyanNHPrince Of Peace
10Nick GibbensSCRBishop Lynch
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Stull12'06.00Greenhill
2.11Matthew Owen10'06.00Greenhill
3.11Shane Smith10'00.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
4.11Will Sloan10'00.00Dallas Christian
5.11Archit Kumar10'00.00Greenhill
6.10Ricky Hofstra10'00.00Prince Of Peace
7.9Trenton Seale9'06.00Greenhill
8.12Robby Denison9'06.00Prince Of Peace
9.10Kyle Nichols9'00.00Nolan Catholic
10.9Hunter Ivey8'06.00Bishop Lynch
11.9James Montgomery8'06.00Bishop Lynch
12.9Frank Vecella8'00.00Bishop Lynch
12.9Michael Chavoya8'00.00Greenhill
12.10Royce Leiker8'00.00Prince Of Peace
12Andrew CollinsSCRBishop Lynch
9Eriq RobinsonNHGreenhill
11Addison OldhamNHDallas Christian
9Marcos RodriguezSCRGreenhill
9Peter HillSCRGreenhill
9Zach DorflingerNHGreenhill
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Short21'00.50Greenhill
2.10Chris Smith20'08.00Bishop Lynch
3.10David Newcomb20'05.00Cistercian Prep
4.12Tyler Funk20'05.00Episcopal School Of ...
5.11Kevin Hardey19'08.00The Shelton
6.12Jed Antoun19'07.50Prince Of Peace
7.10Barnik Saha19'06.00Greenhill
8.12Daniel Stewart18'10.00Cistercian Prep
9.11Caleb Withrow18'09.00Dallas Christian
10.11Connor Haley18'04.00Cistercian Prep
11.9Ian Sutherland18'02.50Bishop Lynch
12.10Samuel Watson18'00.00Trinity Valley
12.12Parker Jamison18'00.00Episcopal School Of ...
14.10Alexander Goessler17'11.00Prince Of Peace
15.12Jordan Beardslee17'10.00Cistercian Prep
15.10Aaron Otenaike17'10.00Trinity Valley
15.11Chris Massie17'10.00Nolan Catholic
18.9Graham Breeden17'07.50Dallas Christian
19.11Ross Weber17'07.00The Shelton
20.10Tom Uhrik17'05.50Bishop Lynch
21.9Connor Ryan17'04.00Prince Of Peace
22.9Aurel Baker17'03.00Greenhill
23.10Lucas Russey17'02.00Trinity Valley
24.10Christian Fletcher16'09.00Trinity Valley
25.11Richard Fernandez16'07.00Nolan Catholic
26.9Derek Lukacsko16'04.00John Paul II
27.11Daniel Howard16'02.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
28.11Brent Olsen15'03.00The Shelton
29.10Carl Meziere15'02.25John Paul II
30.9Tyler Kremzar15'02.00Nolan Catholic
10Alex PopaSCRGreenhill
12Jerrett WilliamsSCRBishop Dunne Catholic
10David HernandezNDNolan Catholic
11Colton SealNDJohn Paul II

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan McCune12.55aTrinity Valley
2.10Hanna Fobare12.70aHockaday
3.9Stephanie Kalu12.84aUrsuline Academy
4.9Aubrey Elliott13.03aUrsuline Academy
5.9Calandra Jones13.10aNolan Catholic
6.10Jasmine Webb13.15aBishop Dunne Catholic
8.10Kasie Jones13.54aNolan Catholic
9.9Kahla Alexander13.68aBishop Lynch
10.11Morgan Calhoun13.70aGreenhill
11.10Amanda Hughes13.72aThe Shelton
12.9Becca Leigh Brown13.75aTrinity Valley
13.9Miranda Myers13.85aPrince Of Peace
14.9Kelsey Koval13.87aJohn Paul II
15.9Shelly Miller13.95aNolan Catholic
16.10Jordan Jones13.98aBishop Dunne Catholic
17.9Jacquie Stone14.03aJohn Paul II
18.9Sarah Alexander14.13aHockaday
19.12Michelle Watson14.17aDallas Christian
20.9Alex Bishop14.19aHockaday
21.12Breille Money14.20aDallas Christian
22.10Lisa Rodriguez14.23aBishop Lynch
23.9Sciarra Montgomery14.26aBishop Dunne Catholic
25.10Alex Turzinski14.49aJohn Paul II
26.12Sarah Gatens14.71aUrsuline Academy
27.9Emily Mondry15.30aGreenhill
28.9Caroline Low15.61aEpiscopal School Of ...
29.9Cat Hobbs15.64aGreenhill
30.11Michelle Malina15.66aBishop Lynch
31.9Cassidy Beckwitt16.10aGreenhill
32.9Natalie Low16.50aEpiscopal School Of ...
11Marie SmithSCRBishop Lynch
12Maria TeronisSCRBishop Lynch
10Kelly MathisonSCRJohn Paul II
11Kristen RingSCRBishop Lynch
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.11Cydni Robertson26.97aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.9Chelsey Sveinsson27.18aGreenhill
4.9Jordan Gates27.57aUrsuline Academy
5.12Andrea Landicho27.81aBishop Lynch
6.11Jordan McCune28.06aTrinity Valley
7.10Kasie Jones28.07aNolan Catholic
8.10Hanna Fobare28.31aHockaday
9.10Gaby Canard28.59aNolan Catholic
10.10Mary Mackie28.61aHockaday
11.11Sophie Campise28.63aUrsuline Academy
12.10Amanda Hughes28.77aThe Shelton
13.9Miranda Myers28.88aPrince Of Peace
14.11Amanda Burkhalter28.90aBishop Dunne Catholic
15.10Chandler Weisbart29.00aUrsuline Academy
16.9Becca Leigh Brown29.31aTrinity Valley
17.9Jessica McKone29.37aNolan Catholic
18.11Morgan Calhoun29.50aGreenhill
19.11Erin Farrell29.65aBishop Lynch
20.10Annie Pechenik29.80aEpiscopal School Of ...
21.11Natalie Meyer29.91aBishop Lynch
22.10Kelly Mathison30.08aJohn Paul II
23.10Anna Nevitt30.39aBishop Lynch
24.11Lincoln Hill30.63aBishop Dunne Catholic
25.10Madison Cantu30.95aPrince Of Peace
26.9Mary DeHaas31.68aBishop Lynch
27.10Ryley Schlachter32.07aGreenhill
28.9Mel Jeanes32.37aEpiscopal School Of ...
29.9Caroline Low33.31aEpiscopal School Of ...
30.9Cat Hobbs33.93aGreenhill
31.10Jackie Olsen34.11aBishop Lynch
32.9Cassidy Beckwitt34.38aGreenhill
33.9Natalie Low36.44aEpiscopal School Of ...
12Adriane McCraySCRHockaday
10Maresha CarrieSCRDallas Christian
12Breille MoneySCRDallas Christian
10Alex TurzinskiSCRJohn Paul II
9Jacquie StoneSCRJohn Paul II
12Brittany SmithhartSCRDallas Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.9Caitlyn Noonan58.25aBishop Lynch
3.12Natalie Crain59.64aUrsuline Academy
4.12Adriane McCray1:01.37aHockaday
5.11Haley Parsons1:01.74aDallas Christian
6.9Natalie Huggins1:01.82aUrsuline Academy
7.11Brooke Granowski1:02.13aHockaday
8.9Cameron Miller1:02.90aTrinity Valley
8.10Katherine Plumlee63.4Episcopal School Of ...
9.10Amanda Murashige1:03.63aEpiscopal School Of ...
10.9Alex Green1:04.05aBishop Lynch
11.9Elise Hansell1:04.41aEpiscopal School Of ...
12.10Chandler Weisbart1:04.76aUrsuline Academy
13.11Andrea Rahardja1:05.08aGreenhill
14.12Katie Bruegger1:05.72aHockaday
15.11Katherine Bass1:06.45aTrinity Valley
16.9Jessica McKone1:06.75aNolan Catholic
17.12Meredith Jeanes1:06.97aGreenhill
18.9Kristin Fanelli1:07.10aBishop Lynch
19.11Kamiah Adams1:07.50aBishop Dunne Catholic
20.9Tia Flowers1:07.57aBishop Dunne Catholic
21.10Anna Owen1:07.58aJohn Paul II
22.9Samantha Wyatt1:10.68aBishop Dunne Catholic
23.9Julia Henderson1:10.98aBishop Lynch
25.9Joey Fogle1:14.74aBishop Lynch
26.9Courtney Scott1:15.85aJohn Paul II
27.11Elizabeth Ehalt1:17.89aNolan Catholic
28.9Dana Callahan1:19.69aBishop Lynch
9Annie SmitheySCRNolan Catholic
10Jordan SpraginsSCRJohn Paul II
9Megan O'SullivanSCREpiscopal School Of ...
11Emily ArdenSCRJohn Paul II
9Caroline DingwallSCRThe Shelton
12Brittany SmithhartSCRDallas Christian
10Brooke OsborneSCRTrinity Valley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chelsey Sveinsson2:10.10aGreenhill
2.12Natalie Crain2:17.50aUrsuline Academy
3.9Caitlyn Noonan2:18.20aBishop Lynch
4.12Melissa Sullivan2:24.80aHockaday
5.11Christina Co2:30.60aHockaday
6.11Emily Arden2:33.60aJohn Paul II
7.11Melanie Wilcox2:33.70aUrsuline Academy
8.11Alexandrea Behne2:35.90aBishop Lynch
9.10Crystal Finley2:38.20aNolan Catholic
10.12Amy Watson2:40.60aTrinity Valley
11.9Gwen Carris2:41.60aUrsuline Academy
12.10Lauren Gonzalez2:41.90aNolan Catholic
13.10Caitlin Keen2:42.40aNolan Catholic
14.9Katie Hebeler2:43.20aHockaday
15.10Kristen Smith2:46.10aNolan Catholic
16.12Meaghan Watters2:48.80aHockaday
17.9Asha Mahatma2:53.80aHockaday
18.9Tia Avila2:54.80aBishop Lynch
19.12Stephanie Rogan2:54.90aGreenhill
20.12Christal Strong2:57.30aTrinity Valley
21.9Lauren Calero2:58.60aUrsuline Academy
22.10Mollie Cooper3:06.80aTrinity Valley
23.9Kathryn Courtney3:09.90aJohn Paul II
24.9Taylor Keplin3:10.50aPrince Of Peace
25.11Lauren Salas3:17.80aPrince Of Peace
9Megan O'SullivanSCREpiscopal School Of ...
11Rachel O'BrienSCRJohn Paul II
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chelsey Sveinsson5:08.80aGreenhill
2.11Haley Parsons5:24.70aDallas Christian
3.11Brenna Farren5:26.50aUrsuline Academy
4.12Katherine Devlin5:36.80aUrsuline Academy
5.11Alexandrea Behne5:44.60aBishop Lynch
6.11Jackie Altshuler5:49.60aGreenhill
7.11Maddy Merrill5:57.40aUrsuline Academy
8.10Caitlin Keen5:58.90aNolan Catholic
9.10Emily Fitzharris5:59.20aBishop Lynch
10.11Ashley Tonti6:00.20aEpiscopal School Of ...
11.12Jacquelyn Batson6:05.10aNolan Catholic
12.10Crystal Finley6:10.30aNolan Catholic
13.9Grace Meyer6:10.70aUrsuline Academy
14.11Erica Lovig6:14.10aBishop Lynch
15.10Jillian Mock6:14.30aHockaday
16.11Mia Moorehead6:15.50aBishop Lynch
17.11Anne Tabb6:17.60aHockaday
18.10Brooke Osborne6:26.30aTrinity Valley
19.10Jasmine DiLucci6:26.90aHockaday
20.10Margaret Peyrefitte6:33.40aTrinity Valley
21.9Annee Hofstra6:40.40aPrince Of Peace
22.10Mollie Cooper6:44.20aTrinity Valley
23.11Michelle VanRooyen6:50.80aGreenhill
24.10Katherine Marmion7:00.70aGreenhill
25.9Taylor Keplin7:25.20aPrince Of Peace
26.11Lauren Salas7:49.90aPrince Of Peace
27.10Sahara Chhabra7:57.80aHockaday
11Ariel OrnelasSCRNolan Catholic
12Jordan HearneSCRDallas Christian
10Britton CartwrightSCRJohn Paul II
12Olivia ManchaSCRJohn Paul II
11Rachel O'BrienSCRJohn Paul II
9Katie HebelerSCRHockaday
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jackie Altshuler12:20.98aGreenhill
2.12Allison Flood12:43.88aNolan Catholic
3.11Ariel Ornelas12:47.41aNolan Catholic
4.10Amanda Garcia12:56.24aGreenhill
5.11Ashley Tonti13:04.20aEpiscopal School Of ...
6.10Emily Fitzharris13:05.84aBishop Lynch
7.12Jacquelyn Batson13:08.44aNolan Catholic
8.12Stephanie Rogan13:12.87aGreenhill
9.10Jillian Mock13:14.68aHockaday
10.11Anne Tabb13:14.90aHockaday
11.11Hadley Trautmann13:18.80aUrsuline Academy
11.10Casey Johnson13:18.80aThe Shelton
13.10Margaret Peyrefitte13:36.40aTrinity Valley
14.9Ann Marie Dunson13:41.77aUrsuline Academy
15.11Christina Gleason13:43.94aBishop Dunne Catholic
16.9Jennifer Boone13:45.52aUrsuline Academy
17.11Savannah Allan13:47.77aBishop Lynch
18.10Brooke Osborne13:50.07aTrinity Valley
19.10Alyssa Hernandez13:50.79aBishop Lynch
20.9Taylor Keplin14:34.48aPrince Of Peace
21.10Jasmine DiLucci14:36.66aHockaday
22.10Mollie Cooper14:39.11aTrinity Valley
23.11Michelle VanRooyen14:55.12aGreenhill
24.9Abby Kizer14:55.85aTrinity Valley
25.10Katherine Marmion15:00.36aGreenhill
26.10Patricia Porter16:00.02aHockaday
27.10Emma Ritch16:05.55aHockaday
28.11Sarah Koeppe17:44.05aPrince Of Peace
9Maggie HoodSCRHockaday
11Andrea NavarroSCREpiscopal School Of ...
10Britton CartwrightSCRJohn Paul II
12Olivia ManchaSCRJohn Paul II
12Jordan HearneSCRDallas Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Phan16.44aNolan Catholic
2.10Jackie Guevel16.45aHockaday
3.11Arielle Austin16.73aNolan Catholic
4.11Melissa Monconduit16.91aBishop Lynch
5.10Lauren Nevitt17.36aBishop Lynch
6.9Tiffany Starghill17.47aBishop Dunne Catholic
7.11Lauren Sanders17.65aJohn Paul II
8.12Jasmin Aldridge17.66aUrsuline Academy
9.12Laura Tucker17.86aTrinity Valley
10.11Mary Alice Sallman17.90aUrsuline Academy
11.10Audra Meade18.15aNolan Catholic
12.9Riley Brandon19.03aPrince Of Peace
13.10Alissa Reed19.32aNolan Catholic
14.9Kelly Brooks19.42aDallas Christian
15.10Jessica Wheeler19.43aJohn Paul II
16.11Aubrey Pedigo19.92aUrsuline Academy
17.9Courtney Scott19.93aJohn Paul II
18.11Monica Dechow20.55aThe Shelton
19.12Katrina Nolan20.62aBishop Lynch
20.10Emillee Lau20.83aDallas Christian
21.10Margaret Peyrefitte21.17aTrinity Valley
22.9Larissa Bogle21.60aTrinity Valley
23.12Emily Sampson22.43aHockaday
23.11Samantha Stevens22.43aBishop Lynch
9Claire KnobbeSCRJohn Paul II
11Allison ReppeSCREpiscopal School Of ...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jackie Guevel50.13aHockaday
2.12Jasmin Aldridge51.37aUrsuline Academy
3.12Amanda Phan51.76aNolan Catholic
4.10Maresha Carrie52.54aDallas Christian
5.10Jessica Shadley54.13aPrince Of Peace
6.9Kelly Brooks54.56aDallas Christian
7.11Arielle Austin54.66aNolan Catholic
8.10Alissa Reed55.07aNolan Catholic
9.9Tiffany Starghill55.54aBishop Dunne Catholic
10.11Aubrey Pedigo56.63aUrsuline Academy
11.9Riley Brandon56.92aPrince Of Peace
12.12Laura Tucker57.86aTrinity Valley
13.10Emillee Lau58.23aDallas Christian
13.10Katie Donovan58.23aJohn Paul II
15.12Katrina Nolan59.01aBishop Lynch
16.11Monica Dechow59.20aThe Shelton
17.10Jessica Wheeler1:00.36aJohn Paul II
18.12Shelbi Gatlin1:01.93aUrsuline Academy
11Lauren SandersSCRJohn Paul II
11Samantha StevensSCRBishop Lynch
9Larissa BogleSCRTrinity Valley
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Anne Diaz-Arrastia
Gabby Mavelian
Jasmin Aldridge
Sophie Campise
50.54aUrsuline Academy
2.-Maria Teronis
Alex Green
Andrea Landicho
Kristen Ring
50.87aBishop Lynch
3.-Jasmine Webb
Kamiah Adams
Cydni Robertson
Amanda Burkhalter
51.11aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.-Katie Bruegger
Dionne O'Bannon
Hanna Fobare
Adriane McCray
5.-Sarah Alexander
Alex Bishop
Tessa Granowski
Brooke Granowski
6.-Morgan Calhoun
Meredith Jeanes
Jordan McCray
Andrea Rahardja
7.-Gaby Canard
Elizabeth Ehalt
Annie Smithey
Calandra Jones
53.51aNolan Catholic
8.-Relay Team 53.90aDallas Christian
9.-Cameron Miller
Becca Leigh Brown
Cameron Kramer
Jordan McCune
54.43aTrinity Valley
9.-Stephi Fluchaire
Jacquie Stone
Candace Lowry
Anna Owen
54.43aJohn Paul II
11.-Elise Hansell
Mel Jeanes
Allison Reppe
Annie Pechenik
55.24aEpiscopal School Of ...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sophie Campise
Natalie Crain
Gabby Mavelian
Anne Diaz-Arrastia
4:10.82aUrsuline Academy
2.-Kristin Fanelli
Lauren Nevitt
Caitlyn Noonan
Melissa Monconduit
4:11.29aBishop Lynch
3.-Katie Bruegger
Melissa Sullivan
Brooke Granowski
Adriane McCray
4.-Meredith Jeanes
Andrea Rahardja
Avery Rape
Chelsey Sveinsson
5.-Relay Team 4:27.43aEpiscopal School Of ...
6.-Kamiah Adams
Cydni Robertson
Jasmine Webb
Samantha Wyatt
4:27.72aBishop Dunne Catholic
7.-Gaby Canard
Annie Smithey
Calandra Jones
Jessica McKone
4:33.54aNolan Catholic
8.-Michelle Watson
Haley Parsons
Kelly Brooks
Maresha Carrie
4:35.96aDallas Christian
9.-Christina Co
Tessa Granowski
Barbara Gass
Hanna Fobare
10.-Amy Watson
Cameron Miller
Jordan McCune
Katherine Bass
4:42.10aTrinity Valley
11.-Riley Brandon
Madi Cantu
Miranda Myers
Jessica Shadley
4:42.72aPrince Of Peace
12.-Katie Donovan
Stephi Fluchaire
Jordan Spragins
Courtney Scott
4:54.25aJohn Paul II
--Monica Dechow
Denise Crawford
Caroline Dingwall
Casey Johnson
SCRThe Shelton
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Jiles36'08.00Bishop Lynch
2.9Claire Uke35'00.00Ursuline Academy
3.12Kim Johnson31'06.00Bishop Lynch
4.11Crystal Rekieta29'06.00John Paul II
5.12Kathleen Hulcher29'04.00Nolan Catholic
6.9Aubrey Elliott29'00.50Ursuline Academy
7.10Hillary Villanueva28'11.00Bishop Lynch
8.12Danielle Millard28'10.00Bishop Lynch
9.11Kendra Calhoun28'05.50Dallas Christian
10.10Jordan McCray27'05.00Greenhill
11.10Tessie Diaz-Arrastia27'03.00Ursuline Academy
12.10Luyi Adesanya26'00.00Hockaday
13.9Jenny Mitchell25'06.50Hockaday
14.9Kate Kryder24'09.50Hockaday
15.10Natalie Allen24'04.00Bishop Lynch
16.9Rachel Smith24'03.00John Paul II
17.11Nicole Jacobs24'00.00Greenhill
18.10Kate Casey23'11.00Nolan Catholic
19.9Amanda Patterson22'11.00Nolan Catholic
20.9Lauren Steadman22'08.50Dallas Christian
21.11Destiny Peters21'10.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
22.12DJ Jeanne21'07.00Prince Of Peace
23.9Tina Rekieta21'05.50John Paul II
24.11Deena Adham18'07.00Greenhill
25.-Liz Richardson18'03.00Prince Of Peace
26.10Rocia Mejia15'09.00Hockaday
27.10Allyson Roseman15'08.50Greenhill
9Monique ArabieSCRJohn Paul II
12Lauren FergusonSCRDallas Christian
9Raquel KaySCRBishop Dunne Catholic
9Ellie SkochdopoleSCREpiscopal School Of ...
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Aubrey Elliott109'05Ursuline Academy
2.11Jessica Jiles102'09Bishop Lynch
3.11Ali Higgins90'07Ursuline Academy
4.11Kendra Calhoun89'02Dallas Christian
5.12Danielle Millard87'04Bishop Lynch
6.10Hillary Villanueva84'06Bishop Lynch
7.12Kim Johnson83'10Bishop Lynch
8.12Catherine Coleman83'05Nolan Catholic
9.11Mimi Okoye78'08Ursuline Academy
10.10Jennifer Sims77'06Nolan Catholic
11.12Kathleen Hulcher76'03Nolan Catholic
12.10Sarah Gilliland75'08John Paul II
13.10Kara Ostermann73'05John Paul II
14.9Lauren Steadman71'11Dallas Christian
15.9Kate Kryder67'06Hockaday
16.12Rachel Fontaine65'09Greenhill
17.12DJ Jeanne63'07Prince Of Peace
18.9Erica Hsu62'08Hockaday
19.10Katherine Levy58'06Greenhill
20.9Jenny Mitchell53'05Hockaday
21.-Liz Richardson52'02Prince Of Peace
22.10Sarah Dagher48'11Hockaday
23.10Allyson Roseman46'03Greenhill
24.11Nicole Jacobs45'05Greenhill
25.10Edie Margolis36'00Greenhill
26.9Meredith Zale33'03Greenhill
9Ellie SkochdopoleSCREpiscopal School Of ...
12Lauren FergusonSCRDallas Christian
11Crystal RekietaSCRJohn Paul II
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Misty Manning5'00.00Bishop Lynch
2.11Brooke Granowski4'10.00Hockaday
3.10Jessica Shadley4'10.00Prince Of Peace
3.11Lauren Sanders4'10.00John Paul II
5.10Maresha Carrie4'08.00Dallas Christian
6.11Rachael Roth4'08.00Ursuline Academy
7.10Elizabeth Cottrell4'06.00Nolan Catholic
7.9Kelsey Koval4'06.00John Paul II
7.10Emily Grider4'06.00Nolan Catholic
10.10Lauren Nevitt4'06.00Bishop Lynch
11.11Lauren Wysoski4'06.00Nolan Catholic
12.9Kelly Brooks4'06.00Dallas Christian
10Catherine HennessyNHNolan Catholic
11Ashley RainsNHJohn Paul II
10Jessica WheelerNHJohn Paul II
9Tia FlowersSCRBishop Dunne Catholic
10Jodi GainesSCRDallas Christian
9Larissa BogleNHTrinity Valley
9Tessa GranowskiNHHockaday
12Emily SampsonNHHockaday
12Jill KacurgisSCRBishop Lynch
11Kendrick KochNHUrsuline Academy
12Mary McCainNHUrsuline Academy
10Allison BishopSCREpiscopal School Of ...
10Katherine PlumleeSCREpiscopal School Of ...
12Rachel FontaineNHGreenhill
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Nguyen10'06.00Bishop Lynch
2.12Nichole Burgess10'00.00Bishop Lynch
3.11Mary Alice Sallman9'06.00Ursuline Academy
4.10Mary Mackie9'00.00Hockaday
5.11Andrea Rahardja8'06.00Greenhill
6.10Molly Snyder8'06.00Nolan Catholic
7.10Jessica Shadley8'00.00Prince Of Peace
8.9Anna Elkins8'00.00Bishop Lynch
9.12Abby Thompson8'00.00Ursuline Academy
9.11Rebecca Matayas8'00.00Greenhill
11.12Rachel Fontaine8'00.00Greenhill
12.9Olivia Nicolais7'06.00Greenhill
13.9Allison Bulkley7'00.00Greenhill
14.9Emily Mondry6'06.00Greenhill
15.10Alissa Reed6'06.00Nolan Catholic
16.11Teresa Warner6'00.00Greenhill
9Whitney LeNHBishop Lynch
11Sarah BrickerNHHockaday
10Peyton KrampSCRHockaday
10Avery RapeNHGreenhill
10Ryley SchlachterNHGreenhill
10Jordy GummSCRNolan Catholic
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anne Diaz-Arrastia17'03.50Ursuline Academy
2.10Lauren Nevitt15'10.00Bishop Lynch
3.9Samantha Wyatt15'06.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
4.10Maresha Carrie15'05.00Dallas Christian
4.10Mary Mackie15'05.00Hockaday
6.11Melissa Monconduit15'03.00Bishop Lynch
7.10Jessica Shadley14'11.00Prince Of Peace
7.9Cameron Miller14'11.00Trinity Valley
7.9Tia Flowers14'11.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
10.9Stephanie Kalu14'09.00Ursuline Academy
11.9Annie Smithey14'06.00Nolan Catholic
11.9Claire Knobbe14'06.00John Paul II
13.11Jordan McCune14'05.50Trinity Valley
14.10Catherine Hennessy14'05.00Nolan Catholic
15.9Sarah Alexander14'02.50Hockaday
16.11Lincoln Hill14'02.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
17.10Madison Cantu13'09.50Prince Of Peace
18.9Riley Brandon13'08.00Prince Of Peace
19.10Anna Nevitt13'07.50Bishop Lynch
20.11Mandi Gavin13'03.50Nolan Catholic
22.12Sarah Gatens12'09.00Ursuline Academy
24.9Kahla Alexander12'06.50Bishop Lynch
25.9Asha Mahatma12'01.00Hockaday
26.9Kathryn Courtney9'11.00John Paul II
9Jacquie StoneSCRJohn Paul II
9Stephanie CulwellSCRTrinity Valley
11Lauren CookNDNolan Catholic
11Misty ManningSCRBishop Lynch
11Allison ReppeSCREpiscopal School Of ...
10Allison BishopSCREpiscopal School Of ...
10Emillee LauSCRDallas Christian
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