Friday, April 25, 2008

  Field Events Start: 4:30 PM  Track Events Start: 5:00 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenneth Karosich11.64aGeorge Washington
2.10D'Andre Weaver12.05aGuam
3.10Jeric Abisia12.09aSimon Sanchez
4.12Desmond Quenga12.37aSimon Sanchez
5.-Edward Calvo12.38aFather Duenas
6.12Jan Vallarta12.58aSimon Sanchez
7.-Torus Washington12.66aGuam
8.10Brian Saunders12.67aGuam
9.-Chris DeCastro12.73aJohn F. Kennedy
10.-Jonathan Pablo12.78aFather Duenas
11.-Ken Price12.82aJohn F. Kennedy
12.12Randall Rhoden12.93aGeorge Washington
13.-Matthew Duenas12.94aFather Duenas
14.9John David13.06aJohn F. Kennedy
14.9Jhorge Gonzalez13.06aGeorge Washington
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Edward Calvo24.38aFather Duenas
2.-Raul Bryand24.78aGuam
3.12Randall Rhoden25.24aGeorge Washington
4.11Christopher Magtoto25.28aJohn F. Kennedy
5.-Jonathan Pablo25.56aFather Duenas
6.12Jan Vallarta25.78aSimon Sanchez
7.11Aldrin Zapanta25.86aGeorge Washington
8.-Matthew Duenas25.89aFather Duenas
9.-Ken Price25.93aJohn F. Kennedy
10.10Brian Saunders25.95aGuam
11.9Jhorge Gonzalez26.29aGeorge Washington
12.11BJ Malimban27.29aSimon Sanchez
13.9Edmund Miguel27.43aJohn F. Kennedy
14.11Wayne Alba28.15aSimon Sanchez
15.-James Gruen29.16aGuam
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matthew Pangelinan53.11aGeorge Washington
2.11Christopher Magtoto54.53aJohn F. Kennedy
3.-Chavez Leonen55.73aGuam
4.-William Williams56.17aFather Duenas
5.11Jeofry Limtiaco57.53aGeorge Washington
6.11Christian Magtoto57.96aJohn F. Kennedy
7.-Tuan Dihn58.42aFather Duenas
8.-Torus Washington58.77aGuam
9.12Jan Vallarta61.47aSimon Sanchez
10.-James Gruen62.46aGuam
11.9Raynan Macaalay62.58aJohn F. Kennedy
13.11Michael Herreros63.81aGeorge Washington
14.9Steven Caasi67.26aSimon Sanchez
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erwin Louis2:13.75aJohn F. Kennedy
2.12Alan Pereira2:14.85aGeorge Washington
3.11Jarek Paulett2:15.40aJohn F. Kennedy
4.9Michael Angelo Gaitan2:15.63aGeorge Washington
5.-Kurtis Crowe2:16.21aJohn F. Kennedy
6.-Tuan Dihn2:17.79aFather Duenas
7.10Israel Soto2:21.65aGuam
8.10Robert Lopez2:24.70aGuam
9.11John Cortez2:30.06aFather Duenas
10.9Shawn Spindel2:37.63aGeorge Washington
-Ethan BergDNSGuam
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christopher Magtoto4:28.66aJohn F. Kennedy
2.11Jeofry Limtiaco4:36.24aGeorge Washington
3.11Erwin Louis4:39.69aJohn F. Kennedy
4.12Alan Pereira4:41.12aGeorge Washington
5.9Michael Angelo Gaitan4:41.84aGeorge Washington
6.11Swami Swami4:43.39aGeorge Washington
7.-Kurtis Crowe4:46.21aJohn F. Kennedy
8.-Tuan Dihn4:51.54aFather Duenas
9.10Robert Lopez4:55.05aGuam
10.10Justin Legaspi4:56.42aFather Duenas
11.11Sergio Fukuda5:01.81aFather Duenas
12.9Gregorio JT Gogue5:02.96aGeorge Washington
13.9Edward Sergio5:08.72aJohn F. Kennedy
14.9Jordan Darabos5:10.94aGuam
15.9Jethro Lazuna5:11.89aSimon Sanchez
16.10Zachary Fry5:12.23aGuam
17.-Ryan Dahilig5:13.86aJohn F. Kennedy
18.9Aniceto Iglopas5:15.37aJohn F. Kennedy
19.10Israel Soto5:22.70aGuam
20.-Christian Toves5:27.78aFather Duenas
21.-Ethan Berg5:29.59aGuam
22.-Dylan Perez5:39.28aFather Duenas
23.-David Villanueva5:54.18aGuam
9Shawn SpindelDNSGeorge Washington
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christopher Magtoto10:03.98aJohn F. Kennedy
2.11Matthew Pangelinan10:08.37aGeorge Washington
3.11Erwin Louis10:12.20aJohn F. Kennedy
4.9Michael Angelo Gaitan10:26.12aGeorge Washington
5.11Swami Swami10:37.74aGeorge Washington
6.9Gregorio JT Gogue10:40.57aGeorge Washington
7.11Sergio Fukuda10:59.69aFather Duenas
8.10Justin Legaspi11:06.22aFather Duenas
9.9Shawn Spindel11:11.45aGeorge Washington
10.10Steven Wong11:27.54aGuam
11.9Jethro Lazuna11:37.47aSimon Sanchez
12.10Zachary Fry11:42.38aGuam
13.9Jordan Darabos11:46.52aGuam
14.9Vincent Quejado11:49.21aJohn F. Kennedy
15.9Nelmar Cruz11:51.85aJohn F. Kennedy
16.-David Villanueva11:58.53aGuam
17.-Ethan Berg12:02.14aGuam
18.10Israel Soto12:06.44aGuam
19.11Aldrin Zapanta12:09.23aGeorge Washington
20.10Michael Lin12:14.59aJohn F. Kennedy
21.-Dylan Perez12:36.38aFather Duenas
22.-Edward Periz12:51.94aJohn F. Kennedy
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenneth Karosich16.12aGeorge Washington
2.-Mareb McGee17.71aJohn F. Kennedy
3.11Malenckov Towai17.98aJohn F. Kennedy
4.11Michael Herreros18.14aGeorge Washington
5.9Kevin Ruaro19.35aGeorge Washington
6.-Niel Romero22.10aJohn F. Kennedy
8.-Nathaniel Nazareno23.90aFather Duenas
11Gavin PerezDNSFather Duenas
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenneth Karosich39.77aGeorge Washington
2.-Mareb McGee44.38aJohn F. Kennedy
3.11Malenckov Towai44.84aJohn F. Kennedy
4.10Harold Zapanta45.42aGeorge Washington
5.10Robert Lopez47.95aGuam
6.9Kevin Ruaro50.06aGeorge Washington
7.12Jommel Lazaga50.76aSimon Sanchez
8.10Zachary Fry52.95aGuam
9.9James Espinosa55.51aSimon Sanchez
10.-Nathaniel Nazareno59.52aFather Duenas
11.-Willie Albert60.94aJohn F. Kennedy
11Gavin PerezDNSFather Duenas
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jan Vallarta
Jeric Abisia
BJ Malimban
Desmond Quenga
46.65aSimon Sanchez
2.-Randall Rhoden
Jhorge Gonzalez
Aldrin Zapanta
Harold Zapanta
47.53aGeorge Washington
3.-Mareb McGee
Malenckov Towai
John David
Chris DeCastro
47.86aJohn F. Kennedy
4.-Relay Team 48.61aFather Duenas
5.-Brian Saunders
Torus Washington
D'Andre Weaver
James Gruen
6.-Toby Samuel
Joshua Abisia
Jommel Lazaga
Wayne Alba
51.07aSimon Sanchez
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Randall Rhoden
Kenneth Karosich
Jeofry Limtiaco
Matthew Pangelinan
3:38.80aGeorge Washington
2.-Erwin Louis
Christian Magtoto
Jarek Paulett
Mareb McGee
3:48.33aJohn F. Kennedy
3.-Robert Lopez
Chavez Leonen
Torus Washington
Cody Duncan
4.-Relay Team 4:03.98aFather Duenas
5.-Jommel Lazaga
Jeric Abisia
Andrew Charfauros
James Espinosa
4:06.60aSimon Sanchez
6.-Jordan Darabos
Zachary Fry
Ethan Berg
Israel Soto
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-Douglas Perez12.46mFather Duenas
2.-Mark Kleva10.40mGuam
3.-Michael Moser10.02mGuam
4.-John Binuya9.44mJohn F. Kennedy
5.11Martin Estira8.98mFather Duenas
6.11Christian Magtoto8.92mJohn F. Kennedy
7.10Edwin Babauta8.90mGeorge Washington
8.11Eriq Tambora8.64mSimon Sanchez
8.9Matthew Uy8.64mSimon Sanchez
10.11Russ Prado8.40mGeorge Washington
11.-Sam Kimson8.00mJohn F. Kennedy
12.9Elvin De Leon7.82mSimon Sanchez
13.11Jumar Fernandez7.44mGeorge Washington
14.9Antonio Whatley5.28mFather Duenas
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keith Guererro32.52mGeorge Washington
2.-Douglas Perez29.92mFather Duenas
3.11Wayne Alba29.08mSimon Sanchez
4.-Michael Moser28.26mGuam
5.12Rick Lizama25.56mGeorge Washington
6.-Francis Marges24.86mJohn F. Kennedy
7.-John Binuya24.78mJohn F. Kennedy
8.-Aljoe Llagas22.98mJohn F. Kennedy
9.11Martin Estira22.12mFather Duenas
10.9Rosendo Martinez22.06mSimon Sanchez
11.-Mark Kleva21.88mGuam
12.9James Eligio21.50mSimon Sanchez
13.10Steven Wong20.52mGuam
14.9Antonio Whatley12.88mFather Duenas
11Russ PradoNDGeorge Washington
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Christian Magtoto40.18mJohn F. Kennedy
2.-Michael Moser37.04mGuam
3.12Keith Guererro34.56mGeorge Washington
4.10Romar Macagba33.84mJohn F. Kennedy
5.10Jeric Abisia32.92mSimon Sanchez
6.11Toby Samuel31.62mSimon Sanchez
7.-William Williams30.62mFather Duenas
8.-Mark Kleva29.90mGuam
9.11Joshua Abisia29.46mSimon Sanchez
10.11Russ Prado27.06mGeorge Washington
11.11Jumar Fernandez26.64mGeorge Washington
12.10Julio Kepwe25.34mJohn F. Kennedy
13.11Martin Estira23.04mFather Duenas
14.10Steven Wong20.36mGuam
15.11John Cortez13.50mFather Duenas
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10D'Andre Weaver1.78mGuam
2.9Keven Delfin1.50mJohn F. Kennedy
2.12Jonathan Paulino1.50mGeorge Washington
4.11Michael Herreros1.50mGeorge Washington
5.12Rick Lizama1.42mGeorge Washington
5.-Aljoe Llagas1.42mJohn F. Kennedy
7.10Julio Kepwe1.42mJohn F. Kennedy
9Andrew CharfaurosNHSimon Sanchez
-James PrittDNSGuam
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10D'Andre Weaver5.49mGuam
2.-William Williams5.47mFather Duenas
3.-Jhun Ordanez5.46mJohn F. Kennedy
4.-Edward Calvo5.04mFather Duenas
5.-Chavez Leonen4.99mGuam
5.9Jhorge Gonzalez4.99mGeorge Washington
7.9Keven Delfin4.75mJohn F. Kennedy
8.9Andrew Charfauros4.64mSimon Sanchez
9.12Jonathan Paulino4.60mGeorge Washington
10.9John David4.42mJohn F. Kennedy
11.9James Espinosa3.96mSimon Sanchez
12.9Steven Caasi3.52mSimon Sanchez
13.9Shawn Spindel3.42mGeorge Washington
10Brian SaundersDNSGuam
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chavez Leonen11.28mGuam
2.10Harold Zapanta11.22mGeorge Washington
3.11Jarek Paulett11.21mJohn F. Kennedy
4.9Keven Delfin10.68mJohn F. Kennedy
5.12Jonathan Paulino10.30mGeorge Washington
6.12Alan Pereira10.28mGeorge Washington
7.11Edison Baldoz9.92mFather Duenas
8.9Romel Elizaga9.81mJohn F. Kennedy
X11Gavin Perez9.67mFather Duenas
9.-Christian Toves9.24mFather Duenas
-James PrittDNSGuam
-Raul BryandDNSGuam

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Pollara Cobb13.85aJohn F. Kennedy
2.-Christina Thompson14.18aGuam
3.10Noreen Ericsson14.26aGeorge Washington
4.-Gilda Oyarda14.88aJohn F. Kennedy
5.-Jessie Carbullido14.91aAcademy of Our Lady ...
6.11Ayshalynn Perez15.01aAcademy of Our Lady ...
7.10Nichole Lindberg15.17aGuam
8.10Kimberly Layson15.32aGeorge Washington
9.11Joneal Cruz15.79aGeorge Washington
10.11Jade San Nicolas15.83aAcademy of Our Lady ...
11.12Tara Unsiog15.86aGuam
12.10Shyan Alianza16.17aSimon Sanchez
13.-Myra Aguon16.56aJohn F. Kennedy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christina Thompson28.63aGuam
2.10Noreen Ericsson28.69aGeorge Washington
3.10Pollara Cobb28.71aJohn F. Kennedy
4.-Jessie Carbullido30.43aAcademy of Our Lady ...
5.12Alyssa Posadas30.46aGeorge Washington
6.10Kimberly Layson30.91aGeorge Washington
7.11Ayshalynn Perez30.94aAcademy of Our Lady ...
8.9Denise Navasca31.96aJohn F. Kennedy
9.-Rene Camacho32.34aAcademy of Our Lady ...
10.9Cathleen Tandoc32.49aJohn F. Kennedy
11.12Tara Unsiog32.63aGuam
12.10Shyan Alianza32.86aSimon Sanchez
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Susan Smith70.01aGuam
2.11Sophia Vanwyk70.59aAcademy of Our Lady ...
3.10Nichole Lindberg72.04aGuam
4.9Gail Arce74.51aJohn F. Kennedy
5.11Joni Aguon75.27aGeorge Washington
6.12Morgan Avery75.44aGeorge Washington
7.-Amy Casupang75.87aJohn F. Kennedy
8.9Denise Navasca75.99aJohn F. Kennedy
9.11Brittany Aguon76.22aAcademy of Our Lady ...
10.11Aurianna Fry78.70aGuam
11.11Guadalupe Conolly79.63aAcademy of Our Lady ...
12.9Athena Avery79.93aGeorge Washington
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leana Peters2:39.00aGeorge Washington
2.10Kimberly Layson2:42.30aGeorge Washington
3.9Susan Smith2:42.80aGuam
4.-Rose Navasca2:50.02aJohn F. Kennedy
5.11Joni Aguon2:51.54aGeorge Washington
6.12Johanna Jorgensen2:55.90aGuam
7.-Amy Casupang3:00.00aJohn F. Kennedy
11Chantal TorresDNSJohn F. Kennedy
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Leana Peters5:24.31aGeorge Washington
2.9Susan Smith5:35.34aGuam
3.11Joni Aguon5:38.80aGeorge Washington
4.-Rose Navasca5:40.95aJohn F. Kennedy
5.12Johanna Jorgensen5:42.28aGuam
6.12Morgan Avery5:48.76aGeorge Washington
7.11Aurianna Fry6:02.56aGuam
8.11Kamerin Ulloa6:07.01aSimon Sanchez
9.9Athena Avery6:14.47aGeorge Washington
10.9Coriana Narcis6:18.02aSimon Sanchez
11.9Ju Yeon Park6:43.57aJohn F. Kennedy
12.10Raquel Lopez6:46.72aGuam
13.9Carol Quejado6:51.28aJohn F. Kennedy
14.-Jasmine Pieper6:53.38aJohn F. Kennedy
15.-Sharyn De Jesus7:16.12aAcademy of Our Lady ...
16.9Jessica Laurora7:29.02aJohn F. Kennedy
11Chantal TorresDNSJohn F. Kennedy
9Glorya ChlupsaDNSAcademy of Our Lady ...
-Krissi CastroDNSAcademy of Our Lady ...
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Johanna Jorgensen13:21.56aGuam
2.9Coriana Narcis13:55.04aSimon Sanchez
3.-Quyen Kuynh14:52.81aJohn F. Kennedy
4.9Ju Yeon Park14:58.94aJohn F. Kennedy
5.10Raquel Lopez15:09.89aGuam
6.9Carol Quejado15:22.51aJohn F. Kennedy
7.-Sharyn De Jesus16:14.44aAcademy of Our Lady ...
-Rose NavascaDNSJohn F. Kennedy
11Chantal TorresDNSJohn F. Kennedy
11Aurianna FryDNSGuam
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Andria Cruz19.26aGeorge Washington
2.12Alyssa Posadas19.60aGeorge Washington
3.9Kristine Villena20.17aJohn F. Kennedy
4.9Aida Alba20.46aJohn F. Kennedy
5.-Gilda Oyarda20.53aJohn F. Kennedy
6.9Kimberlyn Tupaz21.24aSimon Sanchez
7.11Brittany Aguon22.00aAcademy of Our Lady ...
8.-Rosario Marianas22.32aAcademy of Our Lady ...
9.-Rachel Quitugua28.02aAcademy of Our Lady ...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christina Thompson52.43aGuam
2.11Andria Cruz55.36aGeorge Washington
3.9Kimberlyn Tupaz56.09aSimon Sanchez
4.9Kristine Villena56.98aJohn F. Kennedy
5.9Aida Alba57.03aJohn F. Kennedy
6.9Cathleen Tandoc60.58aJohn F. Kennedy
7.9Coriana Narcis60.69aSimon Sanchez
8.-Rosario Marianas61.23aAcademy of Our Lady ...
9.11Miara Leon Guererro66.06aGeorge Washington
10.11Guadalupe Conolly69.51aAcademy of Our Lady ...
-Rachel QuituguaDNSAcademy of Our Lady ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Riza Tugade
Kristine Villena
Aida Alba
Zyra Garcia
56.61aJohn F. Kennedy
2.-Rene Camacho
Ayshalynn Perez
Guadalupe Conolly
Jade San Nicolas
57.51aAcademy of Our Lady ...
3.-Catherine Calma
Athena Avery
Joneal Cruz
Miara Leon Guererro
60.86aGeorge Washington
4.-Nichole Lindberg
Aurianna Fry
Raquel Lopez
Tara Unsiog
--Naomi Uy
Ashley Charfauros
Krystal Paulus
Jaelene Jasmin
DNSSimon Sanchez
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alyssa Posadas
Kimberly Layson
Noreen Ericsson
Leana Peters
4:31.47aGeorge Washington
2.-Susan Smith
Johanna Jorgensen
Nichole Lindberg
Christina Thompson
3.-Morgan Avery
Andria Cruz
Joneal Cruz
Joni Aguon
5:04.83aGeorge Washington
4.-Shyan Alianza
Coriana Narcis
Kamerin Ulloa
Kim Tupaz
5:05.28aSimon Sanchez
5.-Relay Team 5:13.62aAcademy of Our Lady ...
6.-Aida Alba
Amy Casupang
Denise Ollette
Denise Navasca
5:16.48aJohn F. Kennedy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Naomi Uy7.90mSimon Sanchez
2.11Riza Tugade7.88mJohn F. Kennedy
3.10Ashley Cosey7.54mGuam
4.-Keisha Magadia7.42mJohn F. Kennedy
5.11Catherine Calma6.70mGeorge Washington
6.-Michelle Puaza6.56mJohn F. Kennedy
7.10Teann Aguon6.42mGeorge Washington
8.-Kristin Terwilliger6.28mGuam
9.11Krystal Paulus6.02mSimon Sanchez
10.11Katrina Rosero5.86mAcademy of Our Lady ...
11.11Ashley Charfauros5.18mSimon Sanchez
12.9Camille Dy4.78mAcademy of Our Lady ...
13.11Chelsea Nera4.68mGeorge Washington
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Diana Alicto26.04mGeorge Washington
2.11Catherine Calma23.64mGeorge Washington
3.10Ashley Cosey22.92mGuam
4.10Teann Aguon21.94mGeorge Washington
5.11Naomi Uy21.36mSimon Sanchez
6.-Michelle Puaza21.26mJohn F. Kennedy
7.-Keisha Magadia18.54mJohn F. Kennedy
8.11Krystal Paulus17.94mSimon Sanchez
9.11Ashley Charfauros15.64mSimon Sanchez
10.11Katrina Rosero14.90mAcademy of Our Lady ...
11.-Kristin Terwilliger12.00mGuam
12.9Camille Dy9.36mAcademy of Our Lady ...
9Glorya ChlupsaNDAcademy of Our Lady ...
11Riza TugadeNDJohn F. Kennedy
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aiko Imbat25.50mJohn F. Kennedy
2.-Kristin Terwilliger25.12mGuam
3.-Michelle Puaza21.36mJohn F. Kennedy
4.11Diana Alicto21.32mGeorge Washington
5.11Riza Tugade16.18mJohn F. Kennedy
6.11Krystal Paulus16.12mSimon Sanchez
7.10Ashley Cosey15.48mGuam
8.10Teann Aguon15.38mGeorge Washington
9.11Katrina Rosero15.32mAcademy of Our Lady ...
10.9Camille Dy9.40mAcademy of Our Lady ...
11.11Ashley Charfauros8.82mSimon Sanchez
12.11Chelsea Nera8.42mGeorge Washington
9Jaelene JasminDNSSimon Sanchez
9Glorya ChlupsaDNSAcademy of Our Lady ...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zyra Garcia1.27mJohn F. Kennedy
2.11Catherine Calma1.20mGeorge Washington
3.-Gilda Oyarda1.20mJohn F. Kennedy
4.-Katrina Ricarte1.20mJohn F. Kennedy
11Andria CruzNHGeorge Washington
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Pollara Cobb4.23mJohn F. Kennedy
2.10Noreen Ericsson4.21mGeorge Washington
3.12Alyssa Posadas3.94mGeorge Washington
4.-Zyra Garcia3.63mJohn F. Kennedy
5.-Rene Camacho3.37mAcademy of Our Lady ...
6.11Sophia Vanwyk3.18mAcademy of Our Lady ...
7.-Kristin Terwilliger3.16mGuam
8.11Miara Leon Guererro3.15mGeorge Washington
9.-Denise Ollette2.70mJohn F. Kennedy
10.-Jessie Carbullido2.28mAcademy of Our Lady ...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Pollara Cobb9.34mJohn F. Kennedy
2.9Kimberlyn Tupaz8.68mSimon Sanchez
3.-Zyra Garcia8.65mJohn F. Kennedy
4.9Kristine Villena8.33mJohn F. Kennedy
5.12Morgan Avery8.13mGeorge Washington
6.11Jade San Nicolas7.49mAcademy of Our Lady ...
7.11Ayshalynn Perez6.77mAcademy of Our Lady ...
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