SP / OH, Pleasant Hill, Elmira

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
  Elmira, Elmira - Map
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Oregon - Willamette Valley Youth League
frnrFern Ridge
phmsPleasant Hill
stohSt Paul/O'Hara
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kevin Affeld13.09Fern Ridge
2.8Sam Dale13.24Pleasant Hill
3.7Derek Wensel13.41Fern Ridge
4.8Alex Saenz13.69Fern Ridge
5.8Cameron Crawley13.71St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Max Jones14.00Pleasant Hill
7.8Carlos Foerster14.34St Paul/O'Hara
8.8Chris Boyce14.37St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Jacob Rochon14.40St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Ryan Smith14.41Pleasant Hill
11.7Andrew Eisel14.49Pleasant Hill
12.8Morgan Kienlen14.78Fern Ridge
13.7Josh Smallwood14.93St Paul/O'Hara
14.7Kaelen Byrum14.98St Paul/O'Hara
14.7Derick Collins14.98Fern Ridge
16.7Alan Knepler15.41St Paul/O'Hara
17.7Chris Damewood15.83St Paul/O'Hara
18.8Jacob Moch15.90Pleasant Hill
19.6Bradley Rochon16.00St Paul/O'Hara
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Derek Wensel27.56Fern Ridge
2.8Jonathan Ferguson27.62Pleasant Hill
3.7JJ Hernandez29.12St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Sky Holliman29.21Pleasant Hill
5.6Liam Henshaw30.15St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Andrew Park30.21St Paul/O'Hara
7.7Devlin Fehly30.81Pleasant Hill
8.7Derick Collins30.93Fern Ridge
9.7Jacob Rochon30.94St Paul/O'Hara
10.6Ben Graf35.46St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Jacob Marshal35.56Fern Ridge
12.6Brennan Lilley39.24St Paul/O'Hara
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Wil Opitz1:00.00Fern Ridge
2.7JJ Hernandez1:05.68St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Devlin Fehly1:05.78Pleasant Hill
4.8Greg Park1:08.27St Paul/O'Hara
5.6Liam Henshaw1:09.22St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Andrew Park1:09.72St Paul/O'Hara
7.7Logan McGann1:11.56St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Jackson Bedbury1:21.50St Paul/O'Hara
8.6Ben Graf1:21.50St Paul/O'Hara
10.8Zach Meeks1:27.28St Paul/O'Hara
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jonathan Ferguson2:25.44Pleasant Hill
2.8Nicholas Cooper2:28.52Pleasant Hill
3.8Carlos Foerster2:39.43St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Ian Loftis2:43.58Fern Ridge
5.7L.T. Hoak2:53.37Fern Ridge
6.6Ben Schepergerde2:59.84St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Mitch Olive3:02.87St Paul/O'Hara
8.6Taron Holaday3:07.40St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Justin Banks3:12.00St Paul/O'Hara
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jake Bisterfelt5:03.62Fern Ridge
2.8Nicholas Cooper5:04.06Pleasant Hill
3.7Josh Harper5:27.06St Paul/O'Hara
4.6J.P. Kiefer5:48.59St Paul/O'Hara
5.6Graysen Hansen5:58.28St Paul/O'Hara
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Nicholas Cooper10:27.78Pleasant Hill
2.8Hayden Harms11:33.71Fern Ridge
3.6J.P. Kiefer11:47.49St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Cody Hernandez12:21.05Pleasant Hill
5.6Graysen Hansen12:27.34St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Nick Lynch13:34.84St Paul/O'Hara
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Coleman Byrum18.09St Paul/O'Hara
8Kiva Perkins18.90Pleasant Hill
2.7Kaelen Byrum19.75St Paul/O'Hara
8Angela Banks19.84Pleasant Hill
3.8Taylor Kesling20.00Fern Ridge
4.7Brandon Teel20.18St Paul/O'Hara
5.7Josh Smallwood20.44St Paul/O'Hara
7.7Derek Wensel20.90Fern Ridge
6.6Ben Schepergerde20.81St Paul/O'Hara
8.8Jacob Cornwell20.97St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Logan McGann20.99St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Alan Knepler21.31St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Jacob Demming21.52Fern Ridge
12.7Bailey Pierce22.78St Paul/O'Hara
6Emma Boys22.92Pleasant Hill
13.7Emitt Cummings24.12St Paul/O'Hara
X 200m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Kevin Affeld31.90Fern Ridge
2.7Logan McGann35.06St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Brandon Teel35.06St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Jacob Demming40.65Fern Ridge
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Abernathy
Kevin Affeld
Wil Opitz
Alex Saenz
51.34Fern Ridge
2.-Relay Team 56.06St Paul/O'Hara
3.-Relay Team 56.34St Paul/O'Hara
4.-Relay Team 58.47St Paul/O'Hara
5.-Ryan Smith
Jacob Moch
Nicholas Cooper
Sky Holliman
58.81Pleasant Hill
6.-Jacob Rochon
Cameron Crawley
Greg Park
Carlos Foerster
1:00.72St Paul/O'Hara
7.-Chris Damewood
Josh Smallwood
Zach Meeks
Bailey Pierce
1:02.68St Paul/O'Hara
8.-Andrew Park
Ben Schepergerde
Liam Henshaw
Bradley Rochon
1:06.75St Paul/O'Hara
9.-Cody Hernandez
Steven Quirk
Jonah Hensler
Ryan Peasley
1:08.05Pleasant Hill
--Andrew Eisel
Max Jones
Sam Dale
Devlin Fehly
DQPleasant Hill
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Abernathy
Wil Opitz
Ian Loftis
Hayden Harms
1:53.28Fern Ridge
2.-Jonathan Ferguson
Sky Holliman
Sam Dale
Devlin Fehly
1:58.37Pleasant Hill
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
8Kaitlyn Sledge21'06"Pleasant Hill
8Vivian Kim19'10"Pleasant Hill
6Steven Quirk17'11"Pleasant Hill
6Lexi Hunsaker17'03"Pleasant Hill
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
2.8Andrew Piper33'04.00Fern Ridge
4.8Ethan Mirabella30'04.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Cameron Crawley30'03.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7JJ Hernandez29'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
7.7David Abernathy27'08.00Fern Ridge
8.8Anders Westlund25'06.00Fern Ridge
9.8Keegan O'Brien24'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Ian Loftis24'05.00Fern Ridge
11.7Eric Hammerschmith24'03.00St Paul/O'Hara
14.6Justin Banks18'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
16.8Andrew Janeczko17'08.00Fern Ridge
17.7Billy Bogard11'10.00Fern Ridge
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alex Saenz92'09Fern Ridge
2.8Anders Westlund83'01Fern Ridge
3.8Garet Ball77'07Pleasant Hill
4.8Keegan O'Brien77'00St Paul/O'Hara
5.7David Abernathy75'02Fern Ridge
6.8Andrew Piper74'02Fern Ridge
7.7Ian Loftis70'00Fern Ridge
8.7Emitt Cummings67'06St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Eric Hammerschmith64'00St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Josh Harper55'11St Paul/O'Hara
11.7Aaron Peasley48'10Pleasant Hill
12.7Ben Walter45'06St Paul/O'Hara
13.8Andrew Janeczko40'06Fern Ridge
14.6Steven Quirk39'02Pleasant Hill
15.7Billy Bogard27'09Fern Ridge
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
1.7Ryan Peasley105'10"Pleasant Hill
2.7Aaron Peasley101'09"Pleasant Hill
6.7Jonah Hensler99'07"Pleasant Hill
8.7Max Jones84'10"Pleasant Hill
12.6Steven Quirk63'05"Pleasant Hill
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
3.8Ethan Mirabella96'01St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Zach Silva96'00St Paul/O'Hara
5.6Nick Lynch92'00St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Dylan Beneat87'03St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Trent Curl84'06Fern Ridge
10.7Eric Hammerschmith79'00St Paul/O'Hara
11.8Mitch Olive77'02St Paul/O'Hara
13.7Jackson Bedbury57'03St Paul/O'Hara
14.8Greg Park56'02St Paul/O'Hara
15.8Zach Meeks40'07St Paul/O'Hara
16.7Billy Bogard25'06Fern Ridge
17.8Andrew Janeczko25'00Fern Ridge
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jonathan Ferguson5'02.00Pleasant Hill
2.8Ian Hopper4'10.00Pleasant Hill
2.8Saxxon Mcgaskey4'10.00Pleasant Hill
4.7Ryan Smith4'08.00Pleasant Hill
4.7Coleman Byrum4'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.8Morgan Kienlen4'06.00Fern Ridge
7.8Carlos Foerster4'04.00St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Kaelen Byrum4'02.00St Paul/O'Hara
8.6Liam Henshaw4'02.00St Paul/O'Hara
8.7Andrew Eisel4'02.00Pleasant Hill
11.7Derick Collins4'00.00Fern Ridge
11.8Mitch Olive4'00.00St Paul/O'Hara
7Chris DamewoodNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Alan KneplerNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Ben WalterNHSt Paul/O'Hara
6Ben GrafNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Emitt CummingsNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Brandon TeelNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Bailey PierceNHSt Paul/O'Hara
6Andrew ParkNHSt Paul/O'Hara
7Josh SmallwoodNHSt Paul/O'Hara
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ian Hopper8'06.00Pleasant Hill
2.7L.T. Hoak6'00.00Fern Ridge
3.7Jacob Marshal5'06.00Fern Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Saxxon Mcgaskey16'00.00Pleasant Hill
3.8Alex Saenz14'09.00Fern Ridge
4.8Sam Dale14'08.00Pleasant Hill
5.7Jacob Rochon14'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Ian Hopper13'10.00Pleasant Hill
6.8Hayden Harms13'10.00Fern Ridge
7.8Jake Bisterfelt13'07.00Fern Ridge
8.6Ben Schepergerde13'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
9.8Morgan Kienlen12'08.00Fern Ridge
10.8Cameron Crawley12'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
11.8Chris Boyce11'11.00St Paul/O'Hara
12.7Trent Curl11'09.00Fern Ridge
13.6Taron Holaday10'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
14.6Bradley Rochon10'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
15.7Ben Walter9'10.00St Paul/O'Hara
16.6Justin Banks9'04.00St Paul/O'Hara
17.6Brennan Lilley8'11.00St Paul/O'Hara
8Taylor KeslingNDFern Ridge
8Jacob MochNDPleasant Hill

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jessica Martin14.09Pleasant Hill
2.7Rachel Auld14.60St Paul/O'Hara
2.6Allie Cutsforth14.60St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Teah Crow15.09Fern Ridge
5.6Lilly Storment15.28St Paul/O'Hara
6.6Madison Martin15.43St Paul/O'Hara
7.6Emilee Russell15.59Fern Ridge
8.8Melanie Sylvestre16.09Fern Ridge
9.8Makena Starner16.23Pleasant Hill
10.7Heidi Mikilas16.28Fern Ridge
11.6Julia Baker16.59Pleasant Hill
12.6Kylie Cobb16.62Fern Ridge
13.8Jaime Mikilas16.71Fern Ridge
14.6Sarah Manwill16.72St Paul/O'Hara
15.6Rosa Kwak16.79St Paul/O'Hara
16.6Ashlie Cole16.84Pleasant Hill
16.7Nikki Long16.84Fern Ridge
18.8Nicole Gant16.91Pleasant Hill
19.6Olivia Del Guercio16.93St Paul/O'Hara
20.8Nikki Hallenbeck17.14St Paul/O'Hara
21.7Mahalia Appel17.50Fern Ridge
22.6Micaela Crawley17.52St Paul/O'Hara
23.7Jenna Laver17.65St Paul/O'Hara
24.6Amanda Perkins17.74St Paul/O'Hara
25.6Madison Penn17.84St Paul/O'Hara
26.6Leah Lowe18.34Fern Ridge
27.6Danielle Jones18.46Fern Ridge
28.8Kim Juaire18.87Fern Ridge
29.6Kriscia Rivas19.25St Paul/O'Hara
30.6Lexi Hunsaker19.75Pleasant Hill
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Shannon Walsh30.09St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Melissa Valenzuela31.06Fern Ridge
3.6Emilee Russell31.34Fern Ridge
4.7Grace Diaz31.65St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Paris Piva31.81Fern Ridge
6.8Alyssa Grimaldi33.06St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Angela Jackson33.16Fern Ridge
8.6Isabella Diaz33.31St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Sierra Kohler33.87Fern Ridge
10.7Heidi Mikilas34.75Fern Ridge
11.8Shelby Harvey35.46Pleasant Hill
12.8Nicole Gant36.25Pleasant Hill
13.8Amanda Robert37.00St Paul/O'Hara
14.8Giuliana Del Guercio37.12St Paul/O'Hara
15.6Danielle Jones42.30Fern Ridge
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Meghan Gesher1:11.06St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Shannon Walsh1:12.75St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Grace Diaz1:14.68St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Paris Piva1:15.40Fern Ridge
5.8Angela Banks1:16.02Pleasant Hill
6.6Jessie Sand1:18.40Fern Ridge
7.6Emma Boys1:19.96Pleasant Hill
8.8Kate Heller1:39.56Fern Ridge
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Susie Baird2:54.50St Paul/O'Hara
2.6Jessie Sand2:57.31Fern Ridge
3.7Molly Bohrer3:00.21St Paul/O'Hara
4.7Megan Faber3:08.21Pleasant Hill
5.6Julia Baker3:11.50Pleasant Hill
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Melissa Valenzuela6:12.37Fern Ridge
2.7Sierra Kohler6:25.81Fern Ridge
3.7Megan Faber6:48.34Pleasant Hill
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Molly Bohrer12:28.58St Paul/O'Hara
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Jacob Moch24.44Pleasant Hill
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Giuliana Del Guercio18.58St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Susie Baird19.20St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Robin Lilley19.83St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Megan Braud19.86St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Melanie Sylvestre21.26Fern Ridge
8.7Jamie Farrari21.98St Paul/O'Hara
9.7Nikki Long22.18Fern Ridge
11.7Maria Stefano23.84St Paul/O'Hara
12.6Felicia Hallenbeck24.37St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Siena Hacker25.84St Paul/O'Hara
14.8Kim Juaire30.06Fern Ridge
X 200m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.7Susie Baird34.97St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Robin Lilley36.66St Paul/O'Hara
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Madison Martin
Isabella Diaz
Allie Cutsforth
Lilly Storment
57.24St Paul/O'Hara
2.-Shannon Walsh
Grace Diaz
Meghan Gesher
Rachel Auld
1:00.15St Paul/O'Hara
3.-Sierra Kohler
Chelsie Pantekock
Melissa Valenzuela
Paris Piva
1:02.40Fern Ridge
4.-Relay Team 1:05.07St Paul/O'Hara
--Siena Hacker
Tori Carlson
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Kriscia Rivas
1:05.22St Paul/O'Hara
5.-Makena Starner
Jessica Martin
Ariel Nelson
RaeLynn Minton
1:05.21Pleasant Hill
6.-Relay Team 1:07.21St Paul/O'Hara
7.-Relay Team 1:10.40St Paul/O'Hara
8.-Alyssa Whalen
Rosa Kwak
Felicia Hallenbeck
Amanda Perkins
1:10.50St Paul/O'Hara
--Kylie Cobb
Emilee Russell
Jessie Sand
Leah Lowe
DQFern Ridge
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rosa Kwak
Isabella Diaz
Olivia Del Guercio
Lilly Storment
2:13.90St Paul/O'Hara
2.-Angela Banks
Jessica Martin
Ariel Nelson
Danielle Chambers
2:14.00Pleasant Hill
3.-Nikki Long
Melanie Sylvestre
Leah Tellez
Kim Juaire
2:30.87Fern Ridge
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
8Saxxon Mcgaskey35'10"Pleasant Hill
7Max Jones30'10"Pleasant Hill
7Ryan Peasley23'05"Pleasant Hill
7Aaron Peasley22'11"Pleasant Hill
8Garet Ball22'11"Pleasant Hill
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Shannon Anderson26'04.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Lauren Grant21'03.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.8Jaime Mikilas19'05.00Fern Ridge
6.7Mahalia Appel18'11.00Fern Ridge
7.7Sami Kast18'07.00St Paul/O'Hara
8.6Amanda Perkins18'04.50St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Tori Carlson18'00.00St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Eryne Grant17'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
12.7Denver Paden13'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kate Heller69'05Fern Ridge
2.8Shannon Anderson58'08St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Jaime Mikilas50'03Fern Ridge
4.6Leah Lowe49'11Fern Ridge
5.7Lauren Grant42'03St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Mahalia Appel39'05Fern Ridge
7.7Heidi Mikilas35'11Fern Ridge
X Javelin - 300g TJ - Varsity - Finals
18.8Kaitlyn Sledge34'02"Pleasant Hill
20.8Vivian Kim32'04"Pleasant Hill
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.7Lauren Grant70'04St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Jenna Laver56'01St Paul/O'Hara
3.7Melissa Valenzuela55'02Fern Ridge
4.7Maria Stefano54'04St Paul/O'Hara
5.6Lilly Storment51'06St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Eryne Grant49'08St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Shannon Anderson47'04St Paul/O'Hara
8.6Guadalupe Gonzalez43'01St Paul/O'Hara
8.6Micaela Crawley43'01St Paul/O'Hara
10.7Sierra Kohler42'06Fern Ridge
11.8Nikki Hallenbeck41'03St Paul/O'Hara
12.6Felicia Hallenbeck39'11St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Lindsey Gorman39'05St Paul/O'Hara
14.6Madison Penn38'05St Paul/O'Hara
15.7Allison Jaros36'04St Paul/O'Hara
16.7Sami Kast35'06St Paul/O'Hara
17.7Denver Paden34'08St Paul/O'Hara
19.6Tori Carlson32'06St Paul/O'Hara
21.6Siena Hacker29'09St Paul/O'Hara
22.6Danielle Jones28'10Fern Ridge
23.6Alyssa Whalen28'01St Paul/O'Hara
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Amanda Robert4'08.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.7Rachel Auld4'02.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Maria Stefano4.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Teah Crow4.00Fern Ridge
3.7Allison Jaros3'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
3.8Robin Lilley3'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
5.7Jamie Farrari3'06.00St Paul/O'Hara
6Kriscia RivasNHSt Paul/O'Hara
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sierra Chouinard5'06.00Fern Ridge
6Jessie SandNHFern Ridge
6Kylie CobbNHFern Ridge
8Paris PivaNHFern Ridge
6Lissa KennedyNHFern Ridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Giuliana Del Guercio12'09.00St Paul/O'Hara
2.8Kiva Perkins12'00.00Pleasant Hill
3.8Alyssa Grimaldi11'11.75St Paul/O'Hara
4.8Jessica Martin11'04.00Pleasant Hill
5.7Megan Braud11'02.00St Paul/O'Hara
6.7Rachel Auld11'00.75St Paul/O'Hara
7.8Angela Banks10'08.00Pleasant Hill
8.6Olivia Del Guercio10'06.75St Paul/O'Hara
9.6Isabella Diaz10'06.50St Paul/O'Hara
10.8RaeLynn Minton10'05.00Pleasant Hill
11.8Kate Heller10'01.00Fern Ridge
12.7Meghan Gesher9'11.00St Paul/O'Hara
13.6Emilee Russell9'08.75Fern Ridge
14.8Angela Jackson9'08.50Fern Ridge
15.7Jenna Laver9'05.00St Paul/O'Hara
15.8Shelby Harvey9'05.00Pleasant Hill
17.8Makena Starner9'03.00Pleasant Hill
17.8Nikki Hallenbeck9'03.00St Paul/O'Hara
19.6Rosa Kwak9'01.50St Paul/O'Hara
20.8Vivian Kim9'00.50Pleasant Hill
21.7Teah Crow8'11.00Fern Ridge
22.8Kaitlyn Sledge8'10.00Pleasant Hill
23.8Sierra Chouinard8'08.25Fern Ridge
24.7Megan Faber8'07.00Pleasant Hill
24.6Julia Baker8'07.00Pleasant Hill
26.6Kriscia Rivas8'00.00St Paul/O'Hara
27.6Felicia Hallenbeck7'11.00St Paul/O'Hara
28.6Leah Lowe7'10.75Fern Ridge
29.7Leah Tellez7'06.75Fern Ridge
30.6Lindsey Gorman7'05.50St Paul/O'Hara
30.6Micaela Crawley7'05.50St Paul/O'Hara
32.6Amanda Perkins7'01.50St Paul/O'Hara
32.6Danielle Jones7'01.50Fern Ridge
34.6Alyssa Whalen7'00.50St Paul/O'Hara
35.6Lexi Hunsaker6'09.25Pleasant Hill
36.6Guadalupe Gonzalez6'04.00St Paul/O'Hara
6Ashlie ColeNDPleasant Hill
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