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Sisters /HiDes/Tum/3Riv

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sisters Middle School, Sisters

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tom Steelhammer12.01High Desert
2.8Kai Martinson12.1High Desert
3.8Jacob Potter12.17High Desert
4.8Tim Hernandez12.70Sisters
5.8Freddy Gonzalez12.75Sisters
6.8Kiere McCutchen13.07Three Rivers
8Parley Ford13.89Sisters
8Sam Summers14.03Sisters
8Tony Pullig14.02Sisters
8Devon Williams16.07Three Rivers
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Curtis Jensen13.33High Desert
2.7Cole Craig13.51Tumalo
3.7Brody Hadley13.57High Desert
4.7Jared Conn13.83High Desert
7Toby Pedrick14.1High Desert
5.7Hector Hernandez14.02High Desert
6.7Tanner Combs14.03High Desert
7Colton Cooper14.24Sisters
7Coleman Schaefer14.66Three Rivers
7Max Taverniti15.01Three Rivers
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Riley Yourdon14.5Three Rivers
2.6Brandon Pollard14.60Sisters
3.6Nico Spring14.91High Desert
5.6Noah Haines15.15High Desert
6Jose Tamayo15.93High Desert
6Waylon Smith16.12Three Rivers
6Cody Feis16.60Tumalo
6Jacob Taylor16.76Three Rivers
6Josh Harris17.35Tumalo
6Daniel Helm18.31Tumalo
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tom Steelhammer25.33High Desert
2.8Brandon Brown26.3High Desert
3.8Kai Martinson26.42High Desert
4.8Ivan Harmon28.28Tumalo
5.8Tony Pullig29.53Sisters
6.8Blake Wallace29.76High Desert
8Parley Ford30.2Sisters
8Spencer Seal30.34Sisters
8Remington Bruce32.59Sisters
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Curtis Jensen28.63High Desert
2.7Brody Hadley28.9High Desert
3.7Colton Cooper29.06Sisters
4.7Tanner Combs29.41High Desert
5.7Jared Conn29.96High Desert
6.7Kyle Bailey31.65High Desert
7Caleb Harrison33.41Three Rivers
7Parker Nichols33.89Three Rivers
7Gabe Reitmann35.16Sisters
7Nick Belmontes43.04Three Rivers
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6.6Max Wegner31.65High Desert
6Samuel Edwards31.92High Desert
6Zach Smith34.47Three Rivers
6Waylon Smith35.09Three Rivers
6Cody Feis36.17Tumalo
6Logan Turney36.70Tumalo
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tom Steelhammer57High Desert
2.8Brandon Brown61High Desert
2.8Jacob Potter61High Desert
8Daniel Ewing1:02High Desert
5.8Freddy Gonzalez1:06Sisters
6.8Trenton Kropf1:08Sisters
7Dylan Sumrall1:14Three Rivers
8Jared Early1:15Sisters
8Tyler Marks1:15Sisters
-Elliot Yoakum1:17Sisters
8Patrick Ely1:35Three Rivers
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Curtis Jensen66High Desert
7Lucas Eschelbach1:09High Desert
7JustinLee Wetzell1:09High Desert
7Kole Kellison1:13High Desert
7Cary Boyer1:19High Desert
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Evan Rickards1:06Sisters
6Jake Baily1:11High Desert
6Nico Spring1:13High Desert
6Niko Crosse1:15High Desert
6Blake Meany1:15Sisters
6Noah Haines1:20High Desert
6Nate Harlan1:23High Desert
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Daniel Ewing2:28High Desert
2.8John Currin2:33Three Rivers
8Justin Coats2:40High Desert
4.8Ian Bozovich2:44Three Rivers
2.7Payton Hill2:47Three Rivers
5.8Drew Smith2:47Three Rivers
8Ryan Knievel2:58High Desert
8Daniel Bennett2:59Sisters
8Jared Early3:06Sisters
8Jasper Harris3:07High Desert
8Sam Wegner3:28High Desert
8Olijawan Walterman3:33Three Rivers
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7JustinLee Wetzell2:45High Desert
7Cary Boyer3:09High Desert
7Kole Kellison3:10High Desert
7Cary Boyer3:10High Desert
7Jacob Wallace3:10High Desert
7Jacob Wallace3:12High Desert
7Jesse Nielsen3:18High Desert
7Jesse Nielsen3:19High Desert
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Devon Calvin2:48Sisters
2.6Jake McAllister2:52Sisters
6Niko Crosse2:58High Desert
6Nico Spring3:02High Desert
6Jake Baily3:07High Desert
5.6Brandon Pollard3:07Sisters
6Paul Fullhart3:21Sisters
6Raymond Steele3:23Sisters
6Isaac Boggess3:30High Desert
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dirk Vandervelde5:02Sisters
2.8Trenton Kropf5:08Sisters
8John Currin5:16Three Rivers
8Justin Coats5:19High Desert
5.8Easton Curtis5:24Sisters
6.8Jose Aguirre5:30Tumalo
8Ryan Knievel6:03High Desert
8Jasper Harris6:08High Desert
8Sam Wegner6:31High Desert
8Austin Brown7:05Three Rivers
6Lucas Karlowisz8:14Three Rivers
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Joey Bechard5:24High Desert
7Lucas Eschelbach5:31High Desert
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Evan Rickards5:20Sisters
2.6Devon Calvin5:34Sisters
3.6Jake McAllister6:07Sisters
4.6Paul Fullhart6:32Sisters
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
8Dylan Collins18.37Three Rivers
8Ian Bozovich20.10Three Rivers
6Riley Yourdon20.75Three Rivers
7Caleb Harrison21.35Three Rivers
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
6.7Gabe Reitmann22.97Sisters
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jake McAllister19.43Sisters
6.6Scott Nelson21.44Sisters
6Devon Calvin21.73Sisters
6Raymond Steele29.53Sisters
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Jacob Potter16.9High Desert
2.8Gavin Gerdes18.33High Desert
4.8Ivan Harmon18.93Tumalo
6.8Justin Short21.68High Desert
7.8Ryan Knievel23.21High Desert
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Tanner Combs19.24High Desert
2.7Cole Craig19.49Tumalo
3.7Kyle Bailey20.58High Desert
4.7Hector Hernandez21.06High Desert
7Logan TroyerntHigh Desert
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
2.6Noah Haines20.30High Desert
4.6Kyler Wyngarden20.86High Desert
6Berkeley Lincicome25.41High Desert
6Casey Kilby27.79High Desert
6Josh Harris28.59Tumalo
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
8Shane Buck34 8High Desert
2.8Shane Hunt34'6"Three Rivers
8Jeremy Capehart34 3High Desert
4.8Drew Smith30'9"Three Rivers
8Scott Steinman30'8High Desert
6.8Sam Summers30'3.5Sisters
8Ivan Harmon29'6Tumalo
8Olijawan Walterman29'2"Three Rivers
8Jose Aguirre28'7Tumalo
8Devon Williams27'10"Three Rivers
8Abel Porraz27'2Sisters
4.7Parker Nichols26'10"Three Rivers
8Patrick Ely22'7"Three Rivers
8Austin Hicks19'9Sisters
8Brett Pray19'5.5Sisters
7Nick Belmontes18'5"Three Rivers
6Jacob Taylor16'3"Three Rivers
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Cole Craig30'11Tumalo
7Danny Sherfield29 7.5High Desert
3.7Colton Cooper29'6Sisters
7Toby Pedrick23'6.5High Desert
7Jacob Wallace23 3High Desert
7Austin Wallace23'3High Desert
7Johnny Englich-Mills22'6Sisters
7Matt Parker21'10.5High Desert
7Sol Ling-Scott21'10Sisters
7Austin Wallace20'6.5High Desert
7Jesse Nielsen19'9High Desert
7Cody Gwin19'8.5High Desert
7Seth Kurtz18'5.5High Desert
7Avery Martin17'1Sisters
X Shot Put - 8lb - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Dalton Hurd23'8.25High Desert
6Jose Tamayo21 11.75High Desert
6Samuel Edwards21High Desert
6Isaac Boggess20 3.5High Desert
6Max Wegner19'3.5High Desert
6.6Daniel Helm19'1Tumalo
6Logan Turney18'6Tumalo
6Cody Feis18'Tumalo
6Canyon O'Neal17'7Sisters
6Andrew Joyce15 6.5High Desert
6Juan Sanchez13'9Sisters
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Drew Smith92'9"Three Rivers
2.8Shane Hunt91'10"Three Rivers
8Jeremy Capehart89'2High Desert
3.7Coleman Schaefer79'1"Three Rivers
4.8Abel Porraz73'00Sisters
5.8Patrick Ely71'6"Three Rivers
6.8Jose Aguirre65'4Tumalo
7Parker Nichols62'7"Three Rivers
2.6Jacob Taylor62'6"Three Rivers
8Scott Steinman58'3High Desert
7Nick Belmontes52'11"Three Rivers
8Devon Williams51'10"Three Rivers
5.6Zach Smith47'4"Three Rivers
8Austin Hicks39'11Sisters
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Cole Craig96'10Tumalo
7Danny Sherfield80'1High Desert
7Joey Bechard72'1High Desert
7Matt Parker66'9High Desert
6.7Johnny Englich-Mills64'3Sisters
7Colton Cooper51'4Sisters
7Cary Boyer42'10High Desert
7Seth Kurtz40'2High Desert
7Avery Martin33'4Sisters
7Trevor Elson33'2Sisters
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Kyler Wyngarden75'6High Desert
3.6Daniel Helm49'9"Tumalo
6.6Logan Turney44' 2Tumalo
6Isaac Boggess43'10High Desert
6Juan Sanchez42'5Sisters
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Tim Hernandez5'3Sisters
8Josiah Cooper5'1High Desert
3.8Davidson Small4'10Sisters
8Dylan Collins4'8"Three Rivers
7Payton Hill4'1"Three Rivers
8Robert Small00Sisters
8Brett Pray00Sisters
8Trevor SchossownhHigh Desert
8Jacob WaggonernhHigh Desert
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Gabe Reitmann00Sisters
7Kyle BaileynhHigh Desert
7Justin NorrisnhHigh Desert
7Matthew KaminskynhHigh Desert
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Scott Nelson4'1Sisters
6Blake Meany00Sisters
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
8Dylan Collins8'6"Three Rivers
1.8Gavin Gerdes8'6High Desert
3.8Jacob Waggoner8High Desert
4.8Blake Wallace7'6High Desert
5.8Justin Short6'6High Desert
6.8Shane Buck5'High Desert
8Remington Bruce00Sisters
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kole Kellison5'6''High Desert
2.7Cody Gwin5'High Desert
7Joey Bechard0'High Desert
7Justin Norris0'High Desert
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Kyler Wyngarden8'High Desert
2.6Berkeley Lincicome5'6''High Desert
3.6Nate Harlan5'High Desert
6Casey Kilby0'High Desert
6Zach Bellew00Sisters
6Juan Sanchez00Sisters
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Josiah Cooper16'7High Desert
2.8Kiere McCutchen15'8"Three Rivers
3.8John Currin13'10"Three Rivers
4.8Spencer Seal13'7Sisters
5.8Ivan Harmon13'6Tumalo
8Daniel Ewing13'3.25High Desert
8Sam Summers13'Sisters
8Parley Ford12'10.5Sisters
8Ian Bozovich12'9"Three Rivers
8Trevor Schossow12'4High Desert
3.6Riley Yourdon12'2"Three Rivers
5.7Dylan Sumrall11'3"Three Rivers
6.7Payton Hill11'1"Three Rivers
7Max Taverniti10'10"Three Rivers
7Caleb Harrison10'4"Three Rivers
8Devon Williams10'4"Three Rivers
7Andrew Schaal10'2"Three Rivers
6.6Zach Smith10'Three Rivers
8Brett Pray9'8.5Sisters
6Lucas Karlowisz9'8"Three Rivers
-Elliot Yoakum9'7Sisters
6Waylon Smith9'5'Three Rivers
7Coleman Schaefer9'2"Three Rivers
8Austin Brown9'Three Rivers
8Austin Hicks8'1.5Sisters
7Nick Belmontes7'6"Three Rivers
6Jacob Taylor7'2"Three Rivers
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Sol Ling-Scott12'0.75Sisters
7Matthew Kaminsky11'11.25High Desert
3.7Johnny Englich-Mills11'6.75Sisters
4.7Gabe Reitmann11'5.25Sisters
7Lucas Eschelbach10'11.5High Desert
7Justin Norris10'4.5High Desert
7Cody Gwin9'5.5High Desert
7Seth Kurtz8'7.5High Desert
7Avery Martin8'7.25Sisters
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Evan Rickards14'6Sisters
2.6Brandon Pollard13'.25Sisters
5.6Josh Harris10'2Tumalo
6Zach Bellew8'11Sisters
6Casey Kilby8'10.5High Desert
6Canyon O'Neal6'7.25Sisters

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ajia Pennavaria13.89High Desert
2.8Anya Hall14.06High Desert
3.8Sara Small14.09Sisters
8Mary Cox14.14Three Rivers
5.8Chelsea Reifschneider14.49Sisters
6.8Jenny Houk14.5Sisters
8McClayne Diener14.61Sisters
8Lauren Chauncey14.64Sisters
8Christa Brandt/Martin14.74High Desert
8Shennan Chick14.93Sisters
8Kelsey Hulse15.08Sisters
8Rebecca Thomas15.31Sisters
7Ella Gum15.34Three Rivers
7Sarah Buchanan15.47Three Rivers
8Mikala Deverell15.45Three Rivers
7Lauren Walters15.75Three Rivers
8Fabiola Schellworth15.86Sisters
6Megan Bozovich16.03Three Rivers
8Nicole Webb16.19Sisters
6Courtney Harris16.72Three Rivers
8Lei Lin Makanani16.95Three Rivers
8Brianna Korn18:23Tumalo
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Kelly Harding14.73High Desert
7Sara Gomez14.99High Desert
7Blakely Abbott15.03High Desert
7Grace Curran15.17High Desert
7Tristyn Combs15.26High Desert
7Clara McCabe15.64Sisters
7Jordan Kropf16.30Sisters
7Alica Cole18.62Sisters
X 100 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Jennifer Velasquez14.78High Desert
2.6Savannah Spear14.79Sisters
3.6Alex Howard14.84High Desert
4.6Brook Blume14.87High Desert
5.6Kaylee Eyerly14.99Sisters
6.6Ivory Hutchins15.17Sisters
6Maiah Hall15.27High Desert
6Haley Carlson15.47Sisters
6Kymber Denfeld15.42Tumalo
6Codie Lagao15.58Sisters
6Kylie Stone16.19High Desert
6Olivia Chandler16.23Sisters
6Emma Clifford16.42Tumalo
6Annie Perrault16.83Tumalo
6Sarah Robinson17.77Tumalo
6Avery VanDuzer18.08Tumalo
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ajia Pennavaria29.5High Desert
2.8Anya Hall30.26High Desert
5.8Christa Brandt/Martin30.91High Desert
8Chelsea Reifschneider31.10Sisters
8Mary Cox31.07Three Rivers
6.8Lauren Rudinsky31.06Sisters
8Jenny Houk31.19Sisters
8Shennan Chick31.33Sisters
7McKenzie Huddleston31.58Three Rivers
8Elise Herron32.01Sisters
8Kelsey Hulse32.46Sisters
8Sera Stinson32.7High Desert
8Samantha Williamson33.15Sisters
8Cassie Davis33.6Three Rivers
8Mikala Deverell33.89Three Rivers
8Fabiola Schellworth34.27Sisters
6Breanna West35.72Three Rivers
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kelly Harding31.08High Desert
2.7Siera Rosser31.17High Desert
4.7Sara Gomez32.29High Desert
5.7Hannah Ditullio32.56High Desert
6.7Clara McCabe32.62Sisters
7Blakely Abbott33.13High Desert
7Mckenzie Beebe33.39High Desert
X 200 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Kaylee Eyerly32.54Sisters
3.6Codie Lagao33.60Sisters
4.6Maiah Hall33.68High Desert
5.6Rachel Cox33.82Sisters
6Ashley Korn42.05Tumalo
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Michelle Young1:08.7Sisters
3.8Zoe McAllister1:09.67Sisters
5.8Samantha Kaiser1:11Sisters
7Katelyn May73Three Rivers
8Mika Fristedt1:13High Desert
8Hannah Harrer1:14Sisters
6Jessica McClay78Three Rivers
8Taylor Withers1:24Tumalo
7Brianna Jones1:31Three Rivers
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kelly Harding1:09High Desert
3.7Siera Rosser1:14High Desert
4.7Amanda St. Clair1:17High Desert
7Kari Hatlestad1:23High Desert
5.7Molly Steelhammer1:23High Desert
6.7Kassandra Cooper1:27High Desert
X 400 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Rachel Cox1:12Sisters
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Maryn Beutler2:45High Desert
2.8Hannah Harrer3:00 Sisters
3.7Katelyn May3:08Three Rivers
5.6Jessica McClay3:09Three Rivers
3.8Sera Stinson3:12High Desert
4.8Geneveie Mackenzie3:19Sisters
5.8Katie Fowlds3:22Three Rivers
6Alexa Shuster3:24Three Rivers
7Hope Youngblood3:28Three Rivers
7Stephanie Harris3:30Three Rivers
6Breanna West4:03Three Rivers
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Mallory Edmunson2:52High Desert
2.7Makeila Lundy2:59High Desert
3.7Jenna Mattox3:08High Desert
5.7Hannah McCullough3:08High Desert
7Kari Hatlestad3:21High Desert
7Jenna Coats3:24High Desert
7Kassandra Cooper3:39High Desert
X 800 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
6Madison Beebe3:23High Desert
6Maria Johnson3:26High Desert
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
8Ajia Pennavaria5:53High Desert
2.8Michelle Young5:56Sisters
3.8Taylor Withers6:48Tumalo
X 1500 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Mallory Edmunson5:46High Desert
7Makeila Lundy5:54High Desert
7Jenna Mattox6:24High Desert
7Hannah McCullough6:25High Desert
7Jenna Coats6:52High Desert
7Taylor Contreras7:56High Desert
X 1500 Meters - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Kristin Nash6:39Tumalo
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Zoe McAllister17.35Sisters
2.8Maryn Beutler17.9High Desert
3.8Anya Hall18.33High Desert
4.8Chelsea Reifschneider18.68Sisters
5.8Shennan Chick19.03Sisters
8Christa Brandt/Martin19.45High Desert
6.8Elise Herron19.41Sisters
8McClayne Diener19.93Sisters
8Fabiola Schellworth20.98Sisters
8Rebecca Thomas21.05Sisters
8Tasha Marler21.44High Desert
7Bethany Rauch23.53Three Rivers
8Lei Lin Makanani24.08Three Rivers
8Tamara Erickson24.21High Desert
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Makeila Lundy20.32High Desert
2.7Mallory Edmunson20.58High Desert
4.7Milea Butler35.63Sisters
7Mekayla IsaakntHigh Desert
7Sara GomezntHigh Desert
7Jessica ZachemntHigh Desert
7Siera RosserntHigh Desert
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Olivia Chandler20.08Sisters
2.6Savannah Spear20.12Sisters
3.6Nina Miller20.49High Desert
4.6Bailey Bremer20.63Sisters
5.6Alex Howard20.95High Desert
6.6Margaret Blaylock20.97High Desert
6Kymber Denfeld21.05Tumalo
6Brook Blume21.01High Desert
6Erin Dow23.46Sisters
6Maddy Anast23.59Sisters
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
8Rylee Courtois23 10High Desert
8Katie Fowlds22'3"Three Rivers
7Ella Gum21'2"Three Rivers
8Danae Walker19'2High Desert
4.8Chloe Stein18'5.5Sisters
6Megan Bozovich18'5"Three Rivers
8Ashley Dunham17'6"Three Rivers
6Courtney Harris17'Three Rivers
7Brianna Jones17'Three Rivers
8Amber Judd16 7High Desert
6Tali Switzer15'4"Three Rivers
8Staci Layton15High Desert
8Miranda Simone14'1Sisters
X Shot Put - 8lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Riley Palcic22'Three Rivers
7Lauren Zivney20'5.25High Desert
7Stephanie Sherfield19'.5High Desert
6.7Alisha Haken18'11.5Sisters
7Amelia Cecchini17'7High Desert
7Alica Cole12'1.25Sisters
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Samantha Kaiser75'2Sisters
2.8Lauren Chauncey67'3Sisters
8Mary Cox64'4"Three Rivers
4.8Taylor Withers51'10Tumalo
7Lauren Walters49'3"Three Rivers
8Ashley Dunham48'6"Three Rivers
7Stephanie Harris48'2"Three Rivers
8Amber Judd46High Desert
7Riley Palcic45'4"Three Rivers
8Rylee Courtois43 7High Desert
8Chloe Stein41'4Sisters
8Miranda Simone38'11Sisters
6Tali Switzer38'Three Rivers
8Staci Layton35 6High Desert
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
7Amelia Cecchini62 6High Desert
3.7Megan Shaw49'1Tumalo
7Lindsey DeWitt46'7High Desert
6.7Jordan Kropf46'4Sisters
7Grace Curran43'7High Desert
7Jenna Mattox38'1High Desert
7Ashlee Andren37'7Sisters
7Taylor Contreras32'8High Desert
X Discus - 1kg - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Kristin Nash56'Tumalo
2.6Abigail Legters40'3Tumalo
3.6Emma Clifford37'2Tumalo
4.6Sarah Robinson36'Tumalo
5.6Avery VanDuzer28'Tumalo
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
8Cassie Davis4'2"Three Rivers
1T8Sara Small4'2Sisters
7McKenzie Huddleston4'Three Rivers
4.8Heaven Marden3'11High Desert
7Ella Gum3'10"Three Rivers
7Sarah Buchanan3'8"Three Rivers
7Hope Youngblood3'8"Three Rivers
6Jessica McClay3'8"Three Rivers
6Megan Bozovich3'8"Three Rivers
8Mikala Deverell3'8"Three Rivers
8Danae Walker3'8High Desert
8Maryn Beutler3'8High Desert
5.8Mika Fristedt3'8High Desert
6Courtney Harris3'5"Three Rivers
7Bethany Rauch3'5"Three Rivers
8Tamara EricksonnhHigh Desert
8Lydia DeignannhHigh Desert
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alisha Haken4'1Sisters
3.7Mekayla Isaak3'10High Desert
5.7Amelia Cecchini3'10High Desert
7Clara McCabe3'8Sisters
6.7Amy Hill3'8High Desert
7Morgan Ball3'5High Desert
7Cierra Deboy3'5High Desert
7Emily Waggoner3'5High Desert
7Kassandra Cooper3'5High Desert
X High Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Alannah Boelter4'2'High Desert
2.6Bailey Bremer4'1Sisters
3.6Madison Beebe4'High Desert
4.6Katy Brown3'10"High Desert
5.6Anna Zerger3'10"High Desert
6T6Erin Dow3'8Sisters
6Kylie StonenhHigh Desert
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Sara Small7'6Sisters
2.8Hannah Harrer7'0Sisters
3T8Zoe McAllister6'0Sisters
3T8Samantha Williamson6'0Sisters
5.8Lauren Rudinsky6'0Sisters
6.8Mika Fristedt5'6High Desert
8Nicole Webb5'0Sisters
8Geneveie Mackenzie5'0Sisters
8Fabiola Schellworth00Sisters
X Pole Vault - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Margaret Blaylock5'1High Desert
2.6Olivia Chandler5'0Sisters
6Maddy Anast00Sisters
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.8Samantha Kaiser12'10.5Sisters
3.8Samantha Williamson12'8.5Sisters
4.8Chelsea Reifschneider12'5.5Sisters
5.8McClayne Diener12'5.25Sisters
6.8Jenny Houk12'1.75Sisters
8Lauren Chauncey12'Sisters
8Shennan Chick11'8.5Sisters
8Kylie Francis11'3.75High Desert
8Danae Walker10'11High Desert
8Sera Stinson10'11High Desert
8Taylor Withers10'11Tumalo
8Kelsey Hulse10'9.5Sisters
6Alexa Shuster10'8"Three Rivers
8Cassie Davis10'4"Three Rivers
8Rebecca Thomas10'1.5Sisters
7McKenzie Huddleston10'Three Rivers
7Katelyn May9'10"Three Rivers
8Lauren Rudinsky9'7Sisters
7Stephanie Harris9'2"Three Rivers
7Lauren Walters8'10"Three Rivers
7Brianna Jones8'6"Three Rivers
8Katie Fowlds8'5"Three Rivers
6Breanna West8'4"Three Rivers
7Hope Youngblood8'3"Three Rivers
8Brianna Korn7'7Tumalo
8Tamara Erickson7'.25High Desert
8Ashley Dunham7'Three Rivers
8Geneveie Mackenzie6'9.5Sisters
8Nicole Webb6'5Sisters
6Tali Switzer5'3"Three Rivers
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alisha Haken12'11.5Sisters
3.7Jordan Kropf11'1Sisters
4.7Tristyn Combs10'10High Desert
6.7Grace Curran10'1.5"High Desert
7Hannah Ditullio9'.5High Desert
7Milea Butler9'0.25Sisters
7Tania Vasquez7'8Tumalo
7Lauren Zivney7'6.5"High Desert
7Alica Cole7'4Sisters
7Ashlee Andren6'5Sisters
X Long Jump - Frosh/Soph - Finals
1.6Codie Lagao11'1.5Sisters
2.6Alannah Boelter10'10.75High Desert
3.6Katy Brown10'10.5High Desert
4.6Erin Dow10'10Sisters
5.6Bailey Bremer10'9Sisters
6Rachel Cox10'5.75Sisters
6Haley Carlson10'1.75Sisters
6Alex Howard10'1.5High Desert
6Emma Clifford9'9Tumalo
6Kristin Nash9'5Tumalo
6Jamie Peterson9'3.75High Desert
6Maria Johnson9'3.25High Desert
6Margaret Blaylock9'3High Desert
6Kylie Stone9'3High Desert
6Annie Perrault9'Tumalo
6Avery VanDuzer8'12Tumalo
6Kymber Denfeld8'11Tumalo
6Madison Beebe8'11High Desert
6Sarah Robinson8'9Tumalo
6Anna Zerger7'9.5High Desert
6Abigail Legters7'3Tumalo
6Ashley Korn7'3Tumalo
6Ivory Hutchins00Sisters
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