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Interstate Athletic Conference Championships

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District of Columbia - IAC
St Albans For Boys
Maryland - Independent
Georgetown Prep
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandon Tisdale11.00aGeorgetown Prep
2.11Seck Barry11.13aSt Albans For Boys
3.12Gunnar Wray11.44aLandon
4.-Scott West11.46aEpiscopal
5.12Chuma Ogunwole11.48aGeorgetown Prep
6.12Everton Batista11.55aSt Stephens and St A...
6.12Everton Batista11.55St Stephens and St A...
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brandon Tisdale11.28aGeorgetown Prep
2.11Seck Barry11.46aSt Albans For Boys
4.12Everton Batista11.71aSt Stephens and St A...
3.-Scott West11.75aEpiscopal
5.12Gunnar Wray11.85aLandon
6.12Chuma Ogunwole11.87aGeorgetown Prep
7.9Justin Grant11.91aBullis
8.11Elijah Gore11.94aBullis
9.-Efayomi Carr11.96aSt Albans For Boys
2.12Everton Batista11.71St Stephens and St A...
10.9Jordan Gear12.08aLandon
11.11Lasse Schmidt12.30aGeorgetown Prep
12.9Ryan Brackett12.37aSt Stephens and St A...
13.-Trevor Crest12.41aEpiscopal
14.9Anthony Deriggs12.48aEpiscopal
15.9Julien Blarel12.72aSt Albans For Boys
16.11Tyler Martinez12.84aBullis
17.12James Pickle12.91aLandon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allante Keels22.45aEpiscopal
1.11Brandon Tisdale22.45aGeorgetown Prep
3.12Ifeanyi Edochie22.88aGeorgetown Prep
4.-Efayomi Carr23.41aSt Albans For Boys
5.12Everton Batista23.42aSt Stephens and St A...
5.12Everton Batista23.42St Stephens and St A...
6.-Scott West24.07aEpiscopal
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brandon Tisdale22.99aGeorgetown Prep
2.11Allante Keels23.17aEpiscopal
3.12Ifeanyi Edochie23.60aGeorgetown Prep
4.12Everton Batista23.71aSt Stephens and St A...
5.-Scott West23.95aEpiscopal
6.-Efayomi Carr24.01aSt Albans For Boys
2.12Everton Batista23.71St Stephens and St A...
7.9Fritz Parker24.16aSt Albans For Boys
8.9Justin Grant24.60aBullis
9.9Jordan Gear24.73aLandon
10.11Sean Jorgensen24.80aBullis
11.11Lasse Schmidt24.88aGeorgetown Prep
12.-Trevor Crest25.06aEpiscopal
13.10James Speight25.84aLandon
14.9Travis Jones25.88aSt Stephens and St A...
5.9Travis Jones25.88St Stephens and St A...
15.11Nick Devane26.18aSt Albans For Boys
16.11Blake Grady26.29aBullis
--10John GreenDNSSt Stephens and St A...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Allante Keels49.03aEpiscopal
2.12Ifeanyi Edochie50.13aGeorgetown Prep
3.10Nick Letourneau52.09aGeorgetown Prep
4.9Fritz Parker52.67aSt Albans For Boys
5.-Jordan Martinez53.18aEpiscopal
6.9Brandon Gleklen53.63aLandon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Allante Keels50.28aEpiscopal
2.12Ifeanyi Edochie52.22aGeorgetown Prep
4.9Fritz Parker53.08aSt Albans For Boys
3.10Nick Letourneau53.72aGeorgetown Prep
5.-Jordan Martinez53.87aEpiscopal
6.9Brandon Gleklen54.42aLandon
7.-Nick Larson55.55aSt Albans For Boys
8.-Spencer Bradley56.05aSt Albans For Boys
9.11Harrison Grady59.68aBullis
10.11Michael Holt59.72aSt Stephens and St A...
11.11Andrew Rudner59.79aBullis
--10Joseph WoiwodeDNSGeorgetown Prep
--11Taurus BrackettDNSSt Stephens and St A...
--12Jamie GabrielDNSLandon
--9John DonelanDNSLandon
--12Francisco PinillosDNSSt Stephens and St A...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ramsey Chapin1:57.03aGeorgetown Prep
2.12Garvey Young2:04.32aGeorgetown Prep
3.12Brian Rooney2:04.43aSt Albans For Boys
4.11Michael Dee2:04.58aSt Albans For Boys
5.10Jordan Clark2:05.49aSt Albans For Boys
6.10Sage Ofray2:06.03aEpiscopal
7.11Shadow Sebele2:06.71aEpiscopal
8.12Cem Pence2:09.07aLandon
8.12Cem Pence2:09.07aLandon
9.11Phil Williams2:09.08aGeorgetown Prep
10.12John Orthwein2:10.34aLandon
11.12Francisco Pinillos2:12.67aSt Stephens and St A...
12.12Patrick Schoen2:17.46aBullis
13.11Aaron Jumani2:21.40aSt Stephens and St A...
14.12Warren Choi2:22.18aEpiscopal
15.11Steven Chu2:25.47aBullis
16.11Michael Holt2:25.48aSt Stephens and St A...
--11Zach HowardDNSBullis
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ramsey Chapin4:25.67aGeorgetown Prep
2.12Brian Rooney4:34.48aSt Albans For Boys
3.11Carl Dennis4:36.68aGeorgetown Prep
4.10Alex Snowdon4:37.14aSt Albans For Boys
5.11Francis Thumpasery4:46.15aSt Albans For Boys
6.12Thomas Hupez4:50.43aGeorgetown Prep
7.11Peter Markoski4:51.48aEpiscopal
8.11Ben Shuford4:53.62aEpiscopal
9.10Stefan Koester5:03.08aSt Stephens and St A...
10.11Chris Hernandez5:04.56aBullis
11.11Steven Chu5:08.12aBullis
12.10Dalton Lamson5:10.11aLandon
13.11Aaron Jumani5:19.00aSt Stephens and St A...
--12Max MarinelliDNSLandon
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Rooney10:17.11aSt Albans For Boys
2.10Jamie Durling10:25.27aSt Albans For Boys
3.11Carl Dennis10:26.59aGeorgetown Prep
4.12Peter Thompson10:38.60aSt Albans For Boys
5.12Max Marinelli10:45.81aLandon
6.10Nick Ashur10:48.02aGeorgetown Prep
7.11Peter Markoski10:59.51aEpiscopal
8.11Ben Shuford11:14.68aEpiscopal
9.11Patrick Hardy11:17.80aEpiscopal
10.11Spencer Whalen11:18.59aLandon
11.10Stefan Koester11:27.71aSt Stephens and St A...
12.11Chris Hernandez11:31.29aBullis
13.12Thomas Hupez11:31.45aGeorgetown Prep
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Seck Barry14.64aSt Albans For Boys
2.12Chuma Ogunwole15.99aGeorgetown Prep
3.10Kaquan Little16.08aBullis
4.9Jelani Molock16.80aSt Stephens and St A...
5.11Justin Taylor17.22aEpiscopal
6.10Nick McGuire18.53aGeorgetown Prep
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Seck Barry15.48aSt Albans For Boys
3.12Chuma Ogunwole15.93aGeorgetown Prep
2.10Kaquan Little16.57aBullis
4.10Nick McGuire16.90aGeorgetown Prep
5.9Jelani Molock17.02aSt Stephens and St A...
3.9Jelani Molock17.02St Stephens and St A...
6.11Justin Taylor17.66aEpiscopal
7.12Colter Phillips18.74aGeorgetown Prep
8.11Kaleem Washington18.82aSt Albans For Boys
9.12Kyle McGinnis19.43aLandon
10.11Beau Young20.12aSt Albans For Boys
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Seck Barry39.96aSt Albans For Boys
2.10Nick McGuire41.33aGeorgetown Prep
3.10Kaquan Little41.63aBullis
4.11Kaleem Washington41.76aSt Albans For Boys
5.12Chuma Ogunwole43.24aGeorgetown Prep
6.9Jelani Molock43.28aSt Stephens and St A...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Seck Barry42.01aSt Albans For Boys
2.10Nick McGuire42.21aGeorgetown Prep
3.10Kaquan Little43.25aBullis
4.9Jelani Molock43.30aSt Stephens and St A...
5.12Chuma Ogunwole43.58aGeorgetown Prep
6.11Kaleem Washington43.65aSt Albans For Boys
7.11Justin Taylor44.98aEpiscopal
8.11Beau Young46.25aSt Albans For Boys
9.12Kyle McGinnis46.68aLandon
10.12Jimmie Johnson III49.30aGeorgetown Prep
--9Archie OdenyoDNSEpiscopal
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.38aGeorgetown Prep
2.-Relay Team 44.03aEpiscopal
3.-Relay Team 45.04aBullis
4.-Relay Team 46.06aSt Stephens and St A...
5.-Relay Team 46.64aSt Albans For Boys
6.-Gunnar Wray
James Pickle
Jordan Ford
James Speight
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:23.55aGeorgetown Prep
2.-Relay Team 3:28.35aEpiscopal
3.-James Gabriel
Jordan Gear
John Orthwein
Gunnar Wray
4.-Relay Team 3:34.99aSt Albans For Boys
5.-Relay Team 3:41.19aSt Albans For Boys
5.-Relay Team 3:41.19St Stephens and St A...
6.-Relay Team 3:44.38aBullis
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:17.50aGeorgetown Prep
2.-Relay Team 8:20.05aSt Albans For Boys
3.-Relay Team 8:47.21aEpiscopal
4.-Max Marinelli
John Orthwein
Dalton Lamson
Cem W Pence
5.-Relay Team 9:21.54aBullis
---Relay Team DNSSt Stephens and St A...
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Shiels47-00.75Episcopal
2.10Glen Thomas46-11.00St Albans For Boys
3.12Derrick Pharr45-02.50Georgetown Prep
4.12Colter Phillips41-07.50Georgetown Prep
5.12Jordan Ford41-05.25Landon
6.12Edgar Sheppard Jr.41-04.25Georgetown Prep
7.-Tay Smith-Kiawu38-10.00Georgetown Prep
8.12George Gordan38-05.75Bullis
9.11Robert Asmar38-03.50St Stephens and St A...
9.11Robert Asmar38'3St Stephens and St A...
10.11Lester Batiste35-08.25Episcopal
11.-Ron Langley35-07.00St Albans For Boys
12.-Lennard Johnson35-06.50St Albans For Boys
13.10Laith Wallschleger34-11.00St Stephens and St A...
14.12James Pickle33-03.00Landon
15.11Cameron Williams33-01.75St Stephens and St A...
16.12Richard Clayton33-00.50Bullis
17.12Whitson Huffman30-11.25Landon
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Shiels142-06Episcopal
2.12Jordan Ford119-05Landon
3.12Edgar Sheppard Jr.111-04Georgetown Prep
4.-Ron Langley111-03St Albans For Boys
5.12Tyler Matuella109-05Georgetown Prep
6.-J.P Garry101-03St Albans For Boys
7.11Lester Batiste100-01Episcopal
8.12Richard Clayton97-06.50Bullis
9.10Mike Jones95-07.50Episcopal
10.12Whitson Huffman91-09Landon
11.-Lennard Johnson88-07.50St Albans For Boys
12.10Laith Wallschleger88-03St Stephens and St A...
13.12Jamie Gabriel58-10.50Landon
--11Robert AsmarDNSSt Stephens and St A...
--12Colter PhillipsDNSGeorgetown Prep
--12George GordanDNSBullis
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Efosa Guobadia5-10.00St Albans For Boys
2.-Cody Wisker5-08.00Episcopal
2.-Alvin Tucker5-08.00Georgetown Prep
4.-Nelson Jenkins5-08.00Episcopal
5.10Alex Edwards5-06.00St Stephens and St A...
6.-Tajh Restrepo5-06.00Episcopal
7.-Michael Boyajian5-04.00St Albans For Boys
8.10Reggie Carter5-04.00Georgetown Prep
9.10Brian Bracey5-02.00St Stephens and St A...
10.-Nick Larson5-00.00St Albans For Boys
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jamie Gabriel12-00.00Landon
2.-Michael Boyajian10-06.00St Albans For Boys
3.12Gunnar Wray8-06.00Landon
4.10Beau Lukas8-00.00St Albans For Boys
5.9Brennan Gillis7-00.00St Albans For Boys
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ifeanyi Edochie20-02.00Georgetown Prep
2.10Nick Letourneau20-00.25Georgetown Prep
3.-Efayomi Carr19-11.00St Albans For Boys
4.9Efosa Guobadia19-10.00St Albans For Boys
5.-Tajh Restrepo19-02.75Episcopal
6.9Jordan Gear19-01.00Landon
7.10Reggie Carter18-07.50Georgetown Prep
8.-Nelson Jenkins18-05.50Episcopal
9.10Alex Edwards18-04.50St Stephens and St A...
10.11Henry Bernstein18-02.50Bullis
11.11Kaleem Washington18-00.50St Albans For Boys
12.10Brian Bracey16-10.50St Stephens and St A...
--9Anthony DeriggsFOULEpiscopal
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Garvey Young45-07.75Georgetown Prep
2.-Efayomi Carr44-02.00St Albans For Boys
3.-Tajh Restrepo43-05.00Episcopal
4.9Archie Odenyo42-02.00Episcopal
5.-Nelson Jenkins41-03.00Episcopal
6.10Reggie Carter40-05.25Georgetown Prep
7.10Alex Edwards39-02.75St Stephens and St A...
8.11Fred Kajumba-Kalema38-01.50St Stephens and St A...
9.11Taurus Brackett37-10.50St Stephens and St A...
10.-Nick Larson37-07.00St Albans For Boys
11.11Beau Young37-04.00St Albans For Boys
12.10Nick McGuire35-06.00Georgetown Prep
13.11Sean Jorgensen34-08.75Bullis
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