Lutheran South Invitational

Saturday, May 09, 2009 - Meet Website
  Affton HS-Robert G. Brunette Sports Complex, St. Louis - Map

  Field Events Start: 9:00 AM  Track Events Start: 9:00 AM
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Illinois - 2A
Missouri - Class 2
SEASt Elizabeth Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christian Tobias11.62aMary Institute-Count...
2.12Don Brewer11.69aSoldan International...
3.12Terrence King11.71aSoldan International...
4.10Bakari Woods12.02aTrinity Catholic
5.9Sean Benedict12.05aAffton
6.9Gerrod Williams12.12aJohn Burroughs
7.10Dan Kuehner12.15aTrinity Catholic
8.11Andrew Rivers12.25aLutheran South
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Christian Tobias11.67aMary Institute-Count...
2.12Don Brewer11.69aSoldan International...
5.9Gerrod Williams11.97aJohn Burroughs
3.10Dan Kuehner12.05aTrinity Catholic
6.12Terrence King12.06aSoldan International...
7.11Andrew Rivers12.08aLutheran South
8.9Sean Benedict12.11aAffton
9.11Martez McGee-Smith12.18aLutheran North
4.10Bakari Woods12.24aTrinity Catholic
10.12Justin Giles12.41aMary Institute-Count...
11.9Keith Degler12.47aWestminster Christian
12.11Tony Burrus12.57aBishop Dubourg
13.10Kevin Gilbert12.75aJohn Burroughs
14.11Alex Lindstrom13.18aWestminster Christian
15.9Ben Abeln13.23aLutheran South
16.10Kwabe Oyirifi24.88aAffton
10Eric WashingtonDQLutheran North
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marquise Hill22.73aTrinity Catholic
2.12Christian Tobias23.27aMary Institute-Count...
3.12Don Brewer23.47aSoldan International...
4.9AJ Hicks23.70aLutheran North
5.12Venneil Smith23.82aSoldan International...
6.10Jonathan Lauer23.83aLutheran South
7.9Sean Benedict24.33aAffton
11David MeyerDQWestminster Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Marquise Hill23.02aTrinity Catholic
2.12Christian Tobias23.40aMary Institute-Count...
3.9AJ Hicks23.41aLutheran North
4.12Venneil Smith23.67aSoldan International...
4.12Don Brewer23.67aSoldan International...
6.10Jonathan Lauer23.80aLutheran South
7.11David Meyer23.81aWestminster Christian
8.9Sean Benedict23.89aAffton
9.10Alex Walters24.08aTrinity Catholic
10.11Chris Graham24.10aMary Institute-Count...
11.9Gerrod Williams24.37aJohn Burroughs
11.11Andrew Rivers24.37aLutheran South
13.11Desmond Moore24.45aLutheran North
14.11Arthur Townsend25.95aJohn Burroughs
15.11Alex Lindstrom26.04aWestminster Christian
16.10Kwabe Oyirifi56.18aAffton
9Aaron WittmanDQBishop Dubourg
11Tony BurrusDQBishop Dubourg
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marquise Hill51.26aTrinity Catholic
2.10Jonathan Lauer51.89aLutheran South
3.12Justin Welch52.46aLutheran North
4.10Cletus Hatten52.69aLutheran North
5.10Toma Peebles52.72aTrinity Catholic
6.12Drew Wendt53.12aWestminster Christian
7.12James Groerich53.29aLutheran South
8.10Corbin Nichols53.86aMary Institute-Count...
9.12Courtney Lacey54.96aSoldan International...
10.9Sam Schnabel55.12aJohn Burroughs
11.11Arthur Townsend55.79aJohn Burroughs
12.9Tyler Lawson57.39aBishop Dubourg
13.9Peter Duell57.79aWestminster Christian
14.9Sean Talley1:00.83aAffton
11Mark McGowanDQAffton
12Don BrewerDQSoldan International...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Zisser1:58.17aLutheran South
2.10Daniel Everett1:59.91aWestminster Christian
3.12Nick Evens2:03.71aJohn Burroughs
4.9Kurly Taylor2:06.81aSoldan International...
5.10Corbin Nichols2:07.81aMary Institute-Count...
6.11Adam Tanney2:09.52aLutheran North
7.11David Steffens2:11.18aLutheran South
8.11Ryan Tucker2:11.75aLutheran North
9.9Shaun Peters2:13.52aBishop Dubourg
10.11Christian Smith2:15.52aSoldan International...
11.9Peter Hibbeler2:16.09aBishop Dubourg
12.10Albert Hammons2:17.02aTrinity Catholic
11Dan MohanDQTrinity Catholic
10Timothy RossDQJohn Burroughs
10RJ QuimbyDQAffton
12Calvin BoeschDQWestminster Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Prahlow4:33.51aLutheran North
2.10David Everett4:40.75aWestminster Christian
3.11Ryan Tucker4:45.82aLutheran North
4.10Jordan Mann4:46.29aMary Institute-Count...
5.11Dan Mohan4:48.59aTrinity Catholic
6.10Danny Keith4:49.26aWestminster Christian
7.10Bradley Hart4:49.69aLutheran South
8.9Kurly Taylor4:51.06aSoldan International...
9.11Charley Field4:51.19aMary Institute-Count...
10.12Jimmy Koester4:52.19aBishop Dubourg
11.12Philip Gruenwald4:52.53aLutheran South
12.9Peter Hibbeler4:55.33aBishop Dubourg
13.9Jimmy Zender4:58.60aAffton
14.11Michael Tolan5:14.01aJohn Burroughs
15.11Christian Smith5:15.85aSoldan International...
16.10Josh Hanten5:30.80aTrinity Catholic
12Taylor SeabaughDQJohn Burroughs
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chris Noda10:25.53aMary Institute-Count...
2.10Danny Keith10:27.80aWestminster Christian
3.11Eric McDonnell10:37.07aLutheran South
4.12Rob Poeppelmeier11:02.50aJohn Burroughs
5.10Chris Floyd11:08.66aLutheran North
6.10Mike Merchant11:09.40aLutheran North
7.11Brian Butler11:23.19aLutheran South
12Aaron ChisumDQSoldan International...
12Jimmy KoesterDQBishop Dubourg
10Josh HantenDQTrinity Catholic
12Nick EvensDQJohn Burroughs
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Martin Hill15.98aLutheran North
2.10Justin Bryant16.32aBishop Dubourg
3.12Jusean Archibald16.33aTrinity Catholic
4.11Garrett Beckham16.85aTrinity Catholic
5.11Russell Lamkin16.96aMary Institute-Count...
6.12Sam Kost17.05aLutheran North
7.10Carson Pryor17.42aMary Institute-Count...
8.9Sam Hoff18.28aLutheran South
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Martin Hill15.73aLutheran North
2.10Justin Bryant16.33aBishop Dubourg
3.12Jusean Archibald16.66aTrinity Catholic
5.12Sam Kost16.70aLutheran North
4.11Garrett Beckham16.79aTrinity Catholic
6.10Carson Pryor17.13aMary Institute-Count...
7.11Russell Lamkin17.27aMary Institute-Count...
8.9Sam Hoff17.73aLutheran South
9.11Aaron Mann19.00aBishop Dubourg
10.9Tyler Sanft19.39aLutheran South
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Russell Lamkin41.90aMary Institute-Count...
2.10Grant Wallace41.94aJohn Burroughs
3.10Justin Bryant42.47aBishop Dubourg
4.12Sam Kost43.27aLutheran North
5.11Najja Marshall44.35aJohn Burroughs
6.10Carson Pryor44.54aMary Institute-Count...
7.9Sam Hoff45.88aLutheran South
8.11Vince Gaia46.31aTrinity Catholic
9.11Aaron Mann46.95aBishop Dubourg
10.9Anthony Freeman48.85aSoldan International...
11.11Martin Hill49.05aLutheran North
12.12Ben Ema50.45aLutheran South
9Eldridge CherryDQSoldan International...
12Jusean ArchibaldDQTrinity Catholic
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
44.25aTrinity Catholic
44.59aSoldan International...
3.-Relay Team 44.60aJohn Burroughs
4.-Relay Team 44.95aLutheran North
5.-Rick Lottenbach
Christian Tobias
Harrison Ivie
Chris Graham
45.82aMary Institute-Count...
6.-Relay Team 47.62aLutheran South
7.-Sean Talley
Michael McNeil
Joe Krabbe
Sean Benedict
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1:30.79aTrinity Catholic
2.-Relay Team 1:32.63aJohn Burroughs
3.-Relay Team 1:33.30aLutheran North
1:33.60aSoldan International...
5.-Justin Giles
Chris Graham
Rhyan Henson
Jordan Evans
1:36.97aMary Institute-Count...
6.-Victor Alexander
Keith Degler
David Meyer
Drew Wendt
1:37.10aWestminster Christian
7.-Relay Team 1:41.04aBishop Dubourg
8.-Sean Talley
Michael McNeil
Julian Heine
Sean Benedict
-Relay Team DQLutheran South
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-James Groerich
Jonathan Lauer
Alex Zisser
Dean Odegard
3:29.90aLutheran South
2.-Russell Lamkin
Rhyan Henson
Corbin Nichols
Christian Tobias
3:33.80aMary Institute-Count...
3.-Victor Alexander
Daniel Everett
David Meyer
Drew Wendt
3:34.60aWestminster Christian
4.-Relay Team 3:34.70aLutheran North
5.-Relay Team 3:41.01aJohn Burroughs
3:42.28aSoldan International...
DQTrinity Catholic
-Relay Team DQSt Marys (Saint Louis)
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Calvin Boesch
David Everett
Kevin Taylor
Daniel Everett
8:07.69aWestminster Christian
2.-Relay Team 8:26.68aJohn Burroughs
3.-Relay Team 8:40.26aLutheran North
4.-Relay Team 8:48.40aLutheran South
9:28.64aTrinity Catholic
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Curtis Yancy45-01.50Mary Institute-Count...
2.12Donovan Taylor43-06.75Soldan International...
3.12Mike Kruse42-05.00Westminster Christian
4.12Scott Bates41-09.00Lutheran South
5.12Derek Sanderson41-03.50Mary Institute-Count...
6.10Joesph Bratkowski40-04.25John Burroughs
7.12Damien Jones39-00.25Affton
8.10Todd Johnson38-09.00Lutheran South
9.10Fade Oluokun38-07.00John Burroughs
10.11David Johnson37-07.50Lutheran North
11.12Kenton Coffman36-09.50Westminster Christian
12.11Danny Underwood35-11.50Lutheran North
13.10Brett Turnbough35-10.00Trinity Catholic
14.11Chris Blackwell35-07.50Soldan International...
15.9Joe Klatt34-07.00Bishop Dubourg
15.10Joe Krabbe34-07.00Affton
17.12James Fisher34-03.00Trinity Catholic
18.10Nick Winterbauer32-08.00Bishop Dubourg
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Curtis Yancy153-06Mary Institute-Count...
2.12Mike Kruse131-09Westminster Christian
3.12Scott Bates124-08Lutheran South
4.10Todd Johnson123-04Lutheran South
5.12Brennan Grone119-02Westminster Christian
6.10Brett Turnbough117-01Trinity Catholic
7.10Joe Krabbe111-02Affton
8.10Fade Oluokun111-00John Burroughs
9.11Alex Wolfrum109-05John Burroughs
10.12James Fisher99-05Trinity Catholic
11.11David Johnson96-09Lutheran North
12.10Andrew Huber95-10Mary Institute-Count...
13.11Danny Underwood91-03Lutheran North
14.11Bryce Stokes-Haynie83-00Bishop Dubourg
15.11Billy Adams81-06Affton
16.10Nick Winterbauer79-07Bishop Dubourg
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Grant Nicholas5-10.00John Burroughs
2.12Terrence King5-08.50Soldan International...
3.11Garrett Beckham5-08.25Trinity Catholic
3.12Dean Odegard5-08.25Lutheran South
5.10Harrison Ivie5-08.00Mary Institute-Count...
6.12Thomas Worthy5-06.25Lutheran North
7.12Brett Justus5-06.00Lutheran South
8.12Mike Ross5-04.25Trinity Catholic
9.9Christopher Ivie5-04.00Mary Institute-Count...
9.9Jordan Brewer5-04.00Soldan International...
11.9Jimmy Zender5-02.00Affton
9Jean PierreDQAffton
11Josh BryantDQBishop Dubourg
10Anthony GowdyDQLutheran North
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Abrams13-00.00John Burroughs
2.12Dean Odegard12-06.00Lutheran South
3.11Aaron Sterling11-06.00Lutheran South
4.12Evan Kutta11-00.00Mary Institute-Count...
5.12Sam Kost10-06.00Lutheran North
6.10Alex Frost10-00.00Mary Institute-Count...
7.9Conner McNeil8-00.00Affton
8.9Jimmy Zender7-00.00Affton
11Matt McDonaldDQJohn Burroughs
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Martin Hill19-05.50Lutheran North
2.12Jusean Archibald19-03.50Trinity Catholic
3.12Steven Sax18-11.00Lutheran South
4.12Brett Justus18-09.00Lutheran South
5.10Anthony Gowdy18-04.50Lutheran North
6.10Harrison Ivie17-09.00Mary Institute-Count...
7.11Max Campbell17-07.00John Burroughs
8.12Mike Ross17-06.00Trinity Catholic
9.10Bobby Moenigmann17-00.50Bishop Dubourg
10.9Aaron Wittman16-10.00Bishop Dubourg
11.11Henry Schmidt16-07.50John Burroughs
12.11William Hunt16-05.50Soldan International...
13.9Christopher Ivie15-07.50Mary Institute-Count...
9Jean PierreDQAffton
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Gowdy40-11.50Lutheran North
2.10Richard Burrus39-10.75Lutheran North
3.12Jusean Archibald39-09.75Trinity Catholic
4.12Brett Justus39-09.50Lutheran South
5.12Steven Sax39-02.75Lutheran South
6.11Max Campbell38-04.00John Burroughs
7.10Harrison Ivie37-09.00Mary Institute-Count...
8.11Rhyan Henson37-08.50Mary Institute-Count...
9.9Jordan Brewer37-08.00Soldan International...
10.9Vince Vance34-08.50John Burroughs
11.11Doug Hoffmann30-03.00Bishop Dubourg
10David MinorDQTrinity Catholic
9Jean PierreDQAffton

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth12.46aVilla Duchesne
2.11Rontacial Rogers12.96aCahokia
3.10Lauren Waterbury13.11aMary Institute-Count...
4.9Peyton Chaney13.17aNerinx Hall
5.11Mary Kate Mullen13.19aCor Jesu Academy
6.10Josilyn McGeeSmith13.36aLutheran North
7.10Mone' Bulard14.09aCahokia
11Jessica CollinsDQRosati-Kain
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth12.71aVilla Duchesne
2.11Rontacial Rogers13.10aCahokia
3.10Lauren Waterbury13.11aMary Institute-Count...
6.9Peyton Chaney13.22aNerinx Hall
4.11Mary Kate Mullen13.30aCor Jesu Academy
7.10Josilyn McGeeSmith13.34aLutheran North
5.10Mone' Bulard13.55aCahokia
8.11Jessica Collins13.61aRosati-Kain
9.9Taylor Porter13.70aAffton
10.12Makida Seward13.79aRosati-Kain
11.11Taylor Kennedy13.99aSt Josephs Academy
12.10Caitlin Shukwit14.18aCor Jesu Academy
13.9Cheyenne Hoerr14.20aAffton
14.10Alex Mosby14.21aUrsuline Academy
15.11Morgan Chelew14.22aUrsuline Academy
16.12Che Andrews14.37aNerinx Hall
17.9Andrea Hopkins14.63aLutheran North
18.9Sydney Devault14.66aSt Elizabeth Academy
19.12Brittany Tanner14.69aLutheran South
20.12Rikki Byrd14.91aSt Elizabeth Academy
20.11Missy Oliver14.91aWestminster Christian
22.9Sydney Jamison14.95aIncarnate Word Academy
23.9Kelly Krus15.32aBishop Dubourg
24.10Morgan Chapman15.44aSt Josephs Academy
25.9Brianna Smith15.50aTrinity Catholic
26.9Abi Leibovich15.57aWestminster Christian
27.10Taylor Kirchwehm15.90aLutheran South
28.11Allie Brown16.84aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
29.12Brittany Heinzer16.89aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
30.9Catherine Honigfort18.64aVisitation Academy
9Molly RadleyDQVisitation Academy
12Skylar AllenDQTrinity Catholic
9Krysten LaneDQIncarnate Word Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth24.93aVilla Duchesne
2.11Rontacial Rogers26.33aCahokia
3.12Kayla Person26.40aIncarnate Word Academy
4.12Lisa Buck26.43aCor Jesu Academy
5.11Mary Kate Mullen27.27aCor Jesu Academy
6.11Jessica Collins27.63aRosati-Kain
7.9Brianna Arps27.70aIncarnate Word Academy
8.10Mone' Bulard28.34aCahokia
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth25.23aVilla Duchesne
2.12Lisa Buck26.70aCor Jesu Academy
3.12Kayla Person26.78aIncarnate Word Academy
4.11Rontacial Rogers26.94aCahokia
6.11Jessica Collins27.20aRosati-Kain
5.10Mone' Bulard27.47aCahokia
7.11Mary Kate Mullen27.47aCor Jesu Academy
8.9Brianna Arps27.52aIncarnate Word Academy
9.10Josilyn McGeeSmith28.05aLutheran North
10.11Caroline Min28.08aJohn Burroughs
11.9Peyton Chaney28.10aNerinx Hall
12.10Andrea Hessler28.11aUrsuline Academy
13.9Morgan Hart28.34aTrinity Catholic
14.9Dana Kaempfe28.46aLutheran South
15.11Morgan Chelew28.74aUrsuline Academy
16.9Heather Cousins28.97aMary Institute-Count...
17.10Nyeshia Melton29.24aLutheran North
18.12Bridgette Shamleffer29.80aSt Josephs Academy
19.10Nicolette Clynes29.84aSt Josephs Academy
20.9Olivia Treischmann29.94aMary Institute-Count...
21.11Missy Oliver30.87aWestminster Christian
22.12Brittany Tanner31.32aLutheran South
23.11Mary Eveker31.62aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
24.9Abi Leibovich31.74aWestminster Christian
24.10Jenee Rideaux31.74aJohn Burroughs
26.9Brianna Smith32.28aTrinity Catholic
27.11Julie Hoffman33.32aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
28.9Jill Hark34.42aBishop Dubourg
10Leah GantzDQVisitation Academy
9Brianna WhitneyDQSt Elizabeth Academy
10Jalissa WattDQSt Elizabeth Academy
9Santina EckerDQAffton
10Briana PowersDQAffton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth58.00aVilla Duchesne
2.11Jessica Collins1:02.03aRosati-Kain
3.9Brianna Arps1:03.20aIncarnate Word Academy
4.10Andrea Hessler1:03.27aUrsuline Academy
5.12Janell Brooks1:03.77aIncarnate Word Academy
6.10Natalie Fortune1:04.04aUrsuline Academy
7.10Fredricka Walker1:04.11aCahokia
8.9Morgan Hart1:04.30aTrinity Catholic
9.12Bridgette Shamleffer1:04.34aSt Josephs Academy
10.11Chelsea Zavilla1:04.61aCor Jesu Academy
11.10Camille Todd1:05.27aNerinx Hall
12.9Ashlyn Harris1:05.47aCahokia
13.9Siebert Kimmie1:05.65aBishop Dubourg
14.9Dana Kaempfe1:06.05aLutheran South
15.12Amanda Schaffner1:06.42aWestminster Christian
16.10Rin Palmer1:06.87aMary Institute-Count...
17.11Kim Gorman1:07.21aCor Jesu Academy
18.9Devan Sanders1:07.22aJohn Burroughs
19.10Megan Sheahan1:07.49aVilla Duchesne
20.11Jacqueline Sewester1:07.79aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
21.10Rosalind Dreyer1:08.09aJohn Burroughs
22.10Erin Hoffmann1:08.92aNerinx Hall
23.10Claire Domain1:09.68aSt Elizabeth Academy
24.10Krista Karg1:10.45aLutheran North
25.11Mariah Evans1:10.62aLutheran North
26.9Catie Fedyk1:13.19aSt Josephs Academy
27.9Erin Finnegan1:16.89aVisitation Academy
28.11Julie Hoffman1:19.59aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
9Olivia TreischmannDQMary Institute-Count...
9Lauren DaltonDQLutheran South
9Abi LeibovichDQWestminster Christian
10Nastanet TaemeDQSt Elizabeth Academy
10Briana PowersDQAffton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Renee Goodenough2:23.53aNerinx Hall
2.9Amanda Behnke2:30.53aLutheran South
3.11Julia D'Souza2:33.85aVisitation Academy
4.10Jamiya Little2:35.04aCahokia
5.10Anne Rathje2:36.01aLutheran North
6.12Meghan Jones2:36.64aCor Jesu Academy
7.10Robin Raynor2:36.77aAffton
8.11Margi Sant2:37.84aMary Institute-Count...
9.11Maggie Gibbs2:38.64aRosati-Kain
10.12Mary Grace Bruntrage2:39.98aNerinx Hall
11.9Alexis Jennings2:40.41aCor Jesu Academy
12.9Libby Boyle2:40.48aVilla Duchesne
13.9Siebert Kimmie2:42.49aBishop Dubourg
14.12Anne DeBartolo2:42.95aSt Josephs Academy
15.11Alex Doellefeld2:43.41aUrsuline Academy
16.11Alyssa Perley2:43.71aRosati-Kain
17.10Emily Mallow2:43.95aIncarnate Word Academy
18.12Tracy Sexton2:44.61aUrsuline Academy
19.10Michelle Haten2:48.53aIncarnate Word Academy
20.11Katie Wenberg2:49.03aWestminster Christian
21.11Leena Malik2:52.40aMary Institute-Count...
22.10Ali Makowski2:52.83aSt Josephs Academy
23.11Tynesha Bejoile2:54.07aCahokia
24.10Liz Michaelree2:58.07aBishop Dubourg
25.10Kami Latta2:58.34aJohn Burroughs
26.9Meagan Schmidt3:01.11aLutheran North
27.11Megan Cunningham3:02.61aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
28.9Audrianna Ebel3:03.78aVilla Duchesne
29.10Michelle Creek3:03.88aLutheran South
30.10Gretchen Freund3:14.49aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
31.10Audrey McCandless3:19.59aVisitation Academy
9Santina EckerDQAffton
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julie Sharp5:33.63aWestminster Christian
2.10Anne Rathje5:42.04aLutheran North
3.11Margi Sant5:42.94aMary Institute-Count...
4.11Molly Votaw5:47.51aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
5.10Kathy McCormack5:48.05aAffton
6.11Tess Johnson5:54.29aRosati-Kain
7.12Courtney Wester5:58.59aUrsuline Academy
8.10Anna Wattles6:00.73aVilla Duchesne
9.9Bryggen Korte6:00.99aSt Josephs Academy
10.12Diana Fox6:01.42aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
11.11Jenny Aubuchon6:01.69aUrsuline Academy
12.10Anna Chott6:02.62aNerinx Hall
13.11Amber Gase6:05.96aRosati-Kain
14.10Carly Bartow6:08.39aLutheran South
15.11Rebecca Harner6:11.27aWestminster Christian
16.11Margaret Van Cleve6:12.74aMary Institute-Count...
17.11Laura Profumo6:22.11aIncarnate Word Academy
18.11Marielle Counts6:24.95aLutheran South
19.9Meagan Schmidt6:25.01aLutheran North
20.10Molly Millford6:27.65aNerinx Hall
21.9Meg Buckley6:30.02aCor Jesu Academy
22.12Vanessa Steger6:34.80aVisitation Academy
23.10Rachel Rockmann6:37.96aIncarnate Word Academy
24.12Caitlin O'Brien6:38.86aCor Jesu Academy
25.12Jalana Elfrink6:52.80aSt Elizabeth Academy
26.11Annabelle Wilmott6:55.21aVilla Duchesne
27.11Margaret Dillon6:58.71aSt Josephs Academy
28.10Katie Mohan7:16.28aVisitation Academy
29.10Paige Eckert7:19.68aAffton
12Tory DilleDQJohn Burroughs
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Colleen Quigley11:26.75aNerinx Hall
2.10Grace Bridwell11:46.90aMary Institute-Count...
3.11Julie Sharp12:02.85aWestminster Christian
4.12Molly Shultz12:04.85aVisitation Academy
5.12Ashley Greenwell12:05.95aSt Josephs Academy
6.10Jessica Ahlemeyer12:42.46aNerinx Hall
7.11Tess Johnson12:42.79aRosati-Kain
8.9Ali Moser12:43.32aUrsuline Academy
9.12Colleen Reynolds12:43.42aUrsuline Academy
10.12Mollie Walton12:44.59aSt Josephs Academy
11.10Kathy McCormack12:48.53aAffton
12.10Carly Bartow13:10.55aLutheran South
13.10Ashley Rubin13:13.49aVisitation Academy
14.11Marielle Counts13:18.36aLutheran South
15.10Anna Wattles13:21.56aVilla Duchesne
16.9Audrey Imbs13:22.00aMary Institute-Count...
17.10Katie Foster13:23.56aVilla Duchesne
18.9Abby Brooks13:34.81aCor Jesu Academy
19.11Amber Gase13:46.55aRosati-Kain
20.9Kelsey Cihota13:58.20aCor Jesu Academy
21.11Mia Seagraves14:13.98aWestminster Christian
22.10Paige Eckert15:44.37aAffton
12Tory DilleDQJohn Burroughs
10Anne RathjeDQLutheran North
11Laura ProfumoDQIncarnate Word Academy
9Meagan SchmidtDQLutheran North
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laquitsha Bejoile14.84aCahokia
2.12Armani Tatum15.82aJohn Burroughs
3.10Hannah Heard16.63aJohn Burroughs
4.9Hali Ford16.83aAffton
5.12Talisa Watson16.91aCahokia
6.9Madison Mann17.96aMary Institute-Count...
7.9Kaitlyn Emig18.10aRosati-Kain
8.10Abbie Skaggs18.26aCor Jesu Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Laquitsha Bejoile14.86aCahokia
2.12Armani Tatum16.22aJohn Burroughs
3.12Talisa Watson16.55aCahokia
4.10Hannah Heard16.90aJohn Burroughs
5.9Hali Ford16.90aAffton
6.9Kaitlyn Emig17.86aRosati-Kain
7.10Abbie Skaggs17.92aCor Jesu Academy
8.9Madison Mann18.01aMary Institute-Count...
9.10Morgan Schaetzel18.04aCor Jesu Academy
10.12Julia Hummel18.70aNerinx Hall
11.10Maggie Kane19.07aWestminster Christian
12.10Marlee Friedman19.25aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
13.12Alex Pohlen19.54aSt Josephs Academy
14.10Olivia Slay19.62aSt Josephs Academy
15.10Katie Stukel20.10aUrsuline Academy
16.9Rachel Elder20.45aRosati-Kain
17.10Ariel Dahlia21.26aAffton
18.10Talor Jones21.90aIncarnate Word Academy
19.10Kamilah Jones23.99aLutheran North
9Hannah SnyderDQLutheran North
9Aireyon ClemDQSt Elizabeth Academy
12Brittany WolfangelDQNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
10Lavetta LewisDQSt Elizabeth Academy
12Amelia HenkeDQNerinx Hall
9India GrantDQBishop Dubourg
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Isom-Brummer45.80aVilla Duchesne
2.12Laquitsha Bejoile45.97aCahokia
3.12Lisa Buck47.07aCor Jesu Academy
4.11Gabby Simmons48.44aLutheran North
5.11Jane Plegge48.77aJohn Burroughs
6.9Kaitlyn Emig51.11aRosati-Kain
7.12Talisa Watson51.17aCahokia
8.10Bri Peery53.10aLutheran North
9.10Morgan Schaetzel53.17aCor Jesu Academy
10.10Marlee Friedman54.17aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
11.9Rachel Elder54.57aRosati-Kain
12.10Talor Jones55.26aIncarnate Word Academy
13.9Shawna Carmack55.70aAffton
14.10Olivia Slay55.94aSt Josephs Academy
15.12Sarah LaJeunuss56.23aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
16.12Alex Pohlen56.50aSt Josephs Academy
17.10Melissa Forgarty58.40aVisitation Academy
18.9Gabriell Smith59.14aIncarnate Word Academy
19.9Caity Reinfurt1:01.37aVilla Duchesne
20.10Katie Stukel1:01.50aUrsuline Academy
21.10Ariel Dahlia1:01.64aAffton
22.9Sabrina Gilliard1:05.84aTrinity Catholic
11Kristen SchildzDQUrsuline Academy
9India GrantDQBishop Dubourg
12Amelia HenkeDQNerinx Hall
10Sonya McCannaDQNerinx Hall
9Madison MannDQMary Institute-Count...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.11aJohn Burroughs
2.-Brianna Arps
Janell Brooks
Sydney Jamison
Gabriell Mckissic
50.89aIncarnate Word Academy
3.-Naima Ross
Lauren Waterbury
Kimaya Black
Heather Cousins
50.98aMary Institute-Count...
4.-Relay Team 51.01aCor Jesu Academy
5.-Rontacial Rogers
Mone' Bulard
Porsha Rogers
Ashlyn Harris
6.-Relay Team 51.71aLutheran North
7.-Relay Team 52.91aNerinx Hall
8.-Andrea Hessler
Morgan Chelew
Natalie Fortune
Alex Mosby
53.26aUrsuline Academy
9.-Taylor Porter
Hali Ford
Shawna Carmack
Cheyenne Hoerr
10.-Relay Team 55.06aSt Elizabeth Academy
11.-Relay Team 55.08aSt Josephs Academy
12.-Relay Team 55.13aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
13.-Andrea Binz
Erin Finnegan
Stephanie Halper
Kathryn Schilling
55.46aVisitation Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Heather Cousins
Lauren Waterbury
Kimaya Black
Naima Ross
1:46.79aMary Institute-Count...
2.-Relay Team 1:48.05aCor Jesu Academy
3.-Relay Team 1:48.28aJohn Burroughs
4.-Brianna Arps
Janell Brooks
Gabriell Mckissic
Sydney Jamison
1:48.31aIncarnate Word Academy
5.-Rontacial Rogers
Mone' Bulard
Shelby Howard
Porsha Rogers
6.-Relay Team 1:51.58aLutheran North
7.-Natalie Fortune
Katie Alonso
Kristen Macke
Michelle Hovis
1:56.02aUrsuline Academy
8.-Relay Team 1:56.95aNerinx Hall
9.-Briana Powers
Shawna Carmack
Cheyenne Hoerr
Taylor Porter
10.-Relay Team 1:58.62aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
11.-Elizabeth Avery
Katie Higgins
Sophia Michalski
Kathryn Schilling
1:59.09aVisitation Academy
12.-Relay Team 2:00.19aSt Josephs Academy
13.-Relay Team 2:01.29aSt Elizabeth Academy
14.-Morgan Hart
Brianna Smith
Skylar Allen
Sabrina Gilliard
2:05.76aTrinity Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Talisa Watson
Porsha Rogers
Fredricka Walker
Laquitsha Bejoile
2.-Kimaya Black
Rin Palmer
Olivia Treischmann
Naima Ross
4:21.28aMary Institute-Count...
3.-Relay Team 4:22.42aCor Jesu Academy
4.-Relay Team 4:22.54aJohn Burroughs
5.-Taylor Porter
Cheyenne Hoerr
Robin Raynor
Hali Ford
6.-Relay Team 4:29.33aLutheran South
7.-Relay Team 4:33.03aLutheran North
8.-Andrea Hessler
Michelle Hovis
Morgan Chelew
Natalie Fortune
4:34.70aUrsuline Academy
9.-Relay Team 4:42.87aSt Josephs Academy
10.-Talor Jones
Emily Mallow
Gabriell Smith
Andriane Sealey
4:52.68aIncarnate Word Academy
11.-Relay Team 5:08.80aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
-Relay Team DQNerinx Hall
-Erin Finnegan
Elizabeth Avery
Stephanie Halper
Katie Higgins
DQVisitation Academy
-Jill Hark
Siebert Kimmie
Kelly Krus
Nena Michaelree
DQBishop Dubourg
-Libby Boyle
Nellie Dankmyer
Taylor Cribbin
Megan Sheahan
DQVilla Duchesne
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Ahlemeyer
Mary Grace Bruntrage
Renee Goodenough
Colleen Quigley
10:07.49aNerinx Hall
2.-Tess Johnson
Val Naglich
Alyssa Perley
Jessica Collins
3.-Relay Team 10:38.55aVilla Duchesne
4.-Julia D'Souza
Ashley Rubin
Molly Shultz
Mary Merkley
10:45.62aVisitation Academy
5.-Relay Team 10:48.43aUrsuline Academy
6.-Relay Team 10:49.83aCor Jesu Academy
7.-Relay Team 10:55.47aCahokia
8.-Rebecca Harner
Mia Seagraves
Katie Wenberg
Julie Sharp
11:01.91aWestminster Christian
9.-Relay Team 11:36.94aNotre Dame (Saint Lo...
10.-Relay Team 11:46.48aSt Josephs Academy
11.-Sarah Burkart
Theresa Clever
Emily Mallow
Michelle Haten
12:08.87aIncarnate Word Academy
12.-Relay Team 12:13.21aLutheran South
13.-Relay Team 12:17.38aJohn Burroughs
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lea Johnson35-11.50John Burroughs
2.10Jessica Long34-01.50Cahokia
3.12Lisa Burmeister34-00.25Cor Jesu Academy
4.12Jammie Thomas33-06.75Cahokia
5.11Alfreda Brown33-06.25Lutheran North
6.12Joanna Ryherd32-11.00Lutheran South
7.12Leah Horn31-08.75Cor Jesu Academy
8.12Emily Kopff31-00.75Rosati-Kain
9.11Darcy Smith30-08.25Nerinx Hall
10.10Yasmin Musaddiq29-09.50Mary Institute-Count...
11.10Brittany Clavin29-02.25Notre Dame (Saint Lo...
12.12Makida Seward28-01.00Rosati-Kain
13.12Alexandra Kayser27-10.50Incarnate Word Academy
14.11Lora Geldmacher26-08.00Lutheran South
15.12Daphne Washington26-07.00Mary Institute-Count...
16.10Sarah Ackermann25-09.50Affton
17.11Liz Renaud25-07.75Lutheran North
18.11Cay Wittenberg25-06.25St Josephs Academy
19.9Lenora Brown25-04.00Trinity Catholic
20.11Alexandra Sanders24-09.00Incarnate Word Academy
21.9Molly Bruder24-04.00Notre Dame (Saint Lo...
22.11Taylor Edwards24-01.00John Burroughs
23.11Katie Borgmeyer23-11.00St Josephs Academy
24.12Gail Scheibel23-10.75Trinity Catholic
25.10Alison Maier23-02.75Affton
26.12Sarah Livergood21-00.25Nerinx Hall
27.10Hannah Franko20-09.25St Elizabeth Academy
9Lena GraylordDQSt Elizabeth Academy
12Sarah O'NeillDQBishop Dubourg
10Morgan GrebingDQUrsuline Academy
12Casey FultsDQUrsuline Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emily Kopff101-11Rosati-Kain
2.10Jessica Long98-06Cahokia
3.12Lisa Burmeister92-01Cor Jesu Academy
4.10Lea Johnson88-09John Burroughs
5.12Jammie Thomas88-05Cahokia
6.12Makida Seward87-03Rosati-Kain
7.10Yasmin Musaddiq86-06Mary Institute-Count...
8.11Darcy Smith84-05Nerinx Hall
9.12Casey Fults84-05Ursuline Academy
10.12Daphne Washington84-02Mary Institute-Count...
11.11Alfreda Brown82-09Lutheran North
12.10Sarah Thien81-07Lutheran South
13.12Leah Horn79-07Cor Jesu Academy
14.9Taylor Shinabargar76-06Affton
15.10Morgan Grebing71-00Ursuline Academy
16.12Gail Scheibel70-10Trinity Catholic
17.12Skylar Allen66-10Trinity Catholic
18.10Ashley Cronin64-08St Elizabeth Academy
19.12Sarah Livergood64-06Nerinx Hall
20.9Akita Triplett64-01St Elizabeth Academy
21.11Liz Renaud63-09Lutheran North
22.12Alexandra Kayser62-05Incarnate Word Academy
23.10Molly Sabatini (Mgr)60-02Affton
24.10Mary Waldschmidt58-04St Josephs Academy
25.11Shelly Koch57-01St Josephs Academy
26.10Megan Clayton55-09Notre Dame (Saint Lo...
27.10Brittany Clavin54-04Notre Dame (Saint Lo...
28.11Taylor Edwards53-00John Burroughs
11Michele KitsonDQLutheran South
12Sarah O'NeillDQBishop Dubourg
11Alexandra SandersDQIncarnate Word Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Talisa Watson5-00.00Cahokia
2.10Emily Kendrick4-10.50St Josephs Academy
3.10Anne Shaghnessy4-10.25St Josephs Academy
4.10Katherine Cella4-10.00Mary Institute-Count...
5.12Amanda Spallek4-08.25Lutheran North
6.10Kate Pflager4-08.00Mary Institute-Count...
7.11Chrystin Craig4-06.75Lutheran South
8.10Fredricka Walker4-06.50Cahokia
9.11Rachel Ederle4-06.25Affton
10.10Lauren Ramspott4-06.00Nerinx Hall
11.10Emily Roper4-04.00Ursuline Academy
11.9Bryn McKie4-04.00Westminster Christian
11.10Maggie Kane4-04.00Westminster Christian
11.9Margaret McWilliams4-04.00Trinity Catholic
11.9Alexis Jennings4-04.00Cor Jesu Academy
11.9Katie Grunik4-04.00Cor Jesu Academy
17.9Shawna Carmack4-02.00Affton
10Allison JustusDQLutheran South
12Julia HummelDQNerinx Hall
10Emily MallowDQIncarnate Word Academy
10Theresa CleverDQIncarnate Word Academy
9Jessica HarrisDQVisitation Academy
9Madeline DavisDQUrsuline Academy
9Laura ClineDQRosati-Kain
9Rachel ElderDQRosati-Kain
9Hannah SnyderDQLutheran North
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rachel Ederle9-00.00Affton
2.10Emily Hart8-06.25Cor Jesu Academy
3.12Elizabeth Veron8-06.00Mary Institute-Count...
3.9Haley Pryor8-06.00Mary Institute-Count...
5.11Kate Sherman8-00.00Lutheran South
6.11Shandria Marshall7-06.00Cahokia
7.11Lauren Boersig7-00.00Lutheran South
8.11Sami Deen6-06.00Affton
12Jennifer SmithDQLutheran North
12Amanda SpallekDQLutheran North
10Ellen CastellanoDQCor Jesu Academy
10Sarah TriggDQSt Josephs Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Laquitsha Bejoile16-06.00Cahokia
2.12Kelly Wente16-02.00St Josephs Academy
3.11Terrell Minner15-09.50Mary Institute-Count...
4.12Alva' Nita Mosby15-02.00Cahokia
5.9Peyton Chaney15-00.50Nerinx Hall
6.12Katie Fish14-06.50Cor Jesu Academy
7.11Taylor Chambless14-06.00Notre Dame (Saint Lo...
8.12Sandra Dupree14-02.00Lutheran North
9.9Laura Cline14-00.00Rosati-Kain
10.10Caitlin Shukwit13-08.00Cor Jesu Academy
11.10Casey Tkacz13-03.00Lutheran South
12.9Lauren Dalton13-01.00Lutheran South
13.12Makida Seward12-09.00Rosati-Kain
14.12Angela Kendrick12-08.50St Josephs Academy
14.11Rachel Ederle12-08.50Affton
16.11Kristine Hallquist12-08.00Notre Dame (Saint Lo...
17.10Kelly LaPoint12-02.50Ursuline Academy
18.10Jenee Rideaux11-06.00John Burroughs
19.10Emily Roper11-02.50Ursuline Academy
20.9Sabrina Gilliard10-04.50Trinity Catholic
21.9Margaret McWilliams9-01.50Trinity Catholic
9Gabriell SmithDQIncarnate Word Academy
10Tuffani SmithDQNerinx Hall
9Lucy LloydDQMary Institute-Count...
9Hannah SnyderDQLutheran North
11Edirin OkolokoDQJohn Burroughs
9Tyonna WilliamsDQAffton
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth36-02.75Villa Duchesne
2.12Laquitsha Bejoile34-06.50Cahokia
3.12Alva' Nita Mosby34-05.75Cahokia
4.11Terrell Minner33-00.75Mary Institute-Count...
5.9Hali Ford33-00.50Affton
6.12Jennifer Smith32-09.50Lutheran North
7.10Casey Tkacz32-07.50Lutheran South
8.12Angela Kendrick31-02.75St Josephs Academy
9.9Laura Cline30-11.00Rosati-Kain
10.12Sandra Dupree30-05.00Lutheran North
11.10Allison Justus29-05.75Lutheran South
12.10Kate Pflager29-03.00Mary Institute-Count...
13.11Taylor Chambless29-02.75Notre Dame (Saint Lo...
14.9Morgan Flannery28-09.00Ursuline Academy
15.9Devan Sanders28-06.00John Burroughs
16.10Kelly LaPoint28-00.25Ursuline Academy
17.9Christie Lewis26-05.00Cor Jesu Academy
18.10Elizabeth Gloss26-04.50St Josephs Academy
19.9Beth Kreienkamp26-02.00Cor Jesu Academy
9Tyonna WilliamsDQAffton
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