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VarsityJunior Varsity
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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Whit Shaw11.32aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Nico Bourgeois11.49aCovenant Christian
3.10Mario Starghill11.62aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.11Javi Gonzales11.64a PRMaypearl
5.10Jarod Haynes11.65aLucas Christian
6.10Kirk Richards11.66a PRAmerican Heritage
7.10Ben Hartley11.77aLutheran
8.9Ardis Graham11.88aSt Marks Of Texas
9.10Ben Crabtree11.90aTrinity Christian (A...
10.10Michael Bosch11.98a PRMaypearl
11.10Eric Jackson II11.99aBishop Dunne Catholic
12.12Brennan Rodriguez12.04a PRSouthwest Christian ...
13.12Jacob Lowery12.15a PRSouthwest Christian ...
14.11Nate Barnett12.18aHill
15.10Dane Earl12.21aDallas HSAA
16.10Malcom Watkins12.28a SRMaypearl
17.9Cody Sixkiller12.29aSt Marks Of Texas
18.12David Hartley12.32a SRLutheran
19.11Michael O'Brien12.38a PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
19.10Hunter Deal12.38a SRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
21.9Bruce Smith12.46aSouthwest Christian ...
22.10Jesse Milburn12.68aFellowship Academy
23.12Minh Nguyen12.73aLake Country Christian
24.12Roderick Reed12.74aFellowship Academy
25.11Spencer Wilson12.78a SRPrince Of Peace
26.10Grant Hardaway12.84aFellowship Academy
27.11Brandon Ihle12.86a PRDallas HSAA
28.10Brennan Brown13.04aHill
29.10Flint Culp13.39a SRPrince Of Peace
30.10Brian Young13.53a PRDallas HSAA
31.12Sean Afkhaminia13.61aLutheran
32.9Josh McAllister13.88aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
9Michael ShadleyNTPrince Of Peace
10Colen WittNT PRAmerican Heritage
10Jake QuatrochiNT SRCovenant Christian
10Tate HarveyNTTrinity Christian (A...
10Nate JonesNTTrinity Christian (A...
11Logan BeansNT SRCarrollton Christian
11Travis CraftonNT PRCovenant Christian

100 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Luke Smith12.35aSt Marks Of Texas
2.9Eli Lauffenburger12.58aTrinity Christian (A...
3.12Jordan Ortiz12.62aBethesda Christian
4.10Henry Eckels12.76aCovenant Classical
5.11Daniel Davis12.91a PRAmerican Heritage
6.9Alex Kadesky12.93aSt Marks Of Texas
7.9Sam Grant13.04aDallas HSAA
8.11Alan Hamill13.08a PRTrinity Christian (A...
9.10Nathan Day13.28aBethesda Christian
10.11Jordon Bigham13.31a PRAmerican Heritage
11.11Corey McConnell13.34a SRCovenant Classical
12.11Preston Addison13.48aAmerican Heritage
13.9Cade Arceneaux13.49a PRHigh Point Preparato...
14.7Josiah Parsons13.52a SRHSA (Home School Ath...
15.9Daniel Lee13.69aTrinity Christian (A...
16.10Andy Nichols13.74aCovenant Classical
17.9Carter Green13.76aDallas HSAA
18.9Caleb Preston13.81a PRDallas HSAA
12Dylan TuckerNTOvilla Christian
9John CothranNT PRAmerican Heritage
10Dorian StokesNT PRPhoenix Charter
9Matt LyonsNT PRMaypearl
9Zach LyonsNT PRMaypearl
9Chance YatesNT PRMaypearl

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Whit Shaw22.58aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Matt Barber23.62a PRSouthwest Christian ...
3.10Kirk Richards23.98a PRAmerican Heritage
4.10Jarod Haynes24.21aLucas Christian
5.12Jason Adams24.29aLake Country Christian
6.12Andy Mitchell24.42aCovenant Christian
7.10Kinsey Jackson24.44aLutheran
8.10Grant Klembara24.91a SRLutheran
9.10Evan Baldwin24.96aTrinity Christian (A...
10.12Caleb Weiss24.99a PRPrince Of Peace
11.10Hamilton Leiser25.13aTrinity Christian (A...
12.9Cody Sixkiller25.34aSt Marks Of Texas
13.11Zach Simpson25.37a PRPantego Christian
14.10Jesse Milburn25.53aFellowship Academy
15.10Dane Earl25.72aDallas HSAA
16.11Michael O'Brien25.73a PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
17.9Bruce Smith25.86aSouthwest Christian ...
18.10Jake Quatrochi25.88a SRCovenant Christian
19.11Jerrod Humphrey25.95aHill
20.11Spencer Wilson25.97a PRPrince Of Peace
21.10Andrew Keeton25.98aHill
22.9A.J. Julsaint25.99aLake Country Christian
23.11Brandon Ihle26.11a PRDallas HSAA
24.11Royce Leiker26.15aPrince Of Peace
25.9Cameron Krc26.23a SRSouthwest Christian ...
26.11Justin Sullivan26.43a PRLutheran
27.10Hunter Deal26.85aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
28.10Brennan Brown26.95aHill
29.12Minh Nguyen27.27aLake Country Christian
30.10Mark Eckstein27.71a SRLutheran
31.10Grant Hardaway27.90aFellowship Academy
32.10Will Wright28.46a SRDallas HSAA
33.9Jake Hornberger28.50a PRDallas Covenant
34.9Josh McAllister28.75a PRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
35.9Cody Anderson30.43a PRLake Country Christian
10Garrett SeagravesNT PRLake Country Christian
10Steven LuskNTMaypearl
10Malcom WatkinsNT SRMaypearl
12Ross CervasNTSouthwest Christian ...
11Jimmie DoddNT PRFellowship Academy
10Colen WittNT PRAmerican Heritage
9Ardis GrahamNTSt Marks Of Texas
10Michael HendricksNTDallas Covenant
11Antwoine AndersonNTBishop Dunne Catholic
9Austin WelchNT SRCovenant Christian
10Eric Jackson IINTBishop Dunne Catholic
11Joe JalapaNTMaypearl

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Austin Mora25.46aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Jordan Ortiz25.82aBethesda Christian
3.8Dakota Martz25.94a PRHill
4.9Luke Smith25.99aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Tyler Brady26.52aHigh Point Preparato...
6.9Sam Grant26.84aDallas HSAA
7.10Jeff Eichenholz26.86aSt Marks Of Texas
7.11Ethan Wisnet26.86a PRAmerican Heritage
9.9Garrison Simons26.99a PRHigh Point Preparato...
10.11Daniel Davis27.32aAmerican Heritage
11.10Nathan Day27.34aBethesda Christian
12.11Caleb Nickell27.41aOvilla Christian
13.11Kendall Ross27.99aBishop Dunne Catholic
14.9Alden White28.06aPantego Christian
14.9Michael Hinderman28.06a PRHigh Point Preparato...
16.7Josiah Parsons28.07aHSA (Home School Ath...
17.11Bradley Cordell29.02aDallas HSAA
18.10Andy Nichols29.37aCovenant Classical
19.9Kyle Axtell29.82aNorthstar
20.9Caleb Preston30.47aDallas HSAA
21.9Thomas Stauffer32.98aNorthstar
12Dylan TuckerNTOvilla Christian
9John CothranNT PRAmerican Heritage
11Abraham EscobarNT PROvilla Christian
9Chance YatesNT PRMaypearl
11Jake ThomasNT PRPhoenix Charter
10Dorian StokesNT PRPhoenix Charter
9Matt LyonsNT PRMaypearl
9Zach LyonsNT PRMaypearl

200 Meters - Relay Split  Junior Varsity - Finals

9AJ Knickerbocker28.4hNorthstar
9Kyle Axtell29.5h SRNorthstar
7Timothy Clifford30.2h PRNorthstar
9Thomas Stauffer31.2hNorthstar

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Zach Sheldon54.36aTrinity Christian (A...
2.10Erik Jacobs54.79aOakridge
2.11Bobby Watkins III54.79aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.12Jason Adams54.84aLake Country Christian
5.10Michael Bosch55.39a PRMaypearl
6.12Andrew Langdon55.43a SRSt Marks Of Texas
7.10Ben Hartley55.56a PRLutheran
8.10Daymond Gardner55.85aBishop Dunne Catholic
9.12Josh Kennedy55.90a PRSouthwest Christian ...
10.10Dane Earl57.06aDallas HSAA
11.12Payton Harris57.10aLutheran
12.11Michael O'Brien57.21a SRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
13.10Anthony Norwood58.00a PRMaypearl
14.11Brandon Ihle58.41aDallas HSAA
15.9Sean Kincade58.55a SRLutheran
16.9Cameron Krc58.56aSouthwest Christian ...
17.9A.J. Julsaint58.88aLake Country Christian
18.10Alex Keefer59.15aSouthwest Christian ...
19.10Josh Frame59.35a PRMaypearl
20.12Ross Cervas59.43a PRSouthwest Christian ...
21.10Jacob Collins1:02.37aFellowship Academy
22.12Daniel Megison1:02.38a PRLutheran
23.12Patrick Pacheco1:03.05a SRHill
24.10Hunter Deal1:04.07aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
25.9Josh McAllister1:05.69aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
26.10Andrew Keeton1:06.89a PRHill
27.11Jimmie Dodd1:15.04a PRFellowship Academy
9Jackson KennedyNT SRPrince Of Peace
11Theo LongNT PRFellowship Academy
11Johnny TownsendNTCovenant Christian
11Royce LeikerNTPrince Of Peace
10Michael HendricksNTDallas Covenant

400 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Austin Mora57.14aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Michael Nichols58.93aCovenant Classical
3.10Jeff Eichenholz59.59aSt Marks Of Texas
4.10Gus Blessing59.63aSt Marks Of Texas
5.8Dakota Martz1:00.53aHill
6.12Jordan Ortiz1:00.79aBethesda Christian
7.9Jay Thompson1:02.44a PRMaypearl
8.9Brandon Harman1:02.89aBethesda Christian
9.10Gabriel Soto1:04.74aHigh Point Preparato...
10.10Nathan Day1:05.23aBethesda Christian
11.11Ethan Wisnet1:06.28aAmerican Heritage
9AJ Knickerbocker66.5h SRNorthstar
12.10Henry Eckels1:06.88a PRCovenant Classical
13.9Thomas Stauffer1:11.48a SRNorthstar
9Kai MarshallNT PRCovenant Classical
11Abraham EscobarNT SROvilla Christian
10Michael PateNT PRPhoenix Charter

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

10Colin Price57.69hPantego Christian
10Ryan Deal59.12h SRPantego Christian
11Mark Stokes1:01.51hPantego Christian
11Zach Simpson1:02.69hPantego Christian

400 Meters - Relay Split  Junior Varsity - Finals

10Joseph Hale65.5hHSA (Home School Ath...
11Alex Gonzales65.9hHSA (Home School Ath...
9AJ Knickerbocker66.5hNorthstar
9Martin Solis1:06.72hPantego Christian
7Josiah Parsons66.8h SRHSA (Home School Ath...
7Timothy Clifford67.4hNorthstar
8Garrett Alexander68.9hHSA (Home School Ath...
9Ryan Klenzendorf69.1hNorthstar
9Kyle Axtell70.3hNorthstar
9Alden White1:11.91h PRPantego Christian
9Mathew Lewis1:19.64h PRPantego Christian

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brian Cummiskey2:04.91aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Cameron Hutchison2:05.65aCovenant Christian
3.12Josh Koeppe2:06.41aPrince Of Peace
4.12Daniel Mullins2:07.75aTrinity Christian (A...
5.9Will Morris2:10.59aSt Marks Of Texas
6.11Woody paul Lawson2:13.48a PRBishop Dunne Catholic
7.11Ricky Hofstra2:14.00aPrince Of Peace
8.12Andrew McDaniel2:18.29aBishop Dunne Catholic
9.9Sean Kincade2:19.92aLutheran
10.9Andrew O'Brien2:20.25aCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
11.10Zach Strater2:21.00aPrince Of Peace
12.10Alex Keefer2:21.89aSouthwest Christian ...
12.11Alex Schiefer2:21.89a PRMaypearl
14.9Nathan Maxwell2:22.02aSouthwest Christian ...
15.12Madison Treat2:22.16a PRTrinity Christian (A...
16.10Colin Price2:23.59aPantego Christian
17.11James Snow2:24.22aOvilla Christian
18.12Jake Heffley2:24.58aCovenant Christian
19.10Paden Odgers2:28.76aMaypearl
20.12Daniel Megison2:30.94a SRLutheran
21.11Paul Ayala2:31.34a PRSouthwest Christian ...
22.10Jacob Collins2:36.19a PRFellowship Academy
23.12Alex Finley2:39.05a SRLutheran
24.9Cody Anderson2:50.63a PRLake Country Christian
25.10Trey Barnett2:51.03aSouthwest Christian ...
26.9Nathan Brodersen3:29.04aCarrollton Christian
11Grant OviattNTCovenant Christian

800 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Spencer Heim2:22.64aSt Marks Of Texas
2.10Daniel Abramson2:23.78aSt Marks Of Texas
3.10Aidan Kirksey2:24.71aSt Marks Of Texas
4.10Shashank Mittal2:24.79aSt Marks Of Texas
5.9Brandon Harman2:25.63aBethesda Christian
6.9Garrison Simons2:25.84aHigh Point Preparato...
7.9Michael Snow2:27.10aOvilla Christian
8.8Dakota Martz2:27.28aHill
9.9Jay Thompson2:27.88a PRMaypearl
10.10Tyler Brady2:32.55a PRHigh Point Preparato...
11.9Grant Murphy2:33.17aOvilla Christian
12.11Caleb Nickell2:38.71a PROvilla Christian
13.7Timothy Clifford2:41.93a SRNorthstar
14.9Ryan Klenzendorf2:43.63aNorthstar
15.9Mario LoZano2:44.62aBethesda Christian
16.9Connor Bennett2:47.08aDallas HSAA
17.8Garrett Alexander2:50.63aHSA (Home School Ath...
18.9Scott Toner3:03.97a PRCovenant Classical
9Martin SolisNTPantego Christian
10Josh VerklerNTDallas HSAA
9Edgar BarrientosNT PRBishop Dunne Catholic
10Brian GrossNTBishop Dunne Catholic
10Michael PateNT PRPhoenix Charter

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Brian Cummiskey4:46.67aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12Cameron Hutchison4:48.69aCovenant Christian
3.9Sten Stray-Gundersen4:56.06aPrince Of Peace
4.11Logan Ruhde4:59.8h PRIntegrity Track
4.9Will Morris5:00.06a PRSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Kyle Lonquist5:00.68aPrince Of Peace
6.11James Snow5:08.14aOvilla Christian
7.11Woody paul Lawson5:09.32aBishop Dunne Catholic
8.11Jacob Pickle5:10.61a SROvilla Christian
9.10Kevin Frost5:11.74aOvilla Christian
10.12Jake Heffley5:15.18aCovenant Christian
11.9Andrew O'Brien5:15.28a SRCoram Deo (Flower Mo...
12.9David Munoz5:19.76aSt Marks Of Texas
13.12Roderick Reed5:20.08a PRFellowship Academy
9Michael CremeNT PRTrinity Christian (A...
12David LaneNT PRTrinity Christian (A...
10Paden OdgersNT PRMaypearl
9Tito DelgadoNTLutheran
9Nathan MaxwellNTSouthwest Christian ...
11Paul AyalaNT PRSouthwest Christian ...
10Nathan YawnNTLake Country Christian
12Alex FinleyNTLutheran
10Trey BarnettNT PRSouthwest Christian ...
12Patrick McAnallyNT SRTrinity Christian (A...
11Grant OviattNTCovenant Christian
11Tyler TalleyNT SRMaypearl
10Ryan CooperNT PRFellowship Academy
9Corey GlasscockNT PRMaypearl

1600 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Joseph Hale5:19.8hHSA (Home School Ath...
2.9Michael Snow5:20.34a SROvilla Christian
3.10Zach Strater5:25.34a PRPrince Of Peace
4.10Daniel Abramson5:28.18a SRSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Spencer Heim5:29.67aSt Marks Of Texas
6.10Eric Graffy5:33.94aSt Marks Of Texas
7.9Grant Murphy5:34.81a SROvilla Christian
8.10Aidan Kirksey5:36.00aSt Marks Of Texas
9.10Shashank Mittal5:39.84aSt Marks Of Texas
10.9Zachary Winger5:40.88aBethesda Christian
11.11Alex Gonzales5:45.2hHSA (Home School Ath...
12.10Chris Vorgert5:48.58a SRDallas HSAA
13.10Daniel Waranch5:50.97aSt Marks Of Texas
14.11Taevin Gove5:57.70aPrince Of Peace
15.9Connor Bennett6:06.84aDallas HSAA
16.10Karl Migacz6:09.03aBishop Dunne Catholic
17.9Mario LoZano6:17.25aBethesda Christian
18.9Ryan Klenzendorf6:24.5hNorthstar
19.10Brian Gross6:26.42a SRBishop Dunne Catholic
20.11John Hemphill6:49.00aHill
9Jose ReyesNT PRPhoenix Charter
9Graham CaseyNT PRPhoenix Charter
10Dylan PatrickNT PRBishop Dunne Catholic
12Alex WangNTSt Marks Of Texas
11Johnathan MasonNT PRTrinity Christian (A...

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Logan Ruhde10:41.0h PRIntegrity Track
1.10Kevin Frost11:03.06aOvilla Christian
2.11Jacob Pickle11:04.44a SROvilla Christian
3.12Kyle Lonquist11:07.60aPrince Of Peace
4.9David Munoz11:24.78aSt Marks Of Texas
5.10Austin Yaeger11:30.44aBishop Dunne Catholic
6.11Tyler Talley11:47.64a PRMaypearl
7.10Eric Graffy11:53.55aSt Marks Of Texas
8.9Tito Delgado11:57.47aLutheran
9.12Patrick McAnally12:13.64a PRTrinity Christian (A...
10.10Daniel Waranch12:13.88a PRSt Marks Of Texas
11.11Taevin Gove13:17.88aPrince Of Peace
12.9Corey Glasscock13:44.81a PRMaypearl
10Nathan YawnNTLake Country Christian
12Alex WangNTSt Marks Of Texas
9Sten Stray-GundersenNTPrince Of Peace
12David LaneNT PRTrinity Christian (A...
10Ryan CooperNTFellowship Academy
9Michael CremeNT PRTrinity Christian (A...

3200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Joseph Hale11:33.4hHSA (Home School Ath...
2.9Zachary Winger12:05.14aBethesda Christian
10Chris Vorgert12:45.0hDallas HSAA
3.10Karl Migacz13:26.04a PRBishop Dunne Catholic
4.9Edgar Barrientos13:41.19a PRBishop Dunne Catholic
5.11John Hemphill15:17.91aHill
9Graham CaseyNT PRPhoenix Charter
9Jose ReyesNT PRPhoenix Charter
11Johnathan MasonNT PRTrinity Christian (A...
10Dylan PatrickNT PRBishop Dunne Catholic

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Shane Smith16.49aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.11David Anthony16.69aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.10Daymond Gardner16.79aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.10Chad Robertson17.63aTrinity Christian (A...
5.10Drew Crawford18.30aTrinity Christian (A...
6.10Samuel Roller18.56aSouthwest Christian ...
7.12Dillon Hess18.74aCovenant Christian
8.10Trevor Millet18.90aTrinity Christian (A...
9.11Travis Crafton18.99aCovenant Christian
10.10Carter Henderson22.09aCovenant Christian
9Diego De La FuenteNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Branam YowNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Connor RyanNTPrince Of Peace
12Cass RobinsonNT PRDallas Covenant
9Jake HornbergerNT PRDallas Covenant

110m Hurdles - 39"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Thomas Hart18.78aTrinity Christian (A...
2.12Justin Helms18.88a PRMaypearl
3.10Anthony Norwood19.91aMaypearl
4.9Jairo Nevarez20.01aSt Marks Of Texas
5.12Ethan Linker20.17aOvilla Christian
6.10Josh Frame21.28a PRMaypearl
7.10Mattew Myers21.90aHill
8.9Will Boyd22.17aTrinity Christian (A...
9.9Austin Brakebill22.55a PRTrinity Christian (A...
10.10Jarrod Goretzke23.45a PRHill
11.10Ethan Cummings23.70aDallas HSAA
12.9Hunter McGaughey24.40aDallas HSAA
9Garrison SimonsNT PRHigh Point Preparato...

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Connor Ryan43.00aPrince Of Peace
2.12Shane Smith43.40aBishop Dunne Catholic
3.11Paul Kilgore44.37aTrinity Christian (A...
4.10Sean Davidson46.14aOakridge
5.12Patrick Zuege46.74aCovenant Christian
6.10Trevor Millet48.17a SRTrinity Christian (A...
7.12Dillon Hess48.91aCovenant Christian
8.10Chad Robertson49.43a PRTrinity Christian (A...
9.12Ben Jones50.97a PRPantego Christian
10.12Cass Robinson52.35a PRDallas Covenant
11.-Bradley Weiler52.37aDallas HSAA
12.11Tim Doyle52.62aLutheran
13.9Jake Hornberger53.00aDallas Covenant
14.10Carter Henderson53.51aCovenant Christian
9Michael ShadleyNTPrince Of Peace
10Branam YowNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Samuel RollerDQSouthwest Christian ...

300m Hurdles - 36"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Jairo Nevarez47.20aSt Marks Of Texas
2.9Thomas Hart47.36a PRTrinity Christian (A...
3.10Ryan Deal49.40aPantego Christian
4.10Mattew Myers53.47aHill
5.10Jarrod Goretzke56.89a PRHill
6.9AJ Knickerbocker57.76aNorthstar
7.9Hunter McGaughey57.97aDallas HSAA
8.10Ethan Cummings58.24aDallas HSAA
9.8Garrett Alexander1:02.08a SRHSA (Home School Ath...

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Antwoine Anderson
David Anthony
Mario Starghill
Nick Tolbert
44.96aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.-Javi Gonzales
Joe Jalapa
Taylor Beck
Steven Lusk
3.-Whit Shaw
Andrew Langdon
Ardis Graham
Cody Sixkiller
45.72aSt Marks Of Texas
4.-Bruce Smith
Jacob Lowery
Brennan Rodriguez
Josh Kennedy
45.93aSouthwest Christian ...
5.-Nico Bourgeois
Austin Welch
Andy Mitchell
Travis Crafton
46.22aCovenant Christian
6.-Jequari Moore
Bart Thomas
Parker Overberg
Ben Crabtree
46.70aTrinity Christian (A...
7.-Nate Barnett
Andrew Keeton
Patrick Pacheco
Jerrod Humphrey
8.-Flint Culp
Ryan Knotts
Royce Leiker
Caleb Weiss
48.43aPrince Of Peace
9.-Brian Young
Will Wright
Bradley Weiler
Noble Paddyaker
51.47aDallas HSAA
10.-Ben Hartley
David Hartley
Kinsey Jackson
Grant Klembara

4x100 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Jacob Collins
Ryan Cooper
Jimmie Dodd
Chase Fayyozi
49.38aFellowship Academy
2.-Michael Nichols
Corey McConnell
Kai Marshall
Henry Eckels
50.41aCovenant Classical
3.-Bradley Cordell
Sam Grant
Carter Green
Caleb Preston
53.18aDallas HSAA

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Matt Barber
Brennan Rodriguez
Jacob Lowery
Josh Kennedy
1:37.06aSouthwest Christian ...
2.-Nico Bourgeois
Jordan Cross
Austin Welch
Andy Mitchell
1:37.23aCovenant Christian
3.-Antwoine Anderson
Brandon Brown
Mario Starghill
Brandon Baker
1:37.53aBishop Dunne Catholic
4.-Joe Jalapa
Taylor Beck
Steven Lusk
Malcom Watkins
5.-Flint Culp
Reid Knotts
Josh Koeppe
Caleb Weiss
1:39.38aPrince Of Peace
6.-Hamilton Leiser
Evan Baldwin
Tate Harvey
Nate Jones
1:40.42aTrinity Christian (A...
7.-Kelton Ponder
Ben Jones
Zach Simpson
Mark Stokes
1:44.42aPantego Christian
8.-Tim Doyle
David Hartley
Kinsey Jackson
Grant Klembara
9.-Nate Barnett
Andrew Keeton
Jerrod Humphrey
Patrick Pacheco
10.-Noble Paddyaker
Bradley Weiler
Will Wright
Brian Young
1:49.34aDallas HSAA

4x200 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Javi Gonzales
Justin Helms
Cody Aydelott
Ethan Eastwood
2.-Caleb Nickell
Ethan Linker
Abraham Escobar
Michael Snow
1:49.35aOvilla Christian
3.-Tim Clifford
Kyle Axtell
Thomas Stauffer
AJ Knickerbocker
-Everitt Lodics
Martin Solis
Ryan Deal
Alden White
DQPantego Christian
-Bradley Cordell
Ethan Cummings
Carter Green
Hunter McGaughey

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-David Anthony
Daymond Gardner
Bobby Watkins III
Shane Smith
3:37.96aBishop Dunne Catholic
2.-Ricky Hofstra
Josh Koeppe
Connor Ryan
Ryan Knotts
3:39.25aPrince Of Peace
3.-Trevor Millet
Evan Baldwin
Paul Kilgore
Daniel Mullins
3:40.12aTrinity Christian (A...
4.-Jordan Black
Jordan Cross
Patrick Zuege
Cameron Hutchison
3:45.39aCovenant Christian
5.-Zach Simpson
Weston Walker
Colin Price
Mark Stokes
4:01.47aPantego Christian
6.-Payton Harris
Sean Afkahminia
Daniel Megison
Sean Kincade

4x400 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Austin Mora
Jeff Eichenholz
Luke Smith
Gus Blessing
4:05.43aSt Marks Of Texas
2.-Josiah Parsons
Garrett Alexander
Alex Gonzales
Joseph Hale
4:27.35aHSA (Home School Ath...
3.-Tim Clifford
Kyle Axtell
Ryan Klenzendorf
AJ Knickerbocker
-Cody Aydelott
Aaron Davison
Josh Frame
Ethan Eastwood
-Everitt Lodics
Ryan Deal
Martin Solis
Tyler Connor
NTPantego Christian

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Atticus Hamp6-01.00Hill
2.10Daymond Gardner5-08.00Bishop Dunne Catholic
3.12Brandon Brown5-08.00 SRBishop Dunne Catholic
4.12Payton Harris5-06.00Lutheran
5.10Nate Jones5-04.00Trinity Christian (A...
5.11Ricky Hofstra5-04.00Prince Of Peace
7.9Jequari Moore5-04.00Trinity Christian (A...
8.10Colin Price5-02.00Pantego Christian
9.11Matthew Rife5-02.00 SRCarrollton Christian
10.12Patrick Zuege5-00.00Covenant Christian
11Royce LeikerNH PRPrince Of Peace
11Tim DoyleNH SRLutheran
9Cameron KrcNH PRSouthwest Christian ...
10Kinsey JacksonNH PRLutheran

High Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.12Dylan Tucker5-00.00Ovilla Christian
1.9Everitt Lodics5-00.00Pantego Christian
3.9Alden White5-00.00Pantego Christian
11Preston AddisonNH PRAmerican Heritage
11Jordon BighamNH PRAmerican Heritage
9Grant MurphyNH PROvilla Christian

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.11Ricky Hofstra12-00.00Prince Of Peace
2.11Royce Leiker12-00.00Prince Of Peace
3.12Patrick Zuege11-00.00Covenant Christian
4.11Zach Fort11-00.00Trinity Christian (A...
5.12Ben Jones10-00.00Pantego Christian
12Andrew McDanielNHBishop Dunne Catholic
12Shane SmithNHBishop Dunne Catholic
10Branam YowNHSouthwest Christian ...
10Parker CrouchNHLake Country Christian

Pole Vault  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Eli Lauffenburger9-06.00Trinity Christian (A...
2.9Westin Torti8-06.00Trinity Christian (A...
3.9Alden White8-06.00Pantego Christian

Meet Schedule