St. Thomas JV Meet

Thursday, February 19, 2009
  St. Thomas Catholic, Houston - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Texas - 1A
HNFCFamily Christian
Texas - 2A
DPDCPine Drive Christian
Texas - Region 3
HOYAHouston Yates
Texas - Region 3
SOHOPasadena South Houston
Texas - Region 3
SANTSanta Fe
Texas - Texas
EECEast Early College
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon King10.64Houston Yates
2.11Cody Platt11.27Santa Fe
3.10Daniel Martinez11.48Pasadena South Houston
4.10Justin Lee11.64Lutheran-North
5.9Matthew Matlock11.65Lutheran-North
6.10Christian Williams11.73Houston Yates
7.11Marquis Fruge11.74Lutheran-North
7.10Edward Ramirez11.74Pasadena South Houston
9.10Domingo Morales11.78Santa Fe
10.11Justin Sumrall11.80Santa Fe
11.9Ellison Ronnie11.85Houston Yates
12.12Phil Brice11.90Lutheran-North
13.9Derrick Charles11.93Houston Yates
14.11Joshua Batiste11.96Pasadena South Houston
15.9Derek Martin12.00St Thomas
16.9Brandon Connelly12.02Lutheran-North
17.10Mark Holland12.05Rosehill Christian
18.10Andrew Onubogu12.26Houston Bellaire
19.11Jacob Bowers12.28St Thomas Episcopal
20.11Chad Steiger12.33Family Christian
21.9Jairemy Mathis12.34Houston Bellaire
22.10Ryan McGough12.38Lutheran-South
23.10Madison Johnson12.43Rosehill Christian
24.9Josh Canales12.56Pasadena South Houston
25.11Tyler Sedillo12.58St Thomas
25.9Miles Lerch12.58St Thomas
27.10Philo Agaybi12.62Family Christian
28.10Brandon Glover12.70The Woodlands Christ...
9Brant Lipscomb12.71The Woodlands Christ...
29.9Byron Rideau12.77Family Christian
30.11Austin Brown12.82Lutheran-South
31.11Asa Sheffield12.86First Baptist Christ...
32.9Charlie Thai12.88Lutheran-South
33.9Alex Castro12.91St Thomas
34.11Chester Hwang13.00First Baptist Christ...
35.10Timothy Anderson13.04The Woodlands Christ...
36.10William Freeman13.11Lutheran-South
37.9Austin Benditz13.13The Woodlands Christ...
38.9Jermy King13.14St Thomas
39.9Bradley Johnson13.30Rosehill Christian
40.-Johnathan Bean13.31Lutheran-North
41.10Dylan Magley13.38Lutheran-South
42.10Ben Fifi13.42St Thomas
43.10Zach Fifi13.52St Thomas
44.9Christian Kelley13.62St Thomas
45.10Matt Schrull13.67Baytown Christian
46.10Jose Noguera13.75St Thomas
9Charlie Thai13.9Lutheran-South
47.11Jose Joya14.00East Early College
48.9David Bonno14.14St Thomas
49.10Marc Vazquez14.18St Thomas
50.12Josh Gibson14.25Pine Drive Christian
9Zephan Lunz14.3Lutheran-South
51.10Kevin Hesse14.54St Thomas
52.7Jorgeson Lucero14.76Family Christian
53.9Brian Martinez14.91Lutheran-South
9Nick Rankin15.33The Woodlands Christ...
9Bradley JohnsonNTRosehill Christian
10Joseph WaltonNTSanta Fe
11Garron FreddieNTPasadena South Houston
-Alec KemnitzNTLutheran-North
12Lloyd WadeNTLutheran-North
11Joshua ZunigaNTFirst Baptist Christ...
10Mike FloeckNTSt Thomas
10Ben PidillaNTSt Thomas
10D.J. LangeNTBaytown Christian
9Trevor LewisNTSt Thomas
9Gabriel De la FuenteNTFamily Christian
11Brandon RosenteinNTHouston Bellaire
9Keenon WardNTPine Drive Christian
11Eric DunnNTSt Thomas
9Rowan BrumantNTSt Thomas
10Codina ChrisNTEast Early College
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
8.9Michael Cavazos12.0Lutheran-South
8.10Ryan McGough12.4Lutheran-South
8.10Dylan Magley14.1Lutheran-South
8.9Charlie Thai14.7Lutheran-South
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Christian Williams23.24Houston Yates
2.12Lloyd Wade23.65Lutheran-North
3.10Leroy Harris23.88Houston Yates
4.10Justin Lee24.00Lutheran-North
5.10Dominique Graves24.03Houston Yates
6.10Joseph Johnson24.16Houston Yates
7.10Edward Ramirez24.21Pasadena South Houston
7.9Gill Lars24.21Houston Yates
9.10Cameron Davis24.22The Woodlands Christ...
10.10Daniel Martinez24.26Pasadena South Houston
11.9Matthew Matlock24.72Lutheran-North
12.11Michael Achord24.73Santa Fe
13.11Austin Flores24.74Pine Drive Christian
14.9John Mouton24.84St Thomas
15.11Xitong Wu25.08Houston Bellaire
16.11Chase Oliver25.26Rosehill Christian
17.12Eldrian Walton25.44Lutheran-North
18.11Edward Uzowulu25.45Houston Bellaire
19.10Garett Davidson25.73Santa Fe
20.11Taylor Newsome25.75Santa Fe
20.10Eric Deveaux25.75Houston Bellaire
22.11Joshua Batiste25.87Pasadena South Houston
23.9Devante Arroyo26.14Lutheran-North
24.10Ryan McGough26.16Lutheran-South
25.10Pierce Wolf26.17Rosehill Christian
26.11Jacob Bowers26.24St Thomas Episcopal
27.11Tyler Sedillo26.36St Thomas
28.-Johnathan Bean26.38Lutheran-North
9Michael Cavazos26.5Lutheran-South
29.11Chad Steiger26.45Family Christian
30.9Brandon Connelly26.56Lutheran-North
31.9Rowan Brumant27.10St Thomas
32.10Philo Agaybi27.47Family Christian
33.11Taylor Robinson27.55Pine Drive Christian
34.11Chester Hwang27.63First Baptist Christ...
35.9Jermy King27.76St Thomas
36.10Eyob Hailemariam28.32Houston Bellaire
37.9Austin Benditz28.34The Woodlands Christ...
38.9Byron Rideau28.65Family Christian
39.11Lawrence Fu28.88First Baptist Christ...
40.9Christian Kelley29.07St Thomas
41.10Dylan Magley29.24Lutheran-South
42.9Tim McKenzie29.28Family Christian
43.9Milton Edwards29.70Houston Bellaire
44.9Zephan Lunz29.97Lutheran-South
45.9Josh Canales30.03Pasadena South Houston
46.10Marc Vazquez30.04St Thomas
47.10Jose Noguera30.40St Thomas
48.9Chris Jardine30.92St Thomas
49.9Addison Gross31.08Family Christian
50.10Kevin Hesse31.23St Thomas
9Trevor LewisNTSt Thomas
9Eric MartinNTSt Thomas
-Dillon BrownNTFamily Christian
11Brandon RosenteinNTHouston Bellaire
10Aaron WernickNTHouston Bellaire
9David BonnoNTSt Thomas
9Alex CastroNTSt Thomas
11Eric DunnNTSt Thomas
11Spencer CobbsNTSt Thomas
10Ben PidillaNTSt Thomas
10Ben FifiNTSt Thomas
10Mike FloeckNTSt Thomas
11Wilson BorenNTSt Thomas
10Zach FifiNTSt Thomas
12Phil BriceNTLutheran-North
11Joshua ZunigaNTFirst Baptist Christ...
-Alec KemnitzNTLutheran-North
11Garron FreddieNTPasadena South Houston
10Alexander RivasNTPasadena South Houston
9Brant LipscombNTThe Woodlands Christ...
9Trey FrederickNTRosehill Christian
11Asa SheffieldNTFirst Baptist Christ...
11Caleb RungeNTLutheran-North
11Marquis FrugeNTLutheran-North
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zerrick Gibson52.13Houston Yates
2.10Quincy Wells53.29Houston Yates
3.10Wilshaud Harrell53.50Houston Yates
4.11Caleb Runge53.81Lutheran-North
5.10Tadarius Limbrick55.00Houston Yates
6.9Blake Thompson55.45Houston Bellaire
7.9John Mouton56.13St Thomas
8.11John Watts56.74Houston Bellaire
9.10Emmet Brown56.76Family Christian
10.9Matthew Matlock56.81Lutheran-North
11.10Bradley Albineda57.21Lutheran-North
12.11Bralen Chinn57.24Lutheran-North
13.10Michael Sunja57.42Houston Bellaire
14.9Terrell Steed57.88Houston Bellaire
15.9Kendrick Pervis58.19Houston Yates
16.10Alexander Rivas58.47Pasadena South Houston
17.9Dorianl McNeil58.80Houston Bellaire
18.11Edward Uzowulu59.08Houston Bellaire
6.12Stace Gouty59.15Pine Drive Christian
19.11Justin Sumrall59.11Santa Fe
20.11Wilson Boren59.73St Thomas
21.11Anthony Benzaia59.78Santa Fe
22.9Justin Rayford59.86Houston Bellaire
23.10Josiah Greer1:00.57Family Christian
24.11Alex Personett1:01.49The Woodlands Christ...
25.10Damian Gallego1:01.75Pasadena South Houston
26.10Patrick Gibbs1:01.90Lutheran-South
27.12Garrett Randall1:02.16Lutheran-North
28.9Edgar Calles1:02.39East Early College
29.9Marc Liu1:02.82St Thomas Episcopal
30.10Julio Medina1:04.44St Thomas
31.10Aaron Wernick1:04.47Houston Bellaire
32.9Ian Ramirez1:04.64Rosehill Christian
33.9Cason Reeder1:07.00Lutheran-South
34.9Derek Lopez1:08.22Pine Drive Christian
35.-Johnathan Bean1:09.34Lutheran-North
36.9Chris Jardine1:10.81St Thomas
37.10Kevin Rivera1:11.88East Early College
10Andrew Winager1:14The Woodlands Christ...
38.9Brandon Connelly1:18.89Lutheran-North
-Alec KemnitzNTLutheran-North
11David LittleNTSt Thomas Episcopal
11Daniel PivallizaNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10Bryan TranNTSt Thomas Episcopal
11Spencer CobbsNTSt Thomas
10Cornelius MayesNTHouston Yates
11Mario LaDayNTPine Drive Christian
12Jason RileyNTPine Drive Christian
10Matthew GordonNTRosehill Christian
10Dylan RogersNTThe Woodlands Christ...
11Chase OliverNTRosehill Christian
9Ian RamirezNTRosehill Christian
11Kevin BanksNTPasadena South Houston
12Zuniga CesarNTPasadena South Houston
11Larry LyNTPasadena South Houston
10Justin LeeNTLutheran-North
11Matthew ManriquezNTLutheran-North
-Dillon BrownNTFamily Christian
9Addison GrossNTFamily Christian
10Kevin MartinezNTEast Early College
10Eduardo VasquezNTEast Early College
11Arturo OlmosNTEast Early College
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Ryan McGough60.8Lutheran-South
9Michael Cavazos61.4Lutheran-South
10Zach Lunz62.8Lutheran-South
10Patrick Gibbs64.3Lutheran-South
9Zach Pulido68.4Lutheran-South
9Kevin Van Kirk69Lutheran-South
9Rainier Richter70.0Lutheran-South
9Cason Reeder74.0Lutheran-South
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Miller2:09.78St Thomas Episcopal
2.11Caleb Runge2:10.28Lutheran-North
3.10Washington Cedric2:13.42Houston Yates
4.10Bradley Albineda2:16.62Lutheran-North
5.10jake Murphy2:17.52Santa Fe
6.10Cornelius Mayes2:18.66Houston Yates
7.10Patrick Gibbs2:19.74Lutheran-South
8.9Howard Kay2:20.09Houston Bellaire
9.9Chris Gillum2:21.61Houston Yates
10.11Bralen Chinn2:21.81Lutheran-North
11.10Dustin Ogle2:21.83Houston Bellaire
12.9Troy Harrington2:22.06St Thomas
13.10Andrew Wood2:22.16Lutheran-North
14.10Jonathan Carrera2:24.29St Thomas
15.12Jason Riley2:24.41Pine Drive Christian
16.11Carlos Aguirre2:24.55Pasadena South Houston
17.11Reid O'Connor2:24.74Houston Bellaire
18.9James Bryant2:27.55Houston Yates
19.9Brant Minor2:28.92Houston Bellaire
20.10Zach Lunz2:28.93Lutheran-South
21.10Julio Medina2:29.30St Thomas
9Cody Koelemay2:30.8Lutheran-South
22.11Daniel Pivalliza2:30.82St Thomas Episcopal
23.11Josh Ross2:34.98Lutheran-North
9Cason Reeder2:40.8Lutheran-South
24.10Abdissa Gemechu2:41.73Houston Bellaire
9Kevin Van Kirk2:45.1Lutheran-South
10Chaz PustejovskyNTLutheran-North
11Gabriel VillagomezNTLutheran-North
11Eric HootmanNTPasadena South Houston
12Zuniga CesarNTPasadena South Houston
11Larry LyNTPasadena South Houston
10Dylan RogersNTThe Woodlands Christ...
10Drew SimpsonNTThe Woodlands Christ...
10Mark HollandNTRosehill Christian
9Trey FrederickNTRosehill Christian
9Mason MartinNTRosehill Christian
11David NunoNTHouston Math Science...
10Kevin RiveraNTEast Early College
9Jerson UmanzorNTEast Early College
9Edgar CallesNTEast Early College
10Xiacheng YuanNTHouston Bellaire
10Nathan BoloNTFamily Christian
12Kyle YordyNTFamily Christian
9Caleb KingNTFamily Christian
11Jose JoyaNTEast Early College
-Johnathan BeanNTLutheran-North
11David LittleNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10Bryan TranNTSt Thomas Episcopal
12Vu LamNTBaytown Christian
9Brenton McDanielNTHouston Yates
9Cal MooreNTPine Drive Christian
9Marc GilbertNTPine Drive Christian
11Arturo OlmosNTEast Early College
10Kevin MartinezNTEast Early College
10Eduardo VasquezNTEast Early College
9Marc LiuNTSt Thomas Episcopal
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex Miller5:00.15St Thomas Episcopal
2.10Stefan Stankovic5:10.76Houston Bellaire
3.11Malcolm Richardson5:16.16Houston Bellaire
4.10Greg Synder5:19.36Houston Bellaire
5.10jake Murphy5:20.35Santa Fe
6.9Troy Harrington5:21.41St Thomas
7.10Xiacheng Yuan5:27.15Houston Bellaire
8.10Dustin Ogle5:27.43Houston Bellaire
9Cody Koelemay5:48.0Lutheran-South
9Kevin Van Kirk6:01.8Lutheran-South
11Gabriel VillagomezNTLutheran-North
10Chaz PustejovskyNTLutheran-North
10Andrew WoodNTLutheran-North
9Trey FrederickNTRosehill Christian
9Bradley JohnsonNTRosehill Christian
10Drew SimpsonNTThe Woodlands Christ...
9Mason MartinNTRosehill Christian
10Luis BetancourtNTPasadena South Houston
11Cristobal DuqueNTPasadena South Houston
12Oscar EspinozaNTPasadena South Houston
12Nisael GarciaNTPasadena South Houston
11Eric HootmanNTPasadena South Houston
12Abraham OrtegaNTPasadena South Houston
9Noel OrtegaNTPasadena South Houston
9Trey BagleyNTSt Thomas
9Saxon HancockNTSt Thomas
9Patrick PinkertonNTSt Thomas
9Connor QuinnNTSt Thomas
10Stephen SkrovanekNTSt Thomas
10Jonathan CarreraNTSt Thomas
11Josh RossNTLutheran-North
11Kevin HatrickNTLutheran-North
10Nathan BlackmonNTHouston Bellaire
10Brian TongNTHouston Bellaire
10Abdissa GemechuNTHouston Bellaire
10Jiasen WangNTHouston Bellaire
10Kevin RiveraNTEast Early College
9Jerson UmanzorNTEast Early College
9Edgar CallesNTEast Early College
9Jonathan MathisNTFamily Christian
7Jorgeson LuceroNTFamily Christian
10Joseph UgoNTHouston Yates
12Vu LamNTBaytown Christian
9Zach LopezNTHouston Bellaire
9Brant MinorNTHouston Bellaire
9Howard KayNTHouston Bellaire
9Dylan AguilarNTHouston Bellaire
9Layne SchmerinNTHouston Bellaire
9Andrew CarlsonNTHouston Bellaire
10Erik HawkinsNTHouston Bellaire
10Nolan HardemanNTFamily Christian
12Kyle YordyNTFamily Christian
10Andrew CoulterNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Dominic PierceNTSt Thomas
9Robert BennettNTSt Thomas
11Demetrius OnealNTHouston Yates
10Codina ChrisNTEast Early College
10Kevin MartinezNTEast Early College
10Eduardo VasquezNTEast Early College
11Arturo OlmosNTEast Early College
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Layne Schmerin11:40.49Houston Bellaire
2.9Zach Lopez12:04.54Houston Bellaire
3.10Andrew Coulter12:04.99St Thomas Episcopal
4.10John Thomas Gaden12:15.50St Thomas
5.12Nisael Garcia12:26.62Pasadena South Houston
6.10Luis Betancourt12:36.46Pasadena South Houston
12Oscar EspinozaNTPasadena South Houston
12Abraham OrtegaNTPasadena South Houston
11Cristobal DuqueNTPasadena South Houston
9Noel OrtegaNTPasadena South Houston
9Mason MartinNTRosehill Christian
9Bradley JohnsonNTRosehill Christian
10Erik HawkinsNTHouston Bellaire
9Andre SolisNTHouston Bellaire
9Dylan AguilarNTHouston Bellaire
9Andrew CarlsonNTHouston Bellaire
11Joshua DaoNTHouston Bellaire
10Nathan BlackmonNTHouston Bellaire
9Tim HawkinsNTSt Thomas
10Nolan HardemanNTFamily Christian
10Joseph UgoNTHouston Yates
11Arslan ShaikhNTHouston Bellaire
11Demetrius OnealNTHouston Yates
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Rainier Richter18.83Lutheran-South
2.9Steven Holder20.64Lutheran-South
11Matthew ManriquezNTLutheran-North
10Zach SauersNTSanta Fe
9Josh LittonNTRosehill Christian
10Madison JohnsonNTRosehill Christian
11Brian WaltersNTPasadena South Houston
10Jacob SchreinerNTPasadena South Houston
9Devante ArroyoNTLutheran-North
12Eldrian WaltonNTLutheran-North
10Matt BedellNTSt Thomas
11Ryan TownsendNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Robert RoetzelNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Robert RoetzelNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Dontreal CollinsNTHouston Yates
9Edmund ChristianNTHouston Yates
9Gabriel De la FuenteNTFamily Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Terrell Stafford42.48Houston Yates
2.11Carlos Aguirre46.57Pasadena South Houston
3.11Troy Minick47.08Houston Yates
4.10Andrew Wood47.45Lutheran-North
5.11Mario LaDay47.51Pine Drive Christian
6.10Pierce Wolf48.21Rosehill Christian
7.11Matthew Manriquez48.59Lutheran-North
8.9Rainier Richter48.93Lutheran-South
9.10Zach Lunz49.02Lutheran-South
10.9Edmund Christian49.06Houston Yates
11.11Brian Walters49.71Pasadena South Houston
12.9Dontreal Collins52.74Houston Yates
13.11Ryan Townsend56.48St Thomas Episcopal
14.9Robert Roetzel56.78St Thomas Episcopal
15.10Jacob Schreiner56.82Pasadena South Houston
10Robert BeachNTRosehill Christian
10Matthew GordonNTRosehill Christian
11Gabriel VillagomezNTLutheran-North
9Devante ArroyoNTLutheran-North
12Eldrian WaltonNTLutheran-North
10Matt BedellNTSt Thomas
9Robert RoetzelNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Miles LerchNTSt Thomas
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marquis Fruge
Justin Lee
Lloyd Wade
Phil Brice
2.-Joshua Batiste
Garron Freddie
Daniel Martinez
Edward Ramirez
46.68Pasadena South Houston
3.-Relay Team 48.09Houston Yates
4.-Austin Flores
Keenon Ward
Josh Gibson
Mario LaDay
48.12Pine Drive Christian
5.-Jairemy Mathis
Jusitn Rayford
Blake Thompson
Dorianl McNeil
48.37Houston Bellaire
6.-Trevor Lewis
Eric Martin
Derek Martin
Rowan Brumant
49.58St Thomas
7.-Madison Johnson
Pierce Wolf
Ian Ramirez
Josh Litton
51.68Rosehill Christian
8.-Michael Cavazos
Ryan McGough
Landon Phillips
Charlie Thai
9.-Brandon Glover
Timothy Anderson
Cameron Davis
Brant Lipscomb
53.44The Woodlands Christ...
-Justin Sumrall
Garett Davidson
Domingo Morales
Colby Morse
DNSSanta Fe
-Asa Sheffield
Lawrence Fu
Joshua Zuniga
Chester Hwang
NTFirst Baptist Christ...
-Matthew Mattlock
Devante Arroyo
Damian Sullivan
Bradley Albineda
-Josiah Greer
Philo Agaybi
Chad Steiger
Emmet Brown
NTFamily Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Quincy Wells
Brenton McDaniel
Wilshaud Harrell
Washington Cedric
3:47.85Houston Yates
2.-Joseph Johnson
Dominique Graves
Leroy Harris
Ellison Ronnie
3:49.26Houston Yates
3.-Tadarius Limbrick
Zerrick Gibson
Troy Minick
Edmund Christian
3:50.42Houston Yates
3.-Kendrick Pervis
Chris Gillum
Cornelius Mayes
Terrell Stafford
3:50.42Houston Yates
4.-Kendrick Pervis
Chris Gillum
Cornelius Mayes
Terrell Stafford
3:50.71Houston Yates
4.-Tadarius Limbrick
Zerrick Gibson
Troy Minick
Edmund Christian
3:50.71Houston Yates
5.-Carlos Aguirre
Kevin Banks
Alexander Rivas
Damian Gallego
3:56.84Pasadena South Houston
6.-Relay Team 3:58.01Lutheran-North
7.-Terrell Steed
Xitong Wu
Michael Sunja
Jusitn Rayford
4:03.29Houston Bellaire
8.-Cason Reeder
Kevin VanKirk
Zach Pulido
Rainer Richter
9.-Emmet Brown
Nolan Hardeman
Kyle Yordy
Josiah Greer
4:20.31Family Christian
10.-Taylor Robinson
Jason Riley
Derek Lopez
Mario LaDay
4:24.08Pine Drive Christian
11.-Matthew Gordon
Ian Ramirez
Mark Holland
Josh Litton
4:26.03Rosehill Christian
12.-Jacob Bowers
Marc Liu
Ryan Townsend
Bryan Tran
4:29.17St Thomas Episcopal
13.-Relay Team 4:37.58The Woodlands Christ...
14.-Patrick Gibbs
Michael Cavazos
Landon Phillips
Zach Lunz
15.-Jonathan Mathis
Nathan Bolo
Caleb King
Byron Rideau
4:55.38Family Christian
16.-Ben Miller
Cal Moore
Zachary Lee
Marc Gilbert
5:22.13Pine Drive Christian
-Relay Team NTSt Thomas
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Robert Beach39-03.50Rosehill Christian
2.11Kelly Phillips39-03.00Santa Fe
3.11Robert Blackwell37-10.00Santa Fe
4.11Fernando Garcia37-01.00Pasadena South Houston
5.10Jose Caceras36-00.50Pasadena South Houston
6.10Hunter Davis34-11.50Santa Fe
7.12Eldrian Walton34-09.00Lutheran-North
8.11Jose Trevino34-02.50Pasadena South Houston
9.11Taylor Robinson33-10.00Pine Drive Christian
10.9Tim McKenzie33-01.50Family Christian
11.9Nick Cross33-00.50Pasadena South Houston
12.10Kai Ordonio32-03.00Family Christian
13.11Austin Brown31-08.50Lutheran-South
14.11Alex Personett31-01.00The Woodlands Christ...
15.9Rene Lopez30-11.00Pasadena South Houston
16.11Chad Steiger30-08.00Family Christian
17.9Zephan Lunz29-10.50Lutheran-South
18.11Andrew Mojica29-07.50Pasadena South Houston
19.9Nicholas Vrakas29-04.50St Thomas
20.10Pierce Wolf28-11.00Rosehill Christian
21.9Brant Lipscomb28-10.50The Woodlands Christ...
22.9Doc Perrier28-07.00St Thomas
23.10Adrian Valencia27-09.50Lutheran-North
24.10Greg Briney27-09.00Lutheran-North
25.10William Freeman27-04.00Lutheran-South
26.10Clayton Sutterland27-00.00St Thomas
27.9Joseph Castro26-10.00Pasadena South Houston
28.12Thomas Gomez26-06.00Pine Drive Christian
29.10Austin Sutterland26-01.00St Thomas
30.10Austin Potts25-01.50Lutheran-North
31.9Michael Cavazos25-00.00Lutheran-South
32.10Matt Schrull24-02.50Baytown Christian
33.9Brian Martinez23-02.50Lutheran-South
34.-Will Jordan22-09.00Lutheran-North
35.10Jesse Harper22-04.00Lutheran-North
36.9Caleb King22-01.00Family Christian
37.10Connor Markey21-05.50Lutheran-North
38.9Ian Ramirez21-04.00Rosehill Christian
39.10Kevin Hesse21-00.00St Thomas
40.9Alex Alonzo20-00.00Pasadena South Houston
41.9Charlie Thai18-09.50Lutheran-South
11Antonio StricklandNDPasadena South Houston
10John BuenteoNDPasadena South Houston
9Ian RamirezNDRosehill Christian
12Vu LamNDBaytown Christian
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chase Oliver6-00.00Rosehill Christian
2.11Kevin Hatrick5-10.00Lutheran-North
3.10Jacob Romano5-08.00Santa Fe
3.10Domingo Morales5-08.00Santa Fe
5.11Bralen Chinn5-04.00Lutheran-North
6.11Carlos Aguirre5-02.00Pasadena South Houston
6.11Brandon Rosentein5-02.00Houston Bellaire
8.10Andrew Wood5-00.00Lutheran-North
12Garrett RandallNHLutheran-North
11Joshua BatisteNHPasadena South Houston
10Timothy AndersonNHThe Woodlands Christ...
10Madison JohnsonNHRosehill Christian
10Mark HollandNHRosehill Christian
11Daniel PivallizaNHSt Thomas Episcopal
12Neely PatelNHSt Thomas Episcopal
9Jonathan MathisNHFamily Christian
9Jermy KingNHSt Thomas
9Rowan BrumantNHSt Thomas
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Matt Bedell10-00.00St Thomas
1.10Garet Hazley10-00.00Santa Fe
3.10Zach Fifi9-06.00St Thomas
4.10Ryan McGough9-00.00Lutheran-South
5.10Mike Floeck8-06.00St Thomas
6.10Dylan Magley8-00.00Lutheran-South
6.10Alexander Rivas8-00.00Pasadena South Houston
8.11Lukas Bayon7-06.00Pasadena South Houston
8.10Ben Fifi7-06.00St Thomas
10Daniel MartinezNHPasadena South Houston
12Zuniga CesarNHPasadena South Houston
10Kagen RoseNHSanta Fe
11Cody PlattNHSanta Fe
10Kevin HesseNHSt Thomas
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Chase Oliver19-08.00Rosehill Christian
2.10Leroy Harris19-04.00Houston Yates
3.9Matthew Matlock18-05.00Lutheran-North
4.11Ernest Littles18-04.00Pasadena South Houston
5.10Wilshaud Harrell18-00.00Houston Yates
6.12Phil Brice17-11.25Lutheran-North
7.11Mario LaDay17-08.00Pine Drive Christian
8.10Domingo Morales17-07.00Santa Fe
9.9Keenon Ward17-06.25Pine Drive Christian
10.9John Mouton17-04.00St Thomas
11.11Kevin Banks17-01.50Pasadena South Houston
12.10Eric Deveaux16-11.50Houston Bellaire
13.10Madison Johnson16-09.00Rosehill Christian
14.11Edward Uzowulu16-08.00Houston Bellaire
15.9Steven Holder16-05.00Lutheran-South
16.10Emmet Brown16-03.50Family Christian
17.10Josiah Greer16-03.00Family Christian
18.9Brant Lipscomb16-00.00The Woodlands Christ...
19.9Jonathan Mathis15-10.50Family Christian
20.12Zuniga Cesar15-08.50Pasadena South Houston
21.12Kyle Yordy15-08.00Family Christian
22.11Jose Joya15-07.00East Early College
23.12Neely Patel15-04.50St Thomas Episcopal
24.10Quincy Wells15-02.00Houston Yates
25.9Rainier Richter15-01.00Lutheran-South
26.9Byron Rideau14-11.00Family Christian
26.10Aaron Wernick14-11.00Houston Bellaire
28.10Mark Holland14-06.00Rosehill Christian
29.10Timothy Anderson14-04.00The Woodlands Christ...
30.10Brandon Glover14-03.00The Woodlands Christ...
30.11Daniel Pivalliza14-03.00St Thomas Episcopal
32.10Kevin Rivera14-02.50East Early College
33.11Jacob Bowers13-04.50St Thomas Episcopal
34.9Zach Pulido13-01.50Lutheran-South
35.9Gabriel De la Fuente12-08.50Family Christian
36.10Nolan Hardeman11-09.50Family Christian
10Philo AgaybiNDFamily Christian
11Cody PlattNDSanta Fe
12Ryan ThrasherNDLutheran-North
10Bradley AlbinedaNDLutheran-North
10Allan RatliffNDHouston Yates
9Trevor LewisNDSt Thomas
9Derek MartinNDSt Thomas
9Eric MartinNDSt Thomas
-Ronald AnuforoNDHouston Bellaire
10Eduardo VasquezNDEast Early College

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kim Hubbard12.72Houston Lamar
2.10Eve Nnaji13.60Lutheran-North
3.9Kolby Sharp13.79Lutheran-South
4.8Bria Deajon13.84First Baptist Christ...
5.10Rachel Wood13.98Lutheran-North
6.11Carrina Macias14.01Houston Math Science...
6.10Brittany Castillo14.01Houston Math Science...
8.10Jennifer Ma14.16St Thomas Episcopal
9.9Brieanna Thomas14.37Pine Drive Christian
10.11Madison Albert14.43First Baptist Christ...
11.9Sara Schoppa14.44Duchesne Academy
12.10Gabby Voronov14.53Family Christian
13.11Karina Guerrero14.54Lutheran-South
14.9Aly Chavez14.56Family Christian
15.10Jacori Gray14.62Houston Lamar
16.10chyenne Gentry14.63Santa Fe
17.10Tenishia Johnson14.67Family Christian
18.12MacKenzie Brisben14.69Rosehill Christian
19.9Lynlea Hansen14.81First Baptist Christ...
20.9Lauren Lockmeyer14.88St Thomas Episcopal
21.10Ebony Harrison14.91Houston Lamar
22.12Jessica Birdwell15.04Rosehill Christian
23.9Haile Durodola15.10Duchesne Academy
24.9Savanna Foster15.32Pine Drive Christian
25.12Raquel Vargas15.41Incarnate Word Academy
26.10Katelyn Sims15.56Pine Drive Christian
27.9Alyssa Croft15.68Lutheran-South
28.10Emily Mitchell15.69St Thomas Episcopal
29.-Jennifer Ha15.83Lutheran-North
30.12Catalina Ramos16.05Houston Math Science...
31.9Ashley Hamlin16.10First Baptist Christ...
31.9Stephanie McConnell16.10Incarnate Word Academy
33.10Susy De la Fuente16.16Family Christian
34.10Mallorie Jordan16.23Baytown Christian
35.9Julia Daniel16.27Incarnate Word Academy
36.12Grecia Jimenez16.29Lutheran-South
37.9Cathy Lee16.41Duchesne Academy
38.10Katherine Cottingham16.57Lutheran-South
39.11Winnie Grace Crowe20.57East Early College
9Miranda GonzalezNTEast Early College
9Maria GuzmanNTEast Early College
9Alyssa BlackNTEast Early College
10Tanisha HernandezNTEast Early College
10Kimberly JosephNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10Amy LederNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Valerie RamirezNTEast Early College
10Mansie MitchellNTSanta Fe
10Sandra SanchNTSanta Fe
9Elizabeth SmithNTFirst Baptist Christ...
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Abigail Hart12.6Lutheran-South
10Nika Tafarroji14.1Lutheran-South
9Kolby Sharp14.1Lutheran-South
10Emily Rosenhagen15.2Lutheran-South
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jacori Gray26.00Houston Lamar
2.10Hannah Johannes27.89Houston Lamar
3.8Bria Deajon28.65First Baptist Christ...
4.9Sophie Rosales29.30Duchesne Academy
10Nika Tafarroji29.6Lutheran-South
5.10Rachel Wood29.70Lutheran-North
6.10Jennifer Ma29.75St Thomas Episcopal
7.9Kolby Sharp29.78Lutheran-South
8.10Emily Rosenhagen29.82Lutheran-South
9.9Raven Johnson29.96Houston Lamar
10.9Brieanna Thomas30.14Pine Drive Christian
11.11Abigail Hart30.65Lutheran-South
12.9Brittany Morris31.46HCYA Home School Lions
13.12MacKenzie Brisben31.55Rosehill Christian
14.10Tenishia Johnson31.80Family Christian
15.10Maire Kelly32.33Incarnate Word Academy
16.9Savanna Foster32.59Pine Drive Christian
17.9Elizabeth Smith32.72First Baptist Christ...
18.12Raquel Vargas32.74Incarnate Word Academy
19.9Alyssa Croft33.35Lutheran-South
20.12Jessica Birdwell34.01Rosehill Christian
21.9Stephanie McConnell34.68Incarnate Word Academy
22.9Chelsea Jammer34.80Pine Drive Christian
23.11Karina Guerrero34.86Lutheran-South
24.9Julia Daniel35.30Incarnate Word Academy
25.11Winnie Grace Crowe51.41East Early College
10Tanisha HernandezNTEast Early College
9Valerie RamirezNTEast Early College
10Emily MitchellNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Lauren LockmeyerNTSt Thomas Episcopal
11Jenna LockmeyerNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Haile DurodolaNTDuchesne Academy
9Cathy LeeNTDuchesne Academy
10Christina EspinozaNTHouston Math Science...
10Brittany CastilloNTHouston Math Science...
8Katie GrangerNTFamily Christian
11Amy JuergenNTLutheran-North
12Taylor EdwardsNTLutheran-South
12Grecia JimenezNTLutheran-South
10Eve NnajiNTLutheran-North
11Heidi LukerNTLutheran-North
9Ashley HamlinNTFirst Baptist Christ...
10Nika TafarrojiNTLutheran-South
10Kimberly JosephNTSt Thomas Episcopal
11Stephanie ColelloNTLutheran-South
-Jennifer HaNTLutheran-North
12Catalina RamosNTHouston Math Science...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Yevonne Connor1:07.85Houston Lamar
2.10Christina Espinoza1:08.79Houston Math Science...
3.10Nicole Sitz1:10.39Lutheran-North
4.9Elena Strueding1:11.32Duchesne Academy
5.8Taylor Terry1:11.67HCYA Home School Lions
6.10Maire Kelly1:13.75Incarnate Word Academy
7.10Audra Rincon1:14.34Baytown Christian
8.11Kirstie Merchant1:14.36Lutheran-South
9.12MacKenzie Brisben1:14.51Rosehill Christian
10.10Victoria Fretty1:15.62Houston Lamar
11.9Keia Broussard1:15.80Houston Lamar
12.9Katherine Chase1:16.29St Thomas Episcopal
13.9Brittany Morris1:17.61HCYA Home School Lions
14.12Jessica Birdwell1:18.69Rosehill Christian
15.-Brittany Billiott1:19.97Pine Drive Christian
16.-Jennifer Ha1:23.58Lutheran-North
17.10Katelyn Sims1:24.69Pine Drive Christian
19.7Katarina Borny1:29.29Family Christian
20.11Nayeli Saucedo1:35.01East Early College
21.10Alex Peek1:43.74Pine Drive Christian
10Jennifer MaNTSt Thomas Episcopal
12Megan HelzerNTBaytown Christian
12Allison SchimelpfeningNTIncarnate Word Academy
9Rachael McDaniel1.19The Woodlands Christ...
11Christina CampbellNTLutheran-North
10Arielle GonzalezNTEast Early College
11Jenna LockmeyerNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Lauren LockmeyerNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Taylor SetterlundNTDuchesne Academy
9Hannah JuddNTDuchesne Academy
10Samantha MartinezNTHouston Math Science...
8Katie GrangerNTFamily Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Kathleen Bryan70.0Lutheran-South
9Erin Shireman71.6Lutheran-South
11Kirstie Merchant73.2Lutheran-South
10Nika Tafarroji73.8Lutheran-South
10Emily Rosenhagen73.9Lutheran-South
11Abigail Hart74.6Lutheran-South
10Katherine Cottingham79.6Lutheran-South
10Melissa Cruz81.8Lutheran-South
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hasannah McGhee2:45.08Houston Lamar
2.10Kathleen Bryan2:45.50Lutheran-South
3.12Megan Helzer2:46.03Baytown Christian
4.10Natalie Lerma2:53.91Incarnate Word Academy
5.9Laken Carleton2:56.24Incarnate Word Academy
6.10Melissa Cruz2:57.41Lutheran-South
7.10Brianna Worthing3:00.93Lutheran-North
8.9Kyrie Clark3:01.64The Woodlands Christ...
9.9Taylor Duroy3:01.93The Woodlands Christ...
10.9Carly Foreman3:04.39Houston Lamar
11.9Rachael McDaniel3:04.61The Woodlands Christ...
12.9Katherine Chase3:08.37St Thomas Episcopal
13.10Analisa Luning3:39.57The Woodlands Christ...
11Kayla Shaffer3:52.0Lutheran-South
14.-Chelsea Madrid3:57.01Lutheran-North
9Ryan HatrickNTLutheran-North
9Amanda ChapaNTLutheran-North
12Eleanora GalloNTLutheran-South
12Allison SchimelpfeningNTIncarnate Word Academy
7Katarina BornyNTFamily Christian
11Samantha BornyNTFamily Christian
9Karime NavaNTEast Early College
11Melissa JimenezNTEast Early College
11Elizbet ArroyoNTHouston Math Science...
11Kayla ShafferNTLutheran-South
10Alycia HesterNTLutheran-North
10Danielle GarciaNTLutheran-North
9Brooke WillisNTHouston Lamar
11Carrina MaciasNTHouston Math Science...
11Jenna LockmeyerNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10Arielle GonzalezNTEast Early College
11Nayeli SaucedoNTEast Early College
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Claire Coulter6:09.28St Thomas Episcopal
2.10Christine McGough6:16.85St Thomas Episcopal
3.10Melissa Cruz6:20.17Lutheran-South
4.10Alycia Hester6:24.24Lutheran-North
5.9Laken Carleton6:34.13Incarnate Word Academy
6.9Amber Walton6:36.57Santa Fe
7.9Esalee Andrade6:37.93Houston Lamar
9Taylor Duroy6:39The Woodlands Christ...
8.11MyKaila Dudley6:39.52Incarnate Word Academy
10Kaitlin Cummings7:11The Woodlands Christ...
11Kayla Shaffer8:49.4Lutheran-South
9brittany ?NTSanta Fe
10Danielle GarciaNTLutheran-North
10Brianna WorthingNTLutheran-North
11Kayla ShafferNTLutheran-South
9Amanda ChapaNTLutheran-North
9Ryan HatrickNTLutheran-North
-Chelsea MadridNTLutheran-North
12Megan HelzerNTBaytown Christian
9Elizabeth FinleyNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Brooke WillisNTHouston Lamar
9Carly ForemanNTHouston Lamar
8Taylor TerryNTHCYA Home School Lions
9Anne ZiembaNTDuchesne Academy
9Madison FloresNTIncarnate Word Academy
9Valerie LermaNTIncarnate Word Academy
10Emily DonaldsonNTDuchesne Academy
10Alex RinconNTBaytown Christian
9Serina BornyNTFamily Christian
10Regina MastersNTIncarnate Word Academy
9Karime NavaNTEast Early College
11Melissa JimenezNTEast Early College
12Eleanora GalloNTLutheran-South
10Arielle GonzalezNTEast Early College
11Nayeli SaucedoNTEast Early College
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Claire Coulter13:08.52St Thomas Episcopal
2.10Christine McGough13:34.49St Thomas Episcopal
3.8Taylor Terry13:42.07HCYA Home School Lions
4.11Elizbet Arroyo14:18.41Houston Math Science...
5.10Amaris Cruz14:39.59Houston Lamar
6.9Esalee Andrade14:57.14Houston Lamar
10Kaitlin Cummings15:46.49The Woodlands Christ...
10Regina MastersNTIncarnate Word Academy
9Serina BornyNTFamily Christian
9Madison FloresNTIncarnate Word Academy
9Valerie LermaNTIncarnate Word Academy
10Emily DonaldsonNTDuchesne Academy
11Rubi HernandezNTHouston Math Science...
9Elizabeth FinleyNTSt Thomas Episcopal
12Sarah MastersNTIncarnate Word Academy
9Jennifer LloydNTHouston Lamar
9Anne ZiembaNTDuchesne Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erin Shireman18.70Lutheran-South
2.12Paulina Sosa19.99Incarnate Word Academy
3.9Arden Houghton20.28Incarnate Word Academy
4.11Eva Wade22.45Houston Lamar
5.10Susy De la Fuente23.92Family Christian
6.9Kandyce Blackwell24.19Houston Lamar
7.10Iris Darden27.80Santa Fe
11Amy JuergenNTLutheran-North
10Amy LederNTSt Thomas Episcopal
10Gabby VoronovNTFamily Christian
10Catie BuellNTFamily Christian
10Audra RinconNTBaytown Christian
10Kimberly JosephNTSt Thomas Episcopal
9Aly ChavezNTFamily Christian
10Sydnie Cole-ThomasNTHouston Lamar
10Emily MitchellNTSt Thomas Episcopal
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Angela Uhegwa49.92Houston Lamar
2.9Nadira Wallace50.41Houston Lamar
3.9Erin Shireman55.92Lutheran-South
4.10Sydnie Cole-Thomas59.32Houston Lamar
5.10Amy Leder1:00.11St Thomas Episcopal
6.11Ashley Kenney1:02.27Santa Fe
7.10Catie Buell1:03.09Family Christian
8.9Amber Walton1:03.10Santa Fe
9.11Samantha Borny1:06.25Family Christian
10.10Joanna Roberts1:26.40Incarnate Word Academy
11Amy JuergenNTLutheran-North
10Alycia HesterNTLutheran-North
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacori Gray
Kyon Simmons
Hannah Johannes
Yevonne Connor
52.96Houston Lamar
2.-Emily Rosenhagen
Erin Shireman
Nika Tafarroji
Abigail Hart
3.-Catalina Ramos
Xochil Gonzales
Brittany Castillo
Samantha Martinez
56.41Houston Math Science...
4.-Iris Darden
chyenne Gentry
Mansie Mitchell
Sandra Sanch
56.84Santa Fe
5.-Tenishia Johnson
Susy De la Fuente
Aly Chavez
Gabby Voronov
57.49Family Christian
6.-Haile Durodola
Cathy Lee
Sara Schoppa
Sophie Rosales
59.29Duchesne Academy
-Relay Team DNFIncarnate Word Academy
-Heidi Luker
Rachel Wood
Nicole Sitz
Eve Nnaji
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hannah Johannes
Nadira Wallace
Yevonne Connor
Hasannah McGhee
4:37.28Houston Lamar
2.-Jada Davis
Arielle Cottingham
Maire Kelly
Natalie Lerma
4:43.82Incarnate Word Academy
3.-Emily Rosenhagen
Kirstie Merchant
Kathleen Bryan
Nika Tafarroji
4.-Abigail Hart
Melissa Cruz
Erin Shireman
Katherine Cottingham
5.-Katherine Chase
Elizabeth Finley
Amy Leder
Hannah Lau
5:10.16St Thomas Episcopal
-Serina Borny
Catie Buell
Susy De la Fuente
Katarina Borny
NTFamily Christian
-Sara Schoppa
Elena Strueding
Taylor Setterlund
Hannah Judd
NTDuchesne Academy
-Christina Campbell
Eve Nnaji
Nicole Sitz
Rachel Wood
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9LeAnn Tobola31-08.50Incarnate Word Academy
2.10Jessica Thomas28-01.50Houston Lamar
3.11Jordan Consorte-Moore26-04.00Houston Lamar
4.10Nicole Sitz25-10.50Lutheran-North
5.11Rebecca Gonzales23-03.00Santa Fe
6.10Callie Arriola23-02.50Lutheran-North
7.9Drake Tobola22-10.50Incarnate Word Academy
8.9Maria Guzman22-07.00East Early College
9.10Cali Robertson21-05.50Lutheran-North
10.10Mallorie Jordan21-03.00Baytown Christian
11.9Miranda Gonzalez20-00.50East Early College
12.11Kayla Shaffer19-03.50Lutheran-South
13.10Kim Reiff19-02.00Houston Lamar
14.11Karina Guerrero18-09.00Lutheran-South
15.9Alyssa Black15-02.50East Early College
16.10Alexx Chapa14-06.00Pine Drive Christian
10Tenishia JohnsonNDFamily Christian
9Brieanna ThomasNDPine Drive Christian
12Erica WilliamsNDIncarnate Word Academy
12Cristina VaglientyNDIncarnate Word Academy
9Ryan HatrickNDLutheran-North
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shelby Marek4-10.00Santa Fe
1.9Kolby Sharp4-10.00Lutheran-South
3.10Angela Uhegwa4-08.00Houston Lamar
4.10Yevonne Connor4-06.00Houston Lamar
5.9Hannah Judd4-04.00Duchesne Academy
5.10Alycia Hester4-04.00Lutheran-North
7.9Elena Strueding4-02.00Duchesne Academy
8.9Kyrie Clark4-00.00The Woodlands Christ...
8.11Samantha Borny4-00.00Family Christian
8.10Audra Rincon4-00.00Baytown Christian
11.9Aly Chavez3-10.00Family Christian
11.10Hasannah McGhee3-10.00Houston Lamar
9Taylor SetterlundNHDuchesne Academy
10Alex RinconNHBaytown Christian
10Amy LederNHSt Thomas Episcopal
11MyKaila DudleyNHIncarnate Word Academy
11Madison AlbertNHFirst Baptist Christ...
12Stephanie BonuraNHLutheran-North
11Christina CampbellNHLutheran-North
9Amber WaltonNHSanta Fe
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erin Shireman7-00.00Lutheran-South
1.11Katie Frei7-00.00Houston Lamar
12Jekaterina VassiljevaNHHouston Lamar
10Katie LewisNHHouston Lamar
11Abigail HartNHLutheran-South
11Stephanie ColelloNHLutheran-South
9Arden HoughtonNHIncarnate Word Academy
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11MyKaila Dudley15-05.00Incarnate Word Academy
2.10Sydnie Cole-Thomas14-08.00Houston Lamar
3.10Shelby Marek14-06.00Santa Fe
4.10Natalie Lerma14-01.00Incarnate Word Academy
5.10Karen Ikonne13-06.00Houston Lamar
6.11Amy Juergen13-04.00Lutheran-North
7.10Ebony Harrison12-11.00Houston Lamar
8.10Maggie Walker12-09.00Incarnate Word Academy
9.10Nika Tafarroji12-08.00Lutheran-South
9.10Susy De la Fuente12-08.00Family Christian
11.12Jessica Birdwell12-00.00Rosehill Christian
12.9brittany ?11-09.00Santa Fe
13.10Kathleen Bryan11-05.00Lutheran-South
14.9Aly Chavez11-03.00Family Christian
15.10Amy Leder11-00.00St Thomas Episcopal
16.10Jennifer Ma10-10.00St Thomas Episcopal
16.12MacKenzie Brisben10-10.00Rosehill Christian
18.11Kirstie Merchant9-01.00Lutheran-South
10Katherine Cottingham9'Lutheran-South
19.11Winnie Grace Crowe8-09.00East Early College
20.11Samantha Borny8-06.00Family Christian
10Catie BuellNDFamily Christian
10Gabby VoronovNDFamily Christian
12Paulina SosaNDIncarnate Word Academy
10Katherine CottinghamNDLutheran-South
12Allison SchimelpfeningNDIncarnate Word Academy
11Heidi LukerNDLutheran-North
12Taylor EdwardsNDLutheran-South
10Eve NnajiNDLutheran-North
9Lynlea HansenNDFirst Baptist Christ...
9Alyssa BlackNDEast Early College
9Maria GuzmanNDEast Early College
9Haile DurodolaNDDuchesne Academy
9Sara SchoppaNDDuchesne Academy
9Cathy LeeNDDuchesne Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
9Kolby Sharp32'8"Lutheran-South
10Emily Rosenhagen28'7"Lutheran-South
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