CBBN: Walla Walla/Eisenhower/Kamiakin @ Moses Lake

Thursday, April 23, 2009
  Moses Lake HS, Moses Lake - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Washington - 3A
Washington - 4A
MSLKMoses Lake
WALAWalla Walla
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Ness11.15aWalla Walla
2.12Jonathan Newport11.16aEisenhower
3.12Andrew Bloom11.35aWalla Walla
4.12Cori Nickerson11.36aKamiakin
5.11Jordan Wilks11.54aMoses Lake
6.10Jerrod Johnston11.55aKamiakin
7.12Justin Piek11.68aWalla Walla
8.11Austin Schilling11.70aWalla Walla
9.12Alex Dissing11.75aKamiakin
10.10Codi Nickerson11.92aKamiakin
11.11Dylan Pieti12.17aEisenhower
12.11Joe Fuerst12.34aEisenhower
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cori Nickerson22.66aKamiakin
2.10Jerrod Johnston23.06aKamiakin
3.10Tim White23.16aKamiakin
4.11Austin Schilling23.31aWalla Walla
5.10Mike Esparza23.35aEisenhower
6.11Randy Koon23.61aMoses Lake
7.11Mitchell Hill23.80aMoses Lake
8.12Chris Richardson24.00aMoses Lake
9.12Jorge Garcia24.03aWalla Walla
10.10Sawyer Neiffer24.56aWalla Walla
11.9Corey McLean25.06aKamiakin
12.9Ty Hafen25.50aWalla Walla
13.11Joe Fuerst25.57aEisenhower
14.11Dylan Pieti25.58aEisenhower
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Ness53.70aWalla Walla
2.12Andrew Bloom54.25aWalla Walla
3.12Jared Villarreal55.07aKamiakin
4.12Chris Richardson55.30aMoses Lake
5.12Kyle Jones55.59aWalla Walla
6.10Jerrod Johnston56.22aKamiakin
7.10Codi Nickerson56.51aKamiakin
8.12Edward Martinez57.16aEisenhower
9.9Ty Hafen57.69aWalla Walla
10.10Mike Esparza59.34aEisenhower
11.9Jared Klingele1:02.84aEisenhower
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Justin Yoke2:05.03aKamiakin
2.11Alan Peak2:05.53aKamiakin
3.12Jose Gomez2:08.44aWalla Walla
4.10German Silva2:08.68aEisenhower
12Robby Wall2:08.78aWalla Walla
5.12Ryan Chapman2:09.78aEisenhower
6.11Sean Knopp2:09.81aKamiakin
7.12Jeff Marsh2:10.74aMoses Lake
8.11Bret Reller2:19.85aWalla Walla
9.10Peter Troianello2:24.38aEisenhower
10.9Bradley Nicholas Tripp2:28.16aMoses Lake
11.12Cody Johnson2:32.48aEisenhower
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan Simison4:29.06aEisenhower
2.11Evan Fiske4:31.71aKamiakin
3.9Anthony Armstrong4:34.17aKamiakin
4.11Justin Yoke4:36.02aKamiakin
5.10German Silva4:37.24aEisenhower
6.9Kyle Jameson4:39.71aWalla Walla
7.12Jeff Marsh4:41.10aMoses Lake
8.11Sean Knopp4:46.74aKamiakin
9.11Blake Lewis4:52.17aWalla Walla
10.10Peter Troianello4:58.73aEisenhower
11.10Austin Morgan4:59.81aWalla Walla
12.9Greggory Heller5:01.24aWalla Walla
13.9Will Monlux5:07.45aMoses Lake
14.9Hayden Wise5:08.41aMoses Lake
15.12Cody Johnson5:11.42aEisenhower
16.9Bradley Nicholas Tripp5:22.42aMoses Lake
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan Simison9:46.29aEisenhower
2.9Anthony Armstrong9:51.94aKamiakin
3.10Aaron Nelson9:54.46aWalla Walla
4.11Evan Fiske9:55.73aKamiakin
5.9John-Paul Wolpert10:05.59aWalla Walla
6.12Ivan Alfaro10:13.41aEisenhower
7.11Charles Lisle10:28.08aKamiakin
8.12Andy Romfo10:32.65aEisenhower
9.9Luis Aguero11:06.84aEisenhower
10.11Ben Daschel11:13.99aMoses Lake
11.9Hayden Wise11:17.81aMoses Lake
12.10Zechariah Lapier11:31.46aWalla Walla
13.9Will Monlux11:57.23aMoses Lake
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Garrett Gerling15.78aWalla Walla
2.12Cody Orth16.85aKamiakin
3.10Sawyer Neiffer17.04aWalla Walla
4.12Edin Mehic17.92aKamiakin
5.9Blake Gerling17.94aWalla Walla
8.11Eddie Del Toro18.17aKamiakin
6.10Luke Barnett18.09Kamiakin
7.9Zack Walker18.11Moses Lake
9.12Max Tikhomirov18.85aEisenhower
10.12Spencer Fackrell19.05Moses Lake
11.9Andrew Hino19.07Eisenhower
12.11Tim McEuen31.60aWalla Walla
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Garrett Gerling41.78aWalla Walla
2.11Eddie Del Toro42.21aKamiakin
3.12Stanley Salsbury42.69aKamiakin
4.10Sawyer Neiffer42.88aWalla Walla
5.9Blake Gerling43.98aWalla Walla
6.12Jonathan Newport44.92aEisenhower
7.12Ricky Sanchez45.73aEisenhower
8.11John Boone45.94aWalla Walla
9.12Cody Orth46.10aKamiakin
10.9Andrew Hino49.23aEisenhower
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Bloom
Austin Schilling
Justin Piek
Jordan Ness
43.85aWalla Walla
2.-Ethan Morgan
Cori Nickerson
Stanley Salsbury
Tim White
3.-Randy Koon
Mitchell Hill
Jordan Wilks
Chris Richardson
44.87aMoses Lake
4.-Dylan Pieti
Jonathan Newport
Joe Fuerst
Mike Esparza
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kyle Jones
Robby Wall
Jordan Ness
Andrew Bloom
3:32.27aWalla Walla
2.-Ethan Morgan
Cori Nickerson
Tim White
Stanley Salsbury
3.-Kyle Jameson
Blake Gerling
Ty Hafen
Austin Morgan
3:41.61aWalla Walla
4.-Blake Lewis
Austin Schilling
Garrett Gerling
Sawyer Neiffer
3:42.98aWalla Walla
5.-Ryan Chapman
Bryan Simison
Peter Troianello
German Silva
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brandon Porter46-08.00Walla Walla
4.12Jobette Guerra40-10.50Moses Lake
5.12Kyle Holden40-05.00Walla Walla
6.11Dallas Jimenez39-10.50Walla Walla
7.12Luke Nelson39-10.00Walla Walla
8.10Abel Soto39-07.25Eisenhower
9.10Gerald Maib39-06.50Walla Walla
10.11Dylan Pieti37-05.00Eisenhower
11.10Brandon Bradley37-01.00Moses Lake
12.11Casey Higgins36-09.50Kamiakin
13.12Tyler Harman36-04.00Moses Lake
14.11Kris Bragg36-02.00Kamiakin
15.11Jaime Astorga34-02.50Kamiakin
16.12Cameron Goodrich33-11.75Moses Lake
17.10Tyler Holle33-10.50Kamiakin
18.12Zach Curtis33-01.50Kamiakin
19.10Alex Murchie32-01.00Eisenhower
20.9J.T. Harman31-00.50Moses Lake
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Spencer Fackrell147-10Moses Lake
3.12Kyle Holden132-01Walla Walla
4.11Dylan Shenefield124-10Walla Walla
6.10Abel Soto118-09Eisenhower
8.12Luke Nelson113-09Walla Walla
9.11Kris Bragg113-05Kamiakin
10.10Nicholas Bushman108-07Walla Walla
11.10Brandon Bradley106-10Moses Lake
12.12Cameron Goodrich103-04Moses Lake
13.12Tyler Harman99-06Moses Lake
14.10Tanner Meier97-04Kamiakin
15.11Casey Higgins95-04Kamiakin
16.11Dallas Jimenez94-03Walla Walla
17.11Kellen Savage93-05Kamiakin
18.10Eliseo Gallegos87-00Eisenhower
19.9J.T. Harman66-05Moses Lake
20.12Zach Curtis63-11Kamiakin
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ethan Morgan165-10Kamiakin
2.11Jordan Wilks161-10Moses Lake
4.11Mitchell Hill151-00Moses Lake
5.12Luke Nelson146-11Walla Walla
6.12Kyle Jones146-11Walla Walla
7.11Brandon Porter146-00Walla Walla
8.12Alex Dissing143-09Kamiakin
9.12Tyler Harman129-10Moses Lake
10.10Jake Robertson125-05Walla Walla
11.9Michael Jones119-06Walla Walla
12.12Cameron Goodrich116-07Moses Lake
13.10Mason Cooper106-00Eisenhower
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tim White5-10.00Kamiakin
2.10Jake Robertson5-08.00Walla Walla
3.11Chris Laccell5-08.00Moses Lake
4.11Nathaniel Brown5-06.00Walla Walla
5.10Tyler Holle5-06.00Kamiakin
5.11Tim McEuen5-06.00Walla Walla
7.10Nicholas Bushman5-04.00Walla Walla
7.11Randy Koon5-04.00Moses Lake
9.11Steven May5-04.00Kamiakin
9Cliff PhillipDQMoses Lake
12Edward MartinezDQEisenhower
9Jacob HinoDQEisenhower
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joseph Keeton12-00.00Eisenhower
2.12Hank Bohnet11-06.00Walla Walla
3.10Alex Mercado11-00.00Kamiakin
4.10Ryan Evans10-06.00Walla Walla
5.10Travis Mandrishin10-00.00Moses Lake
6.10Tanner Meier10-00.00Kamiakin
7.9Arturo Gonzalez9-00.00Kamiakin
7.9Jacob Hino9-00.00Eisenhower
10Codi NickersonDQKamiakin
10Jesus CeronDQWalla Walla
10Nelson ThaiDQEisenhower
9Jared KlingeleDQEisenhower
9Corey McLeanDQKamiakin
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Randy Koon21-05.50Moses Lake
2.12Stanley Salsbury20-04.75Kamiakin
3.12Justin Piek20-03.25Walla Walla
4.12Jared Villarreal19-11.50Kamiakin
5.12Chris Richardson19-05.00Moses Lake
6.11Steven May18-10.00Kamiakin
7.12Ethan Morgan18-08.75Kamiakin
8.11Nick Zollman18-08.00Walla Walla
9.11James Tanke18-02.00Kamiakin
10.10Jesus Ceron17-11.50Walla Walla
11.12Jorge Garcia17-10.50Walla Walla
12.11Terry Stevens17-07.50Walla Walla
13.12Spencer Fackrell17-05.00Moses Lake
14.11Chris Laccell17-04.00Moses Lake
15.11Joe Fuerst16-05.00Eisenhower
16.9Andrew Hino15-08.50Eisenhower
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Justin Piek42-06.00Walla Walla
2.12Spencer Fackrell42-02.00Moses Lake
3.11Mitchell Hill41-05.50Moses Lake
4.12Jonathan Newport39'11.00Eisenhower
5.11Nick Zollman39-04.00Walla Walla
6.12Edin Mehic38-09.50Kamiakin
7.10Jake Robertson38-08.50Walla Walla
8.10Jesus Ceron38-03.00Walla Walla
9.11Jordan Wilks37-11.50Moses Lake
10.10Tyler Holle37-10.50Kamiakin
11.11Nathaniel Brown36-06.00Walla Walla
12.11Eddie Del Toro34-09.00Kamiakin
13.11Steven May34-05.50Kamiakin
14.9Corey McLean34-03.50Kamiakin
16.9Jacob Hino31-02.00Eisenhower
17.11Chris Laccell30-09.50Moses Lake

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shanai Campbell13.03aEisenhower
2.10Magie Munoz13.39aMoses Lake
3.10McKenzie Arnold13.42aEisenhower
4.9Khadidja Toure13.45aKamiakin
5.9Beth Klingele13.52aEisenhower
6.12Jessica Montoya13.56aEisenhower
7.10Kailee Davisson13.68aWalla Walla
8.11Shaylee Hill13.70aWalla Walla
9.11Becca McCullough13.83aMoses Lake
10.11Rachael Adkins13.85aWalla Walla
11.9Rachael Wescott13.86aKamiakin
12.9Marissa Rodriguez14.07aKamiakin
13.9Kimberly Bakker14.19aMoses Lake
14.10Sydney Kimbro14.23aMoses Lake
15.9Madison Nelson14.46aWalla Walla
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Magie Munoz26.92aMoses Lake
2.11Shanai Campbell27.36aEisenhower
3.12Jessica Montoya27.73aEisenhower
4.9Beth Klingele27.75aEisenhower
5.10Kailee Davisson27.87aWalla Walla
6.10McKenzie Arnold28.44aEisenhower
7.11Becca McCullough28.64aMoses Lake
8.9Jamie Weisner29.00aWalla Walla
9.9Khadidja Toure29.76aKamiakin
10.10Sydney Kimbro29.93aMoses Lake
11.9Madison Nelson30.73aWalla Walla
12.12Holly Erwin31.01aWalla Walla
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Magie Munoz1:02.81aMoses Lake
2.11Kylee Coleman1:05.69aKamiakin
3.9Jamie Weisner1:07.74aWalla Walla
4.11Katy Allen1:08.56aEisenhower
5.10Brianna Mares1:09.06aEisenhower
6.9Sarai Seekamp1:11.04aWalla Walla
7.12Kayla Chamberlain1:11.50aMoses Lake
8.9Jocelyn Vargas1:22.30aWalla Walla
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kailee Davisson2:30.34aWalla Walla
2.10Kaylee Brooks2:31.49aKamiakin
3.9Mayra Chavez2:35.32aEisenhower
4.10Savana Davies2:35.79aKamiakin
5.11Kirsten Sheffield2:37.16aEisenhower
6.9Ana Andrade2:38.65aWalla Walla
7.9Erica Colvin2:40.22aKamiakin
8.11Tiffany Morris2:45.81aMoses Lake
9.9Rachel Massey2:46.29aEisenhower
10.12Kristin Budiselich2:51.86aMoses Lake
11.9Lisa Montoya2:56.20aEisenhower
12.9Lexie Mahan2:56.86aWalla Walla
13.9Christina Felicie3:11.29aWalla Walla
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Mayra Chavez5:35.42aEisenhower
2.10Kaylee Brooks5:37.83aKamiakin
3.10Berenice Penaloza5:42.31aEisenhower
4.9Erica Colvin5:47.36aKamiakin
5.11Emma Burgess5:48.87aWalla Walla
6.11Denali Molitor5:55.65aWalla Walla
7.11Tiffany Morris5:58.35aMoses Lake
8.9Sydney Blaser6:04.54aKamiakin
9.9Kelsie Grant6:05.49aMoses Lake
10.10Destiny Dill6:12.51aEisenhower
11.12Kristin Budiselich6:12.52aMoses Lake
12.9Lisa Montoya6:31.72aEisenhower
13.9Dorian Yarbrough6:36.10aMoses Lake
14.11Jasmine Wilson6:48.26aWalla Walla
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Berenice Penaloza12:10.65aEisenhower
2.11Emma Burgess12:21.37aWalla Walla
3.11Fallon Berglin12:33.93aKamiakin
4.11Rachael Gerboth12:37.53aKamiakin
5.9Stephanie Rexus12:46.37aKamiakin
6.11Denali Molitor13:00.65aWalla Walla
7.11Kirsten Sheffield13:11.02aEisenhower
8.10Destiny Dill13:15.70aEisenhower
9.11Alyson Cheney13:21.28aWalla Walla
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elise Jepsen16.45aKamiakin
2.9Khadidja Toure17.24aKamiakin
3.11McKhayla Morris17.30aWalla Walla
5.10Gabby Anderson17.52aWalla Walla
4.11Kristi Beyer17.35Kamiakin
6.11Peyton Baxter17.71aWalla Walla
8.10Katherine Bravo17.99aEisenhower
7.9Kourtnee Coleman17.96Kamiakin
9.11Megan Kinney18.36aEisenhower
11.10Jenna Davison19.94Eisenhower
12.9Madison Wilks20.01Moses Lake
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katherine Bravo48.52aEisenhower
2.11Kristi Beyer49.21aKamiakin
3.11McKhayla Morris49.24aWalla Walla
5.11Janice Barlow50.85aWalla Walla
6.10Gabby Anderson54.60aWalla Walla
7.12Holly Erwin54.71aWalla Walla
8.12Paige Blaser54.92aKamiakin
9.10Casey Guilland55.62aEisenhower
10.9Kourtnee Coleman57.15aKamiakin
11.10Jenna Davison1:02.71aEisenhower
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katy Allen
Lizzie Blanchard
Beth Klingele
Kelsey Dix
2.-Kaitlin Kessie
Elise Jepsen
Khadidja Toure
Breanne Short
3.-Becca McCullough
Kelsie Grant
Kimberly Bakker
Abby Stones
55.06aMoses Lake
4.-Gabby Anderson
Peyton Baxter
Madison Nelson
Sarai Seekamp
56.65aWalla Walla
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Becca McCullough
Kayla Chamberlain
Magie Munoz
Sydney Kimbro
1:54.70aMoses Lake
2.-Shanai Campbell
Brianna Mares
Lizzie Blanchard
Kelsey Dix
-Rachel Adkins
Gabby Anderson
Jamie Weisner
Shaylee Hill
DNFWalla Walla
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katherine Bravo
Jessica Montoya
Mayra Chavez
Katy Allen
2.-Ana Andrade
Kailee Davisson
Janice Barlow
McKhayla Morris
4:22.85aWalla Walla
3.-Paige Blaser
Kylee Coleman
Savana Davies
Erica Colvin
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Bush37-06.00Eisenhower
2.12Jazmine Frazier33-01.00Eisenhower
3.10Sydney Christensen31-05.50Walla Walla
4.11Carolyn Matthews31-03.00Moses Lake
5.12Adrianna Rodriguez31-02.00Walla Walla
6.12Kristin Joshlin30-04.50Walla Walla
7.11Kayla Randles29-10.00Eisenhower
8.11Pamela Harvey29-03.50Kamiakin
9.12Kendra Greenwood28-02.50Walla Walla
10.12Kaitlin Kessie28-01.00Kamiakin
11.12Danielle Ordway27-09.00Moses Lake
12.10Asia Gilyard27-04.00Eisenhower
13.11Allyssa Barnett27-02.00Walla Walla
14.9Paige Dyer26-04.50Moses Lake
15.12Chelsey Markel26-01.50Eisenhower
16.9Marisa Brown22-08.50Moses Lake
17.10Megan Reigstad20-07.50Moses Lake
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adrianna Rodriguez120-00Walla Walla
2.11Jessica Bush115-03Eisenhower
3.12Kristin Joshlin104-06Walla Walla
4.10Carrie Johnston96-11Eisenhower
5.11Kayla Randles96-02Eisenhower
6.11Pamela Harvey96-00Kamiakin
7.10Sydney Christensen92-06Walla Walla
8.11Carolyn Matthews92-01Moses Lake
9.12Jazmine Frazier91-07Eisenhower
10.11Allyssa Barnett86-05Walla Walla
11.12Kaitlin Kessie82-08Kamiakin
9Paige Dyer79:10Moses Lake
13.10Monique de La Combe76-05Eisenhower
14.9Sarah Misener71-00Walla Walla
15.9Marisa Brown66-07Moses Lake
10Kylie Dyer66Moses Lake
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenna Ross127-11Walla Walla
2.12Kristin Joshlin109-04Walla Walla
3.12Adrianna Rodriguez103-10Walla Walla
4.12Jazmine Frazier97-07Eisenhower
5.12Danielle Ordway92-06Moses Lake
6.10Carrie Johnston89-02Eisenhower
7.11Andrea Ribeiro85-11Walla Walla
8.9Paige Dyer83-10Moses Lake
9.10Jordan Loera74-01Moses Lake
10.10Kennedy Funk71-03Walla Walla
11.10Monique de La Combe54-08Eisenhower
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elise Jepsen5-00.00Kamiakin
2.11Kristi Beyer4-10.00Kamiakin
3.11Peyton Baxter4-10.00Walla Walla
4.12Madison Baxter4-06.00Walla Walla
5.9Jamie Weisner4-06.00Walla Walla
6.9Madison Wilks4-04.00Moses Lake
6.10Jordan Loera4-04.00Moses Lake
6.10Cecily Wilson4-04.00Eisenhower
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Danielle Cuevas8-06.00Kamiakin
2.11Janice Barlow8-06.00Walla Walla
3.11Shaylee Hill8-06.00Walla Walla
4.10Cecily Wilson7-00.00Eisenhower
4.11Lety Clark-Olivero7-00.00Eisenhower
11Valerie ChristensenDQEisenhower
10Haydee MendozaDQEisenhower
11Katy AllenDQEisenhower
10Jennifer GoodwinDQWalla Walla
9Elizabeth DavisonDQKamiakin
9Emily DeFordDQKamiakin
11Karli KleinDQKamiakin
9Jessica VanvalkenburgDQKamiakin
9Abby StonesDQMoses Lake
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Loera15-06.00Moses Lake
2.12Kaitlin Kessie15-03.00Kamiakin
3.10Danielle Cuevas15-02.50Kamiakin
4.9Lizzie Blanchard15-02.00Eisenhower
5.11Shaylee Hill15-02.00Walla Walla
6.12Kayla Chamberlain14-09.50Moses Lake
7.11McKhayla Morris14-08.50Walla Walla
8.11Megan Kinney14-05.00Eisenhower
9.12Madison Baxter14-04.50Walla Walla
10.9Kimberly Bakker14-04.00Moses Lake
11.9Beth Klingele14-03.00Eisenhower
12.11Rachael Adkins13-11.25Walla Walla
13.9Madison Wilks13-08.00Moses Lake
14.9Marissa Rodriguez13-07.50Kamiakin
15.9Elizabeth Wood13-02.00Walla Walla
16.9Abby Stones13-01.00Moses Lake
17.10Haydee Mendoza12-06.75Eisenhower
18.10Jenna Davison10-02.50Eisenhower
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elise Jepsen34-04.00Kamiakin
2.11Kristi Beyer33-03.50Kamiakin
3.10Jordan Loera33-03.50Moses Lake
4.11Rachael Adkins32-01.00Walla Walla
5.12Kayla Chamberlain31-04.00Moses Lake
6.11Megan Kinney31-00.75Eisenhower
7.9Lizzie Blanchard30-08.00Eisenhower
8.12Madison Baxter30-05.00Walla Walla
9.10Casey Guilland30-00.50Eisenhower
10.9Elizabeth Wood29-09.00Walla Walla
11.11Janice Barlow29-05.00Walla Walla
12.9Madison Wilks29-04.00Moses Lake
13.10Kennedy Funk28-06.00Walla Walla
14.11Valerie Christensen27-08.00Eisenhower
15.10Cecily Wilson25-08.00Eisenhower
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