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Indian JV Invite

Thursday, April 23, 2009

UW-Stout, Menomonie

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Wisconsin - Division 2
Rice Lake
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Blake Bauer11.90Menomonie
1.11Lukas Campbell11.90Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Jason Fashingbauer12.00Chippewa Falls
4.10Mitchell Miller12.00Eau Claire Memorial
5.11Drew Olson12.00New Richmond
6.9Troi Semingson12.00Menomonie
7.9Zach Hollenbeck12.10Eau Claire Memorial
8.11Christian Klemmensen12.20New Richmond
9.10Joey Evenson12.30Menomonie
10.9Garrison Strand12.50Rice Lake
10.9Jack Doroff12.50Eau Claire North
12.9Logan Farr12.60Chippewa Falls
12.11Ben Decker12.60Rice Lake
14.12Brett Allen12.70Eau Claire North
14.11Gabe Stuntz12.70Rice Lake
14.9Boyd Stacken12.70New Richmond
17.9Alex Solie12.80Chippewa Falls
18.11Robert Rodriguez13.00Eau Claire North
18.9Connor Gregg13.00Menomonie
20.9Nate Maskevich13.10Eau Claire Memorial
20.9David Herro13.10Eau Claire Memorial
22.10Derrick Briese13.20New Richmond
22.9David Wee13.20Rice Lake
22.10Brian McCrackin13.20Chippewa Falls
22.11Jake Gerlach13.20Rice Lake
26.10Ryan Schock13.30Rice Lake
26.11Marcus Liddel13.30Eau Claire North
26.11Alex Normand13.30Chippewa Falls
29.10Eric Andersen13.40Eau Claire Memorial
29.9Gage Birkel13.40Chippewa Falls
31.9Ben Paffel13.70Eau Claire North
31.10Zach Ritter13.70New Richmond
31.9Tom Zook13.70Eau Claire North
34.12Josh Michal14.20Chippewa Falls
35.9Carl Eithun14.80Chippewa Falls
35.10DJ Clapp14.80New Richmond
37.9Bill Hedlund15.00New Richmond
38.12Adam Briggs15.40Chippewa Falls
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Jason Fashingbauer24.30Chippewa Falls
2.10Blake Bauer24.30Menomonie
3.11Lukas Campbell24.40Eau Claire Memorial
4.9Richie Stafford24.60Chippewa Falls
5.11Jared O'Connell24.80New Richmond
6.9Troi Semingson24.80Menomonie
7.9Mitchell Martenson24.80Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Pat Carr24.90Menomonie
9.9Ian Smith25.20Eau Claire Memorial
10.10Joey Evenson25.30Menomonie
11.9Zach Hollenbeck25.40Eau Claire Memorial
12.11Drew Olson25.90New Richmond
13.10Justin Knight26.30Eau Claire Memorial
14.11Ben Decker26.40Rice Lake
15.9Lucas Arras26.50Eau Claire North
15.9Alex Solie26.50Chippewa Falls
17.9Jack Doroff26.60Eau Claire North
18.11Andrew Fowler27.10Rice Lake
18.9Grant Zalusky27.10Rice Lake
20.11Gabe Stuntz27.20Rice Lake
21.10Kevin Roholt27.30Rice Lake
22.9Malachi Romportl27.50Rice Lake
23.11Jackson Scott27.60New Richmond
24.9Spencer Carr27.70Rice Lake
24.11Robert Rodriguez27.70Eau Claire North
26.9Tom Zook28.80Eau Claire North
26.11Alex Normand28.80Chippewa Falls
28.10Ryan Schock29.10Rice Lake
29.9Ben Paffel29.40Eau Claire North
30.9Matt Swanson29.80Rice Lake
31.9Alex Leask30.00Chippewa Falls
32.9Nate Maskevich30.80Eau Claire Memorial
33.9Bill Hedlund31.40New Richmond
34.10DJ Clapp32.90New Richmond
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Blake Bauer24.0Menomonie
10Colin Jacott24.6Menomonie
10Joey Evenson25.8Menomonie
9Troi Semingson27.1Menomonie
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Richie Stafford55.90Chippewa Falls
2.10Eric Johnson56.60Eau Claire North
3.11Lukas Campbell57.50Eau Claire Memorial
4.9Lucas Arras59.80Eau Claire North
5.11Andrew Fowler60.00Rice Lake
6.11Jake Gerlach60.10Rice Lake
7.12Brett Allen60.50Eau Claire North
8.11Nathan Wienke60.60New Richmond
9.9Alex Solie61.70Chippewa Falls
10.12Pat Carr62.30Menomonie
11.11Ben Decker62.50Rice Lake
12.9David Wee63.00Rice Lake
13.9Logan Farr63.60Chippewa Falls
14.12Ben Matthys64.60New Richmond
15.10Kevin Roholt65.70Rice Lake
16.9Spencer Carr68.20Rice Lake
17.9Matt Swanson70.00Rice Lake
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
11Dylan Hueman57.4Menomonie
11Russell Eide59.2Menomonie
12Josh Ausman59.4Menomonie
9Jared Walters60.6Menomonie
9Connor Gregg64.9Menomonie
10Ben Hulett65.1Menomonie
9Brandon Winegar67.0Menomonie
12Sam Gartmann68.0Menomonie
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Shook2:14.60Eau Claire Memorial
2.9Carl Ohvall2:21.20Menomonie
3.12Josh Ausman2:21.90Menomonie
4.11Kyle Salmonson2:22.90Chippewa Falls
5.9Jeremy Facklam2:23.30Chippewa Falls
6.9Logan Scheppke2:23.70Eau Claire Memorial
7.9Robby Kishaba2:24.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.10Dan Kubiatowicz2:24.80Eau Claire North
9.10Mitch Sletner2:26.30Eau Claire Memorial
10.11Jacob Knutson2:26.90Eau Claire Memorial
11.9Jesse Christianson2:27.00Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Andrew Farris2:27.30Chippewa Falls
13.11Nathan Wienke2:31.60New Richmond
14.11Andrew Fowler2:32.20Rice Lake
15.11Alex Michael2:32.60Chippewa Falls
16.9Casey Koleno2:32.90Menomonie
16.12Sam Gartmann2:32.90Menomonie
18.10Josh Miller2:37.40New Richmond
19.10Dan Gearry2:38.00Eau Claire Memorial
20.11Joel Bartynski2:40.00Eau Claire Memorial
21.9Alex Anderson2:46.60New Richmond
22.9Adam Kay2:47.80Rice Lake
23.10Daren Bibeau2:51.80New Richmond
24.9Christian Larrabee2:52.20Eau Claire Memorial
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Jared Walters2:23.1Menomonie
9Casey Koleno2:27.3Menomonie
9Nathan Mollan2:28.9Menomonie
9Dylan Curran2:29.5Menomonie
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Salmonson5:12.10Chippewa Falls
2.9Jesse Christianson5:22.10Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Luke Erickson5:27.60Chippewa Falls
4.9Jacob Kositzke5:29.60Eau Claire Memorial
5.9Morgan Bucher5:31.30Eau Claire Memorial
6.9Carl Ohvall5:32.60Menomonie
7.9Matt Orne5:38.00Rice Lake
8.11Alex Michael5:40.70Chippewa Falls
9.10Ben Hulett5:53.60Menomonie
10.11Jason Wolff5:59.30Chippewa Falls
11.9Adam Kay6:02.90Rice Lake
12.9Alex Anderson6:08.30New Richmond
13.10Daren Bibeau6:08.80New Richmond
14.9Brandon Winegar6:14.60Menomonie
15.12Dan Shoemaker6:24.80Eau Claire Memorial
16.10Cale Barber6:29.80Menomonie
X 3200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Matt Orne11:55.30Rice Lake
2.9Dylan Curran12:00.30Menomonie
3.9Luke Erickson12:08.30Chippewa Falls
4.9Nathan Mollan12:36.20Menomonie
5.11Jason Wolff13:19.50Chippewa Falls
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Grant Lokken18.40Eau Claire North
2.11Gaelen Hanlon18.50New Richmond
3.11Dylan Hueman19.10Menomonie
4.11Tim Baker19.20Eau Claire North
5.9Austin Birch19.20Chippewa Falls
6.9Jeremy Facklam19.30Chippewa Falls
7.9Zac Zubal19.50Chippewa Falls
8.11Shane Micek20.20Menomonie
9.9Tyler Durand21.10New Richmond
10.12Denny Remon21.20Rice Lake
10.10Grey Larson21.20Eau Claire North
12.10Luke Henningson21.60Rice Lake
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Tim Baker46.60Eau Claire North
2.11Gaelen Hanlon47.40New Richmond
3.11Dylan Hueman48.30Menomonie
4.9Austin Birch49.50Chippewa Falls
5.9Zac Zubal49.90Chippewa Falls
6.10Grant Lokken50.10Eau Claire North
7.9Tyler Durand50.20New Richmond
8.10Colin Jacott51.50Menomonie
9.10Grey Larson51.70Eau Claire North
10.10Luke Henningson51.90Rice Lake
11.11Shane Micek53.10Menomonie
12.12Denny Remon56.00Rice Lake
13.12Ben Matthys59.90New Richmond
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.20New Richmond
2.-Derrick Briese
Zach Ritter
Colton Simpson
Boyd Stacken
53.50New Richmond
3.-Kevin Roholt
Ryan Schock
Spencer Carr
Matt Swanson
54.10Rice Lake
4.-Adam Briggs
Josh Michal
Cole Schindler
Logan Farr
55.30Chippewa Falls
5.-Andrew Sandberg
Jacob Marsnik
Mitchell Miller
Reid Montanye
56.10Eau Claire Memorial
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Troi Semingson
Colin Jacott
Joey Evenson
Blake Bauer
2.-Izzy Balsiger
Jason Fashingbauer
Richie Stafford
Derek Mueller
1:41.80Chippewa Falls
3.-Justin Knight
Mitchell Martenson
Tyler Hostager
Ian Smith
1:42.00Eau Claire Memorial
4.-Christian Klemmensen
Jared O'Connell
Drew Olson
Leonard Hedlund
1:43.30New Richmond
5.-Denny Remon
Jake Gerlach
Luke Henningson
Garrison Strand
1:48.80Rice Lake
-Jack Doroff
Grey Larson
Grant Lokken
Robert Rodriguez
DQEau Claire North
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Brett Allen
Lucas Arras
Tim Baker
Eric Johnson
3:53.40Eau Claire North
2.-Josh Ausman
Russell Eide
Dylan Hueman
Jared Walters
3.-Robby Kishaba
Morgan Bucher
Logan Scheppke
Jacob Kositzke
4:04.20Eau Claire Memorial
4.-Derek Mueller
Austin Birch
Jeremy Facklam
Andrew Farris
4:13.20Chippewa Falls
5.-Tyler Durand
Leonard Hedlund
Ben Matthys
Nathan Wienke
4:14.00New Richmond
6.-David Wee
Grant Zalusky
Malachi Romportl
Garrison Strand
4:14.40Rice Lake
7.-Sam Gartmann
Ben Hulett
Brandon Winegar
Connor Gregg
X 4x800 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Dylan Curran
Casey Koleno
Nathan Mollan
Jared Walters
2.-Dan Gearry
Joel Bartynski
Jacob Knutson
Mitch Sletner
10:04.50Eau Claire Memorial
X Shot Put - 12lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Matt Oakland43-00.00Menomonie
2.11Paul Steltz42-01.00Chippewa Falls
3.9Andy Meyer40-09.00Menomonie
4.11Travis Welch37-07.00Menomonie
5.11Thomas Nevins36-11.00Chippewa Falls
6.10Bryan Greene36-09.50New Richmond
7.10Chase Paulson36-02.00New Richmond
8.9Dominik Goyette36-01.50Chippewa Falls
9.11Isaac Dahl35-01.00Eau Claire North
10.10Dillon Hall34-10.00New Richmond
11.11John Church34-08.50Menomonie
12.10Jason Falteisek34-04.00Menomonie
13.9Braeden Jensen34-02.50Chippewa Falls
14.11Luke Bowe33-10.50Chippewa Falls
15.10Brandon Clark32-10.00Chippewa Falls
16.11PJ Amoapim32-08.00Menomonie
17.9Austin Goodrich32-03.50Menomonie
18.10John Cable32-03.00Eau Claire Memorial
18.10Jacob Marsnik32-03.00Eau Claire Memorial
20.9Luke Thompson32-00.00Menomonie
21.12Pat Carr31-07.00Menomonie
22.9Andrew Steinberger31-04.00Menomonie
23.10Kyle Cockeram31-02.00Menomonie
24.11Andrew Sandberg31-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
25.9Andy Kryshak30-11.50Menomonie
26.9Michael Shafer29-03.50Menomonie
27.9Boyd Stacken28-06.00New Richmond
28.10Josh Miller27-05.00New Richmond
28.9Jake Church27-05.00Menomonie
30.11Josh Tate26-04.50Eau Claire North
31.10Daren Bibeau25-05.50New Richmond
32.9Caleb Boos24-00.50Menomonie
X Discus - 1.6kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Travis Welch118-00Menomonie
2.11Broc Kelley112-10Menomonie
3.11Paul Steltz112-03Chippewa Falls
4.12Ian Dahm107-08Menomonie
5.9Andy Meyer106-03Menomonie
6.10Jason Falteisek102-11Menomonie
7.11Isaac Dahl99-10Eau Claire North
8.9Luke Thompson97-06Menomonie
9.9Andrew Steinberger97-05Menomonie
10.9Andy Kryshak96-10Menomonie
11.11Andrew Sandberg96-06Eau Claire Memorial
12.11John Church94-09Menomonie
13.11Matt Oakland94-08Menomonie
14.10Chase Paulson93-00New Richmond
15.10Jacob Marsnik92-06Eau Claire Memorial
16.11Luke Bowe90-02Chippewa Falls
17.9Jake Church89-01Menomonie
18.10Kyle Cockeram85-06Menomonie
19.9Austin Goodrich85-00Menomonie
20.9Braeden Jensen84-06Chippewa Falls
21.11Thomas Nevins83-07Chippewa Falls
22.10Brandon Clark83-06Chippewa Falls
23.10Josh Miller76-06New Richmond
24.10Dillon Hall76-04New Richmond
25.9Reid Montanye76-00Eau Claire Memorial
26.9Caleb Boos75-03Menomonie
27.10Bryan Greene75-02New Richmond
28.11Gabe Stuntz72-09Rice Lake
29.11Josh Tate71-09Eau Claire North
30.9Dominik Goyette71-05Chippewa Falls
31.9Michael Shafer71-03Menomonie
32.10John Cable67-05Eau Claire Memorial
33.11PJ Amoapim64-09Menomonie
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Grant Lokken5-06.00Eau Claire North
2.11Ben Sand5-04.00Menomonie
3.10Colin Jacott5-04.00Menomonie
4.11Paul Steltz5-02.00Chippewa Falls
5.9Grant Zalusky5-00.00Rice Lake
6.9Zac Zubal4-10.00Chippewa Falls
7.9Kevin Watson4-10.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.9Gage Birkel4-06.00Chippewa Falls
12Adam BriggsNHChippewa Falls
10Cole SchindlerNHChippewa Falls
11Leonard HedlundNHNew Richmond
11Jackson ScottNHNew Richmond
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Malachi Romportl10-06.00Rice Lake
2.9Garrison Strand8-06.00Rice Lake
3.11Tim Baker8-00.00Eau Claire North
3.9Colton Simpson8-00.00New Richmond
5.9David Herro7-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
6.10Mitchell Miller7-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
7.10Derrick Briese7-06.00New Richmond
8.11Marcus Liddel7-00.00Eau Claire North
8.9Tom Zook7-00.00Eau Claire North
10.11Jacob Knutson7-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
11.10Eric Andersen7-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Izzy Balsiger7-00.00Chippewa Falls
13.9Nate Maskevich6-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
13.10Derek Mueller6-00.00Chippewa Falls
10Ian NelsonNHChippewa Falls
10Zach RitterNHNew Richmond
9Brandon WinegarNHMenomonie
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Jim Mooney18-04.75Menomonie
2.11PJ Amoapim17-11.50Menomonie
3.12Pat Carr17-09.00Menomonie
4.9Troi Semingson16-11.25Menomonie
5.9Richie Stafford16-11.25Chippewa Falls
6.11Lukas Campbell16-10.75Eau Claire Memorial
7.11Drew Olson16-08.25New Richmond
8.11Matt Oakland16-06.50Menomonie
9.9Zac Zubal16-03.50Chippewa Falls
10.10Cole Schindler16-01.00Chippewa Falls
11.11Russell Eide16-00.50Menomonie
12.11Robert Rodriguez15-09.75Eau Claire North
13.11Jared O'Connell15-09.50New Richmond
14.10Dusty Cannon15-04.75Menomonie
15.9Malachi Romportl15-04.25Rice Lake
16.10Kevin Roholt15-03.00Rice Lake
17.11Travis Welch15-01.25Menomonie
18.9Izzy Balsiger15-00.50Chippewa Falls
19.9Ben Paffel14-10.00Eau Claire North
19.11Christian Klemmensen14-10.00New Richmond
21.11Jackson Scott14-06.00New Richmond
22.11Alex Michael14-05.00Chippewa Falls
23.9Connor Gregg14-03.00Menomonie
24.9Grant Zalusky13-11.00Rice Lake
25.9Boyd Stacken13-10.50New Richmond
26.9David Wee13-09.50Rice Lake
27.9Colton Simpson13-07.50New Richmond
28.10Justin Knight13-06.25Eau Claire Memorial
29.9Spencer Carr13-05.75Rice Lake
30.9Tom Zook13-05.25Eau Claire North
31.10Derrick Briese13-02.50New Richmond
32.10Brian McCrackin13-01.75Chippewa Falls
33.10Ryan Schock13-01.25Rice Lake
34.9Gage Birkel13-01.00Chippewa Falls
35.12Adam Briggs12-00.50Chippewa Falls
36.9Bill Hedlund11-04.75New Richmond
37.9Carl Eithun11-01.50Chippewa Falls
38.12Josh Michal9-10.50Chippewa Falls
11Leonard HedlundNDNew Richmond
9Jack DoroffNDEau Claire North
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Jim Mooney38-01.50Menomonie
2.11Ben Sand37-06.50Menomonie
3.11Russell Eide36-02.00Menomonie
4.10Derek Mueller36-01.00Chippewa Falls
5.11Seth Bollinger35-05.00Eau Claire Memorial
6.12Brett Allen34-03.00Eau Claire North
7.11Jared O'Connell34-01.00New Richmond
8.11Christian Klemmensen33-02.00New Richmond
9.10Cole Schindler33-01.00Chippewa Falls
10.11Andrew Fowler33-00.00Rice Lake
11.9Casey Koleno31-03.00Menomonie
12.9Colton Simpson30-04.00New Richmond
10Brian McCrackinNDChippewa Falls

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kayla Descamps13.70Menomonie
2.9Kayla Bertrang13.90Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Jenica Swanson13.90Rice Lake
4.9Nicole Gostomski14.20Eau Claire North
5.9Gabby Lehman14.30Menomonie
6.12Soledad Konic14.30Rice Lake
7.10Sydney Lakatos14.30Menomonie
8.9Lizzie Peterson14.30Eau Claire North
8.9Samar Quint14.30Eau Claire North
10.9Katrina Gonzales14.40Eau Claire Memorial
10.10Abbie Jensen14.40Menomonie
12.10Emily Stage14.50Eau Claire Memorial
13.10Grace Binder14.60Eau Claire Memorial
13.10Abby Grewe14.60Eau Claire Memorial
15.10Shelby Johnson14.70Eau Claire Memorial
16.10Melanie Harden14.80Eau Claire Memorial
17.9Heidi Schaus14.90Chippewa Falls
17.10Bridget Johnson14.90Eau Claire Memorial
19.9Morgan Kemp15.00Rice Lake
20.9Mercede Mix15.10Chippewa Falls
20.9Rhiannon Lee15.10Eau Claire North
20.9Mikaela Albright15.10Chippewa Falls
23.12Shannon Phillips15.20Eau Claire Memorial
24.11Kammi Rutter15.30Eau Claire Memorial
25.12Adriana Lima15.40Eau Claire Memorial
25.10Miriam Ratering15.40Eau Claire Memorial
25.9Taylor Roux15.40Rice Lake
28.9Kaylie Berlin15.60Eau Claire Memorial
29.9Emma Phillips15.70Eau Claire Memorial
30.10Katie Kay15.90Rice Lake
31.11Zoe Kasfeldt16.00Menomonie
31.11Anna Menicikova16.00Chippewa Falls
31.9Annabella Zighelboim16.00Eau Claire Memorial
34.12Franziska Koch16.20Eau Claire Memorial
35.9Amanda Fuller16.30Eau Claire Memorial
36.10Bianca Halblieb16.40Eau Claire Memorial
37.12Beatriz Iglesias-Cereijo16.50Eau Claire Memorial
38.12Kristyna Langerova16.70Rice Lake
39.12Alyssa Eigner16.90Eau Claire North
39.9Kaaren Austad16.90Eau Claire Memorial
41.12Taylor Waldvogel17.80Chippewa Falls
41.9Beth Johnson17.80Rice Lake
43.11Chelsey Goyette20.30Chippewa Falls
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Emmarie Heacox29.10Eau Claire North
2.9Chi Chi Onuigbo29.20Eau Claire Memorial
3.9Kayla Bertrang29.50Eau Claire Memorial
4.9Kayla Descamps29.50Menomonie
5.9Gabby Lehman29.90Menomonie
6.10Sydney Lakatos30.40Menomonie
7.9Nicole Gostomski30.60Eau Claire North
8.10Abbie Jensen30.70Menomonie
9.9Jenica Swanson30.70Rice Lake
10.9Samar Quint30.80Eau Claire North
10.9Allie Wrich30.80New Richmond
12.10Melanie Harden31.10Eau Claire Memorial
12.10Briana Goldbeck31.10Eau Claire Memorial
14.10Ana Taft31.30Eau Claire Memorial
14.12Soledad Konic31.30Rice Lake
16.10Meghan Frank31.40New Richmond
17.10Abby Grewe31.60Eau Claire Memorial
17.9Meghan Johnson31.60Eau Claire North
19.9Rhiannon Lee31.70Eau Claire North
19.10Shelby Johnson31.70Eau Claire Memorial
21.9Alexis Toenies31.80Eau Claire North
22.9Kelby Roholt31.90Rice Lake
22.10Jenna Fuhrman31.90Menomonie
24.10Bridget Johnson32.10Eau Claire Memorial
24.9Mercede Mix32.10Chippewa Falls
26.10Grace Binder32.20Eau Claire Memorial
27.9Katrina Gonzales32.40Eau Claire Memorial
28.10Kelsey Dahlquist32.70New Richmond
28.12Franziska Koch32.70Eau Claire Memorial
28.10Miranda Stroschein32.70New Richmond
28.12Shannon Phillips32.70Eau Claire Memorial
28.11Kammi Rutter32.70Eau Claire Memorial
33.9Heidi Schaus32.90Chippewa Falls
34.9Mikaela Albright33.10Chippewa Falls
35.9Morgan Kemp33.30Rice Lake
36.9Emma Phillips33.40Eau Claire Memorial
37.10Bianca Halblieb34.20Eau Claire Memorial
38.10Heather Hughes34.30New Richmond
39.9Kaylie Berlin34.50Eau Claire Memorial
39.9Annabella Zighelboim34.50Eau Claire Memorial
39.10Katie Kay34.50Rice Lake
42.12Alyssa Eigner34.70Eau Claire North
42.9Bailey Devine34.70Eau Claire Memorial
44.9Taylor Roux34.80Rice Lake
44.11Zoe Kasfeldt34.80Menomonie
46.9Amanda Fuller35.10Eau Claire Memorial
47.12Beatriz Iglesias-Cereijo35.70Eau Claire Memorial
48.9Beth Johnson37.50Rice Lake
49.12Taylor Waldvogel38.70Chippewa Falls
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Carlee Gobler65.50Eau Claire North
2.9Emmarie Heacox68.00Eau Claire North
3.9Megan McCarthy72.50New Richmond
4.12Soledad Konic72.90Rice Lake
5.9Allison Siler73.50Menomonie
6.10Briana Goldbeck73.80Eau Claire Memorial
7.9Katrina Gonzales75.70Eau Claire Memorial
8.9Annabella Zighelboim1:20.70Eau Claire Memorial
9.12Franziska Koch1:21.20Eau Claire Memorial
10.10Graycee Lindell1:21.40New Richmond
11.9Kaylie Berlin1:22.20Eau Claire Memorial
12.9Bailey Devine1:24.50Eau Claire Memorial
13.10Bianca Halblieb1:29.40Eau Claire Memorial
14.12Dora Altikes1:32.30Eau Claire Memorial
15.11Chelsea Coook1:38.40New Richmond
16.10Jesse Woodhull1:40.80Chippewa Falls
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Elizabeth Richter72.3Menomonie
9Sara Hulett74.5Menomonie
9Allison Siler74.5Menomonie
11Chelsey Goodwin75.8Menomonie
10Jenna Jasicki76.7Menomonie
12Amy Richter76.9Menomonie
11Sarah Ausman78.1Menomonie
12Philippa Brunnenkant81.3Menomonie
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Carlee Gobler2:42.30Eau Claire North
2.9Rachel Stairs2:50.40Menomonie
3.12Rachel Vlcek2:51.80Eau Claire Memorial
4.9Sara Hulett2:53.20Menomonie
5.10Molly Fahrenkrog2:53.80Eau Claire North
6.10Kailey Madson2:55.80Eau Claire Memorial
7.10Becca Giles2:57.20Eau Claire Memorial
8.9Bailey Matthys2:57.60New Richmond
9.12Johanna Kadlec2:59.00Menomonie
10.11Laurel Bresina3:00.70Chippewa Falls
11.9Emily Schwendinger3:01.40Menomonie
12.10McKenna Gunderson3:04.00Eau Claire North
13.9Katelyn Lokrantz3:05.90Menomonie
14.11Chelsea Coook3:56.00New Richmond
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Molly Fahrenkrog6:12.10Eau Claire North
2.9Molly Lindquist6:13.40Eau Claire Memorial
3.10Lauren Richards6:20.90Eau Claire Memorial
4.10Jenna Jasicki6:21.70Menomonie
5.10Anna Burns6:31.50Eau Claire Memorial
6.9Bailey Matthys6:33.40New Richmond
7.12Johanna Kadlec6:42.70Menomonie
8.9Katelyn Lokrantz6:53.40Menomonie
9.9Emily Schwendinger6:57.90Menomonie
10.10McKenna Gunderson7:03.80Eau Claire North
11.9Hannah Snyder7:26.70Rice Lake
12.9Mary Fehr8:02.60Chippewa Falls
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Rachel Stairs18.20Menomonie
2.9Ali Kollross18.50Eau Claire Memorial
3.10Ana Taft19.40Eau Claire Memorial
4.10Erica Beede19.60Eau Claire North
5.11Chelsey Goodwin22.00Menomonie
6.9Kelby Roholt28.10Rice Lake
7.9Bailey Devine38.10Eau Claire Memorial
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Ali Kollross57.00Eau Claire Memorial
2.11Chelsey Goodwin61.80Menomonie
3.10Elizabeth Richter64.00Menomonie
4.9Kelby Roholt67.80Rice Lake
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Kayla Bertrang
Emily Stage
Ana Taft
Ashley Thielbar
57.10Eau Claire Memorial
2.-Lizzie Peterson
Kali Priest
Samar Quint
Serina DeMoe
57.90Eau Claire North
3.-Mikaela Albright
Anna Menicikova
Mercede Mix
Heidi Schaus
60.20Chippewa Falls
4.-Marissa Hanson
Beth Johnson
Taylor Roux
Katie Kay
70.20Rice Lake
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Abby Grewe
Melanie Harden
Shannon Phillips
Ashley Thielbar
2:06.50Eau Claire Memorial
2.-Miranda Stroschein
Nicolette Mason
Meghan Frank
Allie Wrich
2:07.30New Richmond
3.-Jennifer McIlquham
Alyssa Eigner
Meghan Johnson
Rhiannon Lee
2:12.20Eau Claire North
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Emmarie Heacox
Molly Fahrenkrog
McKenna Gunderson
Carlee Gobler
4:41.40Eau Claire North
2.-Sara Hulett
Elizabeth Richter
Jenna Jasicki
Allison Siler
3.-Becca Giles
Briana Goldbeck
Ali Kollross
Kailey Madson
5:04.30Eau Claire Memorial
4.-Sarah Ausman
Chelsey Goodwin
Philippa Brunnenkant
Amy Richter
5.-Bailey Matthys
Megan McCarthy
Heather Hughes
Graycee Lindell
5:24.60New Richmond
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Karlie Fritz29-01.00Menomonie
2.11Sarah Ausman27-09.00Menomonie
3.11Missy Curler25-03.00Eau Claire North
4.10Abbie Jensen23-10.00Menomonie
5.9Dannielle Lemke23-01.00Menomonie
6.9Thersa Hunt22-05.00Chippewa Falls
7.9Kaaren Austad22-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Kristyna Langerova21-05.00Rice Lake
9.9Marissa Hanson20-11.00Rice Lake
10.12Kendi Larrabee20-09.00Menomonie
11.12Elizabeth Lenhard20-07.00Eau Claire North
12.10Jasmine Zenisek20-04.00Chippewa Falls
13.10Kelsey Dahlquist19-08.00New Richmond
14.9Kaylie Berlin18-03.00Eau Claire Memorial
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Missy Curler80-08Eau Claire North
2.10Jenna Fuhrman79-11Menomonie
3.10Sydney Lakatos77-08Menomonie
4.10Meghan Frank75-07New Richmond
5.10Abbie Jensen72-06Menomonie
6.11Karlie Fritz71-05Menomonie
7.11Sarah Ausman68-09Menomonie
8.10Heather Hughes57-00New Richmond
9.10Kelsey Dahlquist56-07New Richmond
10.12Elizabeth Lenhard55-01Eau Claire North
11.9Thersa Hunt54-09Chippewa Falls
12.12Kendi Larrabee54-06Menomonie
13.9Dannielle Lemke53-05Menomonie
14.9Kaaren Austad50-06Eau Claire Memorial
15.9Chi Chi Onuigbo50-02Eau Claire Memorial
16.12Kristyna Langerova45-02Rice Lake
17.9Marissa Hanson42-08Rice Lake
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Sawle4-06.00Menomonie
2.10Bridget Johnson4-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
2.9Megan McCarthy4-00.00New Richmond
4.12Philippa Brunnenkant4-00.00Menomonie
5.9Jennifer McIlquham3-10.00Eau Claire North
6.9Amanda Fuller3-08.00Eau Claire Memorial
7.9Bailey Matthys3-06.00New Richmond
9Kaaren AustadNHEau Claire Memorial
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Kreisha Gagner7-06.00Eau Claire Memorial
2.9Lizzie Peterson7-00.00Eau Claire North
3.10Molly Fahrenkrog6-00.00Eau Claire North
3.10Abby Grewe6-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
5.10Jesse Woodhull6-00.00Chippewa Falls
5.10Ashley Thielbar6-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
10Jasmine ZenisekNHChippewa Falls
12Katya KhanNHMenomonie
10Erica BeedeNHEau Claire North
9Alexis ToeniesNHEau Claire North
9Jennifer McIlquhamNHEau Claire North
10Meghan FrankNHNew Richmond
10Heather HughesNHNew Richmond
9Samantha ButtkeNHMenomonie
10Grace BinderNHEau Claire Memorial
10Shelby JohnsonNHEau Claire Memorial
12Amy RichterNHMenomonie
11Kammi RutterNHEau Claire Memorial
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Samar Quint14-03.75Eau Claire North
2.9Gabby Lehman13-09.50Menomonie
3.10Kali Priest13-06.50Eau Claire North
4.9Lizzie Peterson13-04.75Eau Claire North
5.10Anastasia Duss13-01.25Menomonie
6.9Katrina Gonzales12-11.50Eau Claire Memorial
7.9Kayla Bertrang12-07.50Eau Claire Memorial
8.12Philippa Brunnenkant12-06.00Menomonie
9.9Allie Wrich12-06.00New Richmond
10.10Miranda Stroschein12-04.50New Richmond
11.9Nicolette Mason12-00.25New Richmond
12.12Adriana Lima11-11.50Eau Claire Memorial
13.9Morgan Kemp11-00.75Rice Lake
14.9Kelby Roholt10-11.25Rice Lake
15.9Emma Phillips10-06.75Eau Claire Memorial
16.9Beth Johnson10-03.00Rice Lake
9Taylor RouxNDRice Lake
9Jenica SwansonNDRice Lake
9Amanda FullerNDEau Claire Memorial
11Chelsey GoyetteNDChippewa Falls
10Graycee LindellNDNew Richmond
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Kali Priest29-10.50Eau Claire North
2.10Ashley Thielbar29-03.00Eau Claire Memorial
3.12Shannon Phillips28-03.00Eau Claire Memorial
4.10Kailey Madson27-00.00Eau Claire Memorial
5.9Allie Wrich26-08.00New Richmond
6.9Nicolette Mason26-03.00New Richmond
7.10Elizabeth Richter25-10.00Menomonie
8.9Morgan Kemp25-02.00Rice Lake
9Jenica SwansonNDRice Lake
9Jennifer McIlquhamNDEau Claire North
9Megan McCarthyNDNew Richmond
10Miranda StroscheinNDNew Richmond
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