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Div1: TAPPS 3A or smallerDiv2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public
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100 Meters  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.12Young Sun Bohle11.94a PRBaytown Christian
2.11Sean Bell12.09aHouston Christian
3.11John Haier12.16aHouston Christian
4.9Devante Arroyo12.54aLutheran-North
5.9Trevor Dickson12.95aLutheran-North
6.9Hector Lopez12.97a SRWallis Brazos
7.10Scott Ordeneaux13.02a SRCypress Christian
8.9Adrien Kuiatse13.02aFort Bend Christian ...
9.11Chad Steiger13.07aFamily Christian
10.10Mason Kelly13.17aCypress Christian
11.10John Mora13.28a PRWallis Brazos
12.10Philo Agaybi13.30aFamily Christian
13.10Taylor Brown13.34a SRCypress Christian
14.12Vu Lam13.57aBaytown Christian
15.9Brandon Connelly13.67aLutheran-North
16.11Michael Derbyshire13.75aEmery/Weiner
17.9Addison Gross13.85a PRFamily Christian
18.9Chris Pistorius14.22aFort Bend Christian ...
19.10Andre Leger14.28a PRProvidence Classical
20.10Luis Molina14.29aEmery/Weiner
21.9Adam Finkelman15.04aEmery/Weiner

100 Meters  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Lloyd Wade11.32aLutheran-North
2.11Andrew Luna11.42a PRWallis Brazos
3.11Lorenzo Dolphus11.44a PRHouston Bellaire
4.9Chimbuzo Onwuzuruke11.46a PRHouston Sharpstown
5.11Xitong Wu11.56a PRHouston Bellaire
6.11Taylor Jolly11.62aHouston Christian
7.11Chris Hensley11.65aHouston Bellaire
8.10Kolby Griffin11.70aSt Pius X
9.10Justin Lee11.71aLutheran-North
10.-Frank Garner11.73a PRHitchcock
11.10Zac Patterson11.76aConcordia Lutheran
12.12Brian Franshaw11.77aSecond Baptist
13.11Kanavis Wright11.79a PRHouston Spring Woods
14.12Ambrose Amin11.83aSt Thomas
15.11Malcolm Debose11.86a PRHouston Spring Woods
16.11Greg Thorton11.88a PRHouston Sharpstown
17.9Matthew Matlock11.90aLutheran-North
18.-Garrett Govan11.96a PRHouston Spring Woods
19.11Amon Allouache12.06a PRSt Thomas
20.10Nick Jones12.07aSecond Baptist
21.-Scottie Williams12.36a PRHitchcock
22.11Foster Rigsby12.37aFort Bend Christian ...
23.12Austin Williams12.43aSt Thomas
24.10Chad Bell12.56a PRWestbury Christian
25.11Josh Cradit12.57aFort Bend Christian ...
26.12Travis Peters12.61aHouston Math Science...
27.-Jamarcus McCardell12.78a PRHitchcock
28.12Tavares Silas12.81a PRHouston Math Science...
29.11Marcus Bell13.00aWestbury Christian
30.-Brent Peavy13.84aSt Pius X
31.9Garrick Johnson14.62aSt Pius X

200 Meters  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.12Young Sun Bohle24.83aBaytown Christian
2.12Patrick Neville25.20aFaith West Academy
3.10Jonathan Mason25.70aCypress Christian
4.9Barnabas Odeyomi26.77aCypress Christian
5.11Forrest Long26.91aProvidence Classical
6.9Devante Arroyo27.44aLutheran-North
7.10Mason Kelly27.46aCypress Christian
8.11Connor VanSteenberg27.52a PRCovenant Christian
9.9Hector Lopez27.56a PRWallis Brazos
10.11Chad Steiger27.71aFamily Christian
11.10Philo Agaybi27.76aFamily Christian
12.11Joel Jones28.26a SRCovenant Christian
13.9Brandon Connelly29.14aLutheran-North
14.11Michael Derbyshire29.78aEmery/Weiner
15.10Andre Leger29.88a PRProvidence Classical
16.9Chris Pistorius29.93aFort Bend Christian ...
17.11Austin Smith31.78a PRProvidence Classical
18.11Hayden Lambert33.46aCovenant Christian
10John MoraNT PRWallis Brazos
11Donald MatthewsNT PRWallis Brazos

200 Meters  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Lloyd Wade23.41aLutheran-North
2.12Christian Broussard23.55aWestbury Christian
3.11Max Birdon23.65aHouston Bellaire
4.9Dovovan O'Conner23.73a PRHouston Bellaire
5.12John Reed24.02aSt Thomas
6.10Christian Dolphus24.10a SRHouston Bellaire
7.10Justin Lee24.16aLutheran-North
8.11Fortune Nnaji24.20aSt Thomas
9.11Vernon Chevis24.30a PRHouston Sharpstown
10.12Wes Kennedy24.36a PRFort Bend Christian ...
11.10Kolby Griffin24.40aSt Pius X
12.9Terrence Bohanna24.45a SRHouston Sharpstown
13.11Malcolm Debose24.54a PRHouston Spring Woods
14.12Joseph Davis24.65a PRHouston Sharpstown
15.12Alex Green24.79a PRWallis Brazos
16.10Jonathan Ong24.98aSt John's
17.9Matthew Matlock25.05aLutheran-North
18.10Graham Eldridge25.20aAwty International
19.11Kanavis Wright25.22a PRHouston Spring Woods
20.11Townsend Hook25.23aHouston Christian
20.11Seth Hackett25.23a SRSecond Baptist
22.11Clemente Jardin25.23aAwty International
23.-Garrett Govan25.25a PRHouston Spring Woods
24.11Josh Cradit25.43aFort Bend Christian ...
25.-Jamarcus McCardell25.52a PRHitchcock
26.-Blaine Shawaker25.60a PRConcordia Lutheran
27.-Frank Garner25.63a PRHitchcock
28.10Aaron Boyd25.88aWestbury Christian
29.9Luis Mejia27.33aSt John's
30.-Morgan Howard27.38a PRHitchcock
31.10Josh Wood27.89a SRFort Bend Christian ...
32.11Drake Rios29.29a PRWallis Brazos

400 Meters  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.12Nathan Long57.66aFaith West Academy
2.10Bradley Abbott58.03aCovenant Christian
3.11Kevin Hatrick58.18a SRLutheran-North
4.11Kazune Tamura59.60a PRAwty International
5.10Zach Smith59.75a PREmery/Weiner
6.12Teddy Huizinga1:01.03aProvidence Classical
7.10Alex Sacks1:03.33a PREmery/Weiner
8.10Nathan Bolo1:03.93a PRFamily Christian
9.10Emmet Brown1:04.64aFamily Christian
10.9Seth Fox1:04.73aCovenant Christian
11.9Byron Rideau1:05.49aFamily Christian
12.12Patrick Neville1:07.14aFaith West Academy
13.9Zach Finger1:08.89a PRHouston Christian
11Nathan WhiteNTProvidence Classical
10Carter PostNT SRProvidence Classical
10Jonathan GoldbergNT SREmery/Weiner
10Sceeter RedusNT SRBaytown Christian
10Alex Del CantoNT SRFaith West Academy
9Curtis HarrrellNT PRHouston KIPP
10Scott OrdeneauxNT SRCypress Christian
10Taylor BrownNT SRCypress Christian

400 Meters  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.11Lorenzo Dolphus51.58aHouston Bellaire
2.12Anthony Whitaker52.38aHouston Christian
3.12Antoine Jackson52.55a PRWallis Brazos
4.9Chris Wilson52.56a PRHouston Sharpstown
5.12Jonathan Magiera53.32aHouston Christian
6.-Jairo Razo53.86a PRHouston Spring Woods
7.11Cameron Thomas54.23aWestbury Christian
8.11Caleb Runge54.69aLutheran-North
9.11John Watts55.74aHouston Bellaire
10.10Taylor Colwell55.97aConcordia Lutheran
11.-Kohl Filer56.84a PRHitchcock
12.11Gawain Ganz57.19a PRAwty International
13.11Tyler Sedillo57.52a PRSt Thomas
14.11Jesus Martinez58.16a PRWallis Brazos
15.9Jonathan Bonem58.20aHouston Bellaire
16.11Bastien Deschamp58.43aAwty International
17.-Shawn Fajkus58.51a PRHitchcock
18.9Joshua Alexander58.58aHouston Sharpstown
19.11Bralen Chinn58.60aLutheran-North
20.9Frank Vanburen58.76a PRHouston Sharpstown
21.-Frank Garner1:00.56a PRHitchcock
22.11Brandon Leake1:01.56a PRSt Thomas
23.11Marcus Bell1:02.55aWestbury Christian
24.10Elijah Fitzgerald1:04.09a SRSt Pius X
25.9John Alford1:04.70a PRWallis Brazos

400 Meters - Relay Split  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

10Jonathan Ong56.0hSt John's
12Lukmon Babajide56.9hSt John's
12Travis Foxhall57.3h PRSt John's
10Jonathan Ong57.5hSt John's
11Bowden Kelly59.3hSt John's

800 Meters  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.9Tarik Tyler2:13.41hHouston KIPP
2.9Vincent Rignol2:17.98hAwty International
3.12Chris Caldwell2:21.46h PRProvidence Classical
4.11Nathan White2:27.68hProvidence Classical
5.11Jonathan Bitgood2:31.09hCovenant Christian
11Robert LewisNT SRProvidence Classical
9Seth FoxNTCovenant Christian
9Ashley KesselNT SREmery/Weiner
9Lee FriedmanNTEmery/Weiner
9Alex FriedmanNTEmery/Weiner
10Nathan BoloNTFamily Christian
9Addison GrossNTFamily Christian
9Jonathan MathisNTFamily Christian
10Sceeter RedusNTBaytown Christian
11Martin DorelNTAwty International
10Gary MontoyaNTHouston KIPP
10Yoshi VenegasNT PRHouston KIPP
9Francisco SantaroseNTFaith West Academy
10Alex Del CantoNTFaith West Academy

800 Meters  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.-Jairo Razo2:04.02h PRHouston Spring Woods
2.11Brandon Young2:07.36hHouston Sharpstown
3.11Thomas Garnier2:08.67h SRAwty International
4.10Michael Sunja2:08.91hHouston Bellaire
5.12Gabriel Gonzalez2:10.16h PRWallis Brazos
6.10Bradley Albineda2:10.62hLutheran-North
7.11Will Bonn2:11.51hSt Thomas
9.11Sasha Ramirez2:11.92h SRAwty International
10.12Thomas Galloway2:13.35h PRHouston Math Science...
11.12Juan Ortiz2:14.91hHouston Math Science...
12.11Josh Hoelker2:16.28hSt Thomas
10Tobe Mokolo2:22.00hWestbury Christian
11Ashton Fontenot2:30.00hWestbury Christian
10Gavin Peterkin2:31.3hSt John's
10Jonathan Schulz2:31.6hSt John's
11Luke Aschermann2:37.00hWestbury Christian
-Alec KemnitzNTLutheran-North
12Stephan GabillardNTAwty International
10Chaz PustejovskyNTLutheran-North
9Brandon FugateNTFort Bend Christian ...
10Zach WeissNTFort Bend Christian ...
11Malcolm RichardsonNT SRHouston Bellaire
9Mory KabaNT SRHouston Sharpstown
9Dovovan O'ConnerNT PRHouston Bellaire
-Ellis RichardsonNT PRHitchcock
-Shawn FajkusNT PRHitchcock
-Matthew WilliamsNT PRHitchcock
9David WolfNTSt Pius X
9Donte BreauxNTSt Pius X
10Elijah FitzgeraldNTSt Pius X
10Sebastian MiralesNT SRHouston Math Science...
-Mario SalazarNT PRHouston Spring Woods
11Jorden LehrmannNTConcordia Lutheran
10Taylor ColwellNTConcordia Lutheran

800 Meters - Relay Split  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

9Mitch Torczon2:29.4hSt John's

1200 Meters - Relay Split  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

10Derek Fossi3:49.4h SRSt John's

1600 Meters  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.9Tarik Tyler5:07.65h PRHouston KIPP
2.9Vincent Rignol5:09.01hAwty International
3.11Martin Dorel5:16.06hAwty International
4.9Maxwell Brown5:44.34hHouston Christian
5.10Michael Cook5:46.61hHouston KIPP
6.10Trevor Johnson5:47.02h SRHouston Christian
11Jonathan BitgoodNTCovenant Christian
10Joshua HayesNTCovenant Christian
9Mark DriscollNTHouston Christian
10Matt NormanNTProvidence Classical
11Matt BreedingNTProvidence Classical
11Austin SmithNTProvidence Classical
10Nolan HardemanNTFamily Christian
9Dexter PhillipNTBaytown Christian
-Mark RodriguezNTHouston KIPP
10Alex MeechamNT SRAwty International
10Cody FranklinNTCypress Christian
9DeFranklin TaylorNTCypress Christian
9Francisco SantaroseNTFaith West Academy

1600 Meters  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Carlos Falcon4:42.54hSt John's
2.10John Cantu4:49.89hSt Thomas
3.12Mickey Cuarezma4:52.20hHouston Bellaire
4.11Thomas Garnier4:52.69hAwty International
5.9Abbabiya Simbassa4:53.53hHouston Sharpstown
6.10Walter Mata4:57.12h SRHouston Spring Woods
10Nicholas Hall5:20.00hWestbury Christian
10Chaz PustejovskyNTLutheran-North
10Remy SutherlandNTAwty International
11Quinn OshaNTAwty International
11Elvan YoungNTWestbury Christian
10Beau JohnsonNTLutheran-North
10John KurtzNTFort Bend Christian ...
11Victor Jung-YangNTFort Bend Christian ...
11Mosses RomoNT PRWallis Brazos
12Eric ThormaehlenNT PRWallis Brazos
11Jacob HillNT PRWallis Brazos
11Jorden LehrmannNTConcordia Lutheran
-Mario SalazarNT PRHouston Spring Woods
-Jairo RazoNT PRHouston Spring Woods
11Jake D'EramoNTSt Pius X
9David WolfNTSt Pius X
9Fred MuellerNTSt Pius X
10Talila TollaNT PRHouston Sharpstown
11Dylan CoxNTHouston Bellaire
12Amanuel BelayNTHouston Bellaire
11Brandon YoungNTHouston Sharpstown
9Christopher MosserNTHouston Christian
9Alex BarrettNTHouston Christian
12Conrad PomrenkeNTHouston Christian
10Derek FossiNTSt John's
10Logan ElliottNTSt John's
-Ellis RichardsonNT PRHitchcock

1600 Meters - Relay Split  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

12Carlos Falcon4:37.6h PRSt John's

3200 Meters  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.11Caleb Franzmann11:42.70hProvidence Classical
2.10Joshua Hayes11:47.57hCovenant Christian
3.10Michael Cook12:43.81hHouston KIPP
4.10Nolan Hardeman12:59.67hFamily Christian
5.11Austin Smith13:15.20h PRProvidence Classical
6.9Dexter Phillip13:22.28hBaytown Christian
7.10Chris Barrett13:29.21hHouston Christian
8.9Trevor Lauten13:32.57hSt Pius X
9.10Cody Franklin14:14.48hCypress Christian
10.9DeFranklin Taylor14:21.35hCypress Christian
11.10Carter Post15:11.32h SRProvidence Classical

3200 Meters  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.10Remy Sutherland10:25.66hAwty International
2.9Abbabiya Simbassa10:30.49h PRHouston Sharpstown
3.12Mickey Cuarezma10:33.85hHouston Bellaire
4.11Sasha Ramirez10:44.58h SRAwty International
5.12Eric Thormaehlen10:55.45h PRWallis Brazos
6.11Dylan Cox11:01.90hHouston Bellaire
7.11Philip Davis11:07.90hHouston Bellaire
8.11Jake D'Eramo11:08.91hSt Pius X
9.10Nicholas Hall11:20.80hWestbury Christian
10.11Jacob Hill11:34.54h PRWallis Brazos
11.9Christopher Mosser11:38.43hHouston Christian
12.10John Thomas Gaden12:10.83hSt Thomas
13.9Fred Mueller12:15.77hSt Pius X
14.11David Nuno12:24.89hHouston Math Science...
15.10Joe Martinez12:27.80hSt John's
16.9Justin Keeling12:51.81hSt John's
17.10Stephen Skrovanek12:59.60hSt Thomas

110m Hurdles - 39"  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.12Brandon Washington16.35aFaith West Academy
2.11Ryan Rachal18.05a SRFaith West Academy
3.12Jacob Tannenbaum19.55aEmery/Weiner
4.10E.J. Gomez21.42aFaith West Academy
5.9Michael McColloch21.77aHouston Christian
9Byron RideauNT PRFamily Christian
9Gabriel De la FuenteNTFamily Christian
9Joshua MoraNT PRWallis Brazos
9Jamar HawkinsNT PRHouston KIPP

110m Hurdles - 39"  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Travis Foxhall17.08aSt John's
2.12Lukmon Babajide17.13aSt John's
4.11Jacob Schwartz17.30a PRWallis Brazos
4.11Bowden Kelly18.03aSt John's
5.11A.J. Borchelt18.03a PRConcordia Lutheran
7.9Aaron Russell18.93a PRSt Pius X
8.12Josh Christian19.57aConcordia Lutheran
8.11Victor Jung-Yang19.75aFort Bend Christian ...
9.-Morgan Howard19.76a PRHitchcock
10.10Ladgie Zotyka20.07a PRWallis Brazos
11.10Thomas Richardson20.16a SRAwty International
12.11Jimmy Evans20.22a SRHouston Sharpstown
13.11Matthew Manriquez20.59aLutheran-North
14.11Jared Sandlin20.97aFort Bend Christian ...
14.-Matthew Williams20.97a PRHitchcock
16.12James Jamison21.02a PRWallis Brazos
17.9Michael Cady21.02a SRSt Thomas
18.11Walter Barreda21.32a PRHouston Sharpstown
18.12Channing Williford21.32aHouston Christian

300m Hurdles - 36"  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.12Brandon Washington46.63aFaith West Academy
2.12Jacob Tannenbaum48.85aEmery/Weiner
3.9Jamar Hawkins49.97a PRHouston KIPP
4.10Nolan Hardeman50.20a PRFamily Christian
5.9Joshua Mora50.34a PRWallis Brazos
6.9Jonathan Mathis53.52a PRFamily Christian
7.9Michael McColloch54.47aHouston Christian
8.10E.J. Gomez56.66aFaith West Academy
9.11Austin Smith59.65a PRProvidence Classical
10.9Gabriel De la Fuente1:04.99a PRFamily Christian

300m Hurdles - 36"  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Oliver Clawson42.95aHouston Christian
2.11Jimmy Evans43.58aHouston Sharpstown
3.12Lukmon Babajide45.25aSt John's
4.12Chris Chomer45.45aSt Thomas
5.10Chase Millis46.65aFort Bend Christian ...
6.12Travis Foxhall46.80aSt John's
7.12Josh Christian47.37aConcordia Lutheran
8.10Ladgie Zotyka48.24a PRWallis Brazos
9.11Matthew Manriquez49.30aLutheran-North
10.11A.J. Borchelt49.39aConcordia Lutheran
11.10Thomas Richardson50.02aAwty International
12.9Aaron Russell50.24aSt Pius X
13.9Michael Cady50.32aSt Thomas
14.11Victor Jung-Yang50.54aFort Bend Christian ...
15.9Sam Jamison50.83aSt John's
16.11Cody Bouche55.13aConcordia Lutheran
17.11Jared Sandlin55.96aFort Bend Christian ...

4x100 Relay  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.-Philo Agaybi
Chad Steiger
Ryan Thomas
Emmet Brown
50.47aFamily Christian
2.-Sean Bell
Sam Herbert
John Haier
Zach Finger
50.53aHouston Christian
3.-Devante Arroyo
Brandon Connelly
Damian Sullivan
Trevor Dickson

4x100 Relay  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.-Joshua Johnson
Andrew Luna
Antoine Jackson
Cedric Jones
43.94aWallis Brazos
2.-Justin Lee
Lloyd Wade
Matthew Mattlock
Marquis Fruge
3.-Oliver Clawson
Jonathan Magiera
Taylor Jolly
Anthony Whitaker
44.85aHouston Christian
4.-Brandon Smith
Joshua Alexander
Vernon Chevis
Darnell Anderson
45.08aHouston Sharpstown
5.-Christian Dolphus
Chris Hensley
Max Birdon
Blake Thompson
45.15aHouston Bellaire
-Wayne Beadle
Richard Glenn
Cameron Thomas
Chad Bell
45.23aWestbury Christian
6.-Blaine Shawaker
Josh Bartholomew
Zac Patterson
Kenny Zoeller
45.75aConcordia Lutheran
7.-Dominque Washington
Marquise Christian
Darren Thomas
Jose Sanchez
46.23aHouston Math Science...
8.-Scottie Williams
Roderick Gilmore
Darius Dotson
Jamarcus McCardell
9.-Carl Thomas
Chase Millis
Dylan Nelson
Foster Rigsby
48.79aFort Bend Christian ...
-Brian Franshaw
Nick Jones
Seth Hackett
Adam Hammer
55.69aSecond Baptist

4x200 Relay  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.-Patrick Neville
E.J. Gomez
Nathan Long
Ryan Rachal
1:42.92hFaith West Academy
2.-Chris Caldwell
Teddy Huizinga
Caleb Franzmann
Forrest Long
1:43.61hProvidence Classical
3.-Bradley Abbott
Joel Jones
Conner VanSteenberg
Travis Wilson
1:47.28hCovenant Christian
4.9Adrien Kuiatse
Damian May
Sam Thompson
Chris Pistorius
1:50.68hFort Bend Christian ...

4x200 Relay  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.-Keylon Lasalle
Cullen Wallace
Darnell Anderson
Vernon Chevis
1:33.08aHouston Sharpstown
2.-Christian Dolphus
Max Birdon
Chris Hensley
Blake Thompson
1:33.45aHouston Bellaire
3.-Keenan Chargois
John Reed
Fortune Nnaji
Stephen Kelly
1:34.12aSt Thomas
4.-Justin Lee
Lloyd Wade
Caleb Runge
Matthew Mattlock
5.-Wayne Beadle
Richard Glenn
Kevin Perry
Christian Broussard
1:34.49aWestbury Christian
6.-Andrew Luna
Walter Lopez
Alex Green
Cedric Jones
1:35.67aWallis Brazos
7.-Blaine Shawaker
Josh Bartholomew
Zac Patterson
Kenny Zoeller
1:38.00aConcordia Lutheran
8.-Scottie Williams
Roderick Gilmore
Darius Dotson
Jamarcus McCardell
9.-Brian Franshaw
Nick Jones
Adam Hammer
Seth Hackett
1:41.06aSecond Baptist
10.-Carl Thomas
Zach Weiss
Dylan Nelson
Josh Cradit
1:42.49aFort Bend Christian ...
11.-Luis Mejia
Sam Jamison
Patrick Flam
Jonathan Bradford
1:43.89aSt John's

4x400 Relay  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.-Patrick Neville
Alex Del Canto
Nathan Long
Brandon Washington
3:50.97hFaith West Academy
2.-Chris Caldwell
Andre Leger
Nathan White
Matt Norman
3:59.40hProvidence Classical
3.-DJ Derrick
Joel Gonzales
Curtis Harrrell
Brian Scroggins
4:00.25hHouston KIPP

4x400 Relay  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.-Joseph Davis
Jimmy Evans
Keylon Lasalle
John Gibson
3:30.83hHouston Sharpstown
2.-Oliver Clawson
Andy Jameson
Jonathan Magiera
Anthony Whitaker
3:34.00hHouston Christian
3.-Carl Thomas
Chase Millis
Zach Weiss
Wes Kennedy
3:38.80hFort Bend Christian ...
4.-Relay Team 3:39.02hSt Thomas
5.-Blake Thompson
John Watts
Malcolm Perrin
Michael Sunja
3:42.17hHouston Bellaire
6.-Bastien Deschamp
Clemente Jardin
Graham Eldridge
Stephan Gabillard
3:47.93hAwty International
7.-Bowden Kelly
Travis Foxhall
Lukmon Babajide
Jonathan Ong
3:50.08hSt John's
8.-Kenny Zoeller
Josh Christian
Taylor Colwell
Zach Seldenrust
3:50.27hConcordia Lutheran
9.-Bradley Albineda
Bralen Chinn
Matthew Manriquez
Caleb Runge
10.-Roderick Gilmore
Shawn Fajkus
Kohl Filer
Ellis Richardson
-Christian Broussard
Cameron Thomas
Kevin Perry
Richard Glenn
DQWestbury Christian

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.-Brian Scroggins
Luis Garza
Tarik Tyler
Edgar Sanchez
13:30.14hHouston KIPP
2.-Alex Chaves
Trevor Johnson
Anthony Farfan
Max Brown
14:08.09hHouston Christian
3.-Bradley Abbott
Joshua Hayes
Jonathan Bitgood
Seth Fox
14:24.72hCovenant Christian

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.-John Cantu
Will Bonn
Michael Cohen
Josh Hoelker
11:43.45hSt Thomas
2.-Amanuel Belay
Blake Thompson
Stefan Stankovic
Michael Sunja
11:49.59hHouston Bellaire
3.-Derek Fossi
Jonathan Ong
Mitch Torczon
Carlos Falcon
11:54.02hSt John's
4.-Conrad Pomrenke
Alex Barrett
Andy Jameson
Taylor Jolly
12:18.94hHouston Christian
5.-Jesus Martinez
Eric Thormaehlen
Gabriel Gonzalez
Mosses Romo
12:28.92hWallis Brazos
6.-Jose Escobar
Brandon Young
Abdurhman Kurdi
Abbabiya Simbassa
12:56.76hHouston Sharpstown
7.-Ashton Fontenot
Marcus Bell
Luke Aschermann
Elvan Young
13:28.80hWestbury Christian
8.-John Kurtz
Sam Thompson
Brandon Fugate
Victor Jung-Yang
13:32.32hFort Bend Christian ...

Shot Put - 12lb  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.11Patrick Vry36-01.00Houston Christian
2.10Kai Ordonio33-02.50Family Christian
3.11Travis Wilson32-04.00Covenant Christian
4.12Patrick Neville31-09.50Faith West Academy
5.11Connor VanSteenberg29-11.75Covenant Christian
6.10Chris Tutunjian29-11.00Houston Christian
7.10Mason McCollum29-05.50Cypress Christian
8.12Vu Lam28-11.00Baytown Christian
9.9Edmundo Aguero28-02.50 PRWallis Brazos
10.10Jesse Harper28-01.00 PRLutheran-North
11.10Austin Potts27-08.00 SRLutheran-North
12.10Brandon Cantu27-07.00 PRWallis Brazos
13.8Michael Annicchiarico25-02.00 SRHouston KIPP
14.10Harrison Ryan23-11.00Providence Classical
15.12Austin Catlett23-01.00Faith West Academy
16.8Rolando Gomez22-07.50Houston KIPP
17.10Andre Leger22-07.00Providence Classical
18.9Caleb King20-02.00Family Christian

Shot Put - 12lb  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.9Roman Rodriguez51-09.00 SRHouston Spring Woods
2.11Da'Ondr Henderson49-07.00 SRHouston Spring Woods
3.12Alec Roberts46-01.50Concordia Lutheran
4.12Justin Lehrmann44-05.00Concordia Lutheran
5.11Jarrick Jack38-05.00Westbury Christian
6.9Kamarley Braham36-01.00 PRHouston Sharpstown
7.12Justin Pollard35-10.00Westbury Christian
8.11Walter Barreda35-09.50Houston Sharpstown
9.10Collin Leitko35-07.00Houston Christian
10.9Doc Perrier33-07.50 SRSt Thomas
11.10Reid Thormaehlen33-03.00 PRWallis Brazos
12.12William Reyner33-01.00St Pius X
13.11Xavier Lane31-01.50 PRHouston Math Science...
14.11David Dalton30-09.00Houston Christian
15.9Joey Cowan28-02.50St John's
16.9David Ojo27-04.00Westbury Christian
17.9Nick Cassata26-06.50St John's
18.9Zach Long25'03.50St John's
19.11Felix Aguirre24-05.00Houston Math Science...

Discus - 1.6kg  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.12Young Sun Bohle102-01Baytown Christian
2.11Patrick Vry96-11Houston Christian
3.12Vu Lam94-08Baytown Christian
4.10D.J. Lange88-02Baytown Christian
5.11Travis Wilson87-00Covenant Christian
6.9Edmundo Aguero84-09 SRWallis Brazos
7.10Marshall Cornett84-03Houston Christian
8.11Chad Steiger83-08 SRFamily Christian
9.10Mason McCollum80-06Cypress Christian
10.10Kai Ordonio77-09Family Christian
11.11Connor VanSteenberg77-03Covenant Christian
12.10Brandon Cantu73-05 PRWallis Brazos
13.10Chris Tutunjian70-04Houston Christian
15.8Rolando Gomez61-05Houston KIPP
16.12Austin Catlett59-09Faith West Academy
17.8Michael Annicchiarico59-08Houston KIPP
18.10Andre Leger53-07 PRProvidence Classical
19.10Harrison Ryan50-00Providence Classical
20.9Benji Barr-Meyer46-03Emery/Weiner

Discus - 1.6kg  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.11Walter Barreda141-04 PRHouston Sharpstown
2.11Da'Ondr Henderson140-07 SRHouston Spring Woods
3.11Taylor Payne133-03Houston Christian
4.10Reid Thormaehlen133-03 SRWallis Brazos
5.12Alec Roberts131-10Concordia Lutheran
6.9Roman Rodriguez126-10 SRHouston Spring Woods
7.12Justin Pollard109-08 PRWestbury Christian
8.11David Dalton105-09Houston Christian
9.12Michael Wilke97-05Concordia Lutheran
10.10Collin Leitko94-04Houston Christian
10.11Jarrick Jack94-04Westbury Christian
12.9Doc Perrier93-08St Thomas
13.10Ian Frank93-03Westbury Christian
14.12Ian Smith89-09St Thomas
15.12Justin Lehrmann86-02Concordia Lutheran
16.11Conrad Lozano77-03St John's
17.11Felix Aguirre74-00 SRHouston Math Science...
18.11Xavier Lane73-01Houston Math Science...
19.9Joey Cowan67'08St John's
20.9Nick Cassata66-07St John's

High Jump  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.10Damian Sullivan5-02.00Lutheran-North
2.10Philo Agaybi4-10.00 PRFamily Christian
9Jonathan MathisNHFamily Christian
11Nathan WhiteNHProvidence Classical

High Jump  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Adam Boyd6-00.00Westbury Christian
2.12John Prejean5-08.00Houston Christian
2.11Malcolm Debose5-08.00 SRHouston Spring Woods
2.11Chase Kammerer5-08.00St Thomas
5.9Jonathan Bradford5-08.00St John's
5.-Roderick Gilmore5-08.00 PRHitchcock
7.11Fortune Nnaji5-06.00St Thomas
7.12Josh Christian5-06.00Concordia Lutheran
7.10Zach Weiss5-06.00Fort Bend Christian ...
12Wayne BeadleNH PRWestbury Christian
12Sean McGinnisNHAwty International
11Gawain GanzNHAwty International
11Kevin HatrickNHLutheran-North
-Kohl FilerNH PRHitchcock
10Marshall SchoenNHHouston Bellaire
9Michael BezNH PRHouston Sharpstown

Pole Vault  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.10John Mora9-06.00 PRWallis Brazos
2.9Joshua Mora9-00.00 SRWallis Brazos
3.9Mitchell Buchanan9-00.00 SRHouston Christian
4.9Michael McColloch7'6"Houston Christian
4.9Sam Siegel7'6"Houston Christian
6.9Evan Kirkland7'0"Houston Christian

Pole Vault  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Stephen Kelly12-06.00St Thomas
2.11Bowden Kelly12-00.00St John's
3.11Drake Rios11-06.00 PRWallis Brazos
4.12Walker Parkhill11-00.00Houston Christian
5.12Travis Foxhall11-00.00St John's
6.10Zach Fifi10-06.00St Thomas
7.11Cody Bouche10-06.00Concordia Lutheran
8.10Ben Fifi9-06.00St Thomas
10Patrick FlamNHSt John's
11Jacob SchwartzNH PRWallis Brazos

Long Jump  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.12Teddy Huizinga18-06.00Providence Classical
2.12Brandon Washington18-03.00Faith West Academy
3.10Jonathan Mason18-00.50Cypress Christian
4.12Patrick Neville17-08.00Faith West Academy
5.11Caleb Franzmann17-08.00Providence Classical
6.10Bradley Abbott17-07.00Covenant Christian
7.11Forrest Long17-00.50Providence Classical
8.12Nathan Long16-09.50Faith West Academy
9.10Jordan Foy16-04.00Houston Christian
10.11Joel Jones16-02.00Covenant Christian
11.9Hector Lopez15-07.50 PRWallis Brazos
12.11Chad Steiger14-06.00 PRFamily Christian
13.9Ryder Aguileria13-10.00Awty International
14.9Jonathan Mathis13-04.50Family Christian
15.9Addison Gross12-03.00Family Christian

Long Jump  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Cullen Wallace21-01.00Houston Sharpstown
2.12John Reed20-07.00St Thomas
3.12Trevor Kinsey20-02.50 PRWallis Brazos
4.12Kenny Zoeller20-00.00Concordia Lutheran
5.12Antoine Jackson19-06.00 PRWallis Brazos
6.12Alex Green19-02.50 PRWallis Brazos
7.11Chris Hensley19-02.00 PRHouston Bellaire
8.11Fortune Nnaji18-09.50St Thomas
9.12Richard Glenn18-03.00Westbury Christian
10.11Chase Kammerer18-02.50 PRSt Thomas
11.12Adam Boyd17-09.00Westbury Christian
12.9Dovovan O'Conner17-08.50 PRHouston Bellaire
13.9Matthew Matlock17-07.00Lutheran-North
14.11Townsend Hook17-05.00Houston Christian
15.10Damian Sullivan17-02.50Lutheran-North
16.11Max Birdon17-01.00Houston Bellaire
17.9Chance Gray17-00.00Concordia Lutheran
18.10Tobe Mokolo16-09.50Westbury Christian
19.11Gawain Ganz16-07.00Awty International
20.9Garrick Johnson16-05.00St Pius X
21.10Graham Eldridge15-07.50 SRAwty International
22.11Foster Rigsby15-03.00Fort Bend Christian ...
23.9Michael Bez14-01.00 PRHouston Sharpstown

Triple Jump  Div1: TAPPS 3A or smaller - Finals

1.10Bradley Abbott40-02.50Covenant Christian
2.12Teddy Huizinga39-10.50Providence Classical
3.11Forrest Long39-04.00Providence Classical
4.12Brandon Washington38-10.00Faith West Academy
5.11Caleb Franzmann37-11.50Providence Classical
6.10Jordan Foy37-04.50Houston Christian
7.10Emmet Brown35-04.00Family Christian
8.11Joel Jones31-04.50Covenant Christian
9.10Conner Walker29-03.50Houston Christian

Triple Jump  Div2: TAPPS 4A/5A, SPC, public - Finals

1.12Cullen Wallace42-04.00Houston Sharpstown
2.11Andrew Luna42-02.50 PRWallis Brazos
3.12Anthony Whitaker41-01.50Houston Christian
4.12John Reed41-00.50St Thomas
5.12Richard Glenn39-05.00Westbury Christian
6.11A.J. Borchelt38-08.50Concordia Lutheran
7.10Keylon Lasalle37-05.50 PRHouston Sharpstown
8.10Taylor Colwell37-00.00Concordia Lutheran
9.12Dru Carroll35-03.50St Thomas
10.12Sean McGinnis34-03.00Awty International
11.9Howard Kay33-07.00Houston Bellaire
12.10Graham Eldridge33-00.50 SRAwty International
13.9Joshua Alexander31-09.00 SRHouston Sharpstown
10Josh WoodND SRFort Bend Christian ...

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