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Canby Invitational

Friday, May 01, 2009

Canby HS, Canby

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Washington - 3A
Mountain View
Washington - 4A
Battle Ground
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.12Paul Meade11.21aMountain View
3.12Jordan Bird11.41aFranklin
4.11Grant Wilson11.42aOregon City
5.12Greg Anderson11.48aDavid Douglas
6.11Junel Cervantes11.51aKelso
11Umbear Mehmedovic11.61aDavid Douglas
12Cameron Sinn11.61aSilverton
11Bryan Takano11.67aCanby
9Torrey Rogness11.71aSilverton
10Mason Bullock11.84aKelso
12Kaelen Brede11.87aBattle Ground
11John Simon11.94aBattle Ground
12Michael Lopez11.94aMountain View
9Nick Forrest11.95aCanby
12Nicholas Williams11.97aOregon City
11Owamagbe Odighizuwa12.01aDavid Douglas
11Greg Fennimore12.31aSilverton
10Patrick Hinkle12.34aCanby
11Brandon Hainey12.51aOregon City
12Adam Warrick12.57aFranklin
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Greg Anderson23.06aDavid Douglas
2.12Nelson Sinn23.15aSilverton
3.12Jordan Bird23.22aFranklin
4.12Cameron Sinn23.26aSilverton
5.11Umbear Mehmedovic23.39aDavid Douglas
6.11Junel Cervantes23.40aKelso
7.12Kaelen Brede23.68aBattle Ground
12Dimitrios Finney23.81aDavid Douglas
10Kody Kozak23.92aOregon City
11Bryan Takano24.09aCanby
12Nicholas Williams24.11aOregon City
12Michael Lopez24.15aMountain View
11Gavin Osterberg24.29aCanby
10Jared O'neil24.45aKelso
10Davi Von24.55aMountain View
10Patrick Hinkle24.61aCanby
11Greg Fennimore24.75aSilverton
12Jake Patterson24.79aFranklin
11Brandon Hainey25.02aOregon City
12Adam Warrick25.19aFranklin
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grant Wilson50.98aOregon City
2.12Nelson Sinn51.45aSilverton
3.9Marcell Frazier52.82aDavid Douglas
4.12Jordan Baca-Haynes53.30aBattle Ground
12Joseph Summers54.35aCanby
6.10Davi Von54.45aMountain View
10Mason Bullock54.62aKelso
10Troy Sinn54.84aSilverton
10Andrew Bahnsen55.04aBattle Ground
11Gavin Osterberg55.47aCanby
11Nate Almirol56.01aKelso
11Andrew White56.2aMountain View
12Moritz Schwaeble56.64aKelso
10Brendan Baker56.67aOregon City
11Silas Covert-Keefe57.08aDavid Douglas
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Greg Anderson50.6David Douglas
12Nelson Sinn50.9Silverton
12Taylor Adrian52.3David Douglas
12Steven Kaster52.9Canby
9Marcell Frazier53.1David Douglas
12Joseph Summers53.3Canby
10Paul Olson53.6David Douglas
10Troy Sinn53.7Silverton
11Wesley Torresdal54.2Silverton
11Tim Judge54.8Canby
11Gavin Osterberg54.8Canby
9Torrey Rogness54.9Silverton
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brycen Driver1:58.5Oregon City
2.12Taylor Adrian1:58.7David Douglas
3.12Adrian Lohr2:00.2Franklin
4.11Chadd Wish2:01.5Mountain View
5.12Alex Seigal2:02.7Oregon City
6.12Cory Boley2:02.9Mountain View
7.11Allistaire Koons-Farrell2:04.8Franklin
8.11Tim Judge2:05.1Canby
9.12Steven Kaster2:05.3Canby
11Jordan Sinn2:07.8Silverton
11Ryan Rau2:08.2Oregon City
12.9Julio Ramirez2:08.5aKelso
10Paul Olson2:10.5David Douglas
14.11Harry Bayley2:10.8Franklin
12Jared Drendal2:11.1David Douglas
16.11Lason Matson2:15.5Battle Ground
17.9Ryan Russell2:15.7Battle Ground
18.11Tim Wilson2:20.1aKelso
X 800 Meters - Open 800 meter - Finals
12Michael Rohm2:10.4Canby
11Matt Edel2:13.5Franklin
9Fletcher Hazlehurst2:16.2Franklin
11Caleb Bauermeister2:18.7Canby
10Josh Young2:19.7Canby
10Mason Herson-Hord2:23.1Canby
9Brian McKeon2:26.0Canby
11Zach Kraemer2:26.3Canby
11Barrett Stott2:27.5Canby
11Joseph Hauck2:28.9Canby
10Nathan Mitchell2:29.5Canby
10Tim Norris2:30.7Canby
10Troy Thomas2:32.0Canby
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ian Burgess4:15.1Franklin
2.11Bryan Eastes4:15.2Mountain View
3.11Chadd Wish4:25.3Mountain View
4.11Aaron Molstad4:30.8Silverton
5.12Chris Meeker4:32.6Oregon City
6.12Jeff LeVine4:33.5Silverton
8.9Keagan Brown4:38.4Canby
11Benny Zefrino4:38.8Silverton
10.11Lason Matson4:39.2Battle Ground
11.11Garrett Williams4:39.8aKelso
9Jackson Baker4:40.2Franklin
13.12Garrett Lane4:41.8aKelso
9Gus Arroyo Vera4:45.8David Douglas
15.12Michael Patterson4:46.9aKelso
16.9Ryan Russell4:47.1Battle Ground
11Evan Sutton4:48.3Mountain View
12Nate Hill4:51.7David Douglas
9Caleb Gardner4:57.1Oregon City
9Sam Hoult5:02.1Oregon City
X 1500 Meters - Wheelchair - Varsity - Finals
12Zachary Abbott4:07.4David Douglas
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kody Coxen9:02.8Silverton
2.12Robert Sutter9:06.8Battle Ground
3.11Bryan Eastes9:23.7Mountain View
4.12Bryce Davis9:25.1aKelso
5.9Jay Mason9:27.4Battle Ground
6.12Han White-Duong9:45.0Franklin
7.12Brian Bach9:48.2aKelso
10Ben Edwards9:51.9Canby
9.12Steven Scott10:00.3aKelso
9Bradley Laughlin10:01.8Oregon City
11.10Angel Reyes10:03.5Battle Ground
11Benny Zefrino10:13.2Silverton
9Matthew Trone10:14.1Oregon City
11Nathaniel Walker10:17.0Canby
11Aaron Molstad10:31.9Silverton
11Justin Purdy10:39.4Canby
11Brandon Doorman11:28.9Mountain View
10Brendan BakerDNFOregon City
X 3000 Meters - Wheelchair - Varsity - Finals
12Zachary Abbott8:38.0David Douglas
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Scalesse14.89aKelso
2.11Trevor Ferguson15.36aOregon City
3.12Jared Hilton15.82aSilverton
4.9Jake Blackman16.59aBattle Ground
5.10Morgan Heinsoo16.62aOregon City
6.11Steele Postlewaite17.18aDavid Douglas
12Luke Zollinger17.24aSilverton
11Wesley Torresdal17.26aSilverton
12Dustin Bishop17.42aCanby
12Bruno Ebukam17.84aDavid Douglas
11Hunter Vanderpool17.89aBattle Ground
10Jesus Chaparro18.28aCanby
10Jake Snyder18.34aCanby
9Trevor Dye18.58aOregon City
9Levi Nelson22.11aKelso
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam Scalesse38.75aKelso
2.12Dustin Bishop41.96aCanby
3.12Jared Hilton42.16aSilverton
4.11Ryan Wall43.12aCanby
5.11Wesley Torresdal43.39aSilverton
6.9Andy Rondema44.23aOregon City
7.9Jake Blackman44.29aBattle Ground
7.10Morgan Heinsoo44.59aOregon City
11Steele Postlewaite44.66aDavid Douglas
11Weston Foner45.36aCanby
12Ivan Alagoz45.89aSilverton
11Ryan Altman46.32aDavid Douglas
11Ryan Rau46.83aOregon City
9Levi Nelson52.53aKelso
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jared O'neil
Riley Davis
Adam Scalesse
Junel Cervantes
2.-Nelson Sinn
Torrey Rogness
Jared Hilton
Cameron Sinn
3.-Marcell Frazier
Dimitrios Finney
Umbear Mehmedovic
Greg Anderson
44.92aDavid Douglas
4.-Relay Team 45.52aMountain View
5.-Relay Team 45.52aBattle Ground
-Gavin Osterberg
Bryan Takano
Patrick Hinkle
Nick Forrest
7.-J.C. Guadiz
Tom Nguyen
Ronnie Simmons
Nicholas Williams
46.99aOregon City
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Wilson
Kody Kozak
Brycen Driver
Alex Seigal
3:27.9Oregon City
2.-Marcell Frazier
Paul Olson
Taylor Adrian
Greg Anderson
3:29.4David Douglas
3.-Troy Sinn
Torrey Rogness
Wesley Torresdal
Nelson Sinn
-Tim Judge
Joseph Summers
Gavin Osterberg
Steven Kaster
4.-Relay Team 3:36.0Battle Ground
7.-Relay Team 3:39.3Mountain View
8.-Jared O'neil
Moritz Schwaeble
Julio Ramirez
Nate Almirol
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Deshaun Bradley51'11.5Franklin
2.12Thomas Gustin51'5.25Kelso
3.10Zach Killgore48'7.25Canby
4.12Trevor Zinser46'2Franklin
5.10Greg Skipper45' 11"Oregon City
6.12Michael Doman44'11.75Canby
11Antonio Garcia44'3Kelso
11Nathan Blair43'5.5Battle Ground
11Owamagbe Odighizuwa43' 1"David Douglas
12Blake Verhaalen42' 8"Oregon City
10Brent Serre41'9.25Kelso
11Tyler Procive41' 4Mountain View
12David Kalamafoni40'10.25Battle Ground
10Ighodaro Odighizuwa40' 9.75"David Douglas
12Tyler Azurdia40'0.25Franklin
12Levander Brown40' 0"David Douglas
11Joe Molodih39'2Silverton
10Matthew Brown38'7.25Silverton
12Michael Krafsig37' 3.75Mountain View
10Elijah Neves35'3Silverton
9Brian Sievers34'4.25Battle Ground
10Will Main40' 6..5"Oregon City
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Thomas Gustin148'0Kelso
2.10Greg Skipper140' 9"Oregon City
3.12Michael Doman132'8Canby
4.10Dustin Mayfield130'11Canby
5.11Nathan Blair127'10Battle Ground
6.11Antonio Garcia125'7Kelso
7.11Evan Plamondon121'2Kelso
10Chris Curteman119' 2"Oregon City
12C.J. Fogg117' 4"David Douglas
12Blake Verhaalen115' 10"Oregon City
9Brian Sievers115'4Battle Ground
12David Kalamafoni115'0Battle Ground
11Matt Schmader114'11Canby
12Trevor Zinser113'10Franklin
12Deshaun Bradley110'11Franklin
11Mark McClure110'5Silverton
10Matthew Brown109'9Silverton
10Ian Uehara103' 3"David Douglas
11Owamagbe Odighizuwa102' 7"David Douglas
11Tyler Procive100' 6Mountain View
10Elijah Neves99'10Silverton
12Tyler Azurdia90'2Franklin
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryan Hansen164' 0Mountain View
2.12Tommy Harriot159'9Canby
3.11Zane Shaut154'8Battle Ground
4.11Tyler Ferguson151' 10Oregon City
5.11Zach Nielsen151'2Battle Ground
6.12Michael Doman149'10Canby
7.11Trevor Ferguson147' 10"Oregon City
11Nikita Martishev147'4Canby
9Jake Blackman144'3Battle Ground
12Tyler Petrequin143' 5"David Douglas
10Sam Young141'8Kelso
12C.J. Fogg140' 2"David Douglas
12Nolan Mayther136'0Kelso
12Matt Westby135'1Silverton
10Max Mayther134'5Kelso
11Eoan Martushev132'2Silverton
11Stoney Rose131' 9"David Douglas
10Dean Koba131' 6Mountain View
10Andrew Wilson129' 4"Oregon City
11Joe Molodih123'7Silverton
12Matt Pugh121'9Franklin
12Josh Barlow83'3Franklin
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kody Kozak6' 2"Oregon City
2.12Kyle Hadenfeld6'0Mountain View
3.10Kevin Anderson5'8Canby
4.9Devin Geiger5'8Silverton
5.9Andy Rondema5' 8"Oregon City
6.12Josh Volvovic5' 6"David Douglas
12Jake Patterson5'0Franklin
12Tom NguyenNHOregon City
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jared Hippler15' 6"Oregon City
2.12John Brenteson14' 0Mountain View
3.10Jonathan Wishard12'0Kelso
4.12J.B. Peterson12'Oregon City
4.12Bryce Franzen12'Oregon City
6.11Hunter Vanderpool12'0Battle Ground
11Zaine Stapleton11' 0"David Douglas
12James Barnes11'Silverton
12Joseph Larinov10'Silverton
11Justin Thomas10'Silverton
10Jake Snyder10'0Canby
10Sam Carlos10'0Canby
9.9Quinn Cutler10'0Kelso
10Peter Carpenter9'0Canby
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trevor Ferguson21' 1.5"Oregon City
2.11Tyler Ferguson20' 10.5"Oregon City
2.12Josh Volvovic20' 1"David Douglas
4.12Darren Sinn19'9.5Silverton
5.12Danny Delima19'9Battle Ground
6.12Kyle Hadenfeld19'8Mountain View
11John Simon18'11Battle Ground
10Kody Kozak18' 10.5"Oregon City
12Dimitrios Finney18' 8"David Douglas
12Andrew Pearson18'1.5Battle Ground
12Ivan Alagoz18'1Silverton
10Mason Bullock17'9Kelso
10Josh Parker17' 8.75Mountain View
12Walter Van Hooser17' 3.50Mountain View
9Devin Geiger16'9.75Silverton
12Hayet Gessese16' 9"David Douglas
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trevor Ferguson45' 0.5"Oregon City
2.12Riley Davis41'8.25Kelso
3.11Tyler Ferguson41' 6.5"Oregon City
4.10Jared O'neil40'7Kelso
5.10Garrett Soumokil40' 6"Oregon City
6.12Danny Delima39'10Battle Ground
12Darren Sinn39'4Silverton
11Oscar Zamora39'1.5Canby
12Luke Zollinger39'Silverton
9Torrey Rogness38'11.75Silverton
12Bruno Ebukam38' 9"David Douglas
12Michael Doman37'5.5Canby
10Josh Parker37' 4.5Mountain View
12Matt Pugh36'3Franklin
12Walter Van Hooser35' 10Mountain View

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Emma Destromp13.18aKelso
2.10Lindsay Goff13.51aOregon City
3.11Gabby Fleshman13.58aSilverton
4.11Sarah Doble13.61aOregon City
5.9Kylie Svendsen13.62aOregon City
12Maddie Harper13.74aFranklin
12Laura Copenhagen13.91aCanby
12Michelle Frazier13.98aDavid Douglas
11Rickquell Marshall14.08aKelso
10Emily Martino14.11aDavid Douglas
11Bailey Miller14.28aSilverton
10Katelyn Krook14.38aCanby
11Sheterika Williams14.48aDavid Douglas
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Melissa Fowler25.55aCanby
2.10Kylee Cook26.58aOregon City
3.11Mariah Crumpler26.65aDavid Douglas
4.10Paytyn Wheeler26.78aKelso
5.10Lindsay Goff27.08aOregon City
6.12Annie Culverwell27.22aMountain View
6.12Amy Hermansen27.22aOregon City
11Jenna Bloomfeldt27.52aKelso
11Gabby Fleshman27.60aSilverton
11Anna Wells27.7aBattle Ground
12Maggie Pietka28.04aMountain View
9Erika Sinn28.21aSilverton
11Rickquell Marshall28.39aKelso
10Amanda Raethke29.19aDavid Douglas
11Sheterika Williams29.46aDavid Douglas
10Katelyn Krook29.83aCanby
10Annajoy Gillis29.93aFranklin
11Jenomi Montgomery31.66aFranklin
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel McDaniel58.3aBattle Ground
11Melissa Fowler58.70aCanby
3.10Paytyn Wheeler59.80aKelso
4.10Kylee Cook62.00aOregon City
12Laura Copenhagen62.44aCanby
6.11Mariah Crumpler62.68aDavid Douglas
6.9Teresa Padilla62.77aKelso
9Kylie Svendsen63.04aOregon City
9Megan Wachsmuth64.12aMountain View
10Katelyn Krook65.88aCanby
10Amanda Raethke66.99aDavid Douglas
12McKenzie DeMott68.62aSilverton
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11McKayla Fricker58.7Canby
11Melissa Fowler59.1Canby
9Erika Sinn62.9Silverton
12Laura Copenhagen63.1Canby
9Jane Kitts63.2Silverton
11Samantha Whitaker63.6Silverton
9Morgan Anderson64.9Silverton
12Brittany Patterson65.2Canby
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Lynelle Decker2:23.4Mountain View
2.11Aubri Squires2:23.9Battle Ground
3.11Katie Skinner2:29.4Franklin
4.11Sadie Bye2:32.1Silverton
5.12Jessica Warthen2:34.1aKelso
6.10Tiffany Forbito2:35.1Oregon City
7.9Rochelle Skreen2:37.7aKelso
8.10Leiah Matson2:38.5Battle Ground
10Escarlett Trujillo2:41.8Oregon City
9Kristyn Decker2:43.5Oregon City
10Haley Holboke2:44.4Mountain View
12.11Elizabeth Hurless2:46.1aKelso
11Katarina Mueller2:46.3Mountain View
10Selam Wako2:59.1David Douglas
12Sandy Gallardo2:59.9Canby
X 800 Meters - Open 800 meter - Finals
12Jeanette Edel2:39.5Franklin
9Zoe Chrisman-Miller2:42.0Franklin
10Colleen Coleman2:42.5Franklin
11Jessica Craig2:47.0Franklin
11Natalie Rojas2:57.5Franklin
10Hannah Bennett2:58.7Canby
10Annajoy Gillis3:06Franklin
11Zoe Winter3:14.0Franklin
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julia Fonk4:52.4Franklin
2.12Ariel Clark4:57.2David Douglas
3.12Joy Shufeldt4:58.0Franklin
4.11McKayla Fricker4:59.2Canby
9Lynelle Decker4:59.5Mountain View
6.9Morgan Anderson5:00.9Silverton
7.11Allison Young5:02.7Franklin
8.11Kaiti Wood5:14.8aKelso
9.10Tiffany Davis5:23.6Canby
10.9Liz Smarr5:24.5Battle Ground
11.9Susan Dahl5:25.0aKelso
10Anastasia Goldys5:25.5David Douglas
10Haley Holboke5:29.3Mountain View
14.11Grace Tolby5:32.6aKelso
10Aly Holterhoff5:33.9Oregon City
16.9Sierra Pruitt5:34.7Canby
17.12Malia Carr5:35.4Battle Ground
11Danielle Zehrung5:42.9Silverton
11Kristina Schwartz5:51.2David Douglas
9Jessica Hammock6:07.6Oregon City
10Kaitlin Rubitschun6:11.0Oregon City
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rachel Shelley10:55.5David Douglas
2.11Kelly Swanson11:04.0aKelso
3.10Nicole Tester11:17.1Battle Ground
4.11Angie Bernard11:36.0Battle Ground
5.10Maggie Ruwitch12:04.1Canby
6.11Laryssa Yoder12:35.6Canby
12Stephanie Flower12:46.6Mountain View
11Olivia Wolf12:51.4Oregon City
9Isabella Douglas12:51.5Mountain View
11Jamie Neavill12:59.9Oregon City
12Charla Boley13:03.1Mountain View
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katie Dyk16.27aDavid Douglas
2.12Aubrey Hallett16.84aKelso
3.11Briauna Stadeli16.97aSilverton
4.9Leilani Barker17.04aKelso
5.11Chase Myatt17.45aCanby
6.10Karina Harper17.65aFranklin
12Denae Lamb17.71aOregon City
12Ashley SantaMaria17.95aBattle Ground
10Rachel Widing18.18aCanby
10Jessie DeHut18.20aOregon City
10Brooke Davies18.39aMountain View
12Emily Secreto18.49aFranklin
9Jade Chamberlain18.72aKelso
9Kilee Coffelt18.76aFranklin
10Hayley Dent19.18aOregon City
10Mika Zeta19.46aMountain View
10Lani Nguyen20.89aDavid Douglas
10Brittney Rush21.16aDavid Douglas
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katie Reichert47.33aKelso
2.10Katie Dyk47.86aDavid Douglas
3.12Emily Dent48.23aOregon City
4.12Aubrey Hallett48.76aKelso
5.11Samantha Whitaker48.89aSilverton
6.12Brittany Patterson49.09aCanby
12Vivian Aiello49.49aMountain View
12Dani Matton49.96aOregon City
9Leilani Barker50.29aKelso
11Briauna Stadeli51.39aSilverton
12Jaime Jo McGraw51.61aCanby
10Karina Harper51.83aFranklin
9Dannika Sullivan51.93aFranklin
9Kilee Coffelt52.36aFranklin
10Hayley Dent54.18aOregon City
10Brittney Rush55.04aDavid Douglas
10Brooke Davies55.25aMountain View
10Lani Nguyen57.25aDavid Douglas
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Vivian Aiello
Kathran Dean
Annie Culverwell
Michelle Kiss
50.92aMountain View
2.-Kylie Svendsen
Amy Hermansen
Lindsay Goff
Kylee Cook
51.19aOregon City
-Brittany Gillespie
Melissa Fowler
Laura Copenhagen
Teri Gent
4.-Relay Team 51.62aKelso
5.-Stephanie Wells
Jane Kitts
Erika Sinn
Gabby Fleshman
-Katie Dyk
Michelle Frazier
Emily Martino
Mariah Crumpler
52.32aDavid Douglas
6.-Karina Harper
Kilee Coffelt
Maddie Harper
Emily Secreto
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Laura Copenhagen
Brittany Patterson
Melissa Fowler
McKayla Fricker
2.-Kylie Svendsen
Kaylee Kolin
Emily Dent
Kylee Cook
4:09.8Oregon City
3.-Relay Team 4:11.3Franklin
4.-Relay Team 4:13.2Battle Ground
5.-Erika Sinn
Morgan Anderson
Jane Kitts
Samantha Whitaker
6.-Relay Team 4:20.6Kelso
7.-Relay Team 4:21.1Mountain View
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gabi Dixson38'3Battle Ground
2.11Kristen Swim36'8Franklin
3.12Samantha Thompson34'7Silverton
4.10Tori Dixson33'6.75Battle Ground
5.9Tessie Zibulsky31' 10.5"David Douglas
6.10Caitlin Curtis31' 7.75"David Douglas
10Shelby Thompson31'5.75Oregon City
10Michaela Mayo29'9.5Silverton
11Amanda Porter29'9.25Canby
9Stephanie Wells29'5.75Silverton
12Stephanie Zibulsky29' .75"David Douglas
12Kari Bonds27'9.5Kelso
10Brittany Carron27'7.25Kelso
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Gabi Dixson126'3Battle Ground
2.10Nichole Hatton107' 8Mountain View
3.12Kari Bonds106'8Kelso
4.11Andie Hendrick105'3Canby
5.10Tori Dixson104'2Battle Ground
6.10Caitlin Curtis102' 5"David Douglas
12Samantha Thompson96'11Silverton
12Stephanie Sprauer95'7Silverton
12Julia Austin94'10"Oregon City
12Stephanie Zibulsky86' 10"David Douglas
12Nora Kegg86'0"Oregon City
10Shelby Thompson85'5"Oregon City
11Amanda Porter84'11Canby
12Andraya McCulley80'0Kelso
9Keela Rupe79'4Kelso
9Breanne Buckles78'2Canby
9Krysta Brixey77' 3Mountain View
10Jarryn Jackson73' 1"David Douglas
10J'Nyssienne Baker72'10Silverton
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kayla Smith131'0Battle Ground
2.10Ashleigh Anderson124'3Oregon City
3.12Stephanie Sprauer124'1Silverton
4.12Angela Lindersmith123'3Battle Ground
9Jenna Jones112' 4Mountain View
6.12Andraya McCulley110'4Kelso
11Cassy Teig104'3Kelso
9Haley Grossman101'7Battle Ground
12Sarah Thompson101'5Oregon City
12Vanja Gudalo100'1Canby
9Megan Wachsmuth97' 7Mountain View
11Erica Garber92'8Canby
10Tiffany Forbito92'6Oregon City
12Kari Bonds90'9Kelso
11Chase Myatt86'3Canby
10Michaela Mayo78'11Silverton
12Emily Palmer76'11Silverton
10Alyssa McKay72' 7"David Douglas
12Stephanie Zibulsky72' 3"David Douglas
10Caitlin Curtis68' 1"David Douglas
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christine Rice5' 10Mountain View
12Maggie Pietka5'6Mountain View
2.11Rebecca Ramirez5' 5"David Douglas
4.11Samantha Whitaker5'4Silverton
5.12Kayla Davis5'2Kelso
6.10Tineke Bierma5'2Canby
10Brooke Davies5' 0Mountain View
10Katie Reichert5'0Kelso
11McKayla Fricker4'10Canby
10Trisha Anderson4'10Silverton
10Casey Dettwyler4'8Silverton
12Denae Lamb4'8Oregon City
10Ariel Livingston4'8Oregon City
12Angela Lindersmith4'6Battle Ground
12Dani Matton4'6Oregon City
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna Humphreys10'0Oregon City
2.12Annie Culverwell9'6Mountain View
3.12Sasha Ousterhout9'6Silverton
4.12Maddie Harper9'6Franklin
5.11Kendall Lushenko9'0Battle Ground
11Cassy Teig8'6Kelso
6.10Jessie DeHut8'6Oregon City
7.9Holland Roberts8'6Battle Ground
12McKenzie DeMott8'Silverton
12Aubrey Hallett8'0Kelso
10Tineke Bierma7'6Canby
10Teri Gent7'6Canby
11Andi Beseda7'6Battle Ground
9Brittany Gillespie6'9Canby
10Mika Zeta6' 9Mountain View
10Brooke Baker6'0Oregon City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Michelle Kiss17' 0Mountain View
2.11Emma Destromp16'10.5Kelso
3.12Kayla Davis16'8.5Kelso
4.9Kathran Dean16' 8Mountain View
5.9Jane Kitts16'3Silverton
6.11Jenna Bloomfeldt16'1.5Kelso
12Michelle Frazier15' 11"David Douglas
12Emily Dent15'9Oregon City
9Emily Shannon15'3Oregon City
10Rachel Widing14'7Canby
10Ariel Livingston14'6Oregon City
10Trisha Anderson14'5.5Silverton
12Ashley SantaMaria14'1.25Battle Ground
9Kelssey Thagon13'10.75Silverton
11Chase Myatt13'5Canby
9Haley Grossman13'1.5Battle Ground
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maggie Pietka36' 9Mountain View
2.11Emma Destromp35'4Kelso
3.12Kayla Davis35'0Kelso
4.9Kathran Dean33' 11Mountain View
5.9Emily Shannon33'3.75Oregon City
6.12Emily Dent33'1.5Oregon City
7.10Trisha Anderson32'1.5Silverton
9Jane Kitts31'9Silverton
9Haley Grossman31'8Battle Ground
12Ashley SantaMaria31'7Battle Ground
10Tineke Bierma31'4Canby
11Christina VanDelden30' 9.5Mountain View
10Kaylee Kolin30'6.5Oregon City
10Casey Dettwyler30'Silverton
10Emily Martino29' 3"David Douglas
11Chase Myatt28'11Canby
12Andrea DeRosier28'7Kelso
9Katie Mathews26' 5"David Douglas
1.11Emma Destromp13.18Kelso
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