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South Umpqua Invite

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

South Umpqua HS, Myrtle Creek

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Sthen11.89aBrookings-Harbor
2.12Cam Smith12.09aGlendale
3.12John Barrows12.11aSouth Umpqua
4.12Noah Cunningham12.23aNew Hope Christian
5.12Tim Wilson12.24aSouth Umpqua
6.10Geoff Gowman12.29aBrookings-Harbor
7.10Jacob Kovachy12.55aDays Creek
8.11Austin Edwards12.64aRiddle
9.10Andrew Quinn12.78aDays Creek
10.11Hung Joey12.83aCanyonville Christian
11.10Cole Barrows12.84aSouth Umpqua
12.11Tyrel Ott12.97aDays Creek
13.10Robert Ferren13.12aElkton
14.9Chandler Gotfried13.19aBrookings-Harbor
15.10Steven Garrison13.34aElkton
16.9Josh Harris13.35aRiddle
17.9Joseph Ramirez13.47aElkton
18.9Danny Hwang13.79aNew Hope Christian
19.10Trent Walker13.98aGlendale
11JoonSung LeeNTCanyonville Christian
9Anthony StephensNTNew Hope Christian
9Ethan HanksNTRiddle
11Justin Walker-KrokNTGlendale
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Linden Loren23.43aBrookings-Harbor
2.12Austin Snelling24.20aGlendale
3.10Dylan Roberts24.35aBrookings-Harbor
4.12Tim Wilson24.70aSouth Umpqua
5.11Brian Nichols25.03aSouth Umpqua
6.12John Barrows25.26aSouth Umpqua
7.10Jacob Kovachy25.35aDays Creek
8.9Ryan Rayburn25.53aUmpqua Valley Christ...
9.10Trevor Schissler25.62aUmpqua Valley Christ...
10.10Andrew Quinn25.75aDays Creek
11.11Hung Joey25.93aCanyonville Christian
12.11Tyrel Ott26.41aDays Creek
13.10Derek Chavez26.66aBrookings-Harbor
14.9Codie Parret27.62aRiddle
15.9Danny Hwang28.10aNew Hope Christian
16.10Trent Walker29.72aGlendale
12Cam SmithDNSGlendale
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Linden Loren52.38aBrookings-Harbor
2.12John Barrows55.25aSouth Umpqua
3.9Ryan Rayburn56.52aUmpqua Valley Christ...
4.10Trevor Schissler58.14aUmpqua Valley Christ...
5.11David Harris1:00.21aRiddle
6.10Ben Leisy1:00.66aNew Hope Christian
7.10Soules Keith1:01.48aCanyonville Christian
8.11Kyle Buell1:01.72aElkton
9.10Robert Ferren1:01.85aElkton
10.9Bryan Chapp1:03.78aElkton
11.10Nick Martin1:03.79aGlendale
12.9Steven Bodnar1:04.48aGlendale
13.12Brett Jaynes1:04.87aNew Hope Christian
14.10David Acevedo1:05.79aDays Creek
15.9Joseph Ramirez1:06.46aElkton
16.10Louis Liu1:08.47aCanyonville Christian
17.12Chaewu Lee1:10.85aCanyonville Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Fuller2:13.82aDays Creek
2.12Noah Cunningham2:14.82aNew Hope Christian
3.11James Rossiter2:15.51aNew Hope Christian
4.9Austin Beebe2:20.16aSouth Umpqua
5.10Dmitry Green2:21.97aGlendale
6.9Jesse Pettibone2:22.12aSouth Umpqua
7.10Ward Molthan2:22.16aNew Hope Christian
8.11Nikita Firsankov2:27.81aCanyonville Christian
9.10Justin Layfield2:29.62aSouth Umpqua
10.10David Acevedo2:34.47aDays Creek
11.9Mike Trombley2:35.51aElkton
12.9Steven Bodnar2:37.91aGlendale
13.11Benjamin Rodriguez2:42.40aCanyonville Christian
14.9Jeremy Johnston2:43.48aBrookings-Harbor
9Deionte PettyDNSCanyonville Christian
9Bryan ChappDNSElkton
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Bowdoin4:29.1hNew Hope Christian
2.11Eli Cunningham4:29.9hNew Hope Christian
3.10Gage Northrup4:37.3hBrookings-Harbor
4.9Austin Beebe4:53.7hSouth Umpqua
5.10Javin Fleshman4:55.5hBrookings-Harbor
6.10Brenton Evans5:08.3hGlendale
7.9Jesse Pettibone5:09.6hSouth Umpqua
8.9Josh Harris5:18.8hRiddle
9.12Thomas Humbert5:26.8hSouth Umpqua
10.9Brent Swearingen5:29.9hGlendale
11James BoothNTGlendale
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Bowdoin9:18.5hNew Hope Christian
2.10Aaron Miller10:07.3hBrookings-Harbor
3.11Tyler Park11:48.5hNew Hope Christian
4.10Ben Leisy11:48.9hNew Hope Christian
5.12Thomas Humbert12:29.0hSouth Umpqua
6.10Justin Layfield12:31.0hSouth Umpqua
7.11Josh Enloe13:45.7hSouth Umpqua
10Zack RiedDNSRiddle
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Isaiyah Kovachy16.94aDays Creek
2.11Bruce Balcita17.84aSouth Umpqua
3.10Kasey Dunn19.56aDays Creek
4.9Tim Jaynes20.33aNew Hope Christian
12Austin SnellingDNSGlendale
11Eli CunninghamDNSNew Hope Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eli Cunningham42.83aNew Hope Christian
2.11Bruce Balcita42.98aSouth Umpqua
3.10Kasey Dunn44.73aDays Creek
4.12Isaiyah Kovachy45.58aDays Creek
5.12Clay Lent46.72aSouth Umpqua
6.12Kevin Sthen47.89aBrookings-Harbor
7.9Tim Jaynes48.80aNew Hope Christian
8.9Jesse Pettibone48.81aSouth Umpqua
9.11James Rossiter50.57aNew Hope Christian
10.9Dubby McKinney51.65aBrookings-Harbor
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Sthen
Linden Loren
Dylan Roberts
Geoff Gowman
2.-Anthony Stephens
James Rossiter
Craig Garcia
Tim Hillier
47.0hNew Hope Christian
3.-Josh Harris
Ben Borneman
David Harris
Austin Edwards
4.-Nikita Firsankov
Stanley Hsu
JoonSung Lee
Jun Kim
50.6hCanyonville Christian
-Kasey Dunn
Andrew Quinn
Jacob Kovachy
Isaiyah Kovachy
DQDays Creek
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Sthen
Linden Loren
Geoff Gowman
Dylan Roberts
2.-Bruce Balcita
John Barrows
Clay Lent
Austin Beebe
3:53.80aSouth Umpqua
3.-Josh Harris
Austin Edwards
David Harris
Ben Borneman
-Jun Kim
Hung Joey
Louis Liu
JoonSung Lee
DNSCanyonville Christian
-Jacob Bowdoin
Noah Cunningham
Tyler Park
Brett Jaynes
SCRNew Hope Christian
-Eli Cunningham
Craig Garcia
Ward Molthan
Rob Martinez
DNSNew Hope Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Hallock50'08.00Glendale
2.11Jim Wilder39'10.00South Umpqua
3.10Cody Stumpenhaus39'04.00Brookings-Harbor
4.10Steven Garrison37'02.00Elkton
5.11Kaden McFarland37'00.00South Umpqua
6.10Derick Christie36'05.00Brookings-Harbor
7.10Zack Ried36'01.50Riddle
8.11D.C. Phillips35'05.00South Umpqua
9.10Jacob Kovachy34'01.00Days Creek
10.10Favian Fernandez33'08.00Brookings-Harbor
10.10Trent Walker33'08.00Glendale
10.11Ken Shemel33'08.00Elkton
13.10Bryan Davis33'07.00Elkton
14.11Alex Huff30'00.00Canyonville Christian
15.9Travis Hudgeons26'06.00Riddle
16.12Paul Lovelady25'07.00Glendale
12Sean ClarkDNSNew Hope Christian
11Simon GangDNSCanyonville Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Hallock135'00Glendale
2.11Kaden McFarland125'05South Umpqua
3.11D.C. Phillips123'05South Umpqua
4.12Clay Lent122'10South Umpqua
5.10Cody Stumpenhaus112'04Brookings-Harbor
6.10Zack Ried108'04Riddle
7.10Trent Walker107'05Glendale
8.10Andrew Quinn98'05Days Creek
9.10Derick Christie94'08Brookings-Harbor
10.10Bryan Davis83'10Elkton
11.11Ken Shemel77'07Elkton
12.9Travis Hudgeons70'05Riddle
13.12Paul Lovelady66'02Glendale
14.9Brandon Hayward58'06Days Creek
15.12Brett Jaynes56'10New Hope Christian
16.11Stephen Kostrna39'03New Hope Christian
12Sean ClarkDNSNew Hope Christian
10Jackson MurphyDNSElkton
10Favian FernandezSCRBrookings-Harbor
11Dylan HoDNSNew Hope Christian
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11D.C. Phillips147'11South Umpqua
2.10Steven Garrison146'05Elkton
3.12Steven Hallock140'02Glendale
4.9Chandler Gotfried135'10Brookings-Harbor
5.11Kaden McFarland128'10South Umpqua
6.11Ken Shemel124'11Elkton
7.10Bryan Davis122'06Elkton
8.11James Booth121'09Glendale
9.9Tim Jaynes121'07New Hope Christian
10.11Jim Wilder111'04South Umpqua
11.12Artem Drozhzhin111'01Canyonville Christian
12.11David Harris109'00Riddle
13.11Michael Lassiter104'11Glendale
14.10Tyler Premo104'06Days Creek
15.11Joseph Carnes96'00Days Creek
16.9Dubby McKinney92'09Brookings-Harbor
17.10Ward Molthan82'04New Hope Christian
18.11Stephen Kostrna55'11New Hope Christian
19.10Derek Chavez1Brookings-Harbor
11Cody ConnorDNSDays Creek
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Geoff Gowman6'00.00Brookings-Harbor
2.12Travis Fuller5'10.00Days Creek
3.10Dylan Roberts5'06.00Brookings-Harbor
4.9Ethan Hanks5'04.00Riddle
4.10Robert Ferren5'04.00Elkton
6.9Austin Beebe5'02.00South Umpqua
7.11Justin Walker-Krok4'10.00Glendale
8.9John Kim4'10.00Canyonville Christian
9.10Nick Martin4'08.00Glendale
10.11Tyler Park4'08.00New Hope Christian
11.10Ben Leisy4'06.00New Hope Christian
11Dylan HoDNSNew Hope Christian
9Steven BodnarDNSGlendale
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cole Barrows9'00.00South Umpqua
2.9Tim Jaynes8'06.00New Hope Christian
3.9Jeremy Johnston8'06.00Brookings-Harbor
4.10Brenton Evans8'00.00Glendale
5.11James Rossiter7'06.00New Hope Christian
6.11Tyler Park7'00.00New Hope Christian
12Cam SmithDNSGlendale
11Bruce BalcitaSCRSouth Umpqua
9Ethan HanksDNSRiddle
12Ben BornemanDNSRiddle
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tim Wilson19'02.50South Umpqua
2.11Brian Nichols18'10.00South Umpqua
3.12Isaiyah Kovachy17'02.75Days Creek
4.10Derek Chavez16'00.00Brookings-Harbor
5.10Darrell Cable15'07.50South Umpqua
6.10Nick Martin15'02.50Glendale
7.11Kyle Buell15'00.50Elkton
8.11Tyrel Ott14'10.00Days Creek
9.10Tyler Premo14'02.00Days Creek
10.9Danny Hwang14'01.25New Hope Christian
11.9Mike Trombley13'01.00Elkton
12.9Codie Parret12'11.50Riddle
12Rob MartinezSCRNew Hope Christian
10Robert FerrenSCRElkton
11Austin EdwardsSCRRiddle
9Ben Van HoosearSCRGlendale
11Justin Walker-KrokSCRGlendale
10Stanley HsuSCRCanyonville Christian
12Noah CunninghamSCRNew Hope Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kasey Dunn40'03.00Days Creek
2.12Tim Wilson39'06.00South Umpqua
3.12Noah Cunningham39'01.00New Hope Christian
4.10Stanley Hsu38'04.50Canyonville Christian
5.11Brian Nichols37'05.00South Umpqua
6.12Travis Fuller36'10.00Days Creek
7.12Ben Borneman35'07.50Riddle
8.9Chandler Gotfried33'05.50Brookings-Harbor
9.10Darrell Cable32'10.00South Umpqua
10.9Codie Parret31'05.00Riddle
11.9Danny Hwang28'06.50New Hope Christian
12.10Nick Martin27'11.00Glendale
13.11Justin Walker-Krok27'06.00Glendale
10Chris PageDNSBrookings-Harbor
10Brenton EvansDNSGlendale
12Rob MartinezDNSNew Hope Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jenny Stevenson13.11aSouth Umpqua
2.11Katie Lovato13.51aCanyonville Christian
3.12Michelle Bartholomew13.61aDays Creek
4.10Kaylee Gray13.62aSouth Umpqua
6.11Larissa Minnick14.29aGlendale
8.9Maryalice Norris14.36aGlendale
5.9Jessica Goddard14.2hNew Hope Christian
7.9Kelsa Northrup14.4hBrookings-Harbor
9.10Stephanie Hagberg14.4hSouth Umpqua
10.9Louie Deraita14.5hBrookings-Harbor
12.11Sabby Jeyesingham15.20aCanyonville Christian
11.9LeAnna Drivon15.1hRiddle
13.11Brianna Coggins16.0hDays Creek
14.9Jessica Holzer16.50aUmpqua Valley Christ...
15.9Erin Carter17.50aUmpqua Valley Christ...
16.11Harmeen Sohi18.60aUmpqua Valley Christ...
12Ruth MerrillNTRiddle
11Dory BixbyNTRiddle
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jenny Stevenson27.78aSouth Umpqua
2.9Jessica Goddard30.20aNew Hope Christian
3.9Kambri Coleman30.42aBrookings-Harbor
4.11Sandrine Sandrali30.66aCanyonville Christian
5.9Maryalice Norris30.69aGlendale
6.12Stephanie Collins30.87aSouth Umpqua
7.11Sabby Jeyesingham32.62aCanyonville Christian
8.11Brianna Coggins33.03aDays Creek
9.9Jessica Holzer34.23aUmpqua Valley Christ...
10.11Dory Bixby34.87aRiddle
11.9Holly Lawton35.92aRiddle
12.9Erin Carter36.15aUmpqua Valley Christ...
13.11Harmeen Sohi38.87aUmpqua Valley Christ...
9Hannah ParkerDNSElkton
11Chelsea LangstonDNSSouth Umpqua
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jenny Stevenson1:04.68aSouth Umpqua
2.9Tiffani Warner1:09.72aDays Creek
3.9Cassidy Jones1:09.92aBrookings-Harbor
4.9Hannah Parker1:12.49aElkton
5.9Taylor Ellis1:15.82aDays Creek
11Chelsea LangstonDNSSouth Umpqua
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Stephanie Hagberg2:35.97aSouth Umpqua
2.9Tiffani Warner2:53.82aDays Creek
3.9Taylor Ellis3:00.41aDays Creek
4.11Hannah Curtis3:03.42aSouth Umpqua
5.11Esther Faithful3:19.70aCanyonville Christian
6.10Kyndraya Reed3:34.53aRiddle
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jessica Fernandez5:52.3hBrookings-Harbor
2.11Kiah McConnell5:58.8hSouth Umpqua
3.10Sinja Grosser6:10.2hGlendale
4.10Michelle Wright6:23.5hSouth Umpqua
5.9Kiara Evans6:33.4hBrookings-Harbor
10Caity CronquistDNSRiddle
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Ledford12:34.1hBrookings-Harbor
2.11Kiah McConnell13:59.5hSouth Umpqua
3.9Autumn Gardner14:18.3hBrookings-Harbor
4.11Hannah Curtis14:28.6hSouth Umpqua
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Catherine Bones-Axel17.11aBrookings-Harbor
2.9Maryalice Norris18.65aGlendale
3.11Olivia Golemon18.82aDays Creek
4.12Sarah Lundsberg19.90aNew Hope Christian
5.10Lizzie Goss20.70aElkton
6.9Alyssa Staten20.82aGlendale
7.11Yoonie Chung21.84aNew Hope Christian
8.10Michelle Wright23.76aSouth Umpqua
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Catherine Bones-Axel49.30aBrookings-Harbor
2.10Kaylee Gray51.05aSouth Umpqua
3.12Sarah Lundsberg54.30aNew Hope Christian
4.11Olivia Golemon55.59aDays Creek
5.11Yoonie Chung59.44aNew Hope Christian
6.9Natasha Daniels1:01.52aRiddle
7.10Jessica Johns1:09.26aCanyonville Christian
9Cassidy JonesDNSBrookings-Harbor
9Alyssa StatenDNSGlendale
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephanie Collins
Kaylee Gray
Chelsea Langston
Stephanie Hagberg
54.6hSouth Umpqua
2.-Kim Stalford
Sandrine Sandrali
Sam Stalford
Katie Lovato
56.2hCanyonville Christian
3.-Kambri Coleman
Louie Deraita
Cassidy Jones
Kelsa Northrup
4.-Olivia Golemon
Taylor Ellis
Tiffani Warner
Michelle Bartholomew
57.8hDays Creek
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephanie Collins
Kaylee Gray
Jenny Stevenson
Stephanie Hagberg
4:25.33aSouth Umpqua
2.-Nicole Ledford
Kambri Coleman
Jessica Fernandez
Kiara Evans
-Cathy Cunningham
Jessica Goddard
Sarah Lundsberg
Yoonie Chung
DNSNew Hope Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jessica Johns32'01.50Canyonville Christian
2.10Angel Lockwood31'03.00South Umpqua
3.10Mel Gianotti30'10.50Riddle
4.11Shay Harvey26'11.50South Umpqua
5.9Alyssa Staten25'06.50Glendale
6.11Daycia Maurer25'05.50Riddle
7.11Brianna Godfrey23'03.00Riddle
8.9Shyanne Barker22'09.00New Hope Christian
9.9Jennifer Jefferies21'08.00Brookings-Harbor
10.10Cassie Dennis21'05.00South Umpqua
11.12Taylor Keys21'00.00Brookings-Harbor
12.10Sinja Grosser17'10.00Glendale
13.11Krista Huber17'07.00Glendale
11Julianna ScheusslerDNSCanyonville Christian
12Christina PyleDNSCanyonville Christian
12Jessica HeryfordDNSNew Hope Christian
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Angel Lockwood84'07South Umpqua
2.10Cassie Dennis72'11South Umpqua
3.10Mel Gianotti71'07Riddle
4.11Shay Harvey70'03South Umpqua
5.9Shyanne Barker67'05New Hope Christian
6.9Jennifer Jefferies62'06Brookings-Harbor
7.11Krista Huber59'04Glendale
8.10Sinja Grosser57'05Glendale
9.10Lizzie Goss50'02Elkton
10.10Brandy Matye42'06Riddle
11.11Mayra Flores40'05Glendale
12Jessica HeryfordDNSNew Hope Christian
10Caity CronquistDNSRiddle
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shay Harvey122'00South Umpqua
2.12Kim Stalford106'00Canyonville Christian
3.12Jordan Nelson79'05Riddle
4.9Shyanne Barker76'00New Hope Christian
5.9Tiffani Warner71'03Days Creek
6.10Star Williams67'08Elkton
7.10Caity Cronquist67'04Riddle
8.9Taylor Ellis66'05Days Creek
9.10Cassie Dennis63'03South Umpqua
10.12Savannah Morgan63'00Riddle
11.9Brandi Ewart56'04New Hope Christian
12.11Mayra Flores52'05Glendale
13.10Brandi Gardner51'05Elkton
14.9Megan Newton49'10South Umpqua
15.10Catherine Bones-Axel46'05Brookings-Harbor
16.10Vanesha Willems44'09Days Creek
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kelsa Northrup4'10.00Brookings-Harbor
2.9Hannah Parker4'08.00Elkton
3.10Mel Gianotti4'06.00Riddle
4.9Brandi Ewart4'04.00New Hope Christian
9Kallista FletcherDNSSouth Umpqua
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Larissa Minnick9'00.00Glendale
2.12Jenna Henry8'00.00Glendale
3.9Kambri Coleman7'06.00Brookings-Harbor
9Louie DeraitaNHBrookings-Harbor
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Catherine Bones-Axel14'08.00Brookings-Harbor
2.11Shay Harvey12'10.50South Umpqua
3.12Taylor Keys12'09.25Brookings-Harbor
4.11Brianna Coggins12'03.50Days Creek
5.10Sam Stalford11'11.50Canyonville Christian
6.9Brandi Ewart11'09.00New Hope Christian
7.9LeAnna Drivon11'06.00Riddle
8.11Dory Bixby11'01.25Riddle
9.9Natasha Daniels11'01.25Riddle
10.11Krista Huber10'11.25Glendale
11.10Michelle Wright10'10.25South Umpqua
12.9Erin Carter9'07.50Umpqua Valley Christ...
13.10Vanesha Willems9'04.25Days Creek
14.9Jessica Holzer8'09.75Umpqua Valley Christ...
15.10Star Williams8'00.00Elkton
16.11Courtney Negherbon7'02.50Days Creek
17.11Harmeen Sohi6'09.50Umpqua Valley Christ...
11Chelsea LangstonDNSSouth Umpqua
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michelle Bartholomew31'09.00Days Creek
2.11Olivia Golemon31'03.50Days Creek
3.11Courtney Negherbon27'00.50Days Creek
4.9Holly Lawton23'08.50Riddle
5.9Natasha Daniels22'09.00Riddle
6.11Dory Bixby22'01.00Riddle
10Sam StalfordDNSCanyonville Christian
11Chelsea LangstonDNSSouth Umpqua
12Stephanie CollinsSCRSouth Umpqua
12Taylor KeysSCRBrookings-Harbor
12Jessica HeryfordDNSNew Hope Christian
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