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Issaquah School District Meet

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Skyline HS , Sammamish

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Washington - 2A
Liberty (Issaquah)
Washington - 4A
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Kyle Hansen11.3Issaquah
12Jack Duffy11.5Issaquah
12Alex Leonard11.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Allen Su11.7Issaquah
9Kyle Farmer11.8Issaquah
10Jay Chakravarty11.8Liberty (Issaquah)
10Adam Dondoyano12.0Issaquah
11Ian Vensel12Liberty (Issaquah)
9Joshua Gordon12Liberty (Issaquah)
11Kevin Hwangpo12.0Issaquah
11Kevin Tu12.1Liberty (Issaquah)
12Steven Bradshaw12.1Liberty (Issaquah)
11Mitchel Evans12.2Issaquah
11Alan Trinh12.4Issaquah
9Braydon Janecek12.6Issaquah
10Mike Baba12.6Issaquah
12Nathan Platz12.6Liberty (Issaquah)
9Levi Colton12.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Joshua Park12.7Issaquah
9Jonathan Martyn12.7Issaquah
9Jason Dang13.2Issaquah
11Brian Rossi13.3Issaquah
9David Park13.3Issaquah
9Tou Vang13.3Liberty (Issaquah)
9Steven Yang13.4Issaquah
9Jordan Rawley13.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Mark Stacy13.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Michael Sun13.6Issaquah
9Gordon Wong13.8Issaquah
9Sebastian Kalillikane13.9Issaquah
9Cory Yun13.9Issaquah
10Jeremiah Matters14Liberty (Issaquah)
10William Lee14Liberty (Issaquah)
9Spencer Gevers14.2Issaquah
10Joshua Gray14.6Issaquah
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Leonard23.4Liberty (Issaquah)
12Kyle Hansen23.8Issaquah
11Alexander Farmer24.3Issaquah
11Kevin Hwangpo24.6Issaquah
10Jay Chakravarty24.6Liberty (Issaquah)
11Kevin Tu25Liberty (Issaquah)
9Blake Wedekind25.0Issaquah
10Andy Meigs25.2Issaquah
9Joshua Gordon25.2Liberty (Issaquah)
10Connor Pearl25.2Issaquah
9Kyle Farmer25.3Issaquah
11Mitchel Evans25.6Issaquah
12Steven Bradshaw25.9Liberty (Issaquah)
9Jonathan Martyn25.9Issaquah
12Nathan Platz26.2Liberty (Issaquah)
10Drew Shimizu26.2Issaquah
9Joshua Park26.2Issaquah
11Davis Cook26.3Issaquah
9Braydon Janecek26.4Issaquah
9Jason Dang27.0Issaquah
10Joe Suryan27.0Issaquah
9Trevor Low27.1Issaquah
11Alan Trinh27.1Issaquah
11Brian Rossi27.2Issaquah
9David Park27.6Issaquah
9Tou Vang27.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Steven Yang28.0Issaquah
9Sebastian Kalillikane28.2Issaquah
9Jordan Rawley28.3Liberty (Issaquah)
9Sawyer Mittelstaedt28.3Issaquah
11Travis Rogers28.4Issaquah
9Michael Sun28.5Issaquah
9Cory Yun29.2Issaquah
9Gordon Wong29.7Issaquah
10Joshua Gray30.2Issaquah
10Jeremiah Matters30.3Liberty (Issaquah)
9Spencer Gevers30.7Issaquah
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mitchell Byron50.7Liberty (Issaquah)
12Alex Pearl51.6Issaquah
11Tommy Aarts52.2Skyline
11Dustin Bratten52.4Skyline
12Kyle Yee53.0Issaquah
11Matt Hjelm53.0Issaquah
10Devin Bennett53.6Liberty (Issaquah)
12Bryce Merritt54.5Liberty (Issaquah)
10Connor Pearl56.5Issaquah
10Andy Meigs56.8Issaquah
11Aiven Song57.0Issaquah
10Drew Shimizu59.3Issaquah
10Joe Suryan59.3Issaquah
11Davis Cook59.9Issaquah
9Sawyer Mittelstaedt60.6Issaquah
12Marcus Low61.8Issaquah
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Alex Pearl51.4Issaquah
12Kyle Yee51.6Issaquah
11Matt Hjelm52.5Issaquah
12Ryan Tiernan52.5Issaquah
11Kevin LeMond52.5Issaquah
12Jeff Hjort53.8Issaquah
9Allen Su54.0Issaquah
10Adam Dondoyano55.5Issaquah
11Kevin Hwangpo55.5Issaquah
12Rory Montgomery55.6Issaquah
11Grayson Grant58.5Issaquah
11Bret Cloos59.8Issaquah
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eric Bice1:58.7Liberty (Issaquah)
12Simon Sorensen2:00.2Skyline
11Kevin LeMond2:01.60Issaquah
12Jeff Hjort2:02.90Issaquah
12Rory Montgomery2:08.20Issaquah
9Jamon Rogers2:08.6Skyline
10Alan Yu2:08.6Skyline
9Jay Bowlby2:08.6Skyline
10Mitch O'Connell2:10.2Skyline
11Joe Chirillo2:10.9Skyline
12Jason Yakabu2:17.4Issaquah
11Spencer Hildie2:20.2Issaquah
9Nick Knoblich2:20.8Liberty (Issaquah)
11Bret Cloos2:21.9Issaquah
12Nathan Canning2:22.6Issaquah
12Nathan Platz2:23.1Liberty (Issaquah)
10Jeff Helling2:23.3Skyline
9Thomas Harms2:23.9Issaquah
9Jonathan Hong2:25.6Skyline
9Corey Ching2:27.1Skyline
11Michael Migotsky2:27.4Issaquah
12Marcus Low2:29.2Issaquah
10Liam Coutts2:31.2Issaquah
9Andy Tan2:34.6Skyline
9Christopher Drazic2:34.9Skyline
11Taylor Sceeles2:38.9Issaquah
12Peter Tseng2:39.6Issaquah
10Lucas VanDeMark2:39.9Issaquah
11Shane Black2:44.1Skyline
10Victor Morales2:49.1Issaquah
9Lucas Johnson2:50.6Issaquah
9Sam Du2:54.1Issaquah
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Simon Sorensen4:28.9Skyline
11Chris Brasino4:30.2Issaquah
10Kyle Branch4:35.7Skyline
4.11Connor Moseley4:40.2Liberty (Issaquah)
12Rory Montgomery4:46.9Issaquah
11Josiah Sherwood4:51.1Liberty (Issaquah)
9Kevin Tidball4:53.9Skyline
11Dennis Leigh4:54.4Issaquah
12Elliot Rockow4:56.2Issaquah
12Jeff Lestz4:59.7Skyline
11Martin Pletcher5:07.2Skyline
9Nick Knoblich5:08.4Liberty (Issaquah)
11Grayson Grant5:10.7Issaquah
9Ian Kahng5:13.1Skyline
10Andrew Repp5:14.8Issaquah
9Daniel Park5:17.4Issaquah
12Trent Cooper5:18.5Skyline
9Andrew Ishimaru5:26.5Skyline
9Andrew Hartman5:38.9Issaquah
9Kevin Krzyzewski5:41.0Issaquah
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Isaac Robinson9:56.2Issaquah
12Travis Lund10:01.9Skyline
11Mark Frerker10:02.6Skyline
11Chris Brasino10:15.9Issaquah
10Turner Wiley10:16.7Issaquah
11Ben Ressler10:18.1Skyline
7.11Josiah Sherwood10:56.9Liberty (Issaquah)
8.11Brandon Thomas10:57.8Liberty (Issaquah)
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
12Ryan Tiernan15.5Issaquah
11Alexander Farmer16.0Issaquah
11Josh Martyn16.4Issaquah
11Ian Vensel16.4Liberty (Issaquah)
12Bryce Merritt16.5Liberty (Issaquah)
11Troy Solly18.2Liberty (Issaquah)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
12Ryan Tiernan40.2Issaquah
2.11Troy Solly41.4Liberty (Issaquah)
11Josh Martyn42.7Issaquah
4.11Ian Vensel43.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Jorrell Dorsey45.2Issaquah
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Ryan Tiernan
Jack Duffy
Kyle Hansen
Alex Pearl
-Jorrell Dorsey
Alexander Farmer
Kyle Farmer
Allen Su
-Jay Chakravarty
Kevin Ton
Ian Vensel
Alex Leonard
46.1Liberty (Issaquah)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eric Bice
Devin Bennett
Troy Solly
Mitchell Byron
3:26.2Liberty (Issaquah)
-Ryan Tiernan
Kevin Lemond
Kyle Yee
Alex Pearl
-Matt Hjelm
Jeff Hjort
Adam Dondoyano
Kevin Hwangpo
-Allen Su
Grayson Grant
Bret Cloos
Rory Montgomery
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
12Dillon Reagan49'3.25"Issaquah
2.11Peter Stacy43'8.25Liberty (Issaquah)
3.11Alex Whitman42'6.5Liberty (Issaquah)
12Kevin Lindsay38'6"Issaquah
10Mike Baba37'3"Issaquah
12Christian Rennie35'6"Issaquah
9Jonathan Martyn34'5.25"Issaquah
11Robert Gage33'2.5Liberty (Issaquah)
11Charlie Kleiner31'5Liberty (Issaquah)
12Jean Marquez30'8Liberty (Issaquah)
10Patrick Meagher28'11.5"Issaquah
10Aaron Tocker25'3.25"Issaquah
10Steven Hensen24'6.75"Issaquah
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Peter Stacy124'4Liberty (Issaquah)
12Wilson Yeh89'10Issaquah
12Christian Rennie81'7"Issaquah
9Tou Vang79'2.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Jonathan Martyn78'1"Issaquah
12Steven Bradshaw77'5Liberty (Issaquah)
12Jean Marquez69'10Liberty (Issaquah)
10Aaron Tocker67'1Issaquah
9Tulio Moreira61'3.5Liberty (Issaquah)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Peter Stacy162Liberty (Issaquah)
10Mike Baba151'4.0"Issaquah
4.12Alex Leonard134'2Liberty (Issaquah)
11Charlie Kleiner126'2.5Liberty (Issaquah)
12Bryce Merritt115'3Liberty (Issaquah)
9Mark Stacy110Liberty (Issaquah)
10Andy Meigs108'11"Issaquah
10Tucker Watts106'9Liberty (Issaquah)
12Kevin Lindsay105'1"Issaquah
10Tyler Wright99'6Liberty (Issaquah)
10Patrick Meagher98'10Issaquah
12Jean Marquez95'4Liberty (Issaquah)
9Levi Colton94'11Liberty (Issaquah)
11Jeremiah Odom94'4"Issaquah
10Jason Hollaway91'2Issaquah
10Andrew Kubeja84Liberty (Issaquah)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.9Joshua Gordon5'10Liberty (Issaquah)
12Jack Duffy5'6.0"Issaquah
4.10Ryan Agnew5'6Liberty (Issaquah)
11Matt Hjelm5'4.0"Issaquah
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jason Hollaway13' 0Issaquah
2.11Jeremiah Odom12' 6Issaquah
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Kyle Hansen20'11"Issaquah
3.10Chandler Jenkins19'11.5Liberty (Issaquah)
10Ryan Agnew18'11Liberty (Issaquah)
12Justin Berry18' 6.5Skyline
9Joshua Gordon18'4Liberty (Issaquah)
10Devin Bennett18'2.5Liberty (Issaquah)
10Adam Dondoyano18'0"Issaquah
9Allen Su17'10.5"Issaquah
9Jorrell Dorsey17'1.5"Issaquah
11Jeremiah Odom16'4"Issaquah
11Alan Trinh16'1.5"Issaquah
9Kyle Farmer15'9"Issaquah
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Devin Bennett39'10.5Liberty (Issaquah)
2.10Chandler Jenkins39'7.5Liberty (Issaquah)
11Blake Digiovanni37' 6Skyline
10Adam Dondoyano37'6.0"Issaquah
9Blake Wedekind35'9.5"Issaquah
10Joshua Gray25'9.0"Issaquah

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Shealee O'Donnell12.2Skyline
2.12Kelsey Werre12.3Liberty (Issaquah)
10Haley Jacobson12.4Issaquah
10Taylor Wilkins13.1Skyline
9Sarah Hitchings13.3Issaquah
9Aimee Christensen13.5Liberty (Issaquah)
10Kayla Lockhart13.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Stacy Christensen13.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Brittain Monroe13.9Liberty (Issaquah)
10Mackenzie Bauer13.9Issaquah
10Kimberly Sheasley14.0Issaquah
11Julia Figone14.0Skyline
12Heather Hope14.2Liberty (Issaquah)
9Taylor Melser14.2Skyline
9Kaley Rohring14.2Issaquah
9Sonnett Brown14.4Liberty (Issaquah)
10Maddy Miller14.4Skyline
9Madelyn Steenis14.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Erin Doherty14.8Skyline
9Annie Roberson14.8Issaquah
10Bo Woo14.9Liberty (Issaquah)
9Madison Dutro14.9Issaquah
11Dooley Brown15Liberty (Issaquah)
10Christine Cofano15.2Skyline
11Janella Shu15.2Issaquah
10Kathryn Rhodes15.4Issaquah
9Marisa Klomp15.6Issaquah
9Jacqueline Taylor15.7Issaquah
9Gina Day15.7Skyline
10Taylor Lorenz15.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Sadie Sullivan15.8Skyline
9Erika Spechkhardt16.4Issaquah
10Rachel Zirkle16.4Issaquah
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Johanna Carr25.0Issaquah
11Shealee O'Donnell25.7Skyline
3.12Kelsey Werre26.3Liberty (Issaquah)
12Rachael Butenko27.2Skyline
9Madison Callan27.3Issaquah
11Danielle Matthews27.6Skyline
9Elizabeth Ryker27.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Aimee Christensen28.1Liberty (Issaquah)
10Riley Foreman28.6Issaquah
9Brittain Monroe28.9Liberty (Issaquah)
9Eva Perry29.0Issaquah
9Stacy Christensen29Liberty (Issaquah)
12Kaylyn Berry29.1Skyline
9Sarah Hitchings29.6Issaquah
9Kaley Rohring29.6Issaquah
10Mackenzie Bauer29.9Issaquah
9Sonnett Brown30.7Liberty (Issaquah)
9Annie Roberson30.8Issaquah
9Madelyn Steenis31.2Liberty (Issaquah)
10Bo Woo32.1Liberty (Issaquah)
11Janella Shu32.6Issaquah
9Jacqueline Taylor32.9Issaquah
9Marisa Klomp33.2Issaquah
9Gina Day33.6Skyline
10Kathryn Rhodes33.9Issaquah
9Sadie Sullivan34.8Skyline
10Rachel Zirkle35.5Issaquah
9Erika Spechkhardt35.7Issaquah
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Kaley Allison60.0Issaquah
10Michelle Bretl1:00.5Skyline
3.10Madison Birdsall60.9Liberty (Issaquah)
10Blaire Brady61.6Issaquah
11Brianna Fowler-Lindner62.5Issaquah
9Madison Callan63.2Issaquah
10Taylor Wilkins1:03.5Skyline
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Kaley Allison60.3Issaquah
10Blaire Brady61.5Issaquah
12Haida Ikeda61.6Issaquah
11Brianna Fowler-Lindner63.2Issaquah
9Madison Callan64.4Issaquah
12Jacqueline Watts66.6Issaquah
9Nicole Migotsky67.3Issaquah
11Olivia Schmoe68.8Issaquah
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Olivia Schmoe2:28.3Issaquah
9Nicole Migotsky2:29.4Issaquah
10Alisha Connors2:30.1Skyline
11Emily Cheung2:33.5Skyline
12Mercedes Stroeve2:41.6Issaquah
10Rebecca Nevin2:48.2Skyline
9Alessandra Farno2:48.7Skyline
9Daniella Gonzalez2:50.1Skyline
10Lexie Baslington2:52.6Issaquah
9Sam Salmon2:53.9Issaquah
9Laura Tochko2:54.2Issaquah
10Jasmine Watters2:57.0Issaquah
10Kate Brunette3:15.5Issaquah
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Haida Ikeda5:28.6Issaquah
11Arielle Walton5:32.1Issaquah
10Alisha Connors5:38.6Skyline
12Michelle Ireland5:39.6Skyline
9Jocelyn Eng5:48.6Issaquah
9Madeleine Hutson5:51.2Skyline
12Mercedes Stroeve5:55.2Issaquah
12Jacqueline Watts5:58.2Issaquah
9Kaily Davies5:59.3Liberty (Issaquah)
12McKenna Corlis6:03.9Skyline
11Emma Ogilvie6:04.7Issaquah
11Haley Miller-Boren6:09.2Issaquah
10Laura Kasser6:12.9Issaquah
11Melissa Krieg6:21.6Skyline
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Erin Vanderwall12:20.0Skyline
11Arielle Walton12:24.5Issaquah
12Julieanne Howe12:43.5Skyline
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
12Elaine Tran15.6Issaquah
12Kiara Williams16.0Skyline
11Amber Dodd16.2Skyline
4.10Kayla Lockhart17.9Liberty (Issaquah)
9Anna Fairhart18.0Issaquah
9Amelia Meigs19.1Issaquah
12Emily McCuen19.4Issaquah
11Hannah Blue19.6Liberty (Issaquah)
10Miranda Jones19.9Liberty (Issaquah)
11Kelsey Kosenkranius20.7Skyline
9Rebekah Widener21.3Issaquah
9Aimee Christensen21.5Liberty (Issaquah)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
11Amber Dodd46.5Skyline
12Elaine Tran47.2Issaquah
3.9Elizabeth Ryker51.1Liberty (Issaquah)
11Kelsey Kosenkranius51.8Skyline
10Kayla Lockhart52.2Liberty (Issaquah)
12Alli Agnew53.4Liberty (Issaquah)
9Amelia Meigs53.6Issaquah
9Madelyn Steenis54.2Liberty (Issaquah)
9Anna Fairhart55.0Issaquah
9Rebekah Widener55.7Issaquah
12Emily McCuen58.6Issaquah
9Aimee Christensen64Liberty (Issaquah)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Kiara Williams
Shealee O'Donnell
Kaylyn Berry
Rachael Butenko
-Sarah Hitchings
Haley Jacobson
Elaine Tran
Johanna Carr
-Miranda Jones
Kayla Lockhart
Brittain Monroe
Elizabeth Ryker
55Liberty (Issaquah)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Michelle Bretl
Kaylyn Berry
Danielle Matthews
Shealee O'Donnell
-Johanna Carr
Kaley Allison
Madison Callan
Haley Jacobson
3.-Relay Team 1:49.4Liberty (Issaquah)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haile Erickson
Alli Agnew
Madison Birdsall
Kelsey Werre
4:04.1Liberty (Issaquah)
-Blaire Brady
Brianna Fowler-Lindner
Haida Ikeda
Kaley Allison
-Amber Dodd
Michelle Ireland
Taylor Wilkins
Michelle Bretl
-Madison Callan
Nicole Migotsky
Olivia Schmoe
Jacqueline Watts
-Madeleine Hutson
Daniella Gonzalez
Alessandra Farno
McKenna Corlis
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sofie Safley29'11.5Liberty (Issaquah)
10Haley Ziegler29'10.5Skyline
9Stephanie Balkman29'0.5"Issaquah
11Carson Powers28'11.25"Issaquah
11Christina Huff28'5.5Liberty (Issaquah)
9Alexis McGinnis27'4Liberty (Issaquah)
11Timiah Bezovics27'3"Skyline
11Melissa Davis26'3"Issaquah
11Jillian Stika26'1.5Skyline
9Eve Maher25'10.5Liberty (Issaquah)
11Kaitlin Holcombe24'2"Issaquah
11Isabella Covelli20'1.25Skyline
10Kesleigh Walin17'11.5"Issaquah
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
10Haley Ziegler97'Skyline
2.10Sofie Safley87'3Liberty (Issaquah)
9Stephanie Balkman83'9"Issaquah
11Kelley Chen82'9"Issaquah
10Elena Frerker80'Skyline
12Amanda Bard78'5Liberty (Issaquah)
11Jillian Stika77'5.5Skyline
11Jessie Jarvis75'8"Skyline
11Carson Powers74'11"Issaquah
11Nicole White71'6.5Skyline
11Sandhya Velagapudi67'1"Issaquah
11Isabella Covelli66'4.5"Skyline
9Alexis McGinnis64'2Liberty (Issaquah)
10Kimberly Sheasley58'4"Issaquah
11Kaitlin Holcombe57'6"Issaquah
10Kesleigh Walin46'9"Issaquah
9Brandi Lung31'8.5"Skyline
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
10Haley Ziegler112'7"Skyline
11Kelley Chen104'7"Issaquah
3.11Christina Huff101Liberty (Issaquah)
10Elena Frerker97'9"Skyline
11Nicole White95'1"Skyline
12Amanda Bard91'7Liberty (Issaquah)
11Jessie Jarvis89'4"Skyline
10Marit Borth85'1"Issaquah
11Isabella Covelli80'10"Skyline
11Melissa Davis79'4"Issaquah
11Jillian Stika78'Skyline
11Timiah Bezovics73'9"Skyline
10Laura Cindric69'1"Skyline
11Corrine Zylstra68'9"Skyline
9Alexis McGinnis68'8Liberty (Issaquah)
11Sandhya Velagapudi61'10"Issaquah
10Taylor Lorenz53'4Liberty (Issaquah)
9Eve Maher53'3Liberty (Issaquah)
11Rita Chen47'1"Issaquah
10Maddie Ruberg44'9"Skyline
12Haida Ikeda44'1"Issaquah
9Brandi Lung38'3"Skyline
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
9Sydne Tingey4'10"Skyline
10Riley Foreman4'10"Issaquah
12Kiara Williams4'10"Skyline
10Kimberly Sheasley4'8"Issaquah
4.10Haile Erickson4'8Liberty (Issaquah)
9Eva Perry4'6"Issaquah
11Kelsey Kosenkranius4'6"Skyline
10Christine Cofano4'4"Skyline
9Devyn Butenko4'4"Skyline
9Taylor Melser4'2"Skyline
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Eva Perry9' 9Issaquah
10Riley Foreman8' 0Issaquah
11Olivia Schmoe8' 0Issaquah
10Olivia Goree7' 6Issaquah
9Amelia Meigs7' 6Issaquah
10Mallory Cooke7' 0Issaquah
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Kaylyn Berry16'0"Skyline
12Rachael Butenko15'10"Skyline
11Shannon Melser14'1"Skyline
10Maddy Miller13'11"Skyline
11Hannah Blue13'7Liberty (Issaquah)
11Candace Canley13'1Liberty (Issaquah)
11Janella Shu12'10.5"Issaquah
10Bo Woo12'2Liberty (Issaquah)
9Sam Salmon12'0.5"Issaquah
9Jocelyn Eng11'10.5"Issaquah
10Jasmine Watters11'3"Issaquah
9Marisa Klomp10'6"Issaquah
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Kiara Williams33'11.5"Skyline
12Rachael Butenko33'1.5"Skyline
12Elaine Tran32'5"Issaquah
9Devyn Butenko29'3"Skyline
12Jacqueline Watts28'9"Issaquah
11Hannah Blue28'2Liberty (Issaquah)
9Amelia Meigs25'9"Issaquah
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