Sea-Tac League Meet #4

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
  West Seattle Stadium, Seattle - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:15 PM  Track Events Start: 3:15 PM
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Washington - 1A
EPSEastside Preparatory
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alex St Germain11.64Chief Leschi
2.12Milton Newell11.65Evergreen Lutheran
3.10Michael Springs11.66Tacoma Baptist
4.10Josh Firminger11.68Bear Creek
5.12Alex Holden11.73Tacoma Baptist
6.11Nick Olson11.77Crosspoint Academy
7.12Joshua Yoder12.05Tacoma Baptist
8.12Jordan Faker12.07Tacoma Baptist
9.10Dylan Schlatter12.18Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.11Mark Anderson12.19Evergreen Lutheran
11.9Dakinah Palmquist12.22Tacoma Baptist
12.12Josh Hawes12.27Christian Faith
13.11Eric Jeong12.30Crosspoint Academy
11Guyl Pechmagre12.40Eastside Preparatory
14.9Stevie Lawrence12.34Evergreen Lutheran
15.12Avishai Baral12.38Northwest Yeshiva
16.12Jake Linke12.39Tacoma Baptist
17.11Logan Mohr12.59Seattle Lutheran
18.9Kody Lyons12.62Tacoma Baptist
19.9Ralph Ahmed12.70Chief Leschi
20.12Josh Etsekson12.72Northwest Yeshiva
21.9Woody Park12.74Evergreen Lutheran
22.10Nigel Saw12.76Bear Creek
10Nick Demmert12.88Eastside Preparatory
23.10Julian Watson12.91Mt Rainier Lutheran
24.9Tyler Schlatter12.97Mt Rainier Lutheran
25.9Zach Alleva13.05Bear Creek
26.10Andrew Selby13.07Crosspoint Academy
27.12Nathan Krohn13.15Northwest Yeshiva
28.9Justin Smith13.33Seattle Lutheran
29.10Daniel Song13.41Crosspoint Academy
30.9Ryan Ostrander13.49Tacoma Baptist
31.11Avinom Baral13.52Northwest Yeshiva
31.11Alex Behar13.52Northwest Yeshiva
33.10Alex Kim13.53Tacoma Baptist
34.9Charles Tillinghast13.54Bear Creek
35.12Avraham Young13.70Northwest Yeshiva
9Chris Hardy13.85Eastside Preparatory
36.12Amir Hemmet13.88Northwest Yeshiva
37.9Nick Park14.51Evergreen Lutheran
38.9Gabriel Wang14.70Bear Creek
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Josh Firminger23.87Bear Creek
2.11Alex St Germain23.99Chief Leschi
3.10Michael Springs24.08Tacoma Baptist
4.12Alex Holden24.45Tacoma Baptist
5.12Milton Newell24.47Evergreen Lutheran
6.11Mark Anderson24.54Evergreen Lutheran
7.12Jordan Faker24.60Tacoma Baptist
8.12Chad Narayan24.77Tacoma Baptist
9.10Dylan Schlatter24.83Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.11Nick Olson24.96Crosspoint Academy
11.12Joshua Yoder25.09Tacoma Baptist
12.9Lucas Fernandez25.24Bear Creek
13.11Ryan Talen25.59Tacoma Baptist
14.9Keaton Cruver25.74Tacoma Baptist
15.12Josh Etsekson25.88Northwest Yeshiva
16.12Jake Linke25.95Tacoma Baptist
17.12Avishai Baral26.31Northwest Yeshiva
18.9Kody Lyons26.39Tacoma Baptist
19.9Woody Park26.49Evergreen Lutheran
20.9Tyler Schlatter26.56Mt Rainier Lutheran
21.9Trevor Talen26.61Tacoma Baptist
22.10Jordan Wishard26.67Christian Faith
23.12Nathan Krohn26.86Northwest Yeshiva
23.12Vitaliy Golubkov26.86Mt Rainier Lutheran
25.10Alex Kim26.95Tacoma Baptist
26.10Nigel Saw26.98Bear Creek
27.12Josh Hawes27.01Christian Faith
28.10Daniel Song27.04Crosspoint Academy
29.9Zach Alleva27.43Bear Creek
30.9Ryan Ostrander27.46Tacoma Baptist
31.9Justin Holland27.50Crosspoint Academy
32.10Austin Hewitt27.76Crosspoint Academy
33.10Kirk Lestelle28.19Crosspoint Academy
34.10Andrew Selby28.21Crosspoint Academy
35.11Alex Behar28.66Northwest Yeshiva
36.11Avinom Baral28.78Northwest Yeshiva
37.9Charles Tillinghast29.09Bear Creek
38.12Amir Hemmet29.38Northwest Yeshiva
39.12Avraham Young29.74Northwest Yeshiva
40.9Gabriel Wang30.24Bear Creek
41.9Nick Park30.52Evergreen Lutheran
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kenny Brown51.92Christian Faith
2.12Jordan Faker52.85Tacoma Baptist
3.12Braxton Washburn53.18Tacoma Baptist
4.10Kyle Blankenbeckler53.53Bear Creek
5.11Alex St Germain54.05Chief Leschi
6.12Chad Narayan54.52Tacoma Baptist
8.10Jake Kornbau54.80Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.11Colton Lutterloh54.71Tacoma Baptist
9.10Jeriah Carroll55.95Tacoma Baptist
10.12Jake Linke56.38Tacoma Baptist
11.10Jake Nigon56.42Seattle Lutheran
12.11Ryan Talen56.81Tacoma Baptist
13.12Avishai Baral56.97Northwest Yeshiva
14.9Ralph Ahmed57.06Chief Leschi
16.9Brian Castillo57.17Chief Leschi
17.9Trevor Talen57.71Tacoma Baptist
18.10Kelvin Mason57.83Crosspoint Academy
19.10Josh Thompson58.39Crosspoint Academy
20.12Will McCahill1:00.26Bear Creek
21.10Howie Herdle1:01.48Tacoma Baptist
22.10Kirk Lestelle1:01.60Crosspoint Academy
23.9Keaton Cruver1:01.83Tacoma Baptist
24.9Carsten Neumiller1:02.18Mt Rainier Lutheran
25.9Richard Griffiths1:03.23Seattle Lutheran
26.9Daniel Justman1:04.76Christian Faith
27.10Kevin Devine1:06.97Crosspoint Academy
28.10Alex Kim1:06.99Tacoma Baptist
29.9Alex Beare1:08.42Bear Creek
30.9Nick Park1:09.38Evergreen Lutheran
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maurice McNeal2:04.29Tacoma Baptist
2.10Jake Kornbau2:05.45Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.10Jeriah Carroll2:12.01Tacoma Baptist
4.11Colton Lutterloh2:13.54Tacoma Baptist
5.10Kelvin Mason2:13.63Crosspoint Academy
6.9Daniel Swann2:18.36Tacoma Baptist
7.11Stephen Talen2:19.88Tacoma Baptist
8.12Craig Birsching2:20.24Evergreen Lutheran
9.9Jayson Kjenstad2:22.51Evergreen Lutheran
10.11Chris Gallardo2:23.00Evergreen Lutheran
11.10Caleb Bertolini2:24.62Crosspoint Academy
12.9Carsten Neumiller2:24.90Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.9Richard Griffiths2:29.28Seattle Lutheran
14.10Dan Price2:30.42Mt Rainier Lutheran
15.9Alex Tice2:31.37Mt Rainier Lutheran
16.12Alex Hall2:38.93Evergreen Lutheran
17.11Charles Arabia2:41.70Chief Leschi
18.9Jared Stefanoff2:47.07Seattle Lutheran
19.11Evan Reese2:47.80Seattle Lutheran
20.10Kyle Mix2:49.43Chief Leschi
21.11Morgan Bingle2:49.69Seattle Lutheran
22.10Kevin Devine2:50.01Crosspoint Academy
23.10Joey Domingo3:01.15Bear Creek
24.10Paul Lee3:21.52Evergreen Lutheran
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gordy Mueller4:58.29Seattle Lutheran
2.12Vitaliy Golubkov4:59.14Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.9Daniel Swann5:06.18Tacoma Baptist
4.9Ryan Lutterloh5:06.85Tacoma Baptist
5.12Daniel Cook5:07.36Tacoma Baptist
6.11Stephen Talen5:12.75Tacoma Baptist
7.12Blake Wulf5:16.22Seattle Lutheran
8.10Dan Price5:21.49Mt Rainier Lutheran
9.9Sam Shannon5:23.64Evergreen Lutheran
10.12Kyle Whitt5:25.62Crosspoint Academy
11.9Alex Tice5:26.42Mt Rainier Lutheran
12.10Caleb Bertolini5:27.45Crosspoint Academy
13.11Avinom Baral5:28.04Northwest Yeshiva
15.9Jayson Kjenstad5:33.57Evergreen Lutheran
16.9Noah Pearson5:40.79Mt Rainier Lutheran
17.9Daniel Justman5:44.51Christian Faith
18.9Binny Greene5:47.40Northwest Yeshiva
19.9Jared Stefanoff5:54.49Seattle Lutheran
20.11Evan Reese6:06.19Seattle Lutheran
21.11Morgan Bingle6:17.24Seattle Lutheran
22.12Craig Birsching6:33.11Evergreen Lutheran
23.10Ben Oka6:39.40Evergreen Lutheran
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jake Kornbau10:51.83Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.10Andrew Wolf10:59.85Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.11Gordy Mueller11:07.82Seattle Lutheran
4.12Blake Wulf11:17.84Seattle Lutheran
4.12Vitaliy Golubkov11:17.84Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.12Daniel Cook11:38.75Tacoma Baptist
7.9Ryan Lutterloh11:45.59Tacoma Baptist
8.12Kyle Whitt12:01.86Crosspoint Academy
9.9Noah Pearson12:03.26Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.9Sam Shannon12:16.87Evergreen Lutheran
11.9Binny Greene13:22.06Northwest Yeshiva
12.10Ben Oka15:22.94Evergreen Lutheran
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josiah Sims15.38Tacoma Baptist
11Tallon Korn16.02Eastside Preparatory
2.10Josh Thompson16.37Crosspoint Academy
3.10Andrew Wolf16.89Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.12Nate Holter17.10Evergreen Lutheran
5.10Michael Springs17.86Tacoma Baptist
6.12Andy Lee18.10Crosspoint Academy
7.11James Clemen18.48Crosspoint Academy
8.11Logan Mohr21.48Seattle Lutheran
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josiah Sims43.53Tacoma Baptist
2.10Andrew Wolf44.06Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.11Eric Jeong44.46Crosspoint Academy
4.12Nate Holter45.84Evergreen Lutheran
5.11Logan Mohr47.94Seattle Lutheran
6.12Andy Lee48.82Crosspoint Academy
7.11James Clemen52.59Crosspoint Academy
8.9Steve Lim53.03Crosspoint Academy
9Noah Pearson1:01.92Mt Rainier Lutheran
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mark Anderson
Milton Newell
Stevie Lawrence
Woody Park
46.27Evergreen Lutheran
2.-Kyle Blankenbeckler
Lucas Fernandez
Jake Matthews
Josh Firminger
47.01Bear Creek
3.-Braxton Washburn
Chad Narayan
Alex Holden
Joshua Yoder
47.08Tacoma Baptist
4.-Jordan Cooper
Eric Jeong
Drew McCullough
Nick Olson
47.28Crosspoint Academy
5.-Justin Smith
Gordy Mueller
Lucas Driscoll
Jake Nigon
48.09Seattle Lutheran
6.-James Clemen
Andrew Selby
Josh Thompson
Joe Wiltz
49.22Crosspoint Academy
7.-Josh Etsekson
Avinom Baral
Nathan Krohn
Avishai Baral
49.96Northwest Yeshiva
-John Schmidt
Tallon Korn
Guyl Pechmagre
Nick Demmert
50.86Eastside Preparatory
-Keaton Cruver
Trevor Talen
Dakina Palmquist
Kody Lyons
50.81Tacoma Baptist
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Braxton Washburn
Chad Narayan
Jeriah Carroll
Alex Holden
3:39.82Tacoma Baptist
2.-Kenny Brown
Joseph Mungai
Jordan Wesolek
Jordan Wishard
3:42.23Christian Faith
3.-Ralph Ahmed
Brian Castillo
Alex St Germain
Joey Bisson
3:46.65Chief Leschi
4.-Jordan Faker
Colton Lutterloh
Ryan Talen
Joshua Yoder
3:55.76Tacoma Baptist
5.-Carsten Neumiller
Tyler Schlatter
Dylan Schlatter
Dan Price
4:06.79Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.-Nate Holter
Alex Hall
Chris Gallardo
Woody Park
4:07.71Evergreen Lutheran
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lucas Driscoll43-08.50Seattle Lutheran
2.12Sam Palmquist42-07.50Tacoma Baptist
3.11Zach Lake42-04.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.12Erik Richardson41-04.25Bear Creek
5.12Zach Domingues38-03.50Seattle Lutheran
6.12Kenny Brown37-02.75Christian Faith
7.10Ethan Miller36-08.00Tacoma Baptist
8.10Jake Nigon36-06.25Seattle Lutheran
9.12Amir Hemmet36-03.75Northwest Yeshiva
10.10Kyle McLaughlin35-04.75Mt Rainier Lutheran
11.11Jared Wright35-00.00Crosspoint Academy
12.10Tyler Daniels34-08.75Evergreen Lutheran
13.11Dylan Heckett34-05.75Seattle Lutheran
14.11Levi Cline34-04.00Tacoma Baptist
15.9Justin Holland33-06.50Crosspoint Academy
16.9Walker Williams33-06.00Tacoma Baptist
17.10Thor Winters33-05.00Seattle Lutheran
17.12Joon Kim33-05.00Christian Faith
19.11Robert Ross33-04.50Bear Creek
20.10David Durham32-04.25Tacoma Baptist
21.12Vitaliy Petrov31-10.50Christian Faith
22.12David Ersek31-08.75Bear Creek
23.12Nick Croy31-08.00Evergreen Lutheran
24.11Corey Fagan30-09.00Evergreen Lutheran
25.10Tyler Holland30-05.75Crosspoint Academy
26.12Josh Hawes29-05.00Christian Faith
27.11Caleb Hollis29-03.75Tacoma Baptist
27.10Alex Loveless29-03.75Mt Rainier Lutheran
29.9Kyle Talen29-02.00Tacoma Baptist
30.12Preston Morrison29-00.00Seattle Lutheran
31.9Tony Ostenson28-09.50Seattle Lutheran
32.9Brendan Parker28-06.00Evergreen Lutheran
33.9David Ro28-03.00Evergreen Lutheran
34.11Josh Damon27-11.00Crosspoint Academy
35.11Jens Esselstrom27-09.25Crosspoint Academy
36.12Kevin Hemry27-08.75Crosspoint Academy
37.9Shawn O'Brien27-04.00Crosspoint Academy
38.11Ben Ott26-08.75Evergreen Lutheran
39.10Jack Gilmour26-04.00Seattle Lutheran
40.11Kyle Carter26-02.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
41.11Charles Arabia26-00.25Chief Leschi
42.12Corey Kay24-01.25Seattle Lutheran
43.10Kyle Mix23-11.75Chief Leschi
44.10Jones Barton22-04.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Walker Williams143-11Tacoma Baptist
2.10Kyle McLaughlin128-06Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.12Joon Kim120-07Christian Faith
4.12Zach Domingues116-03Seattle Lutheran
5.11Dylan Heckett116-01Seattle Lutheran
6.11Lucas Driscoll113-09Seattle Lutheran
7.11Levi Cline110-04Tacoma Baptist
8.11Zach Lake105-11Mt Rainier Lutheran
9.12Kevin Hemry100-01Crosspoint Academy
10.10Ethan Miller100-00Tacoma Baptist
10.12Ryan Francisco100-00Seattle Lutheran
12.12Sam Palmquist96-04Tacoma Baptist
13.12David Ersek92-03Bear Creek
14.12Nick Croy91-02Evergreen Lutheran
15.10Tyler Daniels90-05Evergreen Lutheran
16.11Robert Ross89-11Bear Creek
17.10Matthew Dugan89-09Mt Rainier Lutheran
18.12Preston Morrison87-07Seattle Lutheran
19.9Stevie Lawrence87-02Evergreen Lutheran
20.11Corey Fagan86-10Evergreen Lutheran
21.10Thor Winters85-02Seattle Lutheran
22.11Charles Arabia84-05Chief Leschi
23.9Kyle Talen82-06Tacoma Baptist
24.11Josh Damon78-07Crosspoint Academy
25.9Shawn O'Brien77-05Crosspoint Academy
26.11Ben Ott73-07Evergreen Lutheran
27.10David Durham73-03Tacoma Baptist
28.11Caleb Hollis73-02Tacoma Baptist
29.9Tony Ostenson69-04Seattle Lutheran
30.9Brendan Parker69-02Evergreen Lutheran
31.11Jens Esselstrom68-07Crosspoint Academy
32.10Kyle Mix65-10Chief Leschi
33.10Jason Kim65-04Crosspoint Academy
34.10Jones Barton65-03Mt Rainier Lutheran
35.9David Ro53-09Evergreen Lutheran
11Jared WrightNDCrosspoint Academy
12Erik RichardsonNDBear Creek
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle McLaughlin150-01Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.11Lucas Driscoll140-00Seattle Lutheran
3.12Drew McCullough134-06Crosspoint Academy
4.12Jake Linke132-11Tacoma Baptist
5.9Justin Holland131-08Crosspoint Academy
6.10Jordan Cooper125-01Crosspoint Academy
7.11Gordy Mueller123-01Seattle Lutheran
8.12Nate Holter122-03Evergreen Lutheran
9.12Ryan Francisco122-01Seattle Lutheran
10.11Garrett Cross121-11Mt Rainier Lutheran
11.12Vitaliy Petrov116-11Christian Faith
12.11Corey Fagan111-11Evergreen Lutheran
13.12Josh Hawes108-09Christian Faith
14.11Levi Cline108-02Tacoma Baptist
15.10Thor Winters108-00Seattle Lutheran
16.11Stephen Talen107-07Tacoma Baptist
17.10Austin Hewitt105-00Crosspoint Academy
18.12Zach Domingues97-08Seattle Lutheran
19.11Josh Damon94-03Crosspoint Academy
20.10Matthew Dugan90-00Mt Rainier Lutheran
21.10Jason Kim83-10Crosspoint Academy
22.10Alex Loveless83-01Mt Rainier Lutheran
23.11Kyle Carter82-03Mt Rainier Lutheran
24.11Ben Ott79-10Evergreen Lutheran
25.12Nick Croy76-11Evergreen Lutheran
26.10Tyler Holland72-07Crosspoint Academy
27.9Brendan Parker72-01Evergreen Lutheran
28.10Tyler Daniels68-06Evergreen Lutheran
29.11Jens Esselstrom63-03Crosspoint Academy
30.11Charles Arabia60-04Chief Leschi
31.9David Ro51-07Evergreen Lutheran
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Wesolek5-10.00Christian Faith
2.11Chase Estes5-06.00Crosspoint Academy
2.11Nick Olson5-06.00Crosspoint Academy
4.10Rolan Wedde5-04.00Evergreen Lutheran
5.10Alex Dugan5-00.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
12Joseph MungaiNHChristian Faith
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Will McCahill10-06.00Bear Creek
2.11Ben Brudnicki10-00.00Bear Creek
3.12Vitaliy Golubkov9-00.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.9Justin Smith7-06.00Seattle Lutheran
9Alex BeareNHBear Creek
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maurice McNeal19-11.50Tacoma Baptist
11Tallon Korn18-11.00Eastside Preparatory
2.11Chase Estes18-08.50Crosspoint Academy
3.10Jake Nigon17-07.00Seattle Lutheran
4.10Jeriah Carroll17-04.00Tacoma Baptist
5.12Jordan Wesolek17-03.00Christian Faith
6.12Joseph Mungai16-08.50Christian Faith
7.9Dakinah Palmquist16-08.00Tacoma Baptist
8.12Alex Hall16-05.50Evergreen Lutheran
9.11Logan Mohr16-04.00Seattle Lutheran
10.11Eric Jeong16-02.50Crosspoint Academy
12.9Ralph Ahmed15-11.00Chief Leschi
13.12Nathan Krohn15-10.00Northwest Yeshiva
14.10Howie Herdle15-05.50Tacoma Baptist
15.9Tyler Schlatter15-04.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
16.11Mark Anderson14-11.50Evergreen Lutheran
17.9Stevie Lawrence14-10.50Evergreen Lutheran
18.11Stephen Talen14-09.00Tacoma Baptist
19.10Jordan Wishard14-06.50Christian Faith
20.9Justin Smith14-02.50Seattle Lutheran
21.12Amir Hemmet14-02.00Northwest Yeshiva
22.9Alex Tice13-06.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
10Nick Demmert13-03.50Eastside Preparatory
23.9Steve Lim13-02.00Crosspoint Academy
9Ji-hao Xu12-08.50Eastside Preparatory
24.9Daniel Justman12-07.50Christian Faith
25.11Alex Behar11-11.50Northwest Yeshiva
26.12Avraham Young10-07.50Northwest Yeshiva
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josiah Sims40-00.00Tacoma Baptist
2.11Chase Estes39-08.00Crosspoint Academy
3.12Drew McCullough38-11.00Crosspoint Academy
4.10Jordan Cooper38-10.00Crosspoint Academy
5.10Andrew Wolf38-02.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.10Riley Snyder38-02.00Tacoma Baptist
7.12Jordan Wesolek38-00.00Christian Faith
8.10Rolan Wedde34-05.00Evergreen Lutheran
9.12Alex Hall34-03.00Evergreen Lutheran
10.10Jordan Wishard32-05.00Christian Faith
11.12Joseph Mungai32-02.50Christian Faith

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alina Yovetich13.43Seattle Lutheran
2.12Brittanie Vander Weide13.48Bear Creek
3.9Danielle Isbell13.76Bear Creek
4.10Brilynn Schenk14.01Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.9Paige Narayan14.03Tacoma Baptist
6.9Ellie Spiro14.14Tacoma Baptist
7.11Caty Poetter14.23Evergreen Lutheran
8.9Katie Hampton14.35Tacoma Baptist
9.11Kirsten Mattern14.55Seattle Lutheran
10.10Kira Geiger14.56Bear Creek
11.9Halle Coleman14.69Bear Creek
11.9Clarissa Gregory14.69Tacoma Baptist
13.11Jill Morris14.74Crosspoint Academy
14.11Tayna Friedland14.81Northwest Yeshiva
15.10Carissa Harris15.01Mt Rainier Lutheran
16.10Jordyn Wintersole15.15Tacoma Baptist
17.9Rina Blakely15.38Mt Rainier Lutheran
18.11Kelsey Lyons15.41Tacoma Baptist
19.10Rena Genauer15.96Northwest Yeshiva
20.10Liesl Sund16.18Mt Rainier Lutheran
21.12Beth Graham17.53Bear Creek
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cayla Vichot27.39Tacoma Baptist
2.11Alina Yovetich28.18Seattle Lutheran
3.9Danielle Isbell29.04Bear Creek
4.12Brittanie Vander Weide29.82Bear Creek
5.9Katie Hampton30.08Tacoma Baptist
6.9Halle Coleman30.13Bear Creek
7.10Brilynn Schenk30.21Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.11Jill Morris30.73Crosspoint Academy
9.9Bethany Betinglay31.14Tacoma Baptist
10.9Molly Wheeler31.47Crosspoint Academy
11.10Liesl Sund31.86Mt Rainier Lutheran
12.10Sara Yazdi35.17Tacoma Baptist
13.11Tayna Friedland36.88Northwest Yeshiva
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Irene Moore1:00.28Crosspoint Academy
2.9Morgan Rial1:02.80Bear Creek
3.11Adriana Burns1:05.26Tacoma Baptist
4.10Kailey Fuegmann1:05.66Evergreen Lutheran
5.9Elizabeth Fernandez1:06.13Bear Creek
6.10Amy Turner1:06.33Tacoma Baptist
7.9Claudia Holecek1:07.49Seattle Lutheran
8.10Kelsey Rogers1:08.33Mt Rainier Lutheran
9.10Kira Geiger1:08.84Bear Creek
10.11Kirsten Mattern1:11.08Seattle Lutheran
11.12Grace Johnson1:11.41Seattle Lutheran
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexis Fynboe2:35.13Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.12Grace Lorette2:36.62Evergreen Lutheran
3.10Maddy Williams2:36.85Seattle Lutheran
4.9Claudia Holecek2:39.62Seattle Lutheran
5.11Melanie Laete2:41.89Evergreen Lutheran
6.11Carlie Rouse2:48.22Crosspoint Academy
7.9Madelyn Magee3:04.01Bear Creek
8.12Kristine Kepler3:15.65Tacoma Baptist
9.10Taylor Swanson3:16.30Evergreen Lutheran
10.10Ruth Nitz3:16.51Evergreen Lutheran
11.10Hae Joo Choi3:25.12Evergreen Lutheran
12.9Megan Barros3:28.27Crosspoint Academy
10Emma Bobola3:31.59Eastside Preparatory
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexis Fynboe5:42.23Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.12Grace Lorette5:43.59Evergreen Lutheran
3.11Carlie Rouse5:45.08Crosspoint Academy
4.9BreAnna Romerdahl5:52.04Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.9Molly Wheeler5:59.05Crosspoint Academy
6.11Melanie Laete6:03.40Evergreen Lutheran
7.9Kendall Engelstone6:10.94Bear Creek
8.10Michala Watford6:23.98Seattle Lutheran
9.10Leandra Shdo6:30.53Crosspoint Academy
10.10Ashley Pittman6:39.91Bear Creek
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alexis Fynboe13:01.92Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.11Hannah Jacobs13:52.38Seattle Lutheran
3.10Ruth Nitz13:56.98Evergreen Lutheran
4.10Leandra Shdo13:59.43Crosspoint Academy
5.9Joy Twentyman14:03.53Bear Creek
6.10Taylor Swanson16:33.15Evergreen Lutheran
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Irene Moore16.58Crosspoint Academy
2.10Danielle Huse19.65Tacoma Baptist
3.9Kylie Esselstrom20.81Crosspoint Academy
4.11Megan Valerio21.34Evergreen Lutheran
5.10Katelyn Weber23.92Evergreen Lutheran
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Irene Moore48.79Crosspoint Academy
2.9Paige Narayan52.48Tacoma Baptist
3.9BreAnna Romerdahl53.32Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.12Stephanie Antioquia53.65Seattle Lutheran
5.10Brilynn Schenk56.14Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.9Clarissa Gregory57.06Tacoma Baptist
7.9Kylie Esselstrom57.19Crosspoint Academy
8.11Megan Valerio58.44Evergreen Lutheran
9.10Danielle Huse1:01.99Tacoma Baptist
10.10Katelyn Weber1:08.23Evergreen Lutheran
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Stephanie Antioquia
Grace Johnson
Elyssa Watford
Alina Yovetich
54.54Seattle Lutheran
2.-Beth Graham
Brittanie Vander Weide
Danielle Isbell
Morgan Rial
54.75Bear Creek
3.-Amy Turner
Sara Yazdi
Clarissa Gregory
Katie Hampton
56.05Tacoma Baptist
4.-Relay Team 56.07Tacoma Baptist
5.-Christa Weddle
Megume Poetter
Megan Valerio
Caty Poetter
57.02Evergreen Lutheran
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Elizabeth Fernandez
Danielle Isbell
Morgan Rial
Brittanie Vander Weide
1:52.64Bear Creek
2.-Clarissa Gregory
Sara Yazdi
Amy Turner
Hannah Steidle
1:55.65Tacoma Baptist
3.-Caty Poetter
Erika Herman
Grace Lorette
Megume Poetter
1:56.52Evergreen Lutheran
4.-Stephanie Antioquia
Grace Johnson
Elyssa Watford
Alina Yovetich
1:57.96Seattle Lutheran
5.-Carissa Harris
Brilynn Schenk
Kelsey Rogers
BreAnna Romerdahl
2:01.40Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.-Relay Team 2:03.76Tacoma Baptist
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cayla Vichot
Adriana Burns
Ellie Spiro
Paige Narayan
4:26.20Tacoma Baptist
2.-Kailey Fuegmann
Megan Valerio
Melanie Laete
Grace Lorette
4:32.50Evergreen Lutheran
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Cheever27-11.50Bear Creek
2.10Maddy Williams27-08.75Seattle Lutheran
3.12Kristine Kepler26-11.00Tacoma Baptist
4.11Elyssa Watford25-08.25Seattle Lutheran
5.10Taylor Talcott24-03.25Mt Rainier Lutheran
6.12Lindsey Nichols23-07.25Mt Rainier Lutheran
7.10Ally Addleman23-01.00Evergreen Lutheran
8.12Emily Meyer22-04.50Seattle Lutheran
9.10Amanda Meyer22-04.25Evergreen Lutheran
10.11Kelsey Lyons22-01.25Tacoma Baptist
11.12Emily Elhard21-08.00Evergreen Lutheran
12.10Kalene Cassal21-05.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
13.10Katelyn Weber21-03.25Evergreen Lutheran
14.9Kessie Schoenrock20-01.25Evergreen Lutheran
15.10Emily Wood19-02.00Seattle Lutheran
16.9Bora Kim19-01.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kristine Kepler109-03Tacoma Baptist
2.10Taylor Talcott93-11Mt Rainier Lutheran
3.10Kalene Cassal80-09Mt Rainier Lutheran
4.11Megan Cheever79-07Bear Creek
5.10Maddy Williams77-04Seattle Lutheran
6.12Kayla Stull71-03Seattle Lutheran
7.12Brooke Wood71-00Seattle Lutheran
8.10Ally Addleman69-08Evergreen Lutheran
9.12Lindsey Nichols68-09Mt Rainier Lutheran
10.12Emily Elhard65-03Evergreen Lutheran
11.12Lauren Vanderpool65-02Seattle Lutheran
12.10Jessica Kingry64-05Christian Faith
13.12Rose Washburn60-06Seattle Lutheran
14.9Kessie Schoenrock59-10Evergreen Lutheran
15.10Amanda Meyer57-06Evergreen Lutheran
16.10Julie Kim54-05Christian Faith
17.9Bora Kim52-01Mt Rainier Lutheran
18.11Alysha Mason45-09Seattle Lutheran
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maddy Williams94-05Seattle Lutheran
2.12Emily Elhard88-08Evergreen Lutheran
3.11Emily Kadeg87-01Bear Creek
4.10Kalene Cassal75-05Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.10Ally Addleman74-00Evergreen Lutheran
6.12Kayla Stull72-01Seattle Lutheran
7.10Taylor Talcott69-11Mt Rainier Lutheran
8.10Katelyn Weber69-07Evergreen Lutheran
9.12Emily Meyer65-10Seattle Lutheran
10.10Jordyn Wintersole65-06Tacoma Baptist
11.10Amanda Meyer62-07Evergreen Lutheran
12.9Kessie Schoenrock61-06Evergreen Lutheran
13.12Lindsey Nichols56-09Mt Rainier Lutheran
14.12Lauren Vanderpool56-07Seattle Lutheran
15.12Becca Krebs54-02Seattle Lutheran
16.10Jessica Kingry53-05Christian Faith
17.9Ellie Spiro52-07Tacoma Baptist
18.10Emily Wood49-09Seattle Lutheran
19.10Julie Kim47-11Christian Faith
20.11Alysha Mason45-06Seattle Lutheran
21.9Bora Kim37-02Mt Rainier Lutheran
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Madelyn Magee4-10.00Bear Creek
2.10Megume Poetter4-08.00Evergreen Lutheran
3.9Kendall Engelstone4-06.00Bear Creek
4.11Adriana Burns4-04.00Tacoma Baptist
5.9Megan Barros3-10.00Crosspoint Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Carissa Harris6-00.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.10Kira Geiger6-00.00Bear Creek
10Kelsey RogersNHMt Rainier Lutheran
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megume Poetter14-03.00Evergreen Lutheran
2.11Hannah Jacobs12-11.00Seattle Lutheran
3.10Rena Genauer12-02.00Northwest Yeshiva
4.9Rina Blakely12-00.50Mt Rainier Lutheran
5.10Sue Lee10-08.50Evergreen Lutheran
11Tayna FriedlandNDNorthwest Yeshiva
9Bethany BetinglayNDTacoma Baptist
11Hannah SteidleNDTacoma Baptist
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9BreAnna Romerdahl26-05.00Mt Rainier Lutheran
2.11Melanie Laete22-09.00Evergreen Lutheran
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