SouthEast - Oak Hill District Championships - Div II

Saturday, May 23, 2009
  Oak Hill HS, Oak Hill - Map
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Ohio - Division III
POWEPortsmouth West
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keiffer Reed11.18aPiketon
2.11Tyler Craigmiles11.35aWheelersburg
3.11Jeremy Smith11.43aMeigs
4.11Blake Shupert11.47aPortsmouth West
5.10Corey Straight11.61aGallia Academy
6.11Tyler Tackett11.65aPiketon
7.10Austin Wilson11.76aGallia Academy
8.11Chris Stewart11.78aPortsmouth West
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Keiffer Reed11.26aPiketon
2.11Jeremy Smith11.42aMeigs
3.11Tyler Craigmiles11.44aWheelersburg
5.11Tyler Tackett11.58aPiketon
4.11Blake Shupert11.63aPortsmouth West
7.11Chris Stewart11.70aPortsmouth West
6.10Corey Straight11.72aGallia Academy
8.10Austin Wilson11.86aGallia Academy
9.10Tevin Mitchell12.01aSouth Point
10.10Ian Dixon12.03aAthens
11.12David Mallory12.05aPortsmouth
12.12Jordan Schankweiler12.41aWheelersburg
13.11Cody Wilkett12.67aWellston
14.9Luke Brown12.73aScioto Northwest (Mc...
15.10Will Hill12.82aSouth Point
16.11Tyler Willoughby14.12aAlexander
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Tyler Craigmiles11.48aWheelersburg
2.12Keiffer Reed11.56aPiketon
3.11Blake Shupert11.69aPortsmouth West
5.10Corey Straight11.81aGallia Academy
4.11Chris Stewart11.87aPortsmouth West
6.11Tyler Tackett11.90aPiketon
9.12David Mallory11.90aPortsmouth
7.11Jeremy Smith11.97aMeigs
13.10Tevin Mitchell12.10aSouth Point
10.10Ian Dixon12.15aAthens
8.10Austin Wilson12.16aGallia Academy
14.11Tyler Willoughby12.16aAlexander
17.9Trey Wilds12.16aRock Hill
18.11Billy Davis12.21aWellston
11.9Luke Brown12.24aScioto Northwest (Mc...
19.11Hunter Gibson12.31aFairland
15.12Jordan Schankweiler12.32aWheelersburg
12.10Will Hill12.64aSouth Point
16.11Cody Wilkett12.65aWellston
20.12Crockett Crow12.71aMeigs
21.9Nate Caudill13.25aMinford
22.9Patrick Williams13.27aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
23.10Brody Lookadoo14.00aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
24.9Nicholas Wise14.01aMinford
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
6.12David Holliday11.0River Valley (Bidwell)
6.12Clayton Curnutte11.2River Valley (Bidwell)
6.12Cody Carter11.4River Valley (Bidwell)
6.12Zach Baird11.9River Valley (Bidwell)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keiffer Reed22.68aPiketon
2.11Tyler Craigmiles22.83aWheelersburg
3.11Jeremy Smith23.24aMeigs
4.9Eric Conway23.60aAthens
5.12David Mallory23.74aPortsmouth
6.12Zach Baird23.86aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
7.10Corey Straight24.18aGallia Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Keiffer Reed22.78aPiketon
2.11Jeremy Smith23.35aMeigs
3.11Tyler Craigmiles23.37aWheelersburg
4.9Eric Conway23.61aAthens
5.10Corey Straight23.67aGallia Academy
6.12Zach Link23.68aPortsmouth
7.12Zach Baird23.75aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
8.12David Mallory24.14aPortsmouth
9.10Ethan Butcher24.24aMinford
10.11Blake Shupert24.45aPortsmouth West
11.11Tyler Willoughby24.56aAlexander
12.12Zachary Story24.81aMeigs
13.11Julian Silvey24.96aWheelersburg
14.12Paden Richard24.97aScioto Northwest (Mc...
15.11Taylor Horsley24.98aScioto Northwest (Mc...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Tyler Craigmiles23.32aWheelersburg
2.9Eric Conway24.05aAthens
5.12Zach Link24.09aPortsmouth
6.11Blake Shupert24.26aPortsmouth West
9.12Paden Richard24.28aScioto Northwest (Mc...
3.12Keiffer Reed24.35aPiketon
4.11Jeremy Smith24.52aMeigs
13.11Julian Silvey24.57aWheelersburg
7.12David Mallory24.60aPortsmouth
10.12Zach Baird24.63aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
8.10Ethan Butcher24.66aMinford
11.12Zachary Story24.66aMeigs
14.11Brandon Rawlins24.70aPortsmouth West
12.10Corey Straight24.74aGallia Academy
17.10Seth Lloyd25.26aMinford
18.12Luke Marlowe25.30aSouth Point
15.11Taylor Horsley25.39aScioto Northwest (Mc...
19.11Matthew Sheets26.67aAlexander
16.11Tyler Willoughby26.92aAlexander
20.11Chad Smith27.13aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
21.10Timmy Ervin27.41aWellston
22.10Steve Cogar30.12aSouth Point
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zach Link50.20aPortsmouth
2.11Jeremy Smith51.15aMeigs
3.12Pat McDonald51.17aAthens
4.11Matt Bloomfield51.88aFairland
5.9Eric Conway52.14aAthens
6.10Kevin Lichtenfeld52.86aPortsmouth West
7.11Seth Amos58.41aGallia Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jeremy Smith51.92aMeigs
2.10Kevin Lichtenfeld52.41aPortsmouth West
3.12Pat McDonald52.61aAthens
4.12Zach Link52.63aPortsmouth
5.11Matt Bloomfield52.94aFairland
6.9Eric Conway52.97aAthens
7.11Seth Amos53.20aGallia Academy
8.12Zach Baird53.47aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
9.10Ethan Butcher54.83aMinford
10.12Paden Richard55.02aScioto Northwest (Mc...
11.12Chris Howison55.12aWellston
12.10Shane Ward55.84aWheelersburg
13.12Mike Hackett55.95aGallia Academy
14.9Austin Porter58.25aPortsmouth
15.10Kyle Moore59.48aScioto Northwest (Mc...
16.11Justin Lewis59.78aWheelersburg
17.9Nate Caudill1:02.19aMinford
18.9Bill Workman1:07.41aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
3.12Zach Baird52.3River Valley (Bidwell)
3.12David Holliday53.2River Valley (Bidwell)
3.12Cody Carter54.0River Valley (Bidwell)
3.12Kody Johnson54.3River Valley (Bidwell)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Phillip Dakhnovets2:01.28aAthens
2.11Seth Amos2:02.81aGallia Academy
3.11Jordan Miller2:04.23aPiketon
4.12Travis Johnson2:04.64aMinford
5.11Luke Culp2:06.13aMinford
6.11Kyle Horner2:10.34aWheelersburg
7.12James Lawson2:11.24aPortsmouth
8.12David Householder2:11.78aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
9.11Grant Rhue2:15.06aAthens
10.11Jon Porter2:25.37aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
11.10Gary Monroe2:26.36aIronton
12.10Pierce Reeves2:30.24aIronton
13.11Colton Weiss2:31.75aPiketon
14.12Andrew O'Bryant2:39.25aMeigs
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Gary Monroe2:10.96aIronton
3.11Phillip Dakhnovets2:12.73aAthens
2.11Luke Culp2:13.24aMinford
5.11Seth Amos2:13.72aGallia Academy
7.10Pierce Reeves2:13.92aIronton
9.11Grant Rhue2:14.03aAthens
11.12Ed Adkins2:14.15aFairland
13.11Kyle Horner2:14.45aWheelersburg
15.12David Householder2:14.78aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.12James Lawson2:17.36aPortsmouth
6.11Kyle Taubenheim2:21.99aFairland
8.12Andrew O'Bryant2:22.36aMeigs
10.12Travis Johnson2:23.50aMinford
12.11Jordan Miller2:23.51aPiketon
17.9Brett Tedrow2:25.20aAlexander
14.11Jon Porter2:25.98aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
18.12Brandon Hanning2:26.17aMeigs
19.12Derek Massie2:26.58aWheelersburg
20.12Bobby Burgess2:27.02aSouth Point
16.11Colton Weiss2:30.20aPiketon
21.9Dylan Euton2:36.01aRock Hill
22.9Cody Blake2:42.26aWellston
23.9Micheal Pressley2:43.45aWellston
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Pierce Reeves4:41.79aIronton
2.11Ben McAdoo4:43.33aAthens
3.11Kyle Brooks4:43.52aWheelersburg
4.10Matt Watts4:43.88aGallia Academy
5.10Gary Monroe4:44.67aIronton
6.11Steven Rhue5:05.67aAthens
7.11Zach Miller5:07.71aWheelersburg
8.9Tyler Retterer5:08.09aWellston
9.10Dakoda Osborn5:21.53aPiketon
10.9Brett Tedrow5:23.08aAlexander
11.12Andrew O'Bryant5:30.89aMeigs
12.10Morgan Mckinniss5:37.51aGallia Academy
13.11Logan Froehlich5:42.49aFairland
14.9Josh Cornett5:44.26aPiketon
15.9Jake Blackburn5:46.18aMinford
16.9Kyle Johnson5:46.68aPortsmouth
17.11Jacob Riffle5:47.15aMeigs
18.11Cameron Mcintyre6:01.51aPortsmouth
19.11Joost Ahrend6:08.14aScioto Northwest (Mc...
20.9Lewis Williams6:39.51aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kyle Brooks10:49.55aWheelersburg
2.11Joe Stewart10:51.46aFairland
3.10Matt Watts10:52.10aGallia Academy
4.10Adam Stumbo11:02.79aIronton
5.9Levi Runyon11:04.20aIronton
6.9Cody Hanning11:26.42aMeigs
7.11Adam Parlin11:43.72aWheelersburg
8.11Theo Peck-Suzuki11:46.51aAthens
9.9Tyler Retterer12:03.43aWellston
10.10Drew Roffe12:06.50aMinford
11.9Jalen Brooks12:22.24aFairland
12.11Cody Frederick12:22.68aPiketon
13.9Brett Tedrow12:35.17aAlexander
14.9Jared Hollingsworth12:49.86aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
15.10Tyler Hannan12:52.92aGallia Academy
16.11Phillip Dakhnovets12:58.46aAthens
17.9Cody Blake13:02.09aWellston
18.12Jon McCormick13:06.07aSouth Point
19.9Kyle Johnson13:53.14aPortsmouth
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Jordan15.15aPortsmouth
2.11Caleb Southworth15.33aPiketon
3.12Kody Johnson16.05aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.11Jacob Well16.05aMeigs
5.10Keenan Brush16.15aPiketon
6.11Ryan Wagener16.59aWellston
7.11Issac Duduit16.92aWheelersburg
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Aaron Ward15.06aFairland
3.11Caleb Southworth15.35aPiketon
5.12Kody Johnson15.57aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.12Ryan Jordan15.67aPortsmouth
4.11Jacob Well16.15aMeigs
6.11Ryan Wagener16.23aWellston
7.10Keenan Brush16.34aPiketon
8.11Issac Duduit16.88aWheelersburg
9.11Jonathan Blount16.91aPortsmouth West
10.11Parker Hollingsworth17.49aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
11.11Chris Denhart18.02aAthens
12.10Shane Ward18.52aWheelersburg
13.11Bobby Sizemore18.54aIronton
14.10Jack Hart18.92aAlexander
15.11Mark Moore19.45aScioto Northwest (Mc...
16.9Michael Skaggs19.85aMinford
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Ryan Wagener16.43aWellston
2.12Aaron Ward16.47aFairland
5.10Keenan Brush16.64aPiketon
9.11Jacob Well16.76aMeigs
3.12Kody Johnson16.98aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
6.11Jonathan Blount17.10aPortsmouth West
7.12Ryan Jordan17.15aPortsmouth
4.11Issac Duduit17.31aWheelersburg
8.11Caleb Southworth17.33aPiketon
10.11Parker Hollingsworth17.84aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
11.11Chris Denhart17.99aAthens
13.10Shane Ward18.13aWheelersburg
14.11Mark Moore18.20aScioto Northwest (Mc...
17.11Jeremy Ward18.29aGallia Academy
18.10Jonathan Caldwell18.37aGallia Academy
15.11Bobby Sizemore18.79aIronton
12.10Jack Hart19.68aAlexander
19.11Chris Blanton19.84aSouth Point
20.12Luke Marlowe19.92aSouth Point
21.10Andrew Chabot19.99aPortsmouth
16.9Michael Skaggs20.52aMinford
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Caleb Southworth39.94aPiketon
2.11Jonathan Blount41.75aPortsmouth West
3.9Carson Seaman41.88aScioto Northwest (Mc...
4.12Kody Johnson42.15aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.10Aaron Adkins42.95aFairland
6.10Keenan Brush43.84aPiketon
7.11Ryan Wagener44.05aWellston
8.11Julian Silvey47.23aWheelersburg
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Caleb Southworth40.45aPiketon
2.11Jonathan Blount42.16aPortsmouth West
3.10Keenan Brush42.58aPiketon
4.12Kody Johnson42.82aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.11Ryan Wagener42.96aWellston
6.9Carson Seaman43.24aScioto Northwest (Mc...
7.11Julian Silvey43.54aWheelersburg
8.10Aaron Adkins44.13aFairland
9.12Malik White44.31aPortsmouth
10.10Seth Lloyd44.56aMinford
11.11Parker Hollingsworth44.85aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
12.10Jonathan Caldwell44.91aGallia Academy
13.11Chris Denhart45.11aAthens
14.10Dustin Moritz45.33aIronton
15.11Jeremy Ward46.20aGallia Academy
16.12Devin Boggs46.55aWheelersburg
17.12Luke Marlowe46.92aSouth Point
18.11Mark Moore47.13aScioto Northwest (Mc...
19.12Ryan Jordan47.22aPortsmouth
20.10Jack Hart47.77aAlexander
21.10Steven Windhorst48.90aSouth Point
22.11Bobby Sizemore49.15aIronton
23.11Jon Lorimer50.27aAthens
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.68aPortsmouth West
2.-Relay Team 44.72aWheelersburg
3.-Tyler Campbell
Ethan Moore
Austin Wilson
Corey Straight
45.04aGallia Academy
4.-Relay Team 45.34aPortsmouth
5.-Ian Dixon
David Kern
Bob Carpenter
Chris Kachinko
6.-Zach Baird
David Holliday
Cody Carter
Clayton Curnutte
45.67aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
7.-Relay Team 46.35aPiketon
---Relay Team DQSouth Point
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 44.91aWheelersburg
2.-Chris Stewart
Brandon Rawlins
Blake Shupert
Dale Swords
45.07aPortsmouth West
3.-Tyler Campbell
Ethan Moore
Austin Wilson
Corey Straight
45.09aGallia Academy
4.-Zach Baird
David Holliday
Cody Carter
Clayton Curnutte
45.49aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.-Relay Team 45.68aSouth Point
6.-Ian Dixon
David Kern
Bob Carpenter
Chris Kachinko
7.-Relay Team 46.74aPortsmouth
8.-Relay Team 47.07aPiketon
9.-Ryan Wagener
Chris Howison
Cody Wilkett
Billy Davis
10.-Relay Team 47.34aMeigs
11.-Relay Team 47.59aFairland
12.-Brian Cooper
Steve Lewis
Jesse Lane
Trey Wilds
48.46aRock Hill
13.-Matthew Sheets
Preston Brooks
Kyle Ferguson
Tyler Willoughby
14.-Carson Seaman
Paden Richard
Luke Brown
Taylor Horsley
53.06aScioto Northwest (Mc...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Tackett
Caleb Southworth
Jordan Miller
Keiffer Reed
2.-Relay Team 1:34.58aWheelersburg
3.-Relay Team 1:34.97aSouth Point
4.-Tyler Campbell
Ethan Moore
Austin Wilson
Corey Straight
1:35.45aGallia Academy
5.-Robert Bishop
Lukas Morris
Ryan Sias
Tres Wilks
6.-Luke Culp
Seth Lloyd
Ethan Butcher
Cory McKnight
7.-Relay Team 1:40.03aPortsmouth West
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 1:33.90aWheelersburg
2.-Relay Team 1:34.00aSouth Point
3.-Relay Team 1:34.42aPiketon
4.-Relay Team 1:34.73aFairland
5.-Tres Wilks
Robert Bishop
Ryan Sias
Lukas Morris
6.-Tyler Campbell
Ethan Moore
Austin Wilson
Corey Straight
1:35.27aGallia Academy
7.-Relay Team 1:35.35aPortsmouth West
8.-Luke Culp
Seth Lloyd
Ethan Butcher
Cory McKnight
9.-Ryan Wagener
Chris Howison
Cody Wilkett
Billy Davis
10.-Brian Cooper
Jesse Lane
Will McCollister
Trey Wilds
1:39.46aRock Hill
11.-Clayton Curnutte
Cody Carter
Aaron Harrison
Jamil Stepney
1:39.69aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
12.-Ian Dixon
Bob Carpenter
Pat McDonald
Eric Conway
13.-Relay Team 1:44.33aScioto Northwest (Mc...
14.-Andrew Chabot
Austin Porter
Trevor Brown
Michael Lawson
15.-Matthew Sheets
Carson Calhoun
Zachery Norman
Tyler Willoughby
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordan Miller
Caleb Southworth
Jordan Buckler
Keiffer Reed
2.-Pat McDonald
Chris Denhart
Ben McAdoo
Eric Conway
3.-David Holliday
Cody Carter
Kody Johnson
Zach Baird
3:33.82aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.-Relay Team 3:34.41aScioto Northwest (Mc...
5.-Relay Team 3:35.78aFairland
6.-Matt Button
Chris Blanton
Cory Crabtree
Zach Cremeans
3:41.45aSouth Point
7.-Paolo Astuquipan
Ethan Moore
Seth Amos
C.J. Harrison
3:42.02aGallia Academy
8.-Jack Hart
Zac Savage
Matthew Sheets
Wesley Meadows
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Jordan Miller
Caleb Southworth
Jordan Buckler
Keiffer Reed
2.-David Holliday
Cody Carter
Parker Hollingsworth
Zach Baird
3:36.29aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
3.-Relay Team 3:37.22aScioto Northwest (Mc...
4.-Pat McDonald
Chris Denhart
Ben McAdoo
Eric Conway
5.-Relay Team 3:39.09aFairland
6.-Paolo Astuquipan
Ethan Moore
Seth Amos
C.J. Harrison
3:40.86aGallia Academy
7.-Matt Button
Chris Blanton
Cory Crabtree
Zach Cremeans
3:41.88aSouth Point
8.-Jack Hart
Brett Tedrow
Matthew Sheets
Wesley Meadows
9.-Relay Team 3:59.88aWheelersburg
10.-Relay Team 4:00.59aPortsmouth West
11.-Timmy Ervin
Matt Kelley
Tyler Retterer
Chris Howison
---Robert Bishop
Dustin Moritz
Gary Monroe
Tres Wilks
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Rhue
Phillip Dakhnovets
Ben McAdoo
Steven Rhue
2.-Dustin Moritz
Adam Stumbo
Pierce Reeves
Gary Monroe
3.-Relay Team 8:43.63aFairland
4.-Paolo Astuquipan
Matt Watts
Seth Amos
C.J. Harrison
8:44.67aGallia Academy
5.-Relay Team 8:53.33aPiketon
6.-Relay Team 9:04.47aWheelersburg
7.-Travis Johnson
Drew Roffe
Jake Blackburn
Luke Culp
8.-Cody Hanning
Andrew O'Bryant
Dustyn Lee
Brandon Hanning
9.-Relay Team 10:00.21aScioto Northwest (Mc...
10.-Cameron Mcintyre
Kyle Johnson
Michael Lawson
Austin Porter
11.-Jared Hollingsworth
Jon Porter
Lewis Williams
David Householder
10:38.05aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
---John Plummer
Tyler Estes
John Howard
Josh Crace
DNFPortsmouth West
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mason Metts51-01.50Meigs
2.12Rick Moore50-04.25Piketon
3.12Zak Deel46-09.00River Valley (Bidwell)
4.12Dustin Robertson46-02.00Wheelersburg
5.12Nate Cadogan46-01.00Portsmouth
6.10Travis Crawford45-06.50Piketon
7.12Dale Swords45-03.00Portsmouth West
8.12John Prior43-11.50Portsmouth
9.11Zach Frowine43-07.75Wheelersburg
10.10Shayne Wilds42-10.50Rock Hill
11.10Ben Wells40-07.50Ironton
12.11Caleb Smith40-04.25Wellston
13.11Devin Norman39-11.00Alexander
14.9Steven Carey39-09.00Rock Hill
15.11Tanner Hysell39-05.00Meigs
16.10Jared Golden38-11.00Gallia Academy
17.12Justin Stewart37-11.00Fairland
18.12Jaad Smith36-11.00South Point
19.12Alex Rice36-08.50Alexander
20.11Nate Allison36-06.00Gallia Academy
21.12Bryce Darst36-01.50River Valley (Bidwell)
22.11Marty Jarvis35-09.75Wellston
23.10Kyle Borders33-08.00Portsmouth West
24.9Jon Shotsky33-02.50Ironton
25.11John Keener31-09.75Athens
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rick Moore146-07Piketon
2.10Jared Golden145-08Gallia Academy
3.12Nate Cadogan145-02Portsmouth
4.12Mason Metts144-07Meigs
5.12Dustin Robertson139-00Wheelersburg
6.11Ryan Weakley136-05Scioto Northwest (Mc...
7.12John Prior132-06Portsmouth
8.12Dale Swords131-10Portsmouth West
9.12Corey McLain128-02Wellston
10.11Tyler Brothers128-00Meigs
11.11Andrew Scholl126-01Fairland
12.12Zak Deel124-03River Valley (Bidwell)
13.10Ben Wells120-00Ironton
14.12Clinton Pack118-07South Point
15.12Winston West116-02Athens
16.11Zach Frowine113-10Wheelersburg
17.12Jaad Smith113-06South Point
18.11Devin Norman110-09Alexander
19.11Tyler Tackett106-06Piketon
20.10Jason Wray106-03Gallia Academy
21.9Stanley Smathers105-01Athens
22.10Luke Kirkpatrick104-02Rock Hill
23.9Steven Carey103-09Rock Hill
24.9Luke Brown99-09Scioto Northwest (Mc...
25.9Brian Zirkle98-11Fairland
26.10Alex Smith95-11River Valley (Bidwell)
27.9Jacob Smith79-02Alexander
28.9Tom Saul78-04Ironton
29.11Josh Jones76-09Wellston
30.9Kyle Shonkwiler71-01Minford
--11Matt GillemFOULMinford
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lukas Morris6-05.00Ironton
2.11Hank Leslie6-04.00Scioto Northwest (Mc...
3.9Kenny Smith6-02.00Fairland
4.11Phillip Dakhnovets6-00.00Athens
5.12Drew Lynd6-00.00South Point
6.10Jack Hart5-10.00Alexander
7.11Bob Carpenter5-10.00Athens
8.11Ryan Sias5-10.00Ironton
9.11Hunter Gibson5-10.00Fairland
10.9Will McCollister5-08.00Rock Hill
10.9Carson Seaman5-08.00Scioto Northwest (Mc...
12.12David Holliday5-06.00River Valley (Bidwell)
13.11Issac Duduit5-04.00Wheelersburg
13.9Tyler Campbell5-04.00Gallia Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jon Monnig14-00.00Ironton
2.11Ryan Sias12-06.00Ironton
3.12Kyle Kincaid12-06.00Fairland
4.12Ben Williford11-00.00Athens
5.11Logan Froehlich10-06.00Fairland
6.12Bobby Burgess10-06.00South Point
7.9Caleb Craft10-06.00Gallia Academy
8.11Jon Lorimer9-06.00Athens
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lukas Morris20-11.00Ironton
2.11Blake Shupert20-02.25Portsmouth West
3.11Tyler Tackett19-10.25Piketon
4.9Tyler Campbell19-09.50Gallia Academy
5.10Ian Dixon19-04.75Athens
6.12Travis Perry19-02.00Portsmouth West
7.10Aaron Childers18-10.00Piketon
8.12Devin Boggs18-08.50Wheelersburg
9.12James Lawson18-03.75Portsmouth
10.12Matt DeLaCruz18-03.00Wellston
11.10Brian Cooper18-02.50Rock Hill
12.11Matt Bloomfield18-02.25Fairland
13.12Clayton Curnutte18-01.25River Valley (Bidwell)
14.12Ryan Jordan18-00.00Portsmouth
15.11Hank Leslie17-10.50Scioto Northwest (Mc...
16.9Kenny Smith17-10.00Fairland
17.12Aaron White17-08.50Wheelersburg
18.11James DeGraw17-07.50Athens
19.11Taylor Horsley17-06.25Scioto Northwest (Mc...
19.12Wesley Meadows17-06.25Alexander
21.10Ethan Moore17-06.00Gallia Academy
22.12Luke Marlowe17-02.25South Point
23.9Aaron Harrison17-01.25River Valley (Bidwell)
24.12Drew Lynd15-09.25South Point
25.9Nate Caudill14-09.25Minford
26.12Matt Kelley13-09.00Wellston
27.9Nicholas Wise13-02.25Minford

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Geiger12.71aGallia Academy
2.11Kara Jackson12.76aGallia Academy
3.10Kayla Fletcher13.22aSouth Point
4.12Catie Wolfe13.37aMeigs
5.9Courtney Sexton13.59aMinford
6.11Kenzie Hackworth13.66aScioto Northwest (Mc...
7.10Daylon Smith13.97aPortsmouth
8.11Megan Brokks14.43aFairland
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Alexis Geiger12.85aGallia Academy
2.11Kara Jackson12.98aGallia Academy
3.10Kayla Fletcher13.03aSouth Point
5.12Catie Wolfe13.47aMeigs
4.9Courtney Sexton13.54aMinford
6.11Kenzie Hackworth13.58aScioto Northwest (Mc...
7.10Daylon Smith13.61aPortsmouth
8.11Megan Brokks13.72aFairland
9.10Kayla Griffith13.77aScioto Northwest (Mc...
10.9Jessica Lawrence14.14aAthens
11.9Marlee Hoffman14.15aMeigs
12.11Courtney Rippeth14.19aWellston
13.9Kayla Bartlett14.21aAlexander
14.11Aubrie Rice14.25aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
15.9Shae Cartee14.29aPortsmouth
16.9Bethany Hewitt14.47aAthens
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kayla Fletcher13.36aSouth Point
1.11Kara Jackson13.36aGallia Academy
3.12Alexis Geiger13.47aGallia Academy
5.10Daylon Smith13.72aPortsmouth
6.11Kenzie Hackworth13.77aScioto Northwest (Mc...
4.10Kayla Griffith13.84aScioto Northwest (Mc...
7.11Megan Brokks13.99aFairland
9.9Courtney Sexton14.02aMinford
8.12Catie Wolfe14.08aMeigs
10.9Kayla Bartlett14.17aAlexander
13.9Jessica Lawrence14.18aAthens
11.9Shae Cartee14.22aPortsmouth
14.11Aubrie Rice14.22aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
15.9Marlee Hoffman14.34aMeigs
12.11Courtney Rippeth14.39aWellston
17.10Lisa Smith14.39aAlexander
16.9Bethany Hewitt14.43aAthens
18.9Chelsea Williams14.43aSouth Point
19.10Jenny Price14.54aFairland
20.9Tiffany Swords14.78aPortsmouth West
21.9Morgan Bridwell15.00aPortsmouth West
22.10Abby Riley15.46aWellston
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9JaiNai Fields13.06River Valley (Bidwell)
11Aubrie Rice13.17River Valley (Bidwell)
12Kayla Smith13.63River Valley (Bidwell)
9Stephanie Isaac14.52River Valley (Bidwell)
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Prelims
9JaiNai Fields12.84River Valley (Bidwell)
10Kelsey Sands13.14River Valley (Bidwell)
11Aubrie Rice13.46River Valley (Bidwell)
12Kayla Smith14.25River Valley (Bidwell)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kara Jackson26.50aGallia Academy
2.11Tonia Logan27.75aGallia Academy
3.9Shae Cartee28.21aPortsmouth
4.12Catie Wolfe28.28aMeigs
5.10Lisa Smith28.38aAlexander
6.9Courtney Sexton28.42aMinford
7.10Jasmine Gilley28.97aScioto Northwest (Mc...
8.11DeBresha Clark29.46aAthens
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Kara Jackson27.17aGallia Academy
3.11Tonia Logan28.14aGallia Academy
2.12Catie Wolfe28.34aMeigs
5.9Courtney Sexton28.37aMinford
4.10Lisa Smith29.12aAlexander
7.9Shae Cartee29.26aPortsmouth
6.10Jasmine Gilley29.45aScioto Northwest (Mc...
9.11Chelsi Wilson30.04aScioto Northwest (Mc...
8.11DeBresha Clark30.51aAthens
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Kara Jackson27.88aGallia Academy
2.12Catie Wolfe28.87aMeigs
3.10Lisa Smith28.89aAlexander
5.10Jasmine Gilley29.17aScioto Northwest (Mc...
5.11Tonia Logan29.17aGallia Academy
4.9Courtney Sexton29.27aMinford
9.9Shae Cartee29.30aPortsmouth
7.10Daylon Smith29.38aPortsmouth
10.11DeBresha Clark29.55aAthens
12.11Chelsi Wilson29.55aScioto Northwest (Mc...
15.9Jessica Lawrence29.58aAthens
16.9JaiNai Fields29.65aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
11.10LeeAnn Stover29.85aSouth Point
13.11Jessica Webb30.27aFairland
14.9Kayla Bartlett30.35aAlexander
8.9Morgan Bridwell30.52aPortsmouth West
17.9Chelsea Williams31.01aSouth Point
18.9Taila Hodge32.90aPiketon
--9Rachael McGrawFSPortsmouth West
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Amanda Hager27.32River Valley (Bidwell)
10Jessica Brooke Hager27.51River Valley (Bidwell)
11Aubrie Rice28.51River Valley (Bidwell)
12Kayla Smith29.12River Valley (Bidwell)
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Prelims
12Amanda Hager27.35River Valley (Bidwell)
10Jessica Brooke Hager28.1River Valley (Bidwell)
11Aubrie Rice28.92River Valley (Bidwell)
10Kelsey Sands29.34River Valley (Bidwell)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hannah Blackburn1:02.21aMinford
2.12Devan Soulsby1:02.80aMeigs
3.12Catie Wolfe1:03.18aMeigs
4.12Ilona Carlson1:03.40aAthens
5.12Ashton Brammer1:04.22aRock Hill
6.9Kendra Lee1:05.43aAlexander
7.9JaiNai Fields1:09.79aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Hannah Blackburn1:02.70aMinford
2.12Catie Wolfe1:03.46aMeigs
3.12Ashton Brammer1:05.07aRock Hill
4.12Ilona Carlson1:05.10aAthens
5.12Devan Soulsby1:05.85aMeigs
6.9Kendra Lee1:06.86aAlexander
7.9JaiNai Fields1:07.35aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
8.9Kayla Bartlett1:07.52aAlexander
9.11Ashleigh Link1:07.55aPortsmouth
10.11Jamie Hall1:07.60aAthens
11.10Alyssa Vaughn1:12.62aPortsmouth
12.10Abby Riley1:14.37aWellston
13.9Taila Hodge1:18.49aPiketon
14.9McKenna Morgan1:19.92aPortsmouth West
15.10Rachel Huffman1:25.59aPortsmouth West
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Jessica Brooke Hager64.72River Valley (Bidwell)
12Amanda Hager64.78River Valley (Bidwell)
9Stephanie Isaac65.49River Valley (Bidwell)
10Kelsey Sands65.75River Valley (Bidwell)
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Prelims
12Amanda Hager65.06River Valley (Bidwell)
10Jessica Brooke Hager65.25River Valley (Bidwell)
10Kelsey Sands66.13River Valley (Bidwell)
12Kayla Smith67.38River Valley (Bidwell)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samatha Barnes2:24.88aGallia Academy
2.10Julie Els2:26.61aAlexander
3.12Emily Skidmore2:27.54aAlexander
4.9McKenna Warner2:31.22aGallia Academy
5.10Katerina Jung2:34.39aAthens
6.9Elisha Manley2:36.88aPiketon
7.12Joannah Tindongan2:37.53aAthens
8.11Melissa Writesel2:38.82aWellston
9.9Sabrina Covarrubias2:39.80aPortsmouth
10.9Shannon Walker2:41.66aIronton
11.9Olivia Penn2:43.11aPortsmouth
12.11Grace Skiles2:53.44aFairland
13.9Karlie O'Brien3:00.53aPiketon
14.10Amanda Leach3:29.78aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
--12Ashton BrammerDNFRock Hill
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9McKenna Warner2:32.74aGallia Academy
2.10Samatha Barnes2:34.65aGallia Academy
3.12Emily Skidmore2:36.01aAlexander
5.10Julie Els2:36.02aAlexander
7.9Elisha Manley2:37.09aPiketon
4.12Ashton Brammer2:37.88aRock Hill
9.10Katerina Jung2:40.56aAthens
6.11Melissa Writesel2:41.63aWellston
11.12Hannah Blackburn2:41.82aMinford
8.9Sabrina Covarrubias2:46.36aPortsmouth
13.9Shannon Walker2:46.48aIronton
10.12Joannah Tindongan2:48.77aAthens
12.9Olivia Penn2:52.14aPortsmouth
15.11Grace Skiles2:55.37aFairland
14.9Karlie O'Brien3:02.17aPiketon
17.11Chloe Houck3:13.32aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
16.10Amanda Leach3:19.12aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
18.9Brittany Pfau3:20.49aPortsmouth West
19.10Rachael Shumway3:27.98aScioto Northwest (Mc...
20.10Rachel Huffman3:34.86aPortsmouth West
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Peyton Adkins5:22.98aGallia Academy
2.12Emily Skidmore5:26.72aAlexander
3.10Taylor Hacker5:42.13aIronton
4.9Nicole Brooks5:44.04aAlexander
5.12Morgan Lentes5:49.36aMeigs
6.11Genna Baker5:53.52aGallia Academy
7.12Kira Dillon5:59.69aFairland
8.9Colleen Walker6:02.76aIronton
9.9Lauren Nichols6:10.01aAthens
10.10Amber Roffe6:15.43aMinford
11.12Ellen Edwards6:17.14aAthens
12.9Megan Day6:19.10aPiketon
13.9Tori Hutchison6:19.59aFairland
14.9Becca Bryan6:23.11aMinford
15.9Taylor Davis6:28.46aWellston
16.10Kellyn Burkitt6:28.83aPiketon
17.10Emilie Mills6:37.73aScioto Northwest (Mc...
18.9Melissa Johnson7:12.36aMeigs
19.11Chloe Houck7:28.19aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
20.10Amanda Leach7:49.15aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
21.10Ali Carroll8:16.03aPortsmouth
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Peyton Adkins11:51.38aGallia Academy
2.12Lauren Adkins11:52.97aGallia Academy
3.12Syd Schulz13:13.17aAthens
4.10Taylor Hacker13:39.69aIronton
5.10Emma Hauser13:54.40aAthens
6.9Megan Day14:03.65aPiketon
7.9Nicole Brooks14:09.23aAlexander
8.12Kira Dillon14:23.00aFairland
9.12Kimberly Swisher14:37.65aMeigs
10.10Emilie Mills14:46.98aScioto Northwest (Mc...
11.10Kellyn Burkitt15:31.95aPiketon
--10Amber RoffeDNFMinford
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brea Close15.58aGallia Academy
2.11Jordan Aldridge15.64aFairland
3.12Kayla Smith16.57aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.11Chelsee Childers16.71aPortsmouth West
5.10Mariah Butcher17.07aMinford
6.9Elli Manoogian-O'Dell17.32aAthens
7.12Cinnamon Fletcher17.33aIronton
8.12Adrian Bolin17.72aMeigs
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Jordan Aldridge16.10aFairland
3.11Brea Close16.11aGallia Academy
2.10Mariah Butcher17.09aMinford
5.12Kayla Smith17.21aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.12Adrian Bolin17.37aMeigs
7.11Chelsee Childers17.41aPortsmouth West
6.9Elli Manoogian-O'Dell17.72aAthens
8.12Cinnamon Fletcher17.75aIronton
10Jessica Brooke Hager17.90aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
9.10Jessica Brooke Hager17.90aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
10.9Carmen Franklin18.36aFairland
11.9Chelsea Williams18.54aSouth Point
12.9Kaysey Jamison18.96aGallia Academy
13.10Morgan Pritchett19.15aPiketon
14.9Alison Brown19.37aMeigs
15.11Julie Seaman19.63aScioto Northwest (Mc...
16.9Lindsay Henderson21.11aSouth Point
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Mariah Butcher17.19aMinford
5.12Kayla Smith17.25aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.11Jordan Aldridge17.29aFairland
3.11Chelsee Childers17.30aPortsmouth West
6.12Cinnamon Fletcher17.44aIronton
9.9Carmen Franklin18.13aFairland
10.9Chelsea Williams18.20aSouth Point
7.12Adrian Bolin18.38aMeigs
10Jessica Brooke Hager18.48aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.10Jessica Brooke Hager18.48aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
8.11Brea Close18.53aGallia Academy
11.10Morgan Pritchett19.15aPiketon
13.9Kaysey Jamison19.17aGallia Academy
12.11Julie Seaman19.74aScioto Northwest (Mc...
14.9Elli Manoogian-O'Dell19.74aAthens
15.9Alison Brown19.98aMeigs
17.11Victoria Kratzer20.29aScioto Northwest (Mc...
16.9Lindsay Henderson21.31aSouth Point
18.9Rachel Larimer22.20aAthens
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adrian Bolin48.56aMeigs
2.10Jessica Brooke Hager49.39aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
2.10Jessica Brooke Hager49.39River Valley (Bidwell)
3.11Brea Close50.33aGallia Academy
4.11Jordan Aldridge51.70aFairland
5.10Mariah Butcher52.43aMinford
6.9Carmen Franklin52.71aFairland
7.9Elli Manoogian-O'Dell55.62aAthens
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Brea Close49.57aGallia Academy
2.11Jordan Aldridge49.80aFairland
3.12Adrian Bolin50.58aMeigs
10Jessica Brooke Hager50.68aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.10Jessica Brooke Hager50.68aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.10Mariah Butcher50.91aMinford
6.9Carmen Franklin52.50aFairland
7.12Brittany Carmon53.45aRock Hill
8.9Elli Manoogian-O'Dell54.20aAthens
9.10Chelsea Howard54.75aScioto Northwest (Mc...
10.11Hannah Shull55.93aAlexander
11.12Nicole Payton57.08aPortsmouth
12.10Kayla Griffith57.91aScioto Northwest (Mc...
13.9Hope Dalrymple58.81aAthens
14.10Morgan Pritchett58.87aPiketon
15.9Peyton Hayes59.14aAlexander
16.12Charissa Chapman1:01.14aPortsmouth
17.9Kaysey Jamison1:01.52aGallia Academy
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brea Close
Tonia Logan
Kara Jackson
Alexis Geiger
50.68aGallia Academy
2.-Chelsea Howard
Kenzie Hackworth
Kayla Griffith
Chelsi Wilson
54.19aScioto Northwest (Mc...
3.-Cinnamon Fletcher
Johnna Seward
Morgan Weisgarber
Lorna Ceaser
4.-Stephie Isaac
JaiNai Fields
Kayla Smith
Aubrey Rice
54.54aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
5.-Alyssa Vaughn
Shae Cartee
Nicole Payton
Daylon Smith
6.-Elli Manoogian-O'Dell
Bethany Hewitt
Cora Wilen
Jessica Lawrence
7.-Brecon Richmond
Tiffany Swords
Morgan Bridwell
Chelsee Childers
55.75aPortsmouth West
---Relay Team DNFSouth Point
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Brea Close
Tonia Logan
Kara Jackson
Alexis Geiger
50.77aGallia Academy
2.-Relay Team 51.56aSouth Point
3.-Cinnamon Fletcher
Carie Rister
Morgan Weisgarber
Johnna Seward
4.-Chelsea Howard
Kenzie Hackworth
Kayla Griffith
Chelsi Wilson
53.98aScioto Northwest (Mc...
5.-Alyssa Vaughn
Shae Cartee
Nicole Payton
Daylon Smith
6.-Kayla Smith
JaiNai Fields
Kelsey Sands
Aubrie Rice
54.80aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
7.-Elli Manoogian-O'Dell
Bethany Hewitt
Cora Wilen
Jessica Lawrence
8.-Brecon Richmond
Tiffany Swords
Morgan Bridwell
Chelsee Childers
56.03aPortsmouth West
9.-Whittney Johnson
Alison Brown
Latesha Klein
Marlee Hoffman
10.-Courtney Rippeth
Melissa Writesel
Kaitlin Osborne
Taylor Adams
11.-Relay Team 56.29aFairland
12.-Taila Hodge
Allie Louderback
Kyla Burkitt
PJ Harris
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brea Close
Tonia Logan
Kara Jackson
Alexis Geiger
1:47.04aGallia Academy
2.-Nicole Payton
Ashleigh Link
Daylon Smith
Shae Cartee
3.-Jessi Hager
Kayla Smith
Aubrie Rice
Amanda Hager
1:52.53aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.-Jessica Lawrence
Ilona Carlson
Cora Wilen
Jamie Hall
5.-Mariah Butcher
Brittany Clark
Tiffany Rowland
Courtney Sexton
6.-Relay Team 1:56.29aScioto Northwest (Mc...
7.-Courtney Rippeth
Melissa Writesel
Abby Riley
Taylor Adams
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Brea Close
Tonia Logan
Kara Jackson
Alexis Geiger
1:46.26aGallia Academy
2.-Nicole Payton
Ashleigh Link
Daylon Smith
Shae Cartee
3.-Jessi Hager
Kelsey Sands
Aubrie Rice
Amanda Hager
1:54.05aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
4.-Relay Team 1:57.10aScioto Northwest (Mc...
5.-Jessica Lawrence
Ilona Carlson
Cora Wilen
Jamie Hall
6.-Cinnamon Fletcher
Carie Rister
Johnna Seward
Cortney Rister
7.-Courtney Rippeth
Melissa Writesel
Kaitlin Osborne
Taylor Adams
8.-Mariah Butcher
Brittany Clark
Tiffany Rowland
Courtney Sexton
9.-Relay Team 2:03.87aFairland
---Brecon Richmond
Rachael McGraw
Taylor Newman
McKenna Morgan
DQPortsmouth West
---Relay Team FSSouth Point
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:16.91aAlexander
2.-Jessi Hager
Stephie Isaac
Kelsey Sands
Amanda Hager
4:20.85aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
3.-Relay Team 4:22.10aMeigs
4.-Emily Fox
Cora Wilen
Jamie Hall
Ilona Carlson
5.-Genna Baker
Samatha Barnes
Peyton Adkins
McKenna Warner
4:24.89aGallia Academy
6.-Relay Team 4:25.34aMinford
7.-Relay Team 4:42.04aFairland
8.-Alyssa Vaughn
Nicole Payton
Sabrina Covarrubias
Ashleigh Link
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Genna Baker
Samatha Barnes
Peyton Adkins
McKenna Warner
4:21.79aGallia Academy
2.-Jessi Hager
Kayla Smith
Kelsey Sands
Amanda Hager
4:24.89aRiver Valley (Bidwell)
3.-Emily Fox
Cora Wilen
Jamie Hall
Ilona Carlson
4.-Relay Team 4:32.79aMeigs
5.-Relay Team 4:33.95aFairland
6.-Relay Team 4:35.20aMinford
7.-Relay Team 4:35.50aAlexander
8.-Alyssa Vaughn
Nicole Payton
Sabrina Covarrubias
Ashleigh Link
9.-Shannon Walker
Colleen Walker
Morgan Weisgarber
Johnna Seward
10.-Relay Team 4:42.87aScioto Northwest (Mc...
11.-Taylor Newman
Rachel Huffman
Brittany Pfau
McKenna Morgan
5:48.08aPortsmouth West
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Peyton Adkins
Lauren Adkins
McKenna Warner
Samatha Barnes
9:51.18aGallia Academy
2.-Relay Team 10:09.59aAlexander
3.-Relay Team 10:42.44aAthens
4.-Relay Team 10:49.31aMeigs
5.-Relay Team 11:02.91aMinford
6.-Shannon Walker
Elle Johnson
Colleen Walker
Taylor Hacker
7.-Elisha Manley
Kellyn Burkitt
Karlie O'Brien
Megan Day
8.-Sabrina Covarrubias
Olivia Penn
Charissa Chapman
Maria Schmitt
9.-Eryn Khounlavong
Brianna Barnes
Allison Mitchell
Kyra Carter
12:03.07aSouth Point
10.-Emilie Mills
Kayla Beinlich
Savannah McGuire
Rachael Shumway
13:06.16aScioto Northwest (Mc...
---Tori Hutchison
Carmen Webb
Grace Skiles
Kira Dillon
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kelly Boldman36-11.75Minford
2.9Natalie Close36-05.00Gallia Academy
3.11Lorna Ceaser36-03.75Ironton
4.9Shanice Rollins36-03.00Portsmouth
5.11Allie Troester35-08.25Gallia Academy
6.11Tinesha Taylor33-10.00South Point
7.9Savannah Morris31-05.25South Point
8.10Kaitie Roberts31-02.75River Valley (Bidwell)
9.12Alexandria Cullums29-04.50Meigs
10.12Leigh Evans28-04.50Fairland
11.9Jamila Jones28-02.50Fairland
12.10Jamie Sindler27-09.75Athens
13.10Chelsea Adams27-01.50Piketon
14.9Lyndsey McHone25-08.25Minford
15.10Morgan Howard25-02.50Meigs
16.11Ruthie Stanley24-05.75Portsmouth
17.10Jade Williams24-01.50River Valley (Bidwell)
18.10Heather Entler23-05.00Piketon
19.9Jordan Ostrader22-03.50Athens
20.10Judy Jayjohn20-05.25Wellston
21.10Kailey Laine20-03.25Scioto Northwest (Mc...
22.12Nikki Howard20-00.00Scioto Northwest (Mc...
23.9Presley Southers14-06.50Ironton
--12Stephanie ShapiroFOULAlexander
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna Pomento121-05Athens
2.11Allie Troester118-00Gallia Academy
3.10Kaitie Roberts101-11River Valley (Bidwell)
4.10Jamie Sindler94-04Athens
5.12Leigh Evans94-04Fairland
6.12Alexandria Cullums93-06Meigs
7.9Tori Garrett86-03Fairland
8.9Demi Hardy85-06South Point
9.9Shanice Rollins83-07Portsmouth
10.11Lorna Ceaser80-03Ironton
11.9Savannah Morris78-09South Point
12.12Stephanie Shapiro77-09Alexander
13.10Chelsea Adams73-06Piketon
14.9Lyndsey McHone72-03Minford
15.9Mellisa Jenkins69-00Ironton
16.11Ruthie Stanley68-09Portsmouth
17.12Kayla Beinlich68-05Scioto Northwest (Mc...
18.9Kyla Burkitt67-00Piketon
19.10Judy Jayjohn60-00Wellston
20.10Kelsey Beinlich54-00Scioto Northwest (Mc...
21.10Jade Williams52-07River Valley (Bidwell)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Erika Leighty5-04.00South Point
2.11Allie Troester5-01.00Gallia Academy
3.10Angelica Stewart5-00.00South Point
4.12Mary Page Dalrympe4-10.00Athens
5.11Jordan Aldridge4-10.00Fairland
6.10Taylor Newman4-10.00Portsmouth West
7.10Amy Bowman4-10.00Fairland
7.11Chelsi Wilson4-10.00Scioto Northwest (Mc...
9.11Ashleigh Link4-10.00Portsmouth
10.11Tiffany Rowland4-08.00Minford
10.9Alison Brown4-08.00Meigs
12.10Jenna Euton4-06.00Scioto Northwest (Mc...
12.9Re-chiel McGraw4-06.00Portsmouth
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Brokks8-00.00Fairland
2.11Carie Rister7-06.00Ironton
3.11Tasha Seiter7-00.00Athens
4.11Zoe Seiter7-00.00Athens
5.11Cortney Rister6-06.00Ironton
5.9Destiny Shockley6-06.00Fairland
7.10Morgan Sparks6-06.00Portsmouth
8.10Katelynn Leonard6-00.00South Point
8.12Kimberly Swisher6-00.00Meigs
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexis Geiger17-10.50Gallia Academy
2.12Erika Leighty16-08.00South Point
3.10Kayla Fletcher15-11.50South Point
4.12Cinnamon Fletcher15-04.25Ironton
5.12Brittany Carmon15-01.25Rock Hill
6.10Alyssa Vaughn14-04.25Portsmouth
7.9Bethany Hewitt14-01.75Athens
8.9Kendra Lee14-01.50Alexander
9.9Re-chiel McGraw13-05.50Portsmouth
10.9Latesha Klein12-10.00Meigs
11.9Rachel Larimer12-06.50Athens
12.10Savannah McGuire12-06.25Scioto Northwest (Mc...
13.11Brecon Richmond11-02.50Portsmouth West
14.9Catie Cox11-00.00Fairland
15.9Whitney Morris10-08.50Fairland
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