Warrior MS Relays

Tuesday, April 07, 2009
  Cypress Christian, Houston - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:30 PM  Track Events Start: 5:30 PM
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Texas - Houston Junior Preparatory
SBSSecond Baptist
Texas - Independent
sotwSchool of the Woods
Texas - TALLS
tlsTrinity Lutheran
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Justin Webster11.78Northland Christian
2.7Zachary Mitchell12.23Northland Christian
3.8Isaac Kay12.47Fort Bend Christian ...
4.8Tyler Feenstra12.48The Woodlands Christ...
5.8Dillon Smith12.76Fort Bend Christian ...
6.8Henderson Nathaniel12.81Second Baptist
7.8Preston Jupp12.87Cypress Christian
7.7Daniel Kasprzak12.87Holy Trinity Episcopal
9.8David-Jessalynn Steele-Bright12.90Faith West Academy
10.6Jon Coss13.40Fort Bend Christian ...
10.8Austin Walls13.40The Woodlands Christ...
12.7Alex Limebaugh13.42Baytown Christian Ac...
13.8Jacob Borkovich13.50Cypress Christian
14.8Eric Lucas13.53Brazos Christian
15.8Pierce Womack13.55Holy Trinity Episcopal
16.6Jimmie Lewis13.64St Thomas Episcopal
17.6Ryan Ronquillo13.73Baytown Christian Ac...
18.7Cole Daniels13.82Second Baptist
19.8Garrett Bergoon13.84Trinity Lutheran
20.8Dan Crozier13.91Cypress Christian
21.7Nicolas Anderson14.03Second Baptist
22.7Nathan Taylor14.09Fort Bend Christian ...
23.8Dillon Davis14.16Trinity Lutheran
24.6Luke Kubosh14.17Northland Christian
25.7Tom Milhollin14.23St Thomas Episcopal
26.7Trent Rivers14.24Fort Bend Christian ...
27.8Nathaniel Mayes14.36Covenant Christian
28.6Craig Myatt14.94Cypress Christian
29.7Matt Teichgraeber15.04Briarwood
30.7Chase Giles15.20The Woodlands Christ...
31.8Josh Dunn15.32Holy Trinity Episcopal
32.7Alex Leavell15.35Trinity Lutheran
33.8Daniel Guynes15.48Trinity Lutheran
34.7Nolan Smith15.50Faith West Academy
35.6Raul Giorgi15.58The Woodlands Christ...
36.6Ty Ripoll16.38Fort Bend Christian ...
37.7Joel Fox16.51Covenant Christian
38.7Hunter Washington17.00Faith West Academy
39.7Joshua Barrientes17.05Trinity Lutheran
40.7Caleb Gonzales17.27Baytown Christian Ac...
41.8Caden Welch18.71Briarwood
5Ryan MilesNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
6Nick FlatoNTSt Thomas Episcopal
7Kade SalernoNTThe Woodlands Christ...
8Matthew VrabecNTSt Mark's Episcopal
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Zachary Mitchell25.02Northland Christian
2.8Tyler Feenstra25.88The Woodlands Christ...
3.8Seth Scott25.95Northland Christian
4.8Chad Audibert25.99Faith West Academy
5.8Seyi Adewuya26.96Providence Classical
6.7Daniel Kasprzak27.25Holy Trinity Episcopal
7.8Austin Mcarty27.27Fort Bend Christian ...
8.7Kourtlin Flournoy27.46Northland Christian
9.7Ryan Heller27.57Cypress Christian
10.8Paul Odeyomi27.79Cypress Christian
11.7Alex Limebaugh28.21Baytown Christian Ac...
12.8Austin Walls28.47The Woodlands Christ...
13.8Conner Sheilds28.49The Woodlands Christ...
14.6Jimmie Lewis29.45St Thomas Episcopal
15.6Ryan Ronquillo30.00Baytown Christian Ac...
16.5Ryan Miles30.07Holy Trinity Episcopal
17.8Caden Welch30.52Briarwood
18.7Cooper Owen31.17Brazos Christian
19.6Shason Briscoe32.51Cypress Christian
20.8Jace Martin32.52Fort Bend Christian ...
21.7Trent Rivers32.63Fort Bend Christian ...
22.6Craig Myatt32.72Cypress Christian
24.-Auston McAdory33.80Fort Bend Christian ...
23.8Daniel Guynes33.75Trinity Lutheran
25.5Blake Roberts34.24Cypress Christian
26.7Chad Brandt34.86Providence Classical
27.8Brandon Horne35.45Baytown Christian Ac...
28.8Kyle Garman35.62Trinity Lutheran
29.7James Vletas36.19Faith West Academy
30.8Hunter Hall36.34Baytown Christian Ac...
31.6Tyler Scott36.65Allen Academy
32.7Joshua Barrientes37.17Trinity Lutheran
33.7Caleb Gonzales38.05Baytown Christian Ac...
8Taylor Van NestNTBriarwood
8Dillon DavisNTTrinity Lutheran
8Pierce WomackNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
8Josh DunnNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
7Matt TeichgraeberNTBriarwood
7Joel FoxNTCovenant Christian
6Nick FlatoNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Chris SmithNTFort Bend Christian ...
7Logan BeckhamNTFaith West Academy
8Bradley DavisNTFort Bend Christian ...
7Kade SalernoNTThe Woodlands Christ...
7Hugh FlemingNTSecond Baptist
8Shreve PrattNTSecond Baptist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Justin Webster58.90Northland Christian
2.8Blake Davenport1:00.10Fort Bend Christian ...
3.8Joey Enright1:00.99Northland Christian
4.8Chris Smith1:02.14Fort Bend Christian ...
5.8Jalen Twine1:05.67St Thomas Episcopal
6.8Brandon Mudd1:08.62Baytown Christian Ac...
7.7Justin Duewall1:08.91Brazos Christian
8.6Jimmie Lewis1:09.15St Thomas Episcopal
9.7Cooper Owen1:10.42Brazos Christian
10.7Kasen Martin1:13.47Providence Classical
11.8Taylor Van Nest1:14.28Briarwood
12.5Frank Sheehy1:15.60Cypress Christian
13.8Kyle Garman1:15.82Trinity Lutheran
14.7Trent Rivers1:15.89Fort Bend Christian ...
15.7Rami Sabbagh1:15.92St Mark's Episcopal
16.7Jake Miller1:16.34Second Baptist
17.6Chris McKee1:17.24Cypress Christian
18.7Lukas Kontilis1:17.37Faith West Academy
19.8Mitchell Blowey1:17.84Trinity Lutheran
20.8Daniel Guynes1:17.87Trinity Lutheran
21.7Logan Beckham1:18.69Faith West Academy
22.8Forrest Frank1:21.02Faith West Academy
23.6Jake Georgiades1:22.79Allen Academy
24.6Christopher Benner1:25.44Allen Academy
25.7Joshua Barrientes1:26.07Trinity Lutheran
26.7Edward Briggs1:35.56Second Baptist
7George GabelNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Mason SchiefferNTAllen Academy
7Tim ClearyNTTrinity Lutheran
7Daniel KasprzakNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
5John CrozierNTCypress Christian
8Walker WhitehornNTNorthland Christian
7Nathan TaylorNTFort Bend Christian ...
7Matt MillerNTCovenant Christian
7Alex HumphriesNTBriarwood
7Alex LeavellNTTrinity Lutheran
8Brandon HorneNTBaytown Christian Ac...
8Paul OdeyomiNTCypress Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Benaiah Tour2:25.89Second Baptist
2.8Jalen Twine2:27.55St Thomas Episcopal
3.8Andrew Hawk2:31.59St Thomas Episcopal
4.8Douglas Begin2:32.16Covenant Christian
5.7Cooper Owen2:34.89Brazos Christian
6.7Logan Ward2:41.24Providence Classical
7.8Jessee Udama2:41.55Fort Bend Christian ...
8.7Justin Duewall2:47.66Brazos Christian
9.8Johnathan Zama2:48.71Faith West Academy
10.7Derrick Barnett2:51.88Faith West Academy
11.7Will Durie2:53.66Second Baptist
12.7Michael Saragusa2:56.30Second Baptist
7Davis StubblefieldNTSt Mark's Episcopal
7Christopher JanssenNTSt Mark's Episcopal
7George GabelNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8David LandNTFort Bend Christian ...
6Jake GeorgiadesNTAllen Academy
8Bobby MillerNTCypress Christian
6Adam TabernerNTFaith West Academy
6Christopher BennerNTAllen Academy
7Walter SuNTCypress Christian
5John CrozierNTCypress Christian
6Jake McNeilNTCypress Christian
7Sam HowardNTNorthland Christian
7Tim ClearyNTTrinity Lutheran
8Kyle GarmanNTTrinity Lutheran
8Mitchell BloweyNTTrinity Lutheran
7Robert GeyerNTCypress Christian
7Hayden McHanNTNorthland Christian
7Chad BrandtNTProvidence Classical
8Brandon MuddNTBaytown Christian Ac...
6Christian SolanoNTCypress Christian
7Chris BreedingNTProvidence Classical
X 1200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Andrew Hawk3:57.50St Thomas Episcopal
2.7John Brien3:58.59Allen Academy
3.8Douglas Begin4:17.44Covenant Christian
4.7Andrew Calvert4:20.83St Thomas Episcopal
5.6Matthew Gomez4:22.89Faith West Academy
6.7Justin Duewall4:27.50Brazos Christian
7Robert GeyerNTCypress Christian
7Chad BrandtNTProvidence Classical
7Sterling PolnickNTProvidence Classical
7Chris BreedingNTProvidence Classical
6Christian SolanoNTCypress Christian
7Gus CiottiNTTrinity Lutheran
7Tom LandersNTSt Thomas Episcopal
6Jake McNeilNTCypress Christian
7Sam HowardNTNorthland Christian
X 2400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7John Brien9:16.89Allen Academy
2.7Andrew Calvert9:25.22St Thomas Episcopal
3.7Tom Landers9:32.89St Thomas Episcopal
4.6Matthew Gomez9:38.76Faith West Academy
5.7Robert Geyer9:48.98Cypress Christian
6.7Hayden McHan9:50.29Northland Christian
7.8Aaron Gorski10:34.09Briarwood
8.6Christian Solano10:47.41Cypress Christian
9.5Joshua Twine10:54.48St Thomas Episcopal
X 110m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Isaac Kay17.50Fort Bend Christian ...
2.8Timothy Starbuck17.71Cypress Christian
3.7Eric Yang18.71St Thomas Episcopal
4.7Lawerence Tran19.24St Thomas Episcopal
5.5Ryan Miles19.48Holy Trinity Episcopal
6.8Carter Odenweller20.13Northland Christian
7.5Christopher Geyer20.31Cypress Christian
8.6Chris McKee20.38Cypress Christian
9.7Caleb Gonzales20.57Baytown Christian Ac...
10.7Will Thompson20.80Second Baptist
11.8Don Allen20.88Northland Christian
12.8Alexander LeVrier20.93Second Baptist
13.8Pierce Womack21.14Holy Trinity Episcopal
14.7Brandon Tran21.42St Thomas Episcopal
15.8Matt Simmons21.77Northland Christian
16.8Matt Bancroft21.94Cypress Christian
17.6A.J. Jones22.55The Woodlands Christ...
18.8Eric Lucas22.84Brazos Christian
19.8Garrett Bergoon23.09Trinity Lutheran
20.7Gus Ciotti25.07Trinity Lutheran
8Hunter HallNTBaytown Christian Ac...
7Rhett CookNTFort Bend Christian ...
6Josh HeardNTThe Woodlands Christ...
8Joshua MartinNTSecond Baptist
7Alan BourgeoisNTSt Mark's Episcopal
8Samuel LaBonteNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
6Craig MyattNTCypress Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Dylan Sandlin48.57Fort Bend Christian ...
2.7Hunter Vick48.58Cypress Christian
3.8Don Allen48.60Northland Christian
4.8Carter Odenweller48.67Northland Christian
5.8Garrett Bergoon50.76Trinity Lutheran
6.8Eric Lucas51.69Brazos Christian
7.8Matt Simmons53.94Northland Christian
8.8Matt Bancroft55.63Cypress Christian
9.7Will Thompson55.65Second Baptist
10.7Brandon Tran56.38St Thomas Episcopal
11.7Stephen Luther57.13St Mark's Episcopal
12.8Timothy Starbuck58.43Cypress Christian
13.6Travis Vick1:00.92Cypress Christian
14.7Lawerence Tran1:01.16St Thomas Episcopal
15.5Frank Sheehy1:02.86Cypress Christian
16.5Christopher Geyer1:03.47Cypress Christian
17.7Chris Breeding1:09.18Providence Classical
7Eric YangNTSt Thomas Episcopal
7Alan BourgeoisNTSt Mark's Episcopal
8Joshua MartinNTSecond Baptist
8Alexander LeVrierNTSecond Baptist
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dillon Smith
Austin Mcarty
Dylan Sandlin
Auston McAdory
49.90Fort Bend Christian ...
2.-Dustin Dunnam
Jacob Borkovich
Ryan Heller
Hunter Vick
51.71Cypress Christian
3.-Kortlen Flournoy
Joey Enright
Darien Simms
Matt Simmons
51.73Northland Christian
4.-Henderson Nathaniel
Jay Prince
Cole Daniels
Dylan Schroeder
51.78Second Baptist
5.-Chad Audibert
David Steele
Will Wardell
Forrest Frank
53.52Faith West Academy
6.-Josh Dunn
Samuel LaBonte
Pierce Womack
Daniel Kasprzak
57.15Holy Trinity Episcopal
7.-Rhett Cook
Jon Coss
Ryan Delaney
Ty Ripoll
59.06Fort Bend Christian ...
8.-Relay Team 1:04.14The Woodlands Christ...
-Austin Walls
Conner Sheilds
Tyler Feenstra
Chase Giles
DQThe Woodlands Christ...
-Relay Team NTSt Thomas Episcopal
-Andrew Firestone
Alex Humphries
Matt Teichgraeber
Caden Welch
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Darien Simms
Kortlen Flournoy
Luke Kubosh
Zachary Mitchell
1:44.54Northland Christian
2.-Dylan Sandlin
Austin Mcarty
Jessee Udama
Dillon Smith
1:48.89Fort Bend Christian ...
3.-Hunter Vick
Dustin Dunnam
Dan Crozier
Jacob Borkovich
1:50.60Cypress Christian
4.-Forrest Frank
David Steele
Chad Audibert
Johnathan Zama
1:53.66Faith West Academy
5.-Dylan Schroeder
Ethan Hackett
Cole Daniels
Henderson Nathaniel
1:54.35Second Baptist
6.-Kasen Martin
Logan Ward
Seyi Adewuya
Sterling Polnick
1:59.00Providence Classical
7.-Relay Team 2:04.72Baytown Christian Ac...
8.-Relay Team 2:09.30Fort Bend Christian ...
9.-Shason Briscoe
Travis Vick
Blake Roberts
Chris McKee
2:13.21Cypress Christian
10.-Andrew Firestone
Alex Humphries
J.C. Rhoads
Taylor Van Nest
11.-Relay Team 2:17.57The Woodlands Christ...
12.-Jake Georgiades
Tyler Scott
John Brien
Mason Schieffer
2:18.08Allen Academy
-Relay Team NTCovenant Christian
-Relay Team NTSt Thomas Episcopal
-Josh Heard
Raul Giorgi
A.J. Jones
Andrew Parker
NTThe Woodlands Christ...
-Relay Team NTBaytown Christian Ac...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Darien Simms
Joey Enright
Justin Webster
Seth Scott
4:01.01Northland Christian
2.-Frank Sheehy
Chris McKee
Jake McNeil
Travis Vick
4:07.24Cypress Christian
3.-Relay Team 4:32.81St Thomas Episcopal
4.-Logan Ward
Kasen Martin
Sterling Polnick
Seyi Adewuya
4:43.34Providence Classical
5.-Relay Team 5:15.39Cypress Christian
-David Land
Ty Ripoll
Garret West
Jessee Udama
NTFort Bend Christian ...
-Relay Team NTFort Bend Christian ...
-Jake Miller
Will Thompson
Gabriel Velez
Hugh Fleming
NTSecond Baptist
X Shot Put - 8lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Seth Scott39-01.00Northland Christian
2.8Will Roberts37-10.00Northland Christian
3.8Matt Simmons36-07.50Northland Christian
4.8Jalen Twine32-08.00St Thomas Episcopal
5.8Connor Woodruff30-03.50St Mark's Episcopal
6.8Paul Odeyomi29-07.00Cypress Christian
8.8Seyi Adewuya27-07.50Providence Classical
9.7Brent Miles27-04.00Holy Trinity Episcopal
10.7Kaleb Campbell27-03.00Second Baptist
11.8Cody Helms27-01.00Trinity Lutheran
12.8Brandon Mudd27-00.00Baytown Christian Ac...
13.8Dan Crozier26-10.00Cypress Christian
14.7Jay Kennedy26-08.50Second Baptist
15.8Dillon Davis26-03.50Trinity Lutheran
16.8Bradley Davis26-03.00Fort Bend Christian ...
17.8Jace Martin25-08.00Fort Bend Christian ...
19.7Davis Stubblefield25-00.00St Mark's Episcopal
20.8Brandon Horne24-08.50Baytown Christian Ac...
21.7Joel Fox24-07.50Covenant Christian
23.5Justin Hicks22-06.00Cypress Christian
24.6Mason Martin22-00.00Holy Trinity Episcopal
25.6Ryan Delaney21-10.00Fort Bend Christian ...
26.5Timothy Odeyomi21-00.50Cypress Christian
27.7Samuel Worsham20-07.50Second Baptist
28.5Nathan Davis20-02.00Trinity Lutheran
29.5Joshua Twine19-11.50St Thomas Episcopal
30.6Charles Bell19-03.00Holy Trinity Episcopal
31.5Oscar Mireles19-00.00Trinity Lutheran
32.6Tyler Scott17-11.00Allen Academy
33.6Andrew Rincon17-00.00Cypress Christian
34.6Christopher Benner16-07.00Allen Academy
35.5Jay Dreifuerst16-02.00Trinity Lutheran
36.7Sam Holtcamp15-06.00Holy Trinity Episcopal
7Matt MillerNDCovenant Christian
8Nick CarrowayNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8J.T. LeeverNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Stephen MasonNDSt Thomas Episcopal
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
7.7Hunter Washington27'10.50Faith West Academy
18.7Joshua Craig25'04.00Faith West Academy
22.7Nolan Smith23'05.00Faith West Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
7Joshua CraigNDFaith West Academy
7Nolan SmithNDFaith West Academy
7Hunter WashingtonNDFaith West Academy
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Seth Scott107-05Northland Christian
2.8Matt Simmons96-00Northland Christian
3.8Jalen Twine81-03St Thomas Episcopal
4.8Cody Helms77-03Trinity Lutheran
5.8Dan Crozier77-00Cypress Christian
6.8Austin Mcarty11Fort Bend Christian ...
5Joshua TwineNDSt Thomas Episcopal
6Garret WestNDFort Bend Christian ...
8Isaac KayNDFort Bend Christian ...
6Jon CossNDFort Bend Christian ...
6Gunner WestNDFort Bend Christian ...
8Nick CarrowayNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8J.T. LeeverNDThe Woodlands Christ...
6A.J. JonesNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Davis StubblefieldNDSt Mark's Episcopal
8Connor WoodruffNDSt Mark's Episcopal
7Kade SalernoNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Nicolas AndersonNDSecond Baptist
7Kaleb CampbellNDSecond Baptist
7Jay KennedyNDSecond Baptist
7Cole FordNDNorthland Christian
8Dillon DavisNDTrinity Lutheran
6Charles BellNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
7Brent MilesNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
7Daniel KasprzakNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
7Sam HoltcampNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
6Mason MartinNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
6Jake GeorgiadesNDAllen Academy
6Ryan DelaneyNDFort Bend Christian ...
8Stephen MasonNDSt Thomas Episcopal
7Matt MillerNDCovenant Christian
7Joel FoxNDCovenant Christian
6Tyler ScottNDAllen Academy
-Auston McAdoryNDFort Bend Christian ...
5Timothy OdeyomiNDCypress Christian
5Nathan DavisNDTrinity Lutheran
5Jay DreifuerstNDTrinity Lutheran
5Oscar MirelesNDTrinity Lutheran
8Garrett BergoonNDTrinity Lutheran
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Justin Webster5-06.00Northland Christian
2.8Dylan Sandlin5-02.00Fort Bend Christian ...
3.7Ryan Heller4-10.00Cypress Christian
4.8Stuart Peterson4-08.00St Mark's Episcopal
5.7Dylan Schroeder4-06.00Second Baptist
5.7Jay Prince4-06.00Second Baptist
8Joshua MartinNHSecond Baptist
8Conner SheildsNHThe Woodlands Christ...
8Jessee UdamaNHFort Bend Christian ...
7John BrienNHAllen Academy
8Mason SchiefferNHAllen Academy
8Walker WhitehornNHNorthland Christian
5Frank SheehyNHCypress Christian
7Cole FordNHNorthland Christian
7Dustin DunnamNHCypress Christian
8Hunter HallNHBaytown Christian Ac...
7Chad BrandtNHProvidence Classical
7Alex LimebaughNHBaytown Christian Ac...
7Chris BreedingNHProvidence Classical
7Sterling PolnickNHProvidence Classical
8Brandon MuddNHBaytown Christian Ac...
7Caleb GonzalesNHBaytown Christian Ac...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Carter Odenweller17-02.50Northland Christian
2.8Isaac Kay16-06.00Fort Bend Christian ...
3.7Darien Simms16-03.50Northland Christian
4.8Dillon Smith16-02.00Fort Bend Christian ...
5.8Chad Audibert16-00.50Faith West Academy
5.7Cole Daniels16-00.50Second Baptist
7.8Joey Enright16-00.00Northland Christian
7Kasen MartinNDProvidence Classical
8Aaron GorskiNDBriarwood
5Ryan MilesNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
7J.C. RhoadsNDBriarwood
8Pierce WomackNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
8Samuel LaBonteNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
7Tim ClearyNDTrinity Lutheran
8Will WardellNDFaith West Academy
7Brandon TranNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Preston JuppNDCypress Christian
8Blake DavenportNDFort Bend Christian ...
7Lawerence TranNDSt Thomas Episcopal
7Dylan SchroederNDSecond Baptist
8Joshua MartinNDSecond Baptist
6Josh HeardNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Tyler FeenstraNDThe Woodlands Christ...
6Raul GiorgiNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Stuart PetersonNDSt Mark's Episcopal
8Connor WoodruffNDSt Mark's Episcopal
8Conner SheildsNDThe Woodlands Christ...
6A.J. JonesNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Matthew VrabecNDSt Mark's Episcopal
6Garret WestNDFort Bend Christian ...
6Gunner WestNDFort Bend Christian ...
8Forrest FrankNDFaith West Academy
6Jimmie LewisNDSt Thomas Episcopal
6Jon CossNDFort Bend Christian ...
7Rhett CookNDFort Bend Christian ...
7John BrienNDAllen Academy
8Austin WallsNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Matt BancroftNDCypress Christian
7Logan WardNDProvidence Classical
8Hunter HallNDBaytown Christian Ac...
8Seyi AdewuyaNDProvidence Classical
6Ryan RonquilloNDBaytown Christian Ac...
7Robert GeyerNDCypress Christian
8Eric LucasNDBrazos Christian
7Caleb GonzalesNDBaytown Christian Ac...
8Brandon HorneNDBaytown Christian Ac...
7Alex LeavellNDTrinity Lutheran
7Alex LimebaughNDBaytown Christian Ac...
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Carter Odenweller35-00.00Northland Christian
2.7Darien Simms34-04.00Northland Christian
3.8Joey Enright34-03.00Northland Christian
4.8Preston Jupp32-03.00Cypress Christian
5.7Hunter Vick31-08.00Cypress Christian
6.8Garrett Bergoon28-02.00Trinity Lutheran
7.5Christopher Geyer24-10.00Cypress Christian
6Travis VickNDCypress Christian
7Logan WardNDProvidence Classical
8Daniel GuynesNDTrinity Lutheran
7Chris BreedingNDProvidence Classical
6Jake GeorgiadesNDAllen Academy
6Christopher BennerNDAllen Academy
7Brandon TranNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Chad AudibertNDFaith West Academy
7Kasen MartinNDProvidence Classical
8Mitchell BloweyNDTrinity Lutheran
8Kyle GarmanNDTrinity Lutheran
8Mason SchiefferNDAllen Academy
7Tom MilhollinNDSt Thomas Episcopal
6Jimmie LewisNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Forrest FrankNDFaith West Academy
7Kade SalernoNDThe Woodlands Christ...
6Josh HeardNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Will DurieNDSecond Baptist
7Jay PrinceNDSecond Baptist
7Cole DanielsNDSecond Baptist

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Dara George13.81Second Baptist
2.8Margret Hartman14.11Second Baptist
3.8Christi Brigman14.38Brazos Christian
4.7Mia Pastel14.68Second Baptist
5.8Rebekah Krob14.70Northland Christian
6.7Brooke Houston14.72Northland Christian
7.7Linnea Long14.77Providence Classical
8.7Charmele Holden14.78Cypress Christian
9.8Briana Lachacle14.88Fort Bend Christian ...
10.7Emily Osborne14.98Brazos Christian
11.7Adriana Quick15.38Faith West Academy
12.7Kaitlyn Washington15.53Providence Classical
13.6Morgan Young15.57The Woodlands Christ...
14.7Rowan Harris15.85Covenant Christian
15.8Mary Kennelly15.89Briarwood
16.7Chelsea Ledbetter15.93The Woodlands Christ...
17.8Madison Rice15.94Holy Trinity Episcopal
18.8Elizabeth Buechler15.95Briarwood
19.7Carly Flores16.19The Woodlands Christ...
20.8Erin Kotlan16.23Covenant Christian
21.8Kelsey Tseng16.44Brazos Christian
22.6Gwen Drenker16.46Trinity Lutheran
23.8Stephanie Tran16.48St Thomas Episcopal
24.7Caitlin Post16.65Providence Classical
25.8KC Rodgers16.77Trinity Lutheran
26.8Haley Choate17.07Trinity Lutheran
27.7Kimberly Kienholz17.18The Woodlands Christ...
28.6Daria Druenker17.32Trinity Lutheran
29.8Amie Leitko17.54Trinity Lutheran
30.7Janie Leitner17.66Trinity Lutheran
31.5Lexie Hemple17.87Holy Trinity Episcopal
32.8Sydney Schneider19.37Briarwood
8Lisa MontgomeryNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
7Jordan RodeheaverNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
6Elizabeth MoyeroNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Leah HightNTCovenant Christian
8Olivia NanceNTSt Thomas Episcopal
7Kaitlyn ClarkNTFaith West Academy
6Allison AnthisNTFaith West Academy
7JoJo RinconNTBaytown Christian Ac...
6Emma CarneyNTBaytown Christian Ac...
8Elyse CooperNTNorthland Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Taylor Milhollan30.21Brazos Christian
2.7Laura Berkhouse30.88Providence Classical
3.7Shelby Tate30.89Northland Christian
4.8Rebekah Krob31.07Northland Christian
5.7Mary Ann White31.28Providence Classical
6.7Abby Caron31.51The Woodlands Christ...
7.7Alexis Pope31.54Northland Christian
8.8Elizabeth Buechler32.09Briarwood
9.8Lindsey Henrici32.21Fort Bend Christian ...
10.7Kaitlyn Washington32.34Providence Classical
11.7Meghan Snell32.57Brazos Christian
12.8Leah Hight33.52Covenant Christian
13.8Lisa Montgomery34.26Holy Trinity Episcopal
14.8Madison Rice35.07Holy Trinity Episcopal
15.5Elyssa Ray35.60Cypress Christian
16.8Heather Pearson35.63Faith West Academy
17.8Ali Hargraves35.79Covenant Christian
18.8Stephanie Tran36.19St Thomas Episcopal
19.8Erin Kotlan36.50Covenant Christian
20.7Amanda Woods36.70Baytown Christian Ac...
21.8Karmen Valenzuela37.31Trinity Lutheran
22.6Allison Anthis37.40Faith West Academy
23.6Gwen Drenker37.60Trinity Lutheran
24.6London Lane38.26Fort Bend Christian ...
25.7Kimberly Kienholz38.35The Woodlands Christ...
26.6Daria Druenker39.00Trinity Lutheran
27.5Danielle Lozano40.84Holy Trinity Episcopal
28.8Macy Lee41.79Faith West Academy
6Mai PhamNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Briana LachacleNTFort Bend Christian ...
7Samantha MorrowNTThe Woodlands Christ...
7Nicole SevillaNTThe Woodlands Christ...
7Dara GeorgeNTSecond Baptist
8Margret HartmanNTSecond Baptist
8Stephanie HillinNTSecond Baptist
6Morgan YoungNTThe Woodlands Christ...
7Janie LeitnerNTTrinity Lutheran
8Nicole GreerNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
8KC RodgersNTTrinity Lutheran
8Sydney SchneiderNTBriarwood
6Morgan ManningNTAllen Academy
7Rowan HarrisNTCovenant Christian
8Jordan DiemerNTSt Thomas Episcopal
7JoJo RinconNTBaytown Christian Ac...
7Kara BrandonNTBrazos Christian
5Lexie HempleNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
5Hannah BraunNTCypress Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Christi Brigman1:03.96Brazos Christian
2.7Rachel Earle1:10.21The Woodlands Christ...
3.6Agustina Vasquez1:10.25Northland Christian
4.8Victoria Williams1:10.34Northland Christian
5.7Vanessa Lopez1:11.80Faith West Academy
6.7Rachel O'Reilly1:11.87Fort Bend Christian ...
7.8Stephanie Hillin1:14.20Second Baptist
8.7Reagan Wiley1:14.34Cypress Christian
9.6Morgan Young1:15.48The Woodlands Christ...
10.7Rachel Lapierre1:16.08Fort Bend Christian ...
11.7Catie Eichler1:16.25Northland Christian
12.8Jordan Diemer1:16.71St Thomas Episcopal
13.8Margret Hartman1:17.79Second Baptist
14.7Maddie Addicks1:18.90St Mark's Episcopal
15.7Natalie Celano1:19.06Brazos Christian
16.7Courtney Brandt1:19.39Providence Classical
17.6Avery Barbisch1:19.52Cypress Christian
18.8Hunter Thomson1:20.50St Mark's Episcopal
19.8Haley Talkington1:21.01Providence Classical
20.6Savannah Fontenot1:21.53Fort Bend Christian ...
21.7Casi Blackmon1:24.77Fort Bend Christian ...
22.7Amanda Woods1:25.33Baytown Christian Ac...
23.6Gwen Drenker1:28.49Trinity Lutheran
24.6Madison Lasell1:29.39Allen Academy
25.6Meredith Bancroft1:30.00Cypress Christian
26.6Daria Druenker1:34.80Trinity Lutheran
27.7Olivia Lee1:40.00Trinity Lutheran
7Kelsey MartinNTProvidence Classical
7Gayvin HayesNTCypress Christian
8KC RodgersNTTrinity Lutheran
7Jordan RodeheaverNTHoly Trinity Episcopal
6Brittany GortemillerNTFaith West Academy
6Mai PhamNTSt Thomas Episcopal
6Julia HotzeNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Evan BroussardNTFaith West Academy
7Samantha MorrowNTThe Woodlands Christ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.7Haley Pounds2:33.59The Woodlands Christ...
2.8Gabbie Fontana2:40.46Northland Christian
3.8Leah Richmond2:49.72Fort Bend Christian ...
4.8Emily Bauer2:49.93Second Baptist
5.7Kelsey Martin2:49.96Providence Classical
6.8Leah Dibble2:53.69Fort Bend Christian ...
7.8Kelli Stegall3:02.73Briarwood
8.7Taylor Renfro3:04.79Brazos Christian
9.8Emma Krenzke3:14.07St Mark's Episcopal
10.7Mary Pistorius3:18.62Fort Bend Christian ...
11.6Kelli McGough3:22.23St Thomas Episcopal
12.6Julia Hotze3:23.83St Thomas Episcopal
6Mai PhamNTSt Thomas Episcopal
6Katie DibbleNTFort Bend Christian ...
8Allison FieldsNTFaith West Academy
7Macy MunzNTSt Mark's Episcopal
8Manon MassonNTSt Mark's Episcopal
8Katharine KimmelNTSecond Baptist
8Sarah MarcumNTFaith West Academy
6Madison LasellNTAllen Academy
6Sydney JeterNTAllen Academy
6Morgan ManningNTAllen Academy
8Rebekah StewartNTFaith West Academy
7Meagan StennisNTNorthland Christian
6Keely AbtNTNorthland Christian
6Katherine LewisNTProvidence Classical
7Olivia LeeNTTrinity Lutheran
6Emma KerrNTTrinity Lutheran
5Mary ForsythNTTrinity Lutheran
7Amanda WoodsNTBaytown Christian Ac...
7Linnea LongNTProvidence Classical
8Ariel RathjenNTBrazos Christian
X 1200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Leah Dibble4:41.15Fort Bend Christian ...
2.7Payton Brown4:43.73Northland Christian
3.8Kelli Stegall4:47.80Briarwood
4.6Rachel Hardy4:48.73Northland Christian
5.6Emma Kerr4:52.99Trinity Lutheran
6.6Katherine Lewis4:57.41Providence Classical
7Natalie CelanoNTBrazos Christian
7Courtney BrandtNTProvidence Classical
7Sarah PerkinsNTBrazos Christian
7Caitlin PostNTProvidence Classical
8Truce PhamNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Rachel HowardNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Emily BauerNTSecond Baptist
8Katharine KimmelNTSecond Baptist
7Roxane MoranoNTSt Thomas Episcopal
X 2400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Leah Richmond9:28.48Fort Bend Christian ...
2.6Sarah Clanton9:39.51Allen Academy
3.7Linnea Long10:16.36Providence Classical
4.8Blaire Love11:24.26Northland Christian
5.8Haley Talkington11:41.48Providence Classical
6.8Sydney Greer11:59.29Northland Christian
7.7Sarah Perkins12:51.11Brazos Christian
8.8Ariel Rathjen12:51.36Brazos Christian
6Emma KerrNTTrinity Lutheran
8Truce PhamNTSt Thomas Episcopal
7Roxane MoranoNTSt Thomas Episcopal
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Ali Hargraves15.91Covenant Christian
2.7Laura Brogden16.73Second Baptist
3.8Kyla Wilcher17.62Northland Christian
4.8Lisa Montgomery17.77Holy Trinity Episcopal
5.7Madison Sheehy19.09Cypress Christian
6.7Meredith Heim19.34Northland Christian
7.8Sophia Overton19.41Briarwood
8.7Lauren Adamski20.13St Mark's Episcopal
9.6Brianna Wilson-Kelly20.37St Mark's Episcopal
10.5Danielle Lozano20.84Holy Trinity Episcopal
11.7Lexi Harwell21.27Second Baptist
12.8Lindsey Henrici21.32Fort Bend Christian ...
13.8Ashley Elliott21.35Second Baptist
14.6Sara Abston21.46Northland Christian
15.8Haley Choate21.63Trinity Lutheran
16.8Hannah James21.66St Thomas Episcopal
17.8Sara Rogers22.23St Mark's Episcopal
18.8Carolyn Ryan22.33St Thomas Episcopal
19.7Carly Flores22.60The Woodlands Christ...
19.7Margeret Echols22.60The Woodlands Christ...
21.6Kelli McGough22.65St Thomas Episcopal
22.5Samantha Longridge24.29Cypress Christian
23.8Karmen Valenzuela24.46Trinity Lutheran
24.5Kallie Rhea25.66Cypress Christian
7Gayvin HayesNTCypress Christian
6Emma CarneyNTBaytown Christian Ac...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kyla Wilcher52.73Northland Christian
2.6Bethany Dennison58.11Northland Christian
3.8Shannen Longridge58.41Cypress Christian
4.7Meredith Heim59.17Northland Christian
5.8Sophia Overton59.86Briarwood
6.8Carolyn Ryan1:04.20St Thomas Episcopal
7.6Sarah Clanton1:05.31Allen Academy
8.6Sydney Jeter1:07.57Allen Academy
9.6Kelli McGough1:11.30St Thomas Episcopal
8Hannah JamesNTSt Thomas Episcopal
8Catherine UrsoNTSt Mark's Episcopal
6Brianna Wilson-KellyNTSt Mark's Episcopal
7Colleen PhillipsNTSt Mark's Episcopal
8tabatha BeustringNTSecond Baptist
7Laura BrogdenNTSecond Baptist
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rebekah Krob
Victoria Williams
Alexis Pope
Shelby Tate
57.37Northland Christian
2.-Ashlyn Polnick
Juliana Cox
Mary Ann White
Amanda Ryan
57.59Providence Classical
3.-Shannen Longridge
Madison Sheehy
Charmele Holden
Reagan Wiley
58.89Cypress Christian
4.-Alyssa Melillo
Mary Paige Stevenson
Kayley Looney
Dara George
1:00.18Second Baptist
5.-Relay Team 1:04.23St Thomas Episcopal
6.-Kimberly Kienholz
Samantha Morrow
Carly Flores
Margeret Echols
1:05.40The Woodlands Christ...
-Haley Pounds
Laura Freet
Abby Caron
Sara Lee
DQThe Woodlands Christ...
-Relay Team NTFort Bend Christian ...
-Macy Lee
Taylor Riley
Vanessa Lopez
Adriana Quick
NTFaith West Academy
-Jackie Gammon
London Lane
Casi Blackmon
Christine Olukoya
NTFort Bend Christian ...
-Samantha Longridge
Elyssa Ray
Kallie Rhea
Hannah Braun
NTCypress Christian
-Jordan Rodeheaver
Madison Rice
Lisa Montgomery
Nicole Greer
NTHoly Trinity Episcopal
-Elizabeth Buechler
Kiersten Schrock
Mary Kennelly
Sydney Schneider
-Relay Team NTBrazos Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ashlyn Polnick
Juliana Cox
Amanda Ryan
Laura Berkhouse
2:00.72Providence Classical
2.-Shelby Tate
Alexis Pope
Brooke Houston
Gabbie Fontana
2:01.28Northland Christian
3.-Lauren Adamski
Callie Bike
Nicole Turner
Colleen Phillips
2:08.50St Mark's Episcopal
4.-Relay Team 2:09.55Brazos Christian
5.-Laura Brogden
Kayley Looney
Stephanie Hillin
Mary Paige Stevenson
2:10.56Second Baptist
6.-Nicole Sevilla
Sara Lee
Abby Caron
Laura Freet
2:13.55The Woodlands Christ...
7.-London Lane
Savannah Fontenot
Christine Olukoya
Casi Blackmon
2:16.56Fort Bend Christian ...
8.-Relay Team 2:20.03Briarwood
9.-Sarah Clanton
Sydney Jeter
Morgan Manning
Madison Lasell
2:26.93Allen Academy
-Taylor Riley
Allison Fields
Macy Lee
Heather Pearson
NTFaith West Academy
-Elizabeth Moyero
Olivia Nance
Julia Hotze
Rachel Howard
NTSt Thomas Episcopal
-Ali Hargraves
Leah Hight
Erin Kotlan
Rowan Harris
NTCovenant Christian
-Relay Team NTFort Bend Christian ...
-Relay Team NTBaytown Christian Ac...
-Relay Team NTBaytown Christian Ac...
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Melanie Fulco
Victoria Williams
Kyla Wilcher
Gabbie Fontana
4:45.00Northland Christian
2.-Ashlyn Polnick
Amanda Ryan
Juliana Cox
Kelsey Martin
4:47.71Providence Classical
3.-Christi Brigman
Taylor Milhollan
Kelsey Tseng
Emily Osborne
4:51.59Brazos Christian
4.-Nicole Sevilla
Haley Pounds
Rachel Earle
Sara Lee
5:03.91The Woodlands Christ...
5.-Reagan Wiley
Charmele Holden
Madison Sheehy
Shannen Longridge
5:07.63Cypress Christian
6.-Carolyn Ryan
Jordan Diemer
Hannah James
Stephanie Tran
5:37.49St Thomas Episcopal
6.-Hannah Braun
Kallie Rhea
Elyssa Ray
Avery Barbisch
5:37.49Cypress Christian
-Relay Team NTFort Bend Christian ...
-Kayley Looney
Meagan Maloney
Kennedy Nabors
Lexi Harwell
NTSecond Baptist
-Rachel Lapierre
London Lane
Jackie Gammon
Victoria Price
NTFort Bend Christian ...
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Briana Lachacle27-05.00Fort Bend Christian ...
2.8Natalia Miller26-08.00Second Baptist
3.8Amie Leitko25-09.50Trinity Lutheran
4.8Victoria Williams25-09.00Northland Christian
5.7Jessica Bell24-08.00St Mark's Episcopal
6Brianna Wilson-KellyNDSt Mark's Episcopal
8Manon MassonNDSt Mark's Episcopal
8Jesse RogersNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Mariah OdermannNDSecond Baptist
8Alyssa MelilloNDSecond Baptist
6Blair DuroyNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Samantha MorrowNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Carly FloresNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Abby CaronNDThe Woodlands Christ...
6Katie DibbleNDFort Bend Christian ...
8KC RodgersNDTrinity Lutheran
7Janie LeitnerNDTrinity Lutheran
8Karmen ValenzuelaNDTrinity Lutheran
8Nicole GreerNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
5Kallie RheaNDCypress Christian
8Leah DibbleNDFort Bend Christian ...
8Sarah MarcumNDFaith West Academy
6Morgan ManningNDAllen Academy
8Lynley AlldridgeNDCypress Christian
8Elyse CooperNDNorthland Christian
8Melody TownsendNDNorthland Christian
6Avery BarbischNDCypress Christian
6Erika DaviesNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Manon Masson59-03St Mark's Episcopal
2.8Amie Leitko54-06Trinity Lutheran
3.8Nicole Greer52-11Holy Trinity Episcopal
4.7Mariah Odermann51-03Second Baptist
5.8Natalia Miller50-07Second Baptist
6.8Melody Townsend50-04Northland Christian
8Elyse CooperNDNorthland Christian
8Lynley AlldridgeNDCypress Christian
7Brooke HoustonNDNorthland Christian
6Erika DaviesNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
8Alyssa MelilloNDSecond Baptist
7Carly FloresNDThe Woodlands Christ...
6Blair DuroyNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Samantha MorrowNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Jesse RogersNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Lauren AdamskiNDSt Mark's Episcopal
7Amanda NartNDSt Mark's Episcopal
6Katie DibbleNDFort Bend Christian ...
7Abby CaronNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Lindsey HenriciNDFort Bend Christian ...
8Briana LachacleNDFort Bend Christian ...
7Rachel LapierreNDFort Bend Christian ...
8KC RodgersNDTrinity Lutheran
7Janie LeitnerNDTrinity Lutheran
8Karmen ValenzuelaNDTrinity Lutheran
8Sarah MarcumNDFaith West Academy
8Leah DibbleNDFort Bend Christian ...
6Sarah ClantonNDAllen Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Amanda Ryan4-06.00Providence Classical
2.8Christi Brigman4-04.00Brazos Christian
2.6Brianna Wilson-Kelly4-04.00St Mark's Episcopal
4.8Hannah James4-04.00St Thomas Episcopal
5.7Margeret Echols4-00.00The Woodlands Christ...
6.7Meredith Heim4-00.00Northland Christian
7.8Rebekah Krob4-00.00Northland Christian
7.7Erin Arthur4-00.00St Mark's Episcopal
9.7April Van Anglen3-10.00Second Baptist
9.7Rachel Earle3-10.00The Woodlands Christ...
9.6Avery Barbisch3-10.00Cypress Christian
12.7Mary Ann White3-08.00Providence Classical
12.8Shannen Longridge3-08.00Cypress Christian
12.7Madison Sheehy3-08.00Cypress Christian
15.7Kennedy Nabors3-06.00Second Baptist
15.7Shelby Tate3-06.00Northland Christian
15.5Samantha Longridge3-06.00Cypress Christian
18.5Kallie Rhea3-04.00Cypress Christian
19.8Carolyn Ryan3-02.00St Thomas Episcopal
19.7Linnea Long3-02.00Providence Classical
6Emma CarneyNHBaytown Christian Ac...
7Gayvin HayesNHCypress Christian
8Catherine UrsoNHSt Mark's Episcopal
8Emma StolleNHThe Woodlands Christ...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kyla Wilcher13-06.00Northland Christian
2.7Alexis Pope12-10.00Northland Christian
3.8Victoria Williams12-09.50Northland Christian
4.7Vanessa Lopez12-08.00Faith West Academy
5.8Hannah James12-06.00St Thomas Episcopal
6.7Dara George12-02.50Second Baptist
7.8Lindsey Henrici12-01.00Fort Bend Christian ...
6Morgan Young11'9"The Woodlands Christ...
7Colleen PhillipsNDSt Mark's Episcopal
8Catherine UrsoNDSt Mark's Episcopal
7Paige LockhartNDSt Mark's Episcopal
7Chiara CatelliNDSecond Baptist
8Mary Paige StevensonNDSecond Baptist
7Nicole SevillaNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Chelsea LedbetterNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Haley PoundsNDThe Woodlands Christ...
8Taylor RileyNDFaith West Academy
8Stephanie TranNDSt Thomas Episcopal
7Victoria PriceNDFort Bend Christian ...
6Meredith BancroftNDCypress Christian
7Gayvin HayesNDCypress Christian
8Mary KennellyNDBriarwood
7Ashlyn PolnickNDProvidence Classical
8Lisa MontgomeryNDHoly Trinity Episcopal
8Carolyn RyanNDSt Thomas Episcopal
6Madison LasellNDAllen Academy
7Charmele HoldenNDCypress Christian
7Reagan WileyNDCypress Christian
8Sophia OvertonNDBriarwood
7Sarah PerkinsNDBrazos Christian
7Ashley MilsteadNDCypress Christian
8Juliana CoxNDProvidence Classical
8Amanda RyanNDProvidence Classical
8Kelli StegallNDBriarwood
7Kara BrandonNDBrazos Christian
7Olivia LeeNDTrinity Lutheran
6Gwen DrenkerNDTrinity Lutheran
6Emma KerrNDTrinity Lutheran
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Juliana Cox30-04.00Providence Classical
2.8Kyla Wilcher29-09.00Northland Christian
3.8Amanda Ryan28-01.00Providence Classical
4.7Alexis Pope27-11.00Northland Christian
5.7Meredith Heim26-02.00Northland Christian
5.7Ashlyn Polnick26-02.00Providence Classical
7.8Rachel Howard25-11.00St Thomas Episcopal
6Sydney JeterNDAllen Academy
8Haley ChoateNDTrinity Lutheran
6Kelli McGoughNDSt Thomas Episcopal
8Stephanie TranNDSt Thomas Episcopal
7Haley PoundsNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Kennedy NaborsNDSecond Baptist
8Stephanie HillinNDSecond Baptist
7Meagan MaloneyNDSecond Baptist
6Morgan YoungNDThe Woodlands Christ...
7Ashley MilsteadNDCypress Christian
8Ariel RathjenNDBrazos Christian
7Taylor RenfroNDBrazos Christian
5Hannah BraunNDCypress Christian
5Elyssa RayNDCypress Christian
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