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CYO-DVCL-Meet #2 - DVC

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 2nd grade - Finals
2.2Sinjin Speer9.48St. Agnes
3.2Timothy Baxter9.99Saint Francis of Ass...
4.2Joseph DeFreitas10.36St. Agnes
5.2Justin Campo10.40Christ the King
6.2Raudel Reynoso10.48Saint Francis of Ass...
X 50 Meter Dash - 3rd grade - Finals
2.3Ryan Taheri8.67Christ the King
1.3Nathan Rumpf8.79Christ the King
3.3Logan Heaney9.17Christ the King
2.3Vincent Avina9.24Christ the King
3.3Naldo Villarama9.38St. Agnes
4.3James Costello9.57St. Agnes
5.3J.T. Keane9.94St. Agnes
6.3Max Jordan10.03Christ the King
4.3Sam Basilico10.37Christ the King
5.3Parker Grube10.53Christ the King
6.3Cole Nixon11.11Christ the King
6.3Nicholas Pilgrim11.43Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Davied Klapperich9.04Christ the King
2.4Jack Klapperich9.44Christ the King
3.4Eion McCullough9.60St. Agnes
4.4Jaxon Pandelis9.57Christ the King
5.4Logan Blair9.61Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Jake Simpson7.96Christ the King
2.5Marco Monti8.16Christ the King
2.5Zachary Runyon8.17Christ the King
3.5Andrew Leonard8.20Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5Joseph Ridgway9.15Christ the King
5.5Bijan Samimi9.15Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5Nicholas Marshall9.25Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Sinjin Speer17.77St. Agnes
3.2Joseph DeFreitas19.30St. Agnes
4.2Justin Campo19.88Christ the King
5.2Raudel Reynoso20.55Saint Francis of Ass...
6.2Alan Kobylik20.85Christ the King
8.2Aiden Copeland21.67Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Haden Licon16.21St. Agnes
3.3Thomas Mundy17.37Christ the King
4.3Tyler Henderson17.53Saint Francis of Ass...
5.3Naldo Villarama17.57St. Agnes
2.3Logan Heaney17.64Christ the King
4.3Stephen Mundy17.71Christ the King
3.3Vincent Avina18.05Christ the King
6.3Daniel Mockler19.55Christ the King
6.3Cole Nixon20.81Christ the King
7.3Jackson Gin21.32Christ the King
8.3Nicholas Pilgrim21.90Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
2.4Jason Stockwell16.99Christ the King
3.4Logan Blair18.05Christ the King
4.4Jack Klapperich18.31Christ the King
5.4Eion McCullough18.48St. Agnes
X 100 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Jake Simpson14.71Christ the King
2.5Marco Monti15.18Christ the King
3.5Zachary Runyon15.48Christ the King
4.5Ray Muhlenkamp18.34Christ the King
5.5Thomas Jordan18.92Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Sean Taheri14.38Christ the King
3.6Nick Mitchell14.71Christ the King
1.6Jack Loftus15.10Christ the King
2.6Angelo Gastello15.63Christ the King
4.6Chris Muhlenkamp15.77Christ the King
5.6Lee Verrall15.97Christ the King
3.6Joseph Ross16.01Christ the King
6.6James Pocta16.02Christ the King
4.6Mason Cheshier16.93Christ the King
5.6William Inman17.46Christ the King
6.6Mitchell Lane17.48Christ the King
7.6Sebastian Dombrowski17.52Saint Francis of Ass...
7.6Calvin Scott-Brown17.60Christ the King
8.6Christopher McDonough17.70Saint Francis of Ass...
X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Nate Burkhart13.12Christ the King
2.7Doug Strange14.67Christ the King
3.7Benjamin Rose14.69Christ the King
4.7David Lawrence15.15Christ the King
3.7Erik Semenchuk15.23Saint Francis of Ass...
5.7Brennan Williams15.28Christ the King
6.7Brian Kerfs15.72Christ the King
4.7Danny Keane15.96St. Agnes
5.7Nicholas Friel16.18Saint Francis of Ass...
6.7Chase Shackleton16.36Saint Francis of Ass...
7.7Richard Clark17.13Christ the King
7.7Marcelo Orozco19.38Saint Francis of Ass...
X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Joshua Levy12.38Christ the King
1.8Kyle Peterson13.26Saint Francis of Ass...
2.8Robert Vaccaro13.53St. Agnes
2.8Michael Medeiros13.63Christ the King
3.8Joel Timbrell14.08Christ the King
3.8Matthew Chung14.04Christ the King
4.8Andrew Mundy14.34Christ the King
5.8Stephen Irion14.62Christ the King
4.8Caleb Phair14.95Christ the King
5.8Wilson Jones15.37Christ the King
6.8John Galvin15.63Saint Francis of Ass...
X 200 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
2.2Alan Kobylik47.00Christ the King
3.4Natalie Perez49.77Saint Francis of Ass...
4.2Alex Halaszynski56.74Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Haden Licon36.30St. Agnes
3.3James Costello37.73St. Agnes
5.3Parker Grube42.37Christ the King
5.3Patrick Jensen47.96Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Sean Taheri30.04Christ the King
2.6Nick Mitchell31.00Christ the King
3.6Sean Wanket31.93Christ the King
5.6Angelo Gastello32.68Christ the King
6.6Jacob Brettin35.51Saint Francis of Ass...
7.6Luis Garibay36.03Christ the King
8.6Mason Cheshier36.07Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Joseph Ruotolo28.88Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kyle Peterson27.92Saint Francis of Ass...
2.8Joel Timbrell30.21Christ the King
3.8John Galvin33.31Saint Francis of Ass...
X 400 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Timothy Baxter1:32.26Saint Francis of Ass...
3.2Jonathan Friel1:50.30Saint Francis of Ass...
X 400 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Jackson Thomas1:18.41Christ the King
2.3Kristofer King1:18.42Christ the King
1.3Ryan Taheri1:22.79Christ the King
4.3Richard Cunningham1:28.34St. Agnes
3.3Sam Basilico1:42.61Christ the King
4.3MinHo Lee1:42.82Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
2.4Peter Candell1:20.66Christ the King
3.4Davied Klapperich1:21.80Christ the King
2.4Noah Loeliger1:23.42Christ the King
4.4Jason Stockwell1:24.59Christ the King
5.4Jordan Levy1:32.39Christ the King
6.4Jaxon Pandelis1:35.68Christ the King
7.4James Asterlind1:47.67Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Brooks Williams1:12.83Christ the King
2.5Earl Meneweather1:15.26Christ the King
4.5Bijan Samimi1:22.37Saint Francis of Ass...
5.5Riley Shanks1:23.34Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Sean Godkin1:05.09Christ the King
1.6Alexander King1:05.76Christ the King
3.6Lee Verrall1:15.71Christ the King
3.6Chris Muhlenkamp1:16.43Christ the King
4.6Jack Loftus1:17.63Christ the King
4.6Joseph Ross1:17.73Christ the King
5.6Jacob Brettin1:17.81Saint Francis of Ass...
5.6Christopher McDonough1:24.86Saint Francis of Ass...
6.6Jackson McDonough1:29.63Saint Francis of Ass...
X 400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Nate Burkhart1:00.55Christ the King
2.7Justin Fairfield1:14.64Saint Francis of Ass...
3.7Nicholas Friel1:18.28Saint Francis of Ass...
4.7James Marcotte1:21.92Saint Francis of Ass...
5.7Griffin Scales1:35.72Saint Francis of Ass...
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kyle Peterson1:01.16Saint Francis of Ass...
1.8Elliot Gomez1:02.66St. Agnes
2.8Nick Luna1:04.66Christ the King
3.8Joel Timbrell1:05.25Christ the King
3.8Caleb Phair1:08.03Christ the King
4.8Ryan Friel1:10.31Saint Francis of Ass...
5.8John Galvin1:12.33Saint Francis of Ass...
X 800 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Matthew Pintarich03:26.71Christ the King
2.2Aiden Copeland04:13.92Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Thomas Mundy02:53.69Christ the King
2.3Stephen Mundy02:53.98Christ the King
3.3Tyler Henderson03:06.34Saint Francis of Ass...
4.3Kristofer King03:07.67Christ the King
7.3MinHo Lee04:19.14Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Ian Dota-Clemens02:45.98Christ the King
2.5Brooks Williams02:47.28Christ the King
3.5Andrew Fairfield02:51.34Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5David Phair03:00.49Christ the King
5.5Bryce Ulrich03:08.91Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Alexander King02:35.87Christ the King
3.6Sean Godkin02:42.06Christ the King
5.6Jackson McDonough03:43.85Saint Francis of Ass...
X 800 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Doug Strange02:43.23Christ the King
2.7Justin Fairfield02:57.39Saint Francis of Ass...
3.7James Marcotte03:21.02Saint Francis of Ass...
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Danny Stalters02:28.09St. Agnes
2.8Stephen Irion02:36.96Christ the King
3.8Elliot Gomez02:42.94St. Agnes
X 1600 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
2.4Noah Loeliger6:23.15Christ the King
4.4Jordan Levy7:33.47Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Ian Dota-Clemens5:54.46Christ the King
2.5Andrew Fairfield5:54.81Saint Francis of Ass...
3.5David Phair6:14.77Christ the King
4.5Sean Fuller6:22.83Christ the King
5.5Riley Shanks6:31.65Christ the King
6.5Earl Meneweather6:33.47Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
2.6Sean Wanket6:11.08Christ the King
3.6Kevan'te Bessard6:11.59Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Parker Marson5:38.07Christ the King
2.7Brennan Williams5:45.13Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Danny Stalters5:28.80St. Agnes
2.8Andrew Mundy5:43.05Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 2nd grade - Finals
1.-Raudel Reynoso
Timothy Baxter
Jonathan Friel
Hope Friel
1:24.11Saint Francis of Ass...
X 4x100 Relay - 3rd grade - Finals
1.-Riley Shanks
Sean Fuller
Ray Muhlenkamp
Earl Meneweather
1:08.35Christ the King
1.-Relay Team 1:11.25St. Agnes
2.-Kristofer King
Matthew Pintarich
Thomas Mundy
Stephen Mundy
1:11.50Christ the King
3.-Vincent Avina
Logan Heaney
Aiden Copeland
Sam Basilico
1:21.35Christ the King
5.-Daniel Mockler
Jackson Gin
Alan Kobylik
Parker Grube
1:25.68Christ the King
4.-Nicholas Pilgrim
Cole Nixon
Minho Lee
Alex Halaszynski
1:31.52Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 4th grade - Finals
1.-Nicholas Marshall
David Phair
Ryan Olivier
Joseph Ridgway
1:08.76Christ the King
4.-Jaxon Pandelis
Jack Klapperich
Logan Blair
Jordan Levy
1:17.17Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 5th grade - Finals
1.-Marco Monti
Ian Dota-Clemens
Zachary Runyon
Jake Simpson
0:59.52Christ the King
2.-Andrew Leonard
Natalie Perez
Bijan Samimi
Andrew Fairfield
1:04.70Saint Francis of Ass...
3.-Nathan Rumpf
Ryan Taheri
Jackson Thomas
Max Jordan
1:08.20Christ the King
5.-Noah Loeliger
Jason Stockwell
Davied Klapperich
Peter Candell
1:08.84Christ the King
6.-Eduardo Sandoval
Brooks Williams
Thomas Jordan
James Asterlind
1:15.95Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 6th grade - Finals
1.-Sean Taheri
Chris Muhlenkamp
Sean Godkin
Nick Mitchell
1:00.24Christ the King
2.-Angelo Gastello
Sean Wanket
Alexander King
Joseph Ross
1:02.05Christ the King
4.-Luis Garibay
Jack Loftus
Mitchell Lane
Kevante Besserd
1:06.11Christ the King
5.-Lee Verrall
Dominic Dalpiaz
Mason Cheshier
William Inman
1:06.35Christ the King
6.-Jacob Brettin
Sebastian Dombrowski
Jackson McDonough
Christopher McDonough
1:10.30Saint Francis of Ass...
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Nate Burkhart
David Lawrence
Doug Strange
Benjamin Rose
0:57.29Christ the King
2.-Griffin Scales
Justin Fairfield
Erik Semenchuk
Nicholas Friel
1:00.80Saint Francis of Ass...
4.-Joshua Cunningham
Chase Shackleton
James Marcotte
Taylor Jones
1:07.99Saint Francis of Ass...
5.-River Rose
Joey Lowman
Marcelo Orozco
Nathan Fernandes
1:15.81Saint Francis of Ass...
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Joshua Levy
Nick Luna
Michael Medeiros
Stephen Irion
0:54.24Christ the King
3.-Relay Team 0:58.56Saint Francis of Ass...
3.-Kyle Peterson
Ryan Friel
John Jankowski
John Galvin
0:58.56Saint Francis of Ass...
4.-Timothy Whitworth
Andrew Mundy
Joel Timbrell
Calvin Scott-Brown
1:02.72Christ the King
X 4x400 Relay - 6th grade - Finals
1.-Sean Wanket
Kevante Besserd
Angelo Gastello
Nick Mitchell
04:56.77Christ the King
2.-Alexander King
Chris Muhlenkamp
Sean Godkin
Mitchell Lane
05:07.32Christ the King
3.-Ian Dota-Clemens
Brooks Williams
Bryce Ulrich
Mattie Gebhart
05:14.71Christ the King
4.-Jake Simpson
Jack Loftus
Joseph Ross
Ray Muhlenkamp
05:30.36Christ the King
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 3rd grade - Finals
1.-Stephen Mundy
Matthew Pintarich
Kristofer King
Thomas Mundy
2:33.79Christ the King
3.-Relay Team 2:47.25St. Agnes
4.-Ryan Taheri
Logan Heaney
Patrick Jensen
Max Jordan
3:03.64Christ the King
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 5th grade - Finals
1.-Brooks Williams
Ray Muhlenkamp
Bryce Ulrich
Ian Dota-Clemens
2:20.61Christ the King
2.-Andrew Fairfield
Natalie Perez
Bijan Samimi
Andrew Leonard
2:25.61Saint Francis of Ass...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 6th grade - Finals
1.-Alexander King
Mitchell Lane
Joseph Ross
Sean Taheri
2:11.76Christ the King
2.-Sean Godkin
Sean Wanket
Kevante Besserd
Nick Mitchell
2:12.85Christ the King
4.-Jacob Brettin
Sebastian Dombrowski
Jackson McDonough
Christopher McDonough
2:40.87Saint Francis of Ass...
4.-Relay Team 2:40.87Saint Francis of Ass...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Brennan Williams
Joseph Ruotolo
Benjamin Rose
Doug Strange
2:09.06Christ the King
2.-Jack Loftus
David Lawrence
Angelo Gastello
Chris Muhlenkamp
2:11.82Christ the King
4.-Relay Team 2:22.91Saint Francis of Ass...
4.-Justin Fairfield
Nicholas Friel
Griffin Scales
Erik Semenchuk
2:22.91Saint Francis of Ass...
6.-James Marcotte
Nathan Fernandes
Taylor Jones
Chase Shackleton
2:46.96Saint Francis of Ass...
7.-Dana Hensler
Andrew Leonard
Olivia Marcotte
Marcelo Orozco
3:28.38Saint Francis of Ass...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Nate Burkhart
Joel Timbrell
Wilson Jones
Andrew Mundy
1:58.59Christ the King
2.-Danny Stalters
Danny Keene
Robert Vaccaro
Elliot Gomez
2:00.90St. Agnes
3.-Relay Team 2:09.30Saint Francis of Ass...
3.-Kyle Peterson
John Galvin
Dayna Tran
Ryan Friel
2:09.30Saint Francis of Ass...
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th grade - Finals
2.5Eduardo Sandoval17'04.00Christ the King
4.5Sean Fuller16'05.50Christ the King
5.5Nicholas Marshall15'00.00Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th grade - Finals
2.6Dominic Dalpiaz25'01.00Christ the King
3.6Antonio Mitchell21'09.00Christ the King
4.6Mitchell Lane20'08.00Christ the King
5.6Mason Cheshier19'10.00Christ the King
6.6Sebastian Dombrowski15'06.50Saint Francis of Ass...
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Joshua Cunningham30'00.50Saint Francis of Ass...
2.7Erik Semenchuk29'10.00Saint Francis of Ass...
3.7Danny Keane23'10.00St. Agnes
4.7Griffin Scales23'03.00Saint Francis of Ass...
5.7Tony Gonzalez23'00.50St. Agnes
6.7Nathan Fernandes20'06.00Saint Francis of Ass...
7.7Taylor Jones20'03.00Saint Francis of Ass...
8.7Justin Fairfield20'02.00Saint Francis of Ass...
9.7Richard Clark15'06.00Christ the King
X Shot Put - 8lb - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Joshua Levy31'11.00Christ the King
2.8Andrew Mundy28'06.50Christ the King
4.8Joel Timbrell23'00.00Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Matthew Pintarich67'09Christ the King
2.2Raudel Reynoso62'03Saint Francis of Ass...
5.2Aiden Copeland46'02Christ the King
6.2Justin Campo45'05Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 3rd grade - Finals
2.3Nathan Rumpf92'09Christ the King
3.3Thomas Mundy82'03Christ the King
5.3Max Jordan73'07Christ the King
7.3Daniel Mockler70'03Christ the King
8.3Jackson Thomas68'04Christ the King
10.3Richard Cunningham64'03St. Agnes
11.3Jackson Gin58'09Christ the King
12.3Stephen Mundy58'06Christ the King
13.3Logan Heaney56'00Christ the King
16.3J.T. Keane36'07St. Agnes
17.3Nicholas Pilgrim34'05Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 4th grade - Finals
2.4Jack Klapperich78'11Christ the King
3.4Davied Klapperich74'00Christ the King
6.4Jaxon Pandelis68'01Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Zachary Runyon123'06Christ the King
2.5Joseph Ridgway113'00Christ the King
3.5Ryan Olivier108'03Christ the King
4.5Riley Shanks104'08Christ the King
5.5Ian Dota-Clemens95'01Christ the King
6.5Andrew Leonard89'04Saint Francis of Ass...
7.5Ray Muhlenkamp85'03Christ the King
8.4Logan Blair63'06Christ the King
9.5Thomas Jordan58'03Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 6th grade - Finals
2.6Dominic Dalpiaz125'03Christ the King
3.6Nick Mitchell120'02Christ the King
5.6Angelo Gastello113'01Christ the King
6.6Jack Loftus111'10Christ the King
7.6Lee Verrall103'10Christ the King
9.6William Inman85'07Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Tony Gonzalez140'11St. Agnes
2.7Joshua Cunningham135'04Saint Francis of Ass...
4.7Chase Shackleton108'09Saint Francis of Ass...
5.7Erik Semenchuk98'07Saint Francis of Ass...
6.7Marcelo Orozco96'03Saint Francis of Ass...
7.7Taylor Jones90'02Saint Francis of Ass...
8.7Nathan Fernandes85'03Saint Francis of Ass...
9.7Richard Clark79'02Christ the King
10.7Joey Lowman78'00Saint Francis of Ass...
11.7James Marcotte67'07Saint Francis of Ass...
12.7Richard Clark66'03Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 8th grade - Finals
2.8John Jankowski145'11Saint Francis of Ass...
3.8Wilson Jones131'10Christ the King
4.8Elliot Gomez128'06St. Agnes
5.8Kyle Peterson127'06Saint Francis of Ass...
6.8John Galvin122'06Saint Francis of Ass...
X High Jump - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Sean Godkin4'07Christ the King
2.6Alexander King4'01Christ the King
3.6Sean Taheri3'10Christ the King
4.6James Pocta3'08Christ the King
5.6Kevan'te Bessard3'06Christ the King
6.6Calvin Scott-Brown3'06Christ the King
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7David Lawrence4'06Christ the King
2.7Doug Strange4'02Christ the King
3.7Brian Kerfs4'01Christ the King
4.7Benjamin Rose3'10Christ the King
4.7Parker Marson3'10Christ the King
6.7Nate Burkhart3'08Christ the King
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Robert Vaccaro4'08St. Agnes
2.8Danny Stalters4'07St. Agnes
3.8Wilson Jones4'03Christ the King
X Long Jump - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Sinjin Speer09'04.00St. Agnes
2.2Matthew Pintarich08'02.00Christ the King
3.2Joseph DeFreitas07'08.00St. Agnes
4.2Timothy Baxter07'03.00Saint Francis of Ass...
6.2Alex Halaszynski06'05.00Christ the King
7.2Jonathan Friel06'03.00Saint Francis of Ass...
8.2Alan Kobylik05'04.00Christ the King
X Long Jump - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Nathan Rumpf10'08.00Christ the King
2.3Kristofer King09'11.00Christ the King
6.3Richard Cunningham08'10.00St. Agnes
7.3Jackson Thomas08'09.00Christ the King
8.3Haden Licon08'09.00St. Agnes
9.3Naldo Villarama08'06.00St. Agnes
10.3Ryan Taheri08'05.00Christ the King
11.3Daniel Mockler07'08.00Christ the King
12.3Sam Basilico06'09.00Christ the King
13.3J.T. Keane06'09.00St. Agnes
14.3MinHo Lee06'08.00Christ the King
15.3James Costello06'04.00St. Agnes
X Long Jump - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Noah Loeliger10'00.00Christ the King
2.4Jason Stockwell09'06.00Christ the King
3.4Peter Candell09'04.00Christ the King
7.4Eion McCullough08'00.00St. Agnes
8.4Jordan Levy08'00.00Christ the King
X Long Jump - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Jake Simpson13'04.00Christ the King
2.5Marco Monti12'10.00Christ the King
3.5Andrew Fairfield12'06.00Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5David Phair12'04.00Christ the King
6.5Andrew Leonard10'07.00Saint Francis of Ass...
7.5Ray Muhlenkamp10'02.00Christ the King
8.5Brooks Williams09'03.00Christ the King
10.5Sean Fuller08'07.00Christ the King
11.5Thomas Jordan07'00.00Christ the King
X Long Jump - 6th grade - Finals
2.6Chris Muhlenkamp12'00.00Christ the King
6.6Jacob Brettin10'03.00Saint Francis of Ass...
7.6Sebastian Dombrowski09'05.00Saint Francis of Ass...
8.6Jackson McDonough09'03.00Saint Francis of Ass...
9.6Calvin Scott-Brown07'07.00Christ the King
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
2.7Brian Kerfs12'01.00Christ the King
3.7Nicholas Friel11'02.00Saint Francis of Ass...
4.7Brennan Williams10'11.00Christ the King
5.7Marcelo Orozco06'07.00Saint Francis of Ass...
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Robert Vaccaro16'07.00St. Agnes
2.8Kyle Peterson15'01.00Saint Francis of Ass...
3.8Caleb Phair12'10.00Christ the King
4.8John Galvin11'06.00Saint Francis of Ass...
5.8Ryan Friel11'05.00Saint Francis of Ass...
6.8John Jankowski11'01.00Saint Francis of Ass...

Womens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Hannah Eales9.33Christ the King
2.2Lindsay Simpson9.39Christ the King
1.2Charley Stoudt9.51Christ the King
3.2Natalie Ahearn9.68Christ the King
4.2Marisa Klapperich10.27Christ the King
1.2Sloane Sullivan10.40Christ the King
2.2Taryn Cunningham10.47St. Agnes
2.2Katrina Kohlmeyer10.72St. Agnes
3.2Sydney Speer10.95St. Agnes
3.1Caitlyn Papalia11.04St. Agnes
4.2Natalie Silvera11.20Christ the King
4.2Natalie Meyer11.51Christ the King
5.2Bella DeFreitas11.86St. Agnes
5.1Madeline Spencer12.04St. Agnes
6.2Tessa Phair12.27Christ the King
5.GrKacy Papalia12.72St. Agnes
6.2Shannon Bailey14.00Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Jayna Jordan9.11Christ the King
3.3Jenna Coffman9.12Christ the King
4.3Francesca Monti9.37Christ the King
5.3Kala'ne Bessard9.82Christ the King
6.3Abigail Radutiu9.88Christ the King
7.3Kayla Loftus10.19Christ the King
5.3Emily Blair10.66Christ the King
6.3Julianna Friis11.08Christ the King
7.3Emerelga Delos Reyes11.18Christ the King
X 50 Meter Dash - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Kayla Bingham9.04Christ the King
2.4Jessie Boucher9.07St. Agnes
3.4Taylor Schofield9.26Christ the King
2.4Abigail Burns9.45Christ the King
4.4Reilly Baker9.78Christ the King
3.4Adriana Pitto9.89St. Agnes
5.4Vanessa Dalpiaz9.89Christ the King
5.4Claire Storti10.09Saint Francis of Ass...
5.4Lucy Holt10.36Christ the King
6.4Megan Austin10.89Christ the King
7.4Rylie Powelson10.94Saint Francis of Ass...
6.4Priscilla Robles11.05St. Agnes
X 50 Meter Dash - 5th grade - Finals
2.5Samantha Jones8.83Saint Francis of Ass...
3.5Natalie Dolan8.85Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5Gracen Marandola9.40Saint Francis of Ass...
5.5Lexy Swenson9.49Christ the King
6.5Angela Carmazzi10.18Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Christina Abudayeh17.59Christ the King
2.2Charley Stoudt18.30Christ the King
3.2Natalie Ahearn19.20Christ the King
4.2Jenna Jacoby19.54Christ the King
5.2Taryn Cunningham19.93St. Agnes
6.1Madeline Spencer20.08St. Agnes
7.2Katrina Kohlmeyer20.19St. Agnes
1.2Hope Friel20.46Saint Francis of Ass...
2.2Sydney Speer20.79St. Agnes
3.1Caitlyn Papalia21.63St. Agnes
5.1Payton Heaney22.20Christ the King
6.GrKacy Papalia22.32St. Agnes
7.2Bella DeFreitas22.43St. Agnes
X 100 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
2.3Jenna Coffman17.35Christ the King
3.3Francesca Monti17.64Christ the King
4.3Abigail Radutiu17.90Christ the King
5.3Kala'ne Bessard18.70Christ the King
4.3Emerelga Delos Reyes18.65Christ the King
6.3Mikayla Oakes18.72Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
2.4Brooke Bechter15.81Christ the King
1.4Natalie Perez16.08Saint Francis of Ass...
4.4Mariah Brown17.00Christ the King
4.4Taylor Schofield17.41Christ the King
3.4Abigail Burns17.59Christ the King
4.4Kelsey Rumbaugh18.46Christ the King
5.4Jeanelle Webb18.84Christ the King
6.4Adriana Pitto19.11St. Agnes
6.4Priscilla Robles21.00St. Agnes
X 100 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Breanna Eales15.73Christ the King
1.5Jessica Woodworth15.80Saint Francis of Ass...
2.5Avery Avina16.11Christ the King
3.5Olivia Gin16.15Christ the King
2.5Natalie Dolan16.59Saint Francis of Ass...
3.5Samantha Jones16.94Saint Francis of Ass...
6.5Giovanna Tafur17.08Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5Gracen Marandola17.53Saint Francis of Ass...
5.5Annabel Radutiu17.83Christ the King
8.5Bianca Delfabro19.60Saint Francis of Ass...
X 100 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Emily Meyer15.00Christ the King
2.6Mattie Gebhart14.96Christ the King
3.6Sophia Rumpf15.08Christ the King
4.6Janean Bell15.74Christ the King
5.6Taryn Niederberger15.99Christ the King
2.6Dominike Tambazidis16.05Christ the King
3.6Sofia Elizondo16.28Christ the King
5.6Marlena Grobelny19.74St. Agnes
X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Mary Stammers14.98Christ the King
3.7Kelly Halaszynski16.91Christ the King
4.7Alicia Marietti18.07Christ the King
X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kendall Stuscavage13.74Christ the King
1.8Kelsey Lansang15.28Saint Francis of Ass...
2.8Monica Elizondo15.38Christ the King
2.8Caroline Walters15.77Christ the King
2.8Almela Lapitan15.83Saint Francis of Ass...
3.8Karly Roesling16.23Christ the King
4.8Eulove Delos Reyes16.43Christ the King
5.8Megan Renner16.59Christ the King
7.8Kathryn Spelce16.78Christ the King
4.8Elise Huysmans16.95Saint Francis of Ass...
5.8Sarah Hurley17.05Saint Francis of Ass...
6.8Dayna Tran17.14Saint Francis of Ass...
7.8Deanna Soward18.36Saint Francis of Ass...
X 200 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Lindsay Simpson39.17Christ the King
2.2Sydney Copeland43.30Christ the King
3.2Agna Placiakis44.07Christ the King
4.2Olivia Bielskis45.47Christ the King
5.2Jenna Jacoby45.52Christ the King
7.2Natalie Silvera47.24Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
5.3Payton Wallahan38.46Christ the King
7.3Kateri Alvarez41.40St. Agnes
8.3Mikayla Oakes42.80Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Brooke Bechter33.44Christ the King
2.4Reilly Baker39.84Christ the King
5.4Jeanelle Webb40.06Christ the King
5.4Megan Austin45.88Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Juliana Ruotolo31.76Christ the King
1.5Avery Avina33.42Christ the King
2.5Gabrielle Ruhter33.77Christ the King
2.5Olivia Gin34.56Christ the King
3.5Elle Biczo35.09Saint Francis of Ass...
5.5Annabel Radutiu37.21Christ the King
4.5Isabelle Setna43.09Christ the King
5.5Dana Hensler43.86Saint Francis of Ass...
6.5Olivia Marcotte47.26Saint Francis of Ass...
X 200 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
2.6Janean Bell31.19Christ the King
3.6Mattie Gebhart31.57Christ the King
4.6Emily Meyer32.55Christ the King
5.6Tara Schueller32.60Christ the King
6.6Alessandra Rivas39.12Christ the King
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kelsey Lansang33.15Saint Francis of Ass...
2.8Allie Phillips34.17St. Agnes
3.8Almela Lapitan34.32Saint Francis of Ass...
4.8Sarah Brettin36.24Saint Francis of Ass...
5.8Elise Huysmans36.96Saint Francis of Ass...
6.8Sarah Hurley38.36Saint Francis of Ass...
7.8Dayna Tran40.46Saint Francis of Ass...
8.8Deanna Soward46.86Saint Francis of Ass...
X 400 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Christina Abudayeh1:33.10Christ the King
1.2Hope Friel1:39.42Saint Francis of Ass...
2.2Marisa Klapperich1:41.43Christ the King
3.2Sydney Copeland1:43.08Christ the King
5.2Shannon Bailey1:46.15Christ the King
2.2Tessa Phair1:52.94Christ the King
3.2Sloane Sullivan1:56.39Christ the King
4.2EuMin Lee1:58.52Christ the King
5.2Nicole Delfabro2:01.44Saint Francis of Ass...
X 400 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Payton Wallahan1:28.84Christ the King
2.3Jasmine Safarians1:30.30Christ the King
4.3Bailey Ulrich1:39.45Christ the King
5.3Julianna Friis1:57.68Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
3.4Kayla Bingham1:21.27Christ the King
5.4Vanessa Dalpiaz1:32.89Christ the King
6.4Jennifer Baxter1:42.25Saint Francis of Ass...
X 400 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Juliana Ruotolo1:14.42Christ the King
1.5Gabrielle Ruhter1:17.25Christ the King
2.5Katie Hoyt1:19.70Saint Francis of Ass...
2.5Jamie Busby1:20.85Christ the King
4.5Lexi Riveong1:25.26Saint Francis of Ass...
5.5Isabelle Setna1:36.65Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Allie Timbrell1:10.27Christ the King
2.6Taryn Niederberger1:11.10Christ the King
3.6Tara Schueller1:16.68Christ the King
4.6Dominike Tambazidis1:17.35Christ the King
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Allie Phillips1:15.93St. Agnes
2.8Caroline Walters1:16.35Christ the King
3.8Monica Elizondo1:16.71Christ the King
4.8Sarah Brettin1:17.29Saint Francis of Ass...
5.8Eleanor Chin1:19.25Saint Francis of Ass...
6.8Karly Roesling1:20.26Christ the King
7.8Francesca Marietti1:21.71Christ the King
X 800 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
2.3Kateri Alvarez03:21.50St. Agnes
X 800 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Natalie Perez03:05.47Saint Francis of Ass...
2.4Mariah Brown03:07.09Christ the King
3.4Naomi von Ruden03:07.39Christ the King
4.4Shannon Strange03:12.14Christ the King
5.4Michelle Kerfs03:23.21Christ the King
6.4Jennifer Baxter04:03.97Saint Francis of Ass...
X 800 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Jamie Busby03:09.42Christ the King
2.5Katie Hoyt03:15.76Saint Francis of Ass...
3.5Samantha Jones03:34.67Saint Francis of Ass...
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kendall Stuscavage02:45.28Christ the King
2.8Francesca Marietti03:19.72Christ the King
3.8Eleanor Chin03:23.17Saint Francis of Ass...
4.8Erin Hassett03:26.83Saint Francis of Ass...
X 1600 Meters - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Sydney Copeland8:22.41Christ the King
2.2Agna Placiakis8:24.46Christ the King
3.2Olivia Bielskis8:26.42Christ the King
4.2Hannah Eales8:28.63Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 3rd grade - Finals
2.3Kayla Loftus8:02.83Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Naomi von Ruden6:25.73Christ the King
2.4Shannon Strange6:49.94Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Breanna Eales6:23.51Christ the King
2.5Lexy Swenson7:17.38Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Helene Hollidge5:50.74Christ the King
2.6Mariana Perez6:31.04Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Elizabeth von Ruden6:57.35Christ the King
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Erin Hassett7:23.13Saint Francis of Ass...
X 4x100 Relay - 2nd grade - Finals
1.-Christina Abudayeh
Marisa Klapperich
Payton Heaney
Natalie Ahearn
1:20.88Christ the King
2.-Olivia Bielskis
Hannah Eales
Agna Placiakis
Sydney Copeland
1:23.39Christ the King
3.-Jenna Jacoby
Natalie Silvera
Lindsay Simpson
Natalie Meyer
1:23.40Christ the King
4.-Sloane Sullivan
EuMin Lee
Shannon Bailey
Charley Stoudt
1:27.80Christ the King
5.-Katrina Kohlmeyer
Taryn Cunningham
Caitlyn Papalia
Madeline Spencer
1:28.57St. Agnes
X 4x100 Relay - 3rd grade - Finals
1.-Kalane Besserd
Francesca Monti
Abigail Raditiu
Payton Wallahan
1:13.40Christ the King
4.-Jasmine Safarians
Jenna Coffman
Bailey Ulrich
Emerelga Delos Reyes
1:17.66Christ the King
6.-Jayna Jordan
Emily Blair
Julianna Friis
Kayla Loftus
1:22.95Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 4th grade - Finals
1.-Reilly Baker
Mariah Brown
Abigail Burns
Kayla Bingham
1:09.51Christ the King
4.-Michelle Kerfs
Vanessa Dalpiaz
Shannon Strange
Naomi von Ruden
1:14.71Christ the King
6.-Jamie Busby
Taylor Schofield
Megan Austin
Parker Grube
1:17.97Christ the King
7.-Claire Storti
Brenna Fernandes
Rylie Powelson
Jennifer Baxter
1:19.30Saint Francis of Ass...
X 4x100 Relay - 5th grade - Finals
1.-Jessica Woodworth
Natalie Dolan
Katie Hoyt
Giovanna Tafur
1:07.40Saint Francis of Ass...
3.-Breanna Eales
Isabelle Setna
Annabel Raditiu
Lexy Swenson
1:10.72Christ the King
4.-Lexi Riveong
Gracen Marandola
Bianca Delfabro
Samantha Jones
1:11.97Saint Francis of Ass...
6.-Dana Hensler
Olivia Marcotte
Sachi Powelson
Nicole Delfabro
1:30.43Saint Francis of Ass...
6.-Relay Team 1:30.43Saint Francis of Ass...
7.-Julianna Ruotolo
Avery Avina
Gabrelle Ruhter
Olivia Gin
1:30.54Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 6th grade - Finals
1.-Mattie Gebhart
Dominike Tambazidis
Emily Meyer
Sophia Rumpf
0:59.28Christ the King
2.-Helene Hollidge
Janean Bell
Allie Timbrell
Tara Schueller
1:01.24Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Mariana Perez
Taryn Niederberger
Erica Halaszynski
Kelly Halaszynski
1:05.56Christ the King
2.-Sofia Elizondo
Elizabeth von Ruden
Mary Stammers
Alicia Marietti
1:06.15Christ the King
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Kendall Stuscavage
Monica Elizondo
Eulove Delos Reyes
Karly Roesling
1:01.33Christ the King
2.-Kelsey Lansang
Sarah Brettin
Almela Lapitan
Eleanor Chin
1:03.13Saint Francis of Ass...
3.-Megan Renner
Francesca Marietti
Kathryn Spelce
Caroline Walters
1:07.93Christ the King
4.-Dayna Tran
Sarah Hurley
Elise Huysmans
Erin Hassett
1:10.92Saint Francis of Ass...
X 4x400 Relay - 5th grade - Finals
1.-Olivia Gin
Jamie Busby
Gabrelle Ruhter
Breanna Eales
05:37.05Christ the King
X 4x400 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Andrew Fairfield
Natalie Perez
Samantha Jones
Eleanor Chin
05:48.77Saint Francis of Ass...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 2nd grade - Finals
1.-Lindsay Simpson
Hannah Eales
Payton Heaney
Olivia Bielskis
3:10.43Christ the King
2.-Agna Placiakis
Natalie Silvera
Natalie Ahearn
Jenna Jacoby
3:10.96Christ the King
3.-Haley Friel
Nicole Delfabro
Sachi Powelson
Hope Friel
3:17.50Saint Francis of Ass...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 3rd grade - Finals
2.-Payton Wallahan
Francesca Monti
Kayla Loftus
Bailey Ulrich
2:51.05Christ the King
3.-Jenna Coffman
Abigail Raditiu
Sydney Copeland
Marisa Klapperich
2:55.02Christ the King
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 4th grade - Finals
2.-Naomi von Ruden
Brooke Bechter
Shannon Strange
Abigail Burns
2:34.95Christ the King
3.-Michelle Kerfs
Jeanelle Webb
Kelsey Rumbaugh
Reilly Baker
2:53.39Christ the King
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 5th grade - Finals
1.-Julianna Ruotolo
Gabrelle Ruhter
Breanna Eales
Olivia Gin
2:25.92Christ the King
3.-Jamie Busby
Abigail Raditiu
Isabelle Setna
Avery Avina
2:40.40Christ the King
5.-Elle Biczo
Samantha Jones
Katie Hoyt
Natalie Dolan
2:45.10Saint Francis of Ass...
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 6th grade - Finals
1.-Kendall Stuscavage
Sofia Elizondo
Emily Meyer
Karly Roesling
2:14.56Christ the King
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Allie Timbrell
Janean Bell
Mattie Gebhart
Tara Schueller
2:14.72Christ the King
2.-Sarah Brettin
Samantha Jones
Almela Lapitan
Kelsey Lansang
2:28.10Saint Francis of Ass...
3.-Erin Hassett
Deanna Soward
Sarah Hurley
Elise Huysmans
2:46.02Saint Francis of Ass...
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th grade - Finals
2.5Annabel Radutiu17'10.50Christ the King
3.5Dana Hensler13'04.00Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5Olivia Marcotte11'00.00Saint Francis of Ass...
X Shot Put - 6lb - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Emily Dowey15'06.00Christ the King
2.6Alessandra Rivas13'09.00Christ the King
4.6Sofia Elizondo11'06.00Christ the King
X Shot Put - 6lb - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Shelley Anderson24'06.00St. Agnes
2.8Kathryn Spelce21'09.50Christ the King
3.8Megan Renner18'07.00Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Shannon Bailey50'02Christ the King
2.2Christina Abudayeh45'01Christ the King
3.2Natalie Meyer38'08Christ the King
4.2Hannah Eales37'00Christ the King
5.2Charley Stoudt32'01Christ the King
6.1Caitlyn Papalia29'07St. Agnes
7.2Sachi Powelson28'09Saint Francis of Ass...
8.2Marisa Klapperich28'02Christ the King
9.2Lindsay Simpson26'04Christ the King
10.2Taryn Cunningham26'00St. Agnes
11.2Jenna Jacoby25'01Christ the King
12.2Hope Friel25'00Saint Francis of Ass...
13.1Madeline Spencer24'03St. Agnes
X Softball Throw - 3rd grade - Finals
1.3Jayna Jordan67'01Christ the King
2.3Jasmine Safarians57'08Christ the King
3.3Kateri Alvarez55'02St. Agnes
6.3Payton Wallahan45'00Christ the King
7.3Bailey Ulrich40'07Christ the King
9.3Avery Caldwell37'08Christ the King
10.3Julianna Friis36'08Christ the King
11.3Emily Blair35'06Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Natalie Perez96'03Saint Francis of Ass...
2.4Brooke Bechter72'04Christ the King
3.4Jeanelle Webb70'00Christ the King
4.4Kelsey Rumbaugh68'06Christ the King
7.4Jennifer Baxter52'00Saint Francis of Ass...
10.4Jessie Boucher44'08St. Agnes
11.4Abigail Burns44'0Christ the King
12.4Megan Austin39'09Christ the King
13.4Lucy Holt36'05Christ the King
14.4Kayla Bingham31'09Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Elle Biczo69'06Saint Francis of Ass...
2.5Breanna Eales69'03Christ the King
3.5Jessica Woodworth68'00Saint Francis of Ass...
4.5Olivia Gin65'09Christ the King
5.5Bianca Delfabro64'03Saint Francis of Ass...
6.5Giovanna Tafur62'00Saint Francis of Ass...
7.5Katie Hoyt59'00Saint Francis of Ass...
8.5Lexy Swenson58'09Christ the King
11.5Dana Hensler49'04Saint Francis of Ass...
12.5Lexi Riveong48'00Saint Francis of Ass...
15.5Olivia Marcotte30'06Saint Francis of Ass...
X Softball Throw - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Helene Hollidge120'00Christ the King
2.6Dominike Tambazidis86'00Christ the King
3.6Allie Timbrell77'01Christ the King
6.6Marlena Grobelny46'09St. Agnes
X Softball Throw - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Mary Stammers109'10Christ the King
6.7Alicia Marietti45'09Christ the King
X Softball Throw - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Dayna Tran88'00Saint Francis of Ass...
2.8Eulove Delos Reyes66'05Christ the King
3.8Monica Elizondo65'00Christ the King
4.8Sarah Hurley54'00Saint Francis of Ass...
5.8Francesca Marietti48'09Christ the King
X High Jump - 5th grade - Finals
1.5Juliana Ruotolo3'09Christ the King
2.5Avery Avina3'02Christ the King
X High Jump - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Sophia Rumpf4'00Christ the King
2.6Mariana Perez3'08Christ the King
3.6Helene Hollidge3'06Christ the King
4.6Mattie Gebhart3'04Christ the King
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Erica Halaszynski3'10Christ the King
4.7Elizabeth von Ruden3'04Christ the King
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Allie Phillips4'02St. Agnes
X Long Jump - 2nd grade - Finals
1.2Natalie Ahearn06'05.00Christ the King
2.2Natalie Silvera05'10.50Christ the King
3.2Sydney Copeland05'09.00Christ the King
4.2Sachi Powelson05'08.00Saint Francis of Ass...
5.2Sloane Sullivan05'05.50Christ the King
6.2Agna Placiakis05'04.00Christ the King
7.2EuMin Lee05'02.50Christ the King
8.2Olivia Bielskis05'01.50Christ the King
9.2Katrina Kohlmeyer05'01.50St. Agnes
10.2Sydney Speer04'03.00St. Agnes
12.GrKacy Papalia03'08.00St. Agnes
13.2Nicole Delfabro03'05.50Saint Francis of Ass...
14.2Bella DeFreitas03'00.25St. Agnes
15.2Tessa Phair02'08.00Christ the King
X Long Jump - 3rd grade - Finals
2.3Jayna Jordan08'07.00Christ the King
1.3Francesca Monti08'05.50Christ the King
3.3Jenna Coffman08'05.50Christ the King
9.3Abigail Radutiu06'11.00Christ the King
10.3Mikayla Oakes06'10.50Christ the King
12.3Emerelga Delos Reyes06'08.50Christ the King
14.3Avery Caldwell06'01.00Christ the King
15.3Emily Blair05'11.75Christ the King
X Long Jump - 4th grade - Finals
1.4Mariah Brown10'03.50Christ the King
4.4Naomi von Ruden09'03.00Christ the King
5.4Shannon Strange08'10.50Christ the King
6.4Vanessa Dalpiaz08'03.50Christ the King
7.4Michelle Kerfs08'02.75Christ the King
10.4Brenna Fernandes06'11.50Saint Francis of Ass...
11.4Claire Storti06'05.00Saint Francis of Ass...
13.4Rylie Powelson06'03.00Saint Francis of Ass...
15.4Lucy Holt04'10.00Christ the King
16.4Reilly Baker04'07.50Christ the King
17.4Priscilla Robles04'06.50St. Agnes
X Long Jump - 5th grade - Finals
2.5Jamie Busby09'01.50Christ the King
3.5Natalie Dolan08'09.00Saint Francis of Ass...
5.5Gracen Marandola08'04.50Saint Francis of Ass...
6.5Jessica Woodworth08'02.00Saint Francis of Ass...
7.5Giovanna Tafur07'02.25Saint Francis of Ass...
8.5Samantha Jones06'09.00Saint Francis of Ass...
9.5Lexi Riveong06'04.25Saint Francis of Ass...
10.5Bianca Delfabro05'06.00Saint Francis of Ass...
X Long Jump - 6th grade - Finals
1.6Emily Meyer12'09.00Christ the King
2.6Sophia Rumpf12'08.50Christ the King
4.6Dominike Tambazidis11'07.50Christ the King
5.6Janean Bell11'06.00Christ the King
6.6Mariana Perez10'04.00Christ the King
8.6Sofia Elizondo10'00.50Christ the King
9.6Tara Schueller09'07.00Christ the King
13.6Alessandra Rivas06'06.50Christ the King
14.6Marlena Grobelny06'02.00St. Agnes
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Mary Stammers11'07.75Christ the King
2.7Elizabeth von Ruden09'11.50Christ the King
4.7Kelly Halaszynski09'07.00Christ the King
6.7Alicia Marietti07'05.00Christ the King
2.7Elizabeth von Ruden09.11.50.'Christ the King
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kendall Stuscavage13'10.50Christ the King
2.8Caroline Walters11'03.00Christ the King
3.8Sarah Brettin11'00.50Saint Francis of Ass...
4.8Kelsey Lansang10'03.50Saint Francis of Ass...
5.8Erin Hassett09'00.00Saint Francis of Ass...
6.8Eulove Delos Reyes08'07.50Christ the King
7.8Eleanor Chin08'00.75Saint Francis of Ass...
8.8Almela Lapitan07'10.00Saint Francis of Ass...
9.8Deanna Soward07'03.75Saint Francis of Ass...
10.8Karly Roesling06'10.50Christ the King
11.8Elise Huysmans06'07.25Saint Francis of Ass...
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