Concordia Crusader Relays

Friday, April 03, 2009
  Concordia Lutheran HS, Tomball - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:00 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Texas - 3A
LCBABay Area Christian
Texas - Region 3
BELLHouston Bellaire
Texas - SPC
JOCOJohn Cooper
SJSSt John's
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10John Fuhrman11.06Lutheran-South
2.11Max Birdon11.13Houston Bellaire
3.12Lloyd Wade11.23Lutheran-North
4.11Chris Hensley11.25Houston Bellaire
5.12Kenny Zoeller11.43Concordia Lutheran
6.12John Reed11.44St Thomas
7.10Kolby Griffin11.45St Pius X
8.12Ethan Edmondson11.53St John's
9.12Brian Franshaw11.58Second Baptist
10.10Kyle Martin11.60Northland Christian
11.10Zac Patterson11.62Concordia Lutheran
12.12Buster Williams11.69San Antonio Christian
13.10Justin Lee11.73Lutheran-North
14.10Nick Jones11.76Second Baptist
15.11Cody Henriques11.81Bay Area Christian
16.12Wayne Beadle11.90Westbury Christian
17.10Christian Dolphus12.03Houston Bellaire
18.12Austin Williams12.04St Thomas
19.11Seth Hackett12.15Second Baptist
20.9Chance Gray12.17Concordia Lutheran
21.10Tyler Hazard12.23Northland Christian
22.10Micah Swanson12.24Northland Christian
23.11Jay Martinez12.27San Antonio Christian
24.11Josh Clarke12.31San Antonio Christian
25.9Justin Goodman12.93St Pius X
26.10Luis Molina13.05Emery/Weiner
27.11Jacobi Gant13.60St Pius X
28.12Joseph Bedell13.70St Thomas
29.9Luis Mejia14.01St John's
30.9Chris Honza14.09Bay Area Christian
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10John Fuhrman10.1Lutheran-South
11Michael Mealey11.4Lutheran-South
11Anthony Salvo11.5Lutheran-South
12Dillan Smith11.8Lutheran-South
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10John Fuhrman22.68Lutheran-South
2.12Christian Broussard22.85Westbury Christian
3.12Matt Hodges23.00John Cooper
4.12Lloyd Wade23.16Lutheran-North
4.11Max Birdon23.16Houston Bellaire
6.11Chris Hensley23.45Houston Bellaire
7.11Fortune Nnaji23.49St Thomas
8.12Joseph Loh23.55San Antonio Christian
9.12Ambrose Amin23.60St Thomas
10.12Ethan Edmondson23.72St John's
11.12Joseph Bedell23.78St Thomas
12.10Justin Lee24.11Lutheran-North
13.11John Watts24.18Houston Bellaire
14.12Brian Franshaw24.25Second Baptist
15.10Kevin Robertson24.37Northland Christian
16.10Kyle Martin24.41Northland Christian
17.11Cody Henriques24.55Bay Area Christian
18.10Patrick Flam24.64St John's
19.12Pete Vanderbeek24.68San Antonio Christian
20.10Matt Houston25.13Northland Christian
21.11Seth Hackett25.16Second Baptist
22.11Oscar Velasquez25.41San Antonio Christian
23.10Luke Pyburn26.08Bay Area Christian
24.9Michael Cavazos26.16Lutheran-South
25.9Chris Honza28.31Bay Area Christian
26.9Justin Goodman28.47St Pius X
27.10Luis Molina30.96Emery/Weiner
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11David Cottingham24.2Lutheran-South
12Scott Pyle24.7Lutheran-South
9Michael Cavazos25.6Lutheran-South
10Ryan McGough26.1Lutheran-South
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Caleb Runge51.74Lutheran-North
2.11Cameron Thomas52.04Westbury Christian
3.10Clay Henson52.52Northland Christian
4.11John Watts52.59Houston Bellaire
5.12David Woolverton52.99Northland Christian
6.10Taylor Colwell53.70Concordia Lutheran
7.11Will Bonn53.94St Thomas
8.11Malcolm Perrin54.29Houston Bellaire
9.10Michael Sunja54.76Houston Bellaire
10.11Josh Hoelker54.81St Thomas
11.12James Meersman55.94Bay Area Christian
12.11Andrew Bauknight56.17Westbury Christian
13.12Carlos Falcon56.28St John's
14.10Anthony Carona56.45Lutheran-South
15.10Nick Jones56.54Second Baptist
16.11Bralen Chinn57.78Lutheran-North
17.11Ashton Fontenot57.82Westbury Christian
18.12JT Ellis58.35Lutheran-South
19.10Derek Fossi59.83St John's
20.10Andrew Matalon59.92San Antonio Christian
21.10Josh Lutrell1:00.55San Antonio Christian
22.12Grant Crumley1:01.66Lutheran-South
23.9Luis Mejia1:02.18St John's
24.9Donte Breaux1:06.20St Pius X
25.9Ryan Alcorn1:06.89Bay Area Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11David Cottingham54.9Lutheran-South
12Anthony Spaulding57.2Lutheran-South
10Anthony Carona57.3Lutheran-South
12JT Ellis58.6Lutheran-South
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lorenzo Dolphus2:03.06Houston Bellaire
2.12David Woolverton2:03.56Northland Christian
3.12Carlos Falcon2:04.02St John's
4.11Caleb Runge2:04.99Lutheran-North
5.11Malcolm Perrin2:05.69Houston Bellaire
6.10Michael Sunja2:06.31Houston Bellaire
7.11Will Bonn2:06.54St Thomas
8.10Bradley Albineda2:07.35Lutheran-North
9.11Josh Hoelker2:09.35St Thomas
10.10Anthony Carona2:10.36Lutheran-South
11.11Jonathan Martin2:12.06San Antonio Christian
12.11Jorden Lehrmann2:12.56Concordia Lutheran
13.12Jesse Solano2:12.83San Antonio Christian
14.10Taylor Colwell2:13.03Concordia Lutheran
15.10Tobe Mokolo2:14.10Westbury Christian
16.11Conner Fox2:15.27John Cooper
17.10Andrew Matalon2:15.81San Antonio Christian
18.11James Tawney2:16.20John Cooper
19.10Philip Johnson2:16.34John Cooper
20.10Derek Fossi2:16.88St John's
20.10Nicholas Hall2:16.88Westbury Christian
22.12JT Ellis2:17.73Lutheran-South
23.11Ashton Fontenot2:19.42Westbury Christian
24.9Vincent Rignol2:19.87Awty International
25.10Andy Freberg2:20.88Bay Area Christian
26.11Martin Dorel2:23.81Awty International
27.12Austin Standley2:35.03Lutheran-South
28.9Donte Breaux2:39.49St Pius X
29.11Marc Cataldo2:41.74Northland Christian
30.9David Kaplan2:43.03Emery/Weiner
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anthony Urbanelli4:38.06John Cooper
2.10Remy Sutherland4:40.82Awty International
3.11Thomas Garnier4:41.55Awty International
4.10John Cantu4:42.45St Thomas
5.11Sasha Ramirez4:44.92Awty International
6.12Mickey Cuarezma4:46.09Houston Bellaire
7.11Peter Martin4:46.38San Antonio Christian
8.12Amanuel Belay4:55.43Houston Bellaire
9.11Jorden Lehrmann4:56.29Concordia Lutheran
10.10Stefan Stankovic4:56.72Houston Bellaire
11.12Andrew Cruz4:57.26Lutheran-South
12.11Jonathan Martin5:01.39San Antonio Christian
13.10Colton Cockerel5:01.70Bay Area Christian
10Nicholas Hall5:02.00Westbury Christian
14.11Eric Lange5:04.17Lutheran-South
15.10Anthony Cruz5:04.53Lutheran-South
16.12Kane Kimler5:05.80John Cooper
17.9Josh Ramseur5:14.29San Antonio Christian
18.9Taylor Noble5:22.65Northland Christian
19.11Elvan Young5:27.47Westbury Christian
20.11Luke Aschermann5:32.17Westbury Christian
21.9Justin Keeling5:54.52St John's
22.9Trevor Lauten5:57.16St Pius X
23.11Allen Perkins6:04.18Bay Area Christian
24.9Jason Mudgett6:05.58Bay Area Christian
25.9David Wolf6:10.04St Pius X
26.9Daniel Wolf6:26.08Northland Christian
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mickey Cuarezma10:22.44Houston Bellaire
2.11Peter Martin10:27.98San Antonio Christian
3.10Alex Spaulding10:31.95John Cooper
4.12Andrew Cruz10:34.30Lutheran-South
5.12Amanuel Belay10:41.56Houston Bellaire
6.10Colton Cockerel10:42.35Bay Area Christian
7.10Anthony Cruz10:47.46Lutheran-South
8.11Philip Davis10:54.24Houston Bellaire
9.11Eric Lange10:56.50Lutheran-South
9Josh Ramseur11:10.03San Antonio Christian
10.9Vincent Rignol11:21.37Awty International
11.11Elvan Young11:33.35Westbury Christian
12.11Luke Aschermann11:53.15Westbury Christian
13.11Kyle Kimler11:54.44John Cooper
14.11Martin Dorel12:02.12Awty International
15.10Wyatt Pease12:07.87John Cooper
16.9Taylor Noble12:15.45Northland Christian
17.10Joe Martinez12:37.33St John's
18.10Beau Johnson12:48.74Lutheran-North
19.9Trevor Lauten12:56.06St Pius X
20.11Allen Perkins13:07.13Bay Area Christian
21.10Alex Meecham13:15.86Awty International
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jared Jernigan15.99Westbury Christian
2.12Josh Christian16.50Concordia Lutheran
3.11Preston Pope16.88Northland Christian
4.12Lukmon Babajide16.89St John's
5.11Bowden Kelly17.11St John's
6.11Taylor Rowe17.56Lutheran-South
7.11Anthony Salvo18.10Lutheran-South
8.11Matthew Manriquez18.69Lutheran-North
9.11Josh Hudson18.96Northland Christian
10.12Jacob Tannenbaum19.04Emery/Weiner
11.11A.J. Borchelt19.27Concordia Lutheran
12.10Andrew Wood19.53Lutheran-North
13.12Chris Osborne19.76San Antonio Christian
14.10Thomas Richardson20.72Awty International
15.9Nicholas Carlson20.97John Cooper
16.9Tyler Tanner21.69Bay Area Christian
17.11Allen Perkins21.77Bay Area Christian
18.9Jordan Smith23.47San Antonio Christian
19.9Daniel Martin27.31Bay Area Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jared Jernigan42.00Westbury Christian
2.12Dillan Smith43.35Lutheran-South
3.11Preston Pope43.59Northland Christian
4.12Josh Christian44.04Concordia Lutheran
5.12Lukmon Babajide44.45St John's
6.12Chris Osborne45.00San Antonio Christian
7.10Steven Gergen45.45St Pius X
8.12Anthony Spaulding46.35Lutheran-South
9.10Andrew Wood46.67Lutheran-North
10.11Matthew Manriquez46.96Lutheran-North
11.12Jacob Tannenbaum47.17Emery/Weiner
12.11A.J. Borchelt47.64Concordia Lutheran
13.11Josh Hudson48.24Northland Christian
14.10Thomas Richardson49.29Awty International
15.9Jordan Smith52.86San Antonio Christian
16.9Jason Mudgett57.38Bay Area Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Keenan Chargois
Fortune Nnaji
John Reed
Stephen Kelly
43.59St Thomas
2.-Marquis Fruge
Justin Lee
Lloyd Wade
Matthew Mattlock
4.-Joseph Loh
Jesse Solano
Buster Williams
Pete Vanderbeek
44.80San Antonio Christian
3.-John Fuhrman
Michael Mealey
David Cottingham
Dillan Smith
5.-Clay Henson
Matt Houston
Kyle Martin
Kevin Robertson
44.90Northland Christian
6.-Kenny Zoeller
A.J. Borchelt
Zac Patterson
Chance Gray
45.70Concordia Lutheran
7.-Steven Gergen
Kolby Griffin
Jacobi Gant
Justin Goodman
49.22St Pius X
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Max Birdon
Edward Uzowulu
Christian Dolphus
Xitong Wu
1:31.64Houston Bellaire
2.-Keenan Chargois
John Reed
Fortune Nnaji
Stephen Kelly
1:31.93St Thomas
3.-Christian Broussard
Kevin Perry
Wayne Beadle
Richard Glenn
1:34.69Westbury Christian
4.-Justin Lee
Lloyd Wade
Matthew Mattlock
Marquis Fruge
5.-Keaton Hart
Tyler Hazard
Kyle Serres
Kevin Robertson
1:35.94Northland Christian
6.-Bastien Deschamp
Gawain Ganz
Graham Eldridge
Ryder Aguileria
1:39.36Awty International
6.-Jordan Tabert
Zach Seldenrust
Chance Gray
Nathan Potter
1:39.36Concordia Lutheran
8.-Josh Clarke
Jay Martinez
Gunnar Swanson
Oscar Velasquez
1:40.10San Antonio Christian
9.-Scott Pyle
David Cottingham
John Fuhrman
Ryan McGough
10.-Luke Pyburn
Tyler Tanner
Chris Honza
Clayton Howard
1:48.78Bay Area Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Malcolm Perrin
John Watts
Christian Dolphus
Michael Sunja
3:31.37Houston Bellaire
2.-Jared Jernigan
Christian Broussard
Richard Glenn
Cameron Thomas
3:32.45Westbury Christian
3.-Keaton Hart
Tyler Hazard
Clay Henson
David Woolverton
3:35.72Northland Christian
4.-Kenny Zoeller
Josh Christian
Zach Seldenrust
Taylor Colwell
3:39.97Concordia Lutheran
5.-Keenan Chargois
Stephen Kelly
Michael Cohen
Will Bonn
3:41.99St Thomas
6.-Bastien Deschamp
Vincent Rignol
Gawain Ganz
Ryder Aguileria
3:42.04Awty International
7.-Bradley Albineda
Bralen Chinn
Kevin Hatrick
Caleb Runge
8.-David Cottingham
Anthony Spaulding
Michael Mealey
Dillan Smith
9.-Kane Kimler
James Tawney
Philip Johnson
Conner Fox
3:53.87John Cooper
10.-James Meersman
Andy Freberg
Luke Pyburn
Clayton Howard
3:57.31Bay Area Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alec Roberts43-09.50Concordia Lutheran
2.11Jarrick Jack41-11.00Westbury Christian
3.12Justin Lehrmann41-02.00Concordia Lutheran
4.12Kirk Wilson40-01.50Northland Christian
5.12Justin Pollard35-09.00Westbury Christian
6.9Doc Perrier33-06.00St Thomas
7.12Garrett Hotchkiss33-03.00San Antonio Christian
8.11Westin Ehrlich33-02.00Bay Area Christian
8.12William Reyner33-02.00St Pius X
10.9Jacob deJongh32-09.50Bay Area Christian
11.10Greg Briney32-03.00Lutheran-North
12.10Corey Spangler32-00.50Lutheran-North
13.10Chris Woolsey31-08.00San Antonio Christian
14.9David Ojo30-06.00Westbury Christian
15.11Ian Stout29-02.50St Thomas
16.12Jeff Coburn27'07.00St John's
17.9Nick Cassata26-08.00St John's
18.10Robert Harison22-08.00Bay Area Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alec Roberts137-08Concordia Lutheran
2.12Kirk Wilson134-07.50Northland Christian
3.11Jarrick Jack118-04.50Westbury Christian
4.10Andrew Rihani117-09.50Northland Christian
5.12Michael Wilke110-03.50Concordia Lutheran
6.9Doc Perrier108-03St Thomas
7.11Westin Ehrlich107-10Bay Area Christian
8.12Garrett Hotchkiss94-05San Antonio Christian
9.12Justin Pollard90-06.50Westbury Christian
10.12Justin Lehrmann89-10Concordia Lutheran
11.10Ian Frank88-05Westbury Christian
12.9Nick Cassata84'01St John's
13.10Chris Woolsey82-06San Antonio Christian
14.9John Terrel77-07.50Bay Area Christian
15.9Michael Cavazos73-04Lutheran-South
16.12Gabrial Phillip69-10.50St Thomas
17.10Robert Harison69-06.50Bay Area Christian
18.12Jeff Coburn61'02St John's
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cheston Goudge5-10.00San Antonio Christian
2.11Kevin Hatrick5-10.00Lutheran-North
3.11Fortune Nnaji5-10.00St Thomas
4.11Chase Kammerer5-10.00St Thomas
5.12Garrett Randall5-08.00Lutheran-North
6.12Josh Christian5-06.00Concordia Lutheran
7.12Christian Broussard5-06.00Westbury Christian
8.9Jonathan Bradford5-06.00St John's
9.12Kevin Perry5-06.00Westbury Christian
10.10Marshall Schoen5-04.00Houston Bellaire
10.10Matt Houston5-04.00Northland Christian
10.10David Robinson5-04.00San Antonio Christian
13.11Bralen Chinn5-04.00Lutheran-North
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bowden Kelly12-06.00St John's
2.12Stephen Kelly12-00.00St Thomas
3.12Charlie Pearce11-06.00Episcopal
4.10Ryan McGough11-00.00Lutheran-South
5.12Joseph Bedell10-06.00St Thomas
6.10Matt Bedell10-06.00St Thomas
6.10Zach Fifi10-06.00St Thomas
6.11Cody Bouche10-06.00Concordia Lutheran
9.10Ben Fifi10-00.00St Thomas
9.10Patrick Flam10-00.00St John's
11.11Preston Pope9-06.00Northland Christian
11.11David Cottingham9-06.00Lutheran-South
13.12Scott Pyle8-06.00Lutheran-South
13.12Evyn Pierre8-06.00Northland Christian
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10John Fuhrman21-07.00Lutheran-South
2.12John Reed21-01.00St Thomas
3.12Kenny Zoeller20-10.50Concordia Lutheran
4.12Cheston Goudge20-08.50San Antonio Christian
6.12Pete Vanderbeek19-04.50San Antonio Christian
7.12Richard Glenn19-03.50Westbury Christian
8.11Fortune Nnaji19-03.00St Thomas
9.10Kevin Robertson19-01.00Northland Christian
9.11Chris Hensley19-01.00Houston Bellaire
11.11Michael Mealey19-00.50Lutheran-South
12.9Matthew Matlock18-11.00Lutheran-North
13.12Scott Pyle18-06.50Lutheran-South
14.10Taylor Colwell18-05.00Concordia Lutheran
15.12Christian Broussard18-04.50Westbury Christian
16.11Chase Kammerer18-00.50St Thomas
17.10Andy Freberg17-11.50Bay Area Christian
18.12Garrett Randall17-08.00Lutheran-North
19.11Cody Henriques17-07.00Bay Area Christian
19.12Drew McConnell17-07.00Northland Christian
21.11Max Birdon17-05.00Houston Bellaire
22.9Chance Gray16-11.50Concordia Lutheran
23.10Tobe Mokolo16-11.00Westbury Christian
10Micah Swanson16'9Northland Christian
24.11Gawain Ganz16-08.00Awty International
25.9Ryder Aguileria16-02.50Awty International
26.11Malcolm Richardson15-10.50Houston Bellaire
26.10Luke Pyburn15-10.50Bay Area Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cheston Goudge41-05.75San Antonio Christian
2.12John Reed41-04.75St Thomas
3.12Jared Jernigan39-11.75Westbury Christian
4.10Patrick Flam39-08.75St John's
5.11A.J. Borchelt39-08.25Concordia Lutheran
6.12Richard Glenn39-08.00Westbury Christian
7.9Keaton Hart39-08.00Northland Christian
8.12Pete Vanderbeek39-07.25San Antonio Christian
9.10Taylor Colwell38-10.25Concordia Lutheran
10.11David Cottingham37-03.75Lutheran-South
11.12Dru Carroll36-11.75St Thomas
12.9John Horsey36-04.00Northland Christian
13.12James Meersman35-05.25Bay Area Christian
14.9Jonathan Bradford35-04.50St John's
15.11Gawain Ganz34-11.50Awty International
16.12Ambrose Amin34-04.25St Thomas
17.10Andrew Matalon34-00.00San Antonio Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eve Nnaji13.05Lutheran-North
2.9Chioma Nwankwo13.11Second Baptist
3.10Tanya Eleftherio13.35Awty International
4.10Chelsea Potter13.47San Antonio Christian
5.11Taylor Smith13.50Bay Area Christian
6.9Dani Johnson13.71The Woodlands Prep
7.11Kimberly Horrell13.72Duchesne Academy
8.11Victoria Apenteng13.84Westbury Christian
9.11Cristina Calderon13.87Duchesne Academy
10.10Rachel Wood13.88Lutheran-North
11.10Deandra Renaud13.94Westbury Christian
12.10Annabelle Bass14.07San Antonio Christian
13.9Addie Brandfield-Harvey14.24Second Baptist
14.11Ashlee Thomas14.25Westbury Christian
15.12Camille Howard14.35Concordia Lutheran
16.10Grace Harmon14.39San Antonio Christian
16.9Ciera Perkins14.39St Pius X
18.9Brianna Pierce14.46Northland Christian
19.9Kristen Klos14.48Northland Christian
20.12Madison Garren14.74Lutheran-South
21.9Madison Turchi15.05Bay Area Christian
22.9Rebekah Shinkle15.10Bay Area Christian
23.10Cammy Brandfield-Harvey15.16Second Baptist
24.10Alexis Turner15.33Northland Christian
24.11Danielle Levy15.33Emery/Weiner
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Abigail Hart13.2Lutheran-South
9Erin Shireman14.2Lutheran-South
10Emily Rosenhagen14.4Lutheran-South
10Nika Tafarroji14.5Lutheran-South
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eve Nnaji27.54Lutheran-North
2.11Kassie Gurnell27.93Westbury Christian
3.11Taylor Smith28.26Bay Area Christian
4.10Tanya Eleftherio28.30Awty International
5.11Hannah Krob28.31Northland Christian
6.9Madison Zeinert28.49Northland Christian
7.10Sydney Williams28.84Duchesne Academy
8.10Rachel Wood28.93Lutheran-North
9.11Cristina Calderon28.97Duchesne Academy
10.11Mary Tapscott28.99St John's
11.9Madison Lee29.22Northland Christian
12.10Emily Wagner29.47St Paul
13.12Amanda Henning29.50Concordia Lutheran
14.11Regina Bracken29.79St Pius X
15.10Jacqueline Waterland30.09Duchesne Academy
16.10Tope Emiola30.15St John's
17.10Grace Harmon30.41San Antonio Christian
18.9Addie Brandfield-Harvey30.61Second Baptist
19.10Jade Richardson30.75Awty International
20.11Abigail Hart31.14Lutheran-South
21.12Madison Garren31.23Lutheran-South
22.10Hillary Cleggett31.47Westbury Christian
23.9Ciera Perkins31.65St Pius X
24.9Rebekah Shinkle32.28Bay Area Christian
25.9Caitlin Vanderberry32.39San Antonio Christian
25.10Cammy Brandfield-Harvey32.39Second Baptist
27.9Madison Turchi32.47Bay Area Christian
28.10Stephanie Squyres32.69St Paul
29.11Danielle Levy33.16Emery/Weiner
30.11Shelby Bohuslav33.30St Paul
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Holly Marshall29.3Lutheran-South
10Emily Rosenhagen29.7Lutheran-South
10Nika Tafarroji29.7Lutheran-South
11Abigail Hart30.7Lutheran-South
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kassie Gurnell1:02.84Westbury Christian
2.9Taylor Barnett1:03.09Second Baptist
3.11Dolores Lozano1:03.72Duchesne Academy
4.11Logan Piper1:04.03Duchesne Academy
5.10Erica Burton1:04.08Second Baptist
6.11Edima Essien1:04.48Northland Christian
7.10Natalie Banks1:05.55San Antonio Christian
8.10Victoria Howard1:07.40Bay Area Christian
9.10Savannah Jones1:07.66Bay Area Christian
10.9Elena Strueding1:07.90Duchesne Academy
11.10Leigha Alexander1:07.99St Pius X
12.11Erica Berry1:08.72Concordia Lutheran
13.9Angela Dyson1:08.79Westbury Christian
14.11Kirstie Merchant1:09.04Lutheran-South
15.11Chrystal Davis1:10.48Westbury Christian
16.10Sarah Jardine1:12.12St Pius X
17.9Brianna Pierce1:18.21Northland Christian
18.11Shelby Bohuslav1:18.30St Paul
19.10Hailey Morrow1:20.46St Paul
20.9Rebecca Whisler1:21.30Northland Christian
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Holly Marshall66.0Lutheran-South
11Brandi Wells66.0Lutheran-South
10Emily Rosenhagen69.1Lutheran-South
11Kirstie Merchant69.7Lutheran-South
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Klenke2:22.64Duchesne Academy
2.11Charlotte Peeters2:25.59Awty International
3.12Holly Marshall2:28.41Lutheran-South
4.11Logan Piper2:30.13Duchesne Academy
5.11Allie Klein2:34.03Concordia Lutheran
6.9Angela Dyson2:34.65Westbury Christian
7.11Nicole Boggan2:38.53Concordia Lutheran
8.10Hiromi Oka2:39.29Awty International
9.11Dolores Lozano2:40.12Duchesne Academy
10.11Noelle Contreas2:41.06Bay Area Christian
11.10Kathleen Bryan2:42.25Lutheran-South
12.9Holly Josey2:43.28St Pius X
13.11Erica Berry2:43.95Concordia Lutheran
14.12Ashley Koster2:45.85San Antonio Christian
15.12Pamela Canales2:47.82San Antonio Christian
10Kelsey Osborne2:48.19San Antonio Christian
16.10Laura Heidecke2:48.19Awty International
17.10Alycia Hester2:49.65Lutheran-North
18.9Stefanie Ott2:50.56John Cooper
19.12Diana Johnson2:52.05John Cooper
20.10Cammy Brandfield-Harvey2:52.75Second Baptist
21.10Leigha Alexander2:53.19St Pius X
22.9Davi Spaeth2:58.95St Paul
23.11Crystal Galacia3:01.27St Pius X
24.9Caitlin Newman3:35.43Emery/Weiner
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Klenke5:34.96Duchesne Academy
2.10Kathleen Bryan5:59.79Lutheran-South
3.9Liz Abt6:02.36Northland Christian
4.9Lydia Longoria6:04.04Concordia Lutheran
5.10Hiromi Oka6:07.92Awty International
6.10Melissa Cruz6:09.43Lutheran-South
7.10Sara Hoffman6:09.57San Antonio Christian
8.10Alycia Hester6:17.97Lutheran-North
9.9Holly Josey6:20.31St Pius X
10.9Kate Woodward6:20.86Duchesne Academy
11.10Madison Flavin6:23.99Awty International
12.11Hannah Davis6:34.70Northland Christian
13.9Davi Spaeth6:43.73St Paul
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shannon Klenke11:50.42Duchesne Academy
2.12Kelley Harrison12:04.24St John's
3.11Sara Patterson12:30.18St John's
4.12Emily Dunlap12:56.94John Cooper
5.12Kathleen Murphy13:13.94John Cooper
6.10Sara Hoffman13:24.06San Antonio Christian
7.12Brittany Beavers13:26.94St John's
8.9Liz Abt13:28.31Northland Christian
9.9Lydia Longoria13:29.94Concordia Lutheran
10.10Madison Flavin13:32.00Awty International
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Rover16.89Concordia Lutheran
2.11Brandi Wells16.99Lutheran-South
3.9Meryl Gibbs18.58St John's
4.9Erin Shireman18.59Lutheran-South
5.9Jordan Powell19.24St Pius X
6.12Yazmeen Baicy19.90Bay Area Christian
7.9Nicole Caputo20.29Westbury Christian
8.11Courtnee Morales20.89Bay Area Christian
9.10Stephanie Sommer22.04Northland Christian
10.9Caitlin Vanderberry23.58San Antonio Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Babette Hohrath48.45Awty International
2.11Brandi Wells50.08Lutheran-South
3.10Courtney Madden52.79St Pius X
4.9Jordan Powell54.47St Pius X
5.9Meryl Gibbs54.73St John's
6.12Katie Bruchmiller56.27San Antonio Christian
7.12Yazmeen Baicy56.45Bay Area Christian
8.9Erin Shireman56.72Lutheran-South
9.12Camille Howard57.65Concordia Lutheran
10.11Courtnee Morales59.67Bay Area Christian
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alyssa Ankrom
Courtney Catalani
Chelsea Potter
Rebekah Prado
51.72San Antonio Christian
2.-Edima Essien
Hannah Krob
Madison Lee
Madison Zeinert
51.92Northland Christian
3.-Jessica Barton
Amanda Henning
Camille Howard
Allie Brandenburg
52.36Concordia Lutheran
4.-Kassie Gurnell
Jasmine Mathews
Deandra Renaud
Victoria Apenteng
52.99Westbury Christian
5.-Jacqueline Waterland
Karen Haney
Sydney Williams
Katy Wefelmeyer
53.78Duchesne Academy
6.-Noelle Contreas
Taylor Smith
Victoria Howard
Savannah Jones
54.02Bay Area Christian
7.-Taylor Barnett
Chioma Nwankwo
Erica Burton
Kimber Walker
54.29Second Baptist
8.-Vicki Markantonis
Saffron Hill
Destiny Kindle
Jordan Powell
55.31St Pius X
9.-Nika Tafarroji
Abigail Hart
Emily Rosenhagen
Erin Shireman
10.-Abby Bohuslav
Carissa Sciba
Emily Wagner
Courtney Mraz
56.29St Paul
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jessica Barton
Amanda Henning
Lauren Rover
Allie Klein
1:48.03Concordia Lutheran
2.-Alyssa Ankrom
Rebekah Prado
Courtney Catalani
Chelsea Potter
1:50.22San Antonio Christian
3.-Edima Essien
Hannah Krob
Madison Zeinert
Madison Lee
1:50.99Northland Christian
4.-Addie Brandfield-Harvey
Erica Burton
Chioma Nwankwo
Kimber Walker
1:52.39Second Baptist
5.-Kimberley Horrell
Cristina Calderon
Jacqueline Waterland
Katy Wefelmeyer
1:52.79Duchesne Academy
6.-Emily Rosenhagen
Abigail Hart
Holly Marshall
Nika Tafarroji
7.-Hillary Cleggett
Nicole Caputo
Daelyn Richardson
Taraka Moses
2:00.29Westbury Christian
8.-Ciera Perkins
Courtney Madden
Vicki Markantonis
Saffron Hill
2:01.58St Pius X
9.-Abby Bohuslav
Carissa Sciba
Emily Wagner
Hailey Morrow
2:02.63St Paul
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karin Demski
Babette Horath
Ailee Taggart
Charlotte Peeters
4:13.85Awty International
2.-Jessica Barton
Nicole Boggan
Allie Klein
Lauren Rover
4:17.23Concordia Lutheran
3.-Briana Shay
Kimberly Horrell
Dolores Lozano
Logan Piper
4:18.32Duchesne Academy
4.-Alyssa Ankrom
Natalie Banks
Kelsey Osborne
Courtney Catalani
4:25.09San Antonio Christian
5.-Brandi Wells
Emily Rosenhagen
Holly Marshall
Kirstie Merchant
6.-Regina Bracken
Leigha Alexander
Vicki Markantonis
Courtney Madden
4:32.74St Pius X
7.-Yazmeen Baicy
Noelle Contreas
Savannah Jones
Victoria Howard
4:37.29Bay Area Christian
8.-Abby Bohuslav
Shelby Bohuslav
Courtney Mraz
Hailey Morrow
5:05.68St Paul
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tope Emiola29-10.00St John's
2.9Kelsey Crawford29-03.00Concordia Lutheran
3.12Shanice Beasley29-02.00St John's
4.11Reise Ercums28-07.50Bay Area Christian
5.12Tabitha Tillman27-02.00Westbury Christian
6.10Adina Eldridge26-07.50San Antonio Christian
7.9Addie Brandfield-Harvey26-05.00Second Baptist
8.12Catherine Carlson26-04.00Concordia Lutheran
9.11Rocio Villarreal25-08.00Concordia Lutheran
10.10Jessica Pittman25-01.50San Antonio Christian
11.12Jasmine Mathews24-04.50Westbury Christian
12.11Ashlee Thomas23-08.00Westbury Christian
13.12Fabiola Amador23-05.00Lutheran-South
14.9Rebecca Whisler23-03.50Northland Christian
15.10Callie Arriola22-02.50Lutheran-North
16.10Cali Robertson21-09.00Lutheran-North
17.11Kayla Shaffer21-03.00Lutheran-South
18.9Hannah Lampe21-02.50Bay Area Christian
19.11Stacey Moreno20-11.50St Pius X
20.9Ariel Gonzales20-06.50St Pius X
21.11Paige Adair19-04.50Bay Area Christian
22.9Rebecca Ward15-06.50Awty International
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Rover91-03.50Concordia Lutheran
2.11Reise Ercums91-00Bay Area Christian
3.12Fabiola Amador84-00Lutheran-South
4.10Tope Emiola83-03St John's
5.12Jasmine Mathews80-01Westbury Christian
6.10Victoria Diaz78-10St Pius X
7.11Oyin Lipede75-09Northland Christian
8.10Adina Eldridge74-00.50San Antonio Christian
9.12Shanice Beasley73-03St John's
10.9Rebecca Diaz70-09St Pius X
11.9Katy Wefelmeyer69-07Duchesne Academy
12.11Elizabeth Metkus66-08Concordia Lutheran
13.10Keli Christian65-09Concordia Lutheran
14.11Kayla Shaffer65-08Lutheran-South
15.10Sarah Hamilton63-10Second Baptist
16.10Jessica Pittman62-09San Antonio Christian
17.9Ariel Gonzales58-04St Pius X
18.12Tabitha Tillman58-03Westbury Christian
19.9Hannah Lampe56-01Bay Area Christian
20.11Karlye Tolley55-10Bay Area Christian
21.11Stacey Moreno52-11St Pius X
22.9Rebecca Ward44-03Awty International
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lauren Rover5-04.00Concordia Lutheran
2.11Kassie Gurnell5-00.00Westbury Christian
3.9Jessica Barton4-10.00Concordia Lutheran
4.10Emily Wagner4-10.00St Paul
5.9Meryl Gibbs4-08.00St John's
6.12Camille Howard4-06.00Concordia Lutheran
7.9Brianna Pierce4-04.00Northland Christian
7.12Mary Witte4-04.00Duchesne Academy
9.9Elena Strueding4-04.00Duchesne Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kimberly Horrell8-00.00Duchesne Academy
2.9Erin Shireman7-06.00Lutheran-South
3.10Sarah Dunlap7-00.00St John's
4.11Mary Ham7-00.00San Antonio Christian
5.11Abigail Hart6-06.00Lutheran-South
6.9Meryl Gibbs6-06.00St John's
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Amanda Henning16-03.50Concordia Lutheran
2.10Babette Hohrath15-10.50Awty International
3.11Allie Klein15-05.50Concordia Lutheran
4.10Savannah Jones15-00.50Bay Area Christian
5.9Dani Johnson14-10.00The Woodlands Prep
6.11Kimberly Horrell14-09.50Duchesne Academy
7.12Carissa Sciba14-08.00St Paul
8.9Nicole Caputo14-07.50Westbury Christian
9.11Allie Brandenburg14-04.00Concordia Lutheran
10.12Madison Garren14-02.50Lutheran-South
11.10Chelsea Potter14-01.50San Antonio Christian
12.12Katie Bruchmiller14-00.00San Antonio Christian
13.10Eve Nnaji13-07.50Lutheran-North
14.10Nika Tafarroji13-06.00Lutheran-South
15.10Jacqueline Waterland13-04.00Duchesne Academy
16.10Laura Heidecke13-03.50Awty International
17.11Taylor Smith13-02.00Bay Area Christian
18.11Karen Haney13-01.00Duchesne Academy
19.11Abby Bohuslav12-06.00St Paul
20.10Rachel Wood12-05.50Lutheran-North
21.10Alexis Turner12-01.00Northland Christian
22.11Shelby Bohuslav12-00.00St Paul
23.10Karen Demski11-05.50Awty International
24.12Veronica Russell11-01.50Westbury Christian
25.11Taraka Moses10-10.50Westbury Christian
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kassie Gurnell34-10.75Westbury Christian
2.11Allie Brandenburg33-10.75Concordia Lutheran
3.12Amanda Henning33-08.00Concordia Lutheran
4.11Allie Klein32-03.75Concordia Lutheran
5.10Emily Wagner31-11.00St Paul
6.9Dani Johnson31-01.00The Woodlands Prep
7.10Babette Hohrath31-00.00Awty International
8.11Courtney Catalani30-11.25San Antonio Christian
9.12Carissa Sciba29-02.75St Paul
9.10Emily Rosenhagen29-02.75Lutheran-South
11.9Meryl Gibbs29-00.00St John's
12.12Yazmeen Baicy27-10.50Bay Area Christian
13.11Abigail Hart26-09.00Lutheran-South
14.11Courtnee Morales25-10.50Bay Area Christian
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