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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

11Nick Sloggy11.28Chico
2.11Marcial Lawson11.29cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.12Logan Grimes11.64cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.11Jourdan Trevino11.8Red Bluff
12Sam Gibson12.1Red Bluff
11Jessee Foss12.1Red Bluff
11Zack Schwabauer12.2Red Bluff
12Gino Gagliano12.3Red Bluff
11Matt Fraser12.42cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Miles Cisneros12.48cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Casey Colwell12.58cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Kevin Bonner12.82cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
12Ryan Webb13.0Red Bluff
11Andrew Klupp13.1Red Bluff

100 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Colin Dahlberg11.8Red Bluff
2.9Christian Dobbins11.99Chico
3.10Robert Harris12.04Chico
4.9Stein McCallen12.32Chico
10Cy Bravo12.6Red Bluff
9Brodie Bill13.0Red Bluff
9Seth Corley13.04cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10AJ Mastaw13.2Red Bluff
10Alex Arellano13.3Red Bluff
9Carson Dunbar13.9Red Bluff

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Logan Grimes23.47cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
2.11Jourdan Trevino23.8Red Bluff
3.11Zack Schwabauer24.2Red Bluff
4.11Trevor Rogers24.9Red Bluff
12Scott Lindquist24.91cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Jessee Foss25.0Red Bluff
11Matt Fraser25.06cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Casey Colwell26.31cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Andrew Klupp27.1Red Bluff

200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Colin Dahlberg24.5Red Bluff
2.10Robert Harris24.94Chico
10Cy Bravo25.9Red Bluff
10Micheal Glass26.72Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9Shane Voorhees27.09cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10Alex Arellano27.3Red Bluff
10AJ Mastaw28.1Red Bluff
9Seth Corley28.99cFoothill (Palo Cedro)

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Marcial Lawson53.25cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
2.11Hunter Kepon53.26cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.11Grant Blaser54.7Red Bluff
4.11Colin Roth56.3Red Bluff
12Andrew Forward56.5Red Bluff
12Aaron Hagen58.7Red Bluff

400 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Zach Iverson54.0Red Bluff
2.10Dan Putman55.80cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Nick Wilson55.81Chico
4.10Micheal Glass58.44cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10Alex Arellano60.9Red Bluff

400 Meters - Relay Split  Varsity - Finals

12Colter Hedden52.7Red Bluff
11Zack Schwabauer53.4Red Bluff
11Jourdan Trevino53.8Red Bluff
11Devin Shoop54.3Red Bluff
11Trevor Rogers54.8Red Bluff
11Colin Roth56.6Red Bluff
12Sam Gibson57.8Red Bluff
12Aaron Hagen58.7Red Bluff

400 Meters - Relay Split  Junior Varsity - Finals

9Zach Iverson55.2Red Bluff
9Jonah McInnis56.3Red Bluff
10Tyler Demerath59.7Red Bluff
9Cody Case61.5Red Bluff

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Daniel Parker2:02.0Chico
2.12Phillip Graber2:02.7Chico
3.12Colter Hedden2:02.8Red Bluff
4.11Devin Shoop2:06.1Red Bluff
5.11Colin Roth2:07.6Red Bluff
11Dillon Collins2:14.11cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
8.11Trevor Rogers2:16.9Red Bluff
9.12Matt Stansbury2:19.4Chico
11.11Robert Ramsey2:30.1Red Bluff
12Brett Hodge2:31.23Foothill (Palo Cedro)
13.11Nik Kitchel2:32.2Red Bluff
6.11Patrick Franco2:43.6Chico
14.11Michael Smith3:34.3Red Bluff

800 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10David Baumgartner2:16.8Chico
2.9Colin Minks2:22.17cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Garritt Sanders2:28.1Red Bluff
4.10Khaeman McClelland2:29.09cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
9Billy Diskin2:29.52cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
9Mitch Alexander2:36.23Foothill (Palo Cedro)

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Daniel Parker4:35.8Chico
2.10Ryan Teesdale4:43.96cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.11Devin Shoop4:48.7Red Bluff
4.10Garrett Cloney4:49.53cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
5.12Matt Stansbury5:02.8Chico
11Dillon Collins5:06.40cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
6.12Anthony Thomas5:15.4Chico
7.12Daniel Mejia5:34.7Chico
11Tyler Mathews5:37.53cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
12Brett Hodge5:39.81cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11.11Joel Defrates5:40.6Red Bluff
11Brandon Sergeeff5:41.44cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
13.11Nik Kitchel5:50.9Red Bluff
14.11Michael Smith7:21.5Red Bluff

1600 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Alexander Thomas4:58.4Chico
2.10David Baumgartner4:58.8Chico
3.9Tony Meredith5:07.54cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.9Samuel Bransky5:10.03Chico
9Ryan Minturn5:11.16cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
9Jordan Stevens5:13.11cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
7.9Jacobe Conrad5:13.4Red Bluff
10Paul Peterson5:13.81cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
9.10Garritt Sanders5:17.6Red Bluff
10.10Ryker Heberle5:33.5Chico
11.9Dallas Thorpe5:36.1Chico
12.10Victor Orozco5:44.7Chico
9Sterling Fabbri5:50.00cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
14.10Zak Brinkhaus6:05.1Red Bluff
15.9Eddie Samay6:14.9Red Bluff

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Chas Burton10:28.2Chico
2.10Ryan Teesdale10:39.26cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Garrett Cloney10:53.90cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.12Matt Stansbury11:16.9Chico
5.12Anthony Thomas11:30.8Chico
6.11Robert Ramsey12:00.7Red Bluff
11Austin Norris12:11.69cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
8.11Joel Defrates12:19.3Red Bluff

3200 Meters  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Alexander Thomas11:06.7Chico
2.9Tony Meredith11:23cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.9Jacobe Conrad11:26.5Red Bluff
4.10Garritt Sanders11:34.9Red Bluff
5.10Ryker Heberle11:50.0Chico
6.10Sean Brown12:15.9Chico
7.10Cayetano Alcarez12:35.6Red Bluff
9Sterling Fabbri12:37.57cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
9.10Zak Brinkhaus13:41.6Red Bluff

110m Hurdles - 36"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Jason Weinrich16.1Chico
3.10Edgardo Anguiano-Sainz17.5Chico

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Eli Copsey15.56cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
2.12Kayhan Karatekeli15.57Chico
3.11Corrie Emmons16.5Chico
4.12Brett Edwards16.93cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Taylor Hickson17.2Red Bluff
11Derek Carpenter17.2Red Bluff
11Jake Miller18.02cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Andrew Bellon21.6Red Bluff

110m Hurdles - 39"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Jason Weinrich16.44Chico
2.10Madison DeSantis17.25cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Tre Robinson17.92cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
4.10Edgardo Anguiano-Sainz18.03Chico
10Nick Espitia18.53cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10Tyler Demerath18.6Red Bluff
9Cody Lehman20.0Red Bluff
10Sam Walker21.32cFoothill (Palo Cedro)

300m Hurdles - 33"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Jason Weinrich40.2Chico
3.10Edgardo Anguiano-Sainz44.7Chico

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

2.12Brett Edwards42.04cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
1.11Corrie Emmons42.3Chico
3.11Taylor Hickson44.0Red Bluff
4.11Derek Carpenter44.6Red Bluff
11Jake Miller44.66cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
11Grant Blaser45.9Red Bluff
11Andrew Bellon52.0Red Bluff

300m Hurdles - 36"  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Jason Weinrich40.23Chico
2.10Matt Reiser42.22cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Edgardo Anguiano-Sainz44.53Chico
4.10Tre Robinson45.22cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10Tyler Demerath47.6Red Bluff
10Nick Espitia49.13cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
9Cody Lehman51.1Red Bluff
10Sam Walker53.64cFoothill (Palo Cedro)
10Cayetano Alcarez55.4Red Bluff

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Sam Gibson
Zack Schwabauer
Jourdan Trevino
Colter Hedden
45.1Red Bluff
2.-Relay Team 45.11Chico
3.-Logan Grimes
Miles Cisneros
Michael Faris
Matt Fraser
45.87cFoothill (Palo Cedro)

4x100 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.-Cody Case
Brodie Bill
Zach Iverson
Colin Dahlberg
47.0Red Bluff
2.-Relay Team 47.16Chico
3.-Matt Reiser
Nick Espithia
Tre Robinson
Rocco Taylor
47.47cFoothill (Palo Cedro)

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

2.-Relay Team 3:34.1Red Bluff
-Hunter Kepon
Brett Edwards
Michael Faris
Jake Miller
3:39.33cFoothill (Palo Cedro)

4x400 Relay  Junior Varsity - Finals

2.-Relay Team 3:52.6Red Bluff
-Matt Reiser
Dan Putman
Billy Diskin
Seth Corley
4:06:16cFoothill (Palo Cedro)

Shot Put - 10lb  Junior Varsity - Finals

10John Rowe38'Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9Seth Corley37'5Foothill (Palo Cedro)
10Rocco Taylor35'5.5Foothill (Palo Cedro)

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Justin Hassel49'4Red Bluff
2.12Jacob Batdorf42'6.50Foothill (Palo Cedro)
3.12Trevor Grooms41'10Red Bluff
4.12Jesus Torres39'.5Red Bluff
5.11Casey Colwell37'10.5Foothill (Palo Cedro)
12Jesse Burke37'10Foothill (Palo Cedro)
12Mark Lotakoon36'10Red Bluff
11Greg Dohmen36'8.5Red Bluff
11Matt Pickett32'Red Bluff
11Brandon Nowicki32'Red Bluff
11Brandon Sergeeff29'7.5Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11Jesus Rivera15'4Red Bluff

Shot Put - 12lb  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.9Jeffrey Skaggs44'7Red Bluff
2.10Austin Wobbe44'Red Bluff
3.10Jared Foley38'2Red Bluff
9Ryan Hassel37'11.5Red Bluff
10Zak Stroing37'8.5Red Bluff
9Dominic Lightfoot37'.5Red Bluff
9Brandon Barragan34'10Red Bluff
9Gage Grabfelder34'1.5Red Bluff
10Robert Smith33'9Red Bluff
10Matthew Meaders33'2.5Red Bluff

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mark Lotakoon138'1Red Bluff
2.12Justin Hassel135'4Red Bluff
3.10Tyler Lamott121'1.5Chico
4.11Greg Dohmen107'11Red Bluff
11Brandon Nowicki106'7.5Red Bluff
12Trevor Grooms102'9Red Bluff
12Jesse Burke99'9.5Foothill (Palo Cedro)
12Jesus Torres97'4Red Bluff
12Jacob Batdorf95'6.5Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11Matt Pickett93'6Red Bluff
11Brandon Sergeeff78'8.5Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11Casey Colwell62'2.5Foothill (Palo Cedro)

Discus - 1.6kg  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Zak Stroing110'6Red Bluff
2.10John Rowe107'4Foothill (Palo Cedro)
3.10Jared Foley103'8Red Bluff
4.9Ryan Hassel98'3Red Bluff
9Dominic Lightfoot93'6Red Bluff
9Brandon Barragan86'10Red Bluff
10Rocco Taylor80'9Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9Jeffrey Skaggs78'5Red Bluff
9Seth Corley77'5Foothill (Palo Cedro)
10Matthew Meaders73'1Red Bluff
10Dreu Depaoli70'8Foothill (Palo Cedro)
10Robert Smith65'9Red Bluff

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Hunter Kepon5'10Foothill (Palo Cedro)
2.11Michael Faris5'8Foothill (Palo Cedro)
3.12Scott Lindquist5'6Foothill (Palo Cedro)
4.12Gino Gagliano5'6Red Bluff
11Grant Blaser5'4Red Bluff
12Ryan Webb5'4Red Bluff

High Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

2.9Jonah McInnis5'4Red Bluff
3.9Cody Case5'2Red Bluff
4.9Dalton Hedden4'10Red Bluff
9Cody Case4'8Red Bluff

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Nick Sloggy20'2.25Chico
2.12Colter Hedden20'1.75Red Bluff
3.11Hunter Kepon18'8Foothill (Palo Cedro)
4.11Taylor Hickson18'4Red Bluff
11Grant Blaser16'11Red Bluff
12Aaron Hagen16'9.75Red Bluff
12Andrew Forward16'6.25Red Bluff
12Ryan Webb15'5.5Red Bluff
11Michael Faris15'3.50Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11Andrew Klupp15'1Red Bluff
11Kevin Bonner14'8Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11Parker Burr14'4.50Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11Andrew Bellon13'2.25Red Bluff

Long Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Colin Dahlberg19'.25Red Bluff
2.10John Rowe17'7.50Foothill (Palo Cedro)
5.9Brodie Bill17'6.5Red Bluff
3.10Dan Putman17'2Foothill (Palo Cedro)
10Matt Reiser17'1.25Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9Zach Iverson16'6.25Red Bluff
10Dreu Depaoli16'4Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9Jonah McInnis16'2Red Bluff
10Tyler Demerath15'5Red Bluff
9Dalton Hedden14'9.5Red Bluff

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Taylor Hickson39'7.5Red Bluff
2.12Scott Lindquist36'3Foothill (Palo Cedro)
3.11Parker Burr33'5.50Foothill (Palo Cedro)
4.11Kevin Bonner32'7.25Foothill (Palo Cedro)
11Andrew Bellon30'3.75Red Bluff

Triple Jump  Junior Varsity - Finals

1.10Dan Putman38'3.25Foothill (Palo Cedro)
2.10John Rowe37'9Foothill (Palo Cedro)
3.9Jonah McInnis36'2Red Bluff
9Shane Voorhees35'3.25Foothill (Palo Cedro)
9Cody Case34'9.5Red Bluff
9Dalton Hedden31'6.75Red Bluff
10Carl Pedersen31'0Foothill (Palo Cedro)


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