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Mt Adams Invitational

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Washington - 2B
White Swan
Washington - 1A
White Salmon
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Carlsen11.30Lyle/Wishram
2.11Zachary Mart11.58White Salmon
3.10Evan Nystrom11.59White Salmon
4.12Tyler Hunziker11.60Goldendale
5.11JimJack Davenport12.10Goldendale
5.9Sebastian Mael12.10White Salmon
7.12Patrick Maeder12.30Bickleton
8.9Philip Lewis12.50Yakama Nation Tribal
9.10Steven McClusky12.60Lyle/Wishram
10.9Lawrence Crossinghorse12.90Yakama Nation Tribal
11.11Duc Nguyen13.80Bickleton
11Ty PlummerDQWhite Salmon
12Enrique GranadosDQWhite Salmon
9Cody MagnusonDQGoldendale
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cody Carlsen22.80Lyle/Wishram
2.12Luis Roque23.10White Salmon
4.12Mikael Dick24.40Trout Lake
3.9Sebastian Mael24.39White Salmon
5.9Lucas King24.50Trout Lake
6.11Duc Nguyen28.50Bickleton
11Benjamin WardNTWhite Salmon
12Enrique GranadosNTWhite Salmon
10Nathan BischoffNTGoldendale
9Juan AlarconNTGoldendale
11Zacharia IkeDQYakama Nation Tribal
9Lawrence CrossinghorseNTYakama Nation Tribal
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ty Freemantle54.50Lyle/Wishram
2.12Mikael Dick55.50Trout Lake
3.10Torey Spaulding56.70Goldendale
4.11Edgar Molina57.00Bickleton
5.12Seth Bell57.20White Salmon
6.10Kyle Welsh57.80Goldendale
7.9Juan Alarcon1:01.50Goldendale
8.11Zacharia Ike1:04.00Yakama Nation Tribal
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jonathon Frost2:09.60White Salmon
2.10Alec England2:10.40Trout Lake
3.12Jose Martinez2:16.80Lyle/Wishram
4.12Virgil Sampson2:20.80Bickleton
5.11Cory Williams2:22.00White Swan
6.11Rodolfo Amaral2:23.80Bickleton
7.10Steven McClusky2:24.50Lyle/Wishram
8.11Neal LaGrander2:25.70White Salmon
9Edgar AlcantarNTBickleton
10Tony BeckerNTLyle/Wishram
11Zacharia IkeDQYakama Nation Tribal
9Lawrence CrossinghorseNTYakama Nation Tribal
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Asa Israel4:33.20Goldendale
2.10Alec England4:49.20Trout Lake
3.11Junior Hernandez4:56.50Bickleton
4.11Lars Fagernes5:09.60Lyle/Wishram
5.11Miguel Reyes5:20.70White Salmon
6.12Jose Martinez5:27.90Lyle/Wishram
7.10Brian Neifert5:34.70Lyle/Wishram
8.12Virgil Sampson5:34.80Bickleton
10Tony Becker6:03.3Lyle/Wishram
12Aaron Churchwell6:07.4Lyle/Wishram
12Kris Lawler6:30.2Lyle/Wishram
10Billy Williams6:32.1Lyle/Wishram
10Francisco Martinez6:48.6Lyle/Wishram
9William HeltonNTWhite Salmon
9Timothy KaufmanNTWhite Salmon
10Dalton JaekelDQGoldendale
11Carlos FeliuNTLyle/Wishram
10Christipher LambertDQKlickitat
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Junior Hernandez10:50.60Bickleton
2.11Lars Fagernes11:25.40Lyle/Wishram
3.11Miguel Reyes11:49.80White Salmon
4.9Philip Lewis12:47.30Yakama Nation Tribal
5.12Jose Martinez12:55.10Lyle/Wishram
6.10Gage Miller12:58.30White Salmon
7.12Stephen Barta13:58.00Goldendale
8.11Rodolfo Amaral14:36.00Bickleton
10Dalton JaekelDQGoldendale
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Venema15.89Bickleton
2.10Henry Matai15.90Lyle/Wishram
3.12Tyler Cope16.10Trout Lake
4.11Caleb Bell17.20White Salmon
5.11Denman Curry17.60White Salmon
6.11Jenson Ladiges17.70White Salmon
7.11Leonardo Stoeber18.90Lyle/Wishram
9.11Justin Williams19.20White Swan
8.9Patrick Golding19.19Goldendale
9Nic VenemaDQBickleton
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Venema43.40Bickleton
2.11Caleb Bell44.40White Salmon
3.11Denman Curry44.50White Salmon
4.12Tyler Cope45.00Trout Lake
5.12Patrick Maeder45.20Bickleton
6.11Jenson Ladiges46.10White Salmon
7.11Leonardo Stoeber46.20Lyle/Wishram
8.11Logan Humphreys47.20Goldendale
9.10Josh Bell49.10White Salmon
10.11Justin Williams50.70White Swan
9Brady ConwayDQGoldendale
10Kyle WelshDQGoldendale
9Nic VenemaDQBickleton
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Robert Phelps
Cody Carlson
Ty Freemantle
Henry Matai
2.-Luis Roque
Evan Nystrom
Jenson Ladiges
Enrique Granados
45.60White Salmon
3.-Tyler Hunziker
Nathan Bischoff
JimJack Davenport
Torey Spaulding
4.-Tyler Cope
Mikael Dick
Nicky Rubesh
Donny Woodruff
50.10Trout Lake
5.-Edgar Alcantar
Dillon Clingan
Rodolfo Amaral
Duc Nguyen
6.-Aldrin Dimalanta
Skyler Graybael
Cory Williams
Justin Williams
57.00White Swan
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Robert Phelps
Cody Carlson
Kyle Murphy
Ty Freemantle
2.-JimJack Davenport
Asa Israel
Torey Spaulding
Kyle Welsh
3.-Sebastian Mael
Caleb Bell
Josh Bell
Kristien Conteras
3:59.80White Salmon
4.-Junior Hernandez
Patrick Maeder
Virgil Sampson
Edgar Molina
-Luis Roque
Zachary Mart
Evan Nystrom
Denman Curry
NTWhite Salmon
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ty Plummer40-09.50White Salmon
2.12Aaron Churchwell37-10.00Lyle/Wishram
3.10Nolan Smith36-11.00Lyle/Wishram
4.11Jenson Ladiges35-02.75White Salmon
5.10Caleb Keys35-01.25Klickitat
6.12Jacob McElravy34-07.50Goldendale
7.12Seth Bell34-06.00White Salmon
8.12Kris Lawler32-11.50Lyle/Wishram
9.9Braydon Ross32-07.00Goldendale
10.9Cole Walters32-01.00Klickitat
11.12Ty Hall31-10.50Yakama Nation Tribal
12.12Skyler Graybael31-08.50White Swan
13.12Dillon Clingan31-06.50Bickleton
14.9Kurt Wilkins30-07.50Goldendale
15.10Christipher Lambert29-08.25Klickitat
16.10Billy Williams28-10.00Lyle/Wishram
17.11Zacharia Ike27-05.00Yakama Nation Tribal
18.-Wiingush Migwans26-10.00Yakama Nation Tribal
19.8Shawn Mills19-06.00Yakama Nation Tribal
12Nick ReyesDQYakama Nation Tribal
9Kelston BuckskinDQYakama Nation Tribal
11Robert HicksDQYakama Nation Tribal
10Kristien ConterasDQWhite Salmon
11Benjamin WardDQWhite Salmon
11Cory WilliamsDQWhite Swan
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ty Plummer130-00White Salmon
2.10Henry Matai127-00Lyle/Wishram
3.9Braydon Ross107-06Goldendale
4.11Justin Williams107-02White Swan
5.11Cory Williams105-02White Swan
6.12Jacob McElravy104-07Goldendale
7.10Nolan Smith103-05Lyle/Wishram
8.9Kurt Wilkins98-08Goldendale
9.12Aaron Churchwell93-07Lyle/Wishram
10.9Cole Walters85-06Klickitat
11.12Kris Lawler82-09Lyle/Wishram
12.12Seth Bell81-02White Salmon
13.12Ty Hall80-10Yakama Nation Tribal
14.9Lawrence Crossinghorse79-08Yakama Nation Tribal
15.10Dion Curtis78-10Klickitat
16.12Dillon Clingan75-06Bickleton
17.-Wiingush Migwans64-06Yakama Nation Tribal
8Shawn Mills60-03Yakama Nation Tribal
10Gage Miller50-01White Salmon
10Kristien ConterasDQWhite Salmon
11Benjamin WardDQWhite Salmon
9Kelston BuckskinDQYakama Nation Tribal
12Nick ReyesDQYakama Nation Tribal
11Gordon GardipeeDQYakama Nation Tribal
10Caleb KeysDQKlickitat
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ron Prominski135-04Klickitat
2.10Christipher Lambert132-05Klickitat
3.11Robert Hicks128-08Yakama Nation Tribal
4.12Jacob McElravy122-06Goldendale
5.11Kyle Murphy115-03Lyle/Wishram
6.9Cole Walters112-07Klickitat
7.12Dillon Clingan103-00Bickleton
8.10Dion Curtis101-09Klickitat
9.10Billy Williams100-11Lyle/Wishram
10.11Neal LaGrander100-06White Salmon
11.11Zacharia Ike98-10Yakama Nation Tribal
12.-Wiingush Migwans97-06Yakama Nation Tribal
13.10Caleb Keys88-07Klickitat
14.8Shawn Mills70-04Yakama Nation Tribal
15.12Stephen Barta68-00Goldendale
16.11Rodolfo Amaral60-00Bickleton
11Donny WoodruffDQTrout Lake
11Gordon GardipeeDQYakama Nation Tribal
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Venema5-10.00Bickleton
2.12Tyler Hunziker5-08.00Goldendale
3.9Nic Venema5-04.00Bickleton
3.11Kyle Murphy5-04.00Lyle/Wishram
3.12Ron Prominski5-04.00Klickitat
6.9William Helton5-02.00White Salmon
6.9Brady Conway5-02.00Goldendale
6.11Logan Humphreys5-02.00Goldendale
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Patrick Maeder12-08.00Bickleton
2.12Robert Phelps12-00.00Lyle/Wishram
3.11Brian Langfield10-06.00Trout Lake
3.9Nic Venema10-06.00Bickleton
5.11Tygh Schuster10-00.00Trout Lake
5.9Braydon Ross10-00.00Goldendale
5.10Nicky Rubesh10-00.00Trout Lake
8.10Harvey Starr9-06.00Trout Lake
9.9Edgar Alcantar8-06.00Bickleton
11Donny WoodruffDQTrout Lake
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Hunziker20-04.50Goldendale
2.11Zachary Mart18-11.00White Salmon
3.12Tyler Cope18-01.00Trout Lake
4.11Edgar Molina17-05.00Bickleton
5.12Andrew Venema17-00.50Bickleton
6.12James (Tate) Peterson16-06.50White Salmon
7.10Nathan Bischoff16-05.00Goldendale
8.10Brian Neifert16-04.50Lyle/Wishram
9.12Aldrin Dimalanta16-04.00White Swan
9.9Philip Lewis16-04.00Yakama Nation Tribal
11.11Carlos Feliu15-00.50Lyle/Wishram
12.11Duc Nguyen14-11.50Bickleton
13.9Patrick Golding14-01.50Goldendale
13.9Brady Conway14-01.50Goldendale
15.9Juan Alarcon12-08.50Goldendale
9Cody MagnusonDQGoldendale
12Jeromie MasonDQKlickitat
12Ron ProminskiDQKlickitat
11Gordon GardipeeDQYakama Nation Tribal
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12James (Tate) Peterson38-11.00White Salmon
2.11Edgar Molina37-10.50Bickleton
3.11Logan Humphreys37-00.00Goldendale
4.11Kyle Murphy36-07.50Lyle/Wishram
5.9Philip Lewis36-04.50Yakama Nation Tribal
6.12Aldrin Dimalanta35-10.25White Swan
7.10Nathan Bischoff33-07.00Goldendale
8.10Brian Neifert33-05.50Lyle/Wishram
12Jeromie MasonDQKlickitat
9Cody MagnusonDQGoldendale
12Ron ProminskiDQKlickitat

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Teaera Churchwell12.90Lyle/Wishram
2.12Anna Schmid13.00Trout Lake
3.10Liz Vogt13.21Trout Lake
4.10Kelsey Spadaro13.25White Salmon
5.10Kirsten Larsen13.30White Salmon
6.10Lindsey Conn13.90White Salmon
7.12Michelle McMillen14.10White Salmon
8.12Silvia Jameyson14.20Lyle/Wishram
9.10Anna Nakae14.50Trout Lake
10.9Sarah Lancaster14.69Goldendale
11.9Lindsey Scott14.70Trout Lake
12.9Carlee Wheelon14.90Goldendale
12.11Katie Welch14.90Trout Lake
14.10Ashley Hayes15.50White Swan
14.12Noehly Tzintzun15.50White Swan
16.12Danielle Lewis19.40White Swan
9Erin PimmsDQWhite Swan
10Star KibbyDQBickleton
9Aleigha RudeDQWhite Salmon
9Shaarnute AzureDQYakama Nation Tribal
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Liz Vogt27.10Trout Lake
3.12Anna Schmid27.20Trout Lake
2.11Teaera Churchwell27.19Lyle/Wishram
4.10Kirsten Larsen27.90White Salmon
5.10Lindsey Conn29.20White Salmon
6.12Silvia Jameyson29.70Lyle/Wishram
7.10Kassandra Espindola30.10White Swan
8.9Lindsey Scott30.50Trout Lake
9.10Heidi Nybroten30.70White Salmon
10.9Lexy Knowlton31.00Goldendale
9Erin PimmsNTWhite Swan
10Star KibbyDQBickleton
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Teaera Churchwell1:03.20Lyle/Wishram
2.12Michelle McMillen1:06.20White Salmon
3.10Josie Hurn1:06.90White Salmon
4.10Anna Nakae1:07.00Trout Lake
5.9Carlee Wheelon1:11.80Goldendale
9Shaarnute AzureNTYakama Nation Tribal
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Neola Putnam2:22.90Trout Lake
2.12Anna Anderson2:35.60White Salmon
3.12Emily Paxson2:40.70Trout Lake
4.9Sarah Gibson2:43.70White Salmon
5.12Danielle Raschko2:45.50Bickleton
6.9Kylie Montgomery2:57.10Goldendale
7.10Christina Wilson3:01.60Bickleton
8.12Holly Phares3:20.50Trout Lake
11Jessica CummingsNTBickleton
10Angelique DittentholerNTWhite Swan
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Neola Putnam5:23.70Trout Lake
2.12Emily Paxson5:57.30Trout Lake
3.10Jessie Robertson6:16.80Trout Lake
4.9Sarah Gibson6:22.60White Salmon
5.9Shaarnute Azure6:26.00Yakama Nation Tribal
6.10Angelique Dittentholer6:29.20White Swan
7.10Christina Wilson6:34.40Bickleton
8.10Gates Curry7:10.30White Salmon
11Jessica Cummings7:55Bickleton
9Ariella DavenportNTGoldendale
10Brenda LambertNTKlickitat
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danielle Raschko13:46.90Bickleton
2.10Gates Curry16:28.00White Salmon
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Brewer16.00Klickitat
2.12Kali Fargher19.5Klickitat
2.11Megan Anderson19.70Trout Lake
3.9Sarah Lancaster19.80Goldendale
4.12Noehly Tzintzun20.30White Swan
5.11Johanna Jensen21.20Bickleton
6.11Micaela Carabin21.90Lyle/Wishram
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Anna Schmid48.20Trout Lake
2.11Micaela Carabin1:07.50Lyle/Wishram
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Whitney Reynier
Aleigha Rude
Kirsten Larsen
Kelsey Spadaro
53.20White Salmon
2.-Megan Anderson
Katie Welch
Lindsey Scott
Anna Nakae
58.90Trout Lake
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Lindsey Conn
Michelle McMillen
Aleigha Rude
Kelsey Spadaro
1:56.10White Salmon
2.-Katelynn Clinton
Star Kibby
Johanna Jensen
Danielle Raschko
3.-Megan Anderson
Anna Nakae
Mckenzie Zoller
Lindsey Scott
2:05.00Trout Lake
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Liz Vogt
Emily Paxson
Anna Schmid
Neola Putnam
4:12.30Trout Lake
2.-Anna Anderson
Josie Hurn
Aleigha Rude
Whitney Reynier
4:37.60White Salmon
3.-Kylie Montgomery
Carlee Wheelon
Lexy Knowlton
Sarah Lancaster
4.-Johanna Jensen
Nakai Kibby
Tricia McBride
Christina Wilson
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sadie Shattuck32-11.50Goldendale
2.11Zoe Lindner32-00.50Klickitat
3.11Holly Goodnight30-08.50Bickleton
4.10Katelynn Clinton29-08.25Bickleton
5.9Charice McConville29-08.00Klickitat
6.9Kylie Montgomery29-03.75Goldendale
7.12Lexi Becker26-08.50Lyle/Wishram
7.10Krissy Yarnell26-08.50Trout Lake
9.11Nakai Kibby26-03.00Bickleton
10.12Hannah Swigart25-09.50Goldendale
11.11Tale Solfjeld25-03.00White Salmon
12.10Kirsten Larsen24-03.00White Salmon
13.11Audrey Hill23-01.00Trout Lake
14.10Brenda Lambert22-09.00Klickitat
15.12Chelsea Osborne22-06.50Goldendale
16.12Danielle Lewis21-03.50White Swan
17.10Rian Brock19-10.50White Salmon
18.9Camilia Richards19-10.00Goldendale
19.11Janina Schmidt19-09.00White Salmon
9Sienna GrayDQGoldendale
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katelynn Clinton92-01Bickleton
2.11Holly Goodnight85-11Bickleton
2.9Charice McConville85-11Klickitat
4.11Zoe Lindner85-08Klickitat
5.9Felicia Tillequots80-04White Swan
6.11Tale Solfjeld79-00White Salmon
7.10Sadie Shattuck70-10Goldendale
8.10Brenda Lambert64-00Klickitat
9.9Kylie Montgomery63-04Goldendale
10.9Shaarnute Azure60-11Yakama Nation Tribal
11.12Lexi Becker60-00Lyle/Wishram
12.10Krissy Yarnell55-11Trout Lake
13.9Camilia Richards53-04Goldendale
14.10Soledad Zintzun48-00White Swan
15.9Ariella Davenport47-07Goldendale
16.10Rian Brock41-03White Salmon
11Nakai KibbyDQBickleton
11Audrey HillDQTrout Lake
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Noehly Tzintzun108-02White Swan
2.12Kali Fargher101-04Klickitat
3.11Zoe Lindner96-06Klickitat
4.10Heidi Nybroten92-10White Salmon
5.11Audrey Hill83-02Trout Lake
5.9Charice McConville83-02Klickitat
7.11Holly Goodnight71-04Bickleton
8.10Sadie Shattuck67-09Goldendale
9.9Sienna Gray63-00Goldendale
10.10Brenda Lambert59-06Klickitat
11.9Camilia Richards49-00Goldendale
12.9Krista Clark44-09Trout Lake
13.12Danielle Lewis32-10White Swan
13.11Jessica Cummings32-10Bickleton
15.12Tricia McBride31-05Bickleton
12Lexi BeckerDQLyle/Wishram
10Krissy YarnellDQTrout Lake
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Brewer5-00.00Klickitat
2.10Katelynn Clinton4-08.00Bickleton
2.11Tale Solfjeld4-08.00White Salmon
4.12Kali Fargher4-04.00Klickitat
5.12Hannah Swigart4-02.00Goldendale
6.9Krista Clark3-10.00Trout Lake
12Tricia McBrideNHBickleton
9Erin PimmsDQWhite Swan
10Josie HurnDQWhite Salmon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Star Kibby9-02.00Bickleton
2.11Mckenzie Zoller8-06.00Trout Lake
3.12Hannah Swigart8-00.00Goldendale
4.11Katie Welch6-06.00Trout Lake
4.10Krissy Yarnell6-06.00Trout Lake
6.12Tricia McBride6-00.00Bickleton
12Kali FargherDQKlickitat
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Liz Vogt15-04.00Trout Lake
2.10Samantha Brewer15-02.00Klickitat
3.12Whitney Reynier14-07.75White Salmon
4.12Anna Anderson14-04.50White Salmon
5.11Johanna Jensen13-05.00Bickleton
6.12Kali Fargher13' 2.25"Klickitat
6.12Silvia Jameyson13-01.75Lyle/Wishram
7.9Sarah Lancaster12-02.00Goldendale
8.12Danielle Raschko11-05.75Bickleton
9.12Noehly Tzintzun10-11.75White Swan
10.9Lexy Knowlton10-09.50Goldendale
11.10Ashley Hayes10-04.75White Swan
12.10Soledad Zintzun9-02.75White Swan
13.9Krista Clark9-01.50Trout Lake
14.9Ariella Davenport8-08.75Goldendale
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Samantha Brewer31-07.25Klickitat
2.10Kassandra Espindola29-06.00White Swan
3.12Chelsea Osborne26-11.50Goldendale
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