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Lake City Invite

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lake City HS, Coeur d'Alene

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jacob Bowman11.77aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
2.9Bryan Ustick11.83aMountain View (ID)      
3.9Anthony Gold11.94aSandpoint      
4.12Robert Peterson11.96aLake City      
5.12Sean Rollins11.97aPost Falls      
6.11Cade Mendoza12.00aCoeur D'Alene      
7.10Robbie Quinn12.03aLake City      
8.10Mark Smyly12.36aLake City      
9.12Brian Duffy12.39aCoeur D'Alene      
10.12Thomas Nick12.50aPost Falls      
11.11Alex Murren12.58aCoeur D'Alene      
12.12Crosby Cross12.72aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
13.11Jordan Villamor12.77aTimberline (Boise)      
14.11John Ortman13.68aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
12Ryan SeiboldNTMountain View (ID)      
11Cody HeckerNTSandpoint      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jacob Bowman23.55aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
2.11Steven Casley23.56aCoeur D'Alene      
3.12Robert Peterson23.97aLake City      
4.9Bryan Ustick24.16aMountain View (ID)      
5.11Cade Mendoza24.31aCoeur D'Alene      
6.11Wes Billingslea24.38aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
7.11Nick Patterson24.39aTimberline (Boise)      
8.12Brian Duffy24.41aCoeur D'Alene      
9.12Sean Rollins24.56aPost Falls      
10.11James Teget24.65aMountain View (ID)      
11.10Robbie Quinn24.76aLake City      
12.12Ryan Seibold24.97aMountain View (ID)      
13.12Thomas Nick25.13aPost Falls      
14.12Andrew Asper25.18aLake City      
15.11Jordan Villamor25.90aTimberline (Boise)      
16.11Alex Murren26.42aCoeur D'Alene      
9Anthony GoldNTSandpoint      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Steven Casley52.17aCoeur D'Alene      
2.12Matt Olson52.75aLake City      
3.12Andrew Asper53.64aLake City      
4.12Cody Pugil53.82aMountain View (ID)      
5.11Wes Billingslea53.84aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
6.11Garrett Andrew54.24aMountain View (ID)      
7.10Mark Smyly54.89aLake City      
8.12Phillip Beggs55.40aPost Falls      
9.12Stefan Groenhout55.48aSandpoint      
10.11Jacob Norris56.15aCoeur D'Alene      
11.10Jose Chavez56.23aPost Falls      
12.11Ben Leifheit56.90aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
13.9Justin Doering57.72aCoeur D'Alene      
14.9Jesse Wedewer1:05.44aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
12Jordan PowersNTPost Falls      
9John HainesNTCoeur D'Alene      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Frederickson1:58.32aLake City      
2.9Cody Curtis1:59.80aCoeur D'Alene      
3.12Kevin Miller2:00.92aMountain View (ID)      
4.12Jordan Powers2:02.94aPost Falls      
5.12Garrison Holdaway2:04.99aMountain View (ID)      
6.11Greg Drapeau2:10.14aLake City      
7.12Eric Lundholm2:11.28aPost Falls      
8.10Hayden Booth2:13.34aPost Falls      
9.9Ben Ragland2:17.81aTimberline (Boise)      
10.11Jeremiah Prummer2:19.45aSandpoint      
11.9Greg Weller2:38.33aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
12.11Brett Green2:40.47aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
10Evan RainsNTSandpoint      
12Nick PiersonNTCoeur D'Alene      
9Jacob ShapiroNTCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Logan Frederickson4:24.86aLake City      
2.9Cody Curtis4:28.82aCoeur D'Alene      
3.12Cory Ytsma4:34.48aMountain View (ID)      
4.12Joe Hartman4:35.79aMountain View (ID)      
5.10David Norris4:47.60aCoeur D'Alene      
6.10Danny Pfeifer4:48.93aSandpoint      
7.10Brandon Hawkins4:49.31aSandpoint      
8.10Ben Shields4:50.87aTimberline (Boise)      
9.12Kevin Miller4:50.88aMountain View (ID)      
10.11Brendan Foster4:51.26aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
11.10Patrick Estberg4:56.42aTimberline (Boise)      
12.12Cody Palmer5:01.29aLake City      
13.11Alex Hendricks5:02.14aCoeur D'Alene      
14.12Luke Iott5:05.04aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
15.9Ben Ragland5:06.51aTimberline (Boise)      
16.11Leo Francovich5:06.52aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
17.10Evan Rains5:09.24aSandpoint      
11Rory RuskovichNTCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10David Norris10:13.74aCoeur D'Alene      
2.12Nick Pierson10:34.65aCoeur D'Alene      
3.10Patrick Estberg10:39.47aTimberline (Boise)      
4.9Kyle Cummings10:39.85aCoeur D'Alene      
5.11Daniel Pinkerton10:55.73aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
6.10Nick Titus11:16.90aLake City      
7.10Conner Farley11:21.11aTimberline (Boise)      
8.10Taylor Ward11:37.05aLake City      
9.10James Gutierrez12:08.57aTimberline (Boise)      
10.12Kevin Pfeifer12:09.07aSandpoint      
11.10Camden DeBruler13:07.27aTimberline (Boise)      
10Evan RainsNTSandpoint      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tanner Schalk15.36aLake City      
2.12Nate Johnson15.64aTimberline (Boise)      
3.10Jake Lowman16.06aMountain View (ID)      
4.12Justin Dalme16.20aMountain View (ID)      
5.12Chris Benham16.42aMountain View (ID)      
6.10Allen Carmichael16.75aLake City      
7.12Caleb Bice17.54aPost Falls      
8.12Chad Mehalechko18.17aPost Falls      
9.12Andrew Mohawk18.80aLake City      
10.11Brett Burnside18.93aCoeur D'Alene      
11.9Chad Chalich19.54aCoeur D'Alene      
11Dillan CoryNTCoeur D'Alene      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tanner Schalk39.87aLake City      
2.10Jake Lowman42.01aMountain View (ID)      
3.12Justin Dalme42.16aMountain View (ID)      
4.11Dillan Cory43.35aCoeur D'Alene      
5.9Kaleb Mitchell43.43aLake City      
6.12Chris Benham43.87aMountain View (ID)      
7.12Andrew Mohawk43.91aLake City      
8.12Andrew Jenkins44.32aTimberline (Boise)      
9.11Ray Lee44.83aSandpoint      
10.12Chris Wilson44.97aPost Falls      
11.12Caleb Bice45.55aPost Falls      
12.11Brett Burnside45.68aCoeur D'Alene      
13.12Chad Mehalechko45.80aPost Falls      
14.11Charlie Redline46.16aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
15.9Chad Chalich47.66aCoeur D'Alene      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabe Bruner
Robbie Quinn
Robert Peterson
Tanner Schalk
45.24aLake City      
2.-Joey Zabala
Bryan Ustick
Ryan Seibold
James Teget
46.04aMountain View (ID)      
3.-Adam Lippert
Chad Mehalechko
Sean Rollins
Chris Wilson
46.42aPost Falls      
4.-Corey Hoffman
Mike Hubbard
Anthony Gold
Cody Hecker
5.-Nick Patterson
Casey Persons
Jordan Villamor
Garrett Hall
47.29aTimberline (Boise)      
6.-Aaron Adkinson
Alex Murren
Brian Duffy
Chad Chalich
48.22aCoeur D'Alene      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Robert Peterson
Matt Olson
Gabe Bruner
Andrew Asper
1:33.02aLake City      
2.-James Teget
Bryan Ustick
Garrett Andrew
Joey Zabala
1:33.99aMountain View (ID)      
3.-Brian Duffy
Steven Casley
Alex Murren
Cade Mendoza
1:34.30aCoeur D'Alene      
4.-Andrew Jenkins
Nick Patterson
Garrett Hall
Casey Persons
1:36.51aTimberline (Boise)      
5.-Stefan Groenhout
Corey Hoffman
Ray Lee
Mike Hubbard
6.-Adam Lippert
Chad Mehalechko
Jordan Powers
Phillip Beggs
1:38.25aPost Falls      
7.-Colter Gaul
Michael Kietzman
Keaton Lovlyn
John Ortman
1:55.51aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joey Zabala
Garrett Andrew
Garrison Holdaway
Cody Pugil
3:30.83aMountain View (ID)      
2.-Gabe Bruner
Matt Olson
Logan Frederickson
Tanner Schalk
3:31.21aLake City      
3.-Casey Persons
Garrett Hall
Nick Patterson
Nate Johnson
3:39.22aTimberline (Boise)      
4.-Steven Casley
Dillan Cory
Jacob Norris
Cade Mendoza
3:39.26aCoeur D'Alene      
5.-Jordan Powers
Phillip Beggs
Jose Chaves
Chris Wilson
3:39.76aPost Falls      
6.-Charlie Redline
Wes Billingslea
Jackson Redline
Jacob Shapiro
3:48.40aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jared Heston49-09.00Lake City      
2.10Freedom Watson48-04.00Sandpoint      
3.10Matt Wardell47-05.00Post Falls      
4.12Nathan Hayden46-02.00Lake City      
5.12Austin Tate45-08.00Post Falls      
6.11Tyler Horn45-03.00Mountain View (ID)      
7.11Cody Hecker45'00.00Sandpoint      
8.11Kaine Mundel41-08.00Post Falls      
9.11Travis Jankay39-11.00Coeur D'Alene      
10.12Cody Mazzola39-07.50Lake City      
11.12Justin Arts39-03.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
12.11Elias Lines39-00.00Mountain View (ID)      
13.11Kade Kirschner38-02.00Timberline (Boise)      
14.11Ian Shadman35-07.00Coeur D'Alene      
15.12Austin Posey35-04.00Sandpoint      
16.10Max Noll33-04.50Coeur D'Alene      
17.10Scott Miranda27-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
18.10Greg Roman27-03.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
9Sam BillingsleaNDCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathan Hayden144-02Lake City      
2.12Justin Arts141-02Coeur d'Alene Charter      
3.10Freedom Watson139-05Sandpoint      
4.11Kaine Mundel136-06Post Falls      
5.11Tyler Horn130-04Mountain View (ID)      
6.10Matt Wardell124-02Post Falls      
7.11Arthur Carrol123-01Lake City      
8.12Chris Hotine116-08Post Falls      
9.10Jonathan Murray111-05Coeur D'Alene      
10.11Cody Hecker109-08Sandpoint      
11.11LB Libbers108-11Sandpoint      
12.11Elias Lines104-04Mountain View (ID)      
13.11Kade Kirschner91-01Timberline (Boise)      
14.11Travis Jankay89-03Coeur D'Alene      
15.9Sam Billingslea85-02Coeur d'Alene Charter      
16.10Scott Miranda68-03Timberline (Boise)      
17.10Greg Roman59-00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
11Ian ShadmanNDCoeur D'Alene      
11Anthony DurantNDLake City      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alan Turnblom6-04.00Mountain View (ID)      
2.12Jason Turnblom6-02.00Mountain View (ID)      
3.12Nathanel Frisbie5-08.00Lake City      
3.12Zach Kuhl5-08.00Sandpoint      
5.11Anthony Durant5-06.00Lake City      
6.9Kaleb Mitchell5-06.00Lake City      
7.12Corey Hoffman5-04.00Sandpoint      
7.9Deon Watson5-04.00Coeur D'Alene      
7.11James Teget5-04.00Mountain View (ID)      
11Josh HaugenNHCoeur D'Alene      
11Connor WilliamsNHCoeur D'Alene      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nate Johnson12-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
2.10Nick Hernandez12-06.00Post Falls      
3.12Jacob Jeppson11-06.00Mountain View (ID)      
4.11Garrett Hall11-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
5.11Blake Ursenbach11-00.00Mountain View (ID)      
6.12Thomas Kirby11-00.00Post Falls      
7.9Brandon Reagan10-06.00Coeur D'Alene      
7.11Michael Arrington10-06.00Lake City      
9.9Slater Heckman9-06.00Coeur D'Alene      
9.10Taylor Williams9-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
11.9Paul Hill9-00.00Sandpoint      
12.9Sam Nelson8-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
12.11James Deshazer8-06.00Coeur D'Alene      
11Robert HomuthNHPost Falls      
9David SilvasNHLake City      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Wilson19-08.50Post Falls      
2.12Dakota Allert19-08.50Post Falls      
3.10Robbie Quinn19-05.50Lake City      
4.11Connor Williams19-03.50Coeur D'Alene      
5.12Zach Kuhl19-03.00Sandpoint      
6.10Damon Gonzales18-03.00Post Falls      
7.11Dillan Cory17-06.00Coeur D'Alene      
8.11Forest VanDehey17-03.00Mountain View (ID)      
9.11Colton Wanner16-06.50Lake City      
10.11John Ortman15-09.50Coeur d'Alene Charter      
11.11Josh Barro15-07.00Lake City      
12.9Keaton Lovlyn15-06.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
13.10Greg Roman15-02.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jason Turnblom41-05.00Mountain View (ID)      
2.12Alan Turnblom41-02.50Mountain View (ID)      
3.12Cody Anderson39-05.00Post Falls      
4.11Connor Williams39-03.50Coeur D'Alene      
5.12Corey Hoffman38-00.00Sandpoint      
6.12Andrew Jenkins37-11.00Timberline (Boise)      
7.11Forest VanDehey36-06.50Mountain View (ID)      
8.11Josh Haugen34-10.00Coeur D'Alene      
8.9Dylan Martz34-10.00Lake City      
10.9Levi Hewitt34-08.00Lake City      
11.9Deon Watson34-06.00Coeur D'Alene      
12.11Ben Leifheit34-04.50Coeur d'Alene Charter      
13.9Jackson Redline33-05.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
14.9Evan Smith31-06.00Lake City      
15.9Colter Gaul31-00.50Coeur d'Alene Charter      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shaundra Scott13.29aPost Falls      
2.9Nichole DeGrange13.51aMountain View (ID)      
3.9Jaida Burgess13.65aLake City      
4.11Kadie Booth13.67aPost Falls      
5.10Melinda Van Dyk13.72aSandpoint      
6.9Kyli McSpadden13.80aMountain View (ID)      
7.12Kelsey Wheeler13.94aCoeur D'Alene      
8.11Beth Gleixner14.02aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
9.10Kayla Spooner14.06aCoeur D'Alene      
10.10Kathryn Lonam14.16aLake City      
11.9Kyla Waldo14.25aTimberline (Boise)      
12.11Rachael Johnson14.34aMountain View (ID)      
13.10Meghan Ward14.52aCoeur D'Alene      
14.10Hailey Gropp14.73aTimberline (Boise)      
15.11Brittney Miller15.05aTimberline (Boise)      
16.10Katie Weber15.15aTimberline (Boise)      
9Asia BloodgoodNTCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominique Billingslea27.76aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
2.11Elizabeth Stadley27.77aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
3.9Shaundra Scott27.78aPost Falls      
4.9Nichole DeGrange28.29aMountain View (ID)      
5.10Lyndee Elmer28.49aLake City      
6.10Crystal Wendlend28.59aLake City      
7.10Josie Tennison28.60aPost Falls      
8.10Melinda Van Dyk28.67aSandpoint      
9.11Heather Simpson28.71aMountain View (ID)      
10.11Cassandra Kazemba29.19aLake City      
11.11Sarah Hirnyck29.53aMountain View (ID)      
12.10Kathryn Lonam29.75aLake City      
13.10Hailey Gropp30.76aTimberline (Boise)      
14.11Brittney Miller30.92aTimberline (Boise)      
15.10Emma Boxer31.06aTimberline (Boise)      
16.10Katie Weber31.21aTimberline (Boise)      
17.10Janessa Bennett31.22aTimberline (Boise)      
18.10Meghan Ward31.61aCoeur D'Alene      
12Veronica HommeNTMountain View (ID)      
10Kayla SpoonerNTCoeur D'Alene      
12Jill MeredithNTCoeur D'Alene      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dayna Drager1:01.58aCoeur D'Alene      
2.12Shanna Rippy1:02.32aTimberline (Boise)      
3.12Aynslee Stuart1:02.78aPost Falls      
4.9Allison Meehan1:03.25aPost Falls      
5.11Hillary Holt1:03.49aMountain View (ID)      
6.12Laura Goodwin1:04.95aMountain View (ID)      
7.12Veronica Homme1:05.49aMountain View (ID)      
8.11Cassandra Kazemba1:06.06aLake City      
9.11Hayley Miller-Washington1:06.48aLake City      
10.9Halie Raudenbush1:06.81aTimberline (Boise)      
11.11Sarah Hirnyck1:06.93aMountain View (ID)      
12.11Beth Gleixner1:07.44aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
13.11Kaya Garringer1:08.48aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
14.9Susie Leifheit1:14.55aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
12Jill MeredithNTCoeur D'Alene      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelli Ellingson2:24.71aMountain View (ID)      
2.12Angie Whalen2:26.17aPost Falls      
3.11Amanda Buttrey2:26.87aCoeur D'Alene      
4.10Katie Larson2:39.70aMountain View (ID)      
5.9Alia Lacroix2:39.77aLake City      
6.10Sadie Iott2:40.05aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
7.12Tabitha Fessenden2:47.15aSandpoint      
8.10Bre Smith2:52.70aTimberline (Boise)      
9.10Paige Kelly2:53.37aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
10.11Alyssa Kimm2:53.42aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
12Victoria VardellNTSandpoint      
11Rachel CrawfordNTCoeur D'Alene      
12Tanya FessendenNTSandpoint      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kinsey Gomez5:11.05aCoeur D'Alene      
2.12Molly Mitchell5:20.80aLake City      
3.10Kelli Ellingson5:30.38aMountain View (ID)      
4.9Jordan Mathes5:32.62aMountain View (ID)      
5.12Bug Simmons5:39.52aMountain View (ID)      
6.11Rhianna Grossman5:48.47aLake City      
7.9Lizzie Armon5:56.03aCoeur D'Alene      
8.12Tanya Fessenden6:00.85aSandpoint      
9.10Molly Burgstahler6:02.83aSandpoint      
10.12Kaitlyn Armstrong6:08.40aTimberline (Boise)      
11.10Sam Brandvein6:39.13aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
9Asia BloodgoodNTCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kinsey Gomez11:04.89aCoeur D'Alene      
2.12Molly Mitchell11:21.15aLake City      
3.10Katie Larson12:32.97aMountain View (ID)      
4.10Sadie Iott13:22.45aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
5.12Kaitlyn Armstrong13:32.04aTimberline (Boise)      
6.11Alyssa Kimm13:37.30aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
9Lizzie ArmonNTCoeur D'Alene      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jade Childs15.96aMountain View (ID)      
2.11Kacie Shields16.10aPost Falls      
3.11Tiffany Kuehn17.16aLake City      
4.9Erin Stone17.30aLake City      
5.10Alex Englehorn18.35aTimberline (Boise)      
6.12Kelsey Wheeler18.71aCoeur D'Alene      
7.10Kayla Asay18.90aPost Falls      
8.11Faith Hazard18.98aCoeur D'Alene      
9.9Carly Garcia19.24aLake City      
10.10Hailey Smith19.29aPost Falls      
11.10Sarah St John20.17aCoeur D'Alene      
9Mischelle HamiltonNTLake City      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jade Childs51.07aMountain View (ID)      
2.11Kacie Shields51.23aPost Falls      
3.12Kelsey Wheeler51.44aCoeur D'Alene      
4.9Kadie Blank51.92aLake City      
5.9Erin Stone52.23aLake City      
6.10Kayla Asay54.30aPost Falls      
7.9Carly Garcia54.45aLake City      
8.9Jaida Burgess55.09aLake City      
9.9Erin Burnside55.12aCoeur D'Alene      
10.11Faith Hazard55.59aCoeur D'Alene      
11.10Alex Englehorn55.68aTimberline (Boise)      
12.10Claire Johnson59.18aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Verhaeghe
Dominique Billingslea
Beth Gleixner
Cara Verhaeghe
52.74aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
2.-Jade Childs
Nichole DeGrange
Rachael Johnson
Kyli McSpadden
52.94aMountain View (ID)      
3.-Crystal Wendlend
Lyndee Elmer
Jaida Bowens
Hayley Miller-Washington
52.96aLake City      
4.-Bree Fratusco
Michelle Clubb
Kyla Waldo
Desi Dorsainvil
55.15aTimberline (Boise)      
-Aynslee Stuart
Shaundra Scott
Josie Tennison
Kadie Booth
NTPost Falls      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Nichole DeGrange
Sarah Hirnyck
Heather Simpson
Kyli McSpadden
1:49.41aMountain View (ID)      
2.-Aynslee Stuart
Allison Meehan
Josie Tennison
Kadie Booth
1:51.50aPost Falls      
3.-Crystal Wendlend
Lyndee Elmer
Sydney Butler
Hayley Miller-Washington
1:52.59aLake City      
4.-Michelle Clubb
Shanna Rippy
Halie Raudenbush
Mariah Smith
1:54.14aTimberline (Boise)      
-Elizabeth Stadley
Sabrina Ewing
Dominique Billingslea
Cara Verhaeghe
NTCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Aynslee Stuart
Angie Whalen
Allison Meehan
Josie Tennison
4:13.64aPost Falls      
2.-Kyli McSpadden
Laura Goodwin
Veronica Homme
Hillary Holt
4:15.09aMountain View (ID)      
3.-Hayley Miller-Washington
Jaida Bowens
Sydney Butler
Kadie Blank
4:21.23aLake City      
4.-Emily Verhaeghe
Cara Verhaeghe
Kaya Garringer
Elizabeth Stadley
4:21.24aCoeur d'Alene Charter      
5.-Halie Raudenbush
Bre Smith
Mariah Smith
Shanna Rippy
4:33.47aTimberline (Boise)      
-Rachel Crawford
Amanda Buttrey
Dayna Drager
Faith Hazard
NTCoeur D'Alene      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Marissa Armour36-09.00Coeur D'Alene      
2.12Branzell Porchia35-06.00Mountain View (ID)      
3.12Madison Curtis33-10.00Mountain View (ID)      
4.11Rebecca Bauman32-09.00Post Falls      
5.11Joy Day31-00.00Coeur D'Alene      
6.10Jenny Kerr30-03.00Lake City      
7.10Brittanie May30-02.00Sandpoint      
8.11Dani Meehan28-11.00Post Falls      
9.11Kimmie Kreiter28-03.00Timberline (Boise)      
10.12Rebecca Mabile27-07.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
11.9Cassie Ball27-04.00Lake City      
12.12Chantel Wilkes27-01.50Coeur d'Alene Charter      
13.12Haley Hathhorn26-07.00Timberline (Boise)      
14.11Kimberly Miranda26-03.00Timberline (Boise)      
15.10Sydney Blas25-08.50Lake City      
16.9Rebekah Arts24-06.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
17.12Jennifer Thomas24-00.00Sandpoint      
18.12Tara Garshak23-06.00Mountain View (ID)      
9Caitlin HodlNDPost Falls      
11Shae CarsonNDCoeur D'Alene      
12Adrianna BucholtzNDSandpoint      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rebecca Bauman126-11Post Falls      
2.12Marissa Armour120-01Coeur D'Alene      
3.12Branzell Porchia113-08Mountain View (ID)      
4.11Shae Carson111-10Coeur D'Alene      
5.11Joy Day103-05Coeur D'Alene      
6.12Tara Garshak102-09Mountain View (ID)      
7.11Dani Meehan90-00Post Falls      
8.12Aubree Dinning86-10Lake City      
8.12Madison Curtis86-10Mountain View (ID)      
10.12Jennifer Thomas83-06Sandpoint      
11.9Rebekah Arts76-02Coeur d'Alene Charter      
12.11Kimberly Miranda75-06Timberline (Boise)      
13.11Kimmie Kreiter75-00Timberline (Boise)      
14.9Aimee Dinning70-06Lake City      
15.10Brittanie May54-05Sandpoint      
10Mackenzie WayNDPost Falls      
10Taylor NordstromNDLake City      
12Adrianna BucholtzNDSandpoint      
12Chantel WilkesNDCoeur d'Alene Charter      
12Rebecca MabileNDCoeur d'Alene Charter      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sabrina Ewing5-02.00Coeur d'Alene Charter      
1.11Tiffany Kuehn5-02.00Lake City      
3.10Hailey Smith5-00.00Post Falls      
4.11Heather Simpson4-10.00Mountain View (ID)      
5.9Jade Childs4-08.00Mountain View (ID)      
6.11Breann Roerick4-04.00Timberline (Boise)      
7.10Gina Mitchell4-04.00Lake City      
12Nikki TonasketNHPost Falls      
9Tori BertschNHPost Falls      
9Emily VerhaegheNHCoeur d'Alene Charter      
12Jordan ShaginaNHLake City      
11Faith HazardNHCoeur D'Alene      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Haley Hathhorn9-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
2.11Susan Kovalchuk9-00.00Sandpoint      
3.11Sarah Beck8-00.00Post Falls      
4.9Kyla Waldo7-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
5.9Kadie Blank7-00.00Lake City      
5.10Ruby Smith7-00.00Coeur D'Alene      
5.12Jessica Jeske7-00.00Coeur D'Alene      
8.11Rhianna Grossman7-00.00Lake City      
9.9Alia Lacroix6-06.00Lake City      
11Stephanie LarsenNHCoeur D'Alene      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sabrina Ewing16-09.50Coeur d'Alene Charter      
2.9Shaundra Scott16-04.00Post Falls      
3.10Kaitlyn Gervase14-08.50Mountain View (ID)      
4.12Shelby Robb14-07.50Coeur D'Alene      
5.10Bree Fratusco14-06.00Timberline (Boise)      
6.12Alyssa Lusk14-05.00Mountain View (ID)      
7.11Elise Matz14-04.00Coeur D'Alene      
7.12Nikki Tonasket14-04.00Post Falls      
9.12Kylie Sanders13-09.50Mountain View (ID)      
10.11Brianne Conroy13-09.00Coeur D'Alene      
11.12Jordan Shagina13-00.00Lake City      
11.9Erin Stone13-00.00Lake City      
11Kadie BoothNDPost Falls      
10Gina MitchellNDLake City      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Allison Meehan33-01.00Post Falls      
2.11Jalana White32-05.00Post Falls      
3.12Kylie Sanders32-03.00Mountain View (ID)      
4.11Elise Matz32-01.50Coeur D'Alene      
5.12Nikki Tonasket31-06.00Post Falls      
6.11Brianne Conroy31-03.50Coeur D'Alene      
7.12Alyssa Lusk31-01.00Mountain View (ID)      
7.12Shelby Robb31-01.00Coeur D'Alene      
10Gina MitchellNDLake City      
10Kaitlyn GervaseNDMountain View (ID)      
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