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CCHS vs. LJCD/Canyon Crest

Thursday, March 05, 2009

CCHS, San Diego

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Kuzminsky11.4Canyon Crest Academy      
11Kevin Leavy11.9Cathedral Catholic      
9Luke Whitmarsh12.2Cathedral Catholic      
10Sage Hagstrom12.2La Jolla Country Day      
12Dylan Meredith12.21Canyon Crest Academy      
11Jordan Lance12.5Cathedral Catholic      
10Matt Fumo12.9Cathedral Catholic      
9Brian Heinz13.0Cathedral Catholic      
10Matthew Shanks13.6Cathedral Catholic      
10Hannah Freeman19.8Cathedral Catholic      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.11Nick Sarif12.8Canyon Crest Academy      
3.11Bill Bennett12.9Canyon Crest Academy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Steven Kuzminsky23.32Canyon Crest Academy      
11Josh Jacko23.7Cathedral Catholic      
12Zach Wolfenzon23.7La Jolla Country Day      
11Tom Fiechtner24.3Cathedral Catholic      
9Luke Whitmarsh24.7Cathedral Catholic      
11Max Brewer25.1Cathedral Catholic      
12Dylan Meredith25.25Canyon Crest Academy      
12Yann Artero26.22Canyon Crest Academy      
11Tyler Vasquez26.4Cathedral Catholic      
10Matt Fumo26.4Cathedral Catholic      
10Michael Mezzino26.7Cathedral Catholic      
10Sergio Paez27.0Cathedral Catholic      
10Garrett Peterson28.0Cathedral Catholic      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
2.11David Perlman25.62Canyon Crest Academy      
3.10Kia Zomorrodi26.0Canyon Crest Academy      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Daniel Blair52.6Cathedral Catholic      
12Trey Smith54.18Canyon Crest Academy      
11Jack Winemiller54.3Cathedral Catholic      
11Ray Krickel55.0Cathedral Catholic      
11Alberto Yanez55.76La Jolla Country Day      
12John McKinney55.9Cathedral Catholic      
10Chase Mertz56.97La Jolla Country Day      
9Dalton Case59.0Cathedral Catholic      
9Dylan Peterson59.4Cathedral Catholic      
11Max Hasan59.8Cathedral Catholic      
9Anthony Boffman60.0Cathedral Catholic      
11Adam Brown60.06Canyon Crest Academy      
12Casey Wu60.90Canyon Crest Academy      
9Patrick Fitzgerald61.7Cathedral Catholic      
10Dan Peters61.8Cathedral Catholic      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
11Aaron Haitin60.84Canyon Crest Academy      
11Zack Kriesmer65.21Canyon Crest Academy      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Adam Rolph51.75Canyon Crest Academy      
12Daniel Blair53.8Cathedral Catholic      
11Tom Fiechtner54.2Cathedral Catholic      
10Tom Valente54.8Cathedral Catholic      
11Khashy Hakamian54.75Canyon Crest Academy      
11Jack Winemiller55.2Cathedral Catholic      
11Marco Villar55.2Cathedral Catholic      
11Drew Diachenko55.4Cathedral Catholic      
11William Woesle55.6Cathedral Catholic      
11Ray Krickel55.6Cathedral Catholic      
12Trey Smith55.78Canyon Crest Academy      
11Adam Brown59.78Canyon Crest Academy      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Rolph2:01.5Canyon Crest Academy      
10Tom Valente2:03.4Cathedral Catholic      
11Dennis Roth2:05.6La Jolla Country Day      
11Drew Diachenko2:09.7Cathedral Catholic      
5.11Khashy Hakamian2:13.2Canyon Crest Academy      
11Marco Villar2:13.7Cathedral Catholic      
7.11Abdullah Paul2:20.8Canyon Crest Academy      
9Jake Mack2:28La Jolla Country Day      
9Nolan Kulik2:29La Jolla Country Day      
8.11Chris Cappel2:29.2Canyon Crest Academy      
9.10Christopher Gardner2:29.6Canyon Crest Academy      
12.9Michael Villasenor2:42.4Canyon Crest Academy      
13.11Matt Pappalardo2:43.3Canyon Crest Academy      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Rolph4:48.0Canyon Crest Academy      
11Tyler Robinson4:51.0Cathedral Catholic      
12Alex Poyhonen4:52.37La Jolla Country Day      
11Alex Fleischhacker4:55.22La Jolla Country Day      
11Khashy Hakamian4:57.6Canyon Crest Academy      
11Nick Irza5:00.3Canyon Crest Academy      
12Derek Gill5:02.2Cathedral Catholic      
11William Woesle5:11.2Cathedral Catholic      
10Christopher Gardner5:16.9Canyon Crest Academy      
9Noah Wolfenzon5:17.85La Jolla Country Day      
11Chris Cappel5:22.3Canyon Crest Academy      
12Spencer Mosher5:26.8Canyon Crest Academy      
10Ben Horvath5:27.2Cathedral Catholic      
9Patrick Fitzgerald5:29.2Cathedral Catholic      
9Dalton Case5:30.4Cathedral Catholic      
11Matt Pappalardo5:33.0Canyon Crest Academy      
9Nick Grubiss5:34.0Cathedral Catholic      
10Zack Brown5:35.6Canyon Crest Academy      
9Jake Mack5:36.21La Jolla Country Day      
9Scott McElhaney5:36.5Cathedral Catholic      
9Nolan Kulik5:39.84La Jolla Country Day      
10Jack Wilson5:40.5Cathedral Catholic      
12Matt Wong5:53.25La Jolla Country Day      
9Riley Martin7:39.5Canyon Crest Academy      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Justin Haley10:29.2Cathedral Catholic      
12Tommy Kroll11:05.5Cathedral Catholic      
3.11Abdullah Paul11:10.2Canyon Crest Academy      
4.11Nick Irza11:11.4Canyon Crest Academy      
10Collin Fitzpatrick11:49.2Cathedral Catholic      
6.9Danny McNeela11:56.7Canyon Crest Academy      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
12Ryan Murphy17.7Cathedral Catholic      
12Matt Lawson18.3Cathedral Catholic      
12Jake Whisler18.5Cathedral Catholic      
12John McKinney20.1Cathedral Catholic      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
12John McKinney46.2Cathedral Catholic      
11Chris Sauquillo46.5Cathedral Catholic      
12Ryan Murphy47.3Cathedral Catholic      
12Matt Lawson47.4Cathedral Catholic      
11Matthew Voss48.62Canyon Crest Academy      
12Eric Blodgett48.86La Jolla Country Day      
12Luis Arca49.5Cathedral Catholic      
10Ben Horvath51.2Cathedral Catholic      
11Evan Hilderman54.2Cathedral Catholic      
11Devon Rogers54.9Cathedral Catholic      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Kevin Leavy
Josh Jacko
Daniel Blair
Tom Fiechtner
45.0Cathedral Catholic      
-Steffen Chen
Steven Kuzminsky
Trey Smith
Nick Sarif
46.4Canyon Crest Academy      
-Luke Whitmarsh
Brian Heinz
Dustin Rowland
Adam Whitmarsh
48.9Cathedral Catholic      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Daniel Blair
Ray Krickel
Jack Winemiller
Tom Fiechtner
3:38.8Cathedral Catholic      
-William Woesle
Tom Valente
Marco Villar
Drew Diachenko
3:40.8Cathedral Catholic      
3.-Trey Smith
Adam Brown
Khashy Hakamian
Adam Rolph
3:42.3Canyon Crest Academy      
-Dennis Roth
Alexander Fleischhacker
Noah Wolfenzon
Sage Hagstrom
3:52.61La Jolla Country Day      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
12Will Baker35'6Cathedral Catholic      
12Steven Fackler34'0La Jolla Country Day      
11Indi Lavarias33'11La Jolla Country Day      
4.11Grant Clay32'8Canyon Crest Academy      
11Sam Roth32'1Canyon Crest Academy      
12Andrew Hill31'5La Jolla Country Day      
11Ian Han31'5La Jolla Country Day      
12Colin Masters31'2Cathedral Catholic      
11AJ Montes31'0Cathedral Catholic      
12Matt Skerritt30'3Canyon Crest Academy      
12Frankie Virgilio30'2Cathedral Catholic      
12Ahmed Hassan30'0Canyon Crest Academy      
12Richard Hong29'2Cathedral Catholic      
11Michael Young28'9Cathedral Catholic      
11Chase Matthews28'6Canyon Crest Academy      
11James Schirm27'7Canyon Crest Academy      
11Michael Lanaiselee27'1Canyon Crest Academy      
12Ryan Brown25'9Canyon Crest Academy      
12Jhon Faghih-Nassiri22'4La Jolla Country Day      
9Nate Borie20'2Canyon Crest Academy      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
12Will Baker124'3Cathedral Catholic      
12Steven Fackler109'1La Jolla Country Day      
11Indi Lavarias99'9La Jolla Country Day      
12Colin Masters97'1Cathedral Catholic      
12Eric Blodgett95'7La Jolla Country Day      
12Andrew Hill93'9La Jolla Country Day      
11AJ Montes91'11Cathedral Catholic      
11Ian Han87'6.75La Jolla Country Day      
10Dominic Belcastro86'1Cathedral Catholic      
11Sam Roth74'5.5Canyon Crest Academy      
12Jhon Faghih-Nassiri61'10.25La Jolla Country Day      
11Grant Clay61'6.5Canyon Crest Academy      
11Nihill Khanna61'6Canyon Crest Academy      
11Eli Waddell60'3Canyon Crest Academy      
11James Mark52'2Canyon Crest Academy      
11Michael Lanaiselee51'7.25Canyon Crest Academy      
11Will Ross42'7Canyon Crest Academy      
11Yang Xiang40' 7"Canyon Crest Academy      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Mason Boxer-Capitano5'6La Jolla Country Day      
2.12Trey Smith5'6Canyon Crest Academy      
12Zach Wolfenzon5'4La Jolla Country Day      
12Mitch Amelio5'4"La Jolla Country Day      
12Niall Larson5'2Cathedral Catholic      
12Dylan Meredith5'2Canyon Crest Academy      
9Brian Heinz5'2Cathedral Catholic      
11Rio Sakurai5'0Canyon Crest Academy      
11Nathaniel Falwell5'0Cathedral Catholic      
11Dennis Roth4'10La Jolla Country Day      
10Kia Zomorrodi4'10Canyon Crest Academy      
10Chase Mertz4'8La Jolla Country Day      
10Michael Mezzino4'8Cathedral Catholic      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
10Jon Hoolko10'0Cathedral Catholic      
12Chris Berghauser9'6Cathedral Catholic      
12Josh Salmeron9'6Cathedral Catholic      
12Brett Signaigo9'0Cathedral Catholic      
11Ryan French9'0La Jolla Country Day      
5.12Brandon Hnedak9'0Canyon Crest Academy      
10Phillip Poyhonen8'6La Jolla Country Day      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Josh Jacko19'11"Cathedral Catholic      
11Alistair Dobke19'1.5La Jolla Country Day      
10Chance Early18'0Cathedral Catholic      
11Alberto Yanez17'9La Jolla Country Day      
10Ryan O'Connor17'8Cathedral Catholic      
11Derek Thomas17'6Cathedral Catholic      
11Ryan French17'5.5La Jolla Country Day      
12Eric Blodgett17'4La Jolla Country Day      
11Montell Allen16'10La Jolla Country Day      
10Michael Mezzino16'6.5Cathedral Catholic      
11Henry Cordova16'1Cathedral Catholic      
11Mac Kaland16'0La Jolla Country Day      
12Chris Langford14'9.5Cathedral Catholic      
12Duncan Scales13'10La Jolla Country Day      
9Adam Schechtman13'6.5La Jolla Country Day      
9Szongaia Brown13'2Cathedral Catholic      
9Anthony Kim12'1La Jolla Country Day      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Derek Thomas38'11Cathedral Catholic      
11Alistair Dobke38'0La Jolla Country Day      
10Ryan O'Connor37'11Cathedral Catholic      
10Chance Early37'7Cathedral Catholic      
12Eric Blodgett34'7.75La Jolla Country Day      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Dereka Chargualaf13.7Cathedral Catholic      
11Courtney Rockwood13.9La Jolla Country Day      
9Victoria Vargas14.2Cathedral Catholic      
9Katharine Redoglia14.3Cathedral Catholic      
9Tamara Jacko14.4Cathedral Catholic      
12Ashlee Clattenburg14.4Cathedral Catholic      
9Paniz Mikanik14.68Canyon Crest Academy      
11Vanessa Caluza14.8Cathedral Catholic      
12Kayla Hindle14.98Canyon Crest Academy      
11Heather Vreeland15.33Canyon Crest Academy      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
12Melissa Rauch14.44Canyon Crest Academy      
9Nora Chang15.09Canyon Crest Academy      
12Amanda Harris15.34Canyon Crest Academy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Sarah Masters29.1Cathedral Catholic      
10Victoria Wolfe29.3Cathedral Catholic      
9Jillian Oxendine29.6Cathedral Catholic      
12Ashlee Clattenburg29.9Cathedral Catholic      
11Courtney Rockwood30.9La Jolla Country Day      
11Vanessa Caluza31.0Cathedral Catholic      
11Nicole Ouellette32.03La Jolla Country Day      
9Jennifer Wolkenstein32.9Cathedral Catholic      
11Heather Vreeland33.64Canyon Crest Academy      
9Kelly Murphy34.1Cathedral Catholic      
11Ashton Rosin34.52Canyon Crest Academy      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
3.9Paniz Mikanik31.02Canyon Crest Academy      
4.9Emelie Deans31.08Canyon Crest Academy      
10Morganne Graves31.83Canyon Crest Academy      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Nicole Appleton66.75Canyon Crest Academy      
10Casey Granahan67.6Cathedral Catholic      
10Kaycey Bui68.3Cathedral Catholic      
9Emily Buckley69.2Cathedral Catholic      
10Nicole Bouchard1:10.0Cathedral Catholic      
12Erin Thorsell71.90Canyon Crest Academy      
10Nicole Egge1:13.4Cathedral Catholic      
12Rachel Thompson74.59Canyon Crest Academy      
9Caroline Wegner1:16.7:La Jolla Country Day      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
12Anabel Arredondo71.15Canyon Crest Academy      
9Rachel Duong73.43Canyon Crest Academy      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Melanie Holohan63.2Cathedral Catholic      
9Caitlin Krol67.2Cathedral Catholic      
10Dereka Chargualaf67.8Cathedral Catholic      
9Katharine Redoglia69.5Cathedral Catholic      
11Nicole Appleton71.19Canyon Crest Academy      
12Erin Thorsell72.5Canyon Crest Academy      
12Anabel Arredondo73.15Canyon Crest Academy      
12Rachel Thompson79.34Canyon Crest Academy      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Melanie Holohan2:32.9Cathedral Catholic      
9Betsy Muirhead2:39.9Cathedral Catholic      
10Hayley Ortman2:55.0Cathedral Catholic      
3.10Andrea Frishberg2:56.0Canyon Crest Academy      
11Sarah Westwood3:02.0Cathedral Catholic      
9Courtney Kroll3:05.0Cathedral Catholic      
11Janai Kerwin3:06.0Cathedral Catholic      
12Claire Garrova3:09.0Cathedral Catholic      
12Haley Fleischman3:27.0Cathedral Catholic      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Caitlin Krol5:34.0Cathedral Catholic      
2.9Charlotte Kuzminsky5:41.3Canyon Crest Academy      
10Haley Nordin6:01.7Cathedral Catholic      
4.9Brianna Bockman6:03.8Canyon Crest Academy      
9Kelsey Jess6:11.1Cathedral Catholic      
9Priscilla Rose6:13.2Cathedral Catholic      
7.10Rachel Stein6:20.0Canyon Crest Academy      
10Liz Mock6:20.4Cathedral Catholic      
10Sierra Carini6:33.3Cathedral Catholic      
9Kelsey Robinson6:35.1Cathedral Catholic      
9Lauren Sullivan6:40.8Cathedral Catholic      
9.10Andrea Frishberg6:43.6Canyon Crest Academy      
13.9Rachel Duong6:43.58Canyon Crest Academy      
11Laura Kremicki6:49.7Cathedral Catholic      
11Ariana Woods6:53.0Cathedral Catholic      
12Alexa Presar6:54.6Cathedral Catholic      
12Breanna Trisko6:57.2Cathedral Catholic      
9Maegan Trisko7:49.0Cathedral Catholic      
11Andrea Alonte8:12.0Cathedral Catholic      
11Melanie Supple8:13.0Cathedral Catholic      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Charlotte Kuzminsky11:56.7Canyon Crest Academy      
10Katrina Mecklenburg12:21.7Cathedral Catholic      
9Christine Kent12:22.3Cathedral Catholic      
4.9Brianna Bockman12:39.5Canyon Crest Academy      
5.10Rachel Stein14:02Canyon Crest Academy      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
10Frankie Gale17.3Cathedral Catholic      
12Lauren Kennedy17.7Cathedral Catholic      
12Stephanie Tucker18.0Cathedral Catholic      
10Ally Langley19.5Cathedral Catholic      
11Rachel Hoffman19.62Canyon Crest Academy      
10Hannah Freeman19.8Cathedral Catholic      
11Kara Fitzgerald20.9Cathedral Catholic      
10Nicole Egge21.1Cathedral Catholic      
11Nicole Le21.1Cathedral Catholic      
9Gioia Kabel21.5Cathedral Catholic      
9Maggie Fitzpatrick22.2Cathedral Catholic      
10Olivia Allison22.4Cathedral Catholic      
11Katrina Mengoli23.4Cathedral Catholic      
9Taylor Bondi24.6Cathedral Catholic      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
10Frankie Gale50.2Cathedral Catholic      
12Lauren Kennedy50.9Cathedral Catholic      
12Stephanie Tucker52.1Cathedral Catholic      
11Kaitlyn Egan58.5Cathedral Catholic      
11Nicole Le59.3Cathedral Catholic      
11Kara Fitzgerald60.4Cathedral Catholic      
12Anabel Arredondo61.53Canyon Crest Academy      
11Vanessa Anchondo62.9Cathedral Catholic      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
3.12Megan Plumb59.88Canyon Crest Academy      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Jillian Oxendine
Katharine Redoglia
Victoria Vargas
Tamara Jacko
54.1Cathedral Catholic      
-Stephanie Tucker
Lauren Kennedy
Ashlee Clattenburg
Katarina Payne
54.7Cathedral Catholic      
-Dereka Chargualaf
Sarah Masters
Kaycey Bui
Victoria Wolfe
55.3Cathedral Catholic      
-Ashton Rosin
Nicole Appleton
Alyxe Anderson
Heather Vreeland
57.4Canyon Crest Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Melanie Holohan
Dereka Chargualaf
Caitlin Krol
Katharine Redoglia
4:27.6Cathedral Catholic      
2.-Erin Thoresell
Nicole Appleton
Rachel Thompson
Anabel Arredondo
4:56.18Canyon Crest Academy      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
12Claire Altree24'9La Jolla Country Day      
10Liz Mock23'9Cathedral Catholic      
3.12Sarah Rawi23'7Canyon Crest Academy      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
12Claire Altree84'5.5La Jolla Country Day      
2.12Sarah Rawi55'1.75Canyon Crest Academy      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Courtney Rockwood5'0La Jolla Country Day      
10Frankie Gale4'10Cathedral Catholic      
11Alisha Perigyi4'6Cathedral Catholic      
11Kira Mesman-Hallman4'6La Jolla Country Day      
10Neeka Zarei4'6Canyon Crest Academy      
11Alyxe Anderson4'6Canyon Crest Academy      
10McKenzi Green4'0Cathedral Catholic      
10Kelly Mogenson4'0Cathedral Catholic      
9Alaciel Torres4'0La Jolla Country Day      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
12Tricia Decker8'6La Jolla Country Day      
9Kaitlin McCallum7'0La Jolla Country Day      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Courtney Rockwood15'9.75La Jolla Country Day      
12Katarina Payne15'6.5Cathedral Catholic      
11Mackenzie Menotti15'5.5Cathedral Catholic      
9Kaitlin McCallum14'9.75La Jolla Country Day      
10Sarah Masters14'2Cathedral Catholic      
9Jillian Oxendine14'.5Cathedral Catholic      
10Victoria Wolfe13'11Cathedral Catholic      
12Tricia Decker13'0.5La Jolla Country Day      
9Katharine Struve13'.5Cathedral Catholic      
9Alaciel Torres11'10La Jolla Country Day      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Mackenzie Menotti32'2.5Cathedral Catholic      
11Kira Mesman-Hallman30'3.5La Jolla Country Day      
10Victoria Wolfe29'10.5Cathedral Catholic      
10Sarah Masters28'.5Cathedral Catholic      
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