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Central Missouri Invitational

Friday, January 23, 2009

Central Missouri, Warrensburg

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKenton Lonberger6.81aEmporia State      
2.SrEric Moore6.91aCentral Missouri      
3.SrBritt Johnson6.93aCentral Missouri      
4.JrKai Roper6.97aCentral Missouri      
5.-Damond Berry6.97aCentral Missouri      
6.SoMike Wilson7.03aMissouri S&T      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoKenton Lonberger6.88aEmporia State      
2.SrEric Moore6.93aCentral Missouri      
3.JrKai Roper6.94aCentral Missouri      
4.SrBritt Johnson6.96aCentral Missouri      
5.-Damond Berry6.97aCentral Missouri      
6.SoMike Wilson6.98aMissouri S&T      
7.FrDerwin Hall6.98aEmporia State      
8.JrJeremy Jackson7.08aPittsburg State (KS)      
8.SoIvey Lee7.08aCentral Missouri      
10.FrEric Griffin7.09aCentral Missouri      
11.JrDennis Hopgood7.12aCentral Missouri      
12.JrLarry Beamon7.13aEmporia State      
13.SoJosh Schuler7.15aEmporia State      
13.FrGregory Wright7.15aPittsburg State (KS)      
15.SrZach Smith7.17aSimpson College (IA)      
16.SoAlex Talbott7.18aPittsburg State (KS)      
17.JrWardell Watkins7.19aSimpson College (IA)      
18.-Will Hill7.24aCentral Missouri      
19.FrKevin Wages7.28aCentral Missouri      
20.FrRyan Tierney7.33aSimpson College (IA)      
21.SoBrett Vessell7.34aMissouri S&T      
22.JrLeGrand Bien-Aime7.35aSimpson College (IA)      
22.-Shawn Hunter7.35aCentral Missouri      
24.SoAnthony Cooper7.44aCentral Missouri      
25.FrBrent Katzing7.49aCentral Missouri      
26.FrBrandon Katzing7.50aCentral Missouri      
27.SrJordan Henry7.59aMissouri S&T      
28.JrPeter Hollenbeck7.71aMissouri S&T      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKenton Lonberger22.02aEmporia State      
2.SrBritt Johnson22.49aCentral Missouri      
3.JrKai Roper22.52aCentral Missouri      
4.FrEric Griffin22.81aCentral Missouri      
5.FrKevin Wages22.90aCentral Missouri      
6.FrGregory Wright22.97aPittsburg State (KS)      
7.JrLarry Beamon23.14aEmporia State      
8.SoMike Wilson23.27aMissouri S&T      
9.SoAlex Talbott23.46aPittsburg State (KS)      
10.SoJosh Schuler23.56aEmporia State      
11.FrDerwin Hall23.57aEmporia State      
12.JrLeGrand Bien-Aime23.58aSimpson College (IA)      
13.SoIvey Lee23.68aCentral Missouri      
14.FrShawn Boss23.93aCentral Missouri      
15.JrWardell Watkins23.95aSimpson College (IA)      
16.FrBrent Katzing24.00aCentral Missouri      
17.FrRyan Tierney24.01aSimpson College (IA)      
18.-Will Hill24.11aCentral Missouri      
19.FrKyle Ahnefeld24.20aCentral Missouri      
20.FrRyan Rethy24.54aMissouri S&T      
21.SoBrett Vessell24.57aMissouri S&T      
22.JrPeter Hollenbeck25.00aMissouri S&T      
23.-Aaron Allen25.21aCentral Missouri      
24.FrJarod Schott25.45aSimpson College (IA)      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDarius Johnson50.66aPittsburg State (KS)      
2.FrDarius Walker50.83aCentral Missouri      
3.FrVincent Howze51.39aEmporia State      
4.-Ian Packard51.46aMissouri S&T      
5.-Modesto Gilstrap51.66aEmporia State      
6.JrAnthony Garrett51.73aPittsburg State (KS)      
7.-Derek Wise52.20aPittsburg State (KS)      
8.FrBen Coy53.98aSimpson College (IA)      
9.-Damond Berry54.10aCentral Missouri      
10.FrBrandon Katzing54.24aCentral Missouri      
11.JrBryan Hogan54.40aMissouri S&T      
12.FrTravis Strehlow54.97aSimpson College (IA)      
13.FrJosh Wardenburg55.87aSimpson College (IA)      
14.-Aaron Dunbar1:04.39aPittsburg State (KS)      
X 600 Yards - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAnthony Cooper1:15.54aCentral Missouri      
2.FrJacob White1:15.61aCentral Missouri      
3.-Dan Quillen1:15.82aEmporia State      
4.JrKyle Yarkosky1:16.41aSimpson College (IA)      
5.-Chris Gravley1:17.15aPittsburg State (KS)      
6.FrDillon Cowing1:17.34aEmporia State      
7.-Jordan Kellerman1:17.34aMissouri S&T      
8.SoBryan Kluge1:17.41aMissouri S&T      
9.-David Cotter1:17.65aPittsburg State (KS)      
10.-Shawn Hunter1:18.12aCentral Missouri      
11.SrNate Thomas1:18.16aPittsburg State (KS)      
12.FrBrandon Christensen1:19.78aSimpson College (IA)      
13.FrRobert Erhardt1:20.10aMissouri S&T      
14.-Sam Holland1:20.84aMissouri S&T      
15.JrMarty Rounds1:21.14aSimpson College (IA)      
16.SoThomas Cotter1:22.48aSimpson College (IA)      
17.SrJustin Schneider1:23.39aSimpson College (IA)      
18.-Jordan Wilson1:24.10aMissouri S&T      
19.JrNick Wilson1:24.44aSimpson College (IA)      
20.FrTommy Boyce1:25.47aCentral Missouri      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrEric Patten1:58.29aSimpson College (IA)      
2.SoBrandon Etzold1:59.05aMissouri S&T      
3.JrJohn VanGundy1:59.20aPittsburg State (KS)      
4.SoSloane Kern2:00.02aEmporia State      
5.SoKyle Kotzman2:00.56aEmporia State      
6.SoLouis Elbert2:00.67aSimpson College (IA)      
7.FrAlex Chambers2:01.54aMissouri S&T      
8.FrBrent Vogel2:01.61aCentral Missouri      
9.FrJoe Skelton2:01.79aMissouri S&T      
10.-Paul Roland2:03.01aMissouri S&T      
11.JrA.J. Stevens2:03.42aCentral Missouri      
12.SoMichael Renkowski2:04.30aMissouri S&T      
13.-Patrick Mills2:04.85aCentral Missouri      
14.JrChris Teel2:07.33aMissouri S&T      
15.FrDavid Long2:09.14aMissouri S&T      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAdam McGovern4:25.87aEmporia State      
2.SrJohn Garrett4:26.29aPittsburg State (KS)      
3.SoBrett Carter4:28.40aCentral Missouri      
4.SoBrendan Smith4:29.61aMissouri S&T      
5.FrEric Fairbairn4:29.88aMissouri S&T      
6.SoWilliam Hohmeier4:30.58aEmporia State      
7.SoAllen Ernst4:30.97aMissouri S&T      
8.FrKevin Denny4:34.02aCentral Missouri      
9.SrAnthony Schulz4:34.32aCentral Missouri      
10.FrDrew Thomas4:34.91aMissouri S&T      
11.JrSkyler Delmott4:37.59aEmporia State      
12.FrJason Barry4:38.95aMissouri S&T      
13.FrMatt Stone4:41.03aSimpson College (IA)      
14.JrTyler Jordison4:41.77aSimpson College (IA)      
15.FrWes Farrington4:46.75aSimpson College (IA)      
16.FrSean Feehan4:48.77aMissouri S&T      
17.FrKeji Amos5:03.20aCentral Missouri      
18.FrJoe Berry5:16.94aCentral Missouri      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDavid Fuchs8:46.00aCentral Missouri      
2.SrChris Colesworthy8:52.78aCentral Missouri      
3.JrMujahid Hassaballa8:59.52aPittsburg State (KS)      
4.FrMatt Haffner9:03.66aPittsburg State (KS)      
5.SoAdam McGovern9:04.60aEmporia State      
6.SoAllen Ernst9:07.38aMissouri S&T      
7.JrSkyler Delmott9:08.54aEmporia State      
8.FrDalton Moberly9:09.70aCentral Missouri      
9.JrClifford Miles9:09.71aPittsburg State (KS)      
10.JrTim Testa9:15.72aPittsburg State (KS)      
11.SoJosh Schulz9:19.18aCentral Missouri      
12.FrBen Loats9:19.81aPittsburg State (KS)      
13.FrAsher Delmott9:20.04aEmporia State      
14.SoLuke Weber9:26.25aSimpson College (IA)      
15.FrBen Keown9:28.00aCentral Missouri      
16.SrEric Osterhaus9:28.28aSimpson College (IA)      
17.FrAndrew Wayman9:29.41aEmporia State      
18.FrRyan Edwardson9:29.80aSimpson College (IA)      
19.SoDaniel Forbes9:34.11aMissouri S&T      
20.SoChris Dvorak9:36.47aEmporia State      
21.FrAaron Viets9:36.55aMissouri S&T      
22.FrJon Sanell9:41.03aPittsburg State (KS)      
23.FrDrew Thomas9:44.38aMissouri S&T      
24.FrSean Feehan9:47.58aMissouri S&T      
25.FrTim Doonan9:48.07aMissouri S&T      
26.FrChris France10:04.79aCentral Missouri      
27.FrAlan Pulley10:07.11aMissouri S&T      
28.JrAaron Skopec10:10.76aSimpson College (IA)      
29.JrEthan Morgan10:22.13aSimpson College (IA)      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeremy Jackson8.03aPittsburg State (KS)      
2.FrVincent Howze8.36aEmporia State      
3.FrDarius Walker8.39aCentral Missouri      
4.SoBrad Eichenburg8.48aEmporia State      
5.FrBrian Woods8.52aPittsburg State (KS)      
6.SrCraig Saalfield8.61aEmporia State      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrJeremy Jackson8.17aPittsburg State (KS)      
2.FrVincent Howze8.39aEmporia State      
3.SoBrad Eichenburg8.48aEmporia State      
4.FrBrian Woods8.51aPittsburg State (KS)      
4.FrDarius Walker8.51aCentral Missouri      
6.SrCraig Saalfield8.59aEmporia State      
7.-Derek Knight8.65aEmporia State      
8.FrDerick Winkle8.67aMissouri S&T      
9.JrMarty Rounds8.71aSimpson College (IA)      
10.FrShawn Boss8.84aCentral Missouri      
11.FrBrent Vogel8.90aCentral Missouri      
12.-Kyle Williams8.94aMissouri S&T      
12.SoAlex Lohman8.94aCentral Missouri      
14.-Aaron Allen9.07aCentral Missouri      
15.FrKyle Ahnefeld9.10aCentral Missouri      
16.SrJordan Henry9.17aMissouri S&T      
17.JrNick Wilson9.21aSimpson College (IA)      
18.JrPeter Hollenbeck9.24aMissouri S&T      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:26.64aPittsburg State (KS)      
2.-Relay Team 3:26.65aCentral Missouri      
3.-Relay Team 3:27.42aEmporia State      
4.-Relay Team 3:28.68aMissouri S&T      
5.-Relay Team 3:32.35aPittsburg State (KS)      
6.-Relay Team 3:35.51aSimpson College (IA)      
7.-Relay Team 3:36.52aMissouri S&T      
8.-Relay Team 3:37.63aCentral Missouri      
9.-Relay Team 3:37.98aEmporia State      
10.-Relay Team 3:38.11aSimpson College (IA)      
11.-Relay Team 3:41.79aMissouri S&T      
12.-Relay Team 3:45.06aSimpson College (IA)      
13.-Relay Team 3:45.38aCentral Missouri      
14.-Relay Team 3:46.65aSimpson College (IA)      
15.-Relay Team 3:57.43aCentral Missouri      
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:56.98aCentral Missouri      
2.-Relay Team 11:08.32aMissouri S&T      
3.-Relay Team 11:22.51aCentral Missouri      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBrian Allen59-04.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
2.SoDrew Frizzell57-10.50Central Missouri      
3.SrJaban Moore54-06.50Central Missouri      
4.-Jordan Karr49-01.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
5.SoJusten Shackelford46-09.50Central Missouri      
6.-Brett Cavanah46-05.50Central Missouri      
7.-Grant Garwood46-01.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
8.FrRory Hennessy45-06.50Simpson College (IA)      
9.SoLucas Jaster45-03.00Missouri S&T      
10.SoJeremiah Johnson43-11.75Missouri S&T      
11.JrJohn Wardenburg41-08.00Simpson College (IA)      
12.FrDarius Walker38-07.50Central Missouri      
13.-Chad Berens37-04.00Missouri S&T      
14.SrEric Atkinson36-03.50Pittsburg State (KS)      
15.JrKyle Yarkosky36-03.00Simpson College (IA)      
16.FrBrent Vogel34-07.50Central Missouri      
17.FrKeith McCarthy32-08.50Simpson College (IA)      
18.FrShawn Boss27-06.50Central Missouri      
--SoKevin RoulhacFOULEmporia State      
---Matt MorrowFOULMissouri S&T      
--JrScott DanielsonFOULSimpson College (IA)      
--FrLucas SanMartinFOULEmporia State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCraig Saalfield6-10.25Emporia State      
2.FrEric Griffin6-07.00Central Missouri      
3.SrGreg Clawson6-05.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
4.-Tristan Snyder6-05.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
5.-Jace Butterworth6-03.25Central Missouri      
6.SrNate Thomas6-03.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
6.FrDarius Walker6-03.25Central Missouri      
8.-Aaron Dunbar6-03.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
9.FrShawn Boss6-03.25Central Missouri      
10.SrEric Atkinson6-03.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
11.-Cole Davis6-01.25Emporia State      
12.FrBrent Katzing5-11.25Central Missouri      
--JrKyle YarkoskyNHSimpson College (IA)      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEthan Hobbs15-11.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
2.JrPeter Hollenbeck15-05.00Missouri S&T      
3.SoAlex Lohman14-11.00Central Missouri      
4.FrScott Spiegel14-05.25Central Missouri      
5.FrRyan Rethy13-11.25Missouri S&T      
6.SoChad Appleton13-05.25Central Missouri      
--SrJordan HenryNHMissouri S&T      
---Tyler FlemingNHEmporia State      
--FrMicah NickelsonNHMissouri S&T      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEric Moore23-09.00Central Missouri      
2.-Markel Wiley22-08.50Central Missouri      
3.JrDouglas Marshall22-05.00Emporia State      
4.JrDennis Hopgood22-04.50Central Missouri      
5.FrElijah Thomas22-01.00Missouri S&T      
6.SrZach Smith21-11.75Simpson College (IA)      
7.JrMatt Koelling21-04.75Emporia State      
8.FrJarod Schott20-09.25Simpson College (IA)      
9.-Cole Davis19-10.75Emporia State      
10.FrGregory Wright19-09.50Pittsburg State (KS)      
11.SoAlex Lohman19-08.00Central Missouri      
12.FrBrent Vogel19-05.25Central Missouri      
--JrWardell WatkinsFOULSimpson College (IA)      
---Anthony RobinsonFOULCentral Missouri      
--SoJosh HoneycuttFOULEmporia State      
--SoKiara JonesFOULPittsburg State (KS)      
---Kyle WilliamsFOULMissouri S&T      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatt Koelling49-00.75Emporia State      
2.SoJosh Honeycutt48-09.50Emporia State      
3.SoKiara Jones47-11.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
4.JrDouglas Marshall47-03.75Emporia State      
5.SrZach Smith44-10.75Simpson College (IA)      
6.JrDennis Hopgood44-01.25Central Missouri      
7.-Anthony Robinson43-07.00Central Missouri      
8.-Markel Wiley43-00.50Central Missouri      
9.-Kyle Williams42-03.25Missouri S&T      
10.FrElijah Thomas41-11.50Missouri S&T      
--SoBrett SiegleFOULPittsburg State (KS)      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDrew Frizzell64-05.25Central Missouri      
2.JrBrian Allen62-06.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
3.SrJaban Moore58-11.50Central Missouri      
4.JrGavin Wuthrich57-03.50Pittsburg State (KS)      
5.SoKevin Roulhac56-04.75Emporia State      
6.SrBraden Hayes56-00.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
7.FrBrandon Hubbard52-05.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
8.SrDustin Loyd50-02.75Emporia State      
9.SoJusten Shackelford46-08.75Central Missouri      
10.FrLucas SanMartin42-09.75Emporia State      
11.SoLucas Jaster42-02.25Missouri S&T      
12.FrRory Hennessy38-07.00Simpson College (IA)      
13.-Brett Cavanah35-10.50Central Missouri      
14.JrJohn Wardenburg33-02.50Simpson College (IA)      
15.JrScott Danielson32-00.00Simpson College (IA)      
16.FrKeith McCarthy22-03.75Simpson College (IA)      

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBrooke Kent7.84aEmporia State      
2.SoAngela Selby8.01aCentral Missouri      
3.-Kendra Lewis8.05aMissouri S&T      
4.FrLori Mortenson8.07aCentral Missouri      
5.FrLindsay Lettow8.17aCentral Missouri      
6.JrHillary Griffith8.26aMissouri S&T      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrBrooke Kent7.83aEmporia State      
2.-Kendra Lewis8.02aMissouri S&T      
3.SoAngela Selby8.05aCentral Missouri      
4.FrLori Mortenson8.06aCentral Missouri      
5.JrHillary Griffith8.14aMissouri S&T      
6.FrLindsay Lettow8.17aCentral Missouri      
7.-Mary Jo Mott8.18aPittsburg State (KS)      
8.-Nikki Morris8.18aCentral Missouri      
9.-Ayanna Johnson8.23aPittsburg State (KS)      
10.SoRenae Weaver8.25aEmporia State      
11.SoTrisha Jenkins8.31aCentral Missouri      
12.SrSara Thurber8.34aPittsburg State (KS)      
13.SoSarah Stach8.36aMissouri S&T      
14.-Monique Scott8.37aCentral Missouri      
15.-Brittany Harding8.38aCentral Missouri      
16.JrPerrine Chapot8.42aCentral Missouri      
17.-Katie Brier8.64aCentral Missouri      
18.-Jasmine Duckworth8.67aCentral Missouri      
---Tiffany GellyFSCentral Missouri      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJacquelyn Jacobs25.91aEmporia State      
2.SrHaley Mendicki26.36aPittsburg State (KS)      
3.JrBrooke Kent26.50aEmporia State      
4.FrLindsay Lettow26.69aCentral Missouri      
5.SoTrisha Jenkins26.90aCentral Missouri      
6.-Mary Jo Mott26.93aPittsburg State (KS)      
7.SoAubrey Moore27.02aMissouri S&T      
8.-Kendra Lewis27.10aMissouri S&T      
9.FrLori Mortenson27.48aCentral Missouri      
10.JrHillary Griffith27.56aMissouri S&T      
11.-Nikki Morris27.95aCentral Missouri      
12.-Brittany Harding28.84aCentral Missouri      
13.-Jasmine Duckworth28.89aCentral Missouri      
14.-Katie Brier29.21aCentral Missouri      
15.-Tiffany Gelly29.24aCentral Missouri      
16.-Monique Scott30.12aCentral Missouri      
17.FrBrittanee Nederhoff30.85aSimpson College (IA)      
18.FrJennie Darrow31.18aSimpson College (IA)      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJacquelyn Jacobs59.13aEmporia State      
2.SrHaley Mendicki59.46aPittsburg State (KS)      
3.SoAubrey Moore59.83aMissouri S&T      
4.JrPerrine Chapot1:01.96aCentral Missouri      
5.-Leah Bateman1:02.29aCentral Missouri      
6.FrLauren Karley1:03.47aPittsburg State (KS)      
7.SoAshley Spencer1:03.78aEmporia State      
8.SoAngela Selby1:04.01aCentral Missouri      
9.-Chastity Hughes-Stanton1:05.24aEmporia State      
10.-Caitlin Rolfs1:05.78aPittsburg State (KS)      
11.FrLindsay Crutcher1:06.39aMissouri S&T      
12.-Jasmine Duckworth1:08.80aCentral Missouri      
13.FrBrittanee Nederhoff1:09.95aSimpson College (IA)      
X 600 Yards - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPaige Kruse1:31.49aMissouri S&T      
2.JrMolly Sabers1:33.36aSimpson College (IA)      
3.JrKierra Handley1:33.71aMissouri S&T      
4.JrLauren Bucklin1:34.75aSimpson College (IA)      
5.JrAnne Carlson1:34.86aCentral Missouri      
6.JrAlyssa Hedrick1:36.45aSimpson College (IA)      
7.FrErica Joannes1:36.77aCentral Missouri      
8.FrNicole Mulder1:36.87aSimpson College (IA)      
9.-Katie Kohler1:37.32aCentral Missouri      
10.FrMegan Stahl1:37.67aPittsburg State (KS)      
11.JrErin Eiken1:39.26aCentral Missouri      
12.SoSamantha Schussele1:40.53aMissouri S&T      
13.FrKinsey Bak1:45.53aSimpson College (IA)      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChristy Weller2:21.72aEmporia State      
2.SoCatie Ellingson2:22.24aSimpson College (IA)      
3.JrSarah Hammel2:22.84aSimpson College (IA)      
4.SoKathryn Davison2:23.62aEmporia State      
5.SrSandy Davidson2:28.01aCentral Missouri      
6.JrKatherine Bruce2:28.24aMissouri S&T      
7.FrEmily Young2:31.36aCentral Missouri      
8.FrKassie Osborne2:31.85aMissouri S&T      
9.-Jessica Duncan2:34.53aCentral Missouri      
10.FrErin Guzman2:40.04aSimpson College (IA)      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKatelyn Mona5:06.66aEmporia State      
2.SrSandy Davidson5:20.97aCentral Missouri      
3.SoJenna Mellen5:24.53aPittsburg State (KS)      
4.SoKathryn Davison5:32.27aEmporia State      
5.FrRachel Smith5:42.19aSimpson College (IA)      
6.SoTeresa Conley5:42.48aMissouri S&T      
7.-Courtney Licht7:00.36aSimpson College (IA)      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKatelyn Mona10:24.70aEmporia State      
2.SoBrittany Graff10:38.39aPittsburg State (KS)      
3.JrJess Christensen10:46.91aSimpson College (IA)      
4.FrCarrie Roberts10:50.32aCentral Missouri      
5.FrColleen Conrad10:55.54aMissouri S&T      
6.SoCaitlin Laskowski11:04.33aPittsburg State (KS)      
7.JrYazmin Vallejo11:17.25aCentral Missouri      
8.SoMorgan Frehe11:18.96aEmporia State      
9.FrEmily Tripp11:37.12aSimpson College (IA)      
10.JrTricia Davis11:39.34aSimpson College (IA)      
11.FrHaley Beggs11:41.19aPittsburg State (KS)      
12.SoBrittany Simpkins11:53.70aCentral Missouri      
13.SoRebecca McNally11:54.37aMissouri S&T      
14.FrKathryn West12:08.54aCentral Missouri      
15.JrKristin Simpson12:37.81aSimpson College (IA)      
16.JrKatie Luzum12:46.16aSimpson College (IA)      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLauren Bucklin9.11aSimpson College (IA)      
2.SrSara Thurber9.11aPittsburg State (KS)      
3.SrBrittanie Roldan9.12aCentral Missouri      
4.FrLindsay Lettow9.15aCentral Missouri      
5.SoAngela Selby9.31aCentral Missouri      
6.JrAnne Carlson9.55aCentral Missouri      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrLauren Bucklin9.13aSimpson College (IA)      
2.FrLindsay Lettow9.14aCentral Missouri      
3.SrBrittanie Roldan9.14aCentral Missouri      
4.SrSara Thurber9.27aPittsburg State (KS)      
5.SoAngela Selby9.31aCentral Missouri      
6.JrAnne Carlson9.32aCentral Missouri      
7.-Brittany Harding9.36aCentral Missouri      
8.JrMolly Sabers9.60aSimpson College (IA)      
9.FrJustine Davenport9.69aEmporia State      
10.FrKinsey Bak10.17aSimpson College (IA)      
11.FrMyah Williams10.31aCentral Missouri      
12.-Leah Bateman10.31aCentral Missouri      
13.FrErica Joannes10.31aCentral Missouri      
14.JrErin Eiken10.33aCentral Missouri      
15.FrNicole Mulder10.34aSimpson College (IA)      
16.-Ali Shaffer10.39aPittsburg State (KS)      
17.SoJenna Schmidt10.55aCentral Missouri      
18.JrHillary Griffith11.18aMissouri S&T      
---Kaylea GoffDNFEmporia State      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:10.97aEmporia State      
2.-Relay Team 4:11.69aCentral Missouri      
3.-Relay Team 4:11.73aPittsburg State (KS)      
4.-Relay Team 4:15.57aMissouri S&T      
5.-Relay Team 4:22.71aCentral Missouri      
6.-Relay Team 4:25.55aSimpson College (IA)      
7.-Relay Team 4:27.79aMissouri S&T      
8.-Relay Team 4:28.99aCentral Missouri      
9.-Relay Team 4:36.67aCentral Missouri      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKayla Muyskens44-06.00Central Missouri      
2.FrHeidi Smith43-08.50Pittsburg State (KS)      
3.-Jessica Donovan41-04.50Central Missouri      
4.FrCarissa Coopman40-08.75Simpson College (IA)      
5.JrAnne Carlson39-09.75Central Missouri      
6.SrKayla Knaack39-00.50Simpson College (IA)      
7.-Hannah Terwelp37-06.75Missouri S&T      
8.FrDeja Jackson36-05.75Emporia State      
9.FrAshley Watkins34-09.50Emporia State      
10.SoJenna Schmidt31-05.75Central Missouri      
11.JrErin Eiken31-04.00Central Missouri      
12.FrLindsay Lettow30-07.50Central Missouri      
13.-Leah Bateman29-01.25Central Missouri      
14.SoAngela Selby28-10.50Central Missouri      
15.FrErica Joannes28-06.50Central Missouri      
16.-Nicole Freund27-01.00Missouri S&T      
--SoLesli GilbertFOULPittsburg State (KS)      
--JrMolly PannbackerFOULEmporia State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJenna Schmidt5-05.25Central Missouri      
2.FrTesia Lahm5-03.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
3.JrEmily Middleton5-03.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
4.-Caitlin Rolfs5-01.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
5.-Kaylea Goff4-11.50Emporia State      
5.FrKinsey Bak4-11.50Simpson College (IA)      
7.JrErin Eiken4-11.50Central Missouri      
8.-Leah Bateman4-09.50Central Missouri      
9.SoAngela Selby4-09.50Central Missouri      
--FrPaige KruseNHMissouri S&T      
--FrLindsay LettowNHCentral Missouri      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichelle Mitchell11-07.75Pittsburg State (KS)      
2.SrAshley Erdman10-06.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
3.JrCarissa Hughes10-06.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
4.JrSarah Zaremba10-06.00Missouri S&T      
5.SrTaylor Hahn10-06.00Missouri S&T      
6.SrJamie Moline9-06.25Missouri S&T      
7.SoJayna Castro9-00.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
8.JrAngie Ramsey9-00.25Pittsburg State (KS)      
9.SrRebecca Dellheim8-06.25Central Missouri      
10.FrCorie Peterson8-00.50Simpson College (IA)      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAnne Carlson18-07.75Central Missouri      
2.JrBrooke Kent18-07.25Emporia State      
3.FrLindsay Lettow18-01.50Central Missouri      
4.SrBrittanie Roldan18-00.50Central Missouri      
5.SoRenae Weaver17-00.00Emporia State      
6.-Ali Shaffer16-10.50Pittsburg State (KS)      
7.SoSarah Stach16-10.50Missouri S&T      
8.FrSadye Wichmann16-09.75Missouri S&T      
9.FrJustine Davenport16-03.00Emporia State      
10.-Ashley Cowsert15-11.50Central Missouri      
11.-Lindsey Lippert15-08.25Emporia State      
12.FrErica Joannes15-04.00Central Missouri      
13.FrKinsey Bak15-02.75Simpson College (IA)      
14.FrJennie Darrow14-07.25Simpson College (IA)      
15.FrLindsay Crutcher14-03.75Missouri S&T      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrittanie Roldan39-11.25Central Missouri      
2.SoJenna Schmidt37-02.25Central Missouri      
3.JrAnne Carlson36-11.75Central Missouri      
4.FrSadye Wichmann34-11.25Missouri S&T      
5.-Ashley Cowsert34-07.50Central Missouri      
6.FrLindsay Crutcher33-03.25Missouri S&T      
7.SoSarah Stach32-04.25Missouri S&T      
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKayla Knaack50-06.75Simpson College (IA)      
2.SoKayla Muyskens50-04.50Central Missouri      
3.FrDeja Jackson50-02.50Emporia State      
4.-Hannah Terwelp46-00.50Missouri S&T      
5.FrHeidi Smith45-06.50Pittsburg State (KS)      
6.SoLesli Gilbert44-08.00Pittsburg State (KS)      
7.-Jessica Donovan44-00.50Central Missouri      
8.JrMolly Pannbacker41-08.50Emporia State      
9.FrAshley Watkins37-00.50Emporia State      
10.-Nicole Freund33-11.50Missouri S&T      
11.FrCarissa Coopman32-04.25Simpson College (IA)      
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