Olympic League Championships Day 1

Thursday, May 07, 2009 - Meet Website
  North Mason HS, Belfair - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:00 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Washington - 1A
PTWNPort Townsend
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Darrious Walker11.33aOlympic
2.12Kyle King11.45aOlympic
3.11Larry Dixon11.78aOlympic
4.11Alexander Fuchs11.89aNorth Kitsap
5.12Charles Stull11.96aNorth Kitsap
6.10James Galam12.11aOlympic
7.11Alden Garcia12.24aOlympic
8.10Kameron Crosswhite12.31aNorth Mason
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Kyle King11.33aOlympic
3.11Alexander Fuchs11.53aNorth Kitsap
5.11Larry Dixon11.58aOlympic
2.11Darrious Walker11.60aOlympic
6.11Alden Garcia11.99aOlympic
7.10Kameron Crosswhite12.04aNorth Mason
4.10James Galam12.08aOlympic
8.12Charles Stull12.09aNorth Kitsap
9.9Ahron Stroud12.17aNorth Mason
10.10Corum Szathmary12.23aOlympic
11.10Patrick McConnell12.27aBremerton
12.12Rocky Guimont12.48aNorth Mason
13.12Rexx Ingalls12.93aSequim
10Timothy FullerDNSKlahowya
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Stephan Simonson11.33Kingston
11Travis Schriner11.77Kingston
12Samuel Shoemaker12.5Kingston
12Kimo Mackey12.46Kingston
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jarell Flora22.94aBremerton
2.11Darrious Walker22.95aOlympic
3.11Alexander Fuchs23.75aNorth Kitsap
4.12Kyle King23.97aOlympic
5.11Cody Shaputis24.05aKlahowya
6.11Larry Dixon24.14aOlympic
7.11Philips Lacanlale24.25aOlympic
12Charles StullDQNorth Kitsap
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jarell Flora23.05aBremerton
2.11Darrious Walker23.79aOlympic
3.11Alexander Fuchs23.79aNorth Kitsap
4.12Kyle King23.94aOlympic
5.11Philips Lacanlale24.15aOlympic
6.11Larry Dixon24.23aOlympic
7.11Cody Shaputis24.51aKlahowya
8.12Charles Stull24.52aNorth Kitsap
9.9Emanuel Herrera24.55aSequim
10.11Tim Winslow24.56aNorth Mason
11.10Patrick McConnell24.79aBremerton
12.12Rocky Guimont24.85aNorth Mason
13.9Ahron Stroud24.94aNorth Mason
14.10Paolo De Guzman25.07aNorth Kitsap
15.10Corum Szathmary25.13aOlympic
16.11Parley Scott25.66aPort Angeles
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jarell Flora50.82aBremerton
2.11Tolen McGregor52.84aNorth Kitsap
3.11Stephan Simonson53.14aKingston
4.11Tim Winslow53.91aNorth Mason
5.11Philips Lacanlale54.47aOlympic
6.10Corum Szathmary55.17aOlympic
7.10Craig Guse55.55aNorth Mason
8.10Drew Mulder58.25aPort Angeles
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jarell Flora51.64aBremerton
2.11Tolen McGregor53.76aNorth Kitsap
3.11Tim Winslow54.01aNorth Mason
4.11Stephan Simonson55.49aKingston
5.11Philips Lacanlale55.88aOlympic
6.10Craig Guse56.14aNorth Mason
7.10Drew Mulder56.29aPort Angeles
8.10Corum Szathmary56.59aOlympic
9.11Troyce Musick57.31aNorth Kitsap
10.9Matt Johnson57.48aNorth Mason
11.12Jeff Crumb58.05aPort Angeles
12.10Taylor Etchey58.28aKingston
13.12Lars Blazina59.08aNorth Kitsap
12Quinton DeckerDNSPort Townsend
9Shane MillerDNSNorth Kitsap
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Tolen McGregor53.0North Kitsap
11Tabor Reedy53.3North Kitsap
10Tyler Spear53.5North Kitsap
11Alexander Fuchs54.4North Kitsap
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyler Spear2:00.26aNorth Kitsap
2.11Andrew Crain2:00.82aNorth Mason
3.12Brenden Schruhl2:05.44aOlympic
4.12Brad Garrett2:07.64aPort Angeles
5.10Christopher Smith2:07.95aKlahowya
6.12Max Tomlinson2:09.69aNorth Kitsap
7.10Nicholas Schippers2:18.78aKingston
10Nicholas GasserDQKingston
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Andrew Crain2:03.50aNorth Mason
2.10Tyler Spear2:03.59aNorth Kitsap
3.10Nicholas Schippers2:03.94aKingston
4.12Brenden Schruhl2:05.90aOlympic
5.12Brad Garrett2:07.50aPort Angeles
6.12Max Tomlinson2:08.10aNorth Kitsap
7.10Christopher Smith2:08.20aKlahowya
8.10Nicholas Gasser2:09.21aKingston
9.9Charlie Becker2:09.67aNorth Mason
10.11Stephan Simonson2:10.80aKingston
11.11Mitchell Murdock2:11.70aKingston
12.12Travis Ottele2:15.70aOlympic
13.10Michael Mcgee2:17.00aNorth Mason
14.9Keith Ryan2:18.19aKlahowya
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tabor Reedy4:27.38aNorth Kitsap
2.11Joel Brose4:28.43aNorth Kitsap
3.12Brenden Schruhl4:28.91aOlympic
4.12Brad Garrett4:29.63aPort Angeles
5.10Bereket Piatt4:30.90aPort Townsend
6.10Nicholas Schippers4:31.35aKingston
7.12Quinton Decker4:33.93aPort Townsend
8.12Ben Ohnstad4:34.30aSequim
9.11John Christian4:36.48aPort Angeles
10.10Austin Cherry4:41.20aKingston
11.12Taylor Hanson4:44.25aPort Angeles
12.12Justin Doud4:44.71aKingston
13.11Mitchell Murdock4:46.11aKingston
14.12David Fry4:50.52aBremerton
15.9Kyle Ramsey4:52.50aNorth Kitsap
9Charlie BeckerDNSNorth Mason
10Alex JenkinsDNSSequim
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tabor Reedy9:46.43aNorth Kitsap
2.12Quinton Decker9:46.44aPort Townsend
3.10Bereket Piatt9:54.04aPort Townsend
4.11John Christian10:01.01aPort Angeles
5.11Joel Brose10:07.13aNorth Kitsap
6.12Justin Doud10:11.95aKingston
7.12David Fry10:17.00aBremerton
8.12Brad Garrett10:20.01aPort Angeles
9.10Austin Cherry10:21.96aKingston
10.11Mitchell Murdock10:27.38aKingston
11.12Lars Blazina10:33.66aNorth Kitsap
12.12Taylor Hanson10:41.95aPort Angeles
13.11Tyler Wilson-Walters10:43.89aSequim
14.10Derris Davis11:08.76aKlahowya
10Zackary JensonDNSNorth Mason
9Kyle RamseyDNSNorth Kitsap
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Aljohn Gaviola16.30aOlympic
2.11Nick Peterson16.32aPort Angeles
3.11Harley Dakis16.39aOlympic
4.12Travis Quinn16.41aOlympic
5.12Josh Fodge16.78aSequim
6.11Travis Schriner16.80aKingston
7.10Rielly Enriquez16.88aOlympic
8.10Zane Ravenholt17.12aKingston
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Nick Peterson16.29aPort Angeles
3.10Rielly Enriquez16.53aOlympic
5.12Josh Fodge16.57aSequim
2.11Harley Dakis16.99aOlympic
4.11Travis Schriner17.11aKingston
6.12Travis Quinn17.24aOlympic
7.10Zane Ravenholt17.29aKingston
8.10Aljohn Gaviola17.38aOlympic
9.12Storm Harder17.54aPort Townsend
10.10Benjamin Tucker17.66aNorth Kitsap
11.10Stephan Stilts17.70aSequim
12.12Christian Bell-Mitchell17.71aPort Townsend
13.12Daniel Baker17.71aNorth Mason
14.12Mitchell Fortner17.75aNorth Mason
15.11Mike Lovato17.93aNorth Kitsap
16.10David Pierce17.95aBremerton
12Isaac AndersonDNSBremerton
9Colton FieldsDNSPort Angeles
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Emanuel Herrera41.59aSequim
2.12Travis Quinn42.08aOlympic
3.12Randy Schmittler42.45aKlahowya
4.11Harley Dakis42.50aOlympic
5.11Travis Schriner42.55aKingston
6.12Mitchell Fortner43.22aNorth Mason
7.12Storm Harder43.26aPort Townsend
8.10David Pierce43.40aBremerton
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Emanuel Herrera41.80aSequim
3.12Travis Quinn42.12aOlympic
2.12Randy Schmittler42.27aKlahowya
4.12Storm Harder42.43aPort Townsend
5.12Mitchell Fortner42.61aNorth Mason
6.11Harley Dakis42.99aOlympic
7.10David Pierce43.23aBremerton
8.11Travis Schriner43.87aKingston
9.11Nick Peterson44.48aPort Angeles
10.11Jaecen Avery45.04aNorth Kitsap
11.10Benjamin Tucker45.05aNorth Kitsap
12.11Mike Lovato45.56aNorth Kitsap
13.9Rene Miguel46.84aNorth Mason
14.10Rielly Enriquez46.95aOlympic
15.10Aljohn Gaviola47.38aOlympic
10Stephan StiltsDNSSequim
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Larry Dixon
Travis Quinn
Kyle King
Darrious Walker
2.-Charles Stull
Tolen Mcgregor
Jaecen Avery
Alexander Fuchs
45.23aNorth Kitsap
3.-Tevin Williams
Ahron Stroud
Rocky Guimont
Elliot Wallace
45.37aNorth Mason
4.-Timothy Fuller
Joshua Ross
Randy Schmittler
Michael Roces
5.-Christian Bell-Mitchell
Conakry Coggins
Storm Harder
Cameron Johnson
46.32aPort Townsend
6.-Derrell Jensen
Rexx Ingalls
Emanuel Herrera
Josh Fodge
7.-Chris Fleming
David Pierce
Patrick McConnell
Jarell Flora
8.-Samuel Shoemaker
Kimo Mackey
Stephan Simonson
Travis Schriner
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tim Winslow
Craig Guse
Rocky Guimont
Tevin Williams
3:31.85aNorth Mason
2.-Alexander Fuchs
Tolen Mcgregor
Tabor Reedy
Tyler Spear
3:34.21aNorth Kitsap
3.-Kevin Beck
Ben Ohnstad
Alex Jenkins
Emanuel Herrera
4.-Christian Bell-Mitchell
Conakry Coggins
Quinton Decker
Storm Harder
3:42.15aPort Townsend
5.-Steven Alamond
Cody Shaputis
Michael Roces
Joshua Ross
6.-David Pierce
Chris Fleming
Isaac Anderson
Patrick McConnell
7.-Jeff Crumb
Taylor Hanson
David Otterstetter
Brad Garrett
3:56.89aPort Angeles
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Larry Dixon49-03.00Olympic
2.12Colin Fogarty48-07.00North Kitsap
3.11Spencer Moorman48-04.50Port Angeles
4.11John Fullington45-02.00North Mason
5.12Alex VanDeen44-07.00Kingston
6.10James Jones41-03.50Olympic
7.10Troy Martin40-08.50Port Angeles
8.10Justin Boland40-06.00Port Townsend
9.10Tyler Renne39-01.50North Mason
10.12Andrew Hanson38-03.50Kingston
11.11Robert Vandling37-11.00North Mason
12.10Benjamin Hanson37-09.50Kingston
13.12Kevin Beck37-04.50Sequim
14.11Ian Booth36-00.00North Kitsap
15.12Ari Ekonomakis34-09.00Kingston
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Robert Vandling143-01North Mason
2.11John Fullington141-03North Mason
3.11Spencer Moorman139-01Port Angeles
4.12Colin Fogarty131-11North Kitsap
5.10Troy Martin130-01Port Angeles
6.12Randy Schmittler124-06Klahowya
7.12Mack Kunold123-10North Kitsap
8.11Kody Nelson122-03North Mason
9.12Kevin Beck120-09Sequim
10.12Shane Solomon120-02North Mason
11.12Eric Beisley118-08North Kitsap
12.12Alex VanDeen110-10Kingston
13.12Ari Ekonomakis109-06Kingston
14.11Ian Booth105-00North Kitsap
15.12Andrew Hanson99-04Kingston
10Benjamin HansonFOULKingston
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kyle Kennedy182-08Bremerton
2.12Daniel Baker171-01North Mason
3.11John Fullington151-02North Mason
4.12Nathan Ajax140-09Kingston
5.12Mack Kunold137-05North Kitsap
6.12Travis Ottele136-11Olympic
7.9Samuel Byers130-02Kingston
8.12Shane Solomon129-03North Mason
9.9Jordan Norberg125-09Port Angeles
10.11Paige Lefler123-07North Mason
11.10Troy Martin122-10Port Angeles
11.12Eric Beisley122-10North Kitsap
13.9Joseph Shoemaker121-11Kingston
14.10James Jones116-07Olympic
15.10Justin Boland111-06Port Townsend
-Jacob BeldenDNSBremerton
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Peterson5-08.00Port Angeles
2.11Alden Garcia5-06.00Olympic
3.12Eric Beisley5-06.00North Kitsap
4.11Jared Lindorfer5-04.00Sequim
5.10Kameron Crosswhite5-02.00North Mason
5.11Jesse Banda5-02.00North Kitsap
5.10Karl Zischke5-02.00Kingston
8.12Josh Fodge5-02.00Sequim
9.10Jesaint Baril5-02.00Port Townsend
9.12Shane Hawthorn5-02.00Kingston
11.11Justin McClain5-00.00Olympic
9Colton FieldsDNSPort Angeles
12Buddy WoodmanNHNorth Kitsap
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Glenn Runnels13-00.00North Kitsap
2.12David Copeland12-06.00Sequim
3.11Adam Raemer12-00.00Port Angeles
4.12Travis Ottele12-00.00Olympic
5.11Justin McClain11-06.00Olympic
6.12Alexander Tweten11-06.00Kingston
7.12Isaac Anderson11-06.00Bremerton
8.12Kimo Mackey10-06.00Kingston
9.10Benjamin Tucker10-06.00North Kitsap
10.12Samuel Shoemaker10-00.00Kingston
11.12Kevin Seabolt10-00.00Sequim
12.12James Finnen10-00.00Sequim
13.9Jordan Norberg8-06.00Port Angeles
10Will Stevenson IIINHPort Angeles
11Nathan BillingsDQNorth Kitsap
12David ChristmanDNSNorth Kitsap
10Craig GuseNHNorth Mason
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tolen McGregor18-08.25North Kitsap
2.10Kameron Crosswhite18-06.50North Mason
3.11Richard Lumagui18-05.50Olympic
4.11Jesse Banda18-00.00North Kitsap
5.11Jarell Flora17-08.75Bremerton
6.12Rexx Ingalls17-08.50Sequim
7.12Alexander Tweten17-07.00Kingston
8.12Randy Schmittler17-05.75Klahowya
9.11Harley Dakis16-10.25Olympic
10.11Alden Garcia16-09.00Olympic
11.12Michael Roces16-06.50Klahowya
11.10Tucker Bowman16-06.50Kingston
13.12Jordyn Blackmore16-06.25North Kitsap
14.10Joshua Ross16-04.25Klahowya
15.11Nick Peterson16-02.00Port Angeles
16.11Parley Scott15-10.25Port Angeles
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Richard Lumagui40-04.75Olympic
2.12Derrell Jensen40-00.50Sequim
3.12Buddy Woodman39-07.75North Kitsap
4.12Eric Beisley38-06.75North Kitsap
5.11Parley Scott38-05.75Port Angeles
6.12Christian Bell-Mitchell37-07.75Port Townsend
7.10Zane Ravenholt37-04.50Kingston
8.11Alden Garcia36-03.50Olympic
9.12Josh Fodge35-11.75Sequim
10.10Tucker Bowman35-03.75Kingston
11.12Mitchell Fortner33-08.50North Mason
12.10Joshua Ross33-02.00Klahowya
13.10Drew Mulder32-04.75Port Angeles
12Jordyn BlackmoreDNSNorth Kitsap

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Siara Byers12.68aNorth Kitsap
2.9Ellarie Hoover12.98aNorth Mason
3.11Samantha Whiteside13.12aSequim
4.12Bianca Fisher13.15aOlympic
5.11Melissa Kunold13.17aNorth Kitsap
6.9Indigo Williams13.27aNorth Kitsap
7.11Anna LaBeaume13.29aSequim
8.10Khadijsha DeWalt13.32aBremerton
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Siara Byers12.84aNorth Kitsap
2.9Ellarie Hoover13.06aNorth Mason
3.12Bianca Fisher13.23aOlympic
4.11Samantha Whiteside13.31aSequim
5.9Indigo Williams13.38aNorth Kitsap
6.11Anna LaBeaume13.41aSequim
7.11Melissa Kunold13.41aNorth Kitsap
8.10Khadijsha DeWalt13.67aBremerton
9.12Lauren Carey14.07aNorth Mason
10.11Heather Colson14.16aNorth Mason
11.9Ashley Cole14.17aNorth Kitsap
12.10Sally Gordon14.25aKingston
13.11Erin Stockard14.32aPort Angeles
14.10Charlese Gaines14.41aBremerton
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Dana Van Wyck13.67Kingston
11Rebecca Williamson13.74Kingston
11Mariecel Robles13.87Kingston
10Renee Henderson13.81Kingston
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Siara Byers26.13aNorth Kitsap
2.10Rebecca Lindgren26.36aKlahowya
3.9Ellarie Hoover26.57aNorth Mason
4.11Anna LaBeaume26.93aSequim
5.11Samantha Whiteside27.16aSequim
6.12Bianca Fisher27.36aOlympic
7.11Melissa Kunold27.44aNorth Kitsap
8.10Khadijsha DeWalt28.18aBremerton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Rebecca Lindgren26.81aKlahowya
2.9Ellarie Hoover26.87aNorth Mason
3.11Siara Byers27.01aNorth Kitsap
5.11Anna LaBeaume27.55aSequim
4.12Bianca Fisher27.62aOlympic
6.11Samantha Whiteside27.91aSequim
7.11Melissa Kunold28.10aNorth Kitsap
8.10Khadijsha DeWalt28.27aBremerton
9.9Indigo Williams28.41aNorth Kitsap
10.11Khloe Frank28.66aPort Townsend
11.9Addie Carion28.72aNorth Kitsap
12.9Kiah Jones29.10aPort Angeles
13.10Dana Van Wyck29.93aKingston
14.9Alexis Richardson29.96aKingston
15.9Ashley Cole30.76aNorth Kitsap
10Emelina BerkshireDNSPort Townsend
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Dana Van Wyck28.05Kingston
10Sally Gordon29.52Kingston
11Mariecel Robles30.42Kingston
11Rebecca Williamson30.94Kingston
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kathryn Moseley1:02.09aPort Angeles
2.12Bianca Fisher1:03.53aOlympic
3.9Kiah Jones1:03.66aPort Angeles
4.11Khloe Frank1:04.23aPort Townsend
5.9Delanee Nilles1:05.07aNorth Kitsap
6.12Lauren Carey1:05.27aNorth Mason
7.11Jaime Schultz1:05.86aKingston
8.12Emily Kunz1:06.63aPort Townsend
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Kathryn Moseley1:02.43aPort Angeles
2.11Khloe Frank1:04.39aPort Townsend
3.12Bianca Fisher1:04.49aOlympic
4.9Kiah Jones1:04.91aPort Angeles
5.9Delanee Nilles1:05.73aNorth Kitsap
6.12Lauren Carey1:05.85aNorth Mason
7.12Emily Kunz1:06.11aPort Townsend
8.11Jaime Schultz1:06.24aKingston
9.11Heather Colson1:06.71aNorth Mason
10.10Cari Whiteley1:07.44aKingston
11.11Shanee Wimberly1:08.63aPort Angeles
12.10Cat Sedy1:08.64aNorth Kitsap
13.9Mariah Bianco1:09.26aNorth Mason
14.12Rachael Bishop1:10.30aKingston
10Julie BeldenDNSBremerton
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Ruby Roberts1:01Kingston
11Hilary Leonard63.7North Kitsap
11Elizabeth Staker64.8North Kitsap
10Renee Henderson1:05Kingston
10Cari Whiteley1:06Kingston
10Rose Bishop1:07Kingston
9Becca Cates67.2North Kitsap
9Grace Carlson67.7North Kitsap
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elizabeth Staker2:26.73aNorth Kitsap
2.10Audrey Lichten2:27.93aSequim
3.9Grace Carlson2:30.92aNorth Kitsap
4.9Marina Roberts2:31.82aKingston
5.11Abbie Moseley2:32.69aPort Angeles
6.11Wubi Acheson2:35.91aPort Angeles
7.10Jamie Gladfelter2:39.55aPort Angeles
8.12Laura Moser2:48.09aSequim
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Elizabeth Staker2:27.83aNorth Kitsap
2.10Audrey Lichten2:30.88aSequim
3.12Laura Moser2:32.43aSequim
4.11Wubi Acheson2:32.70aPort Angeles
5.9Marina Roberts2:32.90aKingston
6.9Grace Carlson2:33.72aNorth Kitsap
7.11Abbie Moseley2:34.26aPort Angeles
8.10Jamie Gladfelter2:37.28aPort Angeles
9.11Brooke Jordan2:38.61aOlympic
10.9Becca Cates2:40.95aNorth Kitsap
11.12Christina Bruce2:41.32aSequim
12.9Victoria Gerken2:46.01aKingston
13.9Naomi Morgan2:47.28aNorth Kitsap
14.10Rose Bishop2:48.47aKingston
15.12Jee Hye Choi2:53.98aOlympic
12Emily KunzDNSPort Townsend
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ruby Roberts5:14.02aKingston
2.9Marina Roberts5:21.34aKingston
3.10Audrey Lichten5:23.51aSequim
4.11Elizabeth Staker5:32.64aNorth Kitsap
5.12Christina Bruce5:37.64aSequim
6.11Wubi Acheson5:37.87aPort Angeles
7.12Laura Moser5:40.53aSequim
8.10Alison Maxwell5:43.16aPort Angeles
9.11Hilary Leonard5:43.94aNorth Kitsap
10.11Ramona Morshead5:46.99aKingston
11.9Becca Cates5:53.76aNorth Kitsap
12.10Jamie Gladfelter5:55.89aPort Angeles
13.11Julia Hansen5:59.26aPort Angeles
14.10Rose Bishop6:00.32aKingston
15.9Rachel Lindgren6:05.01aKlahowya
16.10Sidney Effray6:11.29aNorth Mason
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Marina Roberts11:38.56aKingston
2.11Ruby Roberts11:41.42aKingston
3.10Audrey Lichten11:53.68aSequim
4.12Christina Bruce12:04.12aSequim
5.12Laura Moser12:13.83aSequim
6.11Ramona Morshead12:26.71aKingston
7.10Alison Maxwell12:42.19aPort Angeles
8.12Kelly Hennessey13:02.89aPort Angeles
9.12Javan Bailey13:11.33aPort Angeles
10.9Rachel Lindgren13:13.93aKlahowya
11.11Amber Wood13:30.15aPort Angeles
12.9Naomi Morgan13:35.00aNorth Kitsap
13.10Rose Bishop13:39.15aKingston
14.11Melissa Shafer13:43.88aOlympic
15.12Katie Moriarty13:47.61aPort Angeles
16.10Emily Kreifels14:14.71aKlahowya
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauryn Garret16.00aSequim
2.11Ceci Stevenson16.26aPort Angeles
3.12Stephanie Himmelsbach16.71aBremerton
4.12Christine Parker17.17aNorth Kitsap
5.12Chloe Boland17.64aPort Townsend
6.10Tally Swanson18.21aPort Angeles
7.10Shannon Leicht18.21aNorth Kitsap
8.9Kawaiolele Pakele18.66aKlahowya
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lauryn Garret16.53aSequim
2.11Ceci Stevenson16.58aPort Angeles
3.12Stephanie Himmelsbach16.74aBremerton
4.12Christine Parker17.16aNorth Kitsap
5.10Shannon Leicht17.81aNorth Kitsap
6.12Chloe Boland17.85aPort Townsend
7.10Tally Swanson18.57aPort Angeles
8.9Kawaiolele Pakele18.97aKlahowya
9.10Renee Henderson19.00aKingston
10.10Aisha Wiggins Stoudermire19.50aOlympic
11.10Alexandria Rose-Albert20.00aSequim
12.12Tamara Siburg20.17aNorth Kitsap
13.9Jordan McCullough20.26aNorth Kitsap
14.9Maureen Walmsley20.81aKingston
15.9Katelyn Noard21.17aPort Angeles
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ceci Stevenson47.34aPort Angeles
2.12Stephanie Himmelsbach48.23aBremerton
3.12Lauryn Garret49.42aSequim
4.10Renee Henderson50.95aKingston
5.12Christine Parker52.29aNorth Kitsap
6.9Jordan McCullough53.81aNorth Kitsap
7.10Shannon Leicht55.71aNorth Kitsap
8.10Tally Swanson57.65aPort Angeles
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Stephanie Himmelsbach48.07aBremerton
2.11Ceci Stevenson48.99aPort Angeles
3.12Lauryn Garret50.41aSequim
4.10Renee Henderson51.49aKingston
5.11Brooke Jordan51.95aOlympic
6.12Christine Parker52.04aNorth Kitsap
7.9Jordan McCullough54.14aNorth Kitsap
8.10Shannon Leicht54.20aNorth Kitsap
9.10Tally Swanson55.77aPort Angeles
10.10Aisha Wiggins Stoudermire55.96aOlympic
11.10Alexandria Rose-Albert56.07aSequim
12.9Katelyn Noard56.59aPort Angeles
13.10Lauren Leicht56.63aNorth Kitsap
14.9Nicole Weber58.08aNorth Kitsap
15.12Tamara Siburg59.94aNorth Kitsap
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Siara Byers
Melissa Kunold
Indigo Williams
Ashley Cole
50.87aNorth Kitsap
2.-Elena Akins
Chloe Boland
Khloe Frank
Emelina Berkshire
54.33aPort Townsend
3.-Emily Blattman
Kawaiolele Pakele
Bryanah Tranilla
Jes Cantu
4.-Renee Henderson
Rebecca Williamson
Mariecel Robles
Dana Van Wyck
5.-Allison Hodgin
Lizzy Moriarty
Abby Walker
Erin Stockard
55.90aPort Angeles
6.-Rachel Hardy
Sarah Berkes
Kelsey DeWald
Sierra Clark
-Abby Neil
Khadijsha DeWalt
Julie Belden
Charlese Gaines
-Lauren Carey
Heather Colson
Mariah Bianco
Sierra McBride
DQNorth Mason
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Siara Byers
Melissa Kunold
Addie Carion
Delanee Nilles
1:50.38aNorth Kitsap
2.-Lizzy Moriarty
Abby Walker
McKenna Bukovnik
Kiah Jones
1:57.12aPort Angeles
3.-Jes Cantu
Bryanah Tranilla
Kawaiolele Pakele
Emily Blattman
4.-Sally Gordon
Mariecel Robles
Rebecca Williamson
Dana Van Wyck
5.-Rachel Hardy
Alexandria Rose-Albert
Sarah Berkes
Kelsey DeWald
6.-Mariah Bianco
Sierra McBride
Casey Ostrander
Cassie Hornbuckle
2:02.15aNorth Mason
7.-Chloe Boland
Emily Kunz
Elena Akins
Grace Piatt
2:02.99aPort Townsend
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:17.26Port Angeles
2.-Cari Whiteley
Renee Henderson
Rose Bishop
Ruby Roberts
3.-Lauren Carey
Heather Colson
Sidney Effray
Ellarie Hoover
4:23.05aNorth Mason
4.-Hilary Leonard
Becca Cates
Elizabeth Staker
Grace Carlson
4:23.23aNorth Kitsap
5.-Emelina Berkshire
Khloe Frank
Emily Kunz
Liya Rubio
4:36.33aPort Townsend
6.-Bianca Fisher
Brooke Jordan
Melissa Shafer
Jee Hye Choi
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Anna LaBeaume38-09.50Sequim
2.12Lynna Rachelle Logue31-05.50Olympic
3.11Katie Moorman30-05.50Port Angeles
4.12Vicky Nunez30-02.00Port Angeles
5.10Julisha Johnson28-10.50Bremerton
6.10Sophia Baetz27-06.25Kingston
7.11Malea Brewer27-05.25Olympic
8.11Kateese Carter27-02.00North Kitsap
9.11Jessica Gessler26-09.25Kingston
10.9Kiana Andrus26-03.75Port Angeles
11.11Rebecca Reise24-10.25Klahowya
12.9Alexandra Ekonomakis24-05.50Kingston
13.12Michelle Lloyd23-10.25North Kitsap
14.10Kaitlyn Gervais23-08.00Bremerton
15.9Paxton Rodocker23-01.25Port Angeles
11Elise ReidDNSPort Angeles
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mckenzie Shearer98-03North Mason
2.12Anika Kramberger95-05Kingston
3.11Erin ChungHoon94-01Olympic
4.9Kiana Andrus86-07Port Angeles
5.11Elise Reid85-07Port Angeles
6.11Katie Moorman84-01Port Angeles
7.12Vicky Nunez82-07Port Angeles
8.12Megan Wiley81-08Port Angeles
9.10Elsa C Brown76-02Kingston
10.9Nicole Vaughn76-00North Kitsap
11.9Paxton Rodocker74-10Port Angeles
12.11Rebecca Reise73-06Klahowya
13.9Alexandra Ekonomakis72-07Kingston
14.9Lexi Simmons68-03North Kitsap
15.12Lynna Rachelle Logue66-10Olympic
16.12Michelle Lloyd62-04North Kitsap
9Rachel FiskFOULNorth Kitsap
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Samantha Hull110-11North Mason
2.12Stephanie Himmelsbach102-00Bremerton
3.10Sophia Baetz101-01Kingston
4.11Anna LaBeaume92-05Sequim
5.9Marley Tamm90-03North Kitsap
6.11Elise Reid88-05Port Angeles
7.12Jessica Hopfensperger81-05North Mason
8.10Cassondra Dick79-04Klahowya
9.11Sierra Clark73-02Sequim
10.9Katelyn Noard72-02Port Angeles
11.9Kiah Jones71-05Port Angeles
12.9Paxton Rodocker67-05Port Angeles
13.12Rachael Bishop57-08Kingston
11Brooke JordanDNSOlympic
12Michelle LloydDNSNorth Kitsap
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Ottomano5-00.00North Kitsap
2.12Shelby Napiontek4-10.00Port Angeles
3.12Lauryn Garret4-10.00Sequim
4.11Ceci Stevenson4-08.00Port Angeles
5.12Danielle Cook4-08.00North Mason
6.11Madisen Kellogg4-08.00North Kitsap
7.11Abbie Moseley4-06.00Port Angeles
7.12Stephanie Himmelsbach4-06.00Bremerton
7.12Persephone Nelson4-06.00Sequim
10.10Sophia Baetz4-06.00Kingston
11.12Megan Jetter4-04.00Kingston
12.11Erin Stockard4-02.00Port Angeles
13.11Cassie Hornbuckle4-00.00North Mason
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Samantha Whiteside9-06.00Sequim
2.12Angela Pruitt8-06.00Port Angeles
3.10Dana Van Wyck8-06.00Kingston
4.9Sofi Grellner7-06.00Klahowya
5.9Victoria Gerken7-06.00Kingston
6.11McKenna Bukovnik7-06.00Port Angeles
7.11Mariecel Robles7-00.00Kingston
8.9Leah Straub7-00.00Bremerton
9.9Kawaiolele Pakele7-00.00Klahowya
10.12Kelsey DeWald6-06.00Sequim
11.9Tarah Erickson6-06.00Port Angeles
12.9Jocelynn Wright6-00.00North Kitsap
12.11Rebecca Williamson6-00.00Kingston
14.10Cat Sedy6-00.00North Kitsap
15.10Alison Jcques5-06.00Bremerton
11Brooke JordanNHOlympic
9Allison HodginDNSPort Angeles
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauryn Garret15-06.25Sequim
2.11Stacie Brown14-11.50North Kitsap
3.11Taylor Ottomano14-11.00North Kitsap
4.11Jaime Schultz14-08.50Kingston
5.11Christine Hill14-02.50Olympic
6.11Sierra Clark14-01.50Sequim
7.10Lauren Leicht13-06.00North Kitsap
8.9Delanee Nilles13-02.75North Kitsap
9.11McKenna Bukovnik12-08.75Port Angeles
10.10Belle Eastman12-07.50Port Angeles
11.9Kiana Andrus12-04.75Port Angeles
12.9Tarah Erickson11-06.00Port Angeles
13.9Kathryn Moseley11-00.00Port Angeles
11Kateese CarterSCRNorth Kitsap
9Megan SevernsFOULKlahowya
10Khadijsha DeWaltDNSBremerton
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jaime Schultz33-06.00Kingston
2.11Stacie Brown32-07.75North Kitsap
3.11Taylor Ottomano32-05.00North Kitsap
4.11Kateese Carter31-01.00North Kitsap
5.11Shanee Wimberly30-11.25Port Angeles
6.12Emily Kunz30-06.00Port Townsend
7.11Shelby Eddleman30-05.00Port Angeles
8.12Angela Pruitt30-03.00Port Angeles
9.12Shelby Napiontek29-08.00Port Angeles
10.10Alexandria Rose-Albert29-02.00Sequim
10.11Christine Hill29-02.00Olympic
12.9Indigo Williams29-01.00North Kitsap
13.9Phoebe Sinclair28-03.00Kingston
14.9Nicole Weber27-11.00North Kitsap
15.10Jordan Anderson27-06.00North Kitsap
16.10Belle Eastman25-09.00Port Angeles
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