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Chicago Duals

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicago, Chicago

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Illinois Inst. Tech
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBlake Obuchowski6.58aUniversity of Chicago
2.FrJonathon Majors6.64aChicago State
3.JrBill Cheng6.65aUniversity of Chicago
4.SrTommy Robertson6.77aNorth Central
5.JrTerrence Robertson6.84aUniversity of Chicago
6.SoCory Renner6.88aIllinois-Chicago
7.SoBrandon Phillips6.89aNorth Central
8.FrAndrew Christensen6.90aBeloit
9.SoNathan Harwell6.92aMilwaukee School of ...
10.SoMarlon Brown6.93aNorth Central
11.SoJoe Schneiderbauer6.94aNorth Central
11.FrDerek McKay6.94aUniversity of Chicago
13.JrJared Hartman6.96aNorth Central
13.-Brandon Larsen6.96aNorth Park University
15.SrAdam Johnson6.97aNorth Central
16.FrArthur Weborg6.98aMilwaukee School of ...
16.SrLarry Harris6.98aChicago State
18.SrBrandon Cervantes6.99aNorth Central
18.FrMichael Reasner6.99aNorth Central
20.SoGregory Harlan7.00aChicago State
21.FrPatrick Anderson7.02aNorth Central
22.SoBrian Andreycak7.04aUniversity of Chicago
23.FrAndrew Bartel7.05aNorth Central
24.JrRyan Baird7.16aMilwaukee School of ...
24.SoMatt Forster7.16aElmhurst
26.SrKyle Rate7.21aMilwaukee School of ...
27.FrNeil Bonk7.27aElmhurst
28.SrKevin Adams7.30aNorth Park University
29.FrKenny Andejeski7.34aBeloit
30.JrC.J. Yoakum7.37aBeloit
31.FrDaniel Dwyer7.52aElmhurst
32.SrAaron Tabor7.60aElmhurst
33.FrTyler Calway7.62aUniversity of Chicago
33.FrMatt Walker7.62aNorth Park University
35.FrMike Fries7.80aElmhurst
--FrEthan PetersSCRBeloit
--JrPatrick GrempkaSCRNorth Park University
--FrTed GolotaSCRNorth Central
--SrDon SmithSCRBeloit
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrian Seniuk22.91aMilwaukee School of ...
2.JrPatrick Offner23.22aUniversity of Chicago
3.SrTommy Robertson23.28aNorth Central
4.JrBlake Obuchowski23.33aUniversity of Chicago
5.SrAdam Johnson23.48aNorth Central
6.FrJerrel Thornton23.66aChicago State
7.JrJoshua Campbell23.68aChicago State
8.SoBrandon Phillips23.82aNorth Central
9.SoCory Renner24.02aIllinois-Chicago
10.FrMark Van Alstyne24.05aMilwaukee School of ...
11.SoNathan Harwell24.15aMilwaukee School of ...
12.FrJames Hoffman24.34aNorth Central
12.JrBrandon Stoffregen24.34aIllinois-Chicago
14.JrTyler Sheehan24.38aNorth Central
15.JrPatrick Grempka24.42aNorth Park University
16.FrJershawn DuBose24.44aChicago State
17.FrPatrick Anderson24.45aNorth Central
18.FrAndrew Christensen24.47aBeloit
19.FrMichael Reasner24.53aNorth Central
20.FrDan Pulvino24.61aIllinois-Chicago
21.SoNick Galanes24.65aNorth Central
22.FrDerek McKay24.72aUniversity of Chicago
23.SrBrandon Cervantes24.87aNorth Central
24.FrArthur Weborg24.95aMilwaukee School of ...
25.SrRobert Coehoorn25.06aMilwaukee School of ...
26.SrKyle Rate25.14aMilwaukee School of ...
27.-Tim Grittani25.30aNorth Central
28.FrTim Lang25.31aMilwaukee School of ...
29.JrJordan Inskeep25.35aNorth Central
30.-Bryian Fayer25.47aBeloit
31.JrJared Hartman25.49aNorth Central
32.-Brandon Larsen25.55aNorth Park University
33.FrSteven Toll25.57aMilwaukee School of ...
34.JrC.J. Yoakum25.63aBeloit
35.FrSherrick O'Quinn25.66aBeloit
36.FrNeil Bonk25.70aElmhurst
37.FrEthan Peters25.76aBeloit
38.FrAndrew Bartel26.05aNorth Central
39.JrChris Reichard26.32aMilwaukee School of ...
40.FrKenny Andejeski26.79aBeloit
41.FrTony Chan27.28aElmhurst
42.SrAaron Tabor27.62aElmhurst
--SoTremaine TurnerSCRNorth Central
--FrMax AnayaSCRNorth Park University
--JrKyle HasteSCRNorth Central
--FrDarius TobinSCRChicago State
--FrBrian NguyenSCRMilwaukee School of ...
--FrTed GolotaSCRNorth Central
--FrTerrance StewardSCRBeloit
--SrDon SmithSCRBeloit
--FrJonathon MajorsSCRChicago State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrian Seniuk50.12aMilwaukee School of ...
2.SrGreg Jackson50.60aNorth Central
3.SrZ Stein52.34aDePaul
4.SrHerman Reeves52.44aUniversity of Chicago
5.FrMark Van Alstyne52.86aMilwaukee School of ...
6.JrTyler Sheehan53.99aNorth Central
7.SoAlex Raver54.12aMilwaukee School of ...
8.FrAndrew Christensen54.28aBeloit
9.SrRobert Coehoorn54.31aMilwaukee School of ...
10.JrKhalid Sharif-Sidi54.38aUniversity of Chicago
11.FrDan Pulvino54.68aIllinois-Chicago
12.FrSteven Toll54.85aMilwaukee School of ...
13.FrTheotis James55.01aNorth Central
14.JrAnthony Simone55.15aIllinois-Chicago
15.SoGregory Harlan55.22aChicago State
16.SoMatt Forster55.55aElmhurst
17.FrJerrel Thornton55.57aChicago State
18.JrMatt Kees57.12aBeloit
19.SoMarlon Brown57.58aNorth Central
20.SrSteffen Hammer57.63aMilwaukee School of ...
21.FrMike Fries57.99aElmhurst
22.-Bryian Fayer58.24aBeloit
23.JrChris Reichard58.76aMilwaukee School of ...
24.SrAaron Tabor1:02.30aElmhurst
25.FrDaniel Dwyer1:02.39aElmhurst
26.SrKlaus Heidemann1:02.44aMilwaukee School of ...
--FrUri KuyoroSCRChicago State
--FrDarius TobinSCRChicago State
--SrJohn Eric HumphriesSCRUniversity of Chicago
--FrBrian NguyenSCRMilwaukee School of ...
--FrMark D'AngeloSCRElmhurst
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAndrew Wells-Qu1:55.32aUniversity of Chicago
2.FrMatt Zaluckyj1:58.16aIllinois-Chicago
3.SoScott Foley1:59.02aNorth Central
4.SrBrian McConnell1:59.42aElmhurst
5.JrJacob Austin1:59.98aNorth Central
6.SoTobias Blattler2:00.12aUniversity of Chicago
7.SrMike Ptack2:00.44aElmhurst
8.JrBrandon Stoffregen2:01.84aIllinois-Chicago
9.SoNathan Warstler2:02.97aNorth Central
10.SoSteven Sweeney2:04.54aUniversity of Chicago
11.FrBrian Schlick2:05.13aUniversity of Chicago
12.JrJoshua Davendonis2:05.89aBeloit
13.SrLouis Ackelsbrug2:05.96aBeloit
14.JrJoseph JJ Babb2:06.10aNorth Central
15.FrJon Kaufmann2:06.72aNorth Central
16.SrSeth Winnie2:06.92aUniversity of Chicago
17.SrJoe Gaskill2:07.67aNorth Central
18.FrDaniel Steinfels2:07.85aDePaul
19.FrMorgan Hartley2:07.86aUniversity of Chicago
20.JrAnthony Davis2:08.47aChicago State
21.JrAndrew Urani2:08.50aNorth Central
22.FrChris Gallardo2:08.77aDePaul
23.SrChris Peverada2:10.07aUniversity of Chicago
24.FrNathan Selling2:11.02aElmhurst
25.SoEarnest Jones2:11.71aChicago State
26.JrJoseph Leyendecker2:12.25aChicago State
27.SoJohn Prieboy2:12.34aNorth Central
28.FrPhil Theisen2:12.43aIllinois Inst. Tech
29.-Joe Altal2:12.51aElmhurst
30.FrNathan Rutz2:13.12aNorth Central
31.FrNicholas Penev2:13.91aNorth Central
32.FrKenny Murphy2:15.72aIllinois Inst. Tech
33.FrAndrew Mueller2:17.97aNorth Central
34.FrDan Moczisko2:18.33aNorth Park University
35.FrTimothy Lesiewicz2:18.73aNorth Central
36.FrTerrence Smith2:18.75aIllinois-Chicago
37.JrKevin Acacio2:19.05aIllinois Inst. Tech
38.SrMatt Mueller2:20.13aNorth Central
39.JrSteven Doocy2:20.21aMilwaukee School of ...
40.FrJared Wynne2:20.64aBeloit
41.JrJustin Eshleman2:20.78aIllinois Inst. Tech
42.SrKyle Anderson2:22.80aChicago State
43.FrEvan Boyle2:29.13aBeloit
--FrNicholas BrehmSCRNorth Central
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJoe Sullivan4:25.27aUniversity of Chicago
2.SrDominic Maio4:26.35aMilwaukee School of ...
3.SoFelipe Fernandez Del Castillo4:27.87aUniversity of Chicago
4.SoNathan Warstler4:27.91aNorth Central
5.SoNicholas Nunez4:31.33aUniversity of Chicago
6.SrJoe Gaskill4:31.96aNorth Central
7.JrFarrahadoon Durrani4:33.45aIllinois-Chicago
8.FrRobert Cooper4:34.54aUniversity of Chicago
9.SrDavid Yu4:35.78aUniversity of Chicago
10.SrChris Peverada4:38.63aUniversity of Chicago
11.SoJosh Garrett4:43.46aNorth Central
12.SoAshan Khan4:44.66aNorth Park University
13.FrPaul Hawkins4:49.91aUniversity of Chicago
14.FrPhil Theisen4:50.85aIllinois Inst. Tech
15.SoJeremy Bancroft-Brown4:51.13aUniversity of Chicago
16.FrJared Wynne4:51.14aBeloit
17.JrJeff Gage4:52.04aBeloit
18.FrTimothy Lesiewicz4:53.29aNorth Central
19.FrNicholas Penev4:54.81aNorth Central
20.JrDanny DeCleene4:55.11aElmhurst
21.FrKaleb Nyquist4:57.14aNorth Park University
22.FrKen Ptack4:57.83aElmhurst
23.SoAlexandre Puttick4:58.00aUniversity of Chicago
24.FrMatt Tyndale4:58.18aUniversity of Chicago
25.FrTodd Byrne5:00.96aElmhurst
26.FrMatt Coursey5:02.08aMilwaukee School of ...
27.JrKevin Acacio5:03.22aIllinois Inst. Tech
28.SrMatt Mueller5:04.37aNorth Central
29.FrKenny Murphy5:06.42aIllinois Inst. Tech
30.SoBrendan Haas5:07.12aUniversity of Chicago
31.FrDan Moczisko5:07.15aNorth Park University
32.JrJustin Eshleman5:07.78aIllinois Inst. Tech
33.FrCliff Boldridge5:08.49aUniversity of Chicago
34.-Carlos Cisneros5:14.83aElmhurst
35.FrKevin Orlowski5:17.14aElmhurst
36.FrMatt Johannsen5:17.30aBeloit
37.SoMatt Pitz5:23.51aBeloit
38.SoIan Jarvis5:25.43aBeloit
39.FrRoss Helberg5:37.15aNorth Central
--JrScott BalcerSCRChicago State
--FrNicholas BrehmSCRNorth Central
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoHarrison Backlund8:50.16aUniversity of Chicago
2.JrAlex Garbier8:51.22aUniversity of Chicago
3.SrMaxwell Working8:51.90aUniversity of Chicago
4.JrNicholas Kane8:54.05aNorth Central
5.FrNathan Rutz8:57.07aNorth Central
6.FrRoger Pinon9:00.46aIllinois-Chicago
7.SrNathaniel Hird9:01.39aNorth Central
8.JrJakub Kolacz9:02.75aDePaul
9.SoChris Mendez9:13.96aUniversity of Chicago
10.JrNicholas Aubert9:17.40aIllinois-Chicago
11.JrOb Vincent9:17.41aIllinois Inst. Tech
12.FrAndrew Mueller9:18.59aNorth Central
13.FrKelvin Guilbault9:20.43aNorth Central
14.FrMatt Lumnitzer9:22.11aIllinois Inst. Tech
15.SoRichard RJ McNichols9:22.97aNorth Central
16.FrEric Koenig9:24.04aBeloit
17.FrCory Wang9:25.82aUniversity of Chicago
18.SrBob Spelich9:26.33aElmhurst
19.SrDan Gardner9:28.67aUniversity of Chicago
20.FrBrock Williams9:30.89aIllinois Inst. Tech
21.FrJeffrey Camp9:31.98aElmhurst
22.JrDan Cline9:36.47aIllinois-Chicago
23.FrDennis Baliga9:40.52aDePaul
24.SrJames Williams9:52.04aNorth Park University
25.FrJohn Glass9:52.75aIllinois-Chicago
26.SrEugene Kobayashi9:56.80aUniversity of Chicago
27.SrRobert Kester9:56.99aMilwaukee School of ...
28.JrBrian Robbins9:57.35aIllinois Inst. Tech
29.SoMatt Wan10:03.88aUniversity of Chicago
30.FrNick Jefferson10:12.22aNorth Park University
31.SoDrew DeJarnette10:45.32aElmhurst
32.FrJacob Williams11:02.51aBeloit
33.FrKris Beck11:44.49aElmhurst
34.FrSteven White12:24.58aBeloit
--SrJorge FloresDNFIllinois-Chicago
--FrSam KehoeSCRIllinois-Chicago
--FrMateo RamosSCRBeloit
--JrScott BalcerSCRChicago State
--FrNeal KleinSCRNorth Central
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlex Sutphen15:18.83aIllinois-Chicago
2.JrPat Austin15:24.46aElmhurst
3.FrMahmoud Bahrani15:25.60aUniversity of Chicago
4.FrBrian Denk15:46.33aIllinois-Chicago
5.SrMark Riggs15:53.39aIllinois-Chicago
6.SrKurt Kamrath16:16.12aNorth Central
7.SoCody McCullough16:16.91aNorth Central
8.SoJames Mumford16:18.66aUniversity of Chicago
9.FrBrian Begalke16:35.21aDePaul
10.FrEmilio Saraga16:47.85aNorth Central
11.FrJonathan Weatherwax16:55.77aUniversity of Chicago
12.SoAndrew Wong17:08.32aUniversity of Chicago
13.JrAndrew Dunham17:29.40aElmhurst
14.JrMatthew Kim17:54.70aNorth Park University
15.JrScott Balcer19:59.03aChicago State
--JrJoseph JJ BabbSCRNorth Central
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAndy Wall8.04aIllinois-Chicago
2.SoBrian Andreycak8.09aUniversity of Chicago
3.FrAndrew Christensen8.42aBeloit
4.SoNick Galanes8.52aNorth Central
5.JrJordan Inskeep8.57aNorth Central
6.SoEric Hein8.60aMilwaukee School of ...
7.FrNeil Bonk8.83aElmhurst
8.FrJershawn DuBose8.87aChicago State
9.SrJeff Helberg8.92aNorth Central
10.FrTyler Hoeffner8.96aMilwaukee School of ...
11.FrJames Hoffman9.03aNorth Central
12.FrTim Lang9.06aMilwaukee School of ...
13.SoDaniel Fleming9.08aChicago State
14.FrTyler Calway9.10aUniversity of Chicago
15.JrAnthony Simone9.11aIllinois-Chicago
16.SrDan Linneman9.15aNorth Central
17.FrTom Monteverde9.35aMilwaukee School of ...
18.FrMatt Walker9.38aNorth Park University
19.FrTony Chan9.43aElmhurst
20.FrTed Golota9.81aNorth Central
21.SoTyler Larson9.99aMilwaukee School of ...
--SrMike SavegnagoSCRIllinois-Chicago
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Fleming
Jonathon Majors
Joshua Campbell
Earnest Jones
3:26.78aChicago State
2.-Patrick Offner
John Eric Humphries
Herman Reeves
Keith Newhouse
3:28.29aUniversity of Chicago
3.-Relay Team 3:31.30aIllinois-Chicago
3.-Farrahadoon Durrani
Matt Zaluckyj
Brandon Stoffregen
Erik Perez
4.-Scott Foley
Nick Galanes
James Hoffman
Joe Schneiderbauer
3:31.46aNorth Central
5.-Nick Kane
Jacob Austin
Nathan Warstler
Joe Gaskill
3:39.96aNorth Central
5.-Nick Kane
Jacob Austin
Nathan Warstler
Joe Gaskill
3:39.96aNorth Central
6.-Max Anaya
Dan Moczisko
Kaleb Nyquist
Matthew Kim
3:43.00aNorth Park University
7.-Relay Team 3:43.37aUniversity of Chicago
7.-Patrick Kane
Tobias Blattler
Brian Wille
Morgan Hartley
3:43.37aUniversity of Chicago
8.-Mark Van Alstyne
Dominic Maio
Nate Harwell
Brian Seniuk
3:43.97aMilwaukee School of ...
9.-Uri Kuoro
Anthony Davis
Joesp Leyendecker
Kyle Anderson
3:44.15aChicago State
10.-Patrick Anderson
Marlon Brown
Jared Hartman
Theotis James
3:45.73aNorth Central
11.-Relay Team 3:46.09aBeloit
12.-Relay Team 3:46.48aElmhurst
13.-Relay Team 3:46.52aBeloit
14.-Tyler Sheehan
Matthew Borchardt
Eric Oros
Dan Linneman
3:48.27aNorth Central
15.-Chris Gallardo
Daniel Steinfels
Matt Holland
Z Stein
16.-Relay Team 3:51.36aMilwaukee School of ...
16.-Kyle Rate
Tim Lang
Tyler Hoeffner
Robert Coehoorn
3:51.36aMilwaukee School of ...
17.-Tom Monteverde
Eric Hein
Joe Klimowicz
Tyler Larson
3:56.44aMilwaukee School of ...
18.-Relay Team 3:58.40aElmhurst
19.-Ashan Khan
Patrick Grempka
James Williams
Matthew Kim
4:03.95aNorth Park University
20.-Relay Team 4:07.60aElmhurst
21.-Kelvin Guilbault
Nicholas Penev
Nathan Rutz
Ross Helberg
4:08.62aNorth Central
---Ryan Baird
Steffen Hammer
Klaus Heidemann
Chris Reichard
DNFMilwaukee School of ...
---John Prieboy
Andrew Urani
Nathaniel Hird
Josh Garrett
DNFNorth Central
---Adam Johnson
Cam Culpepper
Tommy Robertson
Greg Jackson
DQNorth Central
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:32.28aUniversity of Chicago
1.-Andrew Wells-Qu
Keith Newhouse
Brian Wille
Arthur Baptist
10:32.28aUniversity of Chicago
2.-Mike Ptack
Mark D'Angelo
Nathan Selling
Brian McConnell
2.-Relay Team 10:42.80aElmhurst
3.-Jacob Austin
Greg Jackson
Cam Culpepper
Andrew Urani
10:42.86aNorth Central
4.-Seth Winnie
Khalid Sharif-Sidi
Steven Sweeney
Brian Schlick
10:57.35aUniversity of Chicago
5.-Jon Kaufmann
Tim Grittani
John Prieboy
Tim Lesiewicz
11:05.91aNorth Central
6.-Relay Team 11:07.83aBeloit
7.-Chris Gallardo
Matt Holland
Daniel Steinfels
Brian Begalke
8.-Joesp Leyendecker
Anthony Davis
Uri Kuoro
Kyle Anderson
12:06.67aChicago State
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRobert Kapustka14.95mNorth Central
2.SrStephen Gray14.41mNorth Central
3.SoJim Theologes14.24mDePaul
4.FrJuan Perez13.80mNorth Central
5.SrRyan Armstrong13.79mNorth Central
6.SoJoe Walsh13.69mUniversity of Chicago
6.JrLucas DeJong13.69mNorth Park University
8.FrRobert Champion13.43mNorth Central
9.SoGreg Silsby13.17mNorth Central
10.SoBrent Verhyen12.88mMilwaukee School of ...
11.SrRyan Wasilewski12.54mElmhurst
12.JrMike Zeeck12.31mMilwaukee School of ...
13.SoBrad Bacon12.29mMilwaukee School of ...
14.SoEric Ritts12.20mBeloit
15.SrMark Pufundt12.09mElmhurst
16.SrKyle Heyrman11.96mMilwaukee School of ...
17.SoJohn Sabacinski11.81mUniversity of Chicago
18.SrCarl Anderson11.70mBeloit
19.SoJoe Orsini11.45mNorth Park University
20.FrNicholas Rockwell11.39mUniversity of Chicago
21.JrMichael Serven11.36mUniversity of Chicago
22.SoMichael Jasperson11.09mMilwaukee School of ...
23.SoKevin Diederich10.97mMilwaukee School of ...
24.FrDaniel Heck10.92mUniversity of Chicago
25.FrJames Waller10.73mDePaul
26.FrBrandon Hammond10.44mIllinois Inst. Tech
27.SoBrian Clarke10.19mUniversity of Chicago
28.SoAndrew Thompson10.05mUniversity of Chicago
29.SoLars Tenglin10.02mNorth Park University
30.JrRyan Baird9.96mMilwaukee School of ...
31.FrArthur Weborg9.48mMilwaukee School of ...
32.FrGhislain Schneider9.39mMilwaukee School of ...
33.SoMatt Forster9.29mElmhurst
34.SrDan Linneman8.91mNorth Central
35.JrPatrick Hernandez8.79mChicago State
36.FrZach Tranchida8.70mMilwaukee School of ...
37.SoAlex Raver8.04mMilwaukee School of ...
--SoRobert HolmesSCRChicago State
--SrLarry HarrisSCRChicago State
--SrJean-Yves SchneiderSCRMilwaukee School of ...
--JrXavier WilliamsSCRChicago State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAndy Wall2.02mIllinois-Chicago
2.SrDerrick Smith1.97mChicago State
3.SoMatthew Borchardt1.92mNorth Central
4.SoDaniel Fleming1.87mChicago State
5.SoAlex Raver1.87mMilwaukee School of ...
6.JrEric Oros1.82mNorth Central
7.FrMatt Walker1.77mNorth Park University
8.FrDonny Chi1.72mUniversity of Chicago
8.JrAlex Wieczorek1.72mNorth Central
10.FrJoe Klimowicz1.72mMilwaukee School of ...
11.FrSpencer King1.67mNorth Park University
11.SoKevin Diederich1.67mMilwaukee School of ...
--SoTyler LarsonNHMilwaukee School of ...
--SoLars TenglinNHNorth Park University
--SrMike SavegnagoSCRIllinois-Chicago
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSeth Satterlee4.55mUniversity of Chicago
2.JrJohn Pribik4.40mUniversity of Chicago
3.SoNatt Kamm4.10mIllinois-Chicago
4.-Brandon Larsen3.95mNorth Park University
--JrRyan BairdNHMilwaukee School of ...
--SoEvan McCollamNHUniversity of Chicago
--SrMike SavegnagoSCRIllinois-Chicago
--FrMax AnayaSCRNorth Park University
--SoDaniel FlemingSCRChicago State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKyle Haste6.88mNorth Central
2.FrArthur Weborg6.72mMilwaukee School of ...
3.JrJoshua Campbell6.39mChicago State
4.SoJacob Solus6.08mUniversity of Chicago
5.SoMatthew Borchardt6.06mNorth Central
6.SoKevin Diederich6.03mMilwaukee School of ...
7.SrBrandon Cervantes5.99mNorth Central
8.JrJay Chavda5.94mUniversity of Chicago
9.FrEthan Peters5.89mBeloit
10.FrMichael Reasner5.81mNorth Central
11.JrBill Cheng5.71mUniversity of Chicago
11.SoNathan Harwell5.71mMilwaukee School of ...
13.FrDevin Gaines5.50mUniversity of Chicago
14.SrDan Linneman5.40mNorth Central
15.FrSherrick O'Quinn5.11mBeloit
16.FrDaniel Dwyer5.03mElmhurst
--JrTerrence RobertsonNDUniversity of Chicago
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAndy Wall14.40mIllinois-Chicago
2.SoJacob Solus14.24mUniversity of Chicago
--Zach Rodgers14.12mUnattached
3.FrBrandon Gale13.27mIllinois-Chicago
4.FrMichael Reasner11.95mNorth Central
5.FrSpencer King11.85mNorth Park University
6.SrDerrick Smith11.42mChicago State
7.FrSherrick O'Quinn11.33mBeloit
--SoJoe SchneiderbauerNDNorth Central
--JrTerrence RobertsonSCRUniversity of Chicago
--FrMax AnayaSCRNorth Park University
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRyan Armstrong15.05mNorth Central
2.FrRobert Champion14.39mNorth Central
3.SrMatt Wonzer14.28mUniversity of Chicago
4.SrKyle Heyrman13.74mMilwaukee School of ...
5.JrLucas DeJong13.39mNorth Park University
6.SoMichael Jasperson13.16mMilwaukee School of ...
7.SoJoe Walsh12.82mUniversity of Chicago
8.JrMike Zeeck12.76mMilwaukee School of ...
9.SrRyan Wasilewski12.63mElmhurst
10.SoJohn Sabacinski12.53mUniversity of Chicago
11.SoJoe Orsini11.94mNorth Park University
12.SoBrent Verhyen11.79mMilwaukee School of ...
13.FrJames Kennedy11.63mIllinois-Chicago
14.SoGreg Silsby11.42mNorth Central
15.FrNicholas Rockwell11.37mUniversity of Chicago
16.SoEric Ritts11.25mBeloit
17.SoAndrew Thompson10.81mUniversity of Chicago
18.SrCarl Anderson10.67mBeloit
19.FrRobert Kapustka10.64mNorth Central
20.SoBrian Clarke9.73mUniversity of Chicago
21.FrJuan Perez8.79mNorth Central
22.FrZach Tranchida8.56mMilwaukee School of ...
23.SrMark Pufundt8.49mElmhurst
24.FrGhislain Schneider7.67mMilwaukee School of ...
25.SoBrad Bacon7.61mMilwaukee School of ...
--SrJean-Yves SchneiderSCRMilwaukee School of ...

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoFranziska Dobler7.30aCS Los Angeles
2.SoStephanie Omueti7.49aUniversity of Chicago
3.SrSierra Backus7.55aCS Los Angeles
4.SoBrandye Jackson7.57aNorth Central
5.SrNicole McFadden7.59aChicago State
6.SoKeshuna Franklin7.62aChicago State
7.SoLauren Brightmore7.70aNorth Central
8.FrNeshia Robertson7.72aChicago State
9.SrKaci Boston7.82aIllinois-Chicago
9.SoMargaret Bujarska7.82aUniversity of Chicago
11.SoJordan Dexter7.88aUniversity of Chicago
12.FrMadison Allen7.91aUniversity of Chicago
13.FrDominque Collins7.94aNorth Central
14.SoTracy Brtis7.99aElmhurst
15.FrKathleen Schurr8.00aBeloit
16.FrKrystal Bennett8.02aNorth Central
17.FrSam Studt8.06aNorth Park University
18.JrBrittany Jones8.21aNorth Central
19.FrNatashia Warramit8.25aNorth Central
20.FrAnna Blankschien8.26aBeloit
21.SoLeigh Ann Pochowski8.43aMilwaukee School of ...
22.FrLinnea Joffe-Nelson8.45aBeloit
23.SrAngel Blackburn8.51aChicago State
24.FrNatalie Tomei8.64aNorth Central
25.JrAdenike Kadri8.69aUniversity of Chicago
26.SoMaura Burns9.15aNorth Central
27.FrKelly Kotlow9.46aElmhurst
28.FrBrittney Haupert9.60aMilwaukee School of ...
---Tori OlanderDQNorth Park University
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShianne Smith25.82aCS Los Angeles
2.SoStephanie Omueti26.24aUniversity of Chicago
3.SoMoriah Jubrey26.28aCS Los Angeles
4.SoLauren Brightmore26.78aNorth Central
5.SoBrandye Jackson27.09aNorth Central
6.SoJordan Dexter27.72aUniversity of Chicago
7.FrJoanna Johnson27.86aBeloit
8.SoKeshuna Franklin27.97aChicago State
9.JrLauren Fogarty28.06aIllinois-Chicago
10.FrEmily Dieringer28.16aMilwaukee School of ...
11.SrKaci Boston28.31aIllinois-Chicago
12.FrBri Tolliver28.50aNorth Central
13.FrDominque Collins28.58aNorth Central
14.JrBrittany Jones28.76aNorth Central
15.SoTracy Brtis29.07aElmhurst
16.FrKathleen Schurr29.22aBeloit
17.SoEmilie Sauer29.27aNorth Central
18.-Tori Olander29.80aNorth Park University
19.SoCarlita Scott-McMillan30.12aChicago State
20.SoLeigh Ann Pochowski30.14aMilwaukee School of ...
21.FrLinnea Joffe-Nelson30.58aBeloit
22.SoSara DeSimone30.88aIllinois-Chicago
23.FrHannah Holcomb31.92aMilwaukee School of ...
24.FrTanzania Sewell32.72aMilwaukee School of ...
25.SoMaura Burns33.03aNorth Central
26.FrBrittney Haupert33.96aMilwaukee School of ...
27.FrKelly Kotlow34.88aElmhurst
28.JrNora Hughes41.04aElmhurst
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauren Brightmore59.57aNorth Central
2.SoMoriah Jubrey59.73aCS Los Angeles
3.SrJessica Rodriguez1:02.02aDePaul
4.FrNeshia Robertson1:02.11aChicago State
5.FrKaitlin Swanson1:02.41aUniversity of Chicago
6.FrMeredith Klein1:02.86aDePaul
7.FrJaleesa Akuoko1:03.15aUniversity of Chicago
8.JrTanishka Armbrister1:04.00aBeloit
9.FrAnna Blankschien1:06.83aBeloit
10.SoTracy Brtis1:08.58aElmhurst
11.JrErika Rees1:09.27aNorth Park University
12.SoLeigh Ann Pochowski1:09.41aMilwaukee School of ...
13.FrHannah Holcomb1:12.90aMilwaukee School of ...
14.FrTanzania Sewell1:13.79aMilwaukee School of ...
15.FrMarKesia Taylor1:16.82aChicago State
16.JrAshlie LaBranche1:20.35aUniversity of Chicago
17.JrNora Hughes1:34.09aElmhurst
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSheila Walsh2:25.63aNorth Central
2.SrKarla Alburez2:25.64aCS Los Angeles
3.FrValerie Sanchez2:26.18aCS Los Angeles
4.FrErin Lakie2:27.61aDePaul
5.SrHeather DeLany2:29.68aMilwaukee School of ...
6.JrSamantha Bunsen2:31.22aNorth Central
7.SoStephanie Lucas2:31.62aIllinois Inst. Tech
8.JrKristen Heckert2:31.80aIllinois-Chicago
9.SrDanyelle Somerfield2:32.63aIllinois-Chicago
10.JrMegan Andracki2:32.78aNorth Central
11.JrKelsey Mueller2:32.83aIllinois-Chicago
12.JrKathryn Dwyer2:33.46aUniversity of Chicago
13.JrCatherine Stolar2:33.77aUniversity of Chicago
14.SoSarah Scanlin2:34.66aNorth Central
15.JrLauren Mitchell2:35.44aNorth Central
16.FrKate Lueders2:36.58aNorth Central
17.SoAngela Johnson2:38.25aNorth Central
18.FrSarah Ahn2:38.53aNorth Central
19.JrRebecca Smith2:38.73aNorth Central
20.SrDanielle Riley2:39.05aChicago State
21.JrJulie Stutzbach2:39.14aBeloit
22.JrMartina Fialova2:39.24aMilwaukee School of ...
23.JrRebekah Clark2:39.28aElmhurst
24.SoErin Skvorc2:39.81aIllinois Inst. Tech
25.FrShelly Quade2:40.04aBeloit
26.SoMegan Johnson2:42.04aElmhurst
27.FrKirsten Coffman2:42.72aNorth Central
28.FrKelsey Dolan2:42.80aDePaul
29.FrSarah Stephens2:44.86aNorth Central
30.FrStacy Schmitz2:44.99aDePaul
31.SrLaura Grabowski2:49.70aElmhurst
32.FrAndrea Contreras2:50.16aNorth Central
33.SoLindsey McNamara2:53.95aIllinois-Chicago
34.SoColleen Burzynski3:16.98aNorth Central
35.-Catherine Demczuk3:28.78aNorth Park University
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKarla Alburez5:15.18aCS Los Angeles
2.FrValerie Sanchez5:26.49aCS Los Angeles
3.FrRachel Ohman5:27.54aUniversity of Chicago
4.FrAmy Schwent5:29.99aNorth Central
5.JrMegan Andracki5:30.51aNorth Central
6.FrKala Bingham5:33.05aNorth Central
7.SoSarah Scanlin5:33.97aNorth Central
8.FrSarah Ahn5:34.15aNorth Central
9.SoStephanie Lucas5:35.29aIllinois Inst. Tech
10.FrHeather Bartos5:37.53aNorth Central
11.JrRebekah Clark5:37.89aElmhurst
12.JrHannah Otalora-Fadner5:42.58aUniversity of Chicago
13.FrGrace McAllister5:44.39aUniversity of Chicago
14.FrKate Lueders5:44.56aNorth Central
15.FrCaroline Wooten5:45.08aUniversity of Chicago
16.FrJane Thomason5:45.98aUniversity of Chicago
17.FrCari Krikorian5:46.14aDePaul
18.SoColleen Oakes5:46.93aNorth Central
19.JrLauren Mitchell5:49.45aNorth Central
20.FrAmanda Heller5:54.88aMilwaukee School of ...
21.FrAmanda Udelhoffen6:06.51aNorth Central
22.SrLaura Grabowski6:10.41aElmhurst
23.SrLaura Stone6:20.03aUniversity of Chicago
24.JrJacque Fisher6:23.23aNorth Park University
25.FrEmma Kaage6:29.00aBeloit
26.FrKatharine Singelton6:44.71aBeloit
27.-Christina Vasquez7:15.34aBeloit
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMolly Peverada10:51.86aUniversity of Chicago
2.SoElizabeth Lawton10:53.10aUniversity of Chicago
3.FrJane Simpson11:07.07aUniversity of Chicago
4.FrClaire O'Brien11:07.10aDePaul
5.SoAmanda Andersen11:20.75aElmhurst
6.SoMegan Johnson11:26.96aElmhurst
7.FrSonia Khan11:30.65aUniversity of Chicago
8.FrMaddy Jensen11:31.55aIllinois Inst. Tech
9.JrShauna Potrawski11:34.81aElmhurst
10.FrSarah Stephens12:19.06aNorth Central
11.FrLauren Hall12:20.30aBeloit
12.FrGabbie Gonzales12:22.30aBeloit
13.JrNatalie Doss12:24.63aUniversity of Chicago
14.FrBrittany Hartlaub12:25.53aBeloit
15.SoErin Skvorc12:36.58aIllinois Inst. Tech
16.FrAndrea Contreras12:49.13aNorth Central
17.SoColleen Burzynski14:03.06aNorth Central
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrVivien Wadeck17:52.11aCS Los Angeles
2.JrLiliana Hernandez18:06.95aCS Los Angeles
3.SrRachel Venezia18:54.21aUniversity of Chicago
4.JrKatlyn Bednarski18:54.46aElmhurst
5.SoErin Cary19:03.11aUniversity of Chicago
6.SoStephanie Hughes19:11.97aDePaul
7.JrLaura Eberly19:26.97aUniversity of Chicago
8.SrJulia Moriarty19:30.94aUniversity of Chicago
9.SoColleen Oakes19:41.56aNorth Central
10.JrLaura Papageorgiou19:48.19aNorth Park University
11.SrMichelle Smith20:01.50aElmhurst
12.FrKala Bingham20:06.52aNorth Central
13.FrRebecca Durling20:08.36aUniversity of Chicago
14.FrAmy Schwent20:19.22aNorth Central
--SoRosemary GillamDNFIllinois-Chicago
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBrandye Jackson8.53aNorth Central
2.SoMelissa Savino8.58aNorth Central
3.JrShianne Smith8.68aCS Los Angeles
4.FrAimee Schuh8.75aIllinois-Chicago
5.SrMeaghan Ehrhard9.12aUniversity of Chicago
6.SoAshley Eaves9.19aUniversity of Chicago
7.FrTuekeha Huntley9.25aCS Los Angeles
8.FrVenessa Rallis9.45aUniversity of Chicago
9.FrEmily Dieringer9.56aMilwaukee School of ...
10.SoTracy Brtis9.70aElmhurst
11.FrMary Connelly9.97aElmhurst
12.SoBianca Scott10.10aUniversity of Chicago
13.SoKristine Zizis10.19aNorth Central
14.FrKrystal Bennett10.34aNorth Central
15.FrLinnea Joffe-Nelson10.57aBeloit
16.SoMichelle Jacobs11.37aNorth Central
17.FrKelly Kotlow11.78aElmhurst
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Denina Speights
Shianne Smith
Tuekeha Huntley
Moriah Jubrey
4:05.88aCS Los Angeles
1.-Denina Speights
Shianne Smith
Tukeha Huntley
Moriah Jubrey
4:05.88aCS Los Angeles
2.-Kaitlin Swanson
Stephanie Omueti
Jaleesa Akuoko
Ashley Eaves
4:11.46aUniversity of Chicago
3.-Relay Team 4:16.74aNorth Central
4.-Relay Team 4:20.29aBeloit
5.-Relay Team 4:25.22aNorth Central
6.-Erin Lakie
Claire O'Brien
Laura Wilson
Cari Krikorian
7.-Emily Dieringer
Amanda Heller
Martina Fialova
Heather DeLany
4:28.25aMilwaukee School of ...
8.-Relay Team 4:35.41aNorth Central
9.-Cicci Ittner
Amber Walker
Erika Rees
Sam Studt
4:39.02aNorth Park University
10.-Relay Team 4:55.21aNorth Central
11.-Relay Team 5:00.96aNorth Central
---Relay Team DNFUniversity of Chicago
---Relay Team NTNorth Central
---Emma Finestone
Jordan Dexter
Margaret Bujarska
Bianca Scott
DNFUniversity of Chicago
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karla Alburez
Moriah Jubrey
Valerie Sanchez
Vivien Wadeck
12:17.96aCS Los Angeles
2.-Mary Brennan
Kelsey Mueller
Danyelle Somerfield
Kristen Heckert
3.-Relay Team 13:20.45aUniversity of Chicago
3.-Catherine Stolar
Leah Kachelmacher
Kathryn Dwyer
Alison Klooster
13:20.45aUniversity of Chicago
4.-Relay Team 13:41.69aBeloit
5.-Stacy Schmitz
Meredith Klein
Cari Krikorian
Kelsey Dolan
6.-Relay Team 13:51.68aNorth Central
7.-Lindsey McNamara
Sara DeSimone
Catalina Marquez
Stephanie Johnson
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNicole Murphy13.41mUniversity of Chicago
2.SoKristin Constantine13.15mUniversity of Chicago
3.SrTristan Theissing12.51mNorth Central
4.JrClaire Ray11.89mUniversity of Chicago
5.FrAmani Edwards11.79mBeloit
6.FrTuekeha Huntley11.31mCS Los Angeles
7.FrSamantha Deters11.05mNorth Central
8.FrChelsea Armstrong10.37mNorth Central
9.SrRuth-Anne Whitfield10.02mUniversity of Chicago
10.SoKatherine Jemine9.58mNorth Park University
11.JrAlison Wirtz9.54mUniversity of Chicago
12.SrMargie Leahu9.52mElmhurst
13.FrMolly Hill9.26mBeloit
14.FrAlyssa Anderson9.25mNorth Park University
15.FrMichelle Cobean8.75mNorth Central
16.FrKrista Bavlnka8.73mMilwaukee School of ...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichelle Criscione1.62mNorth Central
2.FrTuekeha Huntley1.62mCS Los Angeles
3.FrPaige Peltzer1.57mUniversity of Chicago
4.SrDenina Speights1.57mCS Los Angeles
5.SrHeather DeLany1.57mMilwaukee School of ...
6.SoKari-Lynn Ostgaard1.52mUniversity of Chicago
6.FrKathleen Schurr1.52mBeloit
8.SoMelissa Savino1.52mNorth Central
8.SrMeaghan Ehrhard1.52mUniversity of Chicago
8.FrConstance Sciacero1.52mIllinois-Chicago
8.FrSam Studt1.52mNorth Park University
12.FrAmber Walker1.52mNorth Park University
13.SoMichelle Jacobs1.47mNorth Central
14.FrAimee Schuh1.47mIllinois-Chicago
14.SoBianca Scott1.47mUniversity of Chicago
16.SoShanna Loos1.42mNorth Central
17.JrAnnie Adamson1.42mNorth Central
18.SoEmilie Sauer1.37mNorth Central
19.JrAshlie LaBranche1.32mUniversity of Chicago
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKellie Schuh2.88mIllinois-Chicago
2.SoSarah Welch2.88mIllinois-Chicago
3.SoCarmel Loch2.73mUniversity of Chicago
4.FrEmily Dieringer2.58mMilwaukee School of ...
5.SoMary Potkonjak2.43mUniversity of Chicago
6.FrStephanie Laidlaw2.28mIllinois-Chicago
--FrBrittney HaupertNHMilwaukee School of ...
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDenina Speights5.44mCS Los Angeles
2.JrShianne Smith5.28mCS Los Angeles
3.SoMelissa Savino5.26mNorth Central
4.SrSierra Backus5.23mCS Los Angeles
5.JrLauren Fogarty5.02mIllinois-Chicago
6.FrAimee Schuh4.98mIllinois-Chicago
7.FrMadison Allen4.95mUniversity of Chicago
8.FrSarah Hansen4.67mNorth Park University
9.FrKathleen Schurr4.55mBeloit
10.FrBri Tolliver4.49mNorth Central
11.FrAmber Walker4.47mNorth Park University
12.SoKristine Zizis4.41mNorth Central
13.SoMichelle Jacobs4.24mNorth Central
14.FrNatashia Warramit3.98mNorth Central
15.JrTanishka Armbrister3.78mBeloit
--JrEmma FinestoneNDUniversity of Chicago
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSierra Backus11.30mCS Los Angeles
2.FrKellie Schuh10.86mIllinois-Chicago
3.JrAnnie Adamson10.80mNorth Central
4.FrLauren Adler10.73mUniversity of Chicago
5.SoShanna Loos10.52mNorth Central
6.FrMadison Allen10.01mUniversity of Chicago
7.FrSarah Hansen10.00mNorth Park University
8.FrBri Tolliver9.74mNorth Central
9.FrVenessa Rallis9.47mUniversity of Chicago
10.FrAmber Walker9.40mNorth Park University
11.SoKristine Zizis9.26mNorth Central
12.FrMary Connelly9.13mElmhurst
13.JrTanishka Armbrister9.05mBeloit
--FrPaige PeltzerNDUniversity of Chicago
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