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KC Big 7 Freshman Conference

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Truman HS, Independence

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Adorin Dorsey11.60Liberty
2.9Steven Sullivan11.60Blue Springs South
3.9Corey Jackson11.60Central (St. Joseph)
4.9Ben Harvel11.80Blue Springs South
5.9Carson Ryan11.90Lee's Summit North
6.9Sean Soloman11.90Lee's Summit North
7.9Erron Holley11.90Blue Springs
8.9Sheldon Smith12.30Lee's Summit
9.9Jacob Simpson12.30Lee's Summit
10.9Cullen Buford12.40Blue Springs
11.9Josh Evans12.60Liberty
11.9D'Eric Woods12.60Blue Springs
13.9Leland Anderson12.70Blue Springs South
13.9Kris Hansen12.70Liberty
15.9Isaac Barnes13.30Central (St. Joseph)
16.9Tyler Romeiser13.40Central (St. Joseph)
17.9Rob Smith13.80Raymore-Peculiar
17.9Aaron Kelly13.80Lee's Summit
19.9Larry Maddox14.40Raymore-Peculiar
20.9Julian Gnad14.90Raymore-Peculiar
X 200 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Steven Sullivan23.30Blue Springs South
2.9Carson Ryan23.60Lee's Summit North
3.9Adorin Dorsey23.60Liberty
4.9Alec Freeman24.00Blue Springs
5.9Austin Morales24.50Liberty
5.9Stephan Mathis24.50Blue Springs South
7.9Erron Holley25.60Blue Springs
8.9Nate Willis25.80Blue Springs South
9.9Max Hall26.30Lee's Summit North
10.9Kaamil Zabhullah26.60Blue Springs
10.9Scott Prewett26.60Liberty
12.9Marlin Hatcher27.30Raymore-Peculiar
13.9Austin Enke27.40Lee's Summit North
14.9Tyler Romeiser28.00Central (St. Joseph)
15.9Daniel Bose28.60Lee's Summit
16.9Gage Richards28.70Lee's Summit
17.9Dylan Matthews29.00Raymore-Peculiar
18.9Larry Maddox31.80Raymore-Peculiar
9Corey JacksonDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
9Eric JuhlDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
X 400 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Carson Ryan53.10Lee's Summit North
2.9Alec Freeman53.40Blue Springs
3.9Connor Reeves54.40Blue Springs South
4.9Max Bamburg56.60Liberty
4.9Adam Todd56.60Liberty
6.9Sam Buccero56.70Blue Springs South
7.9Eric Juhl57.20Central (St. Joseph)
8.9Max Hall57.40Lee's Summit North
9.9Tevin Williams57.60Blue Springs South
10.9Ryan MacDonald57.90Blue Springs
11.9Brandon Chapman58.20Liberty
12.9E. C. Seals59.00Blue Springs
13.9Dylan Johnson1:01.30Lee's Summit
14.9Jon Mason1:01.90Raymore-Peculiar
15.9Todd Bowles1:04.20Raymore-Peculiar
16.9Luigi Cruz1:09.20Lee's Summit North
17.9Joey Diiorio1:10.10Raymore-Peculiar
9Corey JacksonDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Charles Humphrey60.2Raymore-Peculiar
9Andrew Meyer60.9Raymore-Peculiar
9Anthony Wagner62.3Raymore-Peculiar
9Michael Prelow65.3Raymore-Peculiar
X 800 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Kolton Sheldon2:09.00Lee's Summit North
2.9Tim Marting2:14.00Lee's Summit
3.9Zach Pixler2:16.10Liberty
4.9Peter Lazarz2:20.20Blue Springs South
5.9Zach Lepper2:20.80Lee's Summit North
6.9Ryan Barrman2:21.30Liberty
7.9Chris Fangrow2:21.90Blue Springs South
8.9David Catherall2:23.50Central (St. Joseph)
10.9Andrew Meyer2:25.1Raymore-Peculiar
9Ethan Wilson2:52.6Raymore-Peculiar
9Nate PodjenskiNTBlue Springs
9Levi WalkerNTBlue Springs
9Reyndon LarimarNTBlue Springs
9Shannon HallNTLiberty
9Spencer MartinNTLee's Summit
9Zach NewmanNTLee's Summit North
9TyKeemi ManorNTBlue Springs South
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
9Andrew Meyer2:23.5Raymore-Peculiar
9Jason Scrivener2:28.2Raymore-Peculiar
9Anthony Wagner2:29.5Raymore-Peculiar
9Tyler Smith2:31.4Raymore-Peculiar
X 1600 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Kolton Sheldon4:52.70Lee's Summit North
2.9Taylor Denney4:55.10Blue Springs
3.9Jordan Andrews4:55.10Lee's Summit
4.9Joseph Gasser4:59.10Lee's Summit North
5.9Tim Marting5:04.60Lee's Summit
6.9Alex Whittal5:05.50Lee's Summit North
7.9Sully Korondi5:07.50Liberty
8.9Brit Trusty5:07.70Blue Springs
14.9Andrew Krause5:35.3Raymore-Peculiar
15.9Haiden Fuller5:36.8Raymore-Peculiar
17.9Ethan Wilson6:14.5Raymore-Peculiar
9Reyndon LarimarNTBlue Springs
9John RossNTLiberty
9Matt ZweerinkNTBlue Springs South
9Matt WestNTCentral (St. Joseph)
9Ian HarrisonNTBlue Springs South
9Max JobsonNTLiberty
X 3200 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Kolton Sheldon10:33.80Lee's Summit North
2.9Jordan Andrews10:51.10Lee's Summit
3.9Will Thomas10:53.60Lee's Summit North
4.9Joseph Gasser10:55.40Lee's Summit North
5.9Taylor Denney11:05.90Blue Springs
6.9Max Jobson11:08.00Liberty
7.9Brit Trusty11:19.80Blue Springs
8.9James Brizendine11:37.90Liberty
9Haiden Fuller12:15.2Raymore-Peculiar
9Jason Scrivener12:36.7Raymore-Peculiar
9Austin Jones13:35.9Raymore-Peculiar
9Aaron StasiakNTLiberty
9Matt WestNTCentral (St. Joseph)
9Nate PodjenskiNTBlue Springs
9Dominic JarmanNTBlue Springs South
9Ethan SmithNTBlue Springs South
9Ian HarrisonNTBlue Springs South
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Freshman - Finals
1.9Stephan Mathis16.90Blue Springs South
2.9Jacob Belke16.90Blue Springs
3.9James Lewis17.40Lee's Summit North
4.9Tyrese Husky18.50Central (St. Joseph)
5.9Alex VanBuskirk19.00Lee's Summit
6.9Seth Phillips19.20Lee's Summit North
7.9Tyler Smith19.90Raymore-Peculiar
8.9Hunter Stoll19.90Blue Springs South
9.9Michael Prelow20.50Raymore-Peculiar
10.9Jon Mason21.50Raymore-Peculiar
9Cordell BellDQCentral (St. Joseph)
9Cole CraddockDQLee's Summit
9William HarringtonDQLee's Summit North
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Freshman - Finals
1.9Ben Harvel42.10Blue Springs South
2.9Jacob Belke44.40Blue Springs
3.9Stephan Mathis44.90Blue Springs South
4.9Deiondre Hall46.30Blue Springs
5.9Cordell Bell46.50Central (St. Joseph)
6.9Tyrese Husky46.90Central (St. Joseph)
7.9William Harrington47.00Lee's Summit North
8.9Tyler Smith47.20Raymore-Peculiar
9.9Charles Humphrey47.40Raymore-Peculiar
10.9Alex VanBuskirk47.50Lee's Summit
11.9Miko Gibb47.80Lee's Summit North
12.9Cole Craddock48.30Lee's Summit
13.9James Lewis48.50Lee's Summit North
14.9Hunter Stoll49.20Blue Springs South
15.9Michael Prelow51.10Raymore-Peculiar
X 4x100 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.30Blue Springs South
2.-Relay Team 46.60Liberty
3.-Relay Team 48.90Blue Springs
4.-Relay Team 49.50Lee's Summit North
5.-Relay Team 49.50Central (St. Joseph)
6.-Relay Team 49.60Lee's Summit
7.-Tommy Stegmair
Brady James
Gage Borgfield
Jon Mason
X 4x200 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:38.50Blue Springs South
2.-Relay Team 1:41.90Central (St. Joseph)
3.-Relay Team 1:42.10Liberty
4.-Relay Team 1:42.90Lee's Summit North
5.-Relay Team 1:43.80Blue Springs
6.-Brady James
Briceson Lee
Charles Humphrey
Todd Bowles
7.-Relay Team 1:51.40Lee's Summit
X 4x400 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:42.30Blue Springs South
2.-Relay Team 3:43.60Blue Springs
3.-Relay Team 3:55.20Liberty
4.-Relay Team 3:56.10Lee's Summit North
5.-Relay Team 4:00.80Lee's Summit
6.-Andrew Meyer
Charles Humphrey
Anthony Wagner
Michael Prelow
-Relay Team DNSCentral (St. Joseph)
X 4x800 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:02.00Lee's Summit North
2.-Relay Team 9:07.70Liberty
3.-Relay Team 9:09.60Blue Springs
4.-Relay Team 9:14.00Lee's Summit
5.-Relay Team 9:23.00Blue Springs South
6.-Andrew Meyer
Tyler Smith
Anthony Wagner
Jason Scrivener
X Shot Put - 12lb - Freshman - Finals
1.9Kendall Sullivan41-02.50Blue Springs
2.9Darian Holmes40-10.00Lee's Summit North
3.9Jordan Stuckey34-11.00Raymore-Peculiar
4.9Brandon Chapman34-06.00Liberty
5.9David Johnson33-05.50Blue Springs
6.9Jake King33-03.00Blue Springs South
7.9Logan Grace32-07.50Liberty
8.9Kyle Bremer32-03.00Liberty
9.9Tyler McKnight32-00.00Blue Springs South
10.9Tyler Hecht30-06.00Blue Springs South
11.9Chris White29-07.00Blue Springs
12.9Tyler Romeiser27-02.00Central (St. Joseph)
13.9Dustin Pugh24-05.00Raymore-Peculiar
14.9Demetrius Boone20-10.00Central (St. Joseph)
9Kenneth StraderDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
X Discus - 1.6kg - Freshman - Finals
1.9David Johnson116-09Blue Springs
2.9Brandon Chapman106-02Liberty
3.9Kendall Sullivan102-03Blue Springs
4.9Darian Holmes97-07Lee's Summit North
5.9Max Francisco94-04Liberty
6.9Tyler McKnight94-00Blue Springs South
7.9Brandon Oehm92-07Liberty
8.9Jake King86-05Blue Springs South
9.9Griffin Perrine85-08Blue Springs South
10.9Jordan Stuckey79-06Raymore-Peculiar
11.9Chris White77-03Blue Springs
12.9Dustin Pugh68-06Raymore-Peculiar
X High Jump - Freshman - Finals
1.9Jared Benson5-10.00Liberty
2.9Alec Freeman5-10.00Blue Springs
3.9Deiondre Hall5-10.00Blue Springs
4.9Austin Morales5-08.00Liberty
5.9Max Bamburg5-04.00Liberty
6.9Michael Armstrong5-04.00Lee's Summit North
7.9Chris Fangrow5-02.00Blue Springs South
8.9Tim Schlenger5-02.00Blue Springs South
9.9Seth Phillips5-02.00Lee's Summit North
9.9William Harrington5-02.00Lee's Summit North
9.9Tevin Williams5-02.00Blue Springs South
9Jacob SimpsonNHLee's Summit
9Bryan StancilNHLee's Summit
9Brady JamesNHRaymore-Peculiar
9Anthony WagnerNHRaymore-Peculiar
X Pole Vault - Freshman - Finals
1.9Lukas Udris11-00.00Liberty
2.9James Lewis10-06.00Lee's Summit North
3.9Kurtis Nanninga10-06.00Lee's Summit North
4.9Jason Scrivener10-00.00Raymore-Peculiar
5.9Alex Ballard9-00.00Lee's Summit
5.9Logan Wineinger9-00.00Lee's Summit North
7.9Casey Sudhoff8-06.00Blue Springs South
8.9Tommy Stegmaier8-06.00Raymore-Peculiar
9.9Connor Harris8-00.00Blue Springs South
10.9Dylan Johnson7-06.00Lee's Summit
10.9Cody Kessler7-06.00Liberty
10.9Stephen Grahm7-06.00Liberty
9Ethan WilsonNHRaymore-Peculiar
X Long Jump - Freshman - Finals
1.9Carson Ryan18-10.50Lee's Summit North
2.9Connor Reeves18-05.50Blue Springs South
3.9Deiondre Hall18-02.00Blue Springs
4.9Ben Harvel17-10.00Blue Springs South
5.9Michael Armstrong17-03.00Lee's Summit North
6.9Levi Riley16-10.00Blue Springs South
7.9Derek Leach16-07.00Liberty
8.9Dalton Thornton16-03.00Lee's Summit North
9.9Ryan MacDonald16-01.50Blue Springs
10.9Drew Courtney15-10.00Liberty
11.9Aaron Hubburd15-09.50Lee's Summit
12.9Austin Morales15-08.00Liberty
13.9Anthony Wagner15-01.50Raymore-Peculiar
14.9Bryan Stancil14-04.00Lee's Summit
15.9Charles Humphrey14-03.00Raymore-Peculiar
16.9Dustin Burns13-10.00Blue Springs
17.9Joey Diiorio12-06.00Raymore-Peculiar
9Darrin DudleyDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
9Isaac BarnesDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
X Triple Jump - Freshman - Finals
1.9Connor Reeves38-05.25Blue Springs South
2.9Deiondre Hall37-09.50Blue Springs
3.9Jared Benson37-02.00Liberty
4.9Dalton Thornton36-10.00Lee's Summit North
5.9Derek Leach36-04.50Liberty
6.9Levi Riley36-03.00Blue Springs South
7.9Peter Lazarz35-06.00Blue Springs South
8.9Drew Courtney35-04.50Liberty
9.9Jacob Simpson33-09.00Lee's Summit
10.9Michael Prelow33-07.00Raymore-Peculiar
11.9Ryan Figg33-05.00Lee's Summit North
12.9Bryan Stancil28-01.50Lee's Summit
13.9Briceson Lee25-06.50Raymore-Peculiar
9Julian GnadNDRaymore-Peculiar

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Ronay Coleman13.30Lee's Summit North
2.9Emman Wright13.40Lee's Summit
3.9Kim Tabe13.40Lee's Summit
4.9Kaylee Marquardt13.40Liberty
5.9Emily Houck13.50Liberty
5.9Jessica Coca13.50Liberty
7.9Haley Lewis13.60Blue Springs
8.9Zariah Taylor13.70Lee's Summit North
8.9Kaitlin Schaberg13.70Blue Springs South
10.9Kylie Vieth13.80Central (St. Joseph)
11.9Jataun Hill13.90Raymore-Peculiar
11.9Lauren Peek13.90Central (St. Joseph)
13.9Micca Nevins14.10Blue Springs
13.9Brooke Parker14.10Blue Springs South
15.9Kayla Reed14.50Blue Springs South
16.9Alayna Oberto16.40Raymore-Peculiar
9Chelsy HustonDNSLee's Summit
9Melissa MurphyDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
X 200 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Azia Washington26.90Lee's Summit
2.9Sherdane Harper27.10Blue Springs South
3.9Casey Zollman27.80Liberty
4.9Emman Wright27.90Lee's Summit
5.9Ebony Hollinger28.20Lee's Summit North
6.9Kim Tabe28.30Lee's Summit
7.9Lizze Aller28.40Lee's Summit North
8.9Emily Houck28.40Liberty
9.9Jataun Hill28.80Raymore-Peculiar
10.9Zariah Taylor28.90Lee's Summit North
11.9Jennica Pi29.30Blue Springs South
12.9Miranda Lucas29.40Blue Springs South
12.9Melissa Murphy29.40Central (St. Joseph)
14.9Kelsi O'Neill29.80Blue Springs
15.9Haley Lewis29.90Blue Springs
16.9Katelin Simmons30.40Liberty
16.9Lauren Peek30.40Central (St. Joseph)
18.9T'Keisha Lee30.90Blue Springs
9Taryn CoffmanDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
X 400 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Casey Zollman1:02.40Liberty
2.9Sherdane Harper1:03.10Blue Springs South
3.9Kaylee Marquardt1:03.40Liberty
4.9Lindsey Woody1:03.60Blue Springs South
5.9Shantaja Heath1:03.70Lee's Summit North
6.9Taylor Gregston1:04.60Blue Springs South
7.9Maddie Adkins1:06.20Central (St. Joseph)
8.9Ashley Marquardt1:07.00Lee's Summit North
9.9Jessica Coca1:07.20Liberty
10.9Ciera Russell1:08.30Central (St. Joseph)
11.9Megan Wright1:08.90Blue Springs
12.9Kristina Leedy1:16.40Lee's Summit
9Logan TaylorDNSCentral (St. Joseph)
9Jenni ShawDNSLee's Summit
X 800 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Samantha Nightingale2:30.80Blue Springs South
2.9Hali Metz2:33.90Blue Springs
3.9Emily Puckett2:37.30Lee's Summit
4.9Mollie Williams2:39.00Lee's Summit North
5.9Shannon Danaher2:39.40Blue Springs
6.9Brittany Schulz2:40.20Lee's Summit North
7.9Mariah Schwietzer2:40.80Liberty
8.9Elizabeth Reynolds2:41.60Blue Springs
9Ali HowatNTCentral (St. Joseph)
9Allison MooreNTLee's Summit
9Regan LaurencoNTLee's Summit North
9Samantha VerduzcoNTCentral (St. Joseph)
9Rachel RogersNTLiberty
9Shelby BakerNTLiberty
9Krista JoerszNTLee's Summit
9Rachel MayoNTCentral (St. Joseph)
9Katie UttleyNTBlue Springs South
X 1600 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Samantha Nightingale5:35.10Blue Springs South
2.9Hali Metz5:42.20Blue Springs
3.9Brittany Schulz5:45.00Lee's Summit North
4.9Rachel Pankau5:45.40Central (St. Joseph)
5.9Julia Dury5:54.20Blue Springs
6.9Mariah Schwietzer6:03.60Liberty
7.9Amy VanDrunen6:07.10Lee's Summit
8.9Hannah Michael6:07.40Blue Springs South
9Samantha MurdockNTLee's Summit North
9Christina JonesNTLee's Summit
9Katie UttleyNTBlue Springs South
9Lyric HuppNTLee's Summit
9Austin SmithNTLiberty
9Allison DavisNTLiberty
9Regan LaurencoNTLee's Summit North
9Jessica MontgomeryNTBlue Springs
X 3200 Meters - Freshman - Finals
1.9Samantha Nightingale12:16.20Blue Springs South
2.9Julia Dury12:39.80Blue Springs
3.9Brittany Schulz12:54.50Lee's Summit North
4.9Morgan Berkstresser13:13.00Lee's Summit
5.9Mariah Schwietzer13:17.30Liberty
6.9Hannah Michael13:21.00Blue Springs South
7.9Julia Montgomery13:29.70Blue Springs
8.9Ashley Raby13:34.00Lee's Summit
9Amy VanDrunenNTLee's Summit
9Hali MetzNTBlue Springs
9Samantha MurdockNTLee's Summit North
9Nancy StewartNTLee's Summit North
9Morgan GoodrickNTCentral (St. Joseph)
9Rachel PankauNTCentral (St. Joseph)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Freshman - Finals
1.9Remey Abrought16.70Lee's Summit North
2.9Madi Wilkins17.00Lee's Summit North
3.9Shannon Danaher17.10Blue Springs
4.9Darcie Nixon17.10Liberty
5.9Christie Coleman17.80Lee's Summit North
6.9Rachel Hortan19.40Liberty
7.9Heather Shawbaker19.60Blue Springs South
8.9Jami Rains19.90Lee's Summit
9.9Haylie Schroeder20.00Liberty
9.9Brittany Duke20.00Blue Springs South
11.9Micca Nevins20.60Blue Springs
12.9Taylor Smith21.20Blue Springs South
13.9Brook Empson21.50Lee's Summit
14.9Rebekah Wratney23.60Raymore-Peculiar
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Freshman - Finals
1.9Brooke Stetzler48.90Blue Springs South
2.9Madi Wilkins49.10Lee's Summit North
3.9Shannon Danaher49.50Blue Springs
4.9Remey Abrought51.20Lee's Summit North
5.9Darcie Nixon51.30Liberty
6.9Breanna Washington53.00Lee's Summit
7.9Christie Coleman54.40Lee's Summit North
8.9Jami Rains54.90Lee's Summit
9.9Brittany Duke56.10Blue Springs South
10.9Rachel Hortan57.40Liberty
10.9Micca Nevins57.40Blue Springs
12.9Shannon Diffey59.80Lee's Summit
13.9Rebekah Wratney1:02.80Raymore-Peculiar
14.9Taylor Smith1:03.90Blue Springs South
X 4x100 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.40Blue Springs South
2.-Relay Team 53.10Lee's Summit North
3.-Relay Team 53.70Liberty
4.-Jataun Hill
Julie DeLuca
Kayla Haling
Kiki Roper
5.-Relay Team 56.90Blue Springs
6.-Relay Team 57.00Central (St. Joseph)
-Relay Team DQLee's Summit
X 4x200 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:52.80Lee's Summit North
2.-Jataun Hill
Julie DeLuca
Kayla Haling
Kiki Roper
3.-Relay Team 1:59.40Central (St. Joseph)
4.-Relay Team 2:00.80Blue Springs
5.-Relay Team 2:04.40Liberty
-Relay Team DQBlue Springs South
-Relay Team DQLee's Summit
X 4x400 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:19.00Blue Springs South
2.-Relay Team 4:27.50Liberty
3.-Relay Team 4:30.00Lee's Summit North
4.-Relay Team 4:36.80Lee's Summit
5.-Relay Team 4:45.40Central (St. Joseph)
6.-Relay Team 4:53.10Blue Springs
X 4x800 Relay - Freshman - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:25.00Blue Springs
2.-Relay Team 10:45.40Lee's Summit North
3.-Relay Team 11:02.50Lee's Summit
4.-Relay Team 11:23.00Blue Springs South
5.-Relay Team 12:08.50Liberty
X Shot Put - 4kg - Freshman - Finals
1.9Allyn Lee29-00.00Liberty
2.9Payton White28-00.50Liberty
3.9Re'al Christian25-06.50Lee's Summit North
4.9Shyla Hale24-02.50Liberty
5.9Jody Goers22-08.00Blue Springs
6.9Samantha Huckuntod22-01.00Central (St. Joseph)
7.9Laura Werbaneth21-09.50Lee's Summit North
8.9April Dodge21-07.00Central (St. Joseph)
9.9Shannon Cornett21-00.00Central (St. Joseph)
10.9Justine Chavez20-02.00Blue Springs
11.9Destiny Robinson19-04.50Lee's Summit North
12.9Allie Williams19-02.50Lee's Summit
13.9Alayna Meneses19-01.25Blue Springs
14.9Megan Williams17-00.00Lee's Summit
9Jessica GriffeyDNSLee's Summit
X Discus - 1kg - Freshman - Finals
1.9Allyn Lee86-00Liberty
2.9Shelby Morrow76-11Liberty
3.9Destiny Robinson76-07Lee's Summit North
4.9Re'al Christian70-10Lee's Summit North
5.9April Dodge63-10Central (St. Joseph)
6.9Alayna Meneses60-03Blue Springs
7.9Jordan Durnell57-08Lee's Summit North
8.9Jody Goers54-07Blue Springs
9.9Justine Chavez47-00Blue Springs
10.9Megan Williams46-11Lee's Summit
11.9Samantha Huckuntod46-03Central (St. Joseph)
12.9Shannon Cornett45-07Central (St. Joseph)
13.9Allie Williams44-04Lee's Summit
9Jessica GriffeyNDLee's Summit
9Shyla HaleNDLiberty
X High Jump - Freshman - Finals
1.9Emily Puckett5-00.00Lee's Summit
2.9Azia Washington4-08.00Lee's Summit
3.9Natalie George4-08.00Liberty
4.9Allie Patterson4-08.00Lee's Summit
5.9Taylor Gregston4-06.00Blue Springs South
6.9Jessica Randolph4-02.00Blue Springs
9Elizabeth HagenNHCentral (St. Joseph)
9Kenzie PatekNHBlue Springs South
9Shelby SmolkeNHCentral (St. Joseph)
9Aubrey TurnerNHCentral (St. Joseph)
X Pole Vault - Freshman - Finals
1.9Megan Wright8-06.00Blue Springs
2.9Victoria Utter8-00.00Lee's Summit
3.9Kelsi O'Neill7-06.00Blue Springs
4.9Kelsey Dean6-00.00Blue Springs South
9Kenzie PatekNHBlue Springs South
9Kylie ViethNHCentral (St. Joseph)
9Brook EmpsonNHLee's Summit
9Lizze AllerNHLee's Summit North
X Long Jump - Freshman - Finals
1.9Natalie George15-10.00Liberty
2.9Emily Puckett14-08.25Lee's Summit
3.9Lindsey Woody14-02.50Blue Springs South
4.9Heather Shawbaker13-07.00Blue Springs South
5.9Audree Sifuentez13-05.50Liberty
6.9Shantaja Heath13-03.25Lee's Summit North
7.9Miranda Lucas13-02.25Blue Springs South
8.9Shannon Diffey13-02.00Lee's Summit
9.9Kristin Jennings13-00.50Liberty
10.9Jessica Randolph12-09.50Blue Springs
11.9Lacey Hinckley12-02.00Central (St. Joseph)
12.9McKinzie Umbarger12-01.00Blue Springs
13.9Chelsy Huston11-11.00Lee's Summit
14.9Kiki Roper11-05.75Raymore-Peculiar
15.9Shantyle Maple11-04.00Lee's Summit North
16.9Emily Burchett11-03.00Blue Springs
17.9Kayla Haling10-01.50Raymore-Peculiar
18.9Peyton Bennett9-06.75Central (St. Joseph)
9Nicole MaddenNDCentral (St. Joseph)
9Julie DeLucaNDRaymore-Peculiar
X Triple Jump - Freshman - Finals
1.9Natalie George32-05.00Liberty
2.9Kelsi O'Neill31-02.00Blue Springs
3.9Elizabeth Reynolds30-11.00Blue Springs
4.9Kaitlin Schaberg30-10.50Blue Springs South
5.9Mollie Williams30-04.50Lee's Summit North
6.9Audree Sifuentez30-02.50Liberty
7.9Jennica Pi29-06.00Blue Springs South
8.9Shannon Diffey28-01.50Lee's Summit
9.9Ciera Russell27-06.00Central (St. Joseph)
10.9Heather Shawbaker27-04.00Blue Springs South
11.9Lacey Hinckley26-05.00Central (St. Joseph)
12.9Kristin Jennings25-11.00Liberty
9Cassie JacksonNDCentral (St. Joseph)
9Allie PattersonNDLee's Summit
9Azia WashingtonNDLee's Summit
9Halley FowlerNDBlue Springs
9Alayna ObertoNDRaymore-Peculiar
9Kiki RoperNDRaymore-Peculiar
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