MSHSAA Class 4 District 7

Saturday, May 16, 2009
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Missouri - Class 3
SCSt Charles
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hartzell Gray10.93aLee's Summit West
2.12Lamar Vanreed10.97aBlue Springs
3.10Noah Pearl11.08aRockhurst
4.12Justen Mack11.12aRaytown
5.10Chris Gilyard11.18aBlue Springs South
6.11Cameron Davis11.37aBlue Springs South
7.11Courtney Greene11.40aRaytown South
8.11Alex Sanders13.13aRaytown South
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lamar Vanreed10.78aBlue Springs
4.11Hartzell Gray10.84aLee's Summit West
5.12Justen Mack10.99aRaytown
2.11Alex Sanders11.00aRaytown South
2.10Noah Pearl11.00aRockhurst
6.10Chris Gilyard11.02aBlue Springs South
7.11Courtney Greene11.11aRaytown South
8.11Cameron Davis11.25aBlue Springs South
9.11Dexter McDonald11.29aRockhurst
10.11Jamal Mabry11.46aLee's Summit North
11.10Bernard Thomas11.47aBlue Springs
12.9Sean Soloman11.51aLee's Summit North
13.12Abdullah Almagrabi11.64aBelton
14.11Andrew Miller11.74aRaymore-Peculiar
15.11James Ritch11.77aLee's Summit West
16.10D'Andre Davis11.85aRaymore-Peculiar
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominique Wright22.00aBlue Springs South
2.11Hartzell Gray22.26aLee's Summit West
3.12Jack Shuss22.56aRockhurst
4.12Derrion Thomas22.63aBlue Springs South
5.11Jordan Dodd22.92aBlue Springs
6.11Kyle Frayling23.03aRaytown South
7.10Noah Pearl23.42aRockhurst
8.11Glendal Whitney23.63aBelton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Hartzell Gray22.27aLee's Summit West
2.11Dominique Wright22.46aBlue Springs South
3.12Jack Shuss22.61aRockhurst
4.10Noah Pearl22.73aRockhurst
5.11Glendal Whitney22.75aBelton
6.11Kyle Frayling22.96aRaytown South
7.11Jordan Dodd22.99aBlue Springs
8.12Derrion Thomas23.21aBlue Springs South
9.12Justen Mack23.22aRaytown
10.12Torry Duncan23.76aLee's Summit North
11.9Chris Carter23.77aLee's Summit West
12.9Marqus Moye23.79aRaytown South
13.9Dymetrie Ambler23.88aBelton
14.9Sean Soloman24.07aLee's Summit North
15.11Andrew Miller24.37aRaymore-Peculiar
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robbie Haden49.86aRockhurst
2.12Nathan Scheelhaase50.67aRockhurst
3.11Jordan Dodd51.06aBlue Springs
4.11Rosezell Williams51.61aRaymore-Peculiar
5.9Brandon Smith53.00aLee's Summit West
6.11Micah Thompson53.35aLee's Summit West
7.12Garron England53.37aLee's Summit North
8.9Khalid Dickerson53.94aBelton
9.9Connor Reeves54.27aBlue Springs South
10.12Clint Sparks54.30aLee's Summit
11.10Anthony Ward54.50aRaytown South
12.10Evan Bailey54.74aLee's Summit
13.10Blake Horne55.18aBlue Springs South
14.10Kendall Myers55.73aRaytown South
15.10Jeron Hill55.96aRaymore-Peculiar
16.9Max Hall56.74aLee's Summit North
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Mike Hudson51.0Raymore-Peculiar
11Rosezell Williams51.5Raymore-Peculiar
10Darryl Holland51.8Raymore-Peculiar
12Chris Schindler52.3Raymore-Peculiar
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cam Cox2:01.74aLee's Summit West
2.11Billy Neds2:02.49aLee's Summit
3.11Joe Farrand2:03.10aRaytown
4.12Dylan Dwyer2:04.28aLee's Summit North
5.12Justin Pyburn2:05.85aLee's Summit North
6.12Guillermo Delcampo2:06.37aRaytown
7.12Bryce Wehling2:06.95aRockhurst
8.10Evan Baranowski2:07.40aRockhurst
9.11Collin Wheeler2:07.43aBlue Springs
10.11Matt Marting2:07.63aLee's Summit
11.11James Kennedy2:07.77aRaymore-Peculiar
12.10Josh Davidson2:10.82aBlue Springs South
13.11Ryan Coop2:12.44aRaymore-Peculiar
14.10Chris Shaw2:13.99aBlue Springs South
15.11Roy Moye2:15.14aRaytown South
16.11Albert Kelley2:18.81aBelton
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Chris Schindler2:07.2Raymore-Peculiar
11Ryan Coop2:08.7Raymore-Peculiar
10Jeron Hill2:08.7Raymore-Peculiar
11James Kennedy2:09.8Raymore-Peculiar
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Volkert4:31.89aLee's Summit
2.12Stephen Saylor4:32.79aRaytown South
3.12Jake Henry4:33.28aLee's Summit West
4.11Ryan Podjenski4:34.21aBlue Springs
5.11Luke Aboulhakah4:35.18aRaytown
6.11Jon LaPlante4:40.60aLee's Summit North
7.11Shane Wilson4:41.80aBlue Springs South
8.10Evan Baranowski4:41.90aRockhurst
9.10Taylor Park4:43.57aLee's Summit North
10.12Michael Neisius4:48.37aRockhurst
11.11James Kennedy4:49.04aRaymore-Peculiar
12.12Dallin Sims4:50.34aLee's Summit
13.12Trey Turner4:50.64aBlue Springs
14.12Andrew Bechtel4:51.71aBelton
15.11Ryan Coop4:55.00aRaymore-Peculiar
16.10Marcus Wolfenbarger4:57.28aBlue Springs South
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Adam Volkert9:32.30aLee's Summit
2.12Phil Miller9:33.17aLee's Summit West
3.12Jake Henry9:40.96aLee's Summit West
4.12Stephen Saylor9:48.05aRaytown South
5.10Connor Moylan10:01.33aLee's Summit North
6.9Kolton Sheldon10:05.27aLee's Summit North
7.11Ryan Podjenski10:10.09aBlue Springs
8.11Enrique Mejia10:16.55aRockhurst
9.11Craig Shrankler10:20.05aLee's Summit
10.12Andrew Bechtel10:29.41aBelton
11.9Zach Herriott10:32.16aRockhurst
12.9Daniel Worthington10:35.15aRaytown South
13.11Shane Wilson10:41.99aBlue Springs South
14.12Trey Turner10:45.99aBlue Springs
15.9Ian Simpkins10:59.86aBlue Springs South
16.10Rafael Lozano IV11:02.69aRaymore-Peculiar
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Gray14.79aLee's Summit West
2.12Gilbert Williams14.83aRaytown South
3.9Dapo Akinmoladun15.19aGrandview
4.12Joe Geha15.44aRockhurst
5.10Jayce Thomas15.79aBlue Springs
6.11Taylor Prowell15.81aRaymore-Peculiar
7.9William Harrington16.09aLee's Summit North
8.10Jon Trocosso16.26aBlue Springs
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Gilbert Williams14.89aRaytown South
2.11Zach Gray15.27aLee's Summit West
3.9Dapo Akinmoladun15.50aGrandview
5.10Jayce Thomas15.60aBlue Springs
4.12Joe Geha15.65aRockhurst
6.11Taylor Prowell16.02aRaymore-Peculiar
7.10Jon Trocosso16.25aBlue Springs
8.9William Harrington16.27aLee's Summit North
9.12David Watzlawick16.28aBlue Springs South
10.12Shawn Sidwell16.33aBelton
11.12R.J. Elosh16.60aBelton
12.11Ryan Robinson16.64aRaytown
13.11Dennis Tanner16.78aRaytown South
14.10Josh Nicholson16.82aLee's Summit North
15.11Martell Morton16.84aBlue Springs South
16.10Brandon Rice16.85aLee's Summit West
17.11Jason Jones17.11aLee's Summit
18.10Triston Olson17.34aLee's Summit
19.11Luke Charbonneau17.87aRockhurst
20.10John Butler18.48aRaymore-Peculiar
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Zach Gray39.43aLee's Summit West
2.12Tom O'Donnell39.83aLee's Summit North
3.12Gilbert Williams40.03aRaytown South
4.10Darryl Holland40.78aRaymore-Peculiar
5.10Jamal Jones40.93aRockhurst
6.12R.J. Elosh41.61aBelton
7.12David Watzlawick42.20aBlue Springs South
8.12Joe Geha42.23aRockhurst
9.9Ben Harvel42.48aBlue Springs South
10.11Ryan Robinson42.50aRaytown
11.11Taylor Prowell42.55aRaymore-Peculiar
12.10Jayce Thomas42.61aBlue Springs
13.11Cole Jenkins42.68aLee's Summit North
14.11Tyrell Stafford43.25aRaytown South
15.12Shawn Sidwell43.89aBelton
16.10Brandon Rice43.92aLee's Summit West
17.11Jason Jones43.97aLee's Summit
18.11Chris Lang44.06aLee's Summit
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.13aLee's Summit West
2.-Relay Team 43.15aBlue Springs South
3.-Relay Team 43.45aRaytown South
4.-Relay Team 43.57aLee's Summit North
5.-Relay Team 44.00aGrandview
6.-Abdullah Almagrabi
Dymetrie Ambler
Khalid Dickerson
Glendal Whitney
7.-Relay Team 44.22aRockhurst
8.-Relay Team 45.15aBlue Springs
9.-D'Andre Davis
Andrew Miller
Rosezell Williams
Marc Harrison
10.-Relay Team 46.95aLee's Summit
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:28.39aLee's Summit West
2.-Relay Team 1:29.34aRockhurst
3.-Relay Team 1:30.29aRaytown South
4.-Relay Team 1:31.27aGrandview
5.-Relay Team 1:31.97aLee's Summit North
6.-Marc Harrison
Darryl Holland
Rosezell Williams
Mike Hudson
7.-Abdullah Almagrabi
Dymetrie Ambler
Khalid Dickerson
Glendal Whitney
8.-Relay Team 1:34.33aBlue Springs
9.-Relay Team 1:36.22aLee's Summit
10.-Relay Team 1:36.68aBlue Springs South
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:23.41aRockhurst
2.-Rosezell Williams
Darryl Holland
Chris Schindler
Mike Hudson
3.-Relay Team 3:28.54aLee's Summit North
-Relay Team 3:29.96aRaytown South
4.-Relay Team 3:31.03aGrandview
5.-Relay Team 3:31.68aBlue Springs
6.-Relay Team 3:32.40aLee's Summit West
7.-Relay Team 3:33.08aLee's Summit
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:10.71aLee's Summit
2.-Relay Team 8:13.13aRaytown
3.-Relay Team 8:17.68aLee's Summit North
4.-Relay Team 8:19.25aRockhurst
5.-Relay Team 8:20.75aLee's Summit West
6.-Chris Schindler
Jeron Hill
Ryan Coop
James Kennedy
7.-Relay Team 8:42.67aBlue Springs
8.-Relay Team 8:50.42aRaytown South
9.-Relay Team 8:50.85aGrandview
10.-Relay Team 9:14.59aBlue Springs South
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooks Mosier57-09.00Lee's Summit West
2.11Jordan Chrisman55-03.00Blue Springs
3.10Ben Pascal52-00.00Lee's Summit North
4.11Will Bruce51-03.50Lee's Summit North
5.11Donovan Gordon51-01.00Raytown South
6.11Drew Kerber49-08.00Blue Springs
7.9Steven DeShazer48-08.50Raytown
8.12Collin Dixson48-03.00Raymore-Peculiar
9.10Brent LaPietra47-03.50Lee's Summit West
10.12Daniel Criss45-00.00Raytown South
11.12Josh Johnson44-07.50Raymore-Peculiar
12.12Anthony Garcia43-04.75Blue Springs South
13.10Dan Tapko41-10.50Rockhurst
14.11Jake Long40-10.50Rockhurst
15.12Randy Haller39-09.50Blue Springs South
16.9Andrew Hicks36-08.00Belton
17.11A.J. Haus35-02.50Belton
18.11Zach Wiseman34-11.00Lee's Summit
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brooks Mosier172-03Lee's Summit West
2.12Gus Toca162-05Blue Springs
3.9Steven DeShazer153-11Raytown
4.12Troy Fletcher153-09Lee's Summit West
5.11Will Bruce146-06Lee's Summit North
6.9Evan Boehm143-01Lee's Summit West
7.10Dan Tapko139-02Rockhurst
8.11Parker Webb135-08Blue Springs
9.12Brad Workmon135-07Lee's Summit North
10.12Alex Peola130-05Blue Springs
11.12Spencer Mainous129-00Lee's Summit North
12.9Jamaal Cox128-10Raytown South
13.12Max Donaldson126-05Rockhurst
14.11Trevor Martin122-11Blue Springs South
15.10Adam Klausing122-10Lee's Summit West
16.12Josh Johnson119-06Raymore-Peculiar
16.11Ryan Cooper119-06Lee's Summit
18.11A.J. Haus116-07Belton
19.11Stephen Conrick115-08Raytown South
20.12Collin Dixson114-02Raymore-Peculiar
21.12Gabe McCrary113-10Grandview
22.10Taylor Pinnell111-01Lee's Summit
23.9Andrew Hicks88-00Belton
12Tim OwenNDBlue Springs South
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11James White7-00.00Grandview
2.12Mark Sappington6-04.00Raymore-Peculiar
3.10Michael Hopfinger6-02.00Lee's Summit North
4.11Zach Wilbers6-00.00Blue Springs South
5.9Alex Bales6-00.00Rockhurst
6.10A.J. Anderson6-00.00Raytown South
7.12DeAndre Campbell5-10.00Raytown South
8.11Micah Thompson5-10.00Lee's Summit West
8.10Konner Cordes5-10.00Lee's Summit West
10.9Deiondre Hall5-08.00Blue Springs
10.12Clayton Stuart5-08.00Lee's Summit
10.12Shawn Sidwell5-08.00Belton
13.12Nick Smith5-06.00Blue Springs South
13.10Jack Dunn5-06.00Rockhurst
13.10PJ Lewis5-06.00Lee's Summit North
11Nick MisnerNHRaymore-Peculiar
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mike Hudson14-00.00Raymore-Peculiar
2.12Taylor Manaco14-00.00Lee's Summit West
3.11Drake Duckworth14-00.00Lee's Summit North
4.12Drew Phoebus13-06.00Lee's Summit West
5.12Tom Bush13-06.00Lee's Summit North
6.10Mike Fithen12-00.00Lee's Summit
7.10Romey Reaws12-00.00Grandview
8.12Kyle Gerke12-00.00Lee's Summit
9.11Kevin Stewart11-06.00Blue Springs South
9Shawn Norman11Belton
11Cody McLaughlin11Belton
10.11John Kroll10-06.00Blue Springs South
11.12Chance Byrd10-06.00Blue Springs
12Stephon MooreNHGrandview
11Cody McLaughlinNHBelton
9Shawn NormanNHBelton
10Sam PattersonNHBlue Springs
9Jason ScrivenerNHRaymore-Peculiar
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11James White23-01.50Grandview
2.12DeJuan Beard22-11.00Raytown South
3.12Kaleb Oakley21-11.50Grandview
4.10Marquise Cushon21-10.75Raytown South
5.12Derek Blevins21-04.25Raytown South
6.10A.J. Anderson20-11.50Raytown South
7.11Marc Harrison20-09.00Raymore-Peculiar
8.10Jack Dunn20-07.25Rockhurst
9.9Alex Bales19-08.00Rockhurst
10.11Andrew Ridley19-04.50Lee's Summit North
11.12Brian Williams19-04.25Lee's Summit
12.12Kody Spight19-02.50Blue Springs
13.12Bobby Carter19-01.00Lee's Summit West
14.9Brandon Smith19-00.75Lee's Summit West
15.10Jordan Brennan18-10.75Lee's Summit North
16.10Mike Fithen18-05.00Lee's Summit
17.11Ryan Williams18-03.00Blue Springs South
18.12Nick Smith17-11.50Blue Springs South
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marquise Cushon46-09.50Raytown South
2.12Derek Blevins46-02.25Raytown South
3.12Bobby Carter45-08.00Lee's Summit West
4.12Ayo Akinmoladun45-02.00Grandview
5.12DeAndre Campbell45-00.25Raytown South
6.9Brandon Smith41-11.00Lee's Summit West
7.12Brian Williams41-06.00Lee's Summit
8.10Jordan Brennan41-03.75Lee's Summit North
9.10Jayce Thomas40-11.00Blue Springs
10.10Michael Hopfinger40-00.25Lee's Summit North
11.12Ryan Lyssy37-08.25Rockhurst
12.11Max Shieber37-06.50Rockhurst
13.9Connor Reeves36-10.25Blue Springs South
14.10Austin Hill35-08.00Raymore-Peculiar
9Bryan StancilNDLee's Summit

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Cheadle12.20aLee's Summit West
2.10Amiris Warren12.23aRaytown South
3.9Indicole Jordan12.51aBlue Springs
4.12Sarah Wakeman12.71aBlue Springs South
5.9Ariane Jordan12.76aBlue Springs
6.10Alia Ward12.83aRaytown South
7.9Kim Tabe13.18aLee's Summit
8.11Bri Simpson13.60aLee's Summit West
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Amiris Warren12.25aRaytown South
3.9Indicole Jordan12.49aBlue Springs
2.9Ariane Jordan12.55aBlue Springs
5.10Lauren Cheadle12.59aLee's Summit West
4.10Alia Ward12.77aRaytown South
6.12Sarah Wakeman12.79aBlue Springs South
7.9Kim Tabe13.21aLee's Summit
8.11Bri Simpson13.23aLee's Summit West
9.9Bronda Holmes13.44aGrandview
10.9Destini Marshall13.66aBelton
11.9Jataun Hill13.81aRaymore-Peculiar
12.10Alia Potts14.42aRaymore-Peculiar
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Cheadle25.15aLee's Summit West
2.11Brittni Campbell25.72aLee's Summit
3.11Sierra Hawkins25.73aLee's Summit North
4.11Maisha Mitchell25.78aRaytown South
5.11Kelsey Harris26.43aRaytown South
6.11Mariah Laffinette26.82aGrandview
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Sierra Hawkins25.62aLee's Summit North
2.10Lauren Cheadle25.95aLee's Summit West
5.11Maisha Mitchell26.01aRaytown South
3.11Brittni Campbell26.21aLee's Summit
4.11Laprichianna Tabron26.23aRaymore-Peculiar
6.9Ariane Jordan26.23aBlue Springs
7.11Mariah Laffinette26.79aGrandview
8.11Kelsey Harris26.84aRaytown South
9.11Bri Simpson27.11aLee's Summit West
10.10Amanda Cofield27.43aBlue Springs South
11.9Kim Tabe27.45aLee's Summit
12.9Lamisha McKamey27.93aBelton
13.12Bryte Moore28.01aRaytown
14.9Destini Marshall28.51aBelton
15.9Kiki Roper29.35aRaymore-Peculiar
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Veronica Rollins1:00.05aLee's Summit North
2.11Abbey Stetzler1:02.09aLee's Summit
3.11Krysten Maddox1:02.37aLee's Summit
4.9Sherdane Harper1:02.66aBlue Springs South
5.12Bryte Moore1:03.18aRaytown
6.10Hannah Reasbeck1:03.22aLee's Summit West
7.11Kelsey Harris1:03.76aRaytown South
8.9Taylor Gregston1:05.00aBlue Springs South
9.9Lamisha McKamey1:05.99aBelton
10.11I'eshia McDonald1:06.92aRaymore-Peculiar
11.11Whitney Hill1:07.22aGrandview
12.9Haley Lewis1:08.57aBlue Springs
11Keisha ThompsonDQRaytown South
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Alyssa Carlson64.3Raymore-Peculiar
10Terrial Collins64.3Raymore-Peculiar
12Lydia Smith67.8Raymore-Peculiar
12Ashley Latimer69.8Raymore-Peculiar
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Liga Blyholder2:15.93aLee's Summit West
2.9Samantha Nightingale2:19.73aBlue Springs South
3.11Emily Argotsinger2:24.12aLee's Summit West
4.10Lindsey Martin2:27.67aLee's Summit
5.12Talisa Boswell2:30.12aRaytown South
6.12Melissa Fuerst2:30.14aBlue Springs
7.11Codi Fritchie2:30.41aLee's Summit North
8.9Shannon Danaher2:33.21aBlue Springs
9.11Anna Madasz2:34.83aRaytown South
10.12Lydia Smith2:35.54aRaymore-Peculiar
11.11Lindsay DePee2:36.88aBlue Springs South
12.9Mollie Williams2:37.23aLee's Summit North
13.10Jordyn Williams2:43.44aBelton
14.10Megan Hays2:44.51aRaymore-Peculiar
11Whitney HillNTGrandview
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Alyssa Carlson2:28.4Raymore-Peculiar
10Kailea Bogner2:34.4Raymore-Peculiar
10Kaitlyn McLeod2:35.8Raymore-Peculiar
11Megan Fox2:36.3Raymore-Peculiar
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Liga Blyholder5:01.42aLee's Summit West
2.9Samantha Nightingale5:03.77aBlue Springs South
3.10Chelsey Phoebus5:03.84aLee's Summit West
4.12Crissie Owensby5:14.73aRaytown South
5.12Erin Edwards5:25.16aRaytown South
6.12Marlee Tegenkamp5:34.85aLee's Summit
7.12Lydia Smith5:36.22aRaymore-Peculiar
8.10Delaney Smith5:36.92aLee's Summit
9.11Megan Fox5:38.36aRaymore-Peculiar
10.9Brittany Schulz5:43.08aLee's Summit North
11.9Hali Metz5:46.26aBlue Springs
12.9Mollie Williams5:47.63aLee's Summit North
13.11Lindsay Case5:49.48aBlue Springs South
14.10Jordyn Williams5:54.22aBelton
15.10Comelanie Wilson5:56.52aRaytown
16.9Lane Schulte5:58.29aSt. Teresa's Academy
17.12Jessica Bales6:08.87aSt. Teresa's Academy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsey Phoebus11:07.54aLee's Summit West
2.12Crissie Owensby11:16.73aRaytown South
3.12Erin Edwards11:17.63aRaytown South
4.10Alex Moase11:23.84aLee's Summit West
5.10Johanna Kleinsasser11:40.64aLee's Summit West
6.12Rachel Carpino11:53.59aLee's Summit North
7.10Delaney Smith12:05.70aLee's Summit
8.10Kaitlyn McLeod12:13.84aRaymore-Peculiar
9.9Brittany Schulz12:17.84aLee's Summit North
10.10Kailea Bogner12:33.23aRaymore-Peculiar
11.11Lindsay Case12:47.08aBlue Springs South
12.9Julia Dury12:53.09aBlue Springs
13.10Comelanie Wilson13:10.93aRaytown
11Rachel RosebroughNTBlue Springs
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashli Mosby14.55aRaytown South
2.10Madison Smith15.05aLee's Summit North
3.9Remey Abrought15.80aLee's Summit North
4.11Bianca Wang17.50aLee's Summit
5.9Brooke Stetzler17.72aBlue Springs South
6.11Mickael McNeil17.85aRaymore-Peculiar
7.11Chenea' Coleman18.09aRaymore-Peculiar
12Unique HooksDQRaytown South
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ashli Mosby14.80aRaytown South
2.10Madison Smith14.98aLee's Summit North
3.12Unique Hooks15.06aRaytown South
4.9Remey Abrought15.68aLee's Summit North
5.11Mickael McNeil17.15aRaymore-Peculiar
6.11Chenea' Coleman17.88aRaymore-Peculiar
7.9Brooke Stetzler17.90aBlue Springs South
8.11Bianca Wang18.07aLee's Summit
9.10Sarah Gelencher18.48aBelton
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sierra Hawkins45.71aLee's Summit North
2.12Unique Hooks45.81aRaytown South
3.11Alyssa Carlson46.41aRaymore-Peculiar
4.12Ashli Mosby46.51aRaytown South
5.10Madison Smith48.35aLee's Summit North
6.9Brittany Thomas49.41aBlue Springs
7.9Brittany Kallenberger49.48aLee's Summit West
8.12Alycia Gamargo50.14aLee's Summit
9.9Breanna Washington51.14aLee's Summit
10.9Brooke Stetzler51.62aBlue Springs South
11.10Sarah Gelencher52.51aBelton
12.10Amanda Cofield53.46aBlue Springs South
13.10Stephanie Battle54.55aLee's Summit West
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 48.82aRaytown South
2.-Relay Team 50.47aBlue Springs
3.-Relay Team 50.72aLee's Summit
4.-Relay Team 50.92aGrandview
5.-Relay Team 51.34aLee's Summit North
6.-Jataun Hill
Mickael McNeil
Terrial Collins
Laprichianna Tabron
7.-Relay Team 53.06aLee's Summit West
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:43.71aRaytown South
2.-Relay Team 1:44.11aLee's Summit North
3.-Relay Team 1:45.53aLee's Summit
4.-Alyssa Carlson
Ashley Latimer
Terrial Collins
Laprichianna Tabron
5.-Relay Team 1:46.53aBlue Springs
6.-Relay Team 1:51.33aGrandview
7.-Relay Team 1:52.10aLee's Summit West
8.-Briana Davenport
Lamisha McKamey
Destini Marshall
Rebecca Burger
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:04.69aRaytown South
2.-Relay Team 4:08.50aLee's Summit North
3.-Relay Team 4:09.93aBlue Springs South
4.-Relay Team 4:10.18aLee's Summit West
5.-Relay Team 4:10.21aLee's Summit
6.-Terrial Collins
Ashley Latimer
Lydia Smith
Alyssa Carlson
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:52.60aLee's Summit West
2.-Relay Team 10:00.20aBlue Springs
3.-Relay Team 10:02.11aLee's Summit North
4.-Relay Team 10:10.53aLee's Summit
5.-Alyssa Carlson
Kailea Bogner
Megan Fox
Kaitlyn McLeod
6.-Relay Team 10:44.18aBlue Springs South
7.-Relay Team 40:47.77aRaytown South
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lekiesha Mcknight40-05.50Raytown
2.9Essence Chalmers37-08.50Lee's Summit West
3.12Taelor Barrett-Jones36-05.00Raytown South
4.11Telana Dano35-01.00Belton
5.12Meggie Hoffman34-02.50Raymore-Peculiar
6.12Brittany Brown34-00.50Lee's Summit West
7.11Brittany Allen33-10.00Lee's Summit North
8.12Clarissa Smith33-09.00Lee's Summit North
9.10Amber Jones33-05.00Lee's Summit
10.10Kelsey Mitchell33-01.00Lee's Summit
11.12Michellei Sika32-07.00Blue Springs South
12.9Brittany Rose31-01.50Blue Springs
13.11Emma Street30-06.25Raytown South
14.12Desi Wienke30-03.00Raytown
15.9Monet Jackson30-02.75Blue Springs
16.12Jo Belcher29-01.50St. Teresa's Academy
17.11Jordan Baze29-00.50Blue Springs South
18.12Justine Custer28-03.50Raymore-Peculiar
19.9Alex Mediavilla28-00.50St. Teresa's Academy
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sandra Hampton128-10Lee's Summit North
2.12Brittany Brown128-02Lee's Summit West
3.12Lekiesha Mcknight121-08Raytown
4.9D'Andria Blow109-03Grandview
5.9Monet Jackson103-05Blue Springs
6.12Meggie Hoffman101-06Raymore-Peculiar
7.12Makenzy Tolbert99-07Raytown South
8.9Brittany Rose96-04Blue Springs
9.10Emily King96-03Raymore-Peculiar
10.11Telana Dano93-09Belton
11.10Kelsey Mitchell91-10Lee's Summit
12.12Haley Drake89-04Lee's Summit
13.12Clarissa Smith88-04Lee's Summit North
14.10Shelby Woodard85-09Raytown South
15.12Desi Wienke82-01Raytown
16.12Michellei Sika75-10Blue Springs South
17.11Jordan Baze73-07Blue Springs South
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brittany Kallenberger5-02.00Lee's Summit West
2.12Stacey Schneider5-00.00Raymore-Peculiar
3.12Brittany Tate5-00.00Lee's Summit West
4.9Emily Puckett5-00.00Lee's Summit
5.12Brynn Abram4-10.00Blue Springs South
6.12Ashley Forte4-10.00Lee's Summit North
6.12Kayleigh Baughn4-10.00Lee's Summit North
8.10Jonisha Jackson4-06.00Raytown South
8.10Terrial Collins4-06.00Raymore-Peculiar
12Victoria WattsNHBlue Springs South
9Jaszlyn JenkinsNHRaytown South
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Clare Petrucci9-06.00Lee's Summit West
2.10Kaylie Tipton9-06.00Lee's Summit
3.9Megan Wright9-00.00Blue Springs
4.11Rebecca Burger8-06.00Belton
5.12Savanna Bird8-06.00Blue Springs South
6.10Rita Arnold8-06.00Lee's Summit North
7.9Brittany Kallenberger8-06.00Lee's Summit West
8.9Victoria Utter8-00.00Lee's Summit
9.9Hannah Walters8-00.00Blue Springs
10.10Tori Hubbard8-00.00Blue Springs South
11.10Alia Ward7-06.00Raytown South
11.11Amber Grigsby7-06.00Grandview
12Rachel HicksNHRaymore-Peculiar
11Sarah UnruhNHRaymore-Peculiar
12Rachel KulenskiNHLee's Summit North
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lynette Cottingham17-07.00Lee's Summit
2.10Lauren Cheadle16-09.00Lee's Summit West
3.12Sarah Wakeman16-05.25Blue Springs South
4.11Jade Nalls16-03.00Raytown South
5.10Kayla Melsh16-03.00Blue Springs
6.12Alycia Gamargo16-00.00Lee's Summit
7.10Amanda Cofield15-09.50Blue Springs South
8.12Caitlin Lamb15-05.25Lee's Summit North
9.12Stacey Schneider15-04.50Raymore-Peculiar
10.10Rachel Unruh15-03.50Raytown South
11.12Liza Lyon14-09.50Lee's Summit North
12.11Mie'shia McDonald13-08.75Raymore-Peculiar
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lynette Cottingham36-02.50Lee's Summit
2.11Jade Nalls35-04.00Raytown South
3.12Sarah Wakeman33-11.75Blue Springs South
4.9Emily Puckett33-08.75Lee's Summit
5.12Sarah Shay33-05.25Lee's Summit North
6.9Hannah Adair32-05.75Lee's Summit West
7.12Stacey Schneider31-10.25Raymore-Peculiar
8.12Kayleigh Baughn31-07.50Lee's Summit North
9.11Mie'shia McDonald31-05.00Raymore-Peculiar
10.11Ashley Bradford31-04.75Raytown South
11.10Haley Danforth31-03.75Blue Springs South
12.9Kelsi O'Neill31-03.50Blue Springs
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