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IHSAA Bedford North Lawrence Regional - Women

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bedford North Lawrence HS

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Unofficial Results
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Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shanice Gholson12.25aJeffersonville      
2.9Kaleb Barbour12.82aNew Albany      
3.11Becky Kennedy12.85aFloyd Central      
4.12Heather White12.88aMadison Consolidated      
5.9Kelsey Henselmeier13.05aMartinsville      
6.11Charlotte Zorn13.11aBloomington South      
7.10Erica Bentz13.15aMadison Consolidated      
8.11Ashley Allen13.35aBrownstown Central      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shanice Gholson26.28aJeffersonville      
2.11Charlotte Zorn26.81aBloomington South      
3.9Kelsey Henselmeier26.88aMartinsville      
4.12Heather White27.01aMadison Consolidated      
5.11Ashley Allen27.31aBrownstown Central      
6.10Meghan Jones27.38aFloyd Central      
7.10Estee Outcalt27.75aMooresville      
8.9Brooklyn Kinnaird27.81aJeffersonville      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Heather Gonser59.47aOwen Valley      
2.11Becky Kennedy59.50aFloyd Central      
3.10Estee Outcalt59.84aMooresville      
4.10Christina Moravec1:01.51aSeymour      
5.10Samantha Morrison1:02.68aBloomington South      
6.10Meghan Jones1:02.71aFloyd Central      
7.9Saehan Lenzen1:02.78aBloomington North      
8.11Lindsey Maymon1:03.21aSilver Creek      
9.9Sammie Bane1:04.45aBrownstown Central      
10.10Shelby Simcoe1:04.88aJeffersonville      
11.12Maggie Gilstrap1:04.91aHenryville      
12.11Amber Lucas1:05.78aCrothersville      
13.10Sarah Frey1:06.12aProvidence      
14.9Alysha Otte1:06.22aSeymour      
15.9Haley Kasteler1:06.48aNew Albany      
16.9Molly Voyles1:06.78aSilver Creek      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brooke Bierhaus2:20.57aBloomington South      
2.12Kassie Kovert2:22.60aBrownstown Central      
3.12Carissa Martin2:22.74aNew Albany      
4.10Caitlin McCoy2:23.00aBloomington North      
5.10Leah Fiegle2:24.00aEdgewood      
6.10Kassaundra Lucius2:26.00aBloomington South      
7.10Patricia Moravec2:31.00aSeymour      
8.12Lauren Schaftlein2:32.00aCrawford County      
9.12Anah Hewetson2:34.00aBedford North Lawrence      
10.12Morgan Kenner2:35.00aCrawford County      
11.10Stephanie Lander2:39.00aJeffersonville      
12.9Megan Blackburn2:42.00aJeffersonville      
13.10Lindsey Simmons2:43.00aMadison Consolidated      
14.10Gwen Grimes2:44.00aMadison Consolidated      
15.12Kelsie Bristol2:50.00aFloyd Central      
--9Destinie StaleyDQSeymour      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Molly Hirt5:06.94aBloomington North      
2.12Kassie Kovert5:13.00aBrownstown Central      
3.12Carissa Martin5:17.00aNew Albany      
4.12Lauren Schaftlein5:22.00aCrawford County      
5.12Corinne Innes5:32.17aBloomington South      
6.10Audrey Thill5:32.20aPaoli      
7.10Zoe Withered5:34.00aBloomington North      
8.11Francesca Smith5:36.00aBloomington South      
9.9Rachel Dalton5:37.00aEastern (Pekin)      
10.9Hannah Keehn5:46.00aFloyd Central      
11.11Kirsten Hart5:48.00aMadison Consolidated      
12.9Rachelle Thomas5:51.00aJeffersonville      
13.11Justine Jones5:53.00aBedford North Lawrence      
14.12Amber Gresham5:54.00aNorth Harrison      
15.11Katie Spellman5:56.00aHenryville      
16.9Ashleigh Smallwood6:00.00aScottsburg      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Molly Hirt11:28.00aBloomington North      
2.9Nicole Lucas11:41.00aBloomington South      
3.10Audrey Thill11:42.00aPaoli      
4.10Zoe Withered11:52.00aBloomington North      
5.9Chelsea Stephan12:15.00aMadison Consolidated      
6.9Haley Turner12:16.00aSilver Creek      
7.12Corinne Innes12:24.00aBloomington South      
8.11Casey Gillespie12:27.00aBedford North Lawrence      
9.10Erika Wilson12:34.00aEastern (Pekin)      
10.11Saisha Rairdon12:36.00aNew Albany      
11.12Brooke Davisson12:44.00aSalem      
12.11Stephanie Cave12:45.00aNew Albany      
13.12Sadie Huth12:51.00aFloyd Central      
14.12Amber Gresham13:04.00aNorth Harrison      
15.10Olivia Horvath13:22.00aSilver Creek      
16.9Rachelle Thomas14:03.00aJeffersonville      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Hali Alexander15.19aNew Albany      
2.11Meghan Bussabarger15.22aCorydon Central      
3.10Emma Miller15.39aBloomington South      
4.12Lindsey Stevens15.73aEastern Greene (Bloo...      
5.12Jessica Smith16.03aOrleans      
6.12Lindsey Rumph16.39aBrownstown Central      
7.12Sophie Lofton16.69aBloomington North      
8.11Heather Stacey16.73aSilver Creek      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsey Stevens47.08aEastern Greene (Bloo...      
2.11Hali Alexander47.34aNew Albany      
3.11Heather Stacey48.01aSilver Creek      
4.9Ann Zerfas49.01aBloomington North      
5.11Devon Hardman49.05aMitchell      
6.9Shelby Miller50.18aSouth Central (Eliza...      
7.10Emma Miller50.41aBloomington South      
8.10Nikki Roberts50.44aFloyd Central      
9.10Elizabeth Stephens50.61aCharlestown      
10.12Rebecka Sacksteder50.81aSalem      
11.11Una Natterman51.01aBloomington North      
12.10Natalie Owens51.54aMadison Consolidated      
13.10Courtney Killey52.38aCrothersville      
14.9Olivia Hackman52.65aBrownstown Central      
15.10Hannah Finchum52.91aNew Albany      
16.10Lindsay Krohn53.58aNew Washington      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jasmine Witherspoon
Sher'licia Harbin
Brooklyn Kinnaird
Shanice Gholson
2.-Elizabeth Langham
Ellie Sparks
Rachel Robertson
Charlotte Zorn
50.52aBloomington South      
3.-Lauren Green
Erica Bentz
Natalie Owens
Heather White
51.15aMadison Consolidated      
4.-Relay Team 51.42aMartinsville      
5.-Relay Team 52.56aNew Albany      
6.-Ashley Allen
Lindsey Rumph
Emily Sommers
Carly Klaes
52.66aBrownstown Central      
7.-Relay Team 52.78aBloomington North      
8.-Cassie Davidson
Leah Benefiel
Tiffany Brewer
Amanda Harmeson
9.-Relay Team 54.17aOwen Valley      
10.-Alyssa Burch
Whitney Cranmer
Kaela Moore
Katelyn Walker
54.41aNew Washington      
11.-Cora Carter
Brenna Johnson
Whitney Thomas
Amanda Seeley
12.-Taylor Blackburn
Laura Cessna
Carly Kern
Devon Hardman
13.-Chelsea Schrader
Courtney Christman
Liz Blanton
Grace Saylor
56.51aSilver Creek      
14.-Megan Eve
Hillary Forsee
Laura Jenkins
Alexis Very
15.-Claire Hardsaw
Amanda Jones
Krista Mcknight
Adrian Prescott
57.08aCorydon Central      
---Olivia Allen
Payton Rice
Dessiray Pritchett
Sierra Walsh
DQFloyd Central      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Madaleine Lamb
Brooke Bierhaus
Samantha Morrison
Charlotte Zorn
4:09.35aBloomington South      
2.-Caitlin McCoy
Caitlin Strobel
Ann Zerfas
Saehan Lenzen
4:11.22aBloomington North      
3.-Hali Alexander
Kellybrooke Lane
Carissa Martin
Haley Kasteler
4:11.32aNew Albany      
4.-Relay Team 4:11.55aBrownstown Central      
5.-Relay Team 4:11.58aMartinsville      
6.-Relay Team 4:19.56aFloyd Central      
7.-Alysha Otte
Leah Benefiel
Christina Moravec
Patricia Moravec
8.-Relay Team 4:20.26aOwen Valley      
9.-Relay Team 4:21.14aSilver Creek      
10.-Megan Blackburn
Devin Conway
Shelby Simcoe
Stephanie Lander
11.-Relay Team 4:25.80aHenryville      
12.-Relay Team 4:27.50aMadison Consolidated      
13.-Relay Team 4:28.20aBedford North Lawrence      
14.-Cora Carter
Rebecka Sacksteder
Amanda Seeley
Brittany Smith
15.-Megan Eve
Hillary Forsee
Sarah Frey
Linden Spalding
16.-Relay Team 4:52.20aCrawford County      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Saehan Lenzen
Ann Zerfas
Mollie Connor
Caitlin McCoy
9:44.00aBloomington North      
2.-Madaleine Lamb
Francesca Smith
Kassaundra Lucius
Brooke Bierhaus
9:56.00aBloomington South      
3.-Saisha Rairdon
Carissa Martin
Kimberly Condra
Haley Kasteler
10:02.00aNew Albany      
4.-Nicole Samuelson
Reanna Headdy
Stephanie Keene
Leah Fiegle
5.-Destinie Staley
Christina Moravec
Courtney Yeager
Patricia Moravec
6.-Morgan Knieper
Julia Porter
Kelsey Shields
Victoria Dorsett
7.-Relay Team 10:32.00aBedford North Lawrence      
8.-Megan Blackburn
Devin Conway
Shelby Simcoe
Stephanie Lander
9.-Relay Team 10:38.00aMadison Consolidated      
10.-Hannah Maupin
Jamie Wehmiller
Victoria Ollo
Mallory Smith
10:49.00aBrownstown Central      
11.-Lauren Schaftlein
Renee Darland
Morgan Kenner
Ashlee Satterfield
10:54.00aCrawford County      
12.-Kallie Ash
Linden Spalding
Amanda Mccauley
Amanda Schoenfelder
13.-Mackenzie Acuff
Brittany Smith
Brooke Davisson
Rachel Koeplin
14.-Robyn Turner
Sadie Huth
Hannah Keehn
Lauren Smith
11:15.00aFloyd Central      
15.-Kayla Hickman
Sam Wooten
Michelle Goodin
Becca Hough
16.-Olivia Horvath
Emily Warren
Kelly Stewart
Erin Richmer
11:54.00aSilver Creek      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Deloney39-09.50Bloomington North      
2.11Tia Deaton37-11.50Scottsburg      
3.10Bailey Lundy36-09.50Crothersville      
4.12Kayla Rollins35-00.50Bedford North Lawrence      
5.11Elizabeth Cheatham34-11.50Cloverdale      
6.11Nikki Sims33-10.50Edgewood      
7.12Victoria Taylor33-07.00Salem      
8.10Melissa Hunt33-02.00Borden      
9.12Donna Ferree32-09.50Silver Creek      
--12Sarah BakerDNFBrownstown Central      
--9Amber CollinsDNFJeffersonville      
--10Leslie BrishaberDNFHenryville      
--9Amanda HartleyDNFNorth Harrison      
--11Monique MerriwetherDNFBloomington South      
--10Abigail DayDNFSouth Central (Eliza...      
--12Elyce WilliamsDNFProvidence      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rachel Deloney154-08Bloomington North      
2.12Sarah Baker135-01Brownstown Central      
3.12Donna Ferree119-09Silver Creek      
4.9Victoria Ison110-08Bloomington North      
5.12Angelica Engel109-08Monrovia      
6.12Brittney Gayhart106-03Lanesville      
7.12Kortney Unger104-08Seymour      
8.11Elizabeth Cheatham104-01Cloverdale      
9.11Amne Brawner103-03Southwestern (Hanover)      
--9Tierney MullDNFJeffersonville      
--9Sarah JenkinsDNFMitchell      
--12Molly EckertDNFSilver Creek      
--11Jessi GrosheiderDNFFloyd Central      
--12Victoria TaylorDNFSalem      
--9Amanda HartleyDNFNorth Harrison      
--12Laurinda CockerhamDNFNorth Harrison      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Smith5-07.00Orleans      
2.11Meghan Bussabarger5-04.00Corydon Central      
3.12Ashley Koosman5-02.00Cloverdale      
4.10Becca Hough5-02.00Austin      
5.11Jessica Standeford5-02.00Monrovia      
5.11Ellie Sparks5-02.00Bloomington South      
7.11Devon Hardman5-02.00Mitchell      
8.9Katelyn Walker5-00.00New Washington      
9.12Brynlea Mattocks4-10.00Cloverdale      
10.10Jensen Ricke4-10.00New Albany      
11.11Alexandra Thompson4-10.00Christian Academy Of...      
12.10Courtney Killey4-10.00Crothersville      
13.11Whitney Thomas4-10.00Salem      
14.10Alex Rodden4-10.00Providence      
15.9Molly Voyles4-08.00Silver Creek      
--10Stephanie LanderDNFJeffersonville      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrea Newcom11-06.00Jeffersonville      
2.12Nicole Hess10-06.00Silver Creek      
3.12Erica New10-06.00Bloomington North      
4.12Jessica Billedo9-06.00Bloomington South      
4.11Paige Brady9-06.00Brown County      
6.12Callie Elmore9-06.00Bloomington North      
7.12Kelly Eberly9-00.00Corydon Central      
8.11Whitney Thomas9-00.00Salem      
--9Sam WootenDNFAustin      
--12Kelsie BristolDNFFloyd Central      
--11Shelby RickersonDNFMadison Consolidated      
--9Molly VoylesDNFSilver Creek      
--10Kayla JosephDNFSeymour      
--12Kortney UngerDNFSeymour      
--9Sammie BaneDNFBrownstown Central      
--11Kayla PlaissDNFBorden      
--9Brittney NewtonDNFBorden      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maggie Gilstrap17-07.50Henryville      
2.12Kiaya Kameda17-03.00Paoli      
3.12Rachel Robertson16-11.00Bloomington South      
4.12Elizabeth Langham16-11.00Bloomington South      
5.12Lindsey Stevens16-06.00Eastern Greene (Bloo...      
6.11Tiffani Dillon16-02.50Monrovia      
7.10Angelicia Groves16-02.00New Albany      
8.12Cassie Davidson16-01.50Seymour      
--10Shanice GholsonDNFJeffersonville      
--9Marie WehmillerDNFBrownstown Central      
--10Natalie OwensDNFMadison Consolidated      
--10Lauren GreenDNFMadison Consolidated      
--11Alexandra ThompsonDNFChristian Academy Of...      
--11Whitney ThomasDNFSalem      
--12Jenise WehmillerDNFNew Albany      
--10Nikki RobertsDNFFloyd Central      
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