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Bonners Ferry Invitational

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bonners Ferry HS, Bonners Ferry

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Idaho - 2A
St Maries
Montana - B
Montana - C
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Fulp11.80Priest River Lamanna
2.12Brian Maldonado12.10Timberlake
3.9Rock Stapley12.12Bonners Ferry
4.11Chad Cloud12.32St Maries
5.11Gregory Powell12.50Priest River Lamanna
6.12Alex Siembieda12.63Timberlake
8.12Scott Harper12.79Troy
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Brian Fulp12.00Priest River Lamanna
2.9Rock Stapley12.10Bonners Ferry
3.12Brian Maldonado12.30Timberlake
3.11Chad Cloud12.30St Maries
5.11Gregory Powell12.40Priest River Lamanna
6.12Scott Harper12.50Troy
7.12Alex Siembieda12.60Timberlake
9.9Chad Aga12.70Timberlake
10.11Payton Newell12.78Bonners Ferry
11.11Travis Porter12.80Timberlake
12.12Zach Anderson12.87Clark Fork
13.10Devin Vint12.90St Maries
13.11Jake Alexander12.90Troy
15.9Ben Horton13.00Bonners Ferry
16.9Kale White13.19Clark Fork
17.11Matt Kriz13.29Timberlake
18.10Robert Lundgren13.30Bonners Ferry
18.11Colton Fulwiler13.30Timberlake
18.9Devin Smith13.30Timberlake
21.10Derek Jensen13.38Noxon
21.9Daniel Watson13.38Noxon
23.9Daniel Palacios13.60Bonners Ferry
24.9Tim Maldonado14.40Timberlake
26.9Gage Zielinski14.87Bonners Ferry
27.9Loy Kesner17.09Priest River Lamanna
11Stepan JordanekNTSt Maries
10Tucker SadlerNTWallace
9Noah LoiblNTTimberlake
10Ryan Pedrini-ClarkNTTimberlake
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Maldonado24.80Timberlake
2.11John Shaffer25.00Timberlake
3.9Jacob Callister25.10Bonners Ferry
4.9Rock Stapley25.20Bonners Ferry
5.12Brian Fulp25.30Priest River Lamanna
6.11Dylan Hill25.63Wallace
7.10Dalton Chamberlin26.00Timberlake
9Daniel WatsonNTNoxon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Rock Stapley24.90Bonners Ferry
2.9Jacob Callister25.00Bonners Ferry
2.12Brian Maldonado25.00Timberlake
4.11John Shaffer25.20Timberlake
5.11Dylan Hill25.60Wallace
6.10Dalton Chamberlin25.70Timberlake
7.12Brian Fulp25.90Priest River Lamanna
9.10Evan Holmes26.27Priest River Lamanna
11.12Quenton Fransoo27.20Bonners Ferry
8.9Daniel Watson27.12Noxon
12.9Devin Smith27.54Timberlake
13.11Brandon Ryser27.67Wallace
14.10Francisco Midence28.44Wallace
15.9Tim Maldonado30.20Timberlake
16.9Mikey McKee36.90Noxon
17.9Loy Kesner37.69Priest River Lamanna
11David SullivanNTBonners Ferry
10Jesse GondekNTBonners Ferry
-Nathaniel HawkinsNTSt Maries
10Devin VintNTSt Maries
10Derek JensenNTNoxon
9Freddie CecilNTTimberlake
12Aaron PalmerNTTroy
11Colton FulwilerNTTimberlake
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cody Dickman52.30St Maries
2.12Patrick Lagrimanta53.30Timberlake
3.11John Shaffer53.60Timberlake
4.9Jacob Callister53.68Bonners Ferry
5.11Dylan Hill55.18Wallace
6.10Adam Moore57.10Noxon
7.9Mitch Skjeveland59.40Bonners Ferry
8.10Francisco Midence1:04.62Wallace
9.11Victor Walker1:04.80Clark Fork
10.11Brandon Ryser1:05.40Wallace
11.9Daniel Chilgren1:06.63Wallace
12.10Julian Watson1:07.70Noxon
13.9Casey Graff1:10.31Troy
14.10Mathew Guidry1:14.90St Maries
15.9Mikey McKee1:23.90Noxon
11Stepan JordanekNTSt Maries
10Nicholas GorinoNTBonners Ferry
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Tucker2:07.20Timberlake
2.11Dylan Sweeney2:12.30Bonners Ferry
3.12Adam Denham2:13.40Clark Fork
4.10Nick Cordell2:14.30St Maries
5.10Ben Tompkins2:19.10Priest River Lamanna
6.10Taylor Tompke2:22.30Bonners Ferry
7.11Victor Walker2:23.30Clark Fork
8.11Gaelen Guzman2:24.60Timberlake
9.10James Hegge2:26.90Priest River Lamanna
10.10Robert Lundgren2:31.80Bonners Ferry
11.10Brandon Martin2:34.10Priest River Lamanna
12.10Julian Watson2:39.10Noxon
13.10Westley Moreland2:43.80Priest River Lamanna
14.9Michael Davis2:51.30Wallace
15.10Ryan Osborn2:55.70St Maries
16.9Josh Osborne2:57.10Bonners Ferry
9Nick SpoonerNTSt Maries
10Reid BoormanNTBonners Ferry
9Casey GraffNTTroy
9Coby GarrisonNTTroy
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Sacksteder4:50.20Timberlake
2.12Adam Denham5:04.50Clark Fork
3.10Jimmy Mathews5:15.40Bonners Ferry
4.12Jake Casey5:24.90Timberlake
5.9Zach Hammond5:25.90Bonners Ferry
6.9Micah Krmpotich5:26.70Bonners Ferry
7.9Coby Garrison5:52.00Troy
8.10David Bell6:01.50Priest River Lamanna
9.12Michael Spencer6:02.20Priest River Lamanna
10.9Nick Spooner6:31.70St Maries
11.9Michael Davis6:33.50Wallace
12.9Josh Osborne7:02.90Bonners Ferry
13.10Mathew Guidry7:12.20St Maries
14.10Ryan Osborn7:15.50St Maries
10Nicholas GorinoNTBonners Ferry
11Dylan SweeneyNTBonners Ferry
9Cody OrrNTTroy
9Justin RandallNTTroy
12Brady ThompsonNTTroy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ryan Sacksteder10:21.60Timberlake
2.12Adam Denham10:39.70Clark Fork
3.12Jake Tisdell10:43.40Priest River Lamanna
4.10Jimmy Mathews10:56.50Bonners Ferry
5.9Zach Hammond11:24.10Bonners Ferry
6.9Micah Krmpotich11:34.80Bonners Ferry
7.10James Hegge11:39.30Priest River Lamanna
8.9Cody Orr11:48.40Troy
9.10Brandon Martin12:16.90Priest River Lamanna
10.12Brady Thompson12:27.20Troy
11.9Justin Randall12:48.40Troy
12.12Michael Spencer12:56.00Priest River Lamanna
13.9Nick Spooner13:25.50St Maries
14.9Michael Davis14:16.92Wallace
9Mathew GreerNTSt Maries
10David BellNTPriest River Lamanna
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Derek Puckett16.90Timberlake
2.10Cooper Simpson17.30Timberlake
3.11Colton Watt17.34Bonners Ferry
4.12Jesse Hay17.70Noxon
5.12Randy Hersh19.40Timberlake
6.9Brian Cronnelly19.78Timberlake
7.10Adam Moore20.08Noxon
9Reed BennettNTBonners Ferry
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colton Watt43.00Bonners Ferry
2.11Derek Puckett43.10Timberlake
3.12Jesse Hay44.10Noxon
4.10Cooper Simpson44.90Timberlake
5.10Tyler Andersen46.10St Maries
6.12Kyle Tipton48.30Priest River Lamanna
7.12Randy Hersh48.97Timberlake
8.10Adam Moore50.20Noxon
9.9Brian Cronnelly50.44Timberlake
10.9Coby Garrison50.60Troy
11.9William Kramer52.70Priest River Lamanna
11.11Ryan Pugh52.70St Maries
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Derek Puckett
Dalton Chamberlin
Cooper Simpson
Brian Maldonado
2.-Daniel Aitken
Blake Skjeveland
Ben Horton
Rock Stapley
47.60Bonners Ferry
3.-Cody Dickman
Chad Cloud
Eric Doman
Josh Singleton
47.70St Maries
4.-Dylan Brown
Wes Stanford
Gregory Powell
Evan Holmes
49.00Priest River Lamanna
-Relay Team NTNoxon
-Daniel Palacios
Jesse Gondek
Reid Bennett
David Sullivan
NTBonners Ferry
-Relay Team NTTimberlake
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Aitken
Blake Skjeveland
Jacob Callister
Colton Watt
1:38.20Bonners Ferry
2.-Relay Team 1:39.60Timberlake
3.-Dylan Brown
Ben Tompkins
Evan Holmes
Wes Stanford
1:46.20Priest River Lamanna
-Chad Aga
Freddie Cecil
Devin Smith
Gaelen Guzman
-Payton Newell
Daniel Palacios
Ben Horton
Mitch Skjeveland
NTBonners Ferry
-Josh Singleton
Clayton Conzelman
Levon Howell
Devin Vint
NTSt Maries
-Chad Aga
Freddie Cecil
Devin Smith
Gaelen Guzman
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-John Shaffer
Derek Puckett
Brian Tucker
Patrick Lagrimanta
2.-Jacob Callister
Blake Skjeveland
Dylan Sweeney
Colton Watt
3:51.80Bonners Ferry
3.-Eric Doman
Levon Howell
Nick Cordell
Josh Cox
3:56.20St Maries
4.-Gregory Powell
Toby Storlie
Ben Tompkins
Jake Tisdell
4:09.28Priest River Lamanna
-Zach Hammond
Robert Lundgren
Jesse Gondek
Taylor Tompke
NTBonners Ferry
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cody Aery
Dalton Chamberlin
Gaelen Guzman
Jake Casey
2.-Brian Fulp
Jake Tisdell
Ben Tompkins
Wes Stanford
4:00.70Priest River Lamanna
3.-Nick Cordell
Eric Doman
Chad Cloud
Cody Dickman
4:03.30St Maries
-Daniel Aitken
Jimmy Mathews
Payton Newell
Zach Hammond
NTBonners Ferry
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ned Florea47-06.25Priest River Lamanna
2.11Cullen Metz45-02.50Troy
3.12Jeremiah Jacobe43-02.75Priest River Lamanna
4.10Derek Jensen39-10.50Noxon
5.10Brandon Ratcliff37-11.75Bonners Ferry
6.11Travis Caldwell37-11.25Priest River Lamanna
7.10Cody Martens37-09.50Noxon
8.11Matt Kriz37-02.00Timberlake
9.12Travis Wheatley33-07.00Bonners Ferry
10.10James Bernhard32-09.00Priest River Lamanna
11.11Andrew McLean32-06.75Timberlake
12.9Zach Heigel32-04.00Bonners Ferry
13.10Caleb Lange32-01.75Timberlake
14.10Devin Vint31-06.50St Maries
15.11Robert Bauer29-03.00Priest River Lamanna
16.10Ryan Cady27-10.50Priest River Lamanna
17.10Mathew Warner27-09.75St Maries
18.10Tyler Swafford26-07.50Priest River Lamanna
19.9Jesse Hunter26-01.50Wallace
20.9Thomas Amoth25-11.00Bonners Ferry
21.-Dustin Drapeau24-10.00Bonners Ferry
22.9Brian LePoidevin24-01.75Bonners Ferry
23.9Alex Fuchs24-00.75Timberlake
24.9Daniel Chilgren23-08.50Wallace
25.10Jake Bauers19-06.00Timberlake
10Ryan Pedrini-ClarkNDTimberlake
11Ray MorkebergNDTroy
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ned Florea136-01Priest River Lamanna
2.11Travis Caldwell122-10Priest River Lamanna
3.11Cullen Metz112-01Troy
4.10Brandon Ratcliff111-01Bonners Ferry
5.12Jeremiah Jacobe110-08Priest River Lamanna
6.10Caleb Lange98-02Timberlake
7.11Andrew McLean96-05Timberlake
8.10James Bernhard94-05Priest River Lamanna
9.10Cody Martens91-11Noxon
10.10Devin Vint86-07St Maries
11.11Matt Kriz85-05Timberlake
12.10Jake Bauers80-01Timberlake
13.12Travis Wheatley77-02Bonners Ferry
14.10Ryan Cady74-03Priest River Lamanna
15.10Tyler Swafford73-03Priest River Lamanna
16.9Alex Fuchs71-01Timberlake
17.9Zach Heigel69-06Bonners Ferry
18.11Robert Bauer67-09Priest River Lamanna
19.9Daniel Watson66-09Noxon
20.-Dustin Drapeau66-02Bonners Ferry
21.9Brian LePoidevin64-10Bonners Ferry
22.9Thomas Amoth58-04Bonners Ferry
23.10Mathew Warner58-01St Maries
24.9Jesse Hunter51-08Wallace
11Ray MorkebergNDTroy
10Ryan Pedrini-ClarkNDTimberlake
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Palmer6-04.00Troy
2.11Travis Porter6-00.00Timberlake
3.12Kyle Tipton5-10.00Priest River Lamanna
4.9William Kramer5-04.00Priest River Lamanna
4.12Alex Siembieda5-04.00Timberlake
4.11Josh Cox5-04.00St Maries
4.9Ryan Rayson5-04.00Troy
8.9Brian Cronnelly5-02.00Timberlake
8.12Scott Harper5-02.00Troy
10.9Reed Bennett5-00.00Bonners Ferry
10Chris WilliamsNHTimberlake
9Gage ZielinskiNHBonners Ferry
10Westley MorelandNHPriest River Lamanna
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Colton Fulwiler11-00.00Timberlake
2.10Taylor Tompke10-06.00Bonners Ferry
3.11Cody Aery9-06.00Timberlake
9Zach MalloyNHTimberlake
12Wes StanfordNHPriest River Lamanna
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Palmer19-10.00Troy
2.11John Shaffer19'07.50Timberlake
2.12Scott Harper19-07.50Troy
4.12Alex Siembieda18-10.00Timberlake
5.12Brian Fulp18-09.50Priest River Lamanna
5.11Travis Porter18-09.50Timberlake
7.12Patrick Lagrimanta18'08.00Timberlake
8.10Tyler Andersen17-11.50St Maries
9.9Chad Aga17-09.50Timberlake
10.11Cody Aery17-09.00Timberlake
11.11Jake Alexander17-07.00Troy
12.10Julian Watson16-10.00Noxon
13.12Quenton Fransoo16-06.00Bonners Ferry
14.11Josh Cox16-01.50St Maries
15.9Zach Malloy15-10.00Timberlake
16.10Jesse Gondek15-07.50Bonners Ferry
17.9Daniel Palacios15-07.00Bonners Ferry
18.11Ryan Pugh15-06.50St Maries
19.9Freddie Cecil15-06.00Timberlake
20.11Stepan Jordanek15-02.50St Maries
21.11Payton Newell15-01.50Bonners Ferry
22.9Casey Graff13-10.00Troy
23.9Tim Maldonado12-08.00Timberlake
9Ben HortonNDBonners Ferry
10Westley MorelandNDPriest River Lamanna
12Jesse HayNDNoxon
10Evan HolmesNDPriest River Lamanna
11Eric DomanNDSt Maries
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aaron Palmer41-11.25Troy
2.11Travis Porter40-10.75Timberlake
3.12Scott Harper39-06.50Troy
4.12Patrick Lagrimanta38'10.00Timberlake
5.12Alex Siembieda38-09.25Timberlake
6.10Tyler Andersen35-04.75St Maries
7.11Gregory Powell35-02.50Priest River Lamanna
8.11Josh Cox35-01.00St Maries
9.9Zach Malloy32-07.25Timberlake
10.12Michael Spencer30-11.50Priest River Lamanna
11.9Freddie Cecil30-08.50Timberlake
12.10Ryan Cady27-11.75Priest River Lamanna
11Jake AlexanderNDTroy
9Ryan RaysonNDTroy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Whitney Giera14.20Timberlake
2.11Alax McLelland14.30Clark Fork
3.11Alyson Buell14.63St Maries
4.11Natalie Lambert14.79Timberlake
5.10Leila Riley15.13Timberlake
6.9Kendra White15.50St Maries
7.9Meg Newell16.10Bonners Ferry
12Simone KristiansenNTTimberlake
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Alax McLelland13.40Clark Fork
2.11Alyson Buell14.10St Maries
2.10Leila Riley14.10Timberlake
4.11Natalie Lambert14.20Timberlake
9.11Allie Masestas14.20Troy
5.12Whitney Giera14.30Timberlake
10.9Kelsie Ragan14.90St Maries
6.9Kendra White15.00St Maries
7.9Meg Newell15.02Bonners Ferry
11.10Morgan Stewart15.70Priest River Lamanna
8.12Simone Kristiansen15.90Timberlake
12.10Amy Elliott15.86Bonners Ferry
13.10Tiffani McGlothlin15.91St Maries
14.-Kassy Piatz16.09Bonners Ferry
16.9Natasha Litterall16.33Bonners Ferry
17.9Katie Wehlast16.50Priest River Lamanna
19.-Brittany Jones17.03Priest River Lamanna
20.9Katelynn Vanderhoof17.25Wallace
21.10Ally Comstock17.40Bonners Ferry
22.12Pebbles Potter17.93Clark Fork
9Meghan DardenNTSt Maries
11Libby NaccaratoNTSt Maries
10Natasha FinniganNTBonners Ferry
10Zara PalmerNTClark Fork
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caitlyn Nichols28.20Timberlake
2.10Amy Andrews30.00Bonners Ferry
3.9Alysha McLelland30.30Clark Fork
4.10Jennifer Tisdell31.90Priest River Lamanna
5.10Amy Elliott33.65Bonners Ferry
6.10Morgan Stewart33.80Priest River Lamanna
9Natasha LitterallNTBonners Ferry
11Allie MasestasNTTroy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Caitlyn Nichols28.90Timberlake
2.9Alysha McLelland29.90Clark Fork
3.11Allie Masestas30.10Troy
4.10Amy Andrews30.54Bonners Ferry
5.10Amy Elliott32.25Bonners Ferry
6.10Jennifer Tisdell33.49Priest River Lamanna
7.10Morgan Stewart33.77Priest River Lamanna
8.9Natasha Litterall34.40Bonners Ferry
10.10Emily Longdin35.54Timberlake
11.-Brittany Jones36.13Priest River Lamanna
12.10Katherine Halvorsen36.18St Maries
13.9Katelynn Vanderhoof37.31Wallace
14.12Pebbles Potter38.80Clark Fork
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caitlyn Nichols1:04.80Timberlake
2.11Lexey Sanders1:05.10Timberlake
3.10Amy Andrews1:06.60Bonners Ferry
4.11Allie Masestas1:07.79Troy
5.11Ana Reed1:14.00Priest River Lamanna
6.10Kaytlinn Rice1:15.44Bonners Ferry
7.10Jessica Merz1:17.90Bonners Ferry
10Markayle AccordNTBonners Ferry
11Libby NaccaratoNTSt Maries
10Cindy ColvardNTTimberlake
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Hiatt2:30.60Bonners Ferry
2.12Janel Hamdan2:46.10Priest River Lamanna
3.10Emily Cazier2:47.00Timberlake
4.9Kendra Buell2:49.50St Maries
5.10Kaylee Dickman2:51.40St Maries
6.11Libby Naccarato2:53.50St Maries
7.9Dominique Vanderwilt2:57.80Timberlake
8.9Kelsie Ragan2:58.30St Maries
9.12Marine Bersier3:00.20Priest River Lamanna
10.9Blaire Nowlan3:03.60Timberlake
11.-Kalee Sears3:05.90Clark Fork
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brooke Nowlan6:12.50Timberlake
2.10Kelsey McCaslin6:18.00Timberlake
3.9Dominique Vanderwilt6:23.30Timberlake
4.12Janel Hamdan6:23.60Priest River Lamanna
5.10Kaylee Dickman6:40.90St Maries
6.9Kendra Buell6:41.30St Maries
7.9Leticia Scott6:48.00St Maries
8.9Blaire Nowlan6:57.50Timberlake
9.9Katy Hiatt7:30.60Bonners Ferry
10.10Rachel Tye7:37.20Bonners Ferry
11.-Kalee Sears8:17.20Clark Fork
10Lorena LaBarberaNTBonners Ferry
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelsey McCaslin13:03.00Timberlake
2.9Brooke Nowlan13:04.34Timberlake
3.12Marine Bersier14:55.00Priest River Lamanna
4.9Katy Hiatt16:17.00Bonners Ferry
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zara Palmer19.80Clark Fork
2.10Olivia Langs19.90Bonners Ferry
3.10Devin Olmstead20.55Timberlake
4.10Markayle Accord22.27Bonners Ferry
5.10Kaitlyn Hoffman22.60Wallace
6.12Simone Kristiansen24.90Timberlake
7.10Emily Longdin28.80Timberlake
9Leticia ScottNTSt Maries
9Brooke MurrayNTTimberlake
9Brittany MorenoNTTimberlake
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Zara Palmer56.40Clark Fork
2.10Calah Allen58.80St Maries
3.10Devin Olmstead1:00.10Timberlake
4.12Simone Kristiansen1:03.46Timberlake
5.10Amy Elliott1:03.70Bonners Ferry
6.10Lorena LaBarbera1:06.57Bonners Ferry
7.9Alysha McLelland1:09.10Clark Fork
8.10Emily Longdin1:13.20Timberlake
9Brittany MorenoNTTimberlake
9Brooke MurrayNTTimberlake
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Whitney Giera
Lexey Sanders
Natalie Lambert
Caitlyn Nichols
2.-Calah Allen
Alyson Buell
Tiffani McGlothlin
Kendra White
59.20St Maries
3.-Amy Elliott
Lorena Labarbera
Natasha Finnigan
Ally Comstock
59.75Bonners Ferry
-Morgan Stewart
Jennifer Tisdell
Katie Wehlast
Sammy Stokes
DQPriest River Lamanna
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Whitney Giera
Lexey Sanders
Emily Cazier
Leila Riley
2.-Amy Andrews
Olivia Langs
Natasha Finnigan
Megan Newell
2:05.05Bonners Ferry
3.-Ana Reed
Sammy Stokes
Jennifer Tisdell
Morgan Stewart
2:10.07Priest River Lamanna
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Cazier
Lexey Sanders
Caitlyn Nichols
Natalie Lambert
2.-Erin Hiatt
Amy Andrews
Lorena Labarbera
Olivia Langs
4:46.60Bonners Ferry
3.-Janel Hamdan
Sammy Stokes
Ana Reed
Taylor Stewart
4:55.40Priest River Lamanna
-Calah Allen
Kaytrin Thaut
Kaylee Dickman
Kendra Buell
NTSt Maries
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Whitney Giera
Emily Cazier
Madeline Hightower
Natalie Lambert
2.-Relay Team 2:12.40St Maries
3.-Ana Reed
Sammy Stokes
Taylor Stewart
Jennifer Tisdell
2:13.90Priest River Lamanna
-Ally Comstock
Natasha Litterall
Jessica Merz
Megan Newell
NTBonners Ferry
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Stewart33-02.00Priest River Lamanna
2.11Amanda Kistler28-04.50Timberlake
3.10Leila Riley28-03.75Timberlake
4.11Amanda Kirby28-00.50Timberlake
5.10Jessica Johnson26-06.50Priest River Lamanna
6.9Sabrina Aguayo24-08.50Priest River Lamanna
7.11Kaittlin Walters24-05.00St Maries
8.10Tiffani McGlothlin24-00.75St Maries
9.9Cassandra Stagner23-03.00Priest River Lamanna
9.9Felisha Johnson23-03.00Priest River Lamanna
11.10Miriah Ferrell23-00.00Timberlake
12.12Brittney Therriault22-10.50Timberlake
13.9Jessica Shelton21-05.00Timberlake
14.10Rachel Tye19-02.50Bonners Ferry
15.12Sofia Kronberg19-02.00Timberlake
16.9McKenzie Nash17-10.00Bonners Ferry
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Markayle Accord98-09Bonners Ferry
2.11Taylor Stewart92-03Priest River Lamanna
3.11Amanda Kirby79-11Timberlake
4.11Amanda Kistler72-03Timberlake
5.11Kaittlin Walters69-03St Maries
6.10Jessica Johnson68-07Priest River Lamanna
7.12Brittney Therriault67-02Timberlake
8.10Tiffani McGlothlin66-00St Maries
9.10Leila Riley65-10Timberlake
10.9Sabrina Aguayo62-09Priest River Lamanna
11.10Rachel Tye60-07Bonners Ferry
12.10Miriah Ferrell60-05Timberlake
13.9Felisha Johnson58-02Priest River Lamanna
14.9Jessica Shelton56-03Timberlake
15.9Cassandra Stagner53-02Priest River Lamanna
16.9McKenzie Nash43-04Bonners Ferry
10Tei-Anna OsbornNDSt Maries
12Sofia KronbergNDTimberlake
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nikki Johnson4-08.00Timberlake
2.10Jessica Merz4-04.00Bonners Ferry
2.10Cassie Thompson4-04.00Timberlake
4.11Kristen Gill4-02.00Timberlake
4.10Markayle Accord4-02.00Bonners Ferry
12Marine BersierNHPriest River Lamanna
11Hannah OdenNHTimberlake
9Kaytrin ThautNHSt Maries
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Erin Hiatt7-06.00Bonners Ferry
2.10Olivia Langs7-00.00Bonners Ferry
10Rachel TyeNHBonners Ferry
10Ally ComstockNHBonners Ferry
-Tricia CrookNHPriest River Lamanna
9Katie WehlastNHPriest River Lamanna
11Hannah OdenNHTimberlake
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Natasha Finnigan13-01.00Bonners Ferry
2.10Kaytlinn Rice12-11.00Bonners Ferry
3.11Nikki Johnson12-04.50Timberlake
4.10Cassie Thompson12-02.00Timberlake
5.10Jessica Merz12-01.00Bonners Ferry
6.11Hannah Oden11-10.00Timberlake
7.11Kristen Gill11-05.50Timberlake
8.10Kaitlyn Hoffman11-05.00Wallace
9.9Kaytrin Thaut11-03.00St Maries
10.10Katherine Halvorsen10-11.50St Maries
11.12Simone Kristiansen10-10.00Timberlake
12.12Sofia Kronberg9-07.00Timberlake
9Natasha LitterallNDBonners Ferry
-Kassy PiatzNDBonners Ferry
9Meghan DardenNDSt Maries
11Allie MasestasNDTroy
11Natalie LambertNDTimberlake
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kaytlinn Rice29-07.50Bonners Ferry
2.11Hannah Oden28-07.00Timberlake
3.10Cassie Thompson27-04.00Timberlake
4.11Kristen Gill26-07.50Timberlake
5.10Katherine Halvorsen26-07.25St Maries
6.11Nikki Johnson26-01.00Timberlake
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