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Sub-League @ Naselle MMK, North River, Oakville, South Bend, Raymond, and Valley

Monday, May 11, 2009

Naselle HS, Naselle

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kai Leach12.20Naselle      
2.8Alec Oatfield12.70Raymond      
3.8Joey Singharath14.20Raymond      
3.-Nathan Kunke14.20South Bend      
5.8Dustin Eaton14.80Naselle      
6.8Austin Boyes14.90South Bend      
7.8Jayson Cooley15.40Naselle      
8.8John Stigall16.00Raymond      
9.8Sam Lockett19.10Raymond      
8Dakota HalversonNTSouth Bend      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ally Phansisay12.90Raymond      
2.7Levi Leach13.50Naselle      
3.7Stephen Clevenger13.70Raymond      
4.7Tom Littau14.30Naselle      
5.7Andrew Spoor14.60South Bend      
6.7Drew Pearson14.70Willapa Valley      
7.9Albert Giacoma14.90South Bend      
8.7Jacob Williams15.50Naselle      
9.6Petie Toppano15.60Mary Knight      
9.7Mathew Sherfield15.60Mary Knight      
11.7Jacob Doyle15.80Raymond      
12.6Chase Robecker15.90Mary Knight      
13.7Jayson DeVaney16.40Raymond      
13.6Adam Pais16.40Mary Knight      
15.7Randy Heckard17.00Willapa Valley      
7Zane JohnsonNTSouth Bend      
7Hunter BordenNTRaymond      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alec Oatfield26.30Raymond      
2.8Jake Condon26.90Naselle      
3.8Andrew Hamilton29.20South Bend      
4.-Nathan Kunke30.50South Bend      
5.8Carte Bisbee32.20South Bend      
6.8Jayson Cooley35.70Naselle      
8Dakota HalversonNTSouth Bend      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ally Phansisay26.90Raymond      
2.7Stephen Clevenger29.50Raymond      
3.7Drew Pearson30.30Willapa Valley      
4.9Albert Giacoma30.80South Bend      
5.6Tommy Tinney33.20Oakville      
6.6Petie Toppano33.30Mary Knight      
7.6Chase Robecker34.00Mary Knight      
8.7Andrew Spoor34.70South Bend      
9.7Jacob Doyle36.00Raymond      
10.7Ethan Strozyk37.40South Bend      
11.7Mathew Sherfield39.20Mary Knight      
12.7Keith Reitz39.90Naselle      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Rockett1:01.70Willapa Valley      
2.8Max Murdock1:03.20Raymond      
3.8Devon Tiekamp1:04.60Raymond      
4.8Joe Crow1:07.10South Bend      
5.8Chandler Chapman1:07.40Naselle      
6.8Austin Boyes1:21.40South Bend      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Dominic DeLong1:13.00Willapa Valley      
3.7Zane Johnson1:15.70South Bend      
4.7Grant Camenzind1:17.20Raymond      
5.7Jacob Doyle1:18.50Raymond      
6.7Mathew Sherfield1:21.00Mary Knight      
7.6Adam Pais1:21.50Mary Knight      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8David Rockett2:13.40Willapa Valley      
2.8Jeremy Winburn2:50.90Oakville      
3.8Josh Camenzind3:07.90Raymond      
4.8Austin Boyes3:28.50South Bend      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Matt Konigsberger2:43.00Willapa Valley      
2.7Darol Ratsavongsy2:46.00Raymond      
3.7Justin Thebiay3:05.50Oakville      
5.7Jeff Vroman3:08.80Oakville      
6.7Dominic DeLong3:14.60Willapa Valley      
7.7Stephen Camenzind3:46.60Willapa Valley      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Levi Wasmundt5:43.80Naselle      
2.8Marcus Lundy6:08.70Raymond      
3.8Jeremy Winburn6:10.30Oakville      
4.8Josh Camenzind6:52.20Raymond      
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alex Sida6:05.00Raymond      
2.7Justin Thebiay6:11.00Oakville      
4.7Zane Johnson6:13.00South Bend      
5.7Grant Camenzind6:33.20Raymond      
6.7Jeff Vroman6:52.00Oakville      
7.7Stephen Camenzind7:48.10Willapa Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kai Leach16.90Naselle      
2.8Devon Tiekamp17.90Raymond      
3.8Cohen Hansen18.80South Bend      
4.8Juan Arellano19.20South Bend      
8Josh CamenzindNTRaymond      
X 110m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Alex Sida20.10Raymond      
2.7Levi Leach20.30Naselle      
3.7Hunter Borden21.00Raymond      
4.7Spencer Case21.90Raymond      
7Ethan StrozykNTSouth Bend      
8Juan ArellanoNTSouth Bend      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Juan Arellano
Carte Bisbee
Andrew Hamilton
Dakota Halverson
55.50South Bend      
2.-Marcus Lundy
Max Murdock
Joey Singharath
Devon Tiekamp
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Camenzind
Darol Ratsavongsy
Alex Sida
Stephen Clevenger
2.-Relay Team 1:04.30South Bend      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Juan Arellano
Joe Crow
Andrew Hamilton
Cohen Hansen
4:47.90South Bend      
-Jeremy Winburn
Justin Thebiay
Tommy Tinney
Jeff Vroman
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Josh Camenzind33-08.50Raymond      
2.8Joe Crow31-01.00South Bend      
3.8John Stigall30-01.00Raymond      
4.8Levi Wasmundt28-07.00Naselle      
5.8Sam Lockett18-11.00Raymond      
8Dakota HalversonNDSouth Bend      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Darol Ratsavongsy35-08.00Raymond      
2.7Randy Heckard32-03.00Willapa Valley      
3.7Alex Sida28-09.00Raymond      
5.7Stephen Camenzind26-02.00Willapa Valley      
6.7Hunter Borden26-00.00Raymond      
7.7Tristan Lund25-08.00Raymond      
8.7Jarod Ruyman21-09.00Oakville      
9.6Adam Pais20-10.50Mary Knight      
10.7Andrew Spoor19-03.50South Bend      
11.6Chase Robecker17-09.50Mary Knight      
12.6Petie Toppano17-04.00Mary Knight      
13.7Keith Reitz16-07.00Naselle      
14.7Ethan Strozyk16-02.00South Bend      
15.7Mathew Sherfield15-11.00Mary Knight      
7Ryan WilliamsNDRaymond      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Joe Crow110-09South Bend      
2.8Marcus Lundy105-09Raymond      
3.8Levi Wasmundt96-05Naselle      
4.8Josh Camenzind93-11Raymond      
5.8John Stigall62-06Raymond      
8Dustin EatonNDNaselle      
8Sam LockettNDRaymond      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Spencer Case107-11Raymond      
2.7Randy Heckard75-05Willapa Valley      
3.7Stephen Clevenger72-08Raymond      
5.7Hunter Borden65-03Raymond      
6.7Tristan Lund57-06Raymond      
7.7Jarod Ruyman55-07Oakville      
8.7Stephen Camenzind50-08Willapa Valley      
9.6Tommy Tinney46-02Oakville      
10.9Albert Giacoma40-11South Bend      
11.7Jayson DeVaney39-03Raymond      
12.7Ethan Strozyk35-07South Bend      
13.7Keith Reitz31-01Naselle      
7Ryan WilliamsNDRaymond      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Devon Tiekamp5-04.00Raymond      
2.8Alec Oatfield5-02.00Raymond      
3.8Andrew Hamilton5-00.00South Bend      
4.8Jake Condon4-10.00Naselle      
5.8Chandler Chapman4-04.00Naselle      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Matt Konigsberger4-06.00Willapa Valley      
2.7Spencer Case4-04.00Raymond      
3.7Tom Littau4-02.00Naselle      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kai Leach10-00.00Naselle      
2.8David Rockett9-00.00Willapa Valley      
3.8Max Murdock8-06.00Raymond      
4.8Jake Condon8-00.00Naselle      
5.8Dustin Eaton7-00.00Naselle      
6.8Chandler Chapman6-00.00Naselle      
6.8Jayson Cooley6-00.00Naselle      
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Spencer Case8-00.00Raymond      
2.7Levi Leach7-00.00Naselle      
3.7Tom Littau6-06.00Naselle      
4.7Jacob Williams6-00.00Naselle      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kai Leach17-02.00Naselle      
2.8Jake Condon15-10.00Naselle      
3.8Cohen Hansen15-02.00South Bend      
4.8Carte Bisbee14-00.00South Bend      
5.8Joey Singharath13-01.00Raymond      
6.8Max Murdock12-09.00Raymond      
7.-Nathan Kunke12-00.00South Bend      
8.7Zane Johnson11-04.00South Bend      
9.8Jeremy Winburn11-01.50Oakville      
10.8Austin Boyes10-08.50South Bend      
8Juan ArellanoNDSouth Bend      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ally Phansisay15-02.00Raymond      
2.7Darol Ratsavongsy12-11.00Raymond      
3.7Matt Konigsberger11-08.50Willapa Valley      
4.7Drew Pearson11-05.50Willapa Valley      
5.7Levi Leach11-05.00Naselle      
6.7Jacob Williams11-04.00Naselle      
7.7Justin Thebiay11-03.00Oakville      
8.6Adam Pais11-01.00Mary Knight      
9.6Chase Robecker10-10.00Mary Knight      
10.7Jacob Doyle10-07.50Raymond      
12.7Jeff Vroman10-07.00Oakville      
12.7Jarod Ruyman10-07.00Oakville      
14.6Tommy Tinney10-00.00Oakville      
15.6Petie Toppano9-11.00Mary Knight      
16.7Jayson DeVaney9-10.00Raymond      
16.7Dominic DeLong9-10.00Willapa Valley      
18.7Tristan Lund6-11.00Raymond      
7Tom LittauNDNaselle      
7Keith ReitzNDNaselle      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Alec Oatfield35-06.00Raymond      
2.8David Rockett34-10.00Willapa Valley      
3.8Juan Arellano31-06.00South Bend      
3.8Carte Bisbee31-06.00South Bend      
5.8Chandler Chapman30-08.00Naselle      
6.8Cohen Hansen30-05.00South Bend      
7.8Marcus Lundy30-01.00Raymond      
8.8Joey Singharath28-05.50Raymond      
9.8Jayson Cooley24-06.50Naselle      
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Ally Phansisay38-02.00Raymond      
2.7Matt Konigsberger28-01.50Willapa Valley      
3.7Grant Camenzind27-01.25Raymond      
4.7Jacob Williams27-01.00Naselle      
5.7Drew Pearson26-08.00Willapa Valley      
6.7Jayson DeVaney22-09.00Raymond      
7.7Jarod Ruyman21-00.50Oakville      
7Ethan StrozykNDSouth Bend      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kira Dunsmoor14.30Raymond      
2.8Shayla Wilber14.40Naselle      
3.8Michaela Huber14.60Willapa Valley      
4.8Emily Burbank15.20South Bend      
5.8Rachael Black15.20South Bend      
6.8Sophie Lee16.20South Bend      
7.8Alexa York16.30Naselle      
8.8Krystal Prouty16.70Mary Knight      
9.8Kiah Lofgren16.90Mary Knight      
10.8Allison Reidt17.20South Bend      
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kaelani Collins14.30South Bend      
2.7Hannah Dykes14.50Raymond      
3.7Makenzie Russell14.60South Bend      
4.7Katlyn Sawyer15.00South Bend      
5.7Kathryn Staats15.20South Bend      
6.7Lauren Friese15.40Willapa Valley      
7.7Kayti Nelson15.60Naselle      
8.7Haley Pine15.70Naselle      
9.7Jamiee Boggs15.90Raymond      
10.7Allison Larew16.00Willapa Valley      
11.7Denise McDonald16.50Willapa Valley      
12.6Melodie Snyder16.60Mary Knight      
13.7Karianne Condon16.70Naselle      
14.7Alexis Thomas16.90South Bend      
15.7Kaylee Lewis17.20South Bend      
16.6Miranda Sowle18.20Mary Knight      
17.8Talyssa Nordberg18.90Naselle      
18.7Shastina Hubbard21.50Raymond      
7Aubrey BoyesNTRaymond      
7Kessa WilsonNTSouth Bend      
7Emily SeamanNTSouth Bend      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Kira Dunsmoor30.00Raymond      
2.8Michaela Huber30.60Willapa Valley      
3.8Shayla Wilber31.00Naselle      
4.8Courtney Hagain33.40Raymond      
5.8Kiah Lofgren35.00Mary Knight      
6.8Sophie Lee35.30South Bend      
7.8Bianca Eberwein36.20Oakville      
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Jaala Berentsen31.30Oakville      
2.7Mackenzie Trotter31.90Willapa Valley      
3.7Katlyn Sawyer32.10South Bend      
4.7Katie Green32.40Naselle      
5.7Jamiee Boggs32.50Raymond      
6.7Talia Johnson32.60Raymond      
7.7Kessa Wilson33.70South Bend      
8.7Allison Larew34.80Willapa Valley      
9.7Denise McDonald35.10Willapa Valley      
10.6Miranda Sowle36.60Mary Knight      
11.7Hannah Frost38.00Mary Knight      
12.7Briana Bramer39.60Oakville      
13.7Shastina Hubbard47.50Raymond      
8Sophie LeeNTSouth Bend      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Danielle Larson1:14.20Naselle      
2.8Courtney Hagain1:17.60Raymond      
3.8Shylo Boyes1:21.50Raymond      
4.8Lauren Archer1:30.30Willapa Valley      
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Sierra Cearns1:12.60South Bend      
2.7Brooke Harden1:19.10Willapa Valley      
3.6Melodie Snyder1:28.60Mary Knight      
5.7Shastina Hubbard1:45.20Raymond      
7Katie OlsonNTNaselle      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Morgan Walker3:00.20Willapa Valley      
2.8Brianne Goodin3:01.60Raymond      
3.8Macy Karlsvik3:19.60Raymond      
4.8Amanda Koski3:22.90Raymond      
5.8Alexis Hood3:29.20Raymond      
8Dalia SilvaNTRaymond      
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Jaala Berentsen3:06.10Oakville      
3.7Hailey Hosler3:10.60Willapa Valley      
4.7Emily Fluke3:12.60Willapa Valley      
5.7Hannah Frost3:42.40Mary Knight      
7Aubrey BoyesNTRaymond      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.8Macy Karlsvik7:02.90Raymond      
2.8Amanda Koski7:24.40Raymond      
3.8Alexis Hood7:54.80Raymond      
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Katie Green6:25.10Naselle      
2.7Kayti Nelson6:35.60Naselle      
3.7Alexandria Gilbert6:37.20Raymond      
4.7Katelyn Magie6:54.40Naselle      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.8Abby Maneman18.40Raymond      
2.8Emily Burbank18.50South Bend      
3.8Rachael Black19.80South Bend      
4.8Kira Dunsmoor20.00Raymond      
5.8Amanda Koski20.60Raymond      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Dykes18.40Raymond      
2.7Lauren Friese18.50Willapa Valley      
3.7Kaelani Collins20.20South Bend      
4.7Makenzie Russell20.30South Bend      
5.7Mackenzie Trotter21.90Willapa Valley      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rachael Black
Emily Burbank
Bailey Houk
Kenadee Miller
1:02.40South Bend      
2.-Morgan Walker
Abbie Bannish
Lauren Archer
Michaela Huber
1:03.80Willapa Valley      
3.-Jordan Badger
Jessica Keeley
Danielle Larson
Shayla Wilber
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Sierra Cearns
Kaelani Collins
Maddy Klus
Makenzie Russell
1:00.90South Bend      
2.-Jamiee Boggs
Alexandria Gilbert
Talia Johnson
Hannah Dykes
3.-Katie Green
Katelyn Magie
Kayti Nelson
Haley Pine
4.-Lauren Friese
Emily Fluke
Hailey Hosler
Allison Larew
1:05.00Willapa Valley      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bailey Houk
Sophie Lee
Kenadee Miller
Kathryn Staats
2:22.10South Bend      
2.-Shayla Wilber
Jordan Badger
Kristen Scrabeck
Danielle Larson
3.-Jaala Berentsen
Payton Hawley
Heather Christmann
Bianca Eberwein
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Sierra Cearns
Maddy Klus
Katlyn Sawyer
Keesa Wilson
2:13.80South Bend      
2.-Brooke Harden
Hailey Hosler
Mackenzie Trotter
Denise McDonald
2:24.20Willapa Valley      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Varsity - Finals
1.8Brianne Goodin28-05.50Raymond      
2.8Kristen Scrabeck26-01.00Naselle      
3.8Payton Hawley25-08.00Oakville      
4.8Katrina Ege25-06.00Willapa Valley      
5.8Courtney Hagain25-05.50Raymond      
6.8Kiah Lofgren25-05.00Mary Knight      
7.8Heather Christmann24-07.00Oakville      
8.8Abby Smaciarz23-07.00Willapa Valley      
9.8Lauren Archer23-06.50Willapa Valley      
10.8Krystal Prouty21-04.00Mary Knight      
11.8Jessica Keeley20-04.00Naselle      
12.8Bailey Houk20-01.00South Bend      
13.8Allison Reidt19-07.00South Bend      
14.8Kenadee Miller18-04.00South Bend      
15.8Alexis Hood18-00.00Raymond      
8Dalia SilvaNDRaymond      
8Shayla WilberNDNaselle      
X Shot Put - 6lb - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Karianne Condon26-08.00Naselle      
2.7Mackenzie Trotter25-06.00Willapa Valley      
3.7Kathryn Staats25-03.00South Bend      
3.7Hannah Frost25-03.00Mary Knight      
5.7Briana Bramer23-08.00Oakville      
6.6Miranda Sowle22-00.00Mary Knight      
8.7Kaylee Lewis18-05.00South Bend      
9.6Melodie Snyder18-01.00Mary Knight      
10.7Katelyn Magie16-07.00Naselle      
11.6Delaney Hawley15-11.50Oakville      
13.8Talyssa Nordberg15-09.00Naselle      
7Haley PineNDNaselle      
7Sierra CearnsNDSouth Bend      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Abby Smaciarz53-06Willapa Valley      
2.8Katrina Ege51-09Willapa Valley      
3.8Payton Hawley51-03Oakville      
4.8Kristen Scrabeck50-06Naselle      
5.8Brianne Goodin47-09Raymond      
6.8Courtney Hagain46-08Raymond      
7.8Heather Christmann46-03Oakville      
8.8Bianca Eberwein45-07Oakville      
9.8Macy Karlsvik44-04Raymond      
10.8Krystal Prouty43-02Mary Knight      
11.8Allison Reidt42-08South Bend      
12.8Jessica Keeley35-07Naselle      
8Sophie LeeNDSouth Bend      
8Dalia SilvaNDRaymond      
X Discus - 1kg - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Frost54-07Mary Knight      
3.7Karianne Condon49-07Naselle      
4.7Talia Johnson49-03Raymond      
5.7Maddy Klus44-08South Bend      
7.7Sierra Cearns43-09South Bend      
8.7Briana Bramer37-07Oakville      
9.7Alexis Thomas36-11South Bend      
10.7Kaylee Lewis34-08South Bend      
11.6Delaney Hawley34-00Oakville      
8Talyssa NordbergNaselle      
7Emily SeamanNDSouth Bend      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Abby Maneman4-09.00Raymond      
2.8Kenadee Miller4-02.00South Bend      
3.8Kira Dunsmoor4-00.00Raymond      
4.8Katrina Ege3-09.00Willapa Valley      
5.8Alexa York3-06.00Naselle      
5.8Shylo Boyes3-06.00Raymond      
8Bailey HoukNHSouth Bend      
X High Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Kaelani Collins4-05.00South Bend      
2.7Makenzie Russell4-02.00South Bend      
3.7Kessa Wilson4-00.00South Bend      
3.7Katlyn Sawyer4-00.00South Bend      
5.7Denise McDonald3-09.00Willapa Valley      
5.7Katie Green3-09.00Naselle      
7.7Maddy Klus3-06.00South Bend      
7.7Hailey Hosler3-06.00Willapa Valley      
7Alexis ThomasNHSouth Bend      
7Katie OlsonNHNaselle      
7Emily SeamanNHSouth Bend      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.8Michaela Huber7-00.00Willapa Valley      
8Danielle LarsonNHNaselle      
X Pole Vault - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Lauren Friese7-00.00Willapa Valley      
2.7Emily Fluke5-06.00Willapa Valley      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Abby Maneman11-09.00Raymond      
2.8Alexa York11-04.50Naselle      
3.8Rachael Black11-01.00South Bend      
4.8Shylo Boyes10-10.00Raymond      
4.8Morgan Walker10-10.00Willapa Valley      
4.8Amanda Koski10-10.00Raymond      
7.8Kiah Lofgren10-07.00Mary Knight      
8.8Brianne Goodin10-05.00Raymond      
9.8Abbie Bannish9-11.75Willapa Valley      
10.8Krystal Prouty9-07.00Mary Knight      
11.8Abby Smaciarz9-03.50Willapa Valley      
12.8Allison Reidt8-09.00South Bend      
12.8Macy Karlsvik8-09.00Raymond      
8Jessica KeeleyNDNaselle      
8Dalia SilvaNDRaymond      
X Long Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Jaala Berentsen11-01.50Oakville      
2.7Jamiee Boggs10-06.00Raymond      
3.7Haley Pine10-04.00Naselle      
3.6Miranda Sowle10-04.00Mary Knight      
5.7Karianne Condon9-07.00Naselle      
6.7Brooke Harden9-04.00Willapa Valley      
6.7Emily Fluke9-04.00Willapa Valley      
8.7Alexandria Gilbert9-03.00Raymond      
9.6Melodie Snyder9-02.00Mary Knight      
10.7Katelyn Magie9-01.00Naselle      
11.7Briana Bramer8-11.00Oakville      
12.7Allison Larew8-05.00Willapa Valley      
13.6Delaney Hawley7-00.00Oakville      
14.8Talyssa Nordberg6-11.00Naselle      
7Shastina HubbardNDRaymond      
7Aubrey BoyesNDRaymond      
7Kayti NelsonNDNaselle      
7Katie OlsonNDNaselle      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.8Abby Maneman28-04.00Raymond      
2.8Shylo Boyes26-02.00Raymond      
3.8Lauren Archer26-00.00Willapa Valley      
4.8Abbie Bannish20-01.50Willapa Valley      
5.8Bianca Eberwein18-07.00Oakville      
8Emily BurbankNDSouth Bend      
8Jordan NDNaselle      
X Triple Jump - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.7Hannah Dykes27-03.00Raymond      
2.7Alexandria Gilbert22-11.25Raymond      
3.7Haley Pine22-01.00Naselle      
4.7Brooke Harden21-10.50Willapa Valley      
7Kaelani CollinsNDSouth Bend      
7Talia JohnsonNDRaymond      
7Jamiee BoggsNDRaymond      
7Aubrey BoyesNDRaymond      
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