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Friday, February 06, 2009
  West Valley, West Valley - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrIsaias Valdez11.33aHartnell
2.SoMaurice Whitlock11.44aCity College San Fra...
3.FrJustin Cornejo11.44aWest Valley
4.FrJordan Gilstrap11.49aWest Valley
5.SoKenny Guereque11.56aHartnell
6.FrVictor Sapp11.74aHartnell
7.SoWendell Sells11.76aHartnell
8.FrMichael Grayson11.85aHartnell
9.FrCurtis Shell12.09aHartnell
10.FrAlvin Roberts12.13aWest Valley
11.FrSamerial Armstrong12.76aChabot
12.SoAndrew Dela Cruz13.54aDeAnza
13.FrJalil Anderson15.22aChabot
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBenny Lopez23.45aHartnell
2.SoCharles Hudson23.50aDeAnza
3.FrMichael Grayson23.65aHartnell
4.SoWendell Sells23.76aHartnell
5.FrChristopher Beamon24.04aChabot
6.SoRene Stephan24.13aDeAnza
7.FrWilliams Tacoleby24.35aWest Valley
8.FrCameron Cauthen24.89aChabot
9.FrRyu Komiyama25.08aDeAnza
10.FrAnthony Peeler25.39aChabot
11.FrMichael Nguyen25.74aDeAnza
12.FrSamerial Armstrong26.36aChabot
13.FrNathan Goodrich26.40aWest Valley
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNathan Goodrich49.93aWest Valley
2.FrAric Armon51.27aWest Valley
3.FrMike Marshall51.54aWest Valley
4.FrBenny Lopez52.04aHartnell
5.FrKevin Gonzales52.05aDeAnza
6.FrChristopher Beamon53.05aChabot
7.FrWesley Tucker53.19aMonterey Peninsula
8.SoShane Truett53.62aHartnell
9.FrRitchie Garban54.20aHartnell
10.FrRyu Komiyama54.51aDeAnza
11.FrThompson Ly54.51aDeAnza
12.FrPierre Woods55.18aWest Valley
13.SoKwame Agyemang55.56aDeAnza
14.FrJuan Osuna56.40aDeAnza
15.FrMichael Nguyen56.74aDeAnza
16.FrWilliams Tacoleby56.90aWest Valley
17.SoCharles Hudson57.83aDeAnza
18.FrCameron Cauthen61.50aChabot
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAntonio Leal2:03.40aHartnell
2.SoDaniel Tapia2:03.69aHartnell
3.SoDon Gaspar2:08.29aDeAnza
4.FrLuis Nunez2:09.52aDeAnza
5.FrChristopher Trinidade2:11.03aDeAnza
6.FrJose Dimas2:12.13aWest Valley
7.FrAbiy Gebrekristos2:12.99aDeAnza
8.FrAndrew Nguyen2:14.42aChabot
9.FrCaleb Escobar2:18.78aDeAnza
10.SoAlexander Jorgensen2:23.92aChabot
11.FrPaul Tomka2:25.38aDeAnza
12.FrBobak Faal-Amiri2:33.50aWest Valley
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDaniel Tapia4:16.81aHartnell
2.SoLuis Corvera4:21.02aHartnell
3.FrJose Bedolla4:22.53aWest Valley
4.SoHector Aleman4:22.86aHartnell
5.FrAbiy Gebrekristos4:24.06aDeAnza
6.FrClifford Crum4:25.39aDeAnza
7.FrJustin Valdez4:27.81aSan Jose City College
8.FrMartin Miller4:28.70aChabot
9.FrManuel Esparza4:30.02aHartnell
10.SoAntonio Leal4:31.74aHartnell
11.FrFelix Rene4:35.15aWest Valley
12.SoMimaroglu Alp4:35.71aWest Valley
13.FrJose Dimas4:38.86aWest Valley
14.FrCameron Cruse4:38.98aMonterey Peninsula
15.FrMike Marshall4:41.67aWest Valley
16.FrJoel Becker4:45.30aChabot
17.SoEduardo Lopez4:46.63aWest Valley
18.FrCaleb Escobar4:48.11aDeAnza
19.FrDavid Rios4:50.13aDeAnza
20.FrAndrew Nguyen4:51.39aChabot
21.FrJoseph Cardova4:55.23aWest Valley
22.FrLiu Ibarra4:56.99aHartnell
23.FrTakahiro Shiriawa4:59.26aDeAnza
24.FrSamuel Hales5:00.62aChabot
25.FrJeremy Lipp5:02.25aDeAnza
26.FrKevin Taylor5:04.35aWest Valley
27.FrBobak Faal-Amiri5:09.28aWest Valley
28.SoRobert McClure5:17.22aDeAnza
29.FrWayne Chang5:18.42aDeAnza
30.SoAlexander Jorgensen5:36.72aChabot
31.FrManuel Tapia5:39.09aHartnell
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDaniel Tapia9:02.74aHartnell
2.SoChristopher Gerber9:11.41aCity College San Fra...
3.SoHector Aleman9:22.51aHartnell
4.FrLuke Frazier9:24.18aCity College San Fra...
5.FrDavid Urista9:25.50aCity College San Fra...
6.FrBenny Willers9:30.08aCity College San Fra...
7.SoLuis Corvera9:37.15aHartnell
8.FrJonathan Doron-Peters9:37.46aDeAnza
9.FrSloane Cook9:43.75aCity College San Fra...
10.FrClifford Crum9:45.89aDeAnza
11.FrAbiy Gebrekristos9:47.76aDeAnza
12.FrMartin Miller9:57.17aChabot
13.FrManuel Esparza10:00.55aHartnell
14.SoXavier Roger10:14.58aSan Jose City College
15.FrFelix Rene10:22.49aWest Valley
16.SoEduardo Lopez10:30.66aWest Valley
17.FrJoel Becker10:34.22aChabot
18.FrDavid Rios10:36.24aDeAnza
19.FrSamuel Hales10:47.61aChabot
20.FrJeremy Lipp10:49.99aDeAnza
21.FrJoseph Cardova10:53.58aWest Valley
22.FrLiu Ibarra10:57.25aHartnell
23.FrTakahiro Shiriawa10:58.36aDeAnza
24.FrSiebel-cortopas Daniel11:26.91aWest Valley
25.FrWayne Chang11:46.90aDeAnza
26.SoRobert McClure11:52.43aDeAnza
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDaniel Chen15.97aDeAnza
2.FrAndrew McReynolds16.21aWest Valley
3.FrMarko Vatavuk16.95aDeAnza
4.FrRyan Ellison18.48aWest Valley
5.FrRhoden Briones19.89aDeAnza
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAndrew McReynolds59.00aWest Valley
2.FrRyan Ellison59.48aWest Valley
3.FrDaniel Chen60.07aDeAnza
4.FrMarko Vatavuk60.68aDeAnza
5.FrDavid Atiz62.52aHartnell
6.FrRobert Agness62.91aChabot
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.32aDeAnza
2.-Relay Team 43.86aWest Valley
3.-Relay Team 45.16aDeAnza
4.-Relay Team 45.53aWest Valley
---Relay Team DNFHartnell
---Relay Team DQHartnell
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJames Aubrey44-08.25San Mateo
2.FrTrevor Drummond42-02.25City College San Fra...
3.SoRene Stephan41-02.50DeAnza
4.FrCharles Olaires39-06.50San Mateo
5.FrLogan Harrison38-04.75Monterey Peninsula
6.FrEstaban Jaykins38-03.00San Jose City College
7.FrDallon Strang36-10.25Monterey Peninsula
8.FrCasey Price36-03.75West Valley
9.FrAaron Victorian36-00.25San Jose City College
10.FrMiguel Mallarca35-01.75City College San Fra...
11.FrPeni Tafuna34-03.50San Mateo
12.FrBen Havens-Stokes33-06.50Monterey Peninsula
13.FrTim Dronek32-01.75West Valley
14.FrJose Valle32-01.50San Jose City College
15.FrAamir Deen31-07.50DeAnza
16.FrHardy Langi30-00.25San Mateo
17.FrEric Alvarez28-09.00DeAnza
18.FrJuan Osuna27-04.25DeAnza
19.SoAndrew Dela Cruz21-01.50DeAnza
20.FrEvan Pope19-02.75DeAnza
--FrJonathan CucculelliNDChabot
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRene Stephan130-03DeAnza
2.FrJames Aubrey130-02San Mateo
3.FrDallon Strang117-04Monterey Peninsula
4.FrEstaban Jaykins109-04San Jose City College
5.FrJonathan Cucculelli102-05Chabot
6.FrCasey Price98-07West Valley
7.FrTrevor Drummond96-08City College San Fra...
8.FrBen Havens-Stokes91-06Monterey Peninsula
9.FrLogan Harrison90-05Monterey Peninsula
10.FrAamir Deen90-03DeAnza
11.FrPeni Tafuna86-00San Mateo
12.FrCharles Olaires85-05San Mateo
13.FrJose Valle84-04San Jose City College
14.FrTim Dronek77-04West Valley
15.FrHardy Langi69-05San Mateo
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChase Knisley137-02Hartnell
2.FrAustin Steacy135-00San Jose City College
3.SoRene Stephan132-04DeAnza
4.FrJose Valle127-04San Jose City College
5.FrPeni Tafuna127-00San Mateo
6.SoJorge Muniz125-05Hartnell
7.FrCasey Price123-05West Valley
8.SoGabriel Flores123-04Hartnell
9.FrEstaban Jaykins122-09San Jose City College
10.FrDaniel Bello122-04City College San Fra...
11.FrCharles Olaires118-01San Mateo
12.FrHardy Langi116-05San Mateo
13.FrTim Dronek114-04West Valley
14.SoMichael Barrios113-08DeAnza
15.FrAaron Victorian112-05San Jose City College
16.FrBen Havens-Stokes110-10Monterey Peninsula
17.FrJames Aubrey108-02San Mateo
18.FrDaniel Chen106-07DeAnza
19.FrJonathan Cucculelli105-04Chabot
20.SoAndrew Dela Cruz102-00DeAnza
21.FrRaymond Tan99-11City College San Fra...
22.FrEric Alvarez99-05DeAnza
23.FrMiguel Mallarca97-05City College San Fra...
24.FrTrevor Drummond95-06City College San Fra...
25.SoVincent Nguyen-Bui86-05San Jose City College
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSteven Humer6-01.00West Valley
2.FrDarryl Faust5-11.00Monterey Peninsula
3.FrJeffrey Valdez5-09.00DeAnza
4.FrHarold Winfield5-07.00Hartnell
5.FrAndrew Asuncion5-05.00Hartnell
5.FrJamie Glidden5-05.00Monterey Peninsula
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTrevor Rogers21-00.25City College San Fra...
2.SoJorge Muniz20-07.00Hartnell
3.FrMichael Borg20-02.00DeAnza
4.FrDarryl Faust19-05.00Monterey Peninsula
5.FrAaron Victorian18-10.00San Jose City College
6.FrSteven Humer18-06.00West Valley
7.FrTed Green18-04.50DeAnza
8.SoWendell Sells18-01.75Hartnell
9.FrAnthony Peeler17-10.00Chabot
10.FrTim Stanislao17-05.00DeAnza
11.FrJeffrey Valdez16-11.25DeAnza
12.FrAndrew Le16-11.00San Jose City College
13.SoMichael Barrios16-08.00DeAnza
14.FrMarquis Caldwell16-05.50San Jose City College
14.FrHarold Winfield16-05.50Hartnell
16.FrRaymond Tan15-07.00City College San Fra...
17.FrBobak Faal-Amiri14-09.00West Valley
--FrVictor SappFOULHartnell
--FrSimranjeet SinghFOULChabot
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTim Stanislao41-00.00DeAnza
2.FrTed Green40-06.50DeAnza
3.FrAndrew Asuncion39-06.25Hartnell
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCesar Puga163-01Hartnell
2.FrJames Aubrey140-01San Mateo
3.SoMariano Puga125-07Hartnell
4.SoRene Stephan117-10DeAnza
5.FrEstaban Jaykins112-02San Jose City College
6.FrJonathan Cucculelli110-08Chabot
7.FrCharles Olaires84-02San Mateo
8.FrPeni Tafuna72-05San Mateo
9.FrEric Alvarez62-11DeAnza
10.FrAamir Deen52-09DeAnza

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLakesha Adams12.88aMonterey Peninsula
2.SoTasha Mizel13.12aCity College San Fra...
3.FrValerie Peterson13.55aCity College San Fra...
4.FrMelissa Sandoval13.69aHartnell
5.SoFelesha Adams13.75aMonterey Peninsula
6.FrDakota Sanchez13.89aMonterey Peninsula
7.FrMeghan Thomas14.30aDeAnza
8.FrChrista Hicks14.38aChabot
9.SoLeslie Rangel14.72aMonterey Peninsula
10.FrSharmoneke Lott16.09aChabot
11.FrBrittany Abangan16.89aChabot
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrValerie Peterson28.39aCity College San Fra...
2.SoNatasha Sahu30.36aDeAnza
3.FrMeghan Thomas30.97aDeAnza
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMarshey Brown60.46aDeAnza
2.FrTreya Winfield62.60aHartnell
3.SoNatasha Sahu69.37aDeAnza
4.FrCharlesa Robinson1:27.71aHartnell
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDeirdra Pettigrue2:33.16aDeAnza
2.FrKirsti Whitmyre2:33.92aDeAnza
3.SoKim Chew2:36.50aDeAnza
4.FrCyntia Salazar2:40.59aCity College San Fra...
5.SoJessica Paranthaman2:43.46aDeAnza
6.FrKim Kilgroe2:45.46aDeAnza
7.FrYasamin Yazdi2:48.76aDeAnza
8.FrTara Johnson2:49.61aMonterey Peninsula
9.FrNora Guttierrez2:52.46aWest Valley
10.FrLauren Rosiles2:59.89aDeAnza
11.FrTiffany Loi3:13.59aDeAnza
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKirsti Whitmyre5:13.93aDeAnza
2.SoJessica Paranthaman5:19.52aDeAnza
3.SoDominga Arzate5:23.21aHartnell
4.SoKim Chew5:31.86aDeAnza
5.FrCristina Nava5:45.42aCity College San Fra...
6.FrLeticia Saldana5:45.68aHartnell
7.FrYasamin Yazdi5:50.43aDeAnza
8.SoSandra Sosa6:02.52aWest Valley
9.SoMaura Villanueva6:06.94aDeAnza
10.FrEmilee Garrett6:16.05aCity College San Fra...
11.FrNora Guttierrez6:18.31aWest Valley
12.SoThuy-Vy Huynh6:35.64aDeAnza
13.FrDevin Powell6:40.27aDeAnza
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKirsti Whitmyre11:38.29aDeAnza
2.SoDominga Arzate11:50.24aHartnell
3.FrCathryn Guevarra11:54.62aCity College San Fra...
4.SoSandra Sosa12:24.97aWest Valley
5.FrLeticia Saldana13:01.43aHartnell
6.SoLoni Nguyen13:19.33aCity College San Fra...
7.SoMaura Villanueva13:51.76aDeAnza
8.FrDevin Powell14:17.81aDeAnza
9.SoThuy-Vy Huynh14:24.98aDeAnza
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMary Ratterman16.91aChabot
2.FrLiliana Villagomez17.47aHartnell
3.FrKatie Armstrong19.23aWest Valley
4.FrVicky Leung19.95aDeAnza
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMary Ratterman72.90aChabot
2.FrKatie Armstrong76.47aWest Valley
3.FrLiliana Villagomez76.56aHartnell
4.FrVicky Leung1:28.19aDeAnza
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 55.48aHartnell
2.-Relay Team 58.03aChabot
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKelly Young38-06.00San Mateo
2.SoWhitnee Garrett31-11.00DeAnza
3.FrJamila McIntosh29-11.00DeAnza
4.FrAley Jones28-05.00City College San Fra...
5.FrAmanda Meyers27-11.00Chabot
6.SoCarlota Merino26-02.00San Jose City College
7.FrPerla Solorio21-04.00DeAnza
8.FrKim Kilgroe20-11.00DeAnza
9.FrAmethyst Monce20-10.00San Mateo
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKelly Young118-05San Mateo
2.FrJamila McIntosh100-04DeAnza
3.SoCarlota Merino85-09San Jose City College
4.SoWhitnee Garrett75-11DeAnza
5.FrAley Jones71-05City College San Fra...
6.FrAmanda Meyers54-03Chabot
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKelly Young118-09San Mateo
2.SoCarlota Merino96-08San Jose City College
3.SoLinda Saunders80-07Chabot
4.FrAmethyst Monce69-09San Mateo
5.FrMelissa Sandoval69-04Hartnell
6.SoWhitnee Garrett60-10DeAnza
7.FrAmanda Meyers58-05Chabot
8.FrJamila McIntosh55-08DeAnza
9.SoMaura Villanueva52-00DeAnza
10.FrPerla Solorio48-08DeAnza
11.FrKim Kilgroe40-10DeAnza
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKim Kilgroe4-07.00DeAnza
2.FrChrista Hicks4-07.00Chabot
3.FrKatie Armstrong4-05.00West Valley
4.SoNatasha Sahu4-05.00DeAnza
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoNatasha Sahu11-03.75DeAnza
2.FrKimiyo Jones10-06.00Hartnell
--FrMarshey BrownFOULDeAnza
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKelly Young141-01San Mateo
2.SoCarlota Merino116-01San Jose City College
2.SoWhitnee Garrett116-01DeAnza
4.FrJamila McIntosh70-06DeAnza
5.FrAmanda Meyers53-08Chabot
6.FrPerla Solorio45-11DeAnza
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