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TCPS Championships-Running Prelims

Friday, April 24, 2009

Trinity Valley, Fort Worth

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Josiah Parsons12.47aHSA (Home School Ath...
2.7Brandon Johnson13.15aAll Saints Episcopal
3.7Ben Sanakary13.25aFort Worth Country Day
4.7Michael Wassell13.35aPantego Christian
5.7Matt Marrs13.55aLiberty Christian
6.7Treavor Berkowitz13.68aTrinity Valley
6.7Drew Stringer13.68aTemple Christian
8.7Luke Leopold13.90aLake Country Christian
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Cole McKeel11.54aFaith Christian (Gra...
2.8Bo Nicholson11.82aOakridge
3.8Leon Ahn11.84aLiberty Christian
4.8Daniel Kim11.94aCovenant Christian
5.8Chris Altimont12.09aCovenant Christian
6.8Foster Ford12.17aFaith Christian (Gra...
7.8Carson Dowdle12.52aLiberty Christian
8.8Jonathan Hayden12.72aLake Country Christian
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Josiah Parsons12.47aHSA (Home School Ath...
2.7Matt Marrs13.03aLiberty Christian
3.7Michael Wassell13.16aPantego Christian
4.7Brandon Johnson13.17aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Treavor Berkowitz13.38aTrinity Valley
6.7Ben Sanakary13.39aFort Worth Country Day
7.7Drew Stringer13.62aTemple Christian
8.7Luke Leopold13.73aLake Country Christian
9.7Terry Moore13.90aLake Country Christian
10.7Griffin Giles13.97aPantego Christian
11.7Mason Pritcher13.99aPantego Christian
12.7Stephen Johnson14.29aOakridge
13.7Dylan McRay14.42aGrace Prep
14.7JT Hodnett14.53aFort Worth Country Day
15.7Ross Early14.59aLiberty Christian
16.7Chris Stanley14.71aOakridge
17.7Charlie Flores14.86aGrace Prep
18.7Kolby Kunasek14.88aGrace Prep
19.7Wade Laughlin15.49aLake Country Christian
20.6Devin Cagle15.51aTemple Christian
21.6Kyle Alexander15.54aHSA (Home School Ath...
22.7Kyle Davidson15.67aTrinity Valley
23.5Isaac Rooker16.53aHSA (Home School Ath...
7Dennis Miller, IIDNSNew Heights
7Justin NguyenDNSOakridge
7Dylan MeyersDNSTrinity Valley
7David WieseDNSBethesda Christian
7Jacob QuastDNSLiberty Christian
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Leon Ahn11.88aLiberty Christian
2.8Cole McKeel11.89aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.8Daniel Kim11.92aCovenant Christian
4.8Bo Nicholson12.02aOakridge
5.8Foster Ford12.05aFaith Christian (Gra...
6.8Chris Altimont12.13aCovenant Christian
7.8Jonathan Hayden12.23aLake Country Christian
8.8Carson Dowdle12.37aLiberty Christian
9.8Baker Parker12.40aAll Saints Episcopal
10.8Caleb Brake12.60aCoram Deo Academy
11.8Austin Troup12.63aCovenant Christian
12.8Ryan Holland12.71aFort Worth Christian
13.8Grahm Richardson12.80aLiberty Christian
14.8Jordan Williams12.82aLake Country Christian
14.8J.W Ledbetter12.82aTemple Christian
16.8Josh Elliott12.84aCoram Deo Academy
17.8AJ McCort12.90aHarvest Christian
18.8Jessie Mickle12.91aFort Worth Country Day
19.8Mason Doring12.92aTemple Christian
20.8Derrik Hammer12.93aFort Worth Christian
21.8Blake Anderson12.98aFort Worth Christian
22.8Keaton Taylor13.12aPantego Christian
23.8Ricky Jenkins13.40aAll Saints Episcopal
24.8Holton Mulkey13.49aGrace Prep
24.8Michael McAdams13.49aGrace Prep
26.8Jaris Tinklenberg13.53aPantego Christian
27.8Campbel Bisop13.66aFort Worth Country Day
28.8Jackson Hull14.10aFort Worth Country Day
29.7Christian Romero14.38aTemple Christian
30.8Aaron Richardson14.55aKennedale Fellowship...
8Max CronenDNSKennedale Fellowship...
8Jeff WingateDNSOakridge
8Rishin PatelDNSOakridge
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Josiah Parsons26.28HSA (Home School Ath...
2.7Dennis Miller, II26.80aNew Heights
3.7Nick Purgett26.89aCovenant Christian
4.7Miles Ramsey26.90aBethesda Christian
5.7Brandon Johnson27.45aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7Michael Wassell28.00aPantego Christian
7.7Lucas Espinoza28.35aTemple Christian
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Cole McKeel23.84aFaith Christian (Gra...
2.8Leon Ahn23.96aLiberty Christian
3.8Nathaniel Plemons24.85aOakridge
4.8Jared Taylor25.08aFort Worth Christian
5.8Trent Jackson25.11aCovenant Christian
6.8Kade Thomas25.68aCovenant Christian
7.8Matt Floyd25.71aOakridge
8.8Ryan Holland26.48aFort Worth Christian
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Josiah Parsons27.32aHSA (Home School Ath...
2.7Dennis Miller, II27.59aNew Heights
3.7Miles Ramsey27.88aBethesda Christian
4.7Tristan Carroll27.95aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Nick Purgett28.59aCovenant Christian
6.7Lucas Espinoza28.78aTemple Christian
7.7Brandon Johnson28.84aAll Saints Episcopal
8.7Michael Wassell28.93aPantego Christian
9.7Ethan Whalen29.02aTemple Christian
10.7Caleb Bishop29.04aLiberty Christian
11.7Luke Leopold29.25aLake Country Christian
12.7Drew Stringer29.44aTemple Christian
13.7Terry Moore29.85aLake Country Christian
14.7Brent Vant Land30.07aPantego Christian
15.7Dylan McRay30.48aGrace Prep
16.7Ben Bennett31.63aGrace Prep
17.7Stephen Johnson31.68aOakridge
18.7Kolby Kunasek31.77aGrace Prep
19.6Cameron Bowe32.53aBethesda Christian
20.7Collin Stephenson34.00aLiberty Christian
21.7Brody Hust34.19aBethesda Christian
22.7Crawford Williamson34.31aTrinity Valley
23.7Minh Truong34.88aOakridge
24.7Sam Farr35.35aPantego Christian
25.7Justin Nguyen35.62aOakridge
26.6Kyle Alexander36.50aHSA (Home School Ath...
27.5Isaac Rooker37.18aHSA (Home School Ath...
7Dylan MeyersDNSTrinity Valley
7Kyle DavidsonDNSTrinity Valley
7Grant LanzaDNSLiberty Christian
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Leon Ahn24.71aLiberty Christian
2.8Cole McKeel24.95aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.8Nathaniel Plemons25.37aOakridge
4.8Jared Taylor25.50aFort Worth Christian
5.8Matt Floyd25.58aOakridge
6.8Trent Jackson26.14aCovenant Christian
7.8Ryan Holland26.18aFort Worth Christian
8.8Kade Thomas26.30aCovenant Christian
9.8Cornett Cameron26.34aLiberty Christian
10.8Grahm Richardson26.35aLiberty Christian
10.8Charlie Reid26.35aAll Saints Episcopal
12.8Duncan Simaneux26.42aTemple Christian
13.8Jordan Williams26.78aLake Country Christian
14.8Mason Doring27.01aTemple Christian
15.8Caleb Brake27.81aCoram Deo Academy
16.8J.W Ledbetter27.82aTemple Christian
17.8Blake Anderson27.83aFort Worth Christian
18.8Mack Prioleau27.86aAll Saints Episcopal
19.8AJ McCort28.64aHarvest Christian
20.8Holton Mulkey28.80aGrace Prep
21.8Antoine Gross28.88aFort Worth Country Day
22.8Jonathan Crocker28.95aOakridge
23.8Michael McAdams29.11aGrace Prep
24.8Ricky Jenkins29.13aAll Saints Episcopal
25.8Joshua Kathramalla29.71aLake Country Christian
26.8Jackson Hull30.69aFort Worth Country Day
27.8Max Cronen30.95aKennedale Fellowship...
28.8Gunner Castellanos32.14aPantego Christian
8Foster FordDNSFaith Christian (Gra...
8Adam PilarickDNSBethesda Christian
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Miles Ramsey61.36aBethesda Christian
2.7Zack Elder61.56aLiberty Christian
3.7Nick Purgett64.10aCovenant Christian
4.7Ben Trice65.55aGrace Prep
5.7Carter Berry65.92aCrown of Life Lutheran
6.7Jason Cline65.99aTrinity Valley
7.7Kyle Obrein66.39aFort Worth Country Day
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Matthew Jeffrey55.52aLiberty Christian
2.8Trey Jackson55.59aCovenant Christian
3.8Foster Ford56.42aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.8Grahm Richardson60.54aLiberty Christian
5.8Caleb Davis61.51aFort Worth Christian
6.8Matthew Zikos62.96aCovenant Christian
7.8John Paul Humphrey63.79aPantego Christian
8.8Matt Claunch64.38aAll Saints Episcopal
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Tristan Carroll63.34aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Ben Trice63.61aGrace Prep
3.7Miles Ramsey63.65aBethesda Christian
4.7Nick Purgett64.84aCovenant Christian
5.7Zack Elder66.05aLiberty Christian
6.7Kyle Obrein66.09aFort Worth Country Day
7.7Jason Cline67.16aTrinity Valley
8.7Carter Berry67.89aCrown of Life Lutheran
9.7Ethan Whalen68.38aTemple Christian
10.7Elliot Wendel69.95aCrown of Life Lutheran
11.7Aaron Phillips71.89aPantego Christian
12.7Chris Miller74.69aTrinity Valley
13.7Nathan Stewart75.32aPantego Christian
14.6Cameron Bowe75.65aBethesda Christian
15.7Grant Lanza76.84aLiberty Christian
16.7Minh Truong77.45aOakridge
17.7Ricky Hiler78.43aTrinity Valley
18.7Garrett Russell1:20.64aLake Country Christian
19.7Brennan Spear1:24.52aPantego Christian
7Chris StanleyDNSOakridge
7Aidan HarmanDNSBethesda Christian
7Tim MillerDNSLiberty Christian
7Dennis Miller, IIDNSNew Heights
6Tyler ClevengerDNSKennedale Fellowship...
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Matthew Jeffrey55.85aLiberty Christian
2.8Trey Jackson57.33aCovenant Christian
3.8Foster Ford61.12aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.8Caleb Davis61.24aFort Worth Christian
5.8John Paul Humphrey63.01aPantego Christian
6.8Matt Claunch63.23aAll Saints Episcopal
7.8Grahm Richardson63.73aLiberty Christian
8.8Matthew Zikos63.86aCovenant Christian
9.8Tre Patterson64.04aFort Worth Christian
10.8Johnny Jackson64.25aCovenant Christian
11.8Garrett Dennis64.65aLiberty Christian
12.8TJ Robinson65.76aFort Worth Christian
13.8Jesse Schroer70.47aTemple Christian
13.8Joshua Kathramalla70.47aLake Country Christian
15.8Turner Wilson72.94aPantego Christian
16.7Christian Romero74.51aTemple Christian
17.8Walker Dyess76.06aAll Saints Episcopal
18.8Alikhan Karimi1:24.18aFort Worth Country Day
8Adam PilarickDNSBethesda Christian
8Campbel BisopDNSFort Worth Country Day
8Ahmed EllahiDNSOakridge
8Shane SharpDNSTemple Christian
8Trevor WrightDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - 7th Grade - Finals
7Gabe McAdams72.5Grace Prep
7Landon Ruhde75.6Grace Prep
7Marc Chapman78.4Grace Prep
7Ben Mosley80.2Grace Prep
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Miles Ramsey2:27.92aBethesda Christian
2.7Jarius White2:33.02aLiberty Christian
3.7Carter Berry2:34.04aCrown of Life Lutheran
4.7Ben Trice2:34.46aGrace Prep
5.7Clinton Harlin2:41.68aFort Worth Country Day
6.8Garrett Alexander2:44.75aHSA (Home School Ath...
7.7Cody Wong2:45.37aOakridge
8.7Ian Harrington2:47.82aLiberty Christian
9.6Cameron Bowe2:48.30aBethesda Christian
10.7Vick Patel2:49.47aOakridge
11.7Alex Bush2:55.78aAll Saints Episcopal
12.7Imran Shah2:56.61aFort Worth Country Day
13.7Marc Chapman3:00.55aGrace Prep
14.7Minh Truong3:04.49aOakridge
15.8Jacob Tankersley3:04.55aHSA (Home School Ath...
16.7Blake Schecter3:06.62aPantego Christian
17.7Connor Lynn3:07.32aPantego Christian
18.7Aakash Doshi3:10.07aFort Worth Country Day
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jonathan Faltynski2:22.93aOakridge
2.8Reese Herring2:25.51aFort Worth Christian
3.8Hunter Reece2:29.50aLiberty Christian
4.8Matt Claunch2:29.70aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Charles Clinkscales2:29.93aCoram Deo Academy
6.8Caleb Davis2:29.97aFort Worth Christian
7.8Matthew Zikos2:31.09aCovenant Christian
8.8Garrett Dennis2:33.42aLiberty Christian
9.8Austin Brown2:36.35aTrinity Valley
10.8Tyler Ford2:39.89aOakridge
11.8Thomas House2:40.29aFort Worth Country Day
12.8Austin Collard2:41.49aFort Worth Christian
13.8Jesse Schroer2:43.06aTemple Christian
15.8Ryan Stackable2:43.92aCovenant Christian
16.8Josh Joens2:48.85aGrace Prep
17.8Adam Schrock3:02.51aOakridge
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jacob Beaver5:31.32aBethesda Christian
2.7Kevin Autrey5:47.32aBethesda Christian
3.7Jarius White6:04.21aLiberty Christian
4.7Clinton Harlin6:17.36aFort Worth Country Day
5.7Alex Bush6:21.48aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7Landon Ruhde6:29.02aGrace Prep
7.7Deep Nana6:37.15aFort Worth Country Day
8.7Marc Chapman6:40.78aGrace Prep
9.6Brennan Cameron6:41.68aBethesda Christian
10.7Blake Schecter6:43.88aPantego Christian
11.7Connor Lynn6:44.43aPantego Christian
12.7Jake Willis6:46.65aFort Worth Country Day
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Richard Tharp5:06.43aFort Worth Christian
2.8Jacob Babbidge5:13.03aLiberty Christian
3.8David Funderburk5:23.17aTemple Christian
4.8Reese Herring5:23.69aFort Worth Christian
5.8Michael Vargha5:54.98aLake Country Christian
6.8Tommy Collins5:58.58aFort Worth Christian
7.8Austin Brown6:03.64aTrinity Valley
8.8Josh Joens6:13.90aGrace Prep
9.8Hayden MCAfee6:16.65aAll Saints Episcopal
10.8Morgan Engel6:31.22aLiberty Christian
11.8Adam Schrock6:37.06aOakridge
12.8Walker Dyess7:02.45aAll Saints Episcopal
X 3200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jacob Beaver11:55.46Bethesda Christian
2.7Kevin Autrey12:33.61Bethesda Christian
3.7Tristan Carroll13:20.24All Saints Episcopal
4.7Alex Bush13:32.55All Saints Episcopal
5.7Vick Patel13:37.05Oakridge
6.7Landon Ruhde13:49.02Grace Prep
7.7Cody Wong13:57.36Oakridge
8.7Deep Nana14:08.06Fort Worth Country Day
9.6Brennan Cameron14:17.62Bethesda Christian
10.7Austin Mann14:35.30Liberty Christian
11.7Mason Webb15:36.43Liberty Christian
12.7Ashish Trivedi18:57.15Oakridge
7Christian BaileyDNSLiberty Christian
X 3200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Richard Tharp10:53.83Fort Worth Christian
2.8Jacob Babbidge10:55.76Liberty Christian
3.8David Funderburk12:06.13Temple Christian
4.8Michael Vargha12:25.30Lake Country Christian
5.8Tyler Hair12:38.57Fort Worth Christian
6.8Tommy Collins13:02.20Fort Worth Christian
7.8Daniel Fife13:50.46Liberty Christian
8.8Tyler Ford13:53.56Oakridge
9.8Hayden MCAfee14:00.00All Saints Episcopal
8Landry LevineDNSOakridge
8Will KembleDNSLiberty Christian
8Gunnar JamesDNFCoram Deo Academy
8Adam SchrockDNSOakridge
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ben Hawkins17.59aLiberty Christian
2.7Drew Stringer18.38aTemple Christian
3.7Michael King19.31aLiberty Christian
4.7Brody Hust19.51aBethesda Christian
5.7Aaron Phillips19.68aPantego Christian
6.7Nick Valenzuela19.86aLiberty Christian
7.7Crawford Williamson20.35aTrinity Valley
8.7Ben Bennett20.38aGrace Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Ben Hawkins17.91aLiberty Christian
2.7Drew Stringer18.98aTemple Christian
3.7Aaron Phillips19.54aPantego Christian
4.7Nick Valenzuela19.77aLiberty Christian
5.7Brody Hust19.79aBethesda Christian
6.7Ben Bennett20.16aGrace Prep
7.7Crawford Williamson20.18aTrinity Valley
8.7Michael King20.19aLiberty Christian
9.7Lucas Espinoza20.24aTemple Christian
10.7Ben Mosley20.38aGrace Prep
11.7Krishna Tiwari21.04aTrinity Valley
12.7Gabe McAdams21.14aGrace Prep
13.7Ricky Hiler21.46aTrinity Valley
14.7Ethan Whalen21.64aTemple Christian
15.7Jack Wheeler22.22aPantego Christian
16.6Doc Woodson22.46aPantego Christian
17.7Aiden Smith22.96aAll Saints Episcopal
7Matthew SayersDNSLake Country Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 39" - 7th Grade - Finals
7Brody Hust19.20Bethesda Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 36" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Aaron Deaver16.47aLiberty Christian
2.8Austin Lee16.97aFort Worth Christian
3.8Aaron Beck17.17aOakridge
4.8Nathan Bowser17.89aFort Worth Country Day
5.8TJ Robinson18.22aFort Worth Christian
6.8Nate Albin18.81aFort Worth Christian
7.8Nick Carr20.49aTemple Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 36" - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Austin Lee16.60aFort Worth Christian
2.8Aaron Deaver16.72aLiberty Christian
3.8TJ Robinson17.42aFort Worth Christian
4.8Aaron Beck18.35aOakridge
5.8Nathan Bowser18.80aFort Worth Country Day
6.8Nate Albin19.40aFort Worth Christian
7.8Nick Carr20.35aTemple Christian
8.8Keith Bober20.60aLiberty Christian
9.8Corbin McBride20.62aLiberty Christian
10.8Jonathan Hayden21.38aLake Country Christian
11.8Wesley Ogana21.57aTemple Christian
12.8LUke Borgdorf23.22aPantego Christian
13.8Timothy Dockery23.41aPantego Christian
14.8Andrew Bullard23.67aCovenant Christian
15.8Blake McDonnell23.69aLake Country Christian
16.8Chris Gilbert28.54aGrace Prep
8Amit NarawaneDNSOakridge
7Christian RomeroDNSTemple Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ross Early54.19aLiberty Christian
2.8Garrett Alexander54.33aHSA (Home School Ath...
3.7Brody Hust54.99aBethesda Christian
4.7Spencer Mackenzie55.43aLiberty Christian
5.7Gabe McAdams57.15aGrace Prep
6.7Michael King57.63aLiberty Christian
7.7Ben Mosley58.58aGrace Prep
8.6Doc Woodson60.45aPantego Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Aaron Deaver44.52aLiberty Christian
2.8Aaron Beck46.24aOakridge
3.8Connor Ashburn46.69aCoram Deo Academy
4.8Mason Starks47.72aFort Worth Christian
5.8Nate Albin48.42aFort Worth Christian
6.8Carson Dowdle49.39aLiberty Christian
7.8Nathan Bowser50.89aFort Worth Country Day
8.8Carson Ray51.86aFort Worth Country Day
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Ross Early53.78aLiberty Christian
2.8Garrett Alexander54.50aHSA (Home School Ath...
3.7Gabe McAdams56.78aGrace Prep
4.7Brody Hust58.69aBethesda Christian
5.7Spencer Mackenzie59.27aLiberty Christian
6.7Michael King59.54aLiberty Christian
7.6Doc Woodson59.62aPantego Christian
8.7Ben Mosley60.60aGrace Prep
9.7Jack Wheeler61.22aPantego Christian
10.7Ricky Hiler61.31aTrinity Valley
11.7Aiden Smith63.01aAll Saints Episcopal
12.7Krishna Tiwari63.24aTrinity Valley
7Matthew SayersDNSLake Country Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Aaron Deaver46.56aLiberty Christian
2.8Aaron Beck47.85aOakridge
3.8Nate Albin48.16aFort Worth Christian
4.8Carson Dowdle48.45aLiberty Christian
5.8Connor Ashburn48.71aCoram Deo Academy
6.8Mason Starks50.24aFort Worth Christian
7.8Nathan Bowser50.81aFort Worth Country Day
8.8Carson Ray51.80aFort Worth Country Day
9.8Keith Bober52.48aLiberty Christian
10.8Ben Trotter53.65aPantego Christian
11.8David Funderburk55.11aTemple Christian
12.8Nick Carr57.57aTemple Christian
13.8LUke Borgdorf59.39aPantego Christian
14.8Andrew Bullard60.54aCovenant Christian
15.8Chris Akin63.24aFort Worth Christian
16.8Timothy Dockery63.95aPantego Christian
17.8Chris Gilbert76.95aGrace Prep
8Amit NarawaneDNSOakridge
8Adam PilarickDNSBethesda Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 7th Grade - Finals
3rd7Brody Hust54.28Bethesda Christian
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.71aLiberty Christian
2.-Relay Team 55.66aFort Worth Country Day
3.-Relay Team 57.05aPantego Christian
4.-Relay Team 57.10aGrace Prep
5.-Relay Team 58.46aTrinity Valley
6.-Isaac Rooker
Josiah Parsons
Kyle Alexander
Jacob Tankersley
61.10aHSA (Home School Ath...
7.-Relay Team 61.92aLake Country Christian
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 48.19aLiberty Christian
2.-Relay Team 48.31aOakridge
3.-Relay Team 49.09aCovenant Christian
4.-Relay Team 49.88aFort Worth Christian
5.-Relay Team 51.06aTemple Christian
6.-Relay Team 52.18aAll Saints Episcopal
7.-Relay Team 52.55aFort Worth Country Day
8.-Relay Team 54.21aPantego Christian
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.-Caleb Bishop
Ben Hawkins
Jarius White
Matt Marrs
54.88aLiberty Christian
2.-JT Hodnett
Kyle Obrein
Ben Sanakary
Imran Shah
56.15aFort Worth Country Day
3.-Mason Pritcher
Michael Wassell
Grayson Humphrey
Griffin Giles
57.25aPantego Christian
4.-Ben Bennett
Kolby Kunasek
Ben Trice
Dylan McRay
57.62aGrace Prep
5.-Treavor Berkowitz
Chris Miller
Jason Cline
David Connelly
59.17aTrinity Valley
6.-Luke Leopold
Wade Laughlin
Terry Moore
Joey Deforest
59.22aLake Country Christian
7.-Isaac Rooker
Josiah Parsons
Kyle Alexander
Jacob Tankersley
62.42aHSA (Home School Ath...
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.-Leon Ahn
Matthew Jeffrey
Cornett Cameron
Luke Buckner
48.69aLiberty Christian
2.-Jonathan Faltynski
Nathaniel Plemons
Matt Floyd
Bo Nicholson
3.-Chris Altimont
Austin Troup
Trey Jackson
Daniel Kim
50.03aCovenant Christian
4.-Tyler Tarbet
Chase Hamilton
Jared Taylor
Blake Anderson
50.69aFort Worth Christian
5.-Baker Parker
Mack Prioleau
Charlie Reid
Ricky Jenkins
52.87aAll Saints Episcopal
6.-Wesley Ogana
J.W Ledbetter
Mason Doring
Duncan Simaneux
53.35aTemple Christian
7.-Gaddis House
Oliver Newberry
Jessie Mickle
Antoine Gross
53.36aFort Worth Country Day
8.-Keaton Taylor
Jaris Tinklenberg
Gunner Castellanos
John Paul Humphrey
54.87aPantego Christian
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Matt Marrs
Ian Harrington
Ben Hawkins
Zack Elder
4:23.69aLiberty Christian
2.-Relay Team 4:50.22aTrinity Valley
3.-McKenna Avery
Griffin Giles
Aaron Phillips
Grayson Humphrey
4:54.14aPantego Christian
4.-Kyle Obrein
Jack Livingston
Imran Shah
Ben Sanakary
4:57.47aFort Worth Country Day
5.-Gabe McAdams
Ben Mosley
Landon Ruhde
Marc Chapman
5:07.00aGrace Prep
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:56.23aLiberty Christian
2.-Chris Altimont
Trent Jackson
Trey Jackson
Kade Thomas
3:57.13aCovenant Christian
3.-Tyler Tarbet
Austin Lee
Richard Tharp
Jared Taylor
4:01.38aFort Worth Christian
4.-Jonathan Faltynski
Nathaniel Plemons
Bo Nicholson
Matt Floyd
5.-Charlie Reid
Trevor Wright
Matt Claunch
Mack Prioleau
4:12.75aAll Saints Episcopal
6.-Michael Vargha
Jordan Williams
Jonathan Hayden
Joshua Kathramalla
4:14.57aLake Country Christian
7.-Caleb Brake
Connor Ashburn
Josh Elliott
Charles Clinkscales
4:15.96aCoram Deo Academy
8.-Gaddis House
Oliver Newberry
Antoine Gross
Jessie Mickle
4:22.33aFort Worth Country Day
9.-Duncan Simaneux
Lucas Espinoza
Wesley Ogana
Jesse Schroer
4:32.58aTemple Christian
10.-Ben Trotter
Turner Wilson
Keaton Taylor
John Paul Humphrey
4:33.21aPantego Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Charlie Flores43-10.00Grace Prep
2.7Brad Lundblade36-07.00Liberty Christian
3.7Jon Subers31-11.00Pantego Christian
4.7Kamran Fazal30-00.00Oakridge
5.7Michael Wassell29-07.00Pantego Christian
6.7Ian Min29-05.50Liberty Christian
7.7Thomas Ferguson28-10.00Liberty Christian
8.7Cannon Maki28-00.00All Saints Episcopal
9.7Ricky Hiler26-06.00Trinity Valley
10.7Jack Livingston26-05.00Fort Worth Country Day
11.7Kail Ellison25-11.00Grace Prep
12.7Lucas Espinoza25-06.00Temple Christian
13.7Victor Pinto24-08.00All Saints Episcopal
14.7Joshua Collins24-05.00Temple Christian
15.6Alex Watson24-04.00Temple Christian
16.6Noah Flint23-08.00Pantego Christian
17.7John Callaway22-01.00Fort Worth Country Day
18.7Jack Bergamini19-09.50All Saints Episcopal
7David WieseDNSBethesda Christian
7Joey DeforestDNSLake Country Christian
7Wade LaughlinDNSLake Country Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Dylan Sprock40-08.00Liberty Christian
2.8Josh Reber39-05.00Crown of Life Lutheran
3.8Keaton Taylor39-03.00Pantego Christian
4.8Luke Alexander37-00.00Fort Worth Christian
5.8Dustin Walker36-10.00Fort Worth Christian
6.8Ben Trotter36-09.00Pantego Christian
7.8Josh Elliott36-07.00Coram Deo Academy
8.8Ian Baucher35-01.00Fort Worth Christian
9.8Marcus Rasheed35-00.00Liberty Christian
10.8Lukas Groves34-08.00Oakridge
11.8Brett Gilbert34-07.00Liberty Christian
12.8Rob Smat32-08.00All Saints Episcopal
13.8Caleb Brake32-02.00Coram Deo Academy
14.8Lane Walker31-09.00Temple Christian
15.8John Paul Humphrey30-06.00Pantego Christian
16.8Chase Hapeman29-05.00Oakridge
17.8Reese Gilchrist29-00.00All Saints Episcopal
18.8Zaid Shah28-02.00Oakridge
19.8Shane Sharp27-08.00Temple Christian
20.8Aaron Richardson27-03.00Kennedale Fellowship...
21.8Menton Reul26-01.00All Saints Episcopal
22.8Alex Harris23-09.00Lake Country Christian
23.8Jacob Erwin18-08.00Temple Christian
8Caleb PylantNDCovenant Christian
8Josh DelmarNDCovenant Christian
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ian Min86-08Liberty Christian
2.7Charlie Flores86-08Grace Prep
3.7Cannon Maki79-03All Saints Episcopal
4.7Jack Livingston79-02Fort Worth Country Day
5.7Ricky Hiler77-05Trinity Valley
6.7Kamran Fazal76-08Oakridge
7.7Miles Ramsey76-00Bethesda Christian
8.7Joey Deforest75-06Lake Country Christian
9.7Lucas Espinoza65-04Temple Christian
10.7Will Belton65-02Fort Worth Country Day
11.7Kail Ellison64-09Grace Prep
12.7Thomas Ferguson64-05Liberty Christian
13.7Jack Bergamini57-01All Saints Episcopal
14.7Nathan Stewart56-09Pantego Christian
15.7Jon Subers53-00Pantego Christian
16.6Alex Watson50-03Temple Christian
17.7Wade Laughlin48-03Lake Country Christian
18.6Michael McAndrew45-11Pantego Christian
19.7Victor Pinto43-11All Saints Episcopal
20.7Joshua Collins41-04Temple Christian
21.7Garrett Russell40-02Lake Country Christian
7David WieseNDBethesda Christian
7Nate MurrayNDLiberty Christian
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Foster Ford121-04Faith Christian (Gra...
2.8Dustin Walker100-04Fort Worth Christian
3.8Marcus Rasheed92-10Liberty Christian
4.8Dylan Sprock90-04Liberty Christian
5.8Lukas Groves89-09Oakridge
6.8Josh Reber85-11Crown of Life Lutheran
7.8Jordan Sharp85-10Liberty Christian
8.8Max Cronen85-04Kennedale Fellowship...
9.8Ben Trotter85-03Pantego Christian
10.8Austyn McLaughlin85-03Oakridge
11.8Ryan Holland85-02Fort Worth Christian
12.8Turner Wilson77-11Pantego Christian
13.8Nathan Bowser77-02Fort Worth Country Day
14.8Lucas D'Agostino76-08Oakridge
15.8John Paul Humphrey76-07Pantego Christian
16.8Rob Smat74-08All Saints Episcopal
17.8Menton Reul73-04All Saints Episcopal
18.8Josh Elliott71-04Coram Deo Academy
19.8Shane Sharp64-02Temple Christian
20.8Lane Walker62-06Temple Christian
21.8Ian Baucher62-04Fort Worth Christian
22.8Trent Jackson60-06Covenant Christian
23.8Caleb Pylant57-02Covenant Christian
24.8Jacob Erwin50-02Temple Christian
25.8Josh Delmar46-04Covenant Christian
26.8Alex Harris40-07Lake Country Christian
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Griffin Giles5-00.00Pantego Christian
2.7Kyle Obrein4-08.00Fort Worth Country Day
3.7Caleb Bishop4-08.00Liberty Christian
4.8Garrett Alexander4-08.00HSA (Home School Ath...
5.7Matt Marrs4-08.00Liberty Christian
6.7Marc Chapman4-06.00Grace Prep
7.7Ben Mosley4-04.00Grace Prep
8.7Mason Pritcher4-04.00Pantego Christian
7Chris MillerNHTrinity Valley
7Ian BrownNHLiberty Christian
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Cole McKeel5-06.00Faith Christian (Gra...
2.8Michael Vargha5-04.00Lake Country Christian
3.8Jared Taylor5-04.00Fort Worth Christian
4.8Luke Buckner5-04.00Liberty Christian
5.8Grahm Richardson5-00.00Liberty Christian
5.8Carson Dowdle5-00.00Liberty Christian
7.8Mack Prioleau5-00.00All Saints Episcopal
8.8Tyler Tarbet5-00.00Fort Worth Christian
9.8Jonathan Faltynski4-10.00Oakridge
9.8Jonathan Hayden4-10.00Lake Country Christian
11.8Aaron Beck4-08.00Oakridge
8Nate AlbinNHFort Worth Christian
8Timothy DockeryNHPantego Christian
8Chris GilbertNHGrace Prep
8Jordan WilliamsNHLake Country Christian
X Pole Vault - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Gabe McAdams7-00.00Grace Prep
3.7Ben Trice7-00.00Grace Prep
3.7Christian Bailey6-06.00Liberty Christian
3.7Jake Willis6-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
6.7Chase Anderson6-00.00Liberty Christian
7.7Curtis Vanderstoep6-00.00Liberty Christian
7.7Clinton Harlin5-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
X Pole Vault - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Aaron Deaver9-00.00Liberty Christian
2.8Aaron Hedrick8-00.00Fort Worth Christian
3.7Walker Embrey7-06.00Fort Worth Christian
4.8Gaddis House7-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
5.8Beau Schecter7-00.00Fort Worth Christian
5.8Brian Grey7-00.00Liberty Christian
7.8Jackson Hull6-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
8.8Carson Ray6-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
8Nathan DealyNHLiberty Christian
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Dennis Miller, II17-04.00New Heights
2.7Ben Trice15-01.75Grace Prep
3.7Michael Wassell14-11.00Pantego Christian
4.8Garrett Alexander14-10.00HSA (Home School Ath...
5.7Caleb Bishop14-09.00Liberty Christian
6.7Kevin Autrey14-08.50Bethesda Christian
7.7Miles Ramsey14-08.00Bethesda Christian
8.7Nick Valenzuela14-02.25Liberty Christian
9.7Jarius White14-01.00Liberty Christian
10.7Mason Pritcher13-10.50Pantego Christian
11.7Griffin Giles13-00.00Pantego Christian
12.6Kyle Alexander10-10.00HSA (Home School Ath...
13.7Jack Bergamini10-07.00All Saints Episcopal
14.6Devin Cagle10-05.00Temple Christian
7Drew StringerDNSTemple Christian
7Ethan WhalenDNSTemple Christian
7Kyle DavidsonDNSTrinity Valley
7Stephen JohnsonDNSOakridge
7Aiden SmithDNSAll Saints Episcopal
7Matthew SayersDNSLake Country Christian
7Terry MooreDNSLake Country Christian
7Luke LeopoldDNSLake Country Christian
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Leon Ahn19-07.00Liberty Christian
2.8Cole McKeel19-06.00Faith Christian (Gra...
3.8Trey Jackson18-03.00Covenant Christian
4.8Jared Taylor17-10.00Fort Worth Christian
5.8Austin Lee17-09.00Fort Worth Christian
6.8Kade Thomas17-08.75Covenant Christian
7.8Baker Parker16-07.00All Saints Episcopal
7.8Jordan Williams16-07.00Lake Country Christian
9.8Nathaniel Plemons16-05.00Oakridge
10.8Cornett Cameron16-01.75Liberty Christian
11.8Carson Dowdle15-11.00Liberty Christian
12.8Jaris Tinklenberg15-06.00Pantego Christian
13.8Jonathan Hayden15-02.00Lake Country Christian
14.8Mason Doring15-01.25Temple Christian
15.8Wesley Ogana15-00.75Temple Christian
16.8Holton Mulkey14-06.75Grace Prep
17.8Chris Gilbert9-09.50Grace Prep
8AJ McCortFOULHarvest Christian
8Michael VarghaDNSLake Country Christian
8Gunner CastellanosFOULPantego Christian
8Duncan SimaneuxDNSTemple Christian
8Chris AltimontDNSCovenant Christian
8Blake AndersonDNSFort Worth Christian
X Triple Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Michael King32-00.75Liberty Christian
2.7Nick Valenzuela32-00.75Liberty Christian
3.7Kevin Autrey32-00.75Bethesda Christian
4.8Garrett Alexander31-08.75HSA (Home School Ath...
5.7Landon Ruhde29-07.00Grace Prep
6.7Gabe McAdams29-05.00Grace Prep
7.7Jack Wheeler27-02.00Pantego Christian
8.8Jacob Tankersley26-05.25HSA (Home School Ath...
9.7Jordan Parker25-08.25Liberty Christian
10.6Kyle Alexander22-04.25HSA (Home School Ath...
7Drew StringerDNSTemple Christian
7Ethan WhalenDNSTemple Christian
7Brent Vant LandDNSPantego Christian
X Triple Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Foster Ford39-10.50Faith Christian (Gra...
2.8TJ Robinson38-02.00Fort Worth Christian
3.8Austin Lee37-03.00Fort Worth Christian
4.8Cornett Cameron37-02.50Liberty Christian
5.8Leon Ahn36-08.50Liberty Christian
6.8Aaron Deaver36-04.50Liberty Christian
7.8Aaron Hedrick34-00.25Fort Worth Christian
8.8Jaris Tinklenberg31-06.00Pantego Christian
9.8Wesley Ogana31-05.25Temple Christian
10.8David Funderburk31-03.25Temple Christian
11.8Gunner Castellanos30-03.50Pantego Christian
12.8AJ McCort30-02.75Harvest Christian
13.8Mukund Kabra24-05.00Oakridge

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Madison Weiss13.76aOakridge
2.7Sarah Jaderlund13.99aLiberty Christian
3.7Julia King14.13aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Thea Wilson14.14aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Jordan Roland14.18aFort Worth Country Day
6.7Addie Wetteland14.21aLiberty Christian
7.7Julia Massie14.48aCoram Deo Academy
8.7Nadine Bowling14.61aOakridge
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jordan Duggan13.25aOakridge
2.8Isabella Williams13.50aAll Saints Episcopal
3.8Jillian Taylor13.63aFort Worth Christian
4.8Colby Dowdle13.85aLiberty Christian
5.8Krista Schwindt14.02aTemple Christian
6.8Ashton Bowlen14.07aTemple Christian
7.8Aleyna Penny14.25aTemple Christian
8.8Destiny Anamege14.30aOakridge
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Madison Weiss13.61aOakridge
2.7Sarah Jaderlund13.83aLiberty Christian
3.7Addie Wetteland13.92aLiberty Christian
4.7Julia King13.94aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Jordan Roland13.96aFort Worth Country Day
6.7Thea Wilson14.00aAll Saints Episcopal
7.7Julia Massie14.31aCoram Deo Academy
8.7Nadine Bowling14.39aOakridge
9.7Madeline Smith14.44aLake Country Christian
10.7McLayne Craig14.61aGrace Prep
11.7Heather Willett14.77aLiberty Christian
12.6Jessica Day14.84aTemple Christian
13.7Elizabeth Webb14.95aGrace Prep
14.6Kaila Wherry14.96aPantego Christian
15.6Bailey Vaughn15.47aTemple Christian
16.7Preston Heilig15.53aPantego Christian
17.6Chandler Dea16.14aCoram Deo Academy
18.8Morgan Hammonds16.22aHSA (Home School Ath...
19.7Laura Mancini16.38aTemple Christian
20.7Michaela Henderson16.53aBethesda Christian
21.6CC Sloan17.43aCoram Deo Academy
22.6Kate Hammonds17.65aHSA (Home School Ath...
23.7Rachel Guess18.60aGrace Prep
7Genevieve MerrillDNSAll Saints Episcopal
7Hannah BaumgartnerDNSOakridge
8Maru VestelDNSFort Worth Country Day
6Mikayla SwinkDNSKennedale Fellowship...
6Sammi MaldonadoDNSKennedale Fellowship...
5Delyssa MillerDNSNew Heights
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Jordan Duggan13.38aOakridge
2.8Isabella Williams13.48aAll Saints Episcopal
3.8Jillian Taylor13.64aFort Worth Christian
4.8Colby Dowdle13.83aLiberty Christian
5.8Destiny Anamege13.86aOakridge
6.8Krista Schwindt13.91aTemple Christian
7.8Ashton Bowlen14.15aTemple Christian
8.8Aleyna Penny14.20aTemple Christian
9.8Toure Manning14.32aHarvest Christian
10.8Virginia Sitzes14.53aLiberty Christian
11.8Aubree McBrayer14.55aKennedale Fellowship...
12.8Bailey Nichols14.90aCrown of Life Lutheran
13.8malyn Porter15.20aLiberty Christian
14.8Devin Palluth15.23aFort Worth Christian
15.8Kathryn Davis15.32aFort Worth Country Day
16.8Savannah Dodson15.56aLake Country Christian
17.8Maxine Craft15.65aTrinity Valley
18.8Whitley Stout15.75aOakridge
19.8McKenzie Hamilton15.79aFort Worth Christian
20.8Amy Anderson16.88aLake Country Christian
8Kenda CakerDNSTrinity Valley
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Rachel Guess29.15aGrace Prep
2.7Madison Weiss29.87aOakridge
3.7Sarah Jaderlund30.37aLiberty Christian
4.7Thea Wilson30.46aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Addie Wetteland30.72aLiberty Christian
6.7Julia Massie30.94aCoram Deo Academy
7.7McLayne Craig31.62aGrace Prep
8.7Nadine Bowling31.69aOakridge
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Jillian Taylor28.85aFort Worth Christian
2.8Isabella Williams29.10aAll Saints Episcopal
3.8Colby Dowdle29.30aLiberty Christian
4.8Ashton Waczak30.00aLiberty Christian
5.8Kinsey Wolfe30.10aCovenant Christian
6.8Cameron Davis30.29aLiberty Christian
7.8Toure Manning30.60aHarvest Christian
8.8Kaitlyn Oostra31.39aCovenant Christian
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Rachel Guess29.27aGrace Prep
2.7Madison Weiss29.65aOakridge
3.7Sarah Jaderlund30.46aLiberty Christian
4.7Addie Wetteland30.75aLiberty Christian
5.7Thea Wilson31.02aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7McLayne Craig31.20aGrace Prep
7.7Julia Massie31.34aCoram Deo Academy
8.7Nadine Bowling31.40aOakridge
9.7Julia King31.42aAll Saints Episcopal
10.7Alden Griffin31.60aFort Worth Country Day
11.7Katie Wetteland31.98aLiberty Christian
12.7Elizabeth Webb32.04aGrace Prep
13.6Kaila Wherry32.32aPantego Christian
14.6Jessica Day33.01aTemple Christian
15.7Lauren Boyer33.68aCoram Deo Academy
16.7Preston Heilig34.28aPantego Christian
17.7Aisha Abuga34.29aOakridge
18.6Bailey Vaughn34.69aTemple Christian
19.7Paige Locke35.08aPantego Christian
20.7Samantha Hughes35.40aFort Worth Country Day
21.8Morgan Hammonds35.51a
22.7Laura Mancini36.67aTemple Christian
23.7Michaela Henderson36.86aBethesda Christian
24.4Caroline Alexander37.93aHSA (Home School Ath...
25.6CC Sloan39.26aCoram Deo Academy
6Kate Hammonds48.7HSA (Home School Ath...
6Mikayla SwinkDNSKennedale Fellowship...
5Delyssa MillerDNSNew Heights
7Genevieve MerrillDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Colby Dowdle29.13aLiberty Christian
2.8Jillian Taylor29.47aFort Worth Christian
3.8Isabella Williams29.48aAll Saints Episcopal
4.8Ashton Waczak29.63aLiberty Christian
5.8Cameron Davis29.97aLiberty Christian
6.8Kinsey Wolfe30.32aCovenant Christian
7.8Toure Manning30.90aHarvest Christian
8.8Kaitlyn Oostra31.02aCovenant Christian
9.8Aubree McBrayer31.08aKennedale Fellowship...
10.8Micha Brown-Brezina31.51aOakridge
11.8Annette Berry31.72aAll Saints Episcopal
12.8Jennie Edwards31.79aAll Saints Episcopal
13.8Destiny Anamege32.00aOakridge
14.8Aleyna Penny32.03aTemple Christian
15.8Grace Cowan32.58aFort Worth Country Day
16.8Brandi Twine32.64aTemple Christian
17.8Savannah Dodson33.04aLake Country Christian
18.8Bailey Smith33.30aFort Worth Christian
19.8Brayden Deal33.45aCoram Deo Academy
20.8Evie Martin33.59aOakridge
21.8Maxine Craft34.37aTrinity Valley
22.8Alex Thorp35.54aLake Country Christian
23.8McKenzie Hamilton35.69aFort Worth Christian
8Kenda CakerDNSTrinity Valley
8Megan MaynardDNSLake Country Christian
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Bailey Eschle70.47aLiberty Christian
2.7Malorie Grigg70.60aLiberty Christian
3.7Madison Weiss72.21aOakridge
4.7Julia King73.74aAll Saints Episcopal
5.7Victoria James74.31aLiberty Christian
6.7Aisha Abuga75.48aOakridge
7.7Dani Shewmake75.93aTrinity Valley
8.7Lauren Boyer76.34aCoram Deo Academy
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Emory Cason62.91aFaith Christian (Gra...
2.8Cameron Davis66.56aLiberty Christian
3.8Maddie Dancer67.21aCovenant Christian
4.8Gianna Redeemer69.11aOakridge
5.8Maggie Quam69.80aLiberty Christian
6.8Micha Brown-Brezina71.72aOakridge
7.8Annette Berry73.65aAll Saints Episcopal
8.8Mary Faith Banken75.25aTrinity Valley
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Madison Weiss70.09aOakridge
2.7Bailey Eschle70.24aLiberty Christian
3.7Julia King71.92aAll Saints Episcopal
4.7Malorie Grigg72.24aLiberty Christian
5.7Victoria James72.33aLiberty Christian
6.7Dani Shewmake76.76aTrinity Valley
7.7Lauren Boyer76.88aCoram Deo Academy
8.7Aisha Abuga77.33aOakridge
9.7Shelbee Gilmore77.53aOakridge
10.5Avery Nelson78.74aCoram Deo Academy
11.7Caroline West79.15aAll Saints Episcopal
12.7Hannah Davis79.88aBethesda Christian
13.7Lucy Gamades1:20.28aTrinity Valley
14.7Maggie Jorgenson1:21.67aTrinity Valley
15.7Brenna Sheridan1:23.42aLake Country Christian
16.6Chandler Dea1:23.67aCoram Deo Academy
17.7Loren Crawford1:25.01aBethesda Christian
18.7Rachel Burris1:25.58aGrace Prep
19.7Kayla McCreary1:26.10aPantego Christian
20.4Caroline Alexander1:30.24aHSA (Home School Ath...
7Alex PageDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Emory Cason65.28aFaith Christian (Gra...
2.8Maddie Dancer71.10aCovenant Christian
3.8Cameron Davis71.22aLiberty Christian
4.8Maggie Quam72.04aLiberty Christian
5.8Gianna Redeemer72.13aOakridge
6.8Annette Berry74.69aAll Saints Episcopal
7.8Micha Brown-Brezina75.08aOakridge
8.8Mary Faith Banken75.16aTrinity Valley
9.8Bailey Smith75.61aFort Worth Christian
10.8Jennie Edwards76.86aAll Saints Episcopal
11.8Heather Thornburg77.26aFort Worth Christian
12.8Brayden Deal79.33aCoram Deo Academy
13.8Segan Berg79.59aCrown of Life Lutheran
14.8Lauren Hooper1:20.80aFort Worth Christian
15.8Kailey Beatty1:23.61aLake Country Christian
16.8Caroline Chatham1:23.72aCovenant Christian
17.8malyn Porter1:24.13aLiberty Christian
18.8Hope McClure1:24.33aLake Country Christian
8Megan MaynardDNSLake Country Christian
8Samantha JamiesonDNSOakridge
8Mary Alex DaniDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - 7th Grade - Finals
7Brooke Manley78.2Grace Prep
7Rebecca Burris86.5Grace Prep
7Rachel Burris88.9Grace Prep
7Hannah Hall92.4Grace Prep
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Bailey Eschle2:52.34Liberty Christian
2.7Shelbee Gilmore2:57.58Oakridge
3.7Caitlin Payblas3:04.33Bethesda Christian
4.7Hannah Davis3:05.27Bethesda Christian
5.7Ariel Sanders3:06.45Lake Country Christian
6.5Avery Nelson3:07.00Coram Deo Academy
6.7Hannah Hall3:07.0Grace Prep
8.7Caroline West3:12.23All Saints Episcopal
9.7Taylor Erwin3:13.68Liberty Christian
10.7Rebecca Burris3:13.84Grace Prep
11.7Heather Willett3:14.18Liberty Christian
12.4Caroline Alexander3:14.58HSA (Home School Ath...
13.7Megan Lin3:18.37Trinity Valley
14.7Rachel Burris3:18.97Grace Prep
15.7Claudia Boyd3:23.02Fort Worth Country Day
16.7Madi Smith3:23.40All Saints Episcopal
17.7Emily Pitsch3:24.05All Saints Episcopal
18.7Emily Johnson3:29.99Liberty Christian
19.7Arden Terry3:51.70Fort Worth Country Day
X 800 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Ali Gardner2:41.97aLiberty Christian
2.8Maggie Quam2:42.60aLiberty Christian
3.8Madeline Cordell2:43.49aLiberty Christian
4.8Katherine White2:43.92aAll Saints Episcopal
5.8Christine Gale2:44.40aFort Worth Christian
6.8Johannah Song2:50.84aBethesda Christian
7.8Heather Thornburg2:51.59aFort Worth Christian
8.8Molly Sparks2:52.40aAll Saints Episcopal
9.8Alexandra Bratton2:53.46aFort Worth Country Day
10.8Madison Mcdade3:02.61aFort Worth Country Day
11.8Mary Faith Banken3:05.84aTrinity Valley
12.8Elizabeth Schultz3:05.98aTrinity Valley
13.8Sarah Evans3:10.45aAll Saints Episcopal
14.8Annie Druzzilla3:11.11aFort Worth Country Day
15.8Caroline Gonzalez3:11.33aFort Worth Christian
16.8Alex Thorp3:12.90aLake Country Christian
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Haley Griffin6:38.10Bethesda Christian
2.7Caitlin Payblas7:07.98Bethesda Christian
3.7Hannah Hall7:25.48Grace Prep
4.7Madi Smith7:44.35All Saints Episcopal
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Ali Gardner6:12.75Liberty Christian
2.8Riley Smith6:12.86All Saints Episcopal
3.8Abby Holloway6:32.37Bethesda Christian
4.8Maggie Quam6:34.29Liberty Christian
5.8Johannah Song6:34.58Bethesda Christian
6.8Tiffany Bessett6:39.42Liberty Christian
7.8Karoline Walters7:04.24Fort Worth Christian
8.8Margaret Boese7:31.58Fort Worth Christian
9.8Shelby Embrey7:48.31Fort Worth Christian
X 3200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Haley Griffin14:44.00Bethesda Christian
6Taylor TalleyDNSBethesda Christian
X 3200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Riley Smith13:18.53All Saints Episcopal
2.8Ali Gardner13:21.20Liberty Christian
3.8Katherine White14:03.11All Saints Episcopal
4.8Abby Holloway14:05.46Bethesda Christian
5.8Tiffany Bessett14:19.78Liberty Christian
6.8Karoline Walters15:22.88Fort Worth Christian
7.8Shelby Embrey15:56.51Fort Worth Christian
8Katherine KeatleyDNSFort Worth Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Emily Tabor18.71aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Anna Purselley18.84aLake Country Christian
3.7Ellen Jacobs19.64aTrinity Valley
4.7Ashley Jenkins19.67aLiberty Christian
5.7Catey Benson20.26aGrace Prep
6.7Madison Briscoe20.44aLiberty Christian
7.7Dani Shewmake20.61aTrinity Valley
8.7Brooke Manley21.14aGrace Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Kaitlyn Zorich17.48aFort Worth Christian
2.8Hannah Spates18.60aLiberty Christian
3.8Ashley Mihalick19.35aBethesda Christian
4.8Mary Faith Banken19.43aTrinity Valley
5.8Virginia Sitzes20.02aLiberty Christian
6.8Lauren Hooper20.05aFort Worth Christian
7.8Lauren Stone20.27aLiberty Christian
8.8Bryce Gilberisaw21.03aPantego Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Emily Tabor19.59aAll Saints Episcopal
2.7Ashley Jenkins19.62aLiberty Christian
3.7Catey Benson19.88aGrace Prep
4.7Ellen Jacobs20.03aTrinity Valley
5.7Anna Purselley20.11aLake Country Christian
6.7Madison Briscoe20.30aLiberty Christian
7.7Brooke Manley20.39aGrace Prep
8.7Dani Shewmake20.95aTrinity Valley
9.6Jessica Day21.63aTemple Christian
10.7Paige Locke21.74aPantego Christian
11.7Emily Lawson21.76aLiberty Christian
12.7Aisha Abuga22.19aOakridge
13.7Elyse Ross22.74aPantego Christian
14.7Madison Jetty23.34aOakridge
15.6Brittany Daniels24.12aPantego Christian
16.7Laura Mancini24.56aTemple Christian
17.7Mindy McCoy24.58aTrinity Valley
18.6Kate Hammonds24.93aHSA (Home School Ath...
6Bailey VaughnDNSTemple Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Kaitlyn Zorich17.52aFort Worth Christian
2.8Bryce Gilberisaw18.67aPantego Christian
3.8Hannah Spates19.02aLiberty Christian
4.8Mary Faith Banken19.45aTrinity Valley
5.8Virginia Sitzes19.87aLiberty Christian
6.8Ashley Mihalick20.03aBethesda Christian
7.8Lauren Stone20.10aLiberty Christian
8.8Lauren Hooper20.37aFort Worth Christian
9.8Elizabeth Schultz20.42aTrinity Valley
10.8Margaret Snyder20.43aFort Worth Country Day
11.8Gianna Redeemer21.27aOakridge
12.8Ashton Bowlen21.70aTemple Christian
13.8Adyson Mitchell22.07aLake Country Christian
14.8Brit Blair22.25aFort Worth Christian
15.8Alexandra Bratton22.69aFort Worth Country Day
16.8Krista Schwindt24.16aTemple Christian
8Brandi TwineDNSTemple Christian
8C.J. PondDNSOakridge
8Stella BronsteinDNSOakridge
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 8th Grade - Finals
3rd8Ashley Mihalick19.06Bethesda Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Dillon Duchesne55.29aLiberty Christian
2.7Mindy McCoy57.38aTrinity Valley
3.7Catey Benson57.63aGrace Prep
4.7Ashley Jenkins58.43aLiberty Christian
5.7Emily Tabor58.46aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7Ellen Jacobs59.15aTrinity Valley
7.7Madison Briscoe59.60aLiberty Christian
8.7Brooke Manley61.92aGrace Prep
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Emory Cason53.28aFaith Christian (Gra...
2.8Katherine Meadows53.68aCovenant Christian
3.8Hannah Spates54.99aLiberty Christian
4.8Alexa Hernandez56.95aLiberty Christian
5.8Madi Tacker57.25aFort Worth Christian
6.8Ashley Mihalick57.41aBethesda Christian
7.8Madeline Cordell59.50aLiberty Christian
8.8Margaret Snyder61.48aFort Worth Country Day
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.7Dillon Duchesne56.71aLiberty Christian
2.7Mindy McCoy57.68aTrinity Valley
3.7Catey Benson58.18aGrace Prep
4.7Ellen Jacobs59.15aTrinity Valley
5.7Emily Tabor59.87aAll Saints Episcopal
6.7Madison Briscoe61.29aLiberty Christian
7.7Ashley Jenkins61.85aLiberty Christian
8.7Brooke Manley62.39aGrace Prep
9.7Rebecca Burris66.44aGrace Prep
10.7Megan Lin69.71aTrinity Valley
11.7Loren Crawford73.86aBethesda Christian
6Natalie WingerDNSBethesda Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.8Katherine Meadows53.56aCovenant Christian
2.8Emory Cason53.74aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.8Alexa Hernandez54.97aLiberty Christian
4.8Hannah Spates56.53aLiberty Christian
5.8Ashley Mihalick56.91aBethesda Christian
6.8Madi Tacker58.50aFort Worth Christian
7.8Madeline Cordell59.33aLiberty Christian
8.8Margaret Snyder61.97aFort Worth Country Day
9.8Devin Palluth62.97aFort Worth Christian
10.8Raelyn McNair63.17aAll Saints Episcopal
11.8Bryce Gilberisaw64.83aPantego Christian
12.8Adyson Mitchell66.54aLake Country Christian
13.8Brit Blair73.71aFort Worth Christian
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 56.92aLiberty Christian
2.-Relay Team 57.78aFort Worth Country Day
3.-Elizabeth Webb
McLayne Craig
Catey Benson
Rachel Guess
58.23aGrace Prep
4.-Relay Team 62.43aLake Country Christian
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 56.29aLiberty Christian
2.-Relay Team 57.01aFort Worth Christian
3.-Relay Team 57.13aCovenant Christian
4.-Relay Team 57.21aOakridge
5.-Relay Team 57.73aTemple Christian
6.-Relay Team 60.67aFort Worth Country Day
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 58.25aLiberty Christian
2.-Elizabeth Webb
McLayne Craig
Catey Benson
Rachel Guess
58.63aGrace Prep
3.-Beth Ann Herd
Alden Griffin
Jordan Roland
Lauren Wagner
58.76aFort Worth Country Day
4.-Ariel Sanders
Brenna Sheridan
Anna Purselley
Madeline Smith
63.32aLake Country Christian
-Aisha Abuga
Madison Weiss
Claire Smith
Nadine Bowling
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Prelims
1.-Alexa Hernandez
Virginia Sitzes
Ashton Waczak
Colby Dowdle
56.25aLiberty Christian
2.-Kinsey Wolfe
Katherine Meadows
Kaitlyn Oostra
Maddie Dancer
56.73aCovenant Christian
3.-Bree Lopez
Madi Tacker
Jillian Taylor
Alexandra Yarrtio
57.05aFort Worth Christian
4.-Destiny Anamege
Jordan Duggan
Whitley Stout
Samantha Jamieson
5.-Madison Mcdade
Maru Vestel
Kameryn Conway
Rachel Hughes
60.43aFort Worth Country Day
6.-Brandi Twine
Ashton Bowlen
Aleyna Penny
Krista Schwindt
60.68aTemple Christian
X 4x400 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Dillon Duchesne
Bailey Eschle
Victoria James
Malorie Grigg
4:42.07aLiberty Christian
2.-Alden Griffin
Lauren Wagner
Eliza Wagner
Jordan Roland
4:51.71aFort Worth Country Day
3.-Ellen Jacobs
Mindy McCoy
Dani Shewmake
Maggie Jorgenson
5:12.20aTrinity Valley
4.-Madeline Smith
Anna Purselley
Brenna Sheridan
Ariel Sanders
5:23.39aLake Country Christian
5.-Loren Crawford
Hannah Davis
Haley Griffin
Caitlin Payblas
5:27.20aBethesda Christian
6.-Paige Locke
Kayla McCreary
Preston Heilig
Elyse Ross
5:36.99aPantego Christian
7.-Brooke Manley
Rachel Burris
Rebecca Burris
Hannah Hall
5:46.63aGrace Prep
X 4x400 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
1.-Madeline Cordell
Ashton Waczak
Alexa Hernandez
Cameron Davis
4:41.44aLiberty Christian
2.-Bree Lopez
Christine Gale
Alexandra Yarrtio
Kaitlyn Zorich
4:41.89aFort Worth Christian
3.-Micha Brown-Brezina
Jordan Duggan
Gianna Redeemer
Samantha Jamieson
4.-Kaitlyn Oostra
Katherine Meadows
Kinsey Wolfe
Maddie Dancer
4:50.83aCovenant Christian
5.-Riley Smith
Molly Sparks
Katherine White
Isabella Williams
4:53.65aAll Saints Episcopal
6.-Madison Mcdade
Kameryn Conway
Grace Cowan
Catherine Parker
4:58.05aFort Worth Country Day
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Mara Frazier23-09.50Pantego Christian
2.7destiny Smith23-08.00Liberty Christian
3.7Miranda Ziesman23-01.50Grace Prep
4.7Annie Norrell22-11.00Grace Prep
5.7Grace Dansby22-06.50Liberty Christian
6.7Marian Otto21-09.50Liberty Christian
7.7Michaela Henderson21-02.50Bethesda Christian
8.7Cassie Collins19-00.00Grace Prep
6Mikayla SwinkDNSKennedale Fellowship...
6Sammi MaldonadoDNSKennedale Fellowship...
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Caroline Gonzalez27-08.00Fort Worth Christian
2.8Savannah Dodson26-03.00Lake Country Christian
3.8Christina Swift24-05.00Temple Christian
4.8Caroline Chatham23-09.00Covenant Christian
5.8Micah Lawler23-04.50Liberty Christian
6.8Tonya Lay21-11.00Fort Worth Christian
7.8Kensi Boenker21-02.00Lake Country Christian
8.8Catherine Haltom21-00.00Covenant Christian
9.8Calee Dill19-03.00Lake Country Christian
10.8Laura Abasi19-00.00Harvest Christian
11.8Elizabeth Penner18-11.00Fort Worth Christian
12.8Katelynn Pearson16-10.00Liberty Christian
13.8Katy King15-02.00Liberty Christian
8Hailey HudginsDNSCovenant Christian
X Discus - 1kg - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Miranda Ziesman59-10Grace Prep
2.7Annie Norrell56-08Grace Prep
3.7destiny Smith55-10Liberty Christian
4.7Cassie Collins53-05Grace Prep
5.7Katie Markham49-02Liberty Christian
6.7Natalie Lipscomb47-07Liberty Christian
7.7Hannah Davis45-00Bethesda Christian
8.7Mara Frazier41-10Pantego Christian
9.7Michaela Henderson36-00Bethesda Christian
6Sammi MaldonadoNDKennedale Fellowship...
6Mikayla SwinkNDKennedale Fellowship...
X Discus - 1kg - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tonya Lay74-03Fort Worth Christian
2.8Christina Swift66-09Temple Christian
3.8Caroline Gonzalez65-00Fort Worth Christian
4.8Micah Lawler64-11Liberty Christian
5.8Jessie Keany61-05Fort Worth Christian
6.8Caroline Chatham57-08Covenant Christian
7.8Katelynn Pearson54-08Liberty Christian
8.8Amy Anderson50-00Lake Country Christian
9.8Kensi Boenker47-04Lake Country Christian
10.8Laura Abasi43-10Harvest Christian
11.8Catherine Haltom40-09Covenant Christian
12.8Katy King26-02Liberty Christian
8Brandi TwineDNSTemple Christian
8Hailey HudginsDNSCovenant Christian
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Madison Weiss4-06.00Oakridge
2.7Brenna Sheridan4-06.00Lake Country Christian
3.7Rachel Guess4-06.00Grace Prep
4.7Brooke Manley4-02.00Grace Prep
5.7Mindy McCoy4-02.00Trinity Valley
6.7Dani Shewmake4-00.00Trinity Valley
7.7Morgan Lorant3-10.00Liberty Christian
7.7Addie Wetteland3-10.00Liberty Christian
9.7Bailey Eschle3-10.00Liberty Christian
7Nadine BowlingDNSOakridge
7Emily TaborDNSAll Saints Episcopal
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alexa Hernandez4-06.00Liberty Christian
2.8Kaitlyn Zorich4-04.00Fort Worth Christian
3.8Heather Thornburg4-02.00Fort Worth Christian
4.8Katherine Keatley4-02.00Fort Worth Christian
5.8Destiny Anamege4-02.00Oakridge
8Elizabeth SchultzNHTrinity Valley
X Pole Vault - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Nadine Bowling6-06.00Oakridge
2.7Katie Wetteland6-00.00Liberty Christian
2.7Addie Wetteland6-00.00Liberty Christian
4.7Beth Ann Herd5-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
7Victoria JamesNHLiberty Christian
X Pole Vault - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Destiny Anamege6-06.00Oakridge
2.8Melissa Geisel6-06.00Oakridge
8Micha Brown-BrezinaDNSOakridge
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Madison Weiss15-05.75Oakridge
2.7Malorie Grigg15-02.75Liberty Christian
3.7Ellen Jacobs13-01.50Trinity Valley
4.7Beth Ann Herd13-00.75Fort Worth Country Day
5.6Jessica Day12-11.50Temple Christian
6.7Brooke Manley12-10.50Grace Prep
7.7Catey Benson12-09.50Grace Prep
8.7Claire Smith12-00.75Oakridge
9.7Paige Locke11-09.75Pantego Christian
10.7Katie Wetteland11-08.00Liberty Christian
10.7Anna Purselley11-08.00Lake Country Christian
12.7Taylor Erwin11-05.50Liberty Christian
13.7Elyse Ross10-09.00Pantego Christian
13.6Bailey Vaughn10-09.00Temple Christian
15.7Laura Mancini10-05.00Temple Christian
16.4Caroline Alexander10-04.50HSA (Home School Ath...
17.8Morgan Hammonds10-02.75HSA (Home School Ath...
18.6Kate Hammonds8-10.00HSA (Home School Ath...
7Claudia BoydDNSFort Worth Country Day
5Delyssa MillerDNSNew Heights
7Genevieve MerrillDNSAll Saints Episcopal
7Elizabeth WebbFOULGrace Prep
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Alexandra Yarrito15-02.00Fort Worth Christian
2.8Virginia Sitzes14-07.00Liberty Christian
3.8Mary Faith Banken14-03.75Trinity Valley
4.8Katherine Meadows13-10.75Covenant Christian
5.8Krista Schwindt13-06.50Temple Christian
6.8Toure Manning13-06.00Harvest Christian
7.8Kaitlyn Oostra13-01.25Covenant Christian
8.8Bree Lopez12-11.00Fort Worth Christian
9.8Brandi Twine12-02.75Temple Christian
10.8Ashton Bowlen12-02.75Temple Christian
11.8Sophie Hoch11-09.75Trinity Valley
12.8Lauren Stone11-03.50Liberty Christian
13.8Maddie Mc Clung10-08.00Trinity Valley
8Isabella WilliamsDNSAll Saints Episcopal
8Jillian TaylorFOULFort Worth Christian
X Triple Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sarah Jaderlund29-09.00Liberty Christian
2.7Malorie Grigg29-08.00Liberty Christian
3.7Rachel Guess27-03.00Grace Prep
4.7Rachel Burris26-00.00Grace Prep
5.7Rebecca Burris24-04.00Grace Prep
6.7Grace Dansby22-06.00Liberty Christian
7.7Elyse Ross22-03.00Pantego Christian
8.7Paige Locke21-08.00Pantego Christian
X Triple Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Emory Cason32-03.00Faith Christian (Gra...
2.8Kaitlyn Zorich30-09.00Fort Worth Christian
3.8Lauren Hooper30-00.00Fort Worth Christian
4.8Virginia Sitzes29-06.25Liberty Christian
5.8Brit Blair27-08.00Fort Worth Christian
6.8Hanna Jones25-10.00Liberty Christian
7.8Toure Manning25-09.00Harvest Christian
8.8malyn Porter23-10.00Liberty Christian
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