NJSIAA Non Public B State Championships

Friday, February 13, 2009
  John Bennett Indoor Athletic Complex, Toms River - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Edwin Elias6.80aPaterson Catholic
2.10Lawrence Brown6.85aSt Patrick
3.10Judea Robinson6.87aSt Patrick
4.12Carlton Bowers6.91aPingry
5.12Labron Collins6.93aHudson Catholic
6.11Kadeem Johnson6.93aHudson Catholic
7.10Lawrence Casseus7.15aSt Patrick
8.9Ben Ballintyn7.23aPingry
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Edwin Elias6.87aPaterson Catholic
1.12Labron Collins6.89aHudson Catholic
2.10Judea Robinson6.89aSt Patrick
2.12Carlton Bowers6.89aPingry
1.11Kadeem Johnson6.90aHudson Catholic
3.10Lawrence Brown6.99aSt Patrick
2.10Lawrence Casseus7.18aSt Patrick
3.9Ben Ballintyn7.24aPingry
3.12Steve Bradford7.26aRoselle Catholic
4.9Donovan Brady7.28aMontclair Kimberley
4.11Jonathan Flores7.39aPaterson Catholic
5.10Zachary Racusin7.39aGill Saint Bernards
4.10Greg Stewart7.47aGill Saint Bernards
6.11Sean Stewart7.47aSt Rose
5.11Cody Cohen7.52aSaddle River Day
5.10Michael Verga7.58aSt Rose
6.9Leonard Hughes7.58aImmaculate Conception
7.11Myles Bristow7.62aPingry
7.10Christopher Noziere7.63aImmaculate Conception
6.10Taeson Hahm7.67aSaddle River Day
8.10Paul Grodeska7.67aSt Rose
7.10Matthew Rafizadeh8.03aGill Saint Bernards
8.10Jeremy Tchack8.15aSaddle River Day
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carlton Bowers51.83aPingry
2.10Lawrence Brown53.36aSt Patrick
3.10Judea Robinson53.63aSt Patrick
4.12Labron Collins53.68aHudson Catholic
5.11Javon Brown54.00aPaterson Catholic
1.11Darryl Sessoms54.73aRoselle Catholic
6.9Ikenna Chikezie55.23aSt Patrick
2.11Kadeem Johnson55.43aHudson Catholic
1.11Sean Stewart56.58aSt Rose
3.11Justin Dziedzick57.09aRoselle Catholic
2.11Gavin Brown57.35aOratory Prep
4.12Steve Bradford58.14aRoselle Catholic
3.12Jonathan Cobos59.75aHudson Catholic
4.10Taeson Hahm1:00.66aSaddle River Day
5.11Myles Bristow1:01.23aPingry
5.11Cody Cohen1:01.81aSaddle River Day
6.10Dillon Seng1:03.26aGill Saint Bernards
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dan Schuchinsky2:03.49aPingry
2.12Travis Boscia2:05.64aRoselle Catholic
3.12Andrew Sartorius2:07.30aPingry
4.10Colin Richmond2:08.45aSt Rose
5.11Javon Brown2:08.98aPaterson Catholic
6.9Ikenna Chikezie2:11.15aSt Patrick
7.11Richard Savner2:11.24aSt Rose
8.-Tony Smith2:11.99aSt Patrick
9.11Reid Cashour2:15.32aSt Rose
10.10Victor Porsenna2:15.65aRoselle Catholic
11.11Frankie Vanderveeke2:19.33aRoselle Catholic
12.12Lucas Langerman2:21.37aSaddle River Day
13.11Khary Porter2:25.69aSt Patrick
14.10Adam Armstrong2:28.84aPingry
15.11Jerrod Richardson2:29.52aImmaculate Conception
16.12Kofi Appiah2:41.12aImmaculate Conception
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dan Schuchinsky4:28.14aPingry
2.12Matt LaForgia4:29.71aPingry
3.12Vinny Nicastro4:38.10aRoselle Catholic
4.10Colin Richmond4:39.93aSt Rose
5.12Travis Boscia4:45.63aRoselle Catholic
6.12Tommy Masko4:51.75aRoselle Catholic
7.11Christian Cleary4:55.33aSt Rose
8.9Christopher Myles5:11.49aSt Rose
11.10Adam Armstrong5:21.58aPingry
12.9Jim Rice5:22.77aMorris Catholic
13.11Matt Quigley5:23.14aMorris Catholic
14.10Gus Exarhakos5:39.91aOratory Prep
15.10Alden Corbett6:01.16aGill Saint Bernards
16.10Ly'quan Mc Cray6:01.59aPaterson Catholic
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Doug Smith9:16.50aGill Saint Bernards
2.12Matt LaForgia10:09.41aPingry
3.12Vinny Nicastro10:12.18aRoselle Catholic
4.12Andrew Sartorius10:25.16aPingry
5.11James Dalton10:30.21aSt Rose
6.10Tyler Boscia10:52.14aRoselle Catholic
7.12Tommy Masko11:12.86aRoselle Catholic
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lawrence Casseus8.04aSt Patrick
2.12Matthew Sunga8.13aImmaculate Conception
3.12Marlo Deleon8.20aImmaculate Conception
4.12Corey Graves8.22aOratory Prep
5.12Scott Cebulski8.65aSt Rose
6.9Ikenna Chikezie8.70aSt Patrick
7.12Al Pace9.53aSt Rose
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Lawrence Casseus8.16aSt Patrick
1.12Matthew Sunga8.27aImmaculate Conception
2.12Corey Graves8.32aOratory Prep
3.12Marlo Deleon8.33aImmaculate Conception
2.9Ikenna Chikezie8.77aSt Patrick
3.12Scott Cebulski8.81aSt Rose
4.11Richard Savner9.51aSt Rose
4.12Al Pace9.57aSt Rose
5.11Gavin Brown9.60aOratory Prep
5.-Tony Smith10.31aSt Patrick
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:37.76aPingry
2.-Relay Team 3:37.93aSt Patrick
3.-Justin Dziedzick
Travis Boscia
Walter Dzeidzic
Darryl Sessoms
3:45.45aRoselle Catholic
4.-Relay Team 3:50.40aSt Rose
5.-Relay Team 4:25.74aGill Saint Bernards
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
2.11Rory Walsh43-04.50Hudson Catholic
3.12Grant Thomas43-00.00Pingry
4.10Marcus Laroche42-00.50Oratory Prep
5.9Chris D'Andrea41-10.00Montclair Kimberley
7.10Alex Almeida41-04.50Roselle Catholic
6.12Chase Whetstone41-04.25Hudson Catholic
8.11Mark Bylancik38-07.50Montclair Kimberley
9.11Digno Andino37-11.25Oratory Prep
10.10Judea Robinson33-11.50St Patrick
11.10Jared Littlejohn33-02.00Oratory Prep
12.12Eric Blau32-01.75Pingry
13.10Michael Verga32-01.00St Rose
14.10Christopher Noziere29-08.50Immaculate Conception
1.12Justin Mills29-08.00Paterson Catholic
15.12Jay Holman24-04.75Pingry
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lawrence Casseus5-06.00St Patrick
1.-Tony Smith5-06.00St Patrick
3.12Labron Collins5-04.00Hudson Catholic
3.10Lawrence Brown5-04.00St Patrick
5.12Corey Graves5-02.00Oratory Prep
5.10Paul Grodeska5-02.00St Rose
5.12Scott Cebulski5-02.00St Rose

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dominique Booker7.17aImmaculate Conception
2.10Tacquaya Tobias7.48aOur Lady of Mercy
3.9Hallie Earle7.66aMontclair Kimberley
4.11Vincia Jackson7.70aMt Saint Dominic
5.12Alicia Hall7.86aImmaculate Conception
6.12Chantall Whittick7.87aImmaculate Conception
7.11Laura Placentra7.90aMontclair Kimberley
8.11Terdoo Nwaoduh8.09aPingry
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Dominique Booker7.21aImmaculate Conception
1.10Tacquaya Tobias7.59aOur Lady of Mercy
1.11Vincia Jackson7.77aMt Saint Dominic
2.9Hallie Earle7.77aMontclair Kimberley
1.12Chantall Whittick7.84aImmaculate Conception
2.12Alicia Hall7.87aImmaculate Conception
2.11Laura Placentra7.91aMontclair Kimberley
3.11Terdoo Nwaoduh7.97aPingry
2.10Shannon Murphy8.01aGill Saint Bernards
3.11Sariah Harper8.02aRoselle Catholic
4.11Samantha O'Donovan8.12aOur Lady of Mercy
3.9Isabella Fernandez8.14aKent Place
4.10Meredith Hoffman8.26aSt Rose
5.10Elizabeth Anderson8.27aSt Rose
3.12Raquel Antoine8.29aMt Saint Dominic
5.10Katie Galli8.30aGill Saint Bernards
4.10Emily Sanchez8.37aSaddle River Day
6.12Claire Bocage8.43aMount Saint Mary Aca...
7.11Ali Rotatori8.48aPingry
6.10Laura Zito8.51aOak Knoll
5.9Rachael Edelson8.56aOak Knoll
5.11Danielle Cosentino8.58aPingry
6.12Joanne Gochuico8.62aMount Saint Mary Aca...
6.12Marisa Avallone8.70aSt Rose
7.9Elena Grady8.74aOur Lady of Mercy
7.10Abbie West8.79aOak Knoll
7.12Katie Hanisko8.82aMorris Catholic
8.11Landy Pierre8.91aMount Saint Mary Aca...
8.11Nicole Freid9.34aSaddle River Day
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tara Sandlin1:01.93aRoselle Catholic
2.11Catie Cohen1:03.14aRoselle Catholic
3.10Tacquaya Tobias1:03.15aOur Lady of Mercy
1.11Vincia Jackson1:03.21aMt Saint Dominic
4.11Terdoo Nwaoduh1:03.67aPingry
5.12Marion Burns1:03.72aOak Knoll
6.11Erin Spain1:03.98aMontclair Kimberley
1.9Katelyn Kraft1:04.72aSt Rose
1.10Madeline Miksic1:05.34aSt Rose
2.9Mirable Nkenke1:05.54aImmaculate Conception
3.9Morgan Zaidel1:05.62aGill Saint Bernards
2.10Katie Galli1:07.10aGill Saint Bernards
3.11Ali Rotatori1:07.21aPingry
2.12Mary Jane Durkin1:07.30aMt Saint Dominic
4.11Samantha O'Donovan1:07.92aOur Lady of Mercy
4.9Jen Poss1:08.30aMater Dei
5.10Kathleen Emerson1:08.66aSt Rose
6.11Alex Scavone1:10.13aPingry
7.11Shanna Kirgan1:10.52aMater Dei
8.12Joanne Gochuico1:11.33aMount Saint Mary Aca...
5.9Tricia Elliott1:12.22aMater Dei
7.12Christine Pierson1:13.49aMorris Catholic
9.10Brynn Olsen1:14.39aMount Saint Mary Aca...
8.9Cat Costekko1:20.02aMount Saint Mary Aca...
9.10Paris Cotz1:21.06aSaddle River Day
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ines Simoes2:25.14aRoselle Catholic
2.9Ashlynn Fields2:26.95aMt Saint Dominic
3.10Amanda Jones2:29.59aSaddle River Day
4.12Marie Walsh2:30.54aMater Dei
5.11Nicole Nelson-Ogaard2:31.94aMontclair Kimberley
6.9Felicia D'Alonzo2:33.33aSt Rose
7.11Tara Sandlin2:34.75aRoselle Catholic
8.11Louisa Lee2:34.96aPingry
9.12Bridget Gallegher2:35.31aMount Saint Mary Aca...
1.9Kristen Ulrich2:36.29aMount Saint Mary Aca...
10.12Clare Hearns2:38.80aMt Saint Dominic
2.11Briana Smith2:40.57aRoselle Catholic
11.9Madison Campbell2:42.93aGill Saint Bernards
3.10Lauren Bergamo2:44.50aOur Lady of Mercy
4.11Alex Scavone2:45.22aPingry
5.9Jen Poss2:45.23aMater Dei
6.12Lindsey Robertson2:46.99aKent Place
7.12Darragh Egan2:47.65aPingry
8.9Mirable Nkenke2:47.69aImmaculate Conception
12.10Kelly Dunnigan2:48.70aMt Saint Dominic
10.11Leah Geogegan2:49.07aMount Saint Mary Aca...
11.11Shanna Kirgan2:49.83aMater Dei
12.12Hilary Hugin2:51.33aKent Place
13.10Victoria Bernardo3:01.90aGill Saint Bernards
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ines Simoes5:13.96aRoselle Catholic
2.12Marie Walsh5:16.02aMater Dei
3.11Caroline Williams5:24.18aMount Saint Mary Aca...
4.11Bridget End5:30.01aOak Knoll
5.11Louisa Lee5:34.66aPingry
6.10Caitlin Naughton5:40.26aMt Saint Dominic
7.9Annie Murphy5:41.26aOak Knoll
8.12Courtney Alpaugh5:41.58aKent Place
9.12Danielle Bonnesen5:52.00aMount Saint Mary Aca...
10.10Mary Kate Martinson5:52.82aPingry
11.9Sarah Quinn5:53.18aGill Saint Bernards
12.10Kristen Paulsen5:54.83aRoselle Catholic
13.12Sara Bauer5:58.22aMorris Catholic
14.9Katie Lynch6:00.78aSt Rose
15.11Andrea Kirkconnell6:01.98aRoselle Catholic
16.12Aliya Simnor6:10.14aMater Dei
17.9Justine Fairman6:12.20aMorris Catholic
18.10Jordan Barry6:20.47aMt Saint Dominic
19.11Catherine Golding6:21.73aPingry
20.10Melanie Wiechecki6:23.65aOur Lady of Mercy
21.11Stasia Rogacki6:40.64aMt Saint Dominic
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ines Simoes11:25.22aRoselle Catholic
2.11Caroline Williams11:39.97aMount Saint Mary Aca...
3.11Bridget End11:57.99aOak Knoll
4.9Annie Murphy12:16.75aOak Knoll
5.11Kathleen O'Neill12:17.20aMount Saint Mary Aca...
6.10Sarah Glockenmeier12:21.14aMount Saint Mary Aca...
7.9Sarah Quinn12:38.59aGill Saint Bernards
8.10Caitlin Naughton12:50.15aMt Saint Dominic
9.11Briana Smith13:09.90aRoselle Catholic
10.10Kristen Paulsen13:18.83aRoselle Catholic
11.10Lauren Bergamo13:36.87aOur Lady of Mercy
12.10Anisha Mohin15:00.28aPingry
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Abrina Hyatt9.69aKent Place
2.12Kelly Rossidis9.88aMater Dei
3.12Vanessa Jules10.01aSt Rose
4.12Katie Blakeslee10.12aSt Rose
5.11Sheana Foster10.28aRoselle Catholic
6.12Katie O'Brien10.41aMater Dei
7.10Meredith Hoffman10.42aSt Rose
8.11Emily Gilbert10.75aPingry
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Abrina Hyatt9.76aKent Place
1.12Kelly Rossidis9.80aMater Dei
2.12Vanessa Jules10.20aSt Rose
3.11Sheana Foster10.25aRoselle Catholic
2.12Katie O'Brien10.34aMater Dei
3.12Katie Blakeslee10.36aSt Rose
4.10Meredith Hoffman10.65aSt Rose
4.11Emily Gilbert10.98aPingry
5.12Nicole Murphy11.02aMater Dei
5.12Christine Pierson11.08aMorris Catholic
6.10Cassie Mireski11.15aGill Saint Bernards
6.9Abby Richardson11.56aGill Saint Bernards
7.12Katie Hanisko11.57aMorris Catholic
7.10Victoria Bernardo11.94aGill Saint Bernards
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Vincia Jackson
Kelly Dunnigan
Mary Jane Durkin
Ashlynn Fields
4:22.62aMt Saint Dominic
2.-Tara Sandlin
Catie Cohen
Sheana Foster
Ines Simoes
4:25.44aRoselle Catholic
3.-Abrina Hyatt
Courtney Alpaugh
Hilary Hugin
Isabella Fernandez
4:25.70aKent Place
4.-Laura Zito
Rachael Edelson
Meredith Gibson
Marion Burns
4:26.19aOak Knoll
5.-Relay Team 4:26.71aSt Rose
6.-Ali Rotatori
Danielle Cosentino
Alex Scavone
Terdoo Nwaoduh
1.-Relay Team 4:44.14aGill Saint Bernards
2.-Relay Team 4:46.47aOur Lady of Mercy
3.-Relay Team 4:48.03aMount Saint Mary Aca...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Genevieve Rybicki41-06.00Our Lady of Mercy
2.12Victoria Imbesi39-04.00Our Lady of Mercy
3.12Naima Graham32-10.25Roselle Catholic
4.11Sheridan Watson31-08.25Montclair Kimberley
5.12Jasmine Jilus29-04.00Roselle Catholic
6.11Suzanne Abuhadba29-01.00Montclair Kimberley
7.10Katie Rotelle28-04.00Our Lady of Mercy
8.12Katie Buffa27-09.00Mater Dei
9.10Sarah Santil27-06.25St Rose
10.9Laura Cantanzo27-06.00Mater Dei
11.12Gabby Mesaros27-05.25Roselle Catholic
12.12Ariane Vasilatis25-07.50Mater Dei
13.12Nicole Bowman25-03.00St Rose
14.9Cat Costekko23-02.00Mount Saint Mary Aca...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ciara Chaly5-00.00Mater Dei
2.10Madeline Miksic4-06.00St Rose
2.10Cassie Mireski4-06.00Gill Saint Bernards
4.12Gabby Mesaros4-04.00Roselle Catholic
4.12Alexandra Alpaugh4-04.00Kent Place
4.9Miranda Snyder4-04.00Mater Dei
4.11Laura Placentra4-04.00Montclair Kimberley
8.11Tara Sandlin4-02.00Roselle Catholic
8.10Shannon Murphy4-02.00Gill Saint Bernards
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laura Placentra8-06.00Montclair Kimberley
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