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4A District 13

Monday, April 14, 2008

Traz Powell Stadium, Miami

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Damitri Beal11.17aMiami Norland
2.11Gene Desroches11.18aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.12Jamar Battle11.26aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Andre Etienne11.28aMiami Norland
5.12Jason Yeber11.49aAmerican
6.11Gyovanni Harvey11.61aMiami Norland
7.10Gareef Glashen11.90aMiami Carol City Sr
--11Phillip ScottDNFMiami Carol City Sr
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Phillip Scott10.93aMiami Carol City Sr
2.10Damitri Beal11.07aMiami Norland
3.10Gareef Glashen11.09aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Andre Etienne11.23aMiami Norland
5.12Jamar Battle11.25aMiami Carol City Sr
6.11Gyovanni Harvey11.32aMiami Norland
7.11Gene Desroches11.33aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.12Jason Yeber11.36aAmerican
9.12Robert Sands11.39aMiami Carol City Sr
10.10Jeffrey Johnson11.43aMiami Norland
11.12DeJuan Manuel11.53aNorth Miami
12.10Rochard Serjilus11.61aDr. Michael M. Krop
13.9Rodney Madison11.64aAmerican
14.11Gregory Pinchinat11.68aNorth Miami Beach Sr
14.12Demetrius Stone11.68aAmerican
16.12Louis Allen11.79aDr. Michael M. Krop
17.11D' Angelo Sippio11.82aNorth Miami
18.10Shaun Fedric11.84aHialeah Miami Lakes
19.9Brandon Sakers12.04aBarbara Goleman
20.10Darnell Phillips12.10aHialeah Miami Lakes
21.12Tabias Nelson12.26aHialeah Miami Lakes
22.9Windell Blair12.41aNorth Miami Beach Sr
23.11Fredson Salomon12.57aNorth Miami
24.12Gary Grant12.60aDr. Michael M. Krop
25.12Derran Robinson12.98aNorth Miami
26.9Trieu Tran13.59aNorth Miami Beach Sr
27.9Khamal Bailey14.13aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--9Joel MintzDNSBarbara Goleman
--10Derrick RoyalDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Allen Hurns22.86aMiami Carol City Sr
2.11Gene Desroches23.12aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Delman Lumpkin23.12aAmerican
4.10Damitri Beal23.43aMiami Norland
5.10Miguel Cardenas24.06aBarbara Goleman
6.12Junior Mertile24.17aNorth Miami
7.12Montray Love24.21aMiami Carol City Sr
--10Gareef GlashenDNSMiami Carol City Sr
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Allen Hurns22.84aMiami Carol City Sr
2.10Damitri Beal22.90aMiami Norland
3.11Gene Desroches23.00aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.10Gareef Glashen23.10aMiami Carol City Sr
5.11Delman Lumpkin23.18aAmerican
6.12Junior Mertile23.58aNorth Miami
7.10Miguel Cardenas23.81aBarbara Goleman
8.12Montray Love23.94aMiami Carol City Sr
9.12Jason Yeber23.94aAmerican
10.10D'Andre Clement23.98aMiami Norland
11.9Rodney Madison24.14aAmerican
12.12Lawrence Smith24.25aMiami Norland
13.9Kenyatta Marion24.43aMiami Carol City Sr
14.11Gyovanni Harvey24.46aMiami Norland
15.10Shaun Fedric24.57aHialeah Miami Lakes
16.12DeJuan Manuel24.70aNorth Miami
17.12Travis Howard24.84aDr. Michael M. Krop
18.12Tabias Nelson25.14aHialeah Miami Lakes
19.12Kenney Petit-Frere25.37aNorth Miami Beach Sr
20.11Bismarck Charles25.85aNorth Miami
21.9Windell Blair25.86aNorth Miami Beach Sr
22.10Darnell Phillips26.33aHialeah Miami Lakes
23.10Jose Bennett27.74aNorth Miami Beach Sr
24.9Khamal Bailey29.47aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Derran RobinsonFSNorth Miami
--11Aaron MarshFSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Gary GrantDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Sebastian FerjusteDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Akeem Williams50.13aMiami Carol City Sr
2.12Marquise Law50.82aAmerican
3.12Willie Darrisaw51.93aMiami Norland
4.11Raymond Mitchell52.58aMiami Norland
5.12Chaviss Brownlee52.75aAmerican
6.10Maurice Jackson52.84aMiami Carol City Sr
7.9Willie Bromell54.21aAmerican
8.12Montray Love54.75aMiami Carol City Sr
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Akeem Williams50.58aMiami Carol City Sr
2.12Marquise Law51.77aAmerican
3.12Chaviss Brownlee52.23aAmerican
4.12Montray Love52.40aMiami Carol City Sr
5.10Maurice Jackson52.94aMiami Carol City Sr
6.12Willie Darrisaw53.04aMiami Norland
7.9Willie Bromell53.43aAmerican
8.11Raymond Mitchell53.77aMiami Norland
9.12Peterson Monestime53.93aNorth Miami
10.12Jamal Johnson54.75aMiami Carol City Sr
11.12Travis Howard54.85aDr. Michael M. Krop
12.10D'Andre Clement55.27aMiami Norland
13.11Joel Joseph56.79aHialeah Miami Lakes
14.12Anatoliy Dzhanumyan57.90aDr. Michael M. Krop
15.12Marlon Guilame59.58aDr. Michael M. Krop
16.9Josue Hernandez1:01.20aBarbara Goleman
17.10Antonio Williams1:03.55aNorth Miami Beach Sr
18.11Kether Jean-Gilles1:05.69aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Randall SmithDNFNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Ricky JeanDQNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Jajuan PierreDNSNorth Miami
--9Joel MintzDNSBarbara Goleman
--12Junior MertileDNSNorth Miami
--12Elisha WillaimsDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Nathael ConstanzoDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--11Raul GonzalezDNSBarbara Goleman
--12Louis AllenDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robert Lanier1:58.56aMiami Carol City Sr
2.10Jermaine Thompson2:02.17aHialeah Miami Lakes
3.12Georgi Breedlove2:02.79aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.11Brandon Forbes2:04.74aAmerican
5.12Edwins Ermilus2:05.32aMiami Norland
6.10Jeff Lacroix2:06.02aMiami Norland
7.12Necheon Cooney2:07.49aMiami Carol City Sr
8.11Tyrell Austin2:07.60aMiami Carol City Sr
9.10Xavier Hopkins2:07.81aMiami Carol City Sr
10.12Elisha Willaims2:10.96aHialeah Miami Lakes
11.10Randall Smith2:11.79aNorth Miami Beach Sr
12.11Joel Joseph2:12.41aHialeah Miami Lakes
13.10Frantz Francois2:12.72aDr. Michael M. Krop
14.10OsDaniel Hernandez2:14.52aHialeah Miami Lakes
15.12Mikhail Lovelace2:16.16aMiami Norland
16.12Rony Predestin2:16.38aNorth Miami
17.11Manuel Saavedra2:17.39aAmerican
18.12Jonathan Genao2:17.44aBarbara Goleman
19.12Anatoliy Dzhanumyan2:18.09aDr. Michael M. Krop
20.10Joshua Barbury2:18.17aMiami Norland
--10Jacob EsnardDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Andy CalixteDNSNorth Miami
--11Joery FrancoisDNSNorth Miami
--11Ivan MarchenaDNSAmerican
--11Raul GonzalezDNSBarbara Goleman
--10Antonio WilliamsDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Andres RodriguezDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jermaine Thompson4:44.72aHialeah Miami Lakes
2.12Andro Ayala4:50.90aHialeah Miami Lakes
3.9Jesus Rivas4:51.11aHialeah Miami Lakes
4.12Giovanny Molina4:51.98aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.11Manual Pagan4:56.46aNorth Miami
6.12Elisha Willaims5:00.42aHialeah Miami Lakes
7.11Albert Florvil5:03.77aMiami Carol City Sr
8.12James Ward5:05.04aAmerican
9.12Johan Olarte5:13.25aDr. Michael M. Krop
10.11Christopher Cadenhead5:15.64aMiami Carol City Sr
11.12Andres Rodriguez5:15.67aDr. Michael M. Krop
12.11Manuel Saavedra5:19.18aAmerican
13.9Zackery Stokes5:19.51aDr. Michael M. Krop
14.11Brandon Braynon5:23.07aMiami Norland
15.10Andy Calixte5:23.83aNorth Miami
16.10Jacob Esnard5:24.57aNorth Miami Beach Sr
17.12Jamel Lattimore5:25.09aAmerican
18.12Brandan Wright5:28.13aMiami Carol City Sr
19.11Roland Vance5:28.69aMiami Carol City Sr
20.11Viancarlos Gomez5:37.35aBarbara Goleman
21.11Ivan Marchena5:37.42aAmerican
22.10Rick Charles5:45.61aMiami Norland
23.10Alex Long6:03.67aNorth Miami Beach Sr
24.12Christopher Sarli6:08.92aBarbara Goleman
25.12Roberto Squires6:15.35aBarbara Goleman
--11Jorge CallejasDNSBarbara Goleman
--12Kafel HyltonDNSMiami Norland
--9Marlon BazilDNFMiami Norland
--11John StilienDNFNorth Miami Beach Sr
--11Kether Jean-GillesDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jesus Rivas10:35.06aHialeah Miami Lakes
2.10OsDaniel Hernandez10:38.04aHialeah Miami Lakes
3.12Andro Ayala10:52.93aHialeah Miami Lakes
4.12Giovanny Molina10:54.78aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.11Manual Pagan11:01.60aNorth Miami
6.11John Stilien11:02.74aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.9Keyon Austine11:16.84aMiami Carol City Sr
8.12Jamel Lattimore11:16.91aAmerican
9.10Alcide Goire11:37.69aMiami Carol City Sr
10.12Johan Olarte11:40.52aDr. Michael M. Krop
11.9Zackery Stokes11:41.60aDr. Michael M. Krop
12.11Viancarlos Gomez11:47.87aBarbara Goleman
13.12James Ward11:51.32aAmerican
14.10Alex Schneider12:04.73aHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Kafel HyltonDNFMiami Norland
--11Brandon BraynonDNFMiami Norland
--11Jorge CallejasDNFBarbara Goleman
--12Roberto SquiresDNFBarbara Goleman
--12Christopher SarliDNFBarbara Goleman
--10Jacob EsnardDNFNorth Miami Beach Sr
--9Marlon BazilDNFMiami Norland
--10Rick CharlesDNFMiami Norland
--10Alex LongDNFNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Ariel EmmanuelDNFNorth Miami Beach Sr
--11Ivan MarchenaDNFAmerican
--11Manuel SaavedraSCRAmerican
--12Marlon GuilameDNFDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Yusuf NgangaDNFMiami Carol City Sr
--9Roosevelt BerrickDNFMiami Carol City Sr
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ricardo Volcin15.18aNorth Miami Beach Sr
2.11Darius Johnson17.28aMiami Carol City Sr
3.10Jose Bennett18.74aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.12Sidney Saulter19.16aNorth Miami
5.12Alexus Armstrong19.34aHialeah Miami Lakes
6.9Leatis Jones20.39aMiami Carol City Sr
7.10Gregory Stewart20.41aMiami Carol City Sr
8.9Trieu Tran22.52aNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ricardo Volcin15.33aNorth Miami Beach Sr
2.11Darius Johnson16.99aMiami Carol City Sr
3.10Jose Bennett18.28aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.12Sidney Saulter19.02aNorth Miami
5.12Alexus Armstrong19.28aHialeah Miami Lakes
6.9Leatis Jones20.19aMiami Carol City Sr
7.10Gregory Stewart21.83aMiami Carol City Sr
8.9Trieu Tran22.28aNorth Miami Beach Sr
9.10Fergens Vaudrevil23.86aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Derrick RoyalDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Payeboye OgionwoDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--9Desmond HorneDNSMiami Carol City Sr
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ricardo Volcin40.15aNorth Miami Beach Sr
2.12Joshua Williams40.61aAmerican
3.11Andrew Mendez42.60aMiami Norland
4.11Aaron Marsh42.64aHialeah Miami Lakes
5.12Laszlo Barr43.07aMiami Carol City Sr
6.9Darrell Butler45.32aMiami Carol City Sr
7.12Sidney Saulter47.62aNorth Miami
8.10Jose Bennett49.19aNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ricardo Volcin41.57aNorth Miami Beach Sr
2.12Joshua Williams42.20aAmerican
3.9Darrell Butler43.72aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Aaron Marsh43.85aHialeah Miami Lakes
5.10Jose Bennett44.02aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.12Laszlo Barr44.11aMiami Carol City Sr
7.11Andrew Mendez44.39aMiami Norland
8.12Sidney Saulter45.75aNorth Miami
9.10Jonathan Johnson45.94aMiami Norland
10.9Caylin Macbeth47.17aAmerican
11.12Tabias Nelson48.78aHialeah Miami Lakes
12.10Gregory Stewart49.98aMiami Carol City Sr
13.12Alexus Armstrong52.80aHialeah Miami Lakes
14.9Trieu Tran54.68aNorth Miami Beach Sr
15.10Fergens Vaudrevil56.32aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--11Andre EtienneFSMiami Norland
--12Jamar BattleFSMiami Carol City Sr
--12Payeboye OgionwoDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--12Nathael ConstanzoDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Charles BennetDNSBarbara Goleman
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Delman Lumpkin
Jason Yeber
Demetrius Stone
Rodney Madison
2.-Gareef Glashen
Jamar Battle
Allen Hurns
Phillip Scott
43.72aMiami Carol City Sr
3.-Sebastian Ferjuste
Gary Grant
Rochard Serjilus
Gene Desroches
44.65aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.-Fredson Salomon
Junior Mertile
DeJuan Manuel
Derran Robinson
44.94aNorth Miami
5.-Relay Team 45.35aHialeah Miami Lakes
6.-Relay Team 45.91aBarbara Goleman
7.-Relay Team 47.08aMiami Norland
8.-Gregory Pinchinat
Kenney Petit-Frere
Shamir Pinchinat
Kareem Copeland
47.26aNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Allen Hurns
Robert Lanier
Akeem Williams
Phillip Scott
3:21.82aMiami Carol City Sr
2.-Delman Lumpkin
Marquise Law
Joshua Williams
Brandon Forbes
3.-Relay Team 3:33.48aMiami Norland
4.-Derran Robinson
Peterson Monestime
Junior Mertile
Jajuan Pierre
3:33.85aNorth Miami
5.-Relay Team 3:35.47aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.-Relay Team 3:42.29aBarbara Goleman
7.-Relay Team 3:44.85aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.-Roberto Williams
Eric Pazos
Shelly Rochelle
Joel Joseph
3:53.42aHialeah Miami Lakes
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Akeem Williams
Robert Lanier
Albert Florvil
Xavier Hopkins
8:26.43aMiami Carol City Sr
2.-Brandon Forbes
Joshua Williams
Manuel Saavedra
Marquise Law
3.-Relay Team 8:45.25aMiami Norland
4.-Jajuan Pierre
Andy Calixte
Manual Pagan
Peterson Monestime
8:45.61aNorth Miami
5.-Relay Team 8:45.83aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.-Relay Team 8:50.04aDr. Michael M. Krop
7.-Relay Team 9:03.43aHialeah Miami Lakes
8.-Relay Team 9:15.63aBarbara Goleman
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pierson Sherwood50-10.50Miami Carol City Sr
2.12Brandon Baker46-08.00American
3.11Robert Harvey45-09.00American
4.11Jashua Velken44-11.00Barbara Goleman
5.12Lenworth Fraser44-06.00Miami Carol City Sr
6.11Oliver Vernon42-04.50American
7.12Desmond Roberts41-09.50Dr. Michael M. Krop
8.12Kenio Brown41-01.50American
9.12Kenney Petit-Frere39-11.75North Miami Beach Sr
10.10Benny Theyson39-04.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
11.11Quan Flecther39-02.25Dr. Michael M. Krop
12.11Martin Maycock38-09.50Barbara Goleman
13.9Donald Williams38-06.50Miami Carol City Sr
14.12Lennox Findley38-05.00North Miami Beach Sr
15.9Charleston Hankerson37-05.00Miami Carol City Sr
16.11amos Jean37-04.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
17.11Anthony Squires33-00.50Barbara Goleman
18.10Justin Robinson32-00.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
19.10Kareem Copeland30-08.25North Miami Beach Sr
20.9Richard Dorvilus27-03.00North Miami Beach Sr
--12Nathael ConstanzoDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Anthony FrancoDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lenworth Fraser154-05Miami Carol City Sr
2.12Jeffery Johnson142-07Miami Carol City Sr
3.12Pierson Sherwood134-05Miami Carol City Sr
4.11Oliver Vernon124-11American
5.12Brandon Baker120-10American
6.12Kenio Brown115-01American
7.11Martin Maycock113-06Barbara Goleman
8.11amos Jean113-01Dr. Michael M. Krop
9.11Quan Flecther101-05Dr. Michael M. Krop
10.10Roney Lozano100-02American
11.9Harry Rhodes99-05Miami Carol City Sr
12.11Walter Walker96-02Miami Norland
13.11Anthony Squires91-07Barbara Goleman
14.11Jashua Velken89-03Barbara Goleman
15.12Kenney Petit-Frere88-05North Miami Beach Sr
16.12Lennox Findley87-06North Miami Beach Sr
17.10Benny Theyson80-00Hialeah Miami Lakes
18.12Desmond Roberts61-08Dr. Michael M. Krop
--12Anthony FrancoDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Justin RobinsonFOULHialeah Miami Lakes
--9Richard DorvilusDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Fergens VaudrevilFOULNorth Miami Beach Sr
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Antron Jackson6-03.00Miami Carol City Sr
2.12Emanuel Souarin6-01.00Miami Norland
3.12Alexus Armstrong5-11.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
4.9Willie Bromell5-11.00American
5.12Kendall Despagne5-09.00Miami Carol City Sr
--12Travis HowardNHDr. Michael M. Krop
--12Elisha WillaimsNHHialeah Miami Lakes
--11Phillip ScottNHMiami Carol City Sr
--12Demetrius StoneNHAmerican
--12Shamir PinchinatDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Earnest ArchieDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Ricardo VolcinNHNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Bruce LouisNHDr. Michael M. Krop
---Charles BattenNHAmerican
--10Fergens VaudrevilNHNorth Miami Beach Sr
--9Lorenzo SmithNHMiami Norland
--11Darius JohnsonNHMiami Carol City Sr
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jonathan Genao8-00.00Barbara Goleman
2.10OsDaniel Hernandez7-06.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
3.9Jesus Rivas6-00.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
--12Andro AyalaNHHialeah Miami Lakes
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robert Sands22-01.00Miami Carol City Sr
2.12Jamar Battle21-03.50Miami Carol City Sr
3.12Kaleb Laster20-04.50Miami Norland
4.11Aaron Marsh19-11.50Hialeah Miami Lakes
5.12Demetrius Stone19-11.50American
6.12Kendall Despagne19-11.25Miami Carol City Sr
7.12Travis Howard19-10.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
8.10Miguel Cardenas19-02.00Barbara Goleman
9.10Vladymir Paul18-10.50American
10.10Timothy Batey18-08.00American
11.12Lawrence Smith18-07.00Miami Norland
12.11Thaddeus Blue18-06.25Miami Carol City Sr
13.11Andrew Mendez18-04.50Miami Norland
13.10Jakeem Welch18-04.50Barbara Goleman
15.10Jeffry Lacroix18-04.25Miami Norland
16.12Louis Allen18-04.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
17.12Alexus Armstrong18-03.75Hialeah Miami Lakes
18.9Brandon Sakers18-02.50Barbara Goleman
19.12Rony Predestin17-08.00North Miami
20.12Shamir Pinchinat17-04.50North Miami Beach Sr
21.10Kareem Copeland16-10.25North Miami Beach Sr
22.10Ben Marcelus16-07.50North Miami
23.10Shaun Fedric16-02.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
24.12Ricky Jean15-03.00North Miami Beach Sr
25.10Darnell Phillips14-07.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
--10Jose BennettFOULNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Bruce LouisFOULDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Darius McTearFOULDr. Michael M. Krop
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Robert Sands45-00.75Miami Carol City Sr
2.10Antron Jackson43-03.75Miami Carol City Sr
3.10Vladymir Paul41-03.50American
4.11Thaddeus Blue40-08.50Miami Carol City Sr
5.12Laszlo Barr40-06.75Miami Carol City Sr
6.10Jeffry Lacroix39-10.50Miami Norland
7.9Lorenzo Smith39-10.00Miami Norland
8.12Shamir Pinchinat39-03.75North Miami Beach Sr
9.12Emanuel Souarin38-02.00Miami Norland
10.10Jakeem Welch38-00.75Barbara Goleman
11.10Timothy Batey37-11.25American
12.12Rony Predestin37-07.50North Miami
13.10Ben Marcelus37-04.50North Miami
14.10Kareem Copeland36-08.00North Miami Beach Sr
15.9Khamal Bailey34-10.00North Miami Beach Sr
--9Richard DorvilusFOULNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Darius McTearNDDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Bruce LouisNDDr. Michael M. Krop

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Darshay Davis12.64aMiami Norland
2.10Latrice Lee12.70aMiami Norland
3.9Dominique Mills12.74aMiami Carol City Sr
4.12Bianca Parker12.86aMiami Norland
5.11D'Yolanda Pineda12.87aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.10Cherelle Canty12.92aAmerican
7.9Daria Sims13.04aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.12Princess Roberts13.08aMiami Carol City Sr
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Darshay Davis12.47aMiami Norland
2.9Dominique Mills12.56aMiami Carol City Sr
3.9Daria Sims12.64aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.12Bianca Parker12.71aMiami Norland
5.10Latrice Lee12.73aMiami Norland
6.11D'Yolanda Pineda12.77aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.12Princess Roberts12.92aMiami Carol City Sr
8.10Cherelle Canty12.93aAmerican
9.12Ashley Stubbs12.98aDr. Michael M. Krop
10.10Sheyla Rhodes13.14aBarbara Goleman
11.12Sashay Goodletty13.16aNorth Miami
12.12Daylin Farias13.26aBarbara Goleman
13.11Rachelle Coicou13.27aAmerican
14.12Latoya Davy13.36aAmerican
15.11Kennesshia Williams13.44aMiami Carol City Sr
16.11Brittany Brown13.75aMiami Norland
17.11Ayshah Floyd13.76aDr. Michael M. Krop
18.11Virginia Limage13.85aNorth Miami Beach Sr
19.9Lacia Codner13.98aMiami Carol City Sr
20.12Camillia Renna14.22aNorth Miami
21.11Focia Senatus14.75aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Melissa GermainDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Darshay Davis26.04aMiami Norland
2.11D'Yolanda Pineda26.50aNorth Miami Beach Sr
3.10Latrice Lee26.52aMiami Norland
4.9Dominique Mills27.30aMiami Carol City Sr
5.12Bianca Parker27.38aMiami Norland
6.12Sashay Goodletty27.59aNorth Miami
7.12Latoya Davy27.81aAmerican
8.12Princess Roberts27.91aMiami Carol City Sr
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Darshay Davis25.78aMiami Norland
2.11D'Yolanda Pineda25.95aNorth Miami Beach Sr
3.10Latrice Lee26.00aMiami Norland
4.12Latoya Davy27.33aAmerican
5.12Sashay Goodletty27.38aNorth Miami
6.12Princess Roberts27.39aMiami Carol City Sr
7.9Dominique Mills27.48aMiami Carol City Sr
8.12Bianca Parker27.52aMiami Norland
9.9Latoya Canty28.11aAmerican
10.11Rachelle Coicou28.20aAmerican
11.11Virginia Limage28.75aNorth Miami Beach Sr
12.11Evelyn McClain28.78aHialeah Miami Lakes
13.12Camillia Renna28.80aNorth Miami
14.10Kimberlee Mills29.05aMiami Carol City Sr
15.9Lena Grier29.46aMiami Carol City Sr
16.11Brittany Brown29.86aMiami Norland
--10Samantha RiversDNSBarbara Goleman
--11Jessica DeroquancourtDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Ayshah FloydDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11D'Yolanda Pineda59.65aNorth Miami Beach Sr
2.10Cherelle Canty1:01.26aAmerican
3.9Crystal Morgan1:04.08aMiami Carol City Sr
4.11Virginia Limage1:04.92aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.11Victoria Eshietedoho1:06.28aAmerican
6.11Oluwatomi Olowodola1:11.07aMiami Carol City Sr
--11Daniell TyrellDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Dashauna JohannesDNSMiami Norland
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11D'Yolanda Pineda58.22aNorth Miami Beach Sr
2.10Cherelle Canty1:02.55aAmerican
3.11Victoria Eshietedoho1:03.08aAmerican
4.11Daniell Tyrell1:03.36aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.9Crystal Morgan1:04.31aMiami Carol City Sr
6.11Dashauna Johannes1:05.50aMiami Norland
7.11Virginia Limage1:06.16aNorth Miami Beach Sr
8.11Oluwatomi Olowodola1:06.49aMiami Carol City Sr
9.12Sashay Goodletty1:06.64aNorth Miami
10.12Camillia Renna1:06.72aNorth Miami
11.9Lacia Codner1:07.69aMiami Carol City Sr
12.10Delrita Grant1:08.31aMiami Norland
13.12Kristal Donaldson1:09.76aMiami Norland
14.12Yvonne Houston1:10.32aDr. Michael M. Krop
15.10Nashelle Smithen1:13.51aMiami Norland
16.10Samantha Rivers1:15.85aBarbara Goleman
17.11Andera Hebert1:16.20aBarbara Goleman
18.9Lena Grier1:16.89aMiami Carol City Sr
19.11Evelyn McClain1:19.01aHialeah Miami Lakes
20.10Stephanie Rodriguez1:23.52aBarbara Goleman
--11Iviore DesormeDNSAmerican
--11Tallisa SotoDNSBarbara Goleman
--11Natalie MaldanadoDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Breana Kelly2:24.78aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Alexis Pittman2:29.67aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.11Dashauna Johannes2:40.87aMiami Norland
4.10Amalia Hernandez2:50.07aAmerican
5.11tyise Cohen2:53.65aMiami Norland
6.12Tania Guevara2:53.82aBarbara Goleman
7.11Oluwatomi Olowodola2:57.32aMiami Carol City Sr
8.11Andera Hebert3:06.32aBarbara Goleman
9.11Leila Williams3:14.16aDr. Michael M. Krop
10.11Quinicia Stokes3:19.90aMiami Carol City Sr
--11Natalie MaldanadoDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Tallisa SotoDNSBarbara Goleman
--12Dania CastilloDNSBarbara Goleman
--9Delia MoriyonDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--9Carcelia RobersonDNSMiami Norland
--9Joy FowlerDNSMiami Norland
--12Royiesa WilliamsDNSMiami Carol City Sr
--11Biannely SuarezDNSAmerican
--11Iviore DesormeDNSAmerican
--12Stephanie RamirezDNSAmerican
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Toni Kuzmicki6:04.06aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Gesnie Pierre-Louis6:14.21aNorth Miami Beach Sr
3.10Desirre Quadros6:18.97aAmerican
4.12Royiesa Williams6:20.77aMiami Carol City Sr
5.11Dashauna Johannes6:21.00aMiami Norland
6.12Keshia Laurent6:24.85aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.12Ulysse Charles6:28.33aNorth Miami Beach Sr
8.10Amalia Hernandez6:33.91aAmerican
9.11Joi Sweeting6:53.26aAmerican
10.11Anneliese Penate7:05.62aBarbara Goleman
11.11tyise Cohen7:06.21aMiami Norland
12.9Ginude Gregoire7:28.95aDr. Michael M. Krop
13.10Jennifer Zayala7:36.71aDr. Michael M. Krop
14.11Leila Williams8:43.36aDr. Michael M. Krop
--11Shanika BrooksDNSMiami Carol City Sr
--9Joy FowlerDNSMiami Norland
--12Dania CastilloDNSBarbara Goleman
--11Anjail SeniorsDNSMiami Norland
--9Delia MoriyonDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--10Kimberly ChinDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Toni Kuzmicki13:24.94aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.10Desirre Quadros13:48.74aAmerican
3.12Royiesa Williams14:16.28aMiami Carol City Sr
4.12Ulysse Charles14:33.42aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.11Gesnie Pierre-Louis15:04.48aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.11Kathy Torres16:09.75aAmerican
7.10Jennifer Zayala16:19.52aDr. Michael M. Krop
8.10Sanice Pommells17:01.88aMiami Norland
--10Kimberly ChinDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--12Keshia LaurentDNSNorth Miami Beach Sr
--11Anjail SeniorsDNSMiami Norland
--9Carcelia RobersonDNSMiami Norland
--9Ginude GregoireDNSDr. Michael M. Krop
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Demetria Brown17.20aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.12Ashley Stubbs17.27aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.11Tarie Colebrook17.64aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.12Ashlee Villard18.04aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.10Crystal Stokes18.24aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.12Alquandra Slater18.27aAmerican
7.11Latrice Bouie19.15aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Paula TuttDNSMiami Norland
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Demetria Brown16.89aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.12Ashley Stubbs17.75aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.11Tarie Colebrook17.82aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.12Ashlee Villard18.38aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.10Crystal Stokes19.15aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.11Latrice Bouie19.17aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.12Alquandra Slater19.36aAmerican
8.10Paula Tutt20.10aMiami Norland
9.10Lariva Calhoun21.16aBarbara Goleman
10.12Cassandra Charles21.36aNorth Miami Beach Sr
11.9Monique Williams21.42aMiami Norland
12.12Lovely Rabel21.93aNorth Miami Beach Sr
--10Shanna-kay MyersDNSMiami Norland
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tarie Colebrook49.06aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.12Alquandra Slater49.37aAmerican
3.12Demetria Brown50.77aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.10Crystal Stokes51.43aDr. Michael M. Krop
5.10Paula Tutt53.32aMiami Norland
6.12Ashlee Villard53.77aNorth Miami Beach Sr
7.10Brianna Harrington57.33aAmerican
8.11Latrice Bouie1:00.52aNorth Miami Beach Sr
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Tarie Colebrook48.50aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.12Alquandra Slater50.68aAmerican
3.12Demetria Brown50.94aDr. Michael M. Krop
4.12Ashlee Villard53.16aNorth Miami Beach Sr
5.10Crystal Stokes53.22aDr. Michael M. Krop
6.10Paula Tutt54.16aMiami Norland
7.10Brianna Harrington56.60aAmerican
8.11Latrice Bouie58.41aNorth Miami Beach Sr
9.9Monique Williams1:00.12aMiami Norland
10.12Cassandra Charles1:01.32aNorth Miami Beach Sr
11.9Kiandra Brooks1:02.51aDr. Michael M. Krop
12.10Lariva Calhoun1:03.87aBarbara Goleman
--10Shanna-kay MyersDNSMiami Norland
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bianca Parker
Darshay Davis
Latrice Lee
Brittany Brown
49.81aMiami Norland
2.-Jessica Deroquancourt
Ashley Stubbs
Daria Sims
Demetria Brown
50.28aDr. Michael M. Krop
3.-Kennesshia Williams
Princess Roberts
Lynette Weaver
Dominique Mills
50.59aMiami Carol City Sr
4.-Latrice Bouie
Ashlee Villard
Focia Senatus
Melissa Germain
55.61aNorth Miami Beach Sr
---Relay Team DQAmerican
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Crystal Stokes
Daria Sims
Tarie Colebrook
Alexis Pittman
4:09.05aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.-Latoya Canty
Stephanie Ramirez
Brianna Harrington
Victoria Eshietedoho
3.-Kennesshia Williams
Kimberlee Mills
Lynette Weaver
Crystal Morgan
4:23.37aMiami Carol City Sr
4.-Nashelle Smithen
Kristal Donaldson
Delrita Grant
Monique Williams
4:39.47aMiami Norland
5.-Relay Team 4:44.27aNorth Miami Beach Sr
6.-Relay Team 5:20.29aBarbara Goleman
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Breana Kelly
Alexis Pittman
Toni Kuzmicki
Daniell Tyrell
10:38.87aDr. Michael M. Krop
2.-Dashauna Johannes
tyise Cohen
Joy Fowler
Paula Tutt
11:07.28aMiami Norland
3.-Relay Team 11:21.97aNorth Miami Beach Sr
4.-Stephanie Ramirez
Desirre Quadros
Amalia Hernandez
Iviore Desorme
5.-Relay Team 12:12.70aMiami Carol City Sr
---Relay Team DNSBarbara Goleman
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Benia Gregoire38-04.50Dr. Michael M. Krop
2.11Imani Haynes33-06.00American
3.10Nc-Marisa Phanord31-03.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
4.11Tiffany Reed30-08.00Miami Carol City Sr
5.11Ashley Miller28-03.50North Miami Beach Sr
6.11Shanika White28-02.00Miami Carol City Sr
7.12Brittany Croslin27-11.00Miami Norland
8.12Patricia Salpetria27-03.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
9.10Makeesha McKenzie27-01.00Miami Norland
10.12Tre'Nardia Alexander27-00.50Miami Norland
11.9Lena Grier26-09.50Miami Carol City Sr
12.12Brittany Madison26-04.00American
13.10Reylinie Arnaud24-10.00Barbara Goleman
14.11Sharisma Roberts24-06.50Miami Carol City Sr
15.11Deborah Napoleon23-00.00North Miami Beach Sr
16.11Emily Smith21-04.50North Miami Beach Sr
17.10Sharnice Woodard20-09.00Miami Norland
18.12Devanie Westberry20-05.00American
19.11Andera Hebert20-04.00Barbara Goleman
20.9Silvia Walters19-01.50Dr. Michael M. Krop
--11Xamaris MartinezDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Benia Gregoire122-09Dr. Michael M. Krop
2.10Nc-Marisa Phanord91-00Dr. Michael M. Krop
3.10Lashawn Walker86-04North Miami Beach Sr
4.11Tiffany Reed85-01Miami Carol City Sr
5.11Ashley Miller81-08North Miami Beach Sr
6.12Brittany Madison78-01American
7.10Sharnice Woodard76-07Miami Norland
8.11Deborah Napoleon74-01North Miami Beach Sr
9.12Patricia Salpetria69-07Dr. Michael M. Krop
10.11Sharisma Roberts69-06Miami Carol City Sr
11.11Kathy Philogene66-01North Miami Beach Sr
12.9Silvia Walters63-06Dr. Michael M. Krop
13.12Tre'Nardia Alexander60-08Miami Norland
14.11Imani Haynes58-00American
15.12Brittany Croslin57-07Miami Norland
16.12Devanie Westberry48-03American
17.10Reylinie Arnaud43-11Barbara Goleman
18.10Makeesha McKenzie42-05Miami Norland
--11Xamaris MartinezDNSHialeah Miami Lakes
--12Alexis SandsDNSMiami Carol City Sr
--11Shanika WhiteFOULMiami Carol City Sr
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11D'Yolanda Pineda5-00.00North Miami Beach Sr
2.12Daylin Farias4-08.00Barbara Goleman
3.10Samantha Rivers4-06.00Barbara Goleman
3.11Tarie Colebrook4-06.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
5.9Kiandra Brooks4-06.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
6.12Yvonne Houston4-04.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
6.10Sheyla Rhodes4-04.00Barbara Goleman
--12Ashley StubbsNHDr. Michael M. Krop
--10Quanteria JonesNHAmerican
--10Shanna-kay MyersDNSMiami Norland
--11Shanika BrooksNHMiami Carol City Sr
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Daylin Farias6-00.00Barbara Goleman
2.10Stephanie Rodriguez5-06.00Barbara Goleman
--12Tania GuevaraNHBarbara Goleman
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Victoria Eshietedoho17-10.00American
2.10Latrice Lee17-03.75Miami Norland
3.11Jessica Deroquancourt17-00.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
4.12Demetria Brown16-11.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
5.12Daylin Farias16-10.00Barbara Goleman
6.9Dominique Mills16-01.00Miami Carol City Sr
7.12Tenay Jackson15-10.25American
8.11Kennesshia Williams15-08.75Miami Carol City Sr
9.12Kristal Donaldson15-08.50Miami Norland
10.11Evelyn McClain14-06.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
11.12Latoya Davy14-02.50American
12.11Virginia Limage14-01.50North Miami Beach Sr
13.12Yvonne Houston13-06.50Dr. Michael M. Krop
14.10Sheyla Rhodes13-06.00Barbara Goleman
15.11Daniell Tyrell13-02.50Dr. Michael M. Krop
16.10Lariva Calhoun13-00.00Barbara Goleman
17.11Latrice Bouie12-11.50North Miami Beach Sr
18.11Natasha Gardner12-02.00American
--10Nashelle SmithenDNSMiami Norland
--12Bianca ParkerNDMiami Norland
--12Dania CastilloDNSBarbara Goleman
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jessica Deroquancourt35-08.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
2.10Sheyla Rhodes34-05.00Barbara Goleman
3.9Daria Sims32-08.25Dr. Michael M. Krop
4.10Crystal Stokes32-08.00Dr. Michael M. Krop
5.11Evelyn McClain31-11.00Hialeah Miami Lakes
6.12Tenay Jackson31-08.50American
7.11Lynette Weaver31-06.75Miami Carol City Sr
8.10Darshay Davis30-05.50Miami Norland
9.10Samantha Rivers30-02.00Barbara Goleman
10.10Quanteria Jones30-00.75American
11.12Stephanie Ramirez29-11.50American
12.12Cassandra Charles29-09.50North Miami Beach Sr
13.12Melissa Germain29-07.50North Miami Beach Sr
14.9Monique Williams29-03.00Miami Norland
15.9Kiandra Brooks29-02.50Dr. Michael M. Krop
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