Pine Bluffs Invite

Saturday, April 25, 2009
  Pine Bluffs HS, Pine Bluffs - Map
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Colorado - 1A
Nebraska - Class D
BACOBanner County
PDPotter-Dix Public
Wyoming - 2A
NIOBNiobrara County
PBLPine Bluffs
Wyoming - 4A
CHCECheyenne Central
CHEACheyenne East
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wylie Brooks11.63aPine Bluffs
2.12Duell Petsch11.67aBurns
3.10Jerit Degering12.08aNiobrara County
4.12Chad Trautman12.18aNiobrara County
5.11Frank Vossler12.40aBurns
6.12John Newbanks12.48aPotter-Dix Public
7.10Josh Reid12.53aCheyenne Central
8.9Michael Hughes12.55aCheyenne Central
10Austin Lang13.13aPine Bluffs
9Tim Person13.58aPine Bluffs
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Wylie Brooks11.59aPine Bluffs
2.12Duell Petsch11.84aBurns
3.10Jerit Degering12.19aNiobrara County
4.11Frank Vossler12.41aBurns
5.12Chad Trautman12.42aNiobrara County
6.12John Newbanks12.49aPotter-Dix Public
7.10Josh Reid12.63aCheyenne Central
8.9Michael Hughes12.64aCheyenne Central
9.10Josh Messer12.94aCheyenne East
10.11Travis Robbins13.07aNiobrara County
11.10Austin Lang13.13aPine Bluffs
12.9Dalton Petsch13.14aBurns
13.9Tim Person13.58aPine Bluffs
14.-David Wilson13.61aCheyenne East
15.11Matt Hawk14.02aBanner County
16.9Grover Easterling14.18aCheyenne Central
17.-Brandon Wolfe14.47aCheyenne East
18.10Richard Hockett14.69aGlendo Public
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Wylie Brooks23.68aPine Bluffs
2.10Jerit Degering24.43aNiobrara County
3.12John Newbanks25.28aPotter-Dix Public
4.10Sawyer Burkett25.96aBurns
5.10Josh Reid26.51aCheyenne Central
6.9Jordan Knaub26.93aBanner County
7.9Dalton Petsch27.31aBurns
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Wylie Brooks23.43aPine Bluffs
2.10Jerit Degering24.27aNiobrara County
3.12Travis Werner24.73aPine Bluffs
4.12John Newbanks25.33aPotter-Dix Public
5.10Josh Reid25.66aCheyenne Central
6.10Sawyer Burkett26.20aBurns
7.9Dalton Petsch27.22aBurns
8.9Jordan Knaub27.88aBanner County
9.9Jacob Gore28.02aCheyenne Central
10.9Jace Musfelt28.67aNiobrara County
11.9Cody Gronewold29.22aLingle-Fort Laramie
12.9Grover Easterling29.43aCheyenne Central
13.10Shawn Cole29.63aPine Bluffs
14.-Brandon Wolfe30.06aCheyenne East
15.9Daulton Caley31.11aNiobrara County
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Noah Strong54.54aLingle-Fort Laramie
2.11Dakota Forkner55.72aLingle-Fort Laramie
3.12John Newbanks56.94aPotter-Dix Public
4.9Dustin Brown58.12aPotter-Dix Public
5.9Sete Odtiambo58.34aCheyenne East
6.10Austin Lang59.02aPine Bluffs
7.9Jordan Knaub59.31aBanner County
8.9Brodie Eklund1:02.63aBurns
9.10Kale Donnelly1:02.69aCheyenne Central
10.9Jeremiah Hayden1:02.71aBurns
11.11Matt Hawk1:03.32aBanner County
12.9Jacob Gore1:03.43aCheyenne Central
13.10Clint McAllister1:08.61aCheyenne Central
14.10Cole Haukap1:11.05aPine Bluffs
15.9Buzzy Canady1:17.31aPine Bluffs
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lance Berry2:10.67aLingle-Fort Laramie
2.12Skyler Lashley2:10.76aLingle-Fort Laramie
3.12Jason Rognoni2:16.63aCheyenne East
4.12Josh Skelton2:16.91aBurns
5.9Dustin Brown2:19.73aPotter-Dix Public
6.9Austin Reiner2:22.39aCheyenne East
7.10Derek Smith2:24.05aNiobrara County
8.9Rory Fichtner2:35.67aBurns
9.9Alex Pool2:42.46aPine Bluffs
10.10Tyle Bowman2:43.34aPine Bluffs
11.9Chris Toalson2:46.99aCheyenne East
12.9Alex Romig2:50.05aPine Bluffs
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lance Pierce5:13.87aBurns
2.9Andrew Leach5:23.92aCheyenne Central
3.10James Keiper5:31.46aBurns
4.9Alejandro Garcia5:33.82aPine Bluffs
5.10Nolan Jeffres5:37.95aPine Bluffs
6.9Jacob Schepp5:53.16aCheyenne Central
7.10Dexter Waddle5:59.65aPine Bluffs
8.10Bob Olsen6:11.31aBanner County
9.10Norman Rienks6:15.70aBurns
10.9Michael Johnson6:23.36aNiobrara County
11.11Matt Hawk6:30.83aBanner County
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Gifford10:35.15aBanner County
2.11Garret Wilson10:47.23aGlendo Public
3.11Lance Pierce11:01.53aBurns
4.9Alejandro Garcia12:03.20aPine Bluffs
5.12Eric Ogle12:27.60aCheyenne East
6.10Bob Olsen12:45.03aBanner County
7.-Lance Pruitt14:16.95aCheyenne East
8.9Jason Willoughby15:54.30aPine Bluffs
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hayden Hester16.43aNiobrara County
2.12Chase Wickard16.46aBanner County
3.11Chris Gorman16.48aPine Bluffs
4.12Taylor Pyle16.63aBurns
5.10Trent Johnson17.35aNiobrara County
6.12Cory Sutherland17.65aBurns
7.9Ty Ottoson17.90aPotter-Dix Public
8.10Matt Stoeger19.98aLingle-Fort Laramie
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Chris Gorman16.86aPine Bluffs
3.12Hayden Hester16.91aNiobrara County
2.12Taylor Pyle17.07aBurns
4.12Cory Sutherland17.49aBurns
5.12Chase Wickard17.86aBanner County
6.10Trent Johnson17.87aNiobrara County
7.9Ty Ottoson18.87aPotter-Dix Public
8.10Matt Stoeger20.54aLingle-Fort Laramie
9.10Josh Messer20.97aCheyenne East
10.9Jace Musfelt21.01aNiobrara County
11.9Rorey Cowden21.44aBurns
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Taylor Pyle42.35aBurns
1.12Chase Wickard42.35aBanner County
3.11Chris Gorman42.40aPine Bluffs
4.12Hayden Hester45.17aNiobrara County
5.10Trent Johnson45.82aNiobrara County
6.9Ty Ottoson46.05aPotter-Dix Public
7.12Cole Wyatt46.91aBanner County
8.9Michael Hughes47.64aCheyenne Central
9.11Tanner Lesco47.67aCheyenne East
10.10Matt Stoeger48.39aLingle-Fort Laramie
11.9Rorey Cowden48.60aBurns
12.9Aaron Kreuzer49.23aBurns
13.9Trevon Hinker51.23aCheyenne East
14.9Tim Person51.97aPine Bluffs
15.9Jace Musfelt54.32aNiobrara County
16.9Alex Lund56.40aPine Bluffs
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.66aBurns
2.-Ryan May
Chris Gorman
Travis Werner
Wylie Brooks
45.03aPine Bluffs
3.-Relay Team 48.16aNiobrara County
4.-Relay Team 49.23aLingle-Fort Laramie
5.-Relay Team 51.45aCheyenne East
6.-Relay Team 52.48aCheyenne East
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wylie Brooks
Chris Gorman
Ryan May
Travis Werner
3:37.23aPine Bluffs
2.-Relay Team 3:38.95aBurns
3.-Relay Team 3:40.41aBanner County
4.-Relay Team 3:41.88aLingle-Fort Laramie
5.-Relay Team 3:49.86aNiobrara County
6.-Relay Team 4:24.84aCheyenne East
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:09.15aBurns
2.-Relay Team 9:13.92aCheyenne East
3.-Relay Team 10:07.09aCheyenne East
4.-Relay Team 10:17.73aCheyenne Central
5.-Tyler Bowman
Alex Pool
Alex Romig
Nolan Jeffres
10:22.34aPine Bluffs
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12CJ Risley42-10.00Niobrara County
2.12Ziven Wittler40-01.00Banner County
3.10Thomas Mason39-10.50Niobrara County
4.11Zach Gill37-07.50Niobrara County
5.12Jordan Neal36-01.50Pine Bluffs
6.10Adan Gandara35-04.50Burns
7.11Zack Ellis35-02.00Lingle-Fort Laramie
8.10Eryn Smith34-05.00Pine Bluffs
10Eric Bond34'4.5Pine Bluffs
9.10Max Walbridge34-00.00Burns
10.10Anthony Riedl33-11.50Cheyenne Central
11.10Cole Brooks33-02.00Cheyenne East
12.10Eric Bond32-04.50Pine Bluffs
13.9Jordan Knaub32-02.00Banner County
14.10Richard Hockett31-11.00Glendo Public
15.10Aaron Boyd31-03.50Cheyenne East
16.10Blake Rehm30-10.50Cheyenne East
17.10Thomas Edmunds30-07.00Lingle-Fort Laramie
18.10Zach Stellern29-05.00Cheyenne Central
19.-Leon Romero26-07.50Cheyenne Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Blayne Gilbert121.7Pine Bluffs
1.10Blayne Gilbert121-07Pine Bluffs
2.11Zack Ellis116-08Lingle-Fort Laramie
3.12Jordan Neal114-01Pine Bluffs
4.10Thomas Mason113-09Niobrara County
5.11Zach Gill110-06Niobrara County
6.10Richard Hockett105-09.50Glendo Public
7.12CJ Risley104-01Niobrara County
8.12Ziven Wittler101-01Banner County
9.10Eryn Smith99-07.50Pine Bluffs
10.10Blake Rehm98-06.50Cheyenne East
11.9Dalton Petsch96-10Burns
12.10Zach Stellern92-11.50Cheyenne Central
13.10Cole Brooks88-07.50Cheyenne East
14.10Dusty Dennis88-00Burns
15.-Leon Romero85-09Cheyenne Central
16.10Anthony Riedl84-02Cheyenne Central
17.10Aaron Boyd64-03.50Cheyenne East
18.9Cody Gronewold57-06.50Lingle-Fort Laramie
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaymes Talkington6-02.00Banner County
2.10Trent Johnson5-10.00Niobrara County
3.10Blayne Gilbert5-10.00Pine Bluffs
4.12Taylor Pyle5-08.00Burns
5.11Tanner Lesco5-04.00Cheyenne East
6.12Cole Wyatt5-04.00Banner County
7.9Dustin Brown5-02.00Potter-Dix Public
7.11Travis Robbins5-02.00Niobrara County
7.9Brodie Eklund5-02.00Burns
10.12Cody Brunelle5-00.00Pawnee
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Austin Lang11-06.00Pine Bluffs
2.9Walker Howe11-00.00Cheyenne East
3.10Nolan Jeffres10-06.00Pine Bluffs
4.9Brodie Eklund10-00.00Burns
5.10Chris McNamar8-06.00Burns
6.-Addison Morris8-00.00Cheyenne East
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brett Cross20-06.75Banner County
2.12Jaymes Talkington20-05.00Banner County
3.10Ryan May19-05.25Pine Bluffs
4.12Chase Wickard19-02.00Banner County
5.12Chad Trautman18-10.25Niobrara County
6.12Cody Brunelle17-03.75Pawnee
7.10Matt Stoeger17-02.50Lingle-Fort Laramie
8.9Rorey Cowden16-11.25Burns
9.11Travis Robbins16-11.00Niobrara County
10.10Kendall Sage16-06.00Potter-Dix Public
11.10Sawyer Burkett15-10.50Burns
12.9Jeremiah Hayden15-09.00Burns
13.9Alex Lund14-00.75Pine Bluffs
14.9Daulton Caley13-11.00Niobrara County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jaymes Talkington44-02.25Banner County
2.12Travis Werner43-00.25Pine Bluffs
3.12Brett Cross42-03.75Banner County
4.12Chad Trautman42-00.00Niobrara County
5.12Nathan Hayden39-03.75Burns
6.12Cody Brunelle38-10.00Pawnee
7.9Ty Ottoson38-01.75Potter-Dix Public
8.10Jerit Degering37-10.50Niobrara County
9.10Ryan May36-01.00Pine Bluffs
10.9Aaron Kreuzer35-04.50Burns
11.10Trent Johnson35-00.75Niobrara County
12.9Jordan Knaub34-10.75Banner County
13.10Matt Stoeger34-09.00Lingle-Fort Laramie
14.9Jeremiah Hayden34-06.00Burns
15.9Alex Lund29-09.00Pine Bluffs

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Holz14.02aPotter-Dix Public
2.10Bree Dziardziel14.12aCheyenne Central
3.9Adele Cass14.27aPawnee
4.10Courtney Rickard14.51aLingle-Fort Laramie
5.10Emma Tschacher14.67aNiobrara County
11Johnna Graves14.73aPine Bluffs
6.9Haylee Haller15.07aPotter-Dix Public
9Cassidy Smithfalse startPine Bluffs
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Taylor Holz13.88aPotter-Dix Public
4.10Bree Dziardziel14.11aCheyenne Central
2.9Jessy Eatmon14.28aCheyenne East
5.9Adele Cass14.30aPawnee
7.9Destiny Rudolph14.36aCheyenne East
8.10Emma Tschacher14.56aNiobrara County
9.11Johnna Graves14.73aPine Bluffs
3.10Courtney Rickard14.79aLingle-Fort Laramie
10.10Michelle Bastian15.15aBurns
6.9Haylee Haller15.24aPotter-Dix Public
11.9Sammy Olive15.33aCheyenne East
12.10Deeona Johnston15.40aPawnee
13.-Jasmine Bustillo15.40aCheyenne East
14.11Amanda King15.90aCheyenne Central
15.10Emerald Jackson16.25aCheyenne Central
16.-Mechelle Shlumpf17.63aCheyenne East
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bridget Bastian29.06aBurns
2.10Bree Dziardziel29.53aCheyenne Central
3.9Adele Cass29.86aPawnee
4.10Emma Tschacher30.17aNiobrara County
5.9Cassidy Smith30.45aPine Bluffs
6.9Destiny Rudolph31.22aCheyenne East
7.-Jasmine Bustillo32.23aCheyenne East
10Janna Young32.66aPine Bluffs
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Bridget Bastian29.06aBurns
2.10Bree Dziardziel29.55aCheyenne Central
3.9Adele Cass29.59aPawnee
4.10Emma Tschacher29.80aNiobrara County
5.9Destiny Rudolph30.44aCheyenne East
6.9Cassidy Smith31.03aPine Bluffs
7.11Laine Hetherington31.80aPawnee
8.-Jasmine Bustillo32.15aCheyenne East
9.10Deeona Johnston32.60aPawnee
10.10Janna Young32.66aPine Bluffs
11.11Jordan Hirsig32.70aBurns
12.11Julia Melia33.15aCheyenne Central
13.-Ashanda Harris33.22aCheyenne East
14.10Megan Luley33.42aCheyenne East
15.-Sammy Shurman33.84aCheyenne East
16.10Taylor Ronning35.20aBurns
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Maureen Chavez1:04.07aCheyenne Central
2.11Bridget Bastian1:05.09aBurns
3.10Kaylea Stoddard1:08.49aBanner County
4.11Laine Hetherington1:10.41aPawnee
5.11Johnna Graves1:10.81aPine Bluffs
6.12Kelsey Eklund1:10.93aBurns
7.10Kelsey Rogers1:11.11aCheyenne Central
8.10Courtney Portera1:11.33aCheyenne East
9.10Alex Ward1:11.83aBurns
10.10Brittny Steger1:14.00aPine Bluffs
11.11Morgan Hanson1:15.02aNiobrara County
12.12Brandi Woten1:17.56aPotter-Dix Public
13.10Alysha Smith1:20.52aNiobrara County
14.-Mechelle Shlumpf1:29.36aCheyenne East
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Candace Wollert2:30.14aLingle-Fort Laramie
2.10Hannah Gibbs2:44.22aLingle-Fort Laramie
3.9Taylor Wollert2:44.57aLingle-Fort Laramie
4.12Laura Monsees2:46.39aBanner County
5.10Ashley Spatz2:50.57aBurns
6.9Maria DeLaCruz2:54.81aPine Bluffs
7.10Alysha Smith2:57.51aNiobrara County
8.10Savannah Minder2:58.73aCheyenne East
9.10Sarah Gordon2:59.65aBurns
10.9Kayla Steger3:03.10aPine Bluffs
11.10Heather Dungan3:06.41aBurns
12.11Mandy Baker3:17.45aNiobrara County
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alyssa Bever6:04.64aCheyenne East
2.12Laura Monsees6:11.68aBanner County
3.-Danielle Jones6:14.28aPotter-Dix Public
4.9Tyler Tallabus6:20.80aCheyenne Central
5.11Katie Girmus6:29.45aBurns
6.12Cashmere Anderson6:42.21aCheyenne East
7.10Hannah Buettner6:52.95aLingle-Fort Laramie
8.11Hannah Benavides6:54.67aBanner County
9.9Danielle Gilowacky6:59.36aCheyenne East
10.10Ashley Harrison7:03.65aBanner County
11.10Kelsey Rogers7:40.93aCheyenne Central
12.9Tessa Werner7:54.88aPine Bluffs
13.10Taylor Ronning8:41.88aBurns
14.9Kelsey Bowman8:47.33aPine Bluffs
15.9Stephanie Gorman8:57.58aPine Bluffs
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Buettner13:46.37aLingle-Fort Laramie
2.10Abby Pederson13:51.74aCheyenne Central
3.11Katie Girmus13:51.82aBurns
4.11Catie Haller14:11.84aPotter-Dix Public
5.10Ashley Harrison14:12.56aBanner County
6.9Kelsey Bowman15:06.87aPine Bluffs
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Holz17.66aPotter-Dix Public
2.10McKenzie Yarter18.11aCheyenne Central
3.11Brandy Newbanks18.16aPotter-Dix Public
4.12Janelle Cass18.25aPawnee
5.11Tomi Glendy18.28aNiobrara County
6.12Vickie Christensen18.63aCheyenne East
11Brittney Bowman20.63aPine Bluffs
7.10Chloe West20.68aCheyenne Central
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Taylor Holz17.64aPotter-Dix Public
2.10McKenzie Yarter18.12aCheyenne Central
3.11Tomi Glendy18.56aNiobrara County
4.11Brandy Newbanks18.77aPotter-Dix Public
5.12Janelle Cass19.08aPawnee
6.12Vickie Christensen19.23aCheyenne East
7.10Serayla Garhart19.54aLingle-Fort Laramie
8.10Chloe West20.35aCheyenne Central
9.10Amber Christianson20.56aNiobrara County
10.11Brittney Bowman20.63aPine Bluffs
11.9Breann Garhart21.17aLingle-Fort Laramie
12.11Jazmyn Webster21.79aCheyenne East
13.-Myranda Bennett23.09aCheyenne East
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jazmyn Webster52.25aCheyenne East
2.10McKenzie Yarter52.35aCheyenne Central
3.10Amber Christianson54.41aNiobrara County
4.11Tomi Glendy54.67aNiobrara County
5.11Brittney Bowman54.74aPine Bluffs
6.10Kaylea Stoddard56.95aBanner County
7.10Kelsey Schmidt58.72aPawnee
8.9Breann Garhart59.47aLingle-Fort Laramie
9.10Chloe West1:00.19aCheyenne Central
10.11Brandy Newbanks1:00.88aPotter-Dix Public
11.11Jordan Hirsig1:01.75aBurns
12.9Bailey Ward1:07.86aBurns
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.43aCheyenne Central
2.-Relay Team 55.52aNiobrara County
3.-Relay Team 55.82aPotter-Dix Public
4.-Conner Graves
Laura Gross
Johnna Graves
Cassidy Smith
56.02aPine Bluffs
5.-Relay Team 56.74aCheyenne East
6.-Relay Team 1:03.89aBurns
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:42.43aBanner County
2.-Cassidy Smith
Conner Graves
Johnna Graves
Brittney Bowman
4:44.46aPine Bluffs
3.-Relay Team 4:49.44aCheyenne East
4.-Relay Team 4:52.54aPotter-Dix Public
5.-Relay Team 5:20.92aBurns
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:11.69aPotter-Dix Public
2.-Relay Team 11:20.80aCheyenne Central
3.-Relay Team 11:21.52aBurns
4.-Relay Team 11:27.06aBanner County
5.-Maria DeLaCruz
Kelsey Bowman
Tessa Werner
Brittny Steger
12:39.98aPine Bluffs
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelli Johnson39-03.50Lingle-Fort Laramie
2.12Rebekah Knaub35-11.00Banner County
3.11Alena Gronewold33-10.00Lingle-Fort Laramie
4.11Bethany Cooper33-07.50Banner County
5.11Krysten Hunt32-04.00Cheyenne Central
6.10Rebecca Lashmett31-10.50Niobrara County
7.12Priscilla Bastian31-09.00Burns
8.10Samantha Egging31-04.00Potter-Dix Public
9.12Lindsay Miller29-09.50Lingle-Fort Laramie
10.10Tiffany Risley29-06.00Niobrara County
11.12Vanessa Thurin29-05.00Pine Bluffs
12.10Emerald Jackson28-09.00Cheyenne Central
13.12Dyann Diercks28-06.00Niobrara County
14.9Natoria Wheelock28-05.00Potter-Dix Public
15.9Kodi Ragsdale28-03.00Pine Bluffs
16.9Lindsey Soule28-02.00Banner County
17.10Sirena Beckham27-08.50Burns
18.11Wendy Bridge27-08.00Pawnee
19.10Elise Greaham25-10.00Cheyenne East
20.9Katie Thorson25-08.50Glendo Public
21.9Tasha Timm25-06.50Pawnee
22.12Allison Smith25-00.00Pawnee
23.10Shay Lemaster24-11.50Burns
24.11Joanna Ball24-10.00Potter-Dix Public
25.9Tessa Werner18-09.50Pine Bluffs
26.-Chasnee Givens17-05.00Cheyenne East
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelli Johnson104-01.50Lingle-Fort Laramie
2.12Rebekah Knaub94-08Banner County
3.11Bethany Cooper94-07.50Banner County
4.11Krysten Hunt94-03.50Cheyenne Central
5.10Tiffany Risley91-04Niobrara County
6.10Rebecca Lashmett90-11.50Niobrara County
7.12Vanessa Thurin88-09Pine Bluffs
8.9Natoria Wheelock85-08.50Potter-Dix Public
9.10Alex Langseth82-00.50Burns
10.10Becca Miller81-04.50Burns
11.11Wendy Bridge80-05Pawnee
12.10Sirena Beckham77-09.50Burns
13.9Kodi Ragsdale77-06Pine Bluffs
14.9Lindsey Soule73-08.50Banner County
15.12Dyann Diercks73-08Niobrara County
16.10Elise Greaham72-06Cheyenne East
17.9Laura Gross72-01Pine Bluffs
18.11Alena Gronewold71-03.50Lingle-Fort Laramie
19.10Samantha Egging69-09Potter-Dix Public
20.12Allison Smith63-05Pawnee
21.9Katie Thorson63-03Glendo Public
22.11Jazmyn Webster61-03Cheyenne East
23.10Shelby Edwards58-02Glendo Public
24.9Terri Garlach53-03.50Potter-Dix Public
25.9Tasha Timm52-04Pawnee
26.-Chasnee Givens44-00Cheyenne East
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jazmyn Webster5-05.00Cheyenne East
2.12Brandie Hermes4-10.00Potter-Dix Public
3.-Danielle Jones4-10.00Potter-Dix Public
4.12Katie Glendy4-08.00Niobrara County
5.11Bridget Bastian4-08.00Burns
6.10Heather Dungan4-06.00Burns
7.10Kelsey Schmidt4-06.00Pawnee
8.12Janelle Cass4-04.00Pawnee
8.10Savannah Minder4-04.00Cheyenne East
10.9Jessy Eatmon4-02.00Cheyenne East
10.11Jordan Hirsig4-02.00Burns
10.10Emma Tschacher4-02.00Niobrara County
10.9Laura Gross4-02.00Pine Bluffs
10.9Haylee Haller4-02.00Potter-Dix Public
10.9Brooke Wyatt4-02.00Banner County
16.9Kayla Steger4-00.00Pine Bluffs
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Heather Rose8-06.00Lingle-Fort Laramie
2.12Kelsey Eklund8-06.00Burns
3.11Amanda King7-00.00Cheyenne Central
4.10Becca Miller7-00.00Burns
5.11Brittney Bowman6-06.00Pine Bluffs
6.10Serayla Garhart6-06.00Lingle-Fort Laramie
7.9Sammy Olive6-00.00Cheyenne East
10Brittny StegerNHPine Bluffs
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Taylor Holz16-05.00Potter-Dix Public
2.12Janelle Cass15-03.25Pawnee
3.12Vickie Christensen15-02.00Cheyenne East
4.12Gaby Cruz14-11.00Cheyenne Central
5.12Megan Miller14-09.00Niobrara County
6.10Courtney Rickard14-06.75Lingle-Fort Laramie
7.10Ashley Spatz14-00.25Burns
8.11Kayla Johnson13-09.00Potter-Dix Public
9.9Adele Cass13-02.25Pawnee
10.10Brittny Steger13-01.75Pine Bluffs
11.10Alex Ward13-01.00Burns
12.11Brandy Newbanks13-00.50Potter-Dix Public
13.10Savannah Minder12-11.00Cheyenne East
14.9Tasha Timm12-06.50Pawnee
15.10Janna Young12-05.75Pine Bluffs
16.10Kaitlin Pfister11-05.00Niobrara County
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Vickie Christensen34-04.00Cheyenne East
2.11Kayla Johnson30-08.00Potter-Dix Public
3.12Gaby Cruz30-01.00Cheyenne Central
4.11Bethany Cooper29-07.00Banner County
5.12Megan Miller29-04.00Niobrara County
6.11Julia Melia28-04.75Cheyenne Central
7.10Alex Ward27-11.50Burns
8.9Laura Gross27-10.25Pine Bluffs
9.11Laine Hetherington26-11.50Pawnee
10.10Kaitlin Pfister26-07.75Niobrara County
11.10Sarah Gordon26-00.50Burns
12.10Brittny Steger25-08.00Pine Bluffs
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