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Western Athletic Conference Indoor Championships

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boise State, Nampa

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California - NCAA
Fresno State
Hawaii - NCAA
Hawaii Manoa
Idaho - NCAA
Boise State
Louisiana - NCAA
Louisiana Tech
Nevada - NCAA
New Mexico - NCAA
New Mexico State
Utah - NCAA
Utah State
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMike Coleman6.75aLouisiana Tech
2.FrEric Capelle6.84aBoise State
3.FrPer Strandquist6.84aBoise State
4.SoTerry Carter6.89aLouisiana Tech
5.JrMarlon Douglas6.89aBoise State
6.SrSam Michener6.94aIdaho
7.SoKevin Stewart8.07aLouisiana Tech
--SrJosh HarveyFSLouisiana Tech
X 60 Meter Dash - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrMike Carpenter7.00aIdaho
2.SrJohn Strang7.05aUtah State
3.FrJon Goble7.19aUtah State
4.FrRyan Bowen7.26aIdaho
5.FrMatt Grogan7.27aIdaho
6.SrEric Demers7.40aBoise State
7.SoAndrew Blaser7.44aIdaho
8.FrSteve Anderson7.45aBoise State
9.SrIan Snook7.59aIdaho
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMike Coleman6.79aLouisiana Tech
3.FrPer Strandquist6.80aBoise State
2.FrEric Capelle6.85aBoise State
4.SrJosh Harvey6.89aLouisiana Tech
5.JrMarlon Douglas6.91aBoise State
6.SoTerry Carter6.92aLouisiana Tech
7.SrSam Michener6.95aIdaho
8.SoKevin Stewart6.96aLouisiana Tech
9.SrLeighton Scott6.96aLouisiana Tech
10.SrJohn Strang7.01aUtah State
11.SoBlake Bolen7.03aUtah State
12.SrDeron Trotter7.03aLouisiana Tech
13.FrEetu Viitala7.11aBoise State
14.SoBilly Walker7.11aLouisiana Tech
15.SoDominic Schmidt7.16aIdaho
16.SoBenjamin Neff7.20aBoise State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMike Coleman21.29aLouisiana Tech
2.JrAlbert Fullwood21.42aLouisiana Tech
3.SoTerry Carter21.44aLouisiana Tech
4.SrJosh Harvey21.52aLouisiana Tech
5.FrPer Strandquist21.53aBoise State
6.FrEric Capelle21.75aBoise State
--SrNick KarrenDQUtah State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMike Coleman21.48aLouisiana Tech
2.SrJosh Harvey21.55aLouisiana Tech
3.FrPer Strandquist21.57aBoise State
4.SoTerry Carter21.71aLouisiana Tech
5.SoKevin Stewart21.75aLouisiana Tech
6.SrNick Karren21.84aUtah State
7.JrAlbert Fullwood21.93aLouisiana Tech
8.FrEric Capelle21.94aBoise State
9.JrMarlon Douglas22.07aBoise State
10.SrKeith Williams22.20aUtah State
11.FrEetu Viitala22.25aBoise State
12.SoDominic Schmidt22.41aIdaho
13.SoCody Buckendorf22.43aBoise State
14.SrSam Michener22.67aIdaho
15.SoBenjamin Neff22.98aBoise State
--SrDeron TrotterDQLouisiana Tech
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNick Karren47.56aUtah State
2.JrAlbert Fullwood47.61aLouisiana Tech
3.SoDemonte Willis47.78aLouisiana Tech
4.JrWade McGaha48.45aLouisiana Tech
5.SrKyle Christoffersen49.05aBoise State
6.SrBrandon Waller49.15aUtah State
7.SoSpencer Meinburg49.80aIdaho
8.SoJonathan Roque51.12aLouisiana Tech
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrAlbert Fullwood47.81aLouisiana Tech
2.SoDemonte Willis48.20aLouisiana Tech
3.SrKyle Christoffersen48.64aBoise State
4.JrWade McGaha49.20aLouisiana Tech
5.SrNick Karren49.35aUtah State
6.SoSpencer Meinburg49.57aIdaho
7.SrBrandon Waller49.65aUtah State
8.SoJonathan Roque50.98aLouisiana Tech
9.FrShane O'Connell51.46aIdaho
--FrSteve AndersonDNFBoise State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCaleb Cazier1:53.43aBoise State
2.SoJames Allred1:53.75aUtah State
3.SoJosh Dalton1:54.59aIdaho
4.FrDusty Klein-Una1:55.07aBoise State
5.FrMatthew Moyer1:55.61aBoise State
6.FrJames Clark1:56.72aIdaho
7.SrHeath Wing1:57.16aUtah State
8.FrMichael Walrath2:03.15aBoise State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoJosh Dalton1:55.40aIdaho
2.SrCaleb Cazier1:55.50aBoise State
3.SoJames Allred1:55.65aUtah State
4.FrDusty Klein-Una1:55.78aBoise State
5.SrHeath Wing1:55.86aUtah State
6.FrJames Clark1:56.01aIdaho
7.FrMatthew Moyer1:56.15aBoise State
8.FrMichael Walrath1:56.79aBoise State
9.FrKyle Grigsby1:57.18aBoise State
10.SrMatt Schmasow1:58.08aBoise State
11.SrDavid Creamer1:58.15aBoise State
12.FrNick Tatro2:01.28aBoise State
X 1000 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrRyan Bowen2:50.92aIdaho
2.SrEric Demers2:55.76aBoise State
3.SrJohn Strang2:55.80aUtah State
4.FrMatt Grogan2:59.12aIdaho
5.FrJon Goble3:01.91aUtah State
6.SoAndrew Blaser3:08.30aIdaho
7.JrMike Carpenter3:11.95aIdaho
--FrSteve AndersonDNFBoise State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChio Lopez4:12.73aUtah State
2.SrKinsey Dinnel4:13.29aLouisiana Tech
3.FrJames Clark4:13.75aIdaho
4.JrSteve Potratz4:14.70aIdaho
5.SoBrian Pierre4:16.63aBoise State
6.SrKevin Merkling4:17.22aIdaho
7.SoEric Larson4:22.36aUtah State
8.SrBen Kessen4:23.19aUtah State
9.JrJason Holt4:28.63aUtah State
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSawyer Bosch8:30.55aBoise State
2.SoChio Lopez8:34.32aUtah State
3.SoScott Foley8:36.48aBoise State
4.SrBen Kessen8:36.88aUtah State
5.FrDaniel Howell8:36.98aUtah State
6.SoHunter Nelson8:39.47aUtah State
7.JrSteve Strickland8:43.14aUtah State
8.SrKinsey Dinnel8:46.06aLouisiana Tech
9.SrZach Shuler8:47.28aLouisiana Tech
10.SoBrian McKenna8:48.74aUtah State
11.SoBrian Pierre8:51.93aBoise State
12.FrAlex Brekke8:51.94aIdaho
13.FrMarkus Geiger8:56.60aIdaho
14.SrJeremiah Johnston9:03.97aIdaho
15.SrMatt Racine9:09.75aIdaho
16.SrNathan Davis9:14.57aLouisiana Tech
17.SrKevin Merkling9:21.27aIdaho
18.JrSteve Potratz9:21.43aIdaho
19.JrCameron Lockard9:24.50aBoise State
20.FrDerek Gunn10:19.92aBoise State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSteve Strickland14:41.02aUtah State
2.SoSawyer Bosch14:41.88aBoise State
3.SoBrian Pierre14:51.60aBoise State
4.FrMarkus Geiger14:53.61aIdaho
5.SoBrian McKenna15:00.59aUtah State
6.FrDaniel Howell15:12.12aUtah State
7.SoHunter Nelson15:25.38aUtah State
8.SrNathan Davis15:36.49aLouisiana Tech
9.SrZach Shuler15:37.73aLouisiana Tech
10.SrMatt Racine15:44.84aIdaho
11.SrJeremiah Johnston15:59.90aIdaho
12.JrCameron Lockard16:16.97aBoise State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDylan Nielson8.03aUtah State
2.SoBilly Walker8.05aLouisiana Tech
3.SrKeith Williams8.17aUtah State
4.SoMaurice Shaw8.20aIdaho
5.SoPaul Dittmer8.20aIdaho
6.SrNick Karren8.21aUtah State
7.SrLeighton Scott8.25aLouisiana Tech
8.SoBlake Bolen8.43aUtah State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrJohn Strang8.25aUtah State
2.JrMike Carpenter8.58aIdaho
3.SoAndrew Blaser8.65aIdaho
4.FrJon Goble8.66aUtah State
5.FrMatt Grogan8.87aIdaho
6.SrEric Demers8.94aBoise State
7.FrRyan Bowen9.25aIdaho
8.FrSteve Anderson9.67aBoise State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoPaul Dittmer7.99aIdaho
2.SoBilly Walker8.15aLouisiana Tech
3.SrKeith Williams8.22aUtah State
4.FrDylan Nielson8.27aUtah State
4.SoMaurice Shaw8.27aIdaho
6.SrLeighton Scott8.30aLouisiana Tech
6.SrNick Karren8.30aUtah State
8.SoBlake Bolen8.47aUtah State
9.SoAndrew Blaser8.52aIdaho
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Wade McGaha
Demonte Willis
Mike Coleman
Albert Fullwood
3:14.36aLouisiana Tech
2.-Brandon Waller
Nick Karren
James Allred
Keith Williams
3:14.80aUtah State
3.-Spencer Meinburg
Dominic Schmidt
Shane O'Connell
Josh Dalton
4.-Marlon Douglas
Caleb Cazier
Zacharias Arnos
Kyle Christoffersen
3:24.12aBoise State
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Ben Kessen
Keith Williams
James Allred
Chio Lopez
10:07.61aUtah State
2.-Steve Potratz
Spencer Meinburg
James Clark
Kevin Merkling
3.-Steven Cortez
Wade McGaha
Ladarrion Outley
Kinsey Dinnel
10:29.57aLouisiana Tech
4.-Derek Gunn
Cody Buckendorf
Michael Walrath
Scott Foley
10:39.83aBoise State
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJames Rogan54-03.25Idaho
2.SrMatthew Wauters52-09.50Idaho
3.SoLarry Jones52-04.50Louisiana Tech
4.SrSimon Wardhaugh52-04.50Boise State
5.FrBryce Hall52-04.50Utah State
6.JrBeau Whitney51-07.25Idaho
7.SrTyler Ellis49-03.50Utah State
8.SoJosef Canavan47-03.50Utah State
9.SrEvan Ruud44-06.75Idaho
X Shot Put - 16lb - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrSteve Anderson41-00.50Boise State
2.SrEric Demers39-07.00Boise State
3.FrJon Goble38-07.50Utah State
4.SrIan Snook38-05.50Idaho
5.FrMatt Grogan38-01.50Idaho
6.JrMike Carpenter37-05.25Idaho
7.SrJohn Strang35-06.00Utah State
8.FrRyan Bowen35-02.00Idaho
9.SoAndrew Blaser35-01.75Idaho
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrClint Silcock7-01.00Utah State
2.JrRyan Grinnell6-10.75Boise State
3.SrJohn Strang6-08.75Utah State
4.JrCasey Parker6-08.75Utah State
5.JrJonathan Marler6-04.75Idaho
6.FrJon Goble6-02.75Utah State
7.FrSteve Anderson6-02.75Boise State
8.SoAndrew Blaser6-02.75Idaho
8.SoJonathan Roque6-02.75Louisiana Tech
10.SrEric Demers6-00.75Boise State
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrJohn Strang6-11.00Utah State
2.FrSteve Anderson6-06.25Boise State
3.FrJon Goble6-05.00Utah State
4.SoAndrew Blaser6-02.75Idaho
4.FrRyan Bowen6-02.75Idaho
4.JrMike Carpenter6-02.75Idaho
7.FrMatt Grogan6-01.50Idaho
8.SrEric Demers5-11.25Boise State
--SrIan SnookNHIdaho
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLucas Pope16-00.75Idaho
2.JrMike Carpenter15-09.00Idaho
3.FrJeremy Klas15-05.00Idaho
3.FrJohn Johnson15-05.00Utah State
5.SrMax Hansen15-01.00Utah State
6.SrPalmer Hawkins14-07.25Utah State
6.SrIan Snook14-07.25Idaho
8.SrDavid Loomis14-01.25Utah State
8.SoDaniel Thompson14-01.25Boise State
X Pole Vault - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrMike Carpenter15-03.00Idaho
2.SrJohn Strang14-03.25Utah State
3.SrEric Demers13-11.25Boise State
4.FrMatt Grogan13-07.25Idaho
4.FrRyan Bowen13-07.25Idaho
6.SoAndrew Blaser12-11.50Idaho
7.FrJon Goble12-07.50Utah State
8.FrSteve Anderson10-04.00Boise State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRyan Grinnell25-04.75Boise State
2.FrEetu Viitala24-07.75Boise State
3.FrPer Strandquist24-06.25Boise State
4.JrZacharias Arnos24-01.50Boise State
5.SrBlake Hadfield23-09.50Utah State
6.FrDamian Szade22-10.50Utah State
7.FrRyan Bowen22-04.50Idaho
8.SoJonathan Keys22-02.25Louisiana Tech
9.FrMatt Grogan20-11.75Idaho
10.SrEric Demers16-08.50Boise State
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrJohn Strang23-09.50Utah State
2.FrMatt Grogan22-05.00Idaho
3.SoAndrew Blaser22-00.75Idaho
4.FrRyan Bowen21-11.75Idaho
5.JrMike Carpenter21-05.50Idaho
6.FrSteve Anderson21-01.50Boise State
7.FrJon Goble21-01.25Utah State
8.SrEric Demers21-00.75Boise State
9.SrIan Snook19-09.00Idaho
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRyan Grinnell52-10.25Boise State
2.JrZacharias Arnos51-10.50Boise State
3.SoJonathan Keys50-04.50Louisiana Tech
4.SrBlake Hadfield49-01.50Utah State
5.SrJohn Strang44-04.00Utah State
6.SoAndrew Blaser43-05.25Idaho
7.SrEric Demers42-08.00Boise State
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSimon Wardhaugh71-08.00Boise State
2.JrBen Wood64-03.25Idaho
3.JrJames Rogan63-07.50Idaho
4.FrTrevor Kraychir63-05.50Boise State
5.SrMatthew Wauters63-00.25Idaho
6.SrEvan Ruud60-00.50Idaho
7.FrBryce Hall57-02.75Utah State
8.JrBeau Whitney56-06.75Idaho
9.FrAlex Nelson55-09.75Boise State
10.SrTyler Ellis52-10.00Utah State
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJohn Strang5522Utah State
2.JrMike Carpenter5071Idaho
3.FrMatt Grogan4940Idaho
4.FrJon Goble4902Utah State
5.FrRyan Bowen4885Idaho
6.SrEric Demers4823Boise State
7.SoAndrew Blaser4735Idaho
8.FrSteve Anderson3842Boise State

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChasidee Lewis-Baker7.51aLouisiana Tech
2.SrEleni Kafourou7.63aBoise State
3.JrAntionette Cobb7.64aLouisiana Tech
4.JrLeah Benton7.70aNew Mexico State
5.SrRayna White7.72aFresno State
6.SoNancy Shelton7.82aLouisiana Tech
7.FrShanelle Stephens7.82aFresno State
8.SrNataucha Lowry7.82aBoise State
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoChasidee Lewis-Baker7.53aLouisiana Tech
2.SrEleni Kafourou7.61aBoise State
3.JrLeah Benton7.61aNew Mexico State
4.JrAntionette Cobb7.67aLouisiana Tech
5.SrRayna White7.68aFresno State
6.SrNataucha Lowry7.68aBoise State
7.SoNancy Shelton7.80aLouisiana Tech
8.FrShanelle Stephens7.81aFresno State
9.FrSchavi Hill7.82aNevada-Reno
10.FrEllen Rouse7.85aIdaho
11.FrStacia Hanneman7.86aLouisiana Tech
12.SrAnalisa Serrano7.93aNevada-Reno
13.SoDevin Brooks7.94aNew Mexico State
14.JrKimiko Kamo7.95aUtah State
15.SrVanessa Sautebin7.96aFresno State
16.FrJamilee Jimenez7.99aHawaii Manoa
17.JrBrittany Chadwick8.00aUtah State
18.SrErica Embry8.00aFresno State
19.FrAllyssa Laritz8.03aIdaho
20.SrCandyce Allen8.17aNew Mexico State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrStacia Hanneman24.29aLouisiana Tech
2.SoChasidee Lewis-Baker24.31aLouisiana Tech
3.SoMonique Wright24.33aLouisiana Tech
4.JrLeah Benton24.36aNew Mexico State
5.JrKamila Stroy24.54aLouisiana Tech
6.SrPaige Olivetti24.70aBoise State
7.SrNerisha Phillip24.83aBoise State
8.FrLatrisha Jordan25.07aFresno State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrLeah Benton24.33aNew Mexico State
2.SoMonique Wright24.49aLouisiana Tech
2.SrPaige Olivetti24.49aBoise State
4.JrKamila Stroy24.61aLouisiana Tech
5.SoChasidee Lewis-Baker24.73aLouisiana Tech
6.SrNerisha Phillip24.75aBoise State
7.FrLatrisha Jordan24.89aFresno State
8.FrStacia Hanneman24.93aLouisiana Tech
9.SrMegan Olivetti24.95aBoise State
10.SoNancy Shelton24.97aLouisiana Tech
11.SrEleni Kafourou25.11aBoise State
12.JrAshlee Cannon25.12aUtah State
13.SrNataucha Lowry25.44aBoise State
14.SoMaria Halton25.63aUtah State
15.SoDevin Brooks25.86aNew Mexico State
16.FrAllyssa Laritz25.92aIdaho
17.FrApril Pate26.02aNevada-Reno
18.JrBrittany Chadwick26.02aUtah State
19.FrJndia Cleveland26.28aNew Mexico State
20.FrChalese West26.33aUtah State
21.FrJamilee Jimenez26.44aHawaii Manoa
22.SrCandyce Allen26.88aNew Mexico State
--SrRayna WhiteDQFresno State
--FrSchavi HillDQNevada-Reno
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMonique Wright54.49aLouisiana Tech
2.JrKamila Stroy54.95aLouisiana Tech
3.SrEl Charrita Reynolds55.31aLouisiana Tech
4.SrPaige Olivetti55.33aBoise State
5.FrLatrisha Jordan55.37aFresno State
6.SrNerisha Phillip55.77aBoise State
7.SrKatie Thatcher56.71aUtah State
8.SoKatelyn Jensen56.73aUtah State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoMonique Wright54.82aLouisiana Tech
2.SrEl Charrita Reynolds55.67aLouisiana Tech
3.SrPaige Olivetti56.02aBoise State
4.JrKamila Stroy56.07aLouisiana Tech
5.FrLatrisha Jordan56.23aFresno State
6.SrNerisha Phillip56.33aBoise State
7.SrKatie Thatcher56.71aUtah State
8.SoKatelyn Jensen57.19aUtah State
9.SoShante Benion57.53aLouisiana Tech
10.FrKeli Hall57.53aIdaho
11.JrAshLee Rey57.80aIdaho
12.JrHeidi Hopkins57.83aUtah State
13.SoMorgan Cribbs57.87aBoise State
14.FrKatherine Beach58.39aNew Mexico State
15.SoCamile Fehlberg58.46aUtah State
16.SoTiera Hilliard58.64aFresno State
17.SrJennifer Day58.95aUtah State
18.SoDerrhea Mcliechey59.20aNew Mexico State
19.SoDesiree Varela59.79aNew Mexico State
20.SrJoy Saleapaga1:00.57aHawaii Manoa
21.FrLauren Opsal1:01.87aHawaii Manoa
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKayleen McDowell2:12.07aBoise State
2.SrPolly Smith2:14.17aNevada-Reno
3.FrChristy Works2:15.10aNevada-Reno
4.JrElaine Connolly2:15.21aUtah State
5.FrLauren Schaffer2:16.72aIdaho
6.JrSamantha Whitehall2:16.85aHawaii Manoa
7.SoKatie Avena2:17.25aNevada-Reno
8.JrAlexis Meyer2:20.38aUtah State
X 800 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMegan Olivetti2:22.64aBoise State
2.JrLindsay Goodman2:23.31aIdaho
3.SrAnnett Wichmann2:25.65aHawaii Manoa
4.JrDarcy Collins2:27.12aIdaho
5.JrJennifer Boswell2:28.35aNevada-Reno
6.SoJordan Wood2:33.84aNew Mexico State
7.SoAubrie Neil2:34.40aNevada-Reno
8.SrEmily Sheppard2:36.23aHawaii Manoa
9.FrBrooke Demers2:39.24aBoise State
10.FrAlexa Anderson2:39.89aNevada-Reno
11.FrEllen Rouse2:41.95aIdaho
12.SoSonia Grabowska2:41.97aUtah State
13.SoSasa Kampic2:48.19aBoise State
14.JrFelicia Ladson2:51.91aNevada-Reno
15.SoDani Schwalbe2:57.85aBoise State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrElaine Connolly2:16.01aUtah State
3.FrChristy Works2:16.09aNevada-Reno
5.SrPolly Smith2:16.21aNevada-Reno
2.FrLauren Schaffer2:16.98aIdaho
4.SrKayleen McDowell2:17.19aBoise State
6.JrAlexis Meyer2:18.77aUtah State
7.SoKatie Avena2:19.59aNevada-Reno
8.JrSamantha Whitehall2:20.16aHawaii Manoa
9.FrTeegan Schoch2:20.66aIdaho
10.SrThalia Amanakis2:21.16aHawaii Manoa
11.SoRayanna Fernandez2:21.58aNew Mexico State
12.FrLiisa Cushing2:28.14aHawaii Manoa
13.SoBriana Goodnight2:37.19aHawaii Manoa
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.JrErin Stratton4:55.42aUtah State
2.SrAllix Lee-Painter4:57.51aIdaho
3.JrRoxanne Sellick4:58.08aFresno State
4.SrAlison Taylor5:00.00aUtah State
5.SrBreanna Sande5:01.95aBoise State
6.FrJessie Chugg5:03.47aUtah State
7.SoErica Digby5:07.86aIdaho
8.SoAlicia Holt5:11.90aUtah State
9.FrShea Hanson5:17.21aBoise State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrAllix Lee-Painter5:06.68aIdaho
3.JrRoxanne Sellick5:06.72aFresno State
5.FrJessie Chugg5:06.82aUtah State
7.SrAlison Taylor5:06.90aUtah State
8.SrTiffany Tandy5:09.60aNevada-Reno
2.JrErin Stratton5:10.05aUtah State
4.SoAlicia Holt5:10.11aUtah State
6.SrBreanna Sande5:10.18aBoise State
9.SoErica Digby5:10.45aIdaho
10.FrShea Hanson5:12.55aBoise State
11.SoJustine Baugh5:18.23aUtah State
12.SrMariana Monasi5:20.68aHawaii Manoa
13.JrMandy Russ5:24.14aNevada-Reno
14.SoBreanne Whitlock5:45.93aBoise State
--SoAubrie NeilDNFNevada-Reno
--FrAlexa AndersonDNFNevada-Reno
--JrJennifer BoswellDNFNevada-Reno
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrErin Stratton10:07.55aUtah State
2.SrAllix Lee-Painter10:08.17aIdaho
3.SrChrista Avena10:09.51aNevada-Reno
4.SrBreanna Sande10:10.32aBoise State
5.JrRoxanne Sellick10:10.65aFresno State
6.FrTeegan Schoch10:11.09aIdaho
7.SrAmanda Gramly10:13.97aNevada-Reno
8.FrRuth Hilton10:20.13aUtah State
9.SoAmy Arenas10:21.81aNew Mexico State
10.SoKim Quinn10:22.58aUtah State
11.SrAlison Taylor10:35.55aUtah State
12.SoErica Digby10:36.90aIdaho
13.FrJulia Veseth10:40.44aIdaho
14.SrKendra Hernandez10:42.95aBoise State
15.JrIngrid Flores10:44.39aNew Mexico State
16.FrJessie Chugg10:46.64aUtah State
17.SoAlicia Holt10:47.32aUtah State
18.SoBrittany Hurtado10:48.82aNew Mexico State
19.JrTava Tedesco10:49.57aHawaii Manoa
20.SoJustine Baugh10:58.14aUtah State
21.SrHeidi Suder11:05.19aBoise State
22.FrMelody Braden11:18.28aBoise State
--JrAlexis MeyerDNFUtah State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAllix Lee-Painter17:19.23aIdaho
2.SoAmy Arenas17:35.71aNew Mexico State
3.FrRuth Hilton17:36.72aUtah State
4.SoKim Quinn17:42.33aUtah State
5.SoAmanda Moreno17:48.17aNevada-Reno
6.SrBreanna Sande17:51.59aBoise State
7.SrAmanda Gramly17:57.84aNevada-Reno
8.SoAlma Janet Martinez18:17.24aNevada-Reno
9.FrJulia Veseth18:26.68aIdaho
10.JrJennifer Hernandez18:30.11aFresno State
11.JrIngrid Flores18:37.42aNew Mexico State
12.SrVanessa Gledhill18:42.22aUtah State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAntionette Cobb8.36aLouisiana Tech
2.SrHeather Bergland8.47aIdaho
3.SrChristie Gordon8.47aIdaho
4.SrMegan Olivetti8.52aBoise State
5.SoGina Deckard8.63aNevada-Reno
6.JrAshlee Cannon8.67aUtah State
7.SrVanessa Sautebin8.75aFresno State
8.SoDevin Brooks8.92aNew Mexico State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMegan Olivetti8.67aBoise State
2.SrAnnett Wichmann8.98aHawaii Manoa
3.SoAubrie Neil9.05aNevada-Reno
4.SoSonia Grabowska9.14aUtah State
5.JrLindsay Goodman9.16aIdaho
6.JrDarcy Collins9.20aIdaho
7.SoMaria Halton9.41aUtah State
8.JrJennifer Boswell9.42aNevada-Reno
9.FrEllen Rouse9.50aIdaho
10.SrEmily Sheppard9.52aHawaii Manoa
11.FrBrooke Demers9.82aBoise State
12.FrAlexa Anderson9.83aNevada-Reno
13.SoSasa Kampic10.32aBoise State
14.JrFelicia Ladson10.40aNevada-Reno
15.SoJordan Wood10.67aNew Mexico State
16.SoDani Schwalbe10.96aBoise State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrAntionette Cobb8.51aLouisiana Tech
2.SrChristie Gordon8.55aIdaho
3.SrHeather Bergland8.59aIdaho
4.SoGina Deckard8.63aNevada-Reno
5.SrMegan Olivetti8.67aBoise State
6.JrAshlee Cannon8.70aUtah State
7.SoDevin Brooks8.71aNew Mexico State
8.SrVanessa Sautebin8.81aFresno State
9.JrHeidi Hopkins9.07aUtah State
10.FrJndia Cleveland9.14aNew Mexico State
11.FrLatrisha Jordan9.34aFresno State
12.FrJasmine Tucker9.74aNew Mexico State
13.FrAndrea Silver9.97aBoise State
14.SoCamile Fehlberg10.02aUtah State
--SrAnalisa SerranoDNFNevada-Reno
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-El Charrita Reynolds
Kamila Stroy
Shante Benion
Monique Wright
3:43.07aLouisiana Tech
2.-Nerisha Phillip
Paige Olivetti
Megan Olivetti
Kayleen McDowell
3:47.16aBoise State
3.-Katelyn Jensen
Heidi Hopkins
Elaine Connolly
Katie Thatcher
3:47.37aUtah State
4.-Relay Team 3:49.54aFresno State
5.-Desiree Varela
Katherine Beach
Leah Benton
Rayanna Fernandez
3:52.93aNew Mexico State
6.-AshLee Rey
Ellen Rouse
Lauren Schaffer
Keli Hall
7.-Joy Saleapaga
Lauren Opsal
Samantha Whitehall
Thalia Amanakis
3:55.61aHawaii Manoa
8.-Polly Smith
Christy Works
April Pate
Katie Avena
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alison Taylor
Heidi Hopkins
Erin Stratton
Jessie Chugg
12:03.40aUtah State
2.-Teegan Schoch
Keli Hall
Lauren Schaffer
Erica Digby
3.-Kendra Hernandez
Nataucha Lowry
Kayleen McDowell
Shea Hanson
12:11.56aBoise State
4.-Relay Team 12:22.93aNevada-Reno
5.-Mariana Monasi
Joy Saleapaga
Thalia Amanakis
Tava Tedesco
12:25.28aHawaii Manoa
6.-Rayanna Fernandez
Derrhea Mcliechey
Katherine Beach
Brittany Hurtado
12:47.62aNew Mexico State
7.-Morgan Owen
El Charrita Reynolds
Shante Benion
Chelsea Dressle
13:51.75aLouisiana Tech
8.-Relay Team 14:34.74aFresno State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMykael Bothum55-00.75Idaho
2.JrCoriss Hutchinson48-09.00New Mexico State
3.SoKayla Xavier48-08.00Fresno State
4.JrTiera Hall48-03.50Louisiana Tech
5.SrAnnett Wichmann46-00.75Hawaii Manoa
6.FrSpela Hus45-01.00Utah State
6.FrMartha Hale45-01.00Idaho
8.JrJordan Veney45-00.25New Mexico State
9.JrShannon Prince43-09.25Utah State
10.JrConstance McAlman41-02.50Nevada-Reno
11.FrAlyssa Osai41-01.00Boise State
12.SoCareena Onosai40-04.75Hawaii Manoa
13.SoMele Vaisima39-06.00Boise State
14.FrTeRina Keenan38-08.25Hawaii Manoa
X Shot Put - 4kg - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrAnnett Wichmann46-04.00Hawaii Manoa
2.FrEllen Rouse41-09.25Idaho
3.SoDani Schwalbe36-00.75Boise State
4.JrJennifer Boswell35-09.25Nevada-Reno
5.JrLindsay Goodman35-02.00Idaho
6.SoJordan Wood34-10.25New Mexico State
7.JrDarcy Collins32-10.25Idaho
8.FrAlexa Anderson32-09.00Nevada-Reno
9.SrEmily Sheppard32-05.75Hawaii Manoa
10.JrFelicia Ladson32-05.50Nevada-Reno
11.SoSonia Grabowska32-00.25Utah State
12.SoSasa Kampic31-11.25Boise State
13.SrMegan Olivetti30-00.75Boise State
14.FrBrooke Demers27-07.50Boise State
15.SoMaria Halton26-10.50Utah State
16.SoAubrie Neil22-07.75Nevada-Reno
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmber Kaufman5-09.25Hawaii Manoa
2.FrSarah Saddleton5-09.25Hawaii Manoa
3.SrEmily Sheppard5-08.00Hawaii Manoa
4.SrTara Pickett5-07.00Utah State
5.JrDarcy Collins5-07.00Idaho
6.SrAnnett Wichmann5-05.75Hawaii Manoa
7.SrAmanda Boice5-05.75Nevada-Reno
8.JrBreeana Chadez5-04.50Idaho
8.SoCortney Beasley5-04.50Nevada-Reno
10.FrLa Tijera Avery5-04.50Nevada-Reno
11.SoJordan Wood5-03.25New Mexico State
12.FrBrooke Demers5-03.25Boise State
13.SrAntoinette Burton5-01.25Fresno State
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrEmily Sheppard5-09.75Hawaii Manoa
2.SrAnnett Wichmann5-07.25Hawaii Manoa
3.FrBrooke Demers5-03.75Boise State
4.JrDarcy Collins5-02.50Idaho
5.SoJordan Wood5-01.25New Mexico State
5.SrMegan Olivetti5-01.25Boise State
5.JrLindsay Goodman5-01.25Idaho
8.SoSonia Grabowska4-11.00Utah State
9.JrJennifer Boswell4-09.75Nevada-Reno
9.SoAubrie Neil4-09.75Nevada-Reno
9.JrFelicia Ladson4-09.75Nevada-Reno
12.SoSasa Kampic4-08.75Boise State
13.FrEllen Rouse4-07.50Idaho
14.FrAlexa Anderson4-06.25Nevada-Reno
--SoMaria HaltonNHUtah State
--SoDani SchwalbeNHBoise State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrK.C. Dahlgren13-04.25Idaho
2.SoSonia Grabowska13-04.25Utah State
3.JrAnnelise Bertleson13-00.25Boise State
4.SoBreAnna Craig12-06.25Boise State
5.FrDanielle Valentine12-06.25Boise State
6.FrLindsay Beard12-06.25Idaho
7.SoAlicia Echaverria12-00.50Nevada-Reno
7.SrJessica Custance12-00.50Hawaii Manoa
9.SrSamantha Weaver12-00.50Hawaii Manoa
9.SrKaylene Gastaldi12-00.50Utah State
11.SoHeidi Dorling12-00.50Boise State
12.SoCara Montes11-06.50Fresno State
13.FrMorgan Dunning11-00.75Idaho
13.SrSamantha Culiver11-00.75Hawaii Manoa
15.JrKirstin Flesher11-00.75Utah State
16.JrMaddy Hintergardt10-06.75Fresno State
17.FrBrittany Groenhout10-00.75Boise State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEleni Kafourou19-10.75Boise State
2.SoQuatisha Williams19-02.50Louisiana Tech
3.FrJndia Cleveland18-09.75New Mexico State
4.FrAlyssa Covington18-06.00Idaho
5.FrLa Tijera Avery18-00.50Nevada-Reno
6.SoWhitney Smith17-10.25Louisiana Tech
7.SrAnnett Wichmann17-09.75Hawaii Manoa
8.JrLindsay Goodman17-08.75Idaho
9.SoSapphira Brown17-07.50Louisiana Tech
10.FrJamilee Jimenez17-07.00Hawaii Manoa
10.SrEmily Sheppard17-07.00Hawaii Manoa
12.SrAnalisa Serrano17-06.75Nevada-Reno
13.JrKimiko Kamo17-05.50Utah State
14.SoMaria Halton17-05.25Utah State
15.FrJasmine Tucker17-02.75New Mexico State
15.FrAnn Noys17-02.75Boise State
17.SrMegan Olivetti17-01.25Boise State
17.SrErica Embry17-01.25Fresno State
19.SoCourtney Castaneda17-00.00Fresno State
20.JrChristina Tupper16-09.75Louisiana Tech
21.SrCandyce Allen16-09.25New Mexico State
22.SoAurelia Houston16-07.75Nevada-Reno
23.JrFelicia Ladson16-06.50Nevada-Reno
24.FrBrooke Demers16-00.50Boise State
25.SoDesiree Varela15-11.75New Mexico State
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrAnnett Wichmann18-01.00Hawaii Manoa
2.JrLindsay Goodman18-00.25Idaho
3.SrEmily Sheppard17-11.50Hawaii Manoa
4.SoSonia Grabowska17-10.25Utah State
5.SrMegan Olivetti17-08.25Boise State
6.JrFelicia Ladson17-07.50Nevada-Reno
7.FrEllen Rouse17-07.00Idaho
8.JrDarcy Collins17-06.25Idaho
9.SoMaria Halton17-00.50Utah State
9.FrAlexa Anderson17-00.50Nevada-Reno
11.FrBrooke Demers16-11.50Boise State
12.SoJordan Wood15-11.75New Mexico State
13.SoAubrie Neil15-08.75Nevada-Reno
14.JrJennifer Boswell15-07.75Nevada-Reno
15.SoSasa Kampic15-04.00Boise State
16.SoDani Schwalbe13-01.50Boise State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEleni Kafourou43-07.00Boise State
2.SrEmily Sheppard39-02.25Hawaii Manoa
3.SrAnnett Wichmann38-08.75Hawaii Manoa
4.SoQuatisha Williams38-06.25Louisiana Tech
5.SoSapphira Brown38-03.50Louisiana Tech
6.SoAurelia Houston38-02.25Nevada-Reno
7.SoWhitney Smith38-00.00Louisiana Tech
8.FrJasmine Tucker37-06.50New Mexico State
9.FrAnn Noys37-03.75Boise State
10.JrChristina Tupper37-01.00Louisiana Tech
11.SrAnalisa Serrano36-03.00Nevada-Reno
12.FrSarah Saddleton36-01.50Hawaii Manoa
13.FrJulia Stewart36-00.00Utah State
14.FrJamilee Jimenez35-11.25Hawaii Manoa
15.FrApril Pate35-00.25Nevada-Reno
16.FrMorgan Dunning34-07.50Idaho
17.FrAlyssa Covington33-06.75Idaho
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSharon Ayla62-11.50Fresno State
2.SoMele Vaisima60-02.00Boise State
3.SrKrista Larson58-10.75Utah State
4.JrJordan Veney57-03.00New Mexico State
5.JrConstance McAlman56-10.75Nevada-Reno
6.SoKayla Xavier55-02.25Fresno State
7.FrMartha Hale54-06.00Idaho
8.FrGabby Midles52-04.50Idaho
9.JrShannon Prince52-01.00Utah State
10.FrAlyssa Osai50-04.50Boise State
11.SrGrace Wiesmann50-02.50Fresno State
12.SoCareena Onosai49-11.25Hawaii Manoa
13.SoAnika Borden49-07.25Hawaii Manoa
14.SrNancy Vizcarra49-03.50Fresno State
15.FrEmma MacCouquodale49-00.75Hawaii Manoa
16.SoAnne Barnett45-09.25Idaho
17.FrTawnie Stephenson45-05.00Boise State
18.SoNadine Russell43-11.75Boise State
19.FrSpela Hus42-04.25Utah State
--JrMichelle BarnardFOULNew Mexico State
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAnnett Wichmann4034Hawaii Manoa
2.JrLindsay Goodman3619Idaho
3.SrMegan Olivetti3600Boise State
4.SrEmily Sheppard3576Hawaii Manoa
5.JrDarcy Collins3506Idaho
6.FrEllen Rouse3251Idaho
7.SoSonia Grabowska3249Utah State
8.JrJennifer Boswell3213Nevada-Reno
9.FrBrooke Demers3120Boise State
10.SoJordan Wood3021New Mexico State
11.SoAubrie Neil2959Nevada-Reno
12.FrAlexa Anderson2949Nevada-Reno
13.JrFelicia Ladson2856Nevada-Reno
14.SoSasa Kampic2675Boise State
15.SoDani Schwalbe1830Boise State
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