PSAC Indoor Championships

Sunday, March 01, 2009
  East Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrGreg Mock6.35aLock Haven
2.FrKevin Raymond6.49aIndiana U of PA
3.JrAndrew McCloskey6.51aEast Stroudsburg
4.FrHopeton Bailey6.52aIndiana U of PA
5.FrTristan Taylor6.56aIndiana U of PA
6.JrLeighon Johnson6.59aWest Chester
7.JrRonald Hunter6.60aCheyney U of PA
8.SoNafee Harris6.65aIndiana U of PA
X 55 Meter Dash - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SoAndrew Campolongo6.76aShippensburg
2.JrBrendon Thomas6.86aMillersville
3.JrColin Feeney6.90aEast Stroudsburg
4.JrDon Graybill6.91aShippensburg
5.JrBrady Wert6.95aSlippery Rock
6.JrJamie Waack6.97aBloomsburg
7.SoAaron Frederick7.00aLock Haven
8.SrMike Rose7.01aSlippery Rock
9.JrChris Stewart7.02aIndiana U of PA
10.FrZack Kohler7.02aMillersville
11.SoPhillip LaBelle7.09aLock Haven
12.FrDan Johnson7.26aEast Stroudsburg
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrGreg Mock6.40aLock Haven
2.JrRonald Hunter6.47aCheyney U of PA
6.JrLeighon Johnson6.50aWest Chester
3.JrAndrew McCloskey6.51aEast Stroudsburg
7.FrHopeton Bailey6.51aIndiana U of PA
4.FrTristan Taylor6.52aIndiana U of PA
8.SoNafee Harris6.53aIndiana U of PA
5.FrKevin Raymond6.56aIndiana U of PA
9.FrTanzil Cole6.56aMillersville
10.SoAsher Ashfield6.59aEast Stroudsburg
11.JrJeff McClenton6.60aEast Stroudsburg
12.SrDennis Cole6.61aCalifornia U of PA
13.SoLamont McWilliams6.62aCheyney U of PA
14.FrLewis Wilson6.63aShippensburg
15.JrTerrence Johnson6.66aCalifornia U of PA
16.FrAnthony Adamski6.66aMillersville
17.FrEarnest Polite6.68aCheyney U of PA
18.FrKeith Ogden6.71aMillersville
19.JrSam McKellar6.73aKutztown
20.JrDan Nasko6.75aWest Chester
21.-Hakeem Johnson6.75aMillersville
22.FrKevin Wilbank6.77aShippensburg
23.FrJosh Bucior6.80aMansfield
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChris Reddick21.86aEast Stroudsburg
2.FrKevin Raymond22.17aIndiana U of PA
3.JrAndrew McCloskey22.27aEast Stroudsburg
4.JrRonald Hunter22.43aCheyney U of PA
5.FrChris Jones22.44aLock Haven
6.SrKendel Dixon22.74aKutztown
7.JrLeighon Johnson22.89aWest Chester
8.SrJoeri Moerman23.54aSlippery Rock
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrChris Reddick22.08aEast Stroudsburg
2.FrChris Jones22.19aLock Haven
3.JrAndrew McCloskey22.34aEast Stroudsburg
4.JrLeighon Johnson22.43aWest Chester
5.JrRonald Hunter22.43aCheyney U of PA
6.FrKevin Raymond22.48aIndiana U of PA
7.SrKendel Dixon22.54aKutztown
8.SrJoeri Moerman22.61aSlippery Rock
9.FrLewis Wilson22.64aShippensburg
10.JrFrank Ehrensberger22.67aCalifornia U of PA
11.JrJeff McClenton22.69aEast Stroudsburg
12.JrNegus Graham22.71aCheyney U of PA
13.SoLamont McWilliams22.80aCheyney U of PA
14.FrAnthony Adamski22.90aMillersville
15.-Kevin Moore22.94aLock Haven
16.FrSteve Roberts22.95aLock Haven
17.JrTerrence Johnson22.96aCalifornia U of PA
18.JrJames Vallery22.99aCheyney U of PA
19.FrTristan Taylor23.01aIndiana U of PA
20.JrDan Nasko23.07aWest Chester
21.SrDennis Cole23.20aCalifornia U of PA
22.FrDamien Myers23.22aMillersville
23.FrKevin Wilbank23.23aShippensburg
24.FrJosh Bucior23.30aMansfield
25.SrNate Shadeck23.34aSlippery Rock
26.FrNathani Snodgrass23.40aBloomsburg
27.FrTanzil Cole23.43aMillersville
28.SrEric Hammond23.45aWest Chester
29.SrJames Wilson23.50aShippensburg
30.SrWayne Demore23.62aWest Chester
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChris Edelman48.82aLock Haven
2.JrChris Reddick49.11aEast Stroudsburg
3.FrJuan Steward49.37aShippensburg
4.SrKendel Dixon49.47aKutztown
5.SrJoeri Moerman49.48aSlippery Rock
6.JrFrank Ehrensberger49.91aCalifornia U of PA
7.SoCraig Espenshade50.02aWest Chester
8.SrNate Shadeck50.51aSlippery Rock
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrChris Edelman48.79aLock Haven
2.SrKendel Dixon49.13aKutztown
3.SrJoeri Moerman49.64aSlippery Rock
4.JrChris Reddick50.15aEast Stroudsburg
5.SoCraig Espenshade50.17aWest Chester
6.SrNate Shadeck50.21aSlippery Rock
7.JrFrank Ehrensberger50.26aCalifornia U of PA
8.FrJuan Steward50.34aShippensburg
9.FrKevin Raymond50.38aIndiana U of PA
10.JrJames Simms50.41aSlippery Rock
11.JrMatt Houser50.42aWest Chester
12.JrNegus Graham50.55aCheyney U of PA
13.JrDerrick Davis50.60aCheyney U of PA
14.JrJames Vallery50.81aCheyney U of PA
15.FrSteve Roberts50.90aLock Haven
16.-Kevin Moore50.93aLock Haven
17.SoTodd Phillips51.76aShippensburg
18.FrVincent Wilson51.77aCalifornia U of PA
19.SoJoe Tavormina52.25aKutztown
20.FrEric Wolfe52.36aShippensburg
21.JrKyle Perry52.98aWest Chester
22.SoNicholas Messina53.65aCalifornia U of PA
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBen McConnell1:55.83aLock Haven
2.SoJason Jamieson1:55.89aSlippery Rock
3.JrPhil Rector1:56.10aSlippery Rock
4.JrMatt Langdale1:57.61aWest Chester
5.SoNick Hilton1:58.41aLock Haven
6.SoJustin Amy1:58.51aLock Haven
7.FrBen Hatch1:59.44aIndiana U of PA
8.JrShaun Crump1:59.60aKutztown
9.SoSteve Wainwright2:00.12aIndiana U of PA
10.SoMatt Gillette2:00.18aShippensburg
11.FrPio Mandato2:00.38aShippensburg
12.SoDan Henry2:00.49aSlippery Rock
13.SoMatt Reightler2:01.14aKutztown
14.JrBrian Pratt2:01.16aSlippery Rock
15.SrAidan Stiger2:01.80aMillersville
16.JrRyan Boyer2:01.86aShippensburg
17.FrDylan Laders2:02.05aEast Stroudsburg
18.FrJosh Gainer2:02.18aLock Haven
19.JrBrandon Pomerantz2:02.37aLock Haven
20.JrRyan Doyle2:04.08aEast Stroudsburg
21.JrJoshua Neyhart2:06.86aShippensburg
X 1000 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrDan Johnson2:47.98aEast Stroudsburg
2.JrJamie Waack2:48.44aBloomsburg
3.FrZack Kohler2:49.46aMillersville
4.JrDon Graybill2:51.13aShippensburg
5.SrMike Rose2:54.96aSlippery Rock
6.JrBrendon Thomas2:57.75aMillersville
7.SoAndrew Campolongo2:58.01aShippensburg
8.JrBrady Wert2:59.60aSlippery Rock
9.SoAaron Frederick2:59.82aLock Haven
10.SoPhillip LaBelle3:00.59aLock Haven
11.JrColin Feeney3:03.08aEast Stroudsburg
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBryan Beegle4:14.46aShippensburg
2.SoNick Hilton4:17.58aLock Haven
3.JrBrandon Pomerantz4:18.29aLock Haven
4.JrMatt Langdale4:19.47aWest Chester
5.JrJoshua Neyhart4:20.90aShippensburg
6.SrJeff Weiss4:21.20aSlippery Rock
7.FrJames McBride4:23.91aMillersville
8.FrNathan McNabb4:24.09aMansfield
9.JrBen Havko4:29.04aIndiana U of PA
10.FrRyan Reich4:31.86aKutztown
11.SoSean Vollenweider4:34.97aMansfield
12.FrWilliam Cooney4:35.18aShippensburg
13.SrKyle Weir4:51.63aEast Stroudsburg
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJeff Weiss8:29.93aSlippery Rock
2.SoBryan Beegle8:38.70aShippensburg
3.SoNick Hilton8:42.66aLock Haven
4.FrStephen Schelander8:43.14aShippensburg
5.SoSean Stetler8:43.33aShippensburg
6.FrMitch Miller8:45.26aLock Haven
7.SoTim Getz8:45.74aLock Haven
8.SoA.J. Johnson8:46.49aLock Haven
9.JrBrandon Pomerantz8:47.53aLock Haven
10.SoChris Zadroga8:47.90aEast Stroudsburg
11.SrMichael Dalton8:48.86aBloomsburg
12.SoEthan Rissell8:51.34aShippensburg
13.FrNathan Zondlo8:53.98aLock Haven
14.SrMikhail Litvinov9:06.52aBloomsburg
15.JrJeremy Brady9:13.07aShippensburg
16.JrJed Yeatts9:14.01aLock Haven
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTim Getz15:24.28aLock Haven
2.SoEthan Rissell15:27.52aShippensburg
3.SoSean Stetler15:29.14aShippensburg
4.JrJed Yeatts15:30.54aLock Haven
5.FrBrandon Boyer15:30.73aShippensburg
6.SrKyle Weir15:33.98aEast Stroudsburg
7.FrMitch Miller15:35.39aLock Haven
8.SrMikhail Litvinov15:36.44aBloomsburg
9.JrJeremy Brady15:37.44aShippensburg
10.JrJoshua Foulds15:39.48aMillersville
11.FrGregory Laraia15:42.08aEast Stroudsburg
12.FrRobert Furman15:43.50aBloomsburg
13.SoZach Kelchner15:43.98aMillersville
14.JrJames Boyer15:46.21aMillersville
15.SoA.J. Johnson15:48.95aLock Haven
16.FrEric Evans15:59.69aShippensburg
17.FrDavid Moyer16:01.62aBloomsburg
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRussell Smith7.60aEast Stroudsburg
2.SoBrice Myers7.60aCalifornia U of PA
3.JrKris Stalma7.68aSlippery Rock
4.JrTJ Longmore7.80aKutztown
5.SoTyler Real7.91aShippensburg
6.SoShane Harvey7.94aKutztown
7.SrTariq Jackson8.06aCheyney U of PA
8.FrBrandon Hillman8.15aEast Stroudsburg
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrBrady Wert8.31aSlippery Rock
2.JrDon Graybill8.43aShippensburg
3.JrBrendon Thomas8.45aMillersville
3.JrColin Feeney8.45aEast Stroudsburg
5.SrMike Rose8.50aSlippery Rock
6.FrZack Kohler8.50aMillersville
7.SoPhillip LaBelle8.57aLock Haven
8.FrDan Johnson8.77aEast Stroudsburg
9.SoAaron Frederick8.88aLock Haven
10.JrChris Stewart9.05aIndiana U of PA
11.SoAndrew Campolongo9.08aShippensburg
12.JrJamie Waack9.15aBloomsburg
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoBrice Myers7.61aCalifornia U of PA
2.JrRussell Smith7.62aEast Stroudsburg
3.JrTJ Longmore7.78aKutztown
4.JrKris Stalma7.79aSlippery Rock
5.SoTyler Real7.81aShippensburg
6.SoShane Harvey7.82aKutztown
7.SrTariq Jackson7.99aCheyney U of PA
8.FrBrandon Hillman8.06aEast Stroudsburg
9.SrEric Novick8.07aSlippery Rock
10.FrTerrance Topping-Brown8.08aShippensburg
11.FrChad Drzeweicki8.11aShippensburg
12.FrTyrek Nelson8.17aShippensburg
13.JrSam McKellar8.19aKutztown
14.-Richard Smith8.20aLock Haven
15.FrCameron Morse8.21aIndiana U of PA
16.SoEric Akins8.22aWest Chester
17.FrMark Cover8.27aShippensburg
18.FrMatt Bailey8.40aKutztown
19.SrJoe Giacalone8.41aEast Stroudsburg
20.SoDavid Allen8.51aSlippery Rock
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chris Jones
Kevin Moore
Ben McConnell
Steve Roberts
3:19.98aLock Haven
2.-Derrick Davis
Ronald Hunter
Negus Graham
James Vallery
3:20.35aCheyney U of PA
3.-Hopeton Bailey
Eric Gyamfi
Nafee Harris
Ben Hatch
3:22.20aIndiana U of PA
4.-Eric Hammond
Craig Espenshade
Matt Houser
Kyle Perry
3:22.74aWest Chester
5.-Juan Steward
Eric Wolfe
Lewis Wilson
Todd Phillips
6.-Relay Team 3:24.49aSlippery Rock
7.-Joe Tavormina
Shane Harvey
Kendel Dixon
Shaun Crump
8.-Relay Team 3:27.67aCalifornia U of PA
9.-Anthony Adamski
Damien Myers
Keith Ogden
Nick Sperry
10.-Greg Pammer
Chris Reddick
Russell Smith
Brandon Hillman
3:28.79aEast Stroudsburg
11.-Relay Team 3:32.65aMansfield
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Justin Amy
Josh Gainer
Ben McConnell
Nick Hilton
7:52.79aLock Haven
2.-Brian Pratt
Dan Henry
Jason Jamieson
Phil Rector
7:56.90aSlippery Rock
3.-Ryan Boyer
Matt Gelety
Pio Mandato
Stephe Schelander
4.-Ryan Reich
Matt Reightler
Ben Loht
Shaun Crump
5.-Relay Team 8:05.34aEast Stroudsburg
6.-Steve Wainwright
Stephen Todaro
Ben Hatch
Ben Havko
8:12.97aIndiana U of PA
7.-Matt Langdale
Kyle Perry
Kevin Selinsky
Mike Malejko
8:14.07aWest Chester
8.-Derrick Davis
Paul Gwen
Jonathon Soussa
Negus Graham
8:14.11aCheyney U of PA
9.-Aidan Stiger
Nick Sperry
Joe Wright
James McBride
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joshua Neyhart
Eric Wolfe
Stephe Schelander
Bryan Beegle
2.-Nathan Zondlo
Chris Jones
Justin Amy
Brandon Pomerantz
10:21.86aLock Haven
3.-Jason Leonard
Dave Allen
Mark Morelli
Jeff Weiss
10:23.86aSlippery Rock
4.-Ryan Doyle
Greg Pammer
Dylan Laders
Chris Zadroga
10:31.09aEast Stroudsburg
5.-Aidan Stiger
Damien Myers
Nick Sperry
James McBride
6.-Matt Gaudet
Nicolas Medley
Steve Wainwright
Ben Havko
10:53.83aIndiana U of PA
7.-Mike Malejko
Adam Swetra
Kevin Selinsky
John Hedrick
11:00.20aWest Chester
8.-Relay Team 11:07.77aKutztown
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMike Gray52-07.25Mansfield
2.SoSteve D'Arcy50-00.75Shippensburg
3.FrTyler Thomas49-11.25Lock Haven
4.JrPaul Wagner49-02.25East Stroudsburg
5.SoTappah Dinnall48-11.00Shippensburg
6.SrShaun Minnich48-08.25Shippensburg
7.JrLogan Wolfe48-04.75Lock Haven
8.SrAdam Henderson47-11.75Shippensburg
9.SoSam Wall47-03.75Kutztown
10.JrJason Rebuck46-07.25Kutztown
11.JrRandy Sylvia46-03.50Lock Haven
12.FrShawn Trout45-02.25Indiana U of PA
13.JrChris Warning45-00.25Slippery Rock
14.FrTravis Nye43-03.75Shippensburg
15.FrGreg Senatore42-09.75Kutztown
16.JrAdam Deisoroth42-06.25Shippensburg
17.SoJohn Pascavage40-11.00Indiana U of PA
18.SoRob Johnson37-10.75West Chester
X Shot Put - 16lb - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrMike Rose39-05.25Slippery Rock
2.JrBrady Wert37-05.75Slippery Rock
3.JrChris Stewart35-08.00Indiana U of PA
4.SoPhillip LaBelle34-08.25Lock Haven
5.FrDan Johnson34-04.75East Stroudsburg
5.JrJamie Waack34-04.75Bloomsburg
7.JrColin Feeney33-03.25East Stroudsburg
8.JrBrendon Thomas31-09.25Millersville
9.JrDon Graybill31-08.50Shippensburg
10.SoAaron Frederick30-09.75Lock Haven
11.SoAndrew Campolongo30-08.25Shippensburg
12.FrZack Kohler29-10.25Millersville
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAndrew Batula6-09.75Shippensburg
2.SrCody Hartzler6-06.00Kutztown
3.FrZack Kohler6-06.00Millersville
4.FrDan Johnson6-06.00East Stroudsburg
5.JrKenneth Cardullo6-04.00East Stroudsburg
6.FrAndre DuBose6-04.00Indiana U of PA
7.JrRyan Detwiler6-02.00Mansfield
8.SrShane Burrows6-02.00East Stroudsburg
9.JrDon Graybill6-02.00Shippensburg
10.FrAndrew Furst5-10.00West Chester
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrDan Johnson6-08.00East Stroudsburg
2.JrBrady Wert6-04.75Slippery Rock
3.FrZack Kohler6-03.50Millersville
3.JrDon Graybill6-03.50Shippensburg
5.SoAaron Frederick6-00.00Lock Haven
6.JrJamie Waack5-10.75Bloomsburg
6.JrColin Feeney5-10.75East Stroudsburg
6.SrMike Rose5-10.75Slippery Rock
9.SoPhillip LaBelle5-09.75Lock Haven
10.JrBrendon Thomas5-08.50Millersville
11.JrChris Stewart5-06.00Indiana U of PA
12.SoAndrew Campolongo5-01.25Shippensburg
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatthew Gallup16-00.50East Stroudsburg
2.SrJames Schneider15-06.50Slippery Rock
3.JrDon Graybill15-00.75Shippensburg
4.FrCameron Daugherty15-00.75Slippery Rock
5.FrTravis Hammaker15-00.75Shippensburg
6.FrCraig Sherwood14-07.25Kutztown
7.JrWilliam Hodges14-07.25Kutztown
8.SrAdam Kravatz14-00.75Millersville
8.FrKyle Miller14-00.75West Chester
10.SoJustin Germani14-00.75Kutztown
10.SoAndrew Campolongo14-00.75Shippensburg
10.JrColin Feeney14-00.75East Stroudsburg
13.FrGreg Osmolenski13-07.00Shippensburg
13.SoJim Osmolenski13-07.00Shippensburg
13.SoMitchell Thompson13-07.00Bloomsburg
16.SoBryant Butala13-01.00East Stroudsburg
17.FrAdam Mowry12-07.25Bloomsburg
X Pole Vault - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrDon Graybill15-06.25Shippensburg
2.SoAndrew Campolongo14-03.50Shippensburg
3.JrColin Feeney13-07.75East Stroudsburg
4.SoPhillip LaBelle12-11.75Lock Haven
4.SrMike Rose12-11.75Slippery Rock
6.JrBrendon Thomas12-04.00Millersville
6.JrChris Stewart12-04.00Indiana U of PA
8.FrDan Johnson11-04.25East Stroudsburg
9.SoAaron Frederick11-00.25Lock Haven
10.JrBrady Wert10-08.25Slippery Rock
11.JrJamie Waack10-04.25Bloomsburg
12.FrZack Kohler10-00.50Millersville
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoNafee Harris23-08.25Indiana U of PA
2.SoCeasar Westbrook22-10.00Indiana U of PA
3.JrLeighon Johnson22-09.75West Chester
4.JrJeff McClenton22-08.50East Stroudsburg
5.FrAndre DuBose22-03.75Indiana U of PA
6.FrBrandon Hillman22-03.50East Stroudsburg
7.FrJohn Clark22-02.50Shippensburg
8.JrAllan Lehman21-07.25Shippensburg
9.JrMatt Celestin21-04.00Indiana U of PA
10.SrStephen Kyle Boyd21-02.75Millersville
11.SrTariq Jackson20-10.75Cheyney U of PA
12.FrJusten Johnson20-10.50Mansfield
13.SrDennis Cole20-07.00California U of PA
14.FrBill Nguyen20-04.25Slippery Rock
15.FrCameron Daugherty20-02.50Slippery Rock
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrBrendon Thomas21-05.25Millersville
2.SoAndrew Campolongo21-02.00Shippensburg
3.JrDon Graybill21-01.25Shippensburg
4.JrBrady Wert20-06.25Slippery Rock
5.FrZack Kohler20-05.75Millersville
6.JrJamie Waack20-01.75Bloomsburg
7.JrColin Feeney20-00.25East Stroudsburg
8.JrChris Stewart19-11.50Indiana U of PA
9.SrMike Rose19-09.00Slippery Rock
10.SoAaron Frederick19-02.00Lock Haven
11.FrDan Johnson19-01.50East Stroudsburg
12.SoPhillip LaBelle18-07.25Lock Haven
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDrew Miller48-01.25East Stroudsburg
2.SoCeasar Westbrook47-09.75Indiana U of PA
3.FrBrandon Hillman47-08.00East Stroudsburg
4.SoNafee Harris45-08.00Indiana U of PA
5.SrTariq Jackson44-11.75Cheyney U of PA
6.JrAllan Lehman44-08.75Shippensburg
7.JrMatt Celestin44-05.50Indiana U of PA
8.SoTerrace Draper44-05.25Slippery Rock
9.SoBrice Myers43-11.25California U of PA
10.SoLamont McWilliams43-08.50Cheyney U of PA
11.SoJosh Bacon43-07.00West Chester
12.JrLeighon Johnson43-03.75West Chester
13.SoDan Picarella42-09.75Lock Haven
14.SrStephen Kyle Boyd42-06.25Millersville
15.FrJusten Johnson42-00.00Mansfield
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrPaul Wagner61-03.50East Stroudsburg
2.JrRandy Sylvia56-00.00Lock Haven
3.JrMike Gray55-03.75Mansfield
4.SrChristian Boutsikaris53-07.75Kutztown
5.FrGarrett Grey53-03.50Slippery Rock
6.JrChris Warning52-04.00Slippery Rock
7.SrAdam Henderson52-03.25Shippensburg
8.JrChad Yurchick50-11.50Lock Haven
9.JrJason Rebuck50-08.25Kutztown
10.JrJoel Peters50-01.75Slippery Rock
11.SoSam Wall49-07.00Kutztown
12.SrShaun Minnich49-02.50Shippensburg
13.FrTyler Thomas48-11.50Lock Haven
14.SrAnthony Freer48-03.25California U of PA
15.FrTravis Nye48-00.50Shippensburg
16.SoTappah Dinnall47-04.25Shippensburg
17.SoSteve D'Arcy46-05.25Shippensburg
18.JrTom Sutor45-11.75East Stroudsburg
19.FrGreg Senatore45-05.75Kutztown
20.JrAdam Deisoroth44-11.50Shippensburg
21.SoRob Johnson42-00.00West Chester
22.SoTim Barnes41-10.75Indiana U of PA
23.FrNathan Lipsi41-03.00Lock Haven
24.SoKyle Spaniol39-04.00California U of PA
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDon Graybill4924Shippensburg
2.SrMike Rose4559Slippery Rock
3.JrBrady Wert4539Slippery Rock
4.JrColin Feeney4488East Stroudsburg
5.JrBrendon Thomas4463Millersville
6.FrDan Johnson4426East Stroudsburg
7.FrZack Kohler4354Millersville
8.SoAndrew Campolongo4342Shippensburg
9.SoPhillip LaBelle4273Lock Haven
10.JrJamie Waack4223Bloomsburg
11.SoAaron Frederick4099Lock Haven

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTamika Taylor7.20aIndiana U of PA
2.SoTiffany Tedesco7.22aSlippery Rock
3.SrKatherine Doyle7.25aEast Stroudsburg
4.SrSiobhan Richards7.43aShippensburg
5.FrBrittney Waters7.46aShippensburg
6.JrBrianna Liebold7.49aIndiana U of PA
7.JrBrittany Yanora7.49aMillersville
8.SrMaddy Outman7.56aIndiana U of PA
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrKatherine Doyle7.22aEast Stroudsburg
2.FrTamika Taylor7.25aIndiana U of PA
3.SoTiffany Tedesco7.32aSlippery Rock
4.JrBrittany Yanora7.39aMillersville
6.SrSiobhan Richards7.40aShippensburg
7.JrBrianna Liebold7.40aIndiana U of PA
8.SrMaddy Outman7.40aIndiana U of PA
5.FrBrittney Waters7.48aShippensburg
9.FrSam Smarkola7.49aWest Chester
10.SrKathleen Quinn7.52aKutztown
11.JrSamirah Barczynski7.53aKutztown
12.FrLauren Redington7.54aShippensburg
13.SrChinonyelum Nwokedi7.54aClarion
14.JrErica Ferguson7.56aMansfield
15.FrBrooke Mathews7.57aKutztown
16.SrDoofan Tor-Agbidye7.61aKutztown
17.JrJessica Sackin7.64aSlippery Rock
18.FrAlyssa Rupp7.65aEast Stroudsburg
19.JrTina Beggs7.65aSlippery Rock
20.FrAbagail Dillon7.65aShippensburg
21.SoRachel Knapp7.69aSlippery Rock
22.SoJenelle Toter7.70aMansfield
23.SoDashona Hightower7.73aCheyney U of PA
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTiffany Tedesco25.38aSlippery Rock
2.SrLacey Cochran25.86aSlippery Rock
3.SrMaddy Outman26.13aIndiana U of PA
4.SrKatherine Doyle26.18aEast Stroudsburg
5.JrBrittany Yanora26.27aMillersville
6.FrTamika Taylor26.35aIndiana U of PA
7.SoLaura Henzy26.44aShippensburg
8.SoErica Hess26.47aShippensburg
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrLacey Cochran25.80aSlippery Rock
2.SoTiffany Tedesco25.81aSlippery Rock
3.SrMaddy Outman26.07aIndiana U of PA
4.SrKatherine Doyle26.13aEast Stroudsburg
5.SoErica Hess26.16aShippensburg
6.JrBrittany Yanora26.17aMillersville
7.SoLaura Henzy26.36aShippensburg
8.FrTamika Taylor26.48aIndiana U of PA
9.FrSam Smarkola26.62aWest Chester
10.SoAllison Smith26.65aSlippery Rock
11.SrKathleen Quinn26.67aKutztown
12.SrSiobhan Richards26.67aShippensburg
13.FrShakeria Love26.73aCalifornia U of PA
14.JrErica Ferguson26.76aMansfield
15.JrCassie Snider26.78aLock Haven
16.FrBrooke Mathews26.78aKutztown
17.SoRachel Knapp26.81aSlippery Rock
18.FrBrooke McDaniel26.88aMansfield
19.JrTina Beggs27.28aSlippery Rock
20.FrCarly Klinger27.63aMansfield
21.SoDashona Hightower27.79aCheyney U of PA
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMaddy Outman57.29aIndiana U of PA
2.SrLacey Cochran57.38aSlippery Rock
3.SoErica Hess57.91aShippensburg
4.SoLaura Henzy58.06aShippensburg
5.SoJasmine Johnson58.24aEast Stroudsburg
6.JrShannon Hare58.60aShippensburg
7.FrShakeria Love58.62aCalifornia U of PA
8.JrCassie Snider59.03aLock Haven
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoErica Hess57.99aShippensburg
2.SrLacey Cochran58.49aSlippery Rock
3.SrMaddy Outman58.53aIndiana U of PA
4.JrShannon Hare58.74aShippensburg
5.SoJasmine Johnson58.77aEast Stroudsburg
6.FrShakeria Love59.02aCalifornia U of PA
7.JrCassie Snider59.16aLock Haven
8.SoLaura Henzy59.17aShippensburg
9.FrBrooke McDaniel59.52aMansfield
10.JrMeagan Wolf59.61aLock Haven
11.FrSandra Estep59.92aCalifornia U of PA
12.FrKatie Craven1:00.15aShippensburg
13.-Angela Pierce1:01.21aLock Haven
14.SoAbbie Waltz1:01.40aMansfield
15.SoSara Wlazelek1:02.07aShippensburg
16.FrCourtney Whitmoyer1:03.94aLock Haven
17.FrJhana Jones1:04.23aIndiana U of PA
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMary Dell2:12.84aShippensburg
2.SrPriscilla Jennings2:14.76aMillersville
3.SoAbigail Huber2:14.84aShippensburg
4.SrShala Simms2:15.32aLock Haven
5.FrAmanda Radabaugh2:16.84aShippensburg
6.JrMolly Smathers2:17.29aClarion
7.SrAlyssa Douma2:20.19aLock Haven
8.SrJoanna Horstmann2:22.02aKutztown
9.SoEmily Dubs2:22.43aShippensburg
10.FrCaitlin Hancox2:23.42aSlippery Rock
11.SrMaureen Newell2:24.27aIndiana U of PA
12.FrJill Kostishion2:24.66aKutztown
13.SoLyndsey Ratasiewicz2:24.84aWest Chester
14.SoAmber Sanders2:26.23aEdinboro U of PA
15.SoJamie McCollum2:26.48aShippensburg
16.JrLisa Nickel2:26.66aClarion
17.JrJessica Schlecter2:26.70aKutztown
18.SoKaela Snyder2:29.01aSlippery Rock
19.SoJenna Gormley2:30.84aShippensburg
20.SrLaura Mucho2:31.89aSlippery Rock
X 800 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrMelinda Wentz2:26.67aWest Chester
2.SoKatie Colburn2:28.81aKutztown
3.FrAnna Bixler2:35.82aEast Stroudsburg
4.SoLiz Tepsic2:36.94aIndiana U of PA
5.SoKelly Bruder2:38.11aSlippery Rock
6.SoWhitney Hendershot2:39.03aSlippery Rock
7.SoJessica Yates2:39.30aShippensburg
8.SrMichelle Frayne2:39.47aMillersville
9.SrKristina Grussenmeyer2:42.82aShippensburg
10.FrKate Slonaker2:51.24aShippensburg
11.SoJessica Rhyner2:58.73aMillersville
12.JrLarissa Gunn2:59.50aLock Haven
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNeely Spence4:54.71aShippensburg
2.SrPriscilla Jennings4:54.90aMillersville
3.JrMary Dell5:01.07aShippensburg
4.SrJoanna Horstmann5:03.42aKutztown
5.SrMaureen Newell5:06.38aIndiana U of PA
6.SrAlyssa Douma5:07.11aLock Haven
7.SoLyndsey Ratasiewicz5:08.03aWest Chester
8.JrLisa Nickel5:11.52aClarion
9.SrLaura Mucho5:12.69aSlippery Rock
10.SoJenna Gormley5:20.51aShippensburg
11.FrEmma Rybczynski5:22.50aIndiana U of PA
12.JrRachel Hull5:23.21aMillersville
13.JrLindsey Scheller5:34.02aIndiana U of PA
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNeely Spence9:35.87aShippensburg
2.SrErin Richard9:37.15aClarion
3.JrJennifer Harpp9:44.53aSlippery Rock
4.SrJaimie Wright10:10.46aSlippery Rock
5.SrCheryl Dingman10:12.21aKutztown
6.FrLindsey Lambert10:13.35aLock Haven
7.SoAbigail Huber10:20.51aShippensburg
8.FrKathleen Frey10:22.41aShippensburg
9.SrKatie Bork10:28.11aSlippery Rock
10.SoCrystal Burnick10:34.30aSlippery Rock
11.SoKristin Cupido10:34.94aKutztown
12.SoChristina Reimer10:35.26aKutztown
13.JrBrittany Zuver10:39.18aMillersville
14.SrSamantha Jones10:44.06aShippensburg
15.SrAshley Shuck10:44.76aBloomsburg
16.SrHailey Dell10:46.94aKutztown
17.JrLindsey Hollenshead10:47.01aShippensburg
18.SoBrenae Edwards10:48.14aMansfield
19.SrStacie Stockard10:48.61aIndiana U of PA
20.FrKristy Ulrich10:55.58aKutztown
21.JrStephanie Grimm10:55.94aKutztown
22.SrShannon Hoffman10:56.60aBloomsburg
23.SrCaitlin Palko10:57.08aClarion
24.JrNiki Pasquarella10:57.57aEast Stroudsburg
25.FrElicia Anderson10:57.77aMillersville
26.SoAlexis Patrick11:15.69aLock Haven
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRachael Lanzel16:44.22aEdinboro U of PA
2.SoTina Yi17:25.07aEdinboro U of PA
3.SrJaimie Wright17:31.14aSlippery Rock
4.FrLindsey Lambert17:32.56aLock Haven
5.SrKatie Bork17:57.15aSlippery Rock
6.SoChristina Reimer17:59.00aKutztown
7.SoCrystal Burnick18:06.70aSlippery Rock
8.JrLindsey Hollenshead18:19.03aShippensburg
9.SoKristin Cupido18:23.37aKutztown
10.SrAshley Shuck18:30.37aBloomsburg
11.SrHailey Dell18:33.32aKutztown
12.JrStephanie Grimm18:35.53aKutztown
13.SrSamantha Jones18:37.70aShippensburg
14.FrMelinda Liptak18:38.88aLock Haven
15.SrCaitlin Palko18:40.74aClarion
16.SrLaura Berry18:42.00aSlippery Rock
17.JrKristine Beringer18:42.74aEdinboro U of PA
18.SrStacie Stockard18:43.25aIndiana U of PA
19.JrNiki Pasquarella18:56.09aEast Stroudsburg
20.SrJennifer Pace19:23.82aSlippery Rock
21.FrKaitlyn McShay19:30.38aBloomsburg
22.SoRebecca Younger19:30.94aSlippery Rock
23.FrDanielle Cerroni19:33.30aEdinboro U of PA
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMaddy Outman8.26aIndiana U of PA
2.SrMichelle Morcom8.30aShippensburg
3.SrMaria Baker8.57aWest Chester
4.SoAllison Smith8.64aSlippery Rock
5.SoAmanda Seigworth8.74aSlippery Rock
6.SoC.J. Jacob8.74aWest Chester
7.SoBrittany Knowles8.99aEast Stroudsburg
8.SoBrittiny Mackey9.20aEast Stroudsburg
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMichelle Frayne8.59aMillersville
2.JrMelinda Wentz8.73aWest Chester
3.SoWhitney Hendershot8.87aSlippery Rock
4.SrKristina Grussenmeyer9.04aShippensburg
5.SoKelly Bruder9.07aSlippery Rock
6.SoLiz Tepsic9.13aIndiana U of PA
7.SoKatie Colburn9.21aKutztown
8.FrAnna Bixler9.48aEast Stroudsburg
9.JrLarissa Gunn9.72aLock Haven
10.SoJessica Yates10.12aShippensburg
11.FrKate Slonaker10.14aShippensburg
12.SoJessica Rhyner11.06aMillersville
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMichelle Morcom8.31aShippensburg
2.SrMaddy Outman8.38aIndiana U of PA
3.SrMaria Baker8.66aWest Chester
4.SoC.J. Jacob8.67aWest Chester
5.SoAmanda Seigworth8.71aSlippery Rock
6.SoAllison Smith8.71aSlippery Rock
7.SoBrittiny Mackey8.76aEast Stroudsburg
8.SoBrittany Knowles8.85aEast Stroudsburg
9.SrKristina Grussenmeyer8.87aShippensburg
10.SoKatie Butler8.93aWest Chester
11.JrJessica Sackin8.96aSlippery Rock
12.SrDiane Kress9.08aClarion
13.SrAndrea Strickenberger9.16aClarion
14.FrCarlysha Towns9.21aIndiana U of PA
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tiffany Tedesco
Amanda Seigworth
Allison Smith
Lacey Cochran
3:54.60aSlippery Rock
2.-Katie Craven
Shannon Hare
Laura Henzy
Erica Hess
3.-Cassie Snider
Alyssa Douma
Shala Simms
Meagan Wolf
3:58.75aLock Haven
4.-Brittiny Mackey
Jasmine Johnson
Emily Hollick
Katherine Doyle
4:00.95aEast Stroudsburg
5.-Jamie Miller
Alexis Carter
Diane Kress
Molly Smathers
6.-Doofan Tor-Agbidye
Joanna Horstmann
Katie Colburn
Jessica Schlecter
7.-Abbie Waltz
Carly Klinger
Erica Ferguson
Brooke McDaniel
8.-Maria Baker
Lyndsey Ratasiewicz
Melinda Wentz
Sam Smarkola
4:06.83aWest Chester
9.-Sandy Estep
Jerica Snedden
Shakeria Love
Kelly Fromknecht
4:07.32aCalifornia U of PA
10.-Dashona Hightower
Lorraine Laster
Glennisha Campbell
Isabelle Cayo
4:21.90aCheyney U of PA
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Caitlin Burke
Meagan Wolf
Alyssa Douma
Shala Simms
9:23.64aLock Haven
2.-Emily Dubs
Jenna Gormley
Jamie McCollum
Amanda Radabaugh
3.-Kaela Snyder
Laura Mucho
Caitlin Hancox
Jen Harpp
9:28.97aSlippery Rock
4.-Jessica Schlecter
Joanna Horstmann
Jill Kostishion
Keri Brown
5.-Lisa Nickel
Caitlin Palko
Erin Richard
Molly Smathers
6.-Brittany Zuver
Rachel Hull
Elicia Anderson
Emily Francisco
7.-Katie Armstrong
Lauren Bauer
Lindsey Scheller
Emma Rybczynski
10:07.70aIndiana U of PA
8.-Emily Hollick
Kara Parillo
Lindsey Clark
Jonna Trexler
10:11.84aEast Stroudsburg
9.-Sandy Estep
Laurie Hall
Beth Stone
Jerica Snedden
10:24.14aCalifornia U of PA
10.-Shannon Murphy
Mary Gawbill
Jess Joseph
Glenna Champion
10:24.26aWest Chester
11.-Shaina Johnson
Crystal Limes
Deraya Mosby
Lorraine Laster
11:47.91aCheyney U of PA
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mary Dell
Lindsay Bingaman
Abigail Huber
Neely Spence
2.-Molly Smathers
Diane Kress
Lisa Nickel
Erin Richard
3.-Brittany Zuver
Brittany Yanora
Rachel Hull
Priscilla Jennings
4.-Laura Mucho
Kaela Snyder
Caitlin Hancox
Jen Harpp
12:00.97aSlippery Rock
5.-Kristy Ulrich
Lynn Lisofsky
Keri Brown
Cheryl Dingman
6.-Emma Rybczynski
Jhana Jones
Lauren Bauer
Maureen Newell
12:36.43aIndiana U of PA
7.-Alexis Patrick
Colette Young
Caitlin Burke
Shala Simms
12:48.98aLock Haven
8.-Beth Schwing
Kathryn Corson
Samantha Rhood
Shannon Hoffman
9.-Jonna Trexler
Amilee Schillinger
Emily Hollick
Niki Pasquarella
12:59.17aEast Stroudsburg
10.-Shannon Murphy
Mary Gawbill
Jess Joseph
Glenna Champion
13:33.48aWest Chester
11.-Kamala Francis
Deraya Mosby
Isabelle Cayo
Diamond Butler
17:17.06aCheyney U of PA
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAshley Pinter42-11.00Kutztown
2.SoJade Hambrick41-07.00Slippery Rock
3.SrJakia Gumby40-09.00Lock Haven
4.SoStephani Harrison40-06.25Shippensburg
5.FrVanita Moses40-01.50Lock Haven
6.SoAlaina Leonard39-02.50Lock Haven
7.JrEmily Carothers39-00.50East Stroudsburg
8.JrAmanda Sines38-11.50East Stroudsburg
9.JrLiz Jackson37-11.50West Chester
9.SoJackie Berthlesen37-11.50East Stroudsburg
11.SrChinonyelum Nwokedi37-10.75Clarion
12.JrKrysten Goetter37-09.25Shippensburg
13.JrRachel Weber37-07.75Slippery Rock
14.SoMargaret Merlie36-11.00Shippensburg
15.SoDanielle Laws36-04.75East Stroudsburg
16.FrRachel Hicks35-11.25Lock Haven
16.SrLindsay Clark35-11.25Millersville
18.FrKarle Myers35-05.00Lock Haven
18.JrNoreen Seymore35-05.00West Chester
20.SoSandra Kakraba35-04.00Slippery Rock
21.FrDeanna Knapp35-01.00East Stroudsburg
22.FrKarisa Bowersox35-00.50Lock Haven
X Shot Put - 4kg - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoLiz Tepsic38-06.75Indiana U of PA
2.SrMichelle Frayne35-08.75Millersville
3.JrLarissa Gunn33-09.50Lock Haven
4.SoWhitney Hendershot33-01.75Slippery Rock
5.JrMelinda Wentz31-09.25West Chester
6.SoJessica Rhyner28-05.75Millersville
7.SoKatie Colburn28-01.50Kutztown
8.SrKristina Grussenmeyer27-06.75Shippensburg
9.FrKate Slonaker27-06.00Shippensburg
10.SoKelly Bruder26-11.00Slippery Rock
11.FrAnna Bixler24-03.50East Stroudsburg
12.SoJessica Yates23-04.50Shippensburg
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChelsea Morse5-07.75Lock Haven
2.SoWhitney Hendershot5-05.75Slippery Rock
3.SoKatie Butler5-05.75West Chester
4.FrDevyn Emerich5-05.75East Stroudsburg
5.SoLynn Mayer5-03.75East Stroudsburg
6.SoKelly Bruder5-01.75Slippery Rock
6.FrLauren Edelman5-01.75Lock Haven
6.JrJanelle Smith5-01.75East Stroudsburg
9.FrKhyalyani Whitiker5-01.75California U of PA
10.JrJessica Kloecker5-01.75Slippery Rock
11.FrCarolyn Gilmore4-11.75California U of PA
11.FrKristine Mellor4-11.75Clarion
11.JrEmily Hollick4-11.75East Stroudsburg
14.SoJessica Rhyner4-09.75Millersville
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoWhitney Hendershot5-09.25Slippery Rock
2.SoKelly Bruder5-03.75Slippery Rock
3.JrMelinda Wentz5-02.50West Chester
4.SrMichelle Frayne5-01.25Millersville
4.SoJessica Yates5-01.25Shippensburg
6.SoJessica Rhyner5-00.25Millersville
7.FrAnna Bixler4-11.00East Stroudsburg
8.SoKatie Colburn4-09.75Kutztown
9.SoLiz Tepsic4-07.50Indiana U of PA
9.JrLarissa Gunn4-07.50Lock Haven
9.SrKristina Grussenmeyer4-07.50Shippensburg
12.FrKate Slonaker4-04.00Shippensburg
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKelly Strickland10-11.75Kutztown
2.FrKelly Fisher10-11.75Slippery Rock
3.FrJacquelyn Kerr10-11.75Slippery Rock
4.FrChristy Ohmott10-11.75Lock Haven
5.JrRachel Weigle10-06.00Kutztown
6.FrMelissa Fellenbaum10-06.00Kutztown
7.FrDiane Cressman10-00.00Shippensburg
8.SrKristen Morby10-00.00East Stroudsburg
9.FrKamber Schrann9-06.25West Chester
10.JrAlison Wise9-00.25Kutztown
11.FrJulianne Spitzer8-06.25Bloomsburg
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBrianna Liebold18-05.75Indiana U of PA
2.FrLauren Redington18-00.25Shippensburg
3.SrMaddy Outman17-09.50Indiana U of PA
4.SrChelsea Morse17-08.25Lock Haven
5.JrAmanda Spickler17-06.25Shippensburg
6.JrCassie Snider17-04.25Lock Haven
7.FrChristina Costanzo17-03.25Kutztown
8.SoC.J. Jacob16-11.25West Chester
9.SoBrittany Foye16-08.75West Chester
10.SrKristie Warren16-07.75Lock Haven
11.FrTamika Taylor16-07.25Indiana U of PA
12.JrErica Ferguson16-03.25Mansfield
13.SrKaren Good16-02.50Shippensburg
14.SrChinonyelum Nwokedi16-01.50Clarion
15.FrLauren Edelman15-06.00Lock Haven
16.SrTyandra Price15-05.50Cheyney U of PA
17.FrWhitney Savoy15-03.50Millersville
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrMichelle Frayne17-10.75Millersville
2.SoWhitney Hendershot17-03.50Slippery Rock
3.JrMelinda Wentz16-01.50West Chester
4.SrKristina Grussenmeyer16-00.50Shippensburg
5.SoJessica Rhyner15-09.50Millersville
6.SoJessica Yates15-09.00Shippensburg
7.SoLiz Tepsic15-04.25Indiana U of PA
8.SoKelly Bruder15-02.75Slippery Rock
8.FrAnna Bixler15-02.75East Stroudsburg
10.SoKatie Colburn15-01.50Kutztown
11.JrLarissa Gunn14-10.00Lock Haven
12.FrKate Slonaker13-10.50Shippensburg
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Serena Bond38-03.25Slippery Rock
2.SrDiane Kress37-09.50Clarion
3.JrBrianna Liebold37-06.50Indiana U of PA
4.SoLiz Tepsic36-09.75Indiana U of PA
5.SrKaren Good36-09.00Shippensburg
6.SoBrittany Foye36-02.25West Chester
7.SrKristie Warren36-01.50Lock Haven
8.JrAmanda Spickler35-11.50Shippensburg
9.FrChristina Costanzo35-10.50Kutztown
10.FrLauren Edelman35-06.50Lock Haven
11.JrCassie Snider34-10.50Lock Haven
12.SoDana Dietrich34-09.50West Chester
13.FrWhitney Savoy33-08.00Millersville
14.FrKelly Fromknecht33-03.75California U of PA
15.FrJessica Palmer-Bacon32-02.25East Stroudsburg
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrVanita Moses55-00.25Lock Haven
2.SoAlaina Leonard52-06.00Lock Haven
3.SoStephani Harrison52-01.00Shippensburg
4.SoAshley Pinter52-00.50Kutztown
5.SrJakia Gumby49-06.50Lock Haven
6.JrRachel Weber49-03.75Slippery Rock
7.SrKristina Hamm49-02.50Lock Haven
8.JrAmanda Sines49-01.75East Stroudsburg
9.JrEmily Carothers48-04.50East Stroudsburg
10.JrJessica Koerner46-08.75Slippery Rock
11.JrLiz Jackson44-03.25West Chester
12.JrNoreen Seymore43-04.50West Chester
13.FrKarle Myers42-11.50Lock Haven
14.JrJenny Scheler42-08.75Lock Haven
15.SoJess Sekely42-00.75East Stroudsburg
16.SoJade Hambrick41-08.75Slippery Rock
17.SoMargaret Merlie40-11.00Shippensburg
18.JrKrysten Goetter39-08.50Shippensburg
19.FrSarah Brotzman39-01.25Shippensburg
19.SoDanielle Laws39-01.25East Stroudsburg
21.JrJenn Szarzynski38-04.75Shippensburg
22.SoJackie Berthlesen37-10.75East Stroudsburg
23.FrSara Wagner37-05.00Shippensburg
24.SoHeather Miller36-08.25Millersville
25.FrDeanna Knapp36-03.00East Stroudsburg
26.SrPatsy Schreiber34-10.50California U of PA
27.FrRachel Hicks31-07.50Lock Haven
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.SoWhitney Hendershot3482Slippery Rock
2.SrMichelle Frayne3402Millersville
3.JrMelinda Wentz3333West Chester
4.SoLiz Tepsic2996Indiana U of PA
5.SoKelly Bruder2989Slippery Rock
6.SoKatie Colburn2917Kutztown
7.SrKristina Grussenmeyer2784Shippensburg
8.FrAnna Bixler2743East Stroudsburg
9.SoJessica Yates2675Shippensburg
10.JrLarissa Gunn2505Lock Haven
11.SoJessica Rhyner2381Millersville
12.FrKate Slonaker2217Shippensburg
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