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Seminole Invitational

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Florida State, Tallahassee

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Louisiana - NCAA
Northwestern State
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
4.JrCarl McKinzie10.64aFlorida A&M
5.SrCraig Scott10.87aFlorida A&M
6.FrJemir Martinez10.88aKennesaw State
8.FrKendall Parks10.95aKennesaw State
9.SoAntonio Logan10.96aKennesaw State
10.FrJoe Washington10.97aFlorida A&M
12.FrBrett Phillips11.05aAlbany State
13.SoChristopher Oyeku11.25aNorthwestern State
14.SoKhalfani Lawson11.37aKennesaw State
15.FrSteven Wilson11.70aKennesaw State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.SrOlaidipo Adeshina21.19aAlbany State
4.JrCharles Green21.35aNorthwestern State
5.SoJeremy Thomas21.57aNorthwestern State
6.SoAntonio Logan22.02aKennesaw State
8.FrJemir Martinez22.18aKennesaw State
9.FrRennie Corty22.20aFlorida A&M
11.SoRonald Bolden22.44aFlorida A&M
12.FrBrett Phillips22.56aAlbany State
13.SoKhalfani Lawson22.81aKennesaw State
14.FrDavid Tansey23.25aKennesaw State
15.FrSteven Wilson24.04aKennesaw State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.SoKevin Williams46.94aFlorida State
4.FrBrandon O'Connor47.08aFlorida State
6.SoMichael Batts47.54aNorthwestern State
7.SoJoshua James48.12aKennesaw State
8.SrStanley Suber48.25aFlorida A&M
9.SoJames Verdi48.61aKennesaw State
13.SoJamie Emery49.28aNorthwestern State
14.SrPelle Rietveld49.54aFlorida State
16.SrChris Pearson50.30aNorthwestern State
17.SrOlaidipo Adeshina50.38aAlbany State
18.FrDavid Tansey50.59aKennesaw State
21.FrRobert Thornton53.84aKennesaw State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.FrNathan Duby1:50.87aFlorida State
3.SoDaquam Lee1:51.15aFlorida A&M
4.FrCameron Dickerson1:52.56aNorth Florida
5.SoGianni Catalano1:54.12aKennesaw State
6.SoDaniel Silva1:55.16aFlorida State
7.SoMichael Guntner1:57.64aKennesaw State
9.FrDaniel Grass1:59.37aKennesaw State
10.FrBreshon Williams2:01.25aNorthwestern State
11.SoPiotr Witczak2:01.65aKennesaw State
12.SrAkeivius Searcy2:02.07aAlbany State
13.FrRobert Thornton2:08.55aKennesaw State
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.JrWilliam Pearce3:48.81aNorth Florida
5.SoGianni Catalano3:58.41aKennesaw State
7.SoPiotr Witczak4:02.55aKennesaw State
10.FrDaniel Grass4:04.89aKennesaw State
11.SoSteven Murray4:07.94aKennesaw State
13.SoCraig Sinbine4:10.63aNorth Florida
14.SrMichael Johnson4:16.64aKennesaw State
15.SoMichael Guntner4:18.27aKennesaw State
16.FrPaul Williams4:18.78aFlorida A&M
17.SoDusty Dischler4:22.11aNorthwestern State
18.SrMaxwell Ndungu4:26.21aKennesaw State
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SrScott Burley8:30.94aKennesaw State
3.SrJason Lakritz8:38.79aFlorida State
4.FrTravis Holmes8:57.30aKennesaw State
6.SoSamuel Palmer8:58.48aNorth Florida
7.FrMike Strasser9:00.61aNorth Florida
8.FrShuaib Winters9:03.10aFlorida A&M
9.SrNick Sunseri9:05.10aFlorida State
10.SoNathanial McReynolds9:05.83aNorthwestern State
12.SoAlex Hay9:12.29aKennesaw State
13.SrPatrick Canfield9:16.01aNorth Florida
14.SoCraig Sinbine9:25.22aNorth Florida
15.FrJosh Brown9:30.09aNorth Florida
16.SoDusty Dischler9:57.51aNorthwestern State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSteven Murray15:52.04aKennesaw State
2.SrMichael Johnson16:00.16aKennesaw State
6.SrMaxwell Ndungu16:47.91aKennesaw State
7.FrDaniel Machooka17:14.79aAlbany State
8.FrTony Brown17:59.90aAlbany State
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichael Hill14.01aNorthwestern State
2.JrDamarius Carroll14.29aFlorida A&M
3.FrPJ Bennett14.49aNorthwestern State
4.FrJustin Byrd14.68aFlorida State
5.FrNehemyah Price14.89aAlbany State
6.JrJeremy Easley15.26aKennesaw State
7.JrJerome Smiley15.27aAlbany State
8.FrDamarcus Henley16.68aKennesaw State
9.JrCarl McKinzie16.97aFlorida A&M
--FrKendall ParksFSKennesaw State
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
2.SoJoshua James53.31aKennesaw State
5.SoAndrew Jacobs54.13aFlorida State
6.SrMichael Fingado55.07aFlorida State
8.JrCollin Lomagistro55.32aFlorida State
9.JrDamarius Carroll56.51aFlorida A&M
10.SoMichael Hill56.82aNorthwestern State
11.JrJeremy Easley57.14aKennesaw State
12.FrBrian Graham57.22aKennesaw State
13.FrDurrell Smith58.95aAlbany State
14.FrPJ Bennett1:05.06aNorthwestern State
15.FrDamarcus Henley1:06.87aKennesaw State
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTrevor Andrews5:57.89aFlorida State
2.SrScott Burley6:05.33aKennesaw State
3.FrJohnathan Esteban6:10.09aNorth Florida
4.FrTravis Holmes6:14.88aKennesaw State
5.SoAlex Hay6:29.77aKennesaw State
6.SoNathanial McReynolds6:34.16aNorthwestern State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Batts
Jamie Emery
Jeremy Thomas
Charles Green
41.06aNorthwestern State
2.-Joe Washington
Craig Scott
Rennie Corty
Carl McKinzie
41.33aFlorida A&M
3.-Jemir Martinez
Antonio Logan
Kendall Parks
James Verdi
41.65aKennesaw State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Williams
Kevin Borlee
Brandon O'Connor
Jonathan Borlee
3:04.02aFlorida State
3.-Joshua James
Daniel Grass
David Tansey
James Verdi
3:16.18aKennesaw State
4.-Daquam Lee
Alphonzo Johnson
Ronald Bolden
Stanley Suber
3:16.59aFlorida A&M
6.-Michael Batts
Jamie Emery
Jeremy Thomas
Charles Green
3:23.71aNorthwestern State
7.-Relay Team 3:29.32aKennesaw State
---Relay Team DNFFlorida State
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichael Putman52-10.00Florida State
2.SrCorey Jones52-06.75Northwestern State
3.FrBuck Thompson49-03.75Northwestern State
4.SrAymerick Kolokilagi48-10.00Kennesaw State
5.FrMorgan Redmond47-06.25Northwestern State
6.FrDeron Jordan46-05.25Albany State
7.JrWilliam Jackson45-03.75Albany State
8.FrKeddrick Brown41-11.50Albany State
9.JrEric Mccary38-09.75Albany State
--SoFrank ScottFOULFlorida A&M
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichael Putman56.90mFlorida State
2.SrCorey Jones49.65mNorthwestern State
3.FrBuck Thompson48.31mNorthwestern State
4.JrSharif Small46.09mFlorida State
5.SrCasey Strickland45.03mKennesaw State
6.JrWilliam Jackson44.04mAlbany State
8.SrCorey Ray41.73mAlbany State
9.JrEric Mccary39.66mAlbany State
10.SrPelle Rietveld37.16mFlorida State
11.FrMorgan Redmond35.63mNorthwestern State
--SoFrank ScottFOULFlorida A&M
--SrAymerick KolokilagiFOULKennesaw State
--SoPhillip WashingtonFOULFlorida A&M
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBryan Howard62.73mFlorida State
2.SrPelle Rietveld61.80mFlorida State
3.SrSean Comrecole58.95mFlorida State
4.FrKartemus Heary51.49mNorthwestern State
5.JrEric Mccary49.67mAlbany State
6.SrBlake Lenane46.32mKennesaw State
7.JrWilliam Jackson41.43mAlbany State
8.JrMike White40.52mFlorida A&M
9.FrJonathan Grooms39.36mAlbany State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTim Reen6-10.75Florida State
2.JrAndrew Bachelor6-08.75Florida State
4.FrAntwonne McCloud6-06.75Florida A&M
5.SoBryan Turner6-06.75Florida A&M
6.SoGreg Hall6-04.75Northwestern State
7.SoKennis Byers6-04.75Northwestern State
8.FrJames Hagan6-02.75Albany State
8.FrAnthony Hill6-02.75Florida A&M
10.SoAndrew Cleland6-02.75Florida State
10.SrCasey Strickland6-02.75Kennesaw State
12.FrErik Ingle6-02.75Kennesaw State
13.FrJonathan Grooms6-02.75Albany State
14.SrPelle Rietveld6-00.75Florida State
--SoPhillip WashingtonNHFlorida A&M
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMike White15-01.00Florida A&M
2.JrWarren Harper14-07.25Florida State
--FrNoah ThompsonNHNorth Florida
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
5.SoChristopher Oyeku6.94mNorthwestern State
7.FrBrett Phillips6.53mAlbany State
8.FrAnthony Hill6.52mFlorida A&M
9.FrJonathan Grooms6.07mAlbany State
10.SoPhillip Washington5.95mFlorida A&M
11.FrJames Hagan5.00mAlbany State
--SrCasey StricklandFOULKennesaw State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.SoChristopher Oyeku14.82mNorthwestern State
4.SrDerek Johnson13.68mNorthwestern State
6.FrKendall Parks13.11mKennesaw State
7.FrJames Hagan12.74mAlbany State
8.FrCalvin Smith12.64mNorthwestern State
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMatt Wernke57.76mFlorida State
2.JrTravis Whitfield55.46mFlorida State
3.SrAymerick Kolokilagi46.15mKennesaw State
4.JrEric Mccary45.18mAlbany State
5.SrCasey Strickland43.18mKennesaw State
7.JrWilliam Jackson43.09mAlbany State
8.FrKeddrick Brown29.45mAlbany State

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLouise Kiernan11.84aJacksonville
2.SrAshley Gillis11.85aFlorida A&M
3.JrAnna Forest11.87aNorthwestern State
4.SrNatasha Harvey11.88aJacksonville
5.JrAuja Pughsley12.03aFlorida State
6.JrAnn-Marie Francis12.06aFlorida A&M
7.SrEstella Moore12.13aAlbany State
8.FrKaya Sin-niya12.27aAlbany State
9.SoAmanda Freeman12.38aNorthwestern State
10.SrJesseka Forbes12.39aFlorida A&M
11.FrVictoria Jackson12.40aKennesaw State
12.SoShamaigun VanBuren12.49aNorthwestern State
13.JrWhitney Smith12.50aNorthwestern State
14.FrKeva Stephens12.78aNorth Florida
15.SrSandi Brown12.87aKennesaw State
16.SrOctober Wells12.96aNorthwestern State
17.FrTomika Story12.99aFlorida A&M
18.SoAshante Davis13.08aFlorida A&M
19.FrJenae Todd13.17aKennesaw State
20.SrAntionette Suer13.27aFlorida A&M
21.FrAndrea Bridges13.49aNorth Florida
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoUnique Singleton24.14aJacksonville
2.SrAshley Gillis24.29aFlorida A&M
4.SoLouise Kiernan24.44aJacksonville
5.JrJessica Tuck24.81aNorthwestern State
6.FrShelby Hines24.85aKennesaw State
7.JrAnn-Marie Francis24.88aFlorida A&M
8.JrCharisma Anderson24.91aNorth Florida
9.FrKaya Sin-niya24.94aAlbany State
10.SrShantela Davis25.09aKennesaw State
12.JrWhitney Smith25.46aNorthwestern State
13.SrJesseka Forbes25.48aFlorida A&M
14.FrJeanette Hulse25.61aFlorida A&M
15.FrVictoria Jackson25.62aKennesaw State
16.SoCinnamon Johnson25.77aFlorida State
17.SoShamaigun VanBuren25.94aNorthwestern State
18.JrSuelyn Pilliner26.04aFlorida A&M
19.SrSandi Brown26.19aKennesaw State
20.SrOctober Wells26.54aNorthwestern State
21.FrJenae Todd26.64aKennesaw State
22.FrAva Rivera26.68aNorth Florida
23.SoPhilicia Morgan26.77aFlorida A&M
24.SoAlicen Livingston27.01aNorth Florida
25.FrPanancy Ambroise27.40aFlorida A&M
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoUnique Singleton54.33aJacksonville
2.FrStephanie Simpson56.19aFlorida State
3.SoDanielle Davenport56.24aJacksonville
4.FrShelby Hines56.66aKennesaw State
5.SoAndrea Warren56.94aNorthwestern State
7.SoLatoya Wright57.46aFlorida A&M
9.FrJeanette Hulse57.64aFlorida A&M
10.SoStephanie Brown58.44aJacksonville
11.SoSaLydia James58.46aNorth Florida
12.JrKayann Chambers58.66aFlorida State
13.SrShantela Davis58.69aKennesaw State
14.FrBrittany Robinson59.23aKennesaw State
15.SoNichola Listhrop1:00.01aFlorida A&M
16.SoPhilicia Morgan1:00.47aFlorida A&M
17.FrAmalia Vogler1:00.75aJacksonville
18.SoAlicen Livingston1:00.90aNorth Florida
19.FrAva Rivera1:01.61aNorth Florida
20.FrHelena Shields1:01.88aFlorida A&M
21.SrWhitney Young1:04.32aFlorida A&M
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoPilar McShine2:05.48aFlorida State
2.JrAlyssa Deal2:14.92aJacksonville
3.FrBrooke Baumann2:17.37aNorth Florida
4.FrEmily Ness2:19.47aFlorida State
5.FrKeesha Danso2:20.16aFlorida State
6.SoSianne Chong2:20.29aNorth Florida
7.SoLaura Ragland2:20.41aNorth Florida
8.SrEvelyn Moore2:21.77aNorth Florida
9.SrLaKendra Cunningham2:22.35aFlorida A&M
10.FrSusanne Klungtveit2:23.07aJacksonville
11.FrHelena Shields2:24.16aFlorida A&M
12.SoKristen Gibson2:24.99aKennesaw State
13.JrCaitlin German2:25.02aKennesaw State
14.JrSoibhan Wolcott2:26.82aKennesaw State
15.SoJen Hillis2:29.87aFlorida State
16.JrTiffanie Saxton2:30.28aJacksonville
17.SoKelle Ransom2:36.62aFlorida A&M
18.-Briana Walker2:37.00aFlorida State
19.FrArica Halila2:38.59aFlorida State
20.FrNicole Kenna2:52.12aFlorida State
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.FrKeesha Danso4:45.61aFlorida State
3.FrSusanne Klungtveit4:45.96aJacksonville
4.FrErin Heasley4:50.85aNorth Florida
5.FrEmily Ness4:51.38aFlorida State
6.SoNichola Listhrop4:54.58aFlorida A&M
7.FrKayla Conrad4:56.64aNorth Florida
8.JrSoibhan Wolcott5:00.24aKennesaw State
9.SoKristen Gibson5:00.55aKennesaw State
11.FrBree-Anne McArdle5:06.31aFlorida State
13.JrKatie Charles5:10.61aKennesaw State
14.JrCaitlin German5:13.21aKennesaw State
15.SoJen Hillis5:13.94aFlorida State
16.-Briana Walker5:17.11aFlorida State
17.JrBritany Reilly5:20.32aKennesaw State
18.FrKelli Midden5:20.61aJacksonville
19.FrLawana Perkins5:23.80aNorthwestern State
20.FrArica Halila5:25.07aFlorida State
21.SoKelle Ransom5:34.20aFlorida A&M
22.FrNicole Kenna5:38.19aFlorida State
--SoPilar McShineDNFFlorida State
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmanda Quick10:06.05aFlorida State
3.FrKacey Gibson10:19.64aFlorida State
4.SoLaura Ragland10:34.51aNorth Florida
5.FrJennifer Dunn10:36.85aFlorida State
6.SrLorena Jaime11:28.31aKennesaw State
7.SoCourtney Hershberger11:54.63aNorthwestern State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
4.JrBritany Reilly18:38.79aKennesaw State
5.SrLlonisha Lee19:28.56aAlbany State
6.SrMeredith Kelly20:06.68aFlorida State
7.SoKelle Ransom20:08.02aFlorida A&M
8.SoAmanda Skillen20:32.86aFlorida State
9.SoLeamon Crystal21:17.56aAlbany State
10.FrAshley Calhoun21:27.63aFlorida State
11.FrAmber Nelson22:16.56aAlbany State
--FrEmosha BrinstonDNFAlbany State
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNatasha Harvey13.47aJacksonville
2.JrValerie Flournoy14.18aFlorida State
3.FrStacey Young14.27aJacksonville
4.SrShaneka Birdsong14.38aAlbany State
5.FrRakedia Wright14.39aAlbany State
6.-Maria Irayizia14.44aFlorida State
8.JrTiffany Bromfield14.50aJacksonville
9.SoJ'Zotta Rolle14.56aJacksonville
10.FrRachel Stanley15.16aNorth Florida
11.SrShanae Steward15.23aNorthwestern State
12.FrJessica Wilcox15.27aKennesaw State
14.FrChristina King16.42aNorth Florida
15.FrAndrea Bridges17.16aNorth Florida
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJ'Zotta Rolle1:01.23aJacksonville
2.SrShannon Stuckman1:01.66aFlorida State
3.FrCarmen Wallace1:03.22aNorthwestern State
4.FrRachel Stanley1:04.12aNorth Florida
5.FrNaomi Mack1:12.10aKennesaw State
X 2k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLydia Willemse6:33.28aFlorida State
2.JrJessica Villemaire7:43.11aNorth Florida
3.SrLorena Jaime7:53.64aKennesaw State
4.JrKatie Charles8:01.39aKennesaw State
5.SoCourtney Hershberger8:14.14aNorthwestern State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Danielle Davenport
Louise Kiernan
Unique Singleton
Natasha Harvey
2.-Amanda Freeman
Jazmen Williams
Jessica Tuck
Anna Forest
45.95aNorthwestern State
3.-Ann-Marie Francis
Ashley Gillis
Jesseka Forbes
LaKendra Cunningham
46.44aFlorida A&M
4.-Victoria Jackson
Sandi Brown
Shantela Davis
Shelby Hines
47.61aKennesaw State
5.-Anne DelBovo
SaLydia James
Keva Stephens
Charisma Anderson
48.31aNorth Florida
6.-Whitney Young
Philicia Morgan
Sansea Johnson
Tomika Story
49.19aFlorida A&M
7.-Relay Team 51.35aAlbany State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Samantha Flowers
Phyllis Iheanacho
Andrea Warren
Carmen Wallace
3:46.63aNorthwestern State
2.-Kayla Conrad
Rachel Stanley
Charisma Anderson
SaLydia James
3:57.29aNorth Florida
3.-Brittany Robinson
Shantela Davis
Naomi Mack
Shelby Hines
4:00.49aKennesaw State
4.-Sandi Brown
Victoria Jackson
Jenae Todd
LaKeshia Stinson
4:03.01aKennesaw State
5.-Tiffany Bromfield
Amalia Vogler
Stacey Young
Tiffanie Saxton
6.-Evelyn Moore
Laura Ragland
Brooke Baumann
Erin Heasley
4:18.15aNorth Florida
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAllyn Laughlin50-00.50Florida State
2.JrHillary Crook45-08.00Jacksonville
3.FrLeslie Jordan42-08.25Northwestern State
4.JrTiffany Bromfield42-04.75Jacksonville
5.SoLaura Phillips41-10.00Jacksonville
6.FrChantel Bratton41-06.50Northwestern State
7.JrJessica Irizarry39-10.50Kennesaw State
8.JrChiquit Hawthorne38-02.00Kennesaw State
9.SoJessica Lumpkin37-06.50Kennesaw State
10.FrTakeira Booker35-06.50Florida A&M
11.FrLaura Horton32-07.50Albany State
12.FrShabreka Carter30-10.50Albany State
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLaura Phillips41.06mJacksonville
2.JrAllyn Laughlin39.78mFlorida State
3.JrDejon Griffin39.35mNorthwestern State
4.FrLeslie Jordan38.64mNorthwestern State
5.FrShabreka Carter37.47mAlbany State
6.JrChiquit Hawthorne35.43mKennesaw State
7.FrChantel Bratton33.83mNorthwestern State
8.FrLaura Horton33.15mAlbany State
9.SoJessica Lumpkin32.41mKennesaw State
10.FrTakeira Booker30.88mFlorida A&M
11.JrHillary Crook26.74mJacksonville
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJessica Irizarry46.00mKennesaw State
3.JrAshton McGuire37.10mNorth Florida
5.JrAmber Cornell36.03mFlorida State
6.SrErin Simmons34.96mFlorida State
7.SoKimberly Hudnall33.31mNorthwestern State
8.JrAnn-Marie Francis33.06mFlorida A&M
9.FrAndrea Bridges22.50mNorth Florida
10.FrJessica Wilcox20.25mKennesaw State
11.FrChristina King18.44mNorth Florida
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSuelyn Pilliner5-07.00Florida A&M
2.JrTiara Swanagan5-05.00Florida State
2.FrDanielle Williams5-05.00Florida State
4.FrSuzzette Van-Lare5-05.00Kennesaw State
5.JrElise Trexler5-05.00North Florida
5.JrJakia Ragland5-05.00Kennesaw State
7.FrKeyera Thomas5-01.00Northwestern State
7.SoMichelle Cullum5-01.00Florida State
9.SrHeather LeBlanc5-01.00Florida State
9.FrAndrea Bridges5-01.00North Florida
--JrKierra HolidayNHFlorida A&M
--FrJessica WilcoxNHKennesaw State
--FrMargo ZwerlingNHFlorida State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLiz Mabry13-01.50Florida State
3.FrCallie Giffin12-01.50Florida State
4.FrAbby Sutton11-01.75Florida State
5.FrLauren Giffin11-01.75Florida State
6.SrLeilani Caraballo10-08.00Florida State
7.FrMorgan McCorkle10-08.00North Florida
--SoStephanie WernkeNHFlorida State
--FrKelly SchieferNHFlorida State
--FrNatalie HartNHNorth Florida
--SoCassie BruceNHNorth Florida
--FrRosemary McCollumNHKennesaw State
--JrAna MaciejkoNHFlorida State
--FrKacey HightowerNHKennesaw State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKimberly Williams6.42mFlorida State
2.SrHeather LeBlanc5.70mFlorida State
3.FrSuzzette Van-Lare5.38mKennesaw State
5.FrTomika Story5.25mFlorida A&M
6.SrAntionette Suer5.01mFlorida A&M
7.SoAshante Davis4.99mFlorida A&M
8.JrSuelyn Pilliner4.97mFlorida A&M
9.FrJessica Wilcox4.91mKennesaw State
10.SoJill Arthur4.61mKennesaw State
--JrJessica TuckFOULNorthwestern State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJill Arthur11.82mKennesaw State
2.FrTomika Story11.80mFlorida A&M
3.FrStacey Young11.55mJacksonville
4.SoAshante Davis11.46mFlorida A&M
5.FrSuzzette Van-Lare11.03mKennesaw State
6.FrChristina King10.62mNorth Florida
--SrAntionette SuerFOULFlorida A&M
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDejon Griffin50.52mNorthwestern State
2.JrCalia Coleman47.79mFlorida State
3.JrJessica Irizarry46.00mKennesaw State
4.JrHillary Crook40.23mJacksonville
5.SoLaura Phillips39.99mJacksonville
6.JrChiquit Hawthorne39.74mKennesaw State
7.SoJessica Lumpkin37.77mKennesaw State
8.SoLea Russell34.69mFlorida State
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