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Central - Gahanna District 1 - Division III

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gahanna Lincoln HS, Gahanna

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Victor Graham11.41aAfricentric Early Co...
1.11Jessie Barns11.48aGrove City Christian
2.11Luke Condon11.52aWorthington Christian
12Solomon Wheat11.56aAfricentric Early Co...
3.11Adam McClatchie11.73aVillage Academy
4.11Josh Eversman11.79aFisher Catholic
5.12David Inboden11.90aWorthington Christian
6.10Marcus Gilmore12.12aBerne Union
7.9Mesha Sanks-Barjona12.16aHarvest Preparatory
8.9Lorin Campbell12.45aNorthmor
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.11Luke Condon11.53aWorthington Christian
2.11Jessie Barns11.56aGrove City Christian
3.12David Inboden11.69aWorthington Christian
4.11Josh Eversman11.72aFisher Catholic
5.11Adam McClatchie11.72aVillage Academy
6.10Marcus Gilmore11.75aBerne Union
7.9Mesha Sanks-Barjona11.81aHarvest Preparatory
9.10Jaymie Barns11.92aGrove City Christian
8.9Lorin Campbell12.22aNorthmor
10.12Chris Everhart12.36aMount Gilead
11.9Brandon Burkey12.37aLiberty Union
12.9Cortez Johnson12.38aHarvest Preparatory
13.11Dan Brown12.39aVillage Academy
14.10Connor Piper12.49aBerne Union
15.9Jordan Shonk12.59aFisher Catholic
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Luke Condon11.46aWorthington Christian
5.11Adam McClatchie11.53aVillage Academy
2.11Jessie Barns11.54aGrove City Christian
3.12David Inboden11.74aWorthington Christian
4.10Marcus Gilmore11.77aBerne Union
6.11Josh Eversman11.79aFisher Catholic
9.10Jaymie Barns11.87aGrove City Christian
7.9Mesha Sanks-Barjona11.91aHarvest Preparatory
13.12Chris Everhart11.91aMount Gilead
10.10Connor Piper12.19aBerne Union
8.9Lorin Campbell12.21aNorthmor
11.9Cortez Johnson12.23aHarvest Preparatory
14.9Brandon Burkey12.31aLiberty Union
12.11Dan Brown12.34aVillage Academy
17.9Caleb Eickhoff12.34aFairbanks
15.12Robert Williams12.44aFairbanks
15.9Jordan Shonk12.44aFisher Catholic
18.12William White12.61aMadison Christian
19.11Devon Whisler12.89aNorthmor
20.12Jamie Lehman13.22aFairfield Christian ...
21.9Nick Tennant13.40aLiberty Union
22.10Matt Hojak13.96aMarion Catholic
23.9Robbie Johnson14.91aMarion Catholic
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Victor Graham23.02aAfricentric Early Co...
1.12Bo Miller23.07aWorthington Christian
2.11Jessie Barns23.15aGrove City Christian
3.11Josh Eversman23.71aFisher Catholic
4.11Adam McClatchie23.82aVillage Academy
10Jerrime Saunders23.97aAfricentric Early Co...
5.9Michael Stomps24.21aWorthington Christian
6.10Jaymie Barns24.50aGrove City Christian
7.9Max Burnside25.04aFairbanks
8.10Marcus Gilmore25.08aBerne Union
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Bo Miller23.40aWorthington Christian
2.11Jessie Barns23.63aGrove City Christian
3.10Marcus Gilmore23.90aBerne Union
4.11Josh Eversman24.08aFisher Catholic
5.9Michael Stomps24.13aWorthington Christian
7.11Adam McClatchie24.24aVillage Academy
6.10Jaymie Barns24.74aGrove City Christian
8.9Max Burnside24.91aFairbanks
9.10Jacob Stull24.97aNorthmor
10.10Connor Piper25.33aBerne Union
11.12William White25.37aMadison Christian
12.11Tyler Granlee25.57aMarion Catholic
13.9Jacob Wood25.62aFisher Catholic
14.9Cortez Johnson27.17aHarvest Preparatory
15.12Jamie Lehman27.60aFairfield Christian ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Bo Miller23.94aWorthington Christian
2.11Jessie Barns24.33aGrove City Christian
5.11Josh Eversman24.47aFisher Catholic
3.11Adam McClatchie24.56aVillage Academy
9.11Tyler Granlee24.98aMarion Catholic
6.9Max Burnside25.06aFairbanks
4.10Marcus Gilmore25.08aBerne Union
13.10Connor Piper25.20aBerne Union
7.10Jacob Stull25.23aNorthmor
10.9Michael Stomps25.33aWorthington Christian
17.9Mesha Sanks-Barjona25.33aHarvest Preparatory
18.11Dan Brown25.61aVillage Academy
11.9Jacob Wood25.63aFisher Catholic
14.12William White25.73aMadison Christian
15.9Cortez Johnson25.89aHarvest Preparatory
19.9Brandon Burkey26.03aLiberty Union
8.12Shane Little26.17aLiberty Union
12.10Jaymie Barns26.19aGrove City Christian
20.9Matt Shirley27.97aMarion Catholic
16.12Jamie Lehman28.02aFairfield Christian ...
21.9James Haines28.48aNorthside Christian
22.10Josef Fallon28.70aNorthside Christian
23.11Devon Whisler29.56aNorthmor
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jon Smith52.07aFairbanks
2.11Phil Bowes53.98aFisher Catholic
3.12Alex Sorgenfrei54.06aMount Gilead
4.10Nathan Miller54.54aWorthington Christian
9Khalifa Nelson54.65aAfricentric Early Co...
5.9David Pashovich55.38aGrove City Christian
6.10Craig McLaughlin55.48aNorthmor
10Jerrime Saunders57.08aAfricentric Early Co...
7.12Matthew McCarthy57.68aMadison Christian
--11Zach LogueNTLiberty Union
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Jon Smith52.70aFairbanks
2.11Phil Bowes54.45aFisher Catholic
3.10Nathan Miller54.84aWorthington Christian
4.10Craig McLaughlin55.58aNorthmor
5.11Zach Logue56.12aLiberty Union
6.12Alex Sorgenfrei56.16aMount Gilead
7.9David Pashovich56.45aGrove City Christian
8.12Matthew McCarthy56.55aMadison Christian
9.9Lorin Campbell57.08aNorthmor
10.11Brady Stephens57.56aGrove City Christian
11.10Zach Drake57.76aBerne Union
12.12Ryan Mooney57.92aFisher Catholic
13.9Levi Morris58.00aFairbanks
14.11Caleb Miller58.15aLiberty Union
15.10Connor Brown58.31aWorthington Christian
16.11JaQuent Austin59.73aHarvest Preparatory
17.11Austin Hurst1:00.72aBerne Union
18.12Kyle Shirley1:10.61aMarion Catholic
19.11Derek Weber1:11.06aMount Gilead
20.9Robbie Johnson1:13.13aMarion Catholic
21.10Tommy Bain1:34.99aVillage Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jacob Rider1:59.28aWorthington Christian
2.12Eli Morris1:59.81aFairbanks
3.11Matt Kohler2:02.14aLiberty Union
4.11Daniel Jeong2:04.21aWorthington Christian
5.12Kyle Sweeney2:06.75aMount Gilead
6.10Joey Hawes2:09.06aNorthmor
7.11James Whitt2:10.56aBerne Union
8.12Ryan Mooney2:11.28aFisher Catholic
9.10Tyler Heminger2:12.00aNorthmor
10.11Zach Rathbone2:14.93aBerne Union
--10Bobby BlueNTMarion Catholic
--9Kyle MooneyNTFisher Catholic
--11Alex JohnsonNTFairbanks
--9Eric LanghamNTLiberty Union
--11Alex MitchellNTGrove City Christian
--10Derek VachaNTGrove City Christian
--12Matthew McCarthyNTMadison Christian
--12Luke ParkerNTHarvest Preparatory
--11Andrew GriffisNTVillage Academy
--9Jimmy DriesenNTVillage Academy
--12Casey HoodNTHarvest Preparatory
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Colton Johnson4:23.34aMount Gilead
2.11Drew McCormick4:35.12aLiberty Union
3.11James Whitt4:40.00aBerne Union
4.10Derek Vacha4:43.58aGrove City Christian
5.12Dustin Hayes4:48.12aMount Gilead
6.10Craig McLaughlin4:57.21aNorthmor
7.10Wayne Lewis5:01.43aBerne Union
8.9Brandon Neyman5:02.75aNorthmor
9Devon Howard5:32.0aAfricentric Early Co...
--12Luke ParkerNTHarvest Preparatory
--9Jimmy DriesenNTVillage Academy
--12Casey HoodNTHarvest Preparatory
--12Tony CefaluNTFairfield Christian ...
--12Jamie LehmanNTFairfield Christian ...
--9Ben TjoelkerNTWorthington Christian
--11Daniel JeongNTWorthington Christian
--9Sam MillerNTGrove City Christian
--10Josh MottsNTLiberty Union
--11Tony KnoxNTFisher Catholic
--11Adam MarqueNTFisher Catholic
--11Mavuso MozozoyanaNTVillage Academy
--9Casey GethaNTMarion Catholic
--9Andrew ChwalikNTMarion Catholic
--12Jimmy PalmerNTFairbanks
--12Michael FinkNTFairbanks
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Colton Johnson10:11.71aMount Gilead
2.11Jedd Neer10:14.52aNorthmor
3.11Drew McCormick10:15.00aLiberty Union
4.10Sam Power10:39.43aFairbanks
5.11Aaron Burnside10:49.47aLiberty Union
6.12Dustin Hayes10:58.21aMount Gilead
7.11Eric Hamann11:07.18aFisher Catholic
8.12Jesse Oxley11:10.65aBerne Union
9.11Walker Langstraat11:13.21aNorthmor
10.11Nathaniel Beum12:02.62aWorthington Christian
--12Luke ParkerNTHarvest Preparatory
--12Ryan RhodesNTHarvest Preparatory
--9Sam MillerNTGrove City Christian
--9Alex CapertonNTGrove City Christian
--11Mavuso MozozoyanaNTVillage Academy
--11Luke RennerNTFairbanks
--9Andrew ChwalikNTMarion Catholic
--11Ryan VenrickNTBerne Union
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
12Deshon Best15.61aAfricentric Early Co...
1.10Ethan Kunkler15.72aFisher Catholic
2.12Archric Sims16.08aHarvest Preparatory
3.11Matt Scott16.28aMount Gilead
4.11Greg Kasson16.72aFisher Catholic
5.11Micheal Nelson17.24aHarvest Preparatory
6.9Max Burnside17.56aFairbanks
7.12Cody Castline17.84aMount Gilead
--11Zach LogueDNFLiberty Union
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Archric Sims15.79aHarvest Preparatory
2.10Ethan Kunkler16.15aFisher Catholic
3.11Matt Scott16.39aMount Gilead
4.11Greg Kasson16.52aFisher Catholic
5.11Zach Logue16.69aLiberty Union
7.12Cody Castline16.78aMount Gilead
9.10Connor Cox16.97aBerne Union
6.11Micheal Nelson17.29aHarvest Preparatory
10.12Logan Bell17.52aNorthmor
8.9Max Burnside17.75aFairbanks
11.11Walker Langstraat18.26aNorthmor
12.10Kyle Sims18.46aBerne Union
13.9Jay Azeltin19.29aLiberty Union
14.9Levi Morris19.65aFairbanks
15.11Jake Wagner19.66aGrove City Christian
16.9Zach Brewer19.69aGrove City Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nick Adams41.09aBerne Union
2.11Austin Cain41.46aFairbanks
3.11Greg Kasson42.19aFisher Catholic
4.11Matt Scott42.26aMount Gilead
10Todd Johnson42.87aAfricentric Early Co...
5.12Archric Sims43.56aHarvest Preparatory
6.11Nick Reed43.79aFairbanks
7.11Micheal Nelson44.17aHarvest Preparatory
8.11Curtis Moore46.03aBerne Union
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Austin Cain41.70aFairbanks
2.12Nick Adams42.16aBerne Union
3.11Matt Scott42.47aMount Gilead
4.12Archric Sims43.60aHarvest Preparatory
5.11Micheal Nelson44.17aHarvest Preparatory
6.11Nick Reed44.20aFairbanks
7.11Curtis Moore44.30aBerne Union
8.11Greg Kasson45.00aFisher Catholic
9.10Ethan Kunkler45.51aFisher Catholic
10.10Konner Fisher45.78aMount Gilead
11.12Logan Bell46.54aNorthmor
12.11Jake Wagner49.87aGrove City Christian
13.11Brooks Hooley50.50aWorthington Christian
14.9Zach Brewer50.73aGrove City Christian
15.10Isaac Nivar51.01aMarion Catholic
16.11Jeremy Karcher51.11aNorthmor
17.9Jay Azeltin51.17aLiberty Union
18.9Nick Tennant53.95aLiberty Union
19.11Andy Conway59.75aMarion Catholic
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Condon
Bo Miller
Chris Bradley
Michael Stomps
44.27aWorthington Christian
2.-Ethan Kunkler
Greg Kasson
Phil Bowes
Josh Eversman
45.00aFisher Catholic
3.-Marcus Gilmore
Luke Tate
Curtis Moore
Connor Piper
46.38aBerne Union
4.-Relay Team 46.97aFairbanks
5.-Logan Flowers
Josiah Sayers
Adam Rhoads
Tyler Granlee
47.04aMarion Catholic
6.-Chris Everhart
Cody Castline
Devon Sergent
Konner Fisher
47.74aMount Gilead
7.-Relay Team 48.14aNorthmor
8.-Micheal Nelson
Mesha Sanks-Barjona
Cortez Johnson
Mycheal Clark
48.77aHarvest Preparatory
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Ethan Kunkler
Greg Kasson
Phil Bowes
Josh Eversman
45.42aFisher Catholic
2.-Luke Condon
Chris Bradley
Bo Miller
Luke Helmuth
45.61aWorthington Christian
3.-Marcus Gilmore
Curtis Moore
Luke Tate
Connor Piper
46.48aBerne Union
4.-Logan Flowers
Josiah Sayers
Adam Rhoads
Tyler Granlee
46.91aMarion Catholic
5.-Cortez Johnson
Mesha Sanks-Barjona
Micheal Nelson
Mycheal Clark
47.81aHarvest Preparatory
6.-Zach Merrill
Caleb Eickhoff
Max Burnside
Matt McKee
7.-Chris Everhart
Cody Castline
Konner Fisher
Devon Sergent
48.32aMount Gilead
8.-Relay Team 48.74aNorthmor
9.-Jay Azeltin
Nick Richardson
Shane Little
Brandon Burkey
50.05aLiberty Union
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Solomon Wheat
Jerrime Saunders
Nico Thomas
Victor Graham
1:30.24aAfricentric Early Co...
1.-Relay Team 1:34.26aBerne Union
2.-Relay Team 1:35.13aFairbanks
3.-Relay Team 1:35.83aFisher Catholic
4.-Brooks Hooley
Connor Brown
Chris Bradley
Daniel Lee
1:37.20aWorthington Christian
5.-Alex Sorgenfrei
Kyle Sweeney
Devon Sergent
Cody Castline
1:37.50aMount Gilead
6.-Micheal Nelson
Cortez Johnson
JaQuent Austin
Mesha Sanks-Barjona
1:39.54aHarvest Preparatory
7.-Logan Bell
Paul Gladden
Jacob Stull
Jeremy Karcher
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 1:35.91aBerne Union
2.-Relay Team 1:36.99aFisher Catholic
3.-Relay Team 1:37.72aFairbanks
4.-Brooks Hooley
Connor Brown
Chris Bradley
Daniel Lee
1:38.37aWorthington Christian
5.-Alex Sorgenfrei
Quinten Broom
Devon Sergent
Cody Castline
1:38.66aMount Gilead
6.-Micheal Nelson
Cortez Johnson
JaQuent Austin
Mesha Sanks-Barjona
1:41.95aHarvest Preparatory
7.-Conner Lucas
David Pashovich
Josh Slone
Brady Stephens
1:44.71aGrove City Christian
8.-Logan Bell
Paul Gladden
Jacob Stull
Jeremy Karcher
9.-Danny McCord
Nick Richardson
Shane Little
Brandon Burkey
1:49.62aLiberty Union
---Logan Flowers
Josiah Sayers
Adam Rhoads
Tyler Granlee
DQMarion Catholic
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Rider
Bo Miller
Carson Wellman
Nathan Miller
3:32.16aWorthington Christian
2.-Eli Morris
Austin Cain
Nick Reed
Jon Smith
3.-Alex Sorgenfrei
Matt Scott
Devon Sergent
Kyle Sweeney
3:34.36aMount Gilead
4.-Relay Team 3:38.87aBerne Union
5.-Adam Rhoads
Josiah Sayers
Alex Severns
Logan Flowers
3:42.31aMarion Catholic
6.-Jessie Barns
David Pashovich
Brady Stephens
Derek Vacha
3:42.41aGrove City Christian
7.-Relay Team 3:59.46aNorthmor
8.-Jordan Shonk
Ryan Mooney
Kyle Mooney
Jacob Wood
4:10.73aFisher Catholic
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Eli Morris
Austin Cain
Nick Reed
Alex Johnson
2.-Colton Johnson
Kyle Sweeney
Jake Hayes
Dustin Hayes
8:32.37aMount Gilead
3.-Relay Team 8:32.58aNorthmor
4.-Carson Wellman
Michael Stomps
Luke Helmuth
Daniel Jeong
8:32.71aWorthington Christian
5.-Relay Team 8:34.74aBerne Union
-Khalifa Nelson
Todd Johnson
Devon Howard
Kali Wallington
9:11.87aAfricentric Early Co...
6.-Aaron Burnside
Eric Langham
Drew McCormick
Matt Kohler
9:14.93aLiberty Union
7.-Casey Getha
Bobby Blue
Logan Flowers
Josiah Sayers
9:30.24aMarion Catholic
8.-Kyle Mooney
Daniel DeGenova
Adam Marque
Ryan Mooney
9:47.49aFisher Catholic
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joe Westerman49-06.75Berne Union
2.11Cody Setser48-00.50Northmor
3.11Cullen Ashley46-09.50Berne Union
4.12Ben Wolf43-00.00Mount Gilead
5.12Blaze Johnson42-08.75Harvest Preparatory
6.12Sam Johnson40-06.00Liberty Union
7.9Marcus Keeran38-08.50Liberty Union
8.11Stephen Alexander38-05.00Mount Gilead
9.12Stephen Barlow37-06.50Worthington Christian
10.9Terry Harper36-08.00Harvest Preparatory
11.10Elijah Kingery36-05.25Worthington Christian
12.11Ryan Conley36-04.75Fisher Catholic
13.12Eric Timmons35-10.50Madison Christian
14.11Nate Jones35-01.25Marion Catholic
15.11Brandon Hill33-10.50Grove City Christian
16.9Josh Conley33-03.25Fairbanks
17.10Austin Gates31-01.00Marion Catholic
18.11Steve Long30-09.00Northmor
19.11Jon Poston30-05.00Fisher Catholic
20.12Tyler Hacker30-03.50Northside Christian
21.10Garrett Johnson29-04.50Fairfield Christian ...
22.9James LaFollette28-10.75Northside Christian
23.10Jacob Hammer25-11.50Fairfield Christian ...
24.9Tabor Mclaughlin19-10.00Grove City Christian
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Cullen Ashley130-06Berne Union
2.11Joe Westerman126-06Berne Union
3.11Cody Setser125-06Northmor
4.11Stephen Alexander109-10Mount Gilead
5.11Steve Long102-09Northmor
6.10Andy Smith98-01Liberty Union
7.11Brandon Hill97-06Grove City Christian
8.11Nate Jones97-05Marion Catholic
9.12Blaze Johnson95-08Harvest Preparatory
10.9James LaFollette93-05Northside Christian
11.9Caleb Duffey93-02Worthington Christian
12.11Alex Severns90-08Marion Catholic
13.12Stephen Barlow89-03Worthington Christian
14.11Jon Poston88-08Fisher Catholic
15.11Ryan Conley87-08Fisher Catholic
16.12Tyler Hacker86-04Northside Christian
17.12Eric Timmons85-10Madison Christian
18.10Garrett Johnson72-11Fairfield Christian ...
19.10Jacob Hammer71-07Fairfield Christian ...
20.9David Mitchell59-11Grove City Christian
--12Sam JohnsonDQLiberty Union
--12Daniel WilcoxFOULMount Gilead
--9Terry HarperFOULHarvest Preparatory
--12Aaron AndersonFOULFairbanks
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Ernst5-10.00Mount Gilead
2.11Matt Scott5-10.00Mount Gilead
3.10Luke Tate5-08.00Berne Union
4.9Levi Morris5-08.00Fairbanks
5.12Michael Fink5-06.00Fairbanks
6.10Nathan Miller5-04.00Worthington Christian
6.11Caleb Miller5-04.00Liberty Union
8.11Dalton Evans5-04.00Berne Union
--9Jacob WoodNHFisher Catholic
--11Steve LongNHNorthmor
--10Joey HawesNHNorthmor
--9Will MillerNHLiberty Union
--10Derek VachaNHGrove City Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Nick Richardson12-06.00Liberty Union
2.10Kyle Wert11-06.00Northmor
3.9Ethan Nichols11-00.00Northmor
4.9Garrett Mathias10-06.00Liberty Union
5.9Jacob Tharp10-00.00Berne Union
6.11Zach Rathbone9-06.00Berne Union
7.12Chris Everhart9-00.00Mount Gilead
8.9Evan Paulucci8-06.00Fisher Catholic
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Adam McClatchie20-00.25Village Academy
2.12Archric Sims19-11.00Harvest Preparatory
3.11Carson Wellman19-09.25Worthington Christian
4.11Zach Logue19-07.75Liberty Union
5.10Luke Tate19-04.75Berne Union
6.9Jordan Shonk19-01.75Fisher Catholic
7.12Cody Castline19-01.75Mount Gilead
8.9Michael Stomps18-06.50Worthington Christian
9.11Dan Brown18-00.25Village Academy
10.10Devon Sergent17-07.75Mount Gilead
11.9Levi Morris17-06.75Fairbanks
12.11Nick Lowe17-06.50Berne Union
12.9Terry Harper17-06.50Harvest Preparatory
14.12Matthew McCarthy17-01.75Madison Christian
15.11Greg Kasson17-00.75Fisher Catholic
16.10Joey Hawes16-11.75Northmor
17.11Alex Langley-Maddy16-01.00Marion Catholic
18.11Tyler Granlee16-00.00Marion Catholic
19.9Bruce Hawthorne14-01.25Liberty Union
20.9Nathan Howard13-07.75Grove City Christian
21.9Nathan Little13-07.50Grove City Christian

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shardai Morrison-Fou12.62aAfricentric Early Co...
2.12Kendra Mills12.97aDanville
3.10Brittani Thomas13.03aAfricentric Early Co...
4.9Carly Williamson13.13aFisher Catholic
5.12Amber Morrison13.33aEast Knox
6.9Kayla Bosworth13.40aCenterburg
7.12Laura Pierce13.53aMadison Christian
8.11Makeda Sculark14.00aHarvest Preparatory
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Shardai Morrison-Fou12.85aAfricentric Early Co...
2.11Makeda Sculark12.96aHarvest Preparatory
3.12Kendra Mills13.06aDanville
5.10Brittani Thomas13.16aAfricentric Early Co...
4.9Carly Williamson13.36aFisher Catholic
7.9Kayla Bosworth13.39aCenterburg
6.12Amber Morrison13.42aEast Knox
8.12Laura Pierce13.52aMadison Christian
9.12Rachael Brown13.62aRidgedale
9.11Alyssa Wenig13.62aRidgedale
11.11Davawna Davis13.63aHarvest Preparatory
12.10Victoria Holt13.66aCenterburg
12.9Shelby Kaho13.66aBerne Union
14.10Jordyn Snavely13.76aGilead Christian
15.9Tia Brown14.02aNewark Catholic
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Amber Morrison13.10aEast Knox
2.12Shardai Morrison-Fou13.30aAfricentric Early Co...
3.11Makeda Sculark13.46aHarvest Preparatory
4.11Davawna Davis13.49aHarvest Preparatory
9.9Kayla Bosworth13.50aCenterburg
5.10Brittani Thomas13.52aAfricentric Early Co...
10.9Shelby Kaho13.59aBerne Union
6.9Carly Williamson13.64aFisher Catholic
7.12Laura Pierce13.66aMadison Christian
17.10Victoria Holt13.73aCenterburg
11.12Kendra Mills13.79aDanville
18.12Maddy Trapp13.80aGrandview Heights
19.9Caity Poston13.82aFisher Catholic
25.9Taylor Mcintyre13.89aColumbus For Girls
8.12Rachael Brown13.90aRidgedale
12.10Jordyn Snavely13.91aGilead Christian
13.11Taylor Doubikin13.94aCardington-Lincoln
26.12Allyson Wert14.00aNorthmor
14.11Alyssa Wenig14.03aRidgedale
27.9Erin Simmons14.03aColumbus Academy
15.9Deanna Cheung14.05aNorthside Christian
20.9Tia Brown14.18aNewark Catholic
16.9Ciera Hart14.20aNorth Union
21.9Emily Carlo14.20aBerne Union
28.9JaMilla Holland14.25aColumbus For Girls
33.11Hannah Murry14.33aVillage Academy
22.11Tiana Ling14.39aCardington-Lincoln
23.12Mackenzie Egan14.40aNewark Catholic
29.9Kyra Kunkel14.53aNorthmor
30.10Beth Keeran14.57aMount Gilead
24.9Hannah Pierce14.59aMadison Christian
34.10Elizabeth Vazari14.59aColumbus Academy
31.10Grace Skeen14.61aNorthside Christian
35.10Anneliese Bonn14.64aGrandview Heights
36.10Lauren Baker14.69aMillersport
37.11Nicole Kuisel14.70aWorthington Christian
38.9Toni Santos14.73aFairbanks
39.9Maura Matter14.77aMarion Catholic
40.9Kara Furrow14.79aNorth Union
32.12Brooke Nicol14.83aFairbanks
41.9Maddie Groves14.85aGrove City Christian
42.10Amanda Mickley14.90aDanville
43.10Megan Doty15.03aMarion Catholic
44.9Liz Balderson15.08aWest Jefferson
45.9Reanna Davis15.24aEast Knox
46.9Treva Bodine15.33aFredericktown
47.10Ana Fontes15.39aFredericktown
48.9Lachelle Wertz15.81aMount Gilead
49.10Morgan Wisehart16.58aVillage Academy
--11Jessie JonesNTGrove City Christian
--11Mackie SmithNTMillersport
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Meier26.29aGrandview Heights
2.12Shardai Morrison-Fou26.32aAfricentric Early Co...
3.11Kyla Morgan26.35aGilead Christian
4.12Clare Conner27.26aColumbus For Girls
5.10Anna Henry27.56aGilead Christian
6.11Megan Morris28.02aEast Knox
7.9Caity Poston28.36aFisher Catholic
--11Makeda ScularkNTHarvest Preparatory
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.12Shardai Morrison-Fou26.53aAfricentric Early Co...
2.11Kyla Morgan26.63aGilead Christian
3.10Sarah Meier27.03aGrandview Heights
4.12Clare Conner27.26aColumbus For Girls
5.11Makeda Sculark27.33aHarvest Preparatory
6.10Anna Henry27.53aGilead Christian
7.11Megan Morris27.93aEast Knox
9.12Taylor Onda27.96aColumbus For Girls
10.10Britney Clemente28.10aHarvest Preparatory
11.10Victoria Holt28.26aCenterburg
8.9Caity Poston28.39aFisher Catholic
12.11Taylor Doubikin28.50aCardington-Lincoln
13.10Tayshiana Mason28.53aAfricentric Early Co...
14.12Laura Pierce29.20aMadison Christian
15.12Kendra Mills29.53aDanville
16.12Tiffany Stanley30.53aRidgedale
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Shardai Morrison-Fou26.73aAfricentric Early Co...
2.11Kyla Morgan27.29aGilead Christian
3.12Clare Conner28.14aColumbus For Girls
4.12Taylor Onda28.17aColumbus For Girls
5.10Anna Henry28.32aGilead Christian
6.11Makeda Sculark28.41aHarvest Preparatory
7.10Britney Clemente28.55aHarvest Preparatory
9.10Tayshiana Mason28.87aAfricentric Early Co...
10.9Caity Poston28.91aFisher Catholic
11.11Taylor Doubikin28.92aCardington-Lincoln
12.10Victoria Holt29.20aCenterburg
8.10Sarah Meier29.28aGrandview Heights
13.11Megan Morris29.39aEast Knox
17.9Sierra Taylor29.60aNewark Catholic
18.10Allie Wright30.04aBerne Union
25.12Challen Brown30.21aCardington-Lincoln
14.12Kendra Mills30.25aDanville
15.11Becky Shaffer30.26aFredericktown
19.12Mackenzie Egan30.26aNewark Catholic
20.11Miranda Smith30.28aFisher Catholic
21.9Alex Cardenas30.36aWorthington Christian
22.9Hannah Pierce30.53aMadison Christian
26.10Grace Skeen30.55aNorthside Christian
23.12Amber Morrison30.59aEast Knox
16.12Laura Pierce30.68aMadison Christian
27.12Brooke Nicol30.73aFairbanks
28.9Emily Alexander30.76aRidgedale
29.11Hannah Murry30.78aVillage Academy
24.10Allie Silliman30.92aFredericktown
33.9Brittany Barton30.93aGrove City Christian
30.9Emily Carlo31.05aBerne Union
31.12Tiffany Stanley31.07aRidgedale
34.10Rachel Lewis31.40aGrandview Heights
35.11Bavi Sadayappan31.68aVillage Academy
36.10Hillary Hall31.86aNorth Union
37.9Gabby Quinn32.05aNorthmor
38.10Megan Doty32.12aMarion Catholic
39.11Brittany Rucker32.38aWest Jefferson
40.9Sydney Parrott32.65aNorth Union
41.11Taylor Long32.71aColumbus Academy
42.9Staci Brown32.75aCenterburg
32.10Brooke Murphy33.49aMillersport
43.10Joelle Conway33.61aWest Jefferson
44.11Emily Mickley34.46aDanville
45.10Emerald Frazier36.03aMarion Catholic
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Clare Conner58.97aColumbus For Girls
2.9Emily Lachey1:01.04aGrandview Heights
3.9Allie Custer1:01.90aWorthington Christian
4.11Kristin Miller1:02.01aAfricentric Early Co...
5.12Kelly Lewis1:02.21aGrandview Heights
6.9Kayla Bosworth1:02.67aCenterburg
7.9Anna Shaw1:03.44aWorthington Christian
8.11Megan Morris1:04.74aEast Knox
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Clare Conner1:00.80aColumbus For Girls
2.9Allie Custer1:03.21aWorthington Christian
3.9Kayla Bosworth1:03.48aCenterburg
4.9Emily Lachey1:03.50aGrandview Heights
5.9Anna Shaw1:03.51aWorthington Christian
6.12Kelly Lewis1:03.89aGrandview Heights
7.11Megan Morris1:03.92aEast Knox
8.11Kristin Miller1:04.76aAfricentric Early Co...
9.10Kacia Foltz1:04.89aGilead Christian
10.11Alyssa Wenig1:05.44aRidgedale
11.12Jenna Graves1:06.13aNewark Catholic
12.10Terran Aden1:06.35aHarvest Preparatory
13.10Tayshiana Mason1:06.88aAfricentric Early Co...
14.11Kelsey Klopfer1:07.23aColumbus For Girls
15.11Kathy Riggs1:07.35aFisher Catholic
16.10Jennifer Coleman1:08.00aMarion Catholic
17.12Samantha Hanshaw1:08.30aNorthmor
18.11Ariel Slone1:08.65aHarvest Preparatory
19.10Kacie Ballenger1:08.70aRidgedale
20.12Laura Gilmore1:08.93aNewark Catholic
21.11Jessie Jones1:09.95aGrove City Christian
22.12Leslie Schultz1:10.18aEast Knox
23.12Challen Brown1:10.57aCardington-Lincoln
24.9Brittany Barton1:11.10aGrove City Christian
25.11Ellen Moore1:11.13aMadison Christian
26.10Erin Van Gorden1:11.65aFairbanks
27.11Jessica Tharp1:11.74aBerne Union
28.10Sierra Hurst1:12.00aBerne Union
29.11Brittany Rucker1:12.29aWest Jefferson
30.11Hannah Murry1:12.39aVillage Academy
31.11Jade Tumeo1:13.43aNorth Union
32.9Megan Krauss1:13.70aFisher Catholic
33.10Jessica Palmer1:14.41aFairbanks
34.9Ali Mills1:15.90aNorth Union
35.11Emily Neubig1:17.01aColumbus Academy
36.11Ashley Harris1:18.70aMillersport
37.10Emerald Frazier1:24.36aMarion Catholic
38.11Grethen Jewell1:39.12aVillage Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sophie Chatas2:22.31aColumbus For Girls
2.11Michelle Knopp2:22.93aColumbus Academy
3.11Hilary Ells2:23.02aGrandview Heights
4.9Mikaela Bush2:23.09aMount Gilead
5.11Kristin Miller2:30.15aAfricentric Early Co...
6.12Elise Clemens2:30.30aGrandview Heights
7.9Lyndee Sayers2:31.58aGilead Christian
8.10Allyssa Neer2:32.46aNorthmor
9.9Thea Nihiser2:33.02aBerne Union
10.10Chelsea Chambers2:33.34aAfricentric Early Co...
--11Laura RickrichNTNewark Catholic
--11Nicole PatellosNTNewark Catholic
--10Veronica VargoNTColumbus For Girls
--11Margaret CoonsNTColumbus Academy
--10Ellie HolsoppleNTCenterburg
--9Tiffany UnderwoodNTFairfield Christian ...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Sophie Chatas2:28.00aColumbus For Girls
3.9Mikaela Bush2:28.30aMount Gilead
5.11Hilary Ells2:28.90aGrandview Heights
2.10Veronica Vargo2:30.80aColumbus For Girls
7.11Michelle Knopp2:31.10aColumbus Academy
9.10Chelsea Chambers2:31.30aAfricentric Early Co...
11.9Lyndee Sayers2:31.60aGilead Christian
4.11Kristin Miller2:32.60aAfricentric Early Co...
6.11Margaret Coons2:33.10aColumbus Academy
8.10Allyssa Neer2:33.90aNorthmor
10.11Laura Rickrich2:34.60aNewark Catholic
13.11Nicole Patellos2:34.90aNewark Catholic
12.12Elise Clemens2:35.10aGrandview Heights
15.9Tiffany Underwood2:35.50aFairfield Christian ...
14.10Ellie Holsopple2:36.20aCenterburg
16.9Thea Nihiser2:38.80aBerne Union
--11Amanda CallahanNTRidgedale
--9Emily RunkleNTRidgedale
--11Alexandria ReasonerNTMillersport
--11Emily RogersNTFairbanks
--11Korah MorrisNTFairbanks
--9Rachel ShulerNTMarion Catholic
--9Liz SmalleyNTNorth Union
--11Carli TinnerrelloNTNorth Union
--12Leah SchroepferNTWorthington Christian
--9Lynn MathiasNTBerne Union
--9Anna DeleonNTWest Jefferson
--10Gabby DitullioNTNorthmor
--9Ashley DidingerNTDanville
--9Holly WaltonNTFisher Catholic
--11Elizabeth NixonNTFisher Catholic
--10Catie DudleyNTGilead Christian
--9Shannon HoganNTCenterburg
--10Jessica BoggsNTGrove City Christian
--11Katie MillerNTGrove City Christian
--12Taylor BrownNTCardington-Lincoln
--11Cori FrazierNTCardington-Lincoln
--10Lauren TruesdellNTFairfield Christian ...
--11Bavi SadayappanNTVillage Academy
--11Katie BackusNTVillage Academy
--11Ellen MooreNTMadison Christian
--10Kayla FletcherNTHarvest Preparatory
--10Shadeja NelsonNTHarvest Preparatory
--9Mariah CareyNTMount Gilead
--10Kelly DobbinsNTEast Knox
--9Amy EarlyNTWorthington Christian
--12Adria TroyerNTFredericktown
--9Halla JonesNTFredericktown
--12Christy BordenkircherNTEast Knox
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Stefanoff5:23.12aGrandview Heights
2.9Mikaela Bush5:26.21aMount Gilead
3.11Margaret Coons5:30.30aColumbus Academy
4.9Alisha Ho5:34.17aColumbus Academy
5.11Alexandria Reasoner5:39.78aMillersport
6.12Leah Schroepfer5:44.58aWorthington Christian
7.11Ashley Peters5:46.62aNorthmor
8.10Kelly Dobbins5:46.81aEast Knox
9.10Gabby Ditullio5:48.21aNorthmor
--10Addie FaulknerNTFisher Catholic
--9Summer GaibNTFisher Catholic
--11Nicole ScarsellaNTNewark Catholic
--10Laura StaraveckaNTColumbus For Girls
--10Jessica BoggsNTGrove City Christian
--12Crystal WiseNTFredericktown
--10Hannah ZierdenNTCardington-Lincoln
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Mikaela Bush5:43.00aMount Gilead
3.10Addie Faulkner5:43.90aFisher Catholic
5.11Ashley Peters5:44.00aNorthmor
2.10Hannah Stefanoff5:44.20aGrandview Heights
7.11Margaret Coons5:45.60aColumbus Academy
9.11Nicole Scarsella5:47.00aNewark Catholic
11.11Alexandria Reasoner5:47.10aMillersport
4.9Alisha Ho5:48.70aColumbus Academy
6.12Crystal Wise5:49.70aFredericktown
8.12Leah Schroepfer5:49.90aWorthington Christian
10.9Summer Gaib5:50.10aFisher Catholic
12.10Kelly Dobbins5:50.60aEast Knox
13.10Laura Staravecka5:51.40aColumbus For Girls
14.10Hannah Zierden5:54.40aCardington-Lincoln
15.10Jessica Boggs5:54.90aGrove City Christian
16.10Gabby Ditullio5:58.60aNorthmor
--11Bethany JohnsonNTEast Knox
--9Ashley DidingerNTDanville
--11Taylor BennettNTDanville
--10Emily NewmanNTFredericktown
--11Kristan EasterNTAfricentric Early Co...
--11Ashlea RoachNTAfricentric Early Co...
--9Addy PenhorwoodNTNorth Union
--10Rachel BakerNTNorth Union
--11Katie LaneNTBerne Union
--10Jenna CrippsNTBerne Union
--9Anna DeleonNTWest Jefferson
--9Hannah BrenamenNTWest Jefferson
--10Shelley TrivisonnoNTFairbanks
--9Hannah LoperNTRidgedale
--10Shelbi TurnerNTMarion Catholic
--11Emily RogersNTFairbanks
--11Kelleen AlbertNTNewark Catholic
--11Katie MillerNTGrove City Christian
--10Erin WollettNTCenterburg
--10Colleen CheneveyNTCenterburg
--12Taylor BrownNTCardington-Lincoln
--10McKenzie LyleNTMount Gilead
--12Suzanne WardNTColumbus For Girls
--9Gwen DowneyNTGrandview Heights
--11Sandi HarveyNTHarvest Preparatory
--10Lauren TruesdellNTFairfield Christian ...
--10Tori GilliamNTHarvest Preparatory
--11Katie BackusNTVillage Academy
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hannah Stefanoff11:51.96aGrandview Heights
2.12Ali Ernest12:24.81aNewark Catholic
3.9Alisha Ho12:38.16aColumbus Academy
4.12Suzanne Ward12:40.75aColumbus For Girls
5.12Nicole Humphrey12:49.78aColumbus Academy
6.9Lynn Mathias12:55.24aBerne Union
7.11Ashley Peters13:00.06aNorthmor
8.11Sandi Harvey13:19.65aHarvest Preparatory
9.11Alexandria Reasoner13:26.62aMillersport
10.10Patty Chapman13:35.15aNorthmor
--10Emily NewmanNTFredericktown
--9Summer GaibNTFisher Catholic
--10Addie FaulknerNTFisher Catholic
--10Sarah RyanNTEast Knox
--11Brianna CrowderNTAfricentric Early Co...
--11Kristan EasterNTAfricentric Early Co...
--10Elise BruckelmeyerNTMillersport
--9Danielle BurnsNTFairbanks
--10Shelbi TurnerNTMarion Catholic
--11Aly SawyerNTFairbanks
--11Nicole ScarsellaNTNewark Catholic
--10Jenna CrippsNTBerne Union
--9Autumn BarnesNTNorth Union
--9Anna DeleonNTWest Jefferson
--9Gwen DowneyNTGrandview Heights
--10Tori GilliamNTHarvest Preparatory
--10Laura StaraveckaNTColumbus For Girls
--9Amanda EvansNTMount Gilead
--11Katie MillerNTGrove City Christian
--10Colleen CheneveyNTCenterburg
--9Shannon HoganNTCenterburg
--10Jessica BoggsNTGrove City Christian
--10McKenzie LyleNTMount Gilead
--11Maggie BrownNTFredericktown
--10Hannah ZierdenNTCardington-Lincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Paige Lachey15.54aGrandview Heights
2.12Erika Votaw16.17aGilead Christian
3.9Shelby Kaho16.28aBerne Union
4.9Morgan Beveridge16.37aCardington-Lincoln
5.10Hayey Derikito16.47aFredericktown
6.9Carly Williamson16.60aFisher Catholic
7.9Abi Bloom17.42aNorthmor
8.11Antoinette Jolliff17.70aCardington-Lincoln
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
1.10Paige Lachey16.06aGrandview Heights
2.12Erika Votaw16.47aGilead Christian
3.10Hayey Derikito16.66aFredericktown
4.9Morgan Beveridge16.91aCardington-Lincoln
5.9Carly Williamson17.07aFisher Catholic
6.9Shelby Kaho17.13aBerne Union
7.9Abi Bloom17.23aNorthmor
8.11Antoinette Jolliff17.36aCardington-Lincoln
9.9Sara Maurer17.63aColumbus For Girls
10.9Jackie Spence17.71aColumbus Academy
11.9Josie Childers18.11aBerne Union
12.12Brandy Wright18.44aFisher Catholic
13.11Jessica Bartkiewicz18.47aEast Knox
14.9Ciacci Susi18.51aNorthmor
15.10Tahlia Pate18.60aHarvest Preparatory
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Erika Votaw16.62aGilead Christian
2.10Paige Lachey16.85aGrandview Heights
3.10Hayey Derikito17.32aFredericktown
4.9Morgan Beveridge17.35aCardington-Lincoln
7.9Abi Bloom17.39aNorthmor
5.9Shelby Kaho17.49aBerne Union
13.9Sara Maurer17.62aColumbus For Girls
6.9Carly Williamson17.67aFisher Catholic
8.12Ember Ryan18.02aFairbanks
9.9Jackie Spence18.19aColumbus Academy
19.12Hillary Mueller18.22aMarion Catholic
10.10Tahlia Pate18.42aHarvest Preparatory
25.9Danielle Burns18.45aFairbanks
11.9Ciacci Susi18.59aNorthmor
11.12Jessica Frank18.59aGrandview Heights
14.12Brandy Wright18.72aFisher Catholic
15.11Jessica Bartkiewicz18.74aEast Knox
16.9Josie Childers18.82aBerne Union
17.9Amber Cutforth18.96aWorthington Christian
20.9Katie Boner19.24aGilead Christian
18.9Sydney Parrott19.59aNorth Union
21.11Antoinette Jolliff19.59aCardington-Lincoln
26.10Erika Fort19.61aHarvest Preparatory
22.9Jerica Smith19.72aFredericktown
31.12Jessica Blair20.00aNorth Union
23.10Kelsey Urban20.22aDanville
27.9Maddie Groves20.29aGrove City Christian
32.10Abby McNaghten20.42aMillersport
24.10Emily Hughes20.83aDanville
33.10Abby Litts20.89aNewark Catholic
28.9Amy Early21.03aWorthington Christian
29.9Eleni Teagarden21.36aCenterburg
30.9Nickie Marshall22.86aMount Gilead
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sarah Meier46.31aGrandview Heights
2.10Paige Lachey47.85aGrandview Heights
3.9Sara Maurer48.11aColumbus For Girls
4.12Ayris Rigsbee48.25aAfricentric Early Co...
5.9Carly Williamson48.38aFisher Catholic
6.11Ashley Robbins49.85aNorthmor
7.10Hayey Derikito49.88aFredericktown
8.11Antoinette Jolliff51.48aCardington-Lincoln
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Sarah Meier47.60aGrandview Heights
2.10Paige Lachey49.18aGrandview Heights
3.9Sara Maurer49.75aColumbus For Girls
4.9Carly Williamson49.94aFisher Catholic
5.11Ashley Robbins50.48aNorthmor
6.10Hayey Derikito51.00aFredericktown
7.12Ayris Rigsbee51.47aAfricentric Early Co...
8.11Antoinette Jolliff51.54aCardington-Lincoln
9.9Shelby Kaho52.71aBerne Union
10.12Erika Votaw53.43aGilead Christian
11.10Brody Quaintance54.47aFisher Catholic
12.9Jerica Smith55.13aFredericktown
13.9Jenna Crabtree55.14aRidgedale
14.10Erika Fort56.51aHarvest Preparatory
15.9Josie Childers56.87aBerne Union
16.11Cameron Walker58.34aCenterburg
17.9Amber Cutforth58.81aWorthington Christian
18.10Stephanie McElroy1:00.51aNorth Union
19.10Emily Hughes1:01.05aDanville
20.12Ember Ryan1:01.24aFairbanks
21.9Morgan Beveridge1:02.46aCardington-Lincoln
22.10Kelsey Urban1:04.64aDanville
23.9Christina Hatcher1:06.71aHarvest Preparatory
24.9Eleni Teagarden1:07.10aCenterburg
25.9Gabby Nivar1:07.42aMarion Catholic
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordyn Snavely
Anna Henry
Erika Votaw
Kyla Morgan
51.18aGilead Christian
2.-Relay Team 51.65aAfricentric Early Co...
3.-Relay Team 52.77aFredericktown
4.-Davawna Davis
Dorthy-Lucia Herndon
Britney Clemente
Brandie Bridges
53.07aHarvest Preparatory
5.-Sara Maurer
Taylor Mcintyre
Rosie Connor
JaMilla Holland
53.31aColumbus For Girls
6.-Relay Team 53.37aNewark Catholic
7.-Caity Poston
Kathy Riggs
Morgan Swinehart
Carly Willaimson
53.41aFisher Catholic
8.-Alyssa Wenig
Tiffany Stanley
Kerissa Johnson
Rachael Brown
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Jordyn Snavely
Anna Henry
Erika Votaw
Kyla Morgan
51.31aGilead Christian
2.-Davawna Davis
Dorthy-Lucia Herndon
Britney Clemente
Makeda Sculark
51.68aHarvest Preparatory
3.-Relay Team 52.54aAfricentric Early Co...
4.-Relay Team 53.72aFredericktown
5.-Alyssa Wenig
Tiffany Stanley
Kerissa Johnson
Rachael Brown
6.-Sara Maurer
Taylor Mcintyre
Rosie Connor
JaMilla Holland
54.55aColumbus For Girls
7.-Tia Brown
Sierra Taylor
Abby Litts
Mackenzie Egan
55.09aNewark Catholic
8.-Caity Poston
Kathy Riggs
Morgan Swinehart
Carly Willaimson
55.26aFisher Catholic
9.-Cami Mampieri
Elizabeth Vazari
Logan Berlet
Erin Simmons
55.38aColumbus Academy
10.-Maddy Trapp
Anneliese Bonn
Jessica Frank
Caroline Sanders
55.55aGrandview Heights
11.-Kelsey Nye
Emily Carlo
Shelby Kaho
Allie Wright
55.78aBerne Union
12.-Madison Stofcheck
Jessica Blair
Ciera Hart
McKenzie McElroy
55.85aNorth Union
13.-Olivia Mosley
Abi Bloom
Allyson Wert
Shelby Shirley
14.-Relay Team 56.79aEast Knox
15.-Erin Van Gorden
Danielle Burns
Toni Santos
Brooke Nicol
16.-Staci Brown
Ellie Holsopple
Lauren O'Rourke
Cameron Walker
17.-Abby McNaghten
Ashley Harris
Brooke Murphy
Lauren Baker
18.-Relay Team 59.35aDanville
19.-Megan Doty
Hillary Mueller
Rachel Shuler
Rachel Sayers
59.93aMarion Catholic
20.-Liz Balderson
Joelle Conway
Brittany Rucker
Hannah Brenamen
1:00.53aWest Jefferson
21.-Relay Team 1:01.55aMount Gilead
---Relay Team DQWorthington Christian
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Meier
Hilary Ells
Kelly Lewis
Paige Lachey
1:48.32aGrandview Heights
2.-Natalie Gitz
Veronica Vargo
Taylor Onda
Clare Conner
1:50.59aColumbus For Girls
3.-Davawna Davis
Dorthy-Lucia Herndon
Britney Clemente
Terran Aden
1:52.49aHarvest Preparatory
4.-Relay Team 1:52.78aFredericktown
5.-Leslie Schultz
Courtney Shannon
Amber Morrison
Megan Morris
1:56.40aEast Knox
6.-Kerissa Johnson
Taylor Bradley
Kacie Ballenger
Rachael Brown
7.-Madison Stofcheck
Jade Tumeo
Jessica Blair
McKenzie McElroy
1:59.87aNorth Union
---Tayshiana Mason
Chelsea Chambers
Zuri Roberts-Gray
Tesha Scott
DQAfricentric Early Co...
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Natalie Gitz
Veronica Vargo
Taylor Onda
Clare Conner
1:51.20aColumbus For Girls
2.-Sarah Meier
Jessica Frank
Kelly Lewis
Paige Lachey
1:52.35aGrandview Heights
3.-Davawna Davis
Dorthy-Lucia Herndon
Britney Clemente
Terran Aden
1:54.26aHarvest Preparatory
4.-Relay Team 1:55.35aFredericktown
5.-Tayshiana Mason
Quanita Fair
Zuri Roberts-Gray
Tesha Scott
1:56.46aAfricentric Early Co...
6.-Leslie Schultz
Courtney Shannon
Amber Morrison
Megan Morris
1:57.20aEast Knox
7.-Kerissa Johnson
Taylor Bradley
Kacie Ballenger
Rachael Brown
8.-Madison Stofcheck
Jade Tumeo
Jessica Blair
McKenzie McElroy
1:58.56aNorth Union
9.-Erin Simmons
Cami Mampieri
Caroline Fong
Michelle Knopp
1:59.33aColumbus Academy
10.-Kyra Kunkel
Abi Bloom
Shelby Shirley
Ashley Robbins
11.-Megan Krauss
Kathy Riggs
Caity Poston
Miranda Smith
1:59.60aFisher Catholic
12.-Kelsey Nye
Emily Carlo
Sierra Hurst
Allie Wright
2:00.39aBerne Union
13.-Erin Van Gorden
Danielle Burns
Toni Santos
Brooke Nicol
14.-Tia Brown
Mackenzie Egan
Mia Carpenter
Sierra Taylor
2:01.45aNewark Catholic
15.-Rachel Sayers
Jennifer Coleman
Maura Matter
Rachel Shuler
2:02.27aMarion Catholic
16.-Abby McNaghten
Ashley Harris
Elise Bruckelmeyer
Brooke Murphy
17.-Miranda Bender
Amanda Mickley
Emily Mickley
Emily Hughes
18.-Hannah Murry
Morgan Wisehart
Grethen Jewell
Bavi Sadayappan
2:18.93aVillage Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Paige Lachey
Sarah Meier
Emily Lachey
Hilary Ells
4:07.60aGrandview Heights
2.-Kyla Morgan
Kacia Foltz
Anna Henry
Lyndee Sayers
4:08.24aGilead Christian
3.-Sophie Chatas
Chelsea Scott
Taylor Onda
Kelsey Klopfer
4:11.98aColumbus For Girls
4.-Relay Team 4:12.88aAfricentric Early Co...
5.-Erin Williams
Dorthy-Lucia Herndon
Ariel Slone
Terran Aden
4:25.82aHarvest Preparatory
6.-Bridget Adams
Samantha Hanshaw
Allyssa Neer
Ashley Robbins
7.-Relay Team 4:30.49aWorthington Christian
8.-Tiffany Stanley
Kacie Ballenger
Taylor Bradley
Alyssa Wenig
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Kyla Morgan
Kacia Foltz
Anna Henry
Lyndee Sayers
4:10.31aGilead Christian
2.-Relay Team 4:17.72aAfricentric Early Co...
3.-Sophie Chatas
Veronica Vargo
Taylor Onda
Clare Conner
4:18.44aColumbus For Girls
4.-Paige Lachey
Kelly Lewis
Emily Lachey
Hilary Ells
4:20.45aGrandview Heights
5.-Erin Williams
Dorthy-Lucia Herndon
Ariel Slone
Terran Aden
4:26.21aHarvest Preparatory
6.-Bridget Adams
Samantha Hanshaw
Allyssa Neer
Ashley Robbins
7.-Tiffany Stanley
Kacie Ballenger
Taylor Bradley
Alyssa Wenig
8.-Relay Team 4:27.90aWorthington Christian
9.-Jackie Spence
Elizabeth Vazari
Caroline Fong
Michelle Knopp
4:29.06aColumbus Academy
10.-Mia Carpenter
Laura Rickrich
Laura Gilmore
Henrietta White
4:29.73aNewark Catholic
11.-Kathy Riggs
Brody Quaintance
Megan Krauss
Addie Faulkner
4:37.06aFisher Catholic
12.-Leslie Schultz
Emily Morris
Kelly Dobbins
Megan Morris
4:38.59aEast Knox
13.-Sierra Hurst
Tiffany Jeffers
Thea Nihiser
Jessica Tharp
4:39.27aBerne Union
14.-Kayla Bosworth
Ellie Holsopple
Lauren O'Rourke
Victoria Holt
15.-Rachel Shuler
Maura Matter
Jennifer Coleman
Hillary Mueller
4:45.77aMarion Catholic
16.-Ali Mills
Kara Furrow
Jessie Adams
Jade Tumeo
4:49.28aNorth Union
17.-Ember Ryan
Erin Van Gorden
Shelley Trivisonno
Jessica Palmer
18.-Ashley Harris
Lauren Baker
Elise Bruckelmeyer
Alexandria Reasoner
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sophie Chatas
Laura Staravecka
Kelsey Klopfer
Veronica Vargo
9:56.70aColumbus For Girls
2.-Margaret Coons
Nicole Humphrey
Alisha Ho
Michelle Knopp
10:03.00aColumbus Academy
3.-Elise Clemens
Emily Lachey
Hilary Ells
Hannah Stefanoff
10:04.80aGrandview Heights
4.-Relay Team 10:06.70aNewark Catholic
5.-Ashley Peters
Gabby Ditullio
Bridget Adams
Allyssa Neer
6.-Lynn Mathias
Thea Nihiser
Katie Lane
Jenna Cripps
11:12.00aBerne Union
7.-Halla Jones
Adria Troyer
Maggie Brown
Crystal Wise
8.-Shadeja Nelson
Ariel Slone
Erin Williams
Kayla Fletcher
11:30.00aHarvest Preparatory
9.-Kelly Dobbins
Leslie Schultz
Christy Bordenkircher
Emily Morris
11:41.30aEast Knox
---Katie Backus
Morgan Wisehart
Grethen Jewell
Bavi Sadayappan
NTVillage Academy
---Mikaela Bush
McKenzie Lyle
Mariah Carey
Amanda Evans
NTMount Gilead
---Liz Smalley
Rachel Baker
Addy Penhorwood
Autumn Barnes
NTNorth Union
---Emily Runkle
Jenna Crabtree
Hannah Loper
Amanda Callahan
---Emily Rogers
Korah Morris
Shelley Trivisonno
Jessica Palmer
---Tatjana Saunders
Summer Gaib
Holly Walton
Elizabeth Nixon
NTFisher Catholic
---Shante Hines
Christian Spinner
Ashlea Roach
Kristan Easter
NTAfricentric Early Co...
---Taylor Bennett
Janelle Mickley
Ashley Didinger
Emily Mickley
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alyssa Arnold37-05.50Millersport
2.11Kyla Morgan35-10.00Gilead Christian
3.11CharVonna Chandler35-03.00Africentric Early Co...
4.10Brein Babbs34-09.00Africentric Early Co...
5.10Jennifer DeLong34-02.50Columbus For Girls
6.12Veronique Jones32-06.00Columbus For Girls
7.10Marry Parks32-02.50Newark Catholic
8.12Megan Bachelder31-07.50Mount Gilead
9.12Mara Kohl31-04.50Newark Catholic
10.11Johanna Taylor31-04.00Northmor
11.10Sarah Fletterich30-09.50Fredericktown
12.9Emilie Elfrink30-00.50West Jefferson
13.12Taylor Fox30-00.00Cardington-Lincoln
14.11Kim Booth29-08.00Fairbanks
14.10Anna McCann29-08.00Centerburg
16.12Jeannie Borne28-10.50Fisher Catholic
17.11Misty Dunn28-09.50Berne Union
18.12Brittney Kuhn28-05.50Gilead Christian
19.11Kristin Benner28-00.50Berne Union
20.11Emily Morris28-00.00East Knox
21.11Zalika Corbett27-08.00Columbus Academy
21.9Jessie Baldridge27-08.00Mount Gilead
23.11Katlyn Hamrick27-05.00Northmor
24.10Sara Crowder27-00.00Harvest Preparatory
25.9Madi Flugga26-11.50Marion Catholic
26.12Caitlin Eilbacher26-10.00Centerburg
27.10Joelle Conway26-04.00West Jefferson
28.9Heather Skelton25-06.50Fredericktown
29.10Courtney Hamm25-04.00Ridgedale
30.10Jessica Michell25-00.00Marion Catholic
31.11Natalie Szykowny24-09.50Columbus Academy
32.10Amanda Mickley24-08.00Danville
33.12Eliza Keller24-07.50Grandview Heights
34.11Bria Knight24-05.50East Knox
35.9Regan Barber23-10.50Millersport
36.12Katie Rouch23-10.00Grandview Heights
37.10Megan Dowdy23-00.00Ridgedale
38.10Brandie Bridges22-11.50Harvest Preparatory
39.9Gabi Benalcazar22-06.50Worthington Christian
40.9Alyssa Beckley21-08.00North Union
41.11Beth Julca21-05.50Worthington Christian
41.12Leah Fallon21-05.50Northside Christian
43.10Rachel Baker20-00.50North Union
44.12Daniela Baigorri19-11.00Cardington-Lincoln
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kim Booth124-06Fairbanks
2.11Mary Keen116-03Northmor
3.10Sarah Fletterich110-06Fredericktown
4.9Emilie Elfrink110-05West Jefferson
5.12Brandy Wright109-06Fisher Catholic
6.10Jennifer DeLong108-07Columbus For Girls
7.9Azia Miller103-06Berne Union
8.10Marry Parks101-04Newark Catholic
9.12Brittney Kuhn100-00Gilead Christian
10.11Emily Morris99-00East Knox
11.11Kim Hazelwood98-03Northmor
12.9Jessie Baldridge96-10Mount Gilead
13.11Natalie Szykowny95-00Columbus Academy
14.11Alyssa Arnold94-05Millersport
15.12Eliza Keller94-01Grandview Heights
16.12Kiani Mullins91-11Africentric Early Co...
16.12Mara Kohl91-11Newark Catholic
18.11Zalika Corbett91-08Columbus Academy
19.10Anna McCann89-10Centerburg
20.11CharVonna Chandler89-07Africentric Early Co...
21.12Veronique Jones82-01Columbus For Girls
22.12Megan Bachelder80-01Mount Gilead
22.9Heather Skelton80-01Fredericktown
24.11Angie Beekman77-09Centerburg
25.12Jeannie Borne76-10Fisher Catholic
26.12Taylor Fox76-01Cardington-Lincoln
27.11Bria Knight75-10East Knox
28.12Katie Rouch73-03Grandview Heights
29.12Christy Watterson70-08Worthington Christian
30.12Leah Fallon70-02Northside Christian
31.10Sara Crowder69-11Harvest Preparatory
32.11Ashley Sterling68-09Grove City Christian
33.10Jessica Michell68-04Marion Catholic
34.10Courtney Hamm66-04Ridgedale
35.12Daniela Baigorri65-11Cardington-Lincoln
36.9Hannah Brenamen60-01West Jefferson
37.9Madi Flugga59-09Marion Catholic
38.9Alex Cardenas58-11Worthington Christian
39.10Megan Dowdy58-08Ridgedale
40.9Regan Barber54-00Millersport
41.11Taylor Bennett53-02Danville
42.11Miranda Bender52-05Danville
43.9Ali Mills48-09North Union
44.11Kedeshia Thenstead45-11Harvest Preparatory
45.9Alyssa Beckley38-09North Union
--11Misty DunnFOULBerne Union
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Tiffany Underwood5-00.00Fairfield Christian ...
2.12Taylor Vandeusen5-00.00Grandview Heights
2.10Anna Vutech5-00.00Columbus For Girls
4.11Kate Newkirk5-00.00Fredericktown
5.12Amber Morrison5-00.00East Knox
6.10Mallory McCrady4-10.00Berne Union
7.12Angela McNulty4-10.00Newark Catholic
8.10Brittani Thomas4-08.00Africentric Early Co...
8.11Cameron Walker4-08.00Centerburg
9.11Cori Frazier4-08.00Cardington-Lincoln
9.12Samantha Hanshaw4-08.00Northmor
9.12Laura Gilmore4-08.00Newark Catholic
9.12Ember Ryan4-08.00Fairbanks
9.12Jessica Blair4-08.00North Union
15.12Randi Hart4-06.00North Union
15.11Alexandria Reasoner4-06.00Millersport
15.9Danielle Murphy4-06.00Northmor
15.11Taylor Doubikin4-06.00Cardington-Lincoln
15.10Karen Daniel Hamberg4-06.00Grandview Heights
20.9Tiffany Smith4-04.00Berne Union
--9Tesha ScottNHAfricentric Early Co...
--11Miranda SmithNHFisher Catholic
--10Brody QuaintanceNHFisher Catholic
--10Tahlia PateNHHarvest Preparatory
--10Beth KeeranNHMount Gilead
--10Jessica BoggsNHGrove City Christian
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kate Newkirk10-00.00Fredericktown
2.12Taylor Vandeusen9-09.00Grandview Heights
3.11Antoinette Jolliff9-03.00Cardington-Lincoln
4.12Brandy Wright9-00.00Fisher Catholic
5.10Abby McNaghten8-00.00Millersport
5.9Jenna Crabtree8-00.00Ridgedale
7.9Caitlyn Sarich8-00.00Grandview Heights
8.10Kacie Ballenger8-00.00Ridgedale
9.10Abby Litts7-06.00Newark Catholic
9.9Josie Childers7-06.00Berne Union
9.11Jessica Tharp7-06.00Berne Union
9.11Shelby Shirley7-06.00Northmor
9.9Sara Maurer7-06.00Columbus For Girls
14.12Catherine Hess7-00.00Columbus For Girls
14.11Tiana Ling7-00.00Cardington-Lincoln
16.11Gabe Hoeflich6-06.00Fredericktown
--10Kortney HanshawNHNorthmor
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kendra Mills16-06.50Danville
2.12Shardai Morrison-Fou16-05.50Africentric Early Co...
3.11Jessica Bartkiewicz15-08.50East Knox
4.10Tayler Carpenter15-05.00Fredericktown
5.12Maddy Trapp15-02.25Grandview Heights
6.11Dorthy-Lucia Herndon15-02.00Harvest Preparatory
7.10Erika Fort15-02.00Harvest Preparatory
8.12Rachael Brown15-02.00Ridgedale
9.9Sophie Chatas14-09.50Columbus For Girls
10.12Angela McNulty14-08.25Newark Catholic
11.9Cami Mampieri14-08.00Columbus Academy
12.9Jackie Spence14-06.50Columbus Academy
13.10Brittani Thomas14-06.00Africentric Early Co...
14.10Allie Wright14-05.00Berne Union
15.10Anna Henry14-04.50Gilead Christian
16.11Tiana Ling14-04.00Cardington-Lincoln
17.10Anneliese Bonn14-02.00Grandview Heights
18.10Jennifer Coleman14-00.25Marion Catholic
19.11McKenzie McElroy14-00.00North Union
20.12Courtney McLaughlin13-11.00Northmor
21.10Stephanie McElroy13-09.50North Union
22.10Alex Huffman13-08.75Fairfield Christian ...
23.10Abby Litts13-08.00Newark Catholic
24.12Olivia Mosley13-06.50Northmor
25.9Tiffany Smith13-02.50Berne Union
26.12Hillary Mueller13-02.00Marion Catholic
27.10Ana Fontes13-01.25Fredericktown
27.10Ellie Holsopple13-01.25Centerburg
29.9Megan Krauss13-01.00Fisher Catholic
30.11Alexandria Seybold12-07.50Columbus For Girls
31.9Hannah Pierce12-02.00Madison Christian
32.11Krystine Schillinger11-03.50East Knox
33.11Emily Mickley11-02.00Danville
34.10Morgan Swinehart11-01.00Fisher Catholic
35.9Lachelle Wertz10-11.50Mount Gilead
36.12Shannon Bowers10-09.50Cardington-Lincoln
37.9Kara McNamee10-09.25Mount Gilead
38.9Hannah Brenamen10-08.00West Jefferson
--9Anna DeleonFOULWest Jefferson
--11Kerissa JohnsonFOULRidgedale
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