Michael Johnson Classic

Saturday, April 18, 2009
  Baylor, Waco - Map
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Louisiana - NCAA
McStMcNeese State
New Mexico - NCAA
UNMNew Mexico
NMHUNew Mexico Highlands
Oklahoma - NAIA
OkBaOklahoma Baptist
Texas - JC
SoPlSouth Plains
Texas - NAIA
NwUTNorthwood (TX)
WaBaWayland Baptist
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTrey Harts10.39aBaylor
2.SoWhitney Prevost10.56aBaylor
3.FrKeyth Talley10.63aNorth Texas
4.JrJarryd Gray10.77aPrairie View A&M
5.JrByron Washington10.78aNorth Texas
6.FrC.j. Fowler10.85aNorth Texas
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrTrey Harts10.39aBaylor
2.SoWhitney Prevost10.69aBaylor
3.FrKeyth Talley10.74aNorth Texas
4.FrRodney Campbell10.82aSouth Plains
5.JrJulius Walker10.84aTexas Tech
6.FrC.j. Fowler10.90aNorth Texas
7.JrByron Washington10.91aNorth Texas
8.JrJarryd Gray10.93aPrairie View A&M
9.SoWit Williams10.93aOklahoma Baptist
10.JrCourtney Thomas10.94aBaylor
11.JrWilliam Osborne10.98aTexas Southern
12.FrDominique Reddick10.99aTexas Southern
13.FrOmari Blair10.99aOklahoma Baptist
14.FrJamal Mays11.00aTarleton State
15.-Andre Salmon11.00aMcNeese State
16.SrRyan Varner11.01aNorth Texas
17.SoJustin Flowers11.06aNorth Texas
18.SoTymagic Robinson11.06aSam Houston State
19.SrBrandon Irabor11.11aNorth Texas
20.SoCharles Jackson11.13aMcNeese State
21.SrDominic Palmer11.14aWayland Baptist
22.SrDaniel Dailey11.27aOklahoma Baptist
23.JrJamel Jackson11.28aNorth Texas
24.JrOswald Ingraham11.33aAbilene Christian
25.SoAustin Griffin11.34aTarleton State
26.SrIdiato Jeremiah11.36aAbilene Christian
27.FrAlex Adams11.38aTarleton State
28.JrCody Bolton11.41aTexas A&M-Commerce
29.JrChad Washington11.52aTexas A&M-Commerce
30.SrAndrew Turner11.54aNorth Texas
31.SoSheldon Feist11.57aTarleton State
32.JrAnthony Valle11.59aTexas A&M-Commerce
33.FrJustin McGuffey11.63aTexas A&M-Commerce
34.SrKevin Houston11.81aSam Houston State
--FrGuistino FyfieldFSSouth Plains
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoWhitney Prevost21.50aBaylor
2.JrTim Foster21.67aTexas Tech
3.FrC.j. Fowler21.70aNorth Texas
4.SrJordan Johnson21.87aAbilene Christian
5.FrJerry-Lee Davis21.88aWayland Baptist
6.SoCharles Jackson21.99aMcNeese State
7.JrWilliam Osborne22.01aTexas Southern
8.SoMontrell Pyron22.09aNorth Texas
9.FrJamal Mays22.11aTarleton State
10.FrLee Prevost22.12aWayland Baptist
11.SrBrandon Irabor22.16aNorth Texas
12.FrTerry McGill22.21aNorth Texas
13.FrJared Jackson22.27aOklahoma Baptist
14.SoJustin Flowers22.27aNorth Texas
15.FrRonald Stine22.28aMcNeese State
16.JrJarryd Gray22.31aPrairie View A&M
17.SrDominic Palmer22.43aWayland Baptist
18.JrJamel Jackson22.47aNorth Texas
19.SrIdiato Jeremiah22.49aAbilene Christian
20.FrGuistino Fyfield22.60aSouth Plains
21.JrDonovan Anderson22.65aMcNeese State
22.FrOmari Blair22.67aOklahoma Baptist
23.FrSam Bryant22.70aOklahoma Baptist
24.JrCairo Thornton22.73aTexas A&M-Commerce
25.SoAustin Griffin22.76aTarleton State
26.SrDaniel Dailey22.85aOklahoma Baptist
27.FrAlex Adams22.98aTarleton State
28.JrByron Washington23.01aNorth Texas
29.FrEric Breath23.04aOklahoma Baptist
30.SoSheldon Feist23.14aTarleton State
30.FrJustin McGuffey23.14aTexas A&M-Commerce
32.JrRuben Gutierrez23.17aSam Houston State
33.JrChad Washington23.57aTexas A&M-Commerce
34.FrLonnie Buchanan23.83aTarleton State
35.-Anthony Tosie24.72aTexas A&M-Commerce
X 200 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.JrTrey Harts20.29aBaylor
3.JrCourtney Thomas21.13aBaylor
4.SrRyan Varner21.54aNorth Texas
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLaToy Williams45.01aSouth Plains
2.SoGil Roberts45.27aTexas Tech
3.SoMarcus Boyd45.84aBaylor
4.JrLeJerald Betters45.88aBaylor
5.SrJarrin Solomon46.27aNew Mexico
6.SrQuentin Summers46.41aBaylor
7.SrMichael Courtney46.55aSam Houston State
8.FrZwede Hewitt46.71aBaylor
9.JrMichael Liggins46.73aBaylor
10.JrJ.T. Scheuerman47.46aBaylor
X 400 Meters - Open - Finals
1.SoDarryl Hayes46.78aSam Houston State
2.SrRodney Mims47.00aTexas Tech
3.FrCalvin Dascent47.70aSouth Plains
4.SoLamont Adams47.79aTexas Tech
5.JrPierien Iniss47.81aOklahoma Baptist
6.JrTim Foster47.90aTexas Tech
7.FrTreven Dickerson48.14aTexas Southern
8.SrJason Mitchell48.19aPrairie View A&M
9.SoBrandon Washington48.22aTexas Tech
10.FrDamon Douglas48.40aSouth Plains
11.SrDaniel Anderson48.47aPrairie View A&M
12.SoEthan Mignard48.47aOklahoma Baptist
13.SoJared Alexander48.73aPrairie View A&M
14.SoMontrell Pyron48.97aNorth Texas
15.SrJamal Butler49.01aTexas Tech
16.-Bradford Dotson49.34aTexas A&M-Commerce
17.JrCairo Thornton49.76aTexas A&M-Commerce
18.FrStanley Smith49.79aWayland Baptist
19.FrAaron Donohue49.88aTarleton State
20.FrBryce Elarms50.12aTexas Southern
21.FrEric Breath50.53aOklahoma Baptist
22.SoAlbert Sinegal50.55aTexas A&M-Commerce
23.FrEric Bostick51.15aBaylor
24.FrJordan Hurd51.35aTarleton State
25.FrSam Bryant51.76aOklahoma Baptist
26.-Colby Oberle51.90aTexas A&M-Commerce
27.FrAaron Partridge52.27aOklahoma Baptist
28.-Aaron Mouser53.24aTarleton State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNick Blackwell1:53.38aOklahoma Baptist
2.SrBrandon Hicks1:53.46aPrairie View A&M
3.SoBilly Christy1:53.62aOklahoma Baptist
4.FrJoshua Mwangi1:55.11aSouth Plains
5.JrJustin Stroup1:55.18aOklahoma Baptist
6.FrChicanel Cole1:55.47aSouth Plains
7.SoMario Scott1:55.56aWayland Baptist
8.SrMatthew Jones1:55.58aPrairie View A&M
9.FrBlake Satterlee1:55.88aBaylor
10.SoReggie Hayter1:56.03aNorth Texas
11.SoMatt Davidson1:56.26aTexas Tech
12.FrRobbie Knorr1:57.06aBaylor
13.JrDakota Price1:57.34aOklahoma Baptist
14.FrNick Hermes1:58.13aOklahoma Baptist
15.SrBryan Ruiz1:58.52aTarleton State
16.SrLeon Banks1:58.57aSam Houston State
17.SoJulius Michael1:58.67aSam Houston State
18.-Regi McCabe-Gossett1:58.89aAbilene Christian
19.FrMatt Stephenson1:59.04aSam Houston State
20.FrLucius Lopez1:59.07aWayland Baptist
21.SoTravis Kocurek1:59.25aSam Houston State
22.FrClint Anders1:59.42aSam Houston State
23.SoJoseph Anderson1:59.71aSam Houston State
24.FrSkylar Lovett2:01.14aWayland Baptist
25.SrDurrell Williams2:01.30aOklahoma Baptist
26.SrJustin Schofield2:01.56aAbilene Christian
27.-Andrew Lancaster2:01.60aWayland Baptist
28.SoFernando Hernandez2:02.82aPrairie View A&M
29.SoTito Benton2:03.41aWayland Baptist
30.FrPatrick Robinson2:03.52aBaylor
31.-Ronald Balthazar2:03.83aTexas A&M-Commerce
32.FrMichael Capetillo2:06.09aTexas Southern
33.-Anthony Tosie2:13.95aTexas A&M-Commerce
34.JrSinai Lopez2:15.33aNorthwood (TX)
X 800 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.SrChris Gowell1:47.42aBaylor
2.FrFred Samoei1:48.16aSouth Plains
3.FrSharif Webb1:49.84aSouth Plains
4.FrAndre Thomas1:50.21aOklahoma Baptist
5.JrKirby Dunn1:50.29aWayland Baptist
6.SoJames Gilreath1:50.86aBaylor
7.JrBen Donnan1:51.81aUT-Tyler
8.FrMarcelis Lynch1:51.82aSouth Plains
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDavid Boston3:57.41aTexas Tech
2.FrChris Hearell3:58.43aTarleton State
3.FrAnthony Pequeno4:01.06aSouth Plains
4.SoLogan Roberts4:04.21aBaylor
5.JrNate Gonzales4:06.09aAngelo State
6.FrLucius Lopez4:06.09aWayland Baptist
7.SoTravis Kocurek4:06.14aSam Houston State
8.SoJeff Sadler4:06.54aBaylor
9.JrRoland Dejean4:09.70aPrairie View A&M
10.JrBrandon Cooper4:10.54aNorth Texas
11.-Andrew Lancaster4:11.41aWayland Baptist
12.SoJulius Michael4:11.84aSam Houston State
13.SoJoseph Hawkins4:12.67aBaylor
14.FrBrandon Reed4:14.55aBaylor
15.SoAndy Ruvalcaba4:15.87aAngelo State
16.FrRandal Guinn4:16.30aAngelo State
17.SoFernando Hernandez4:27.11aPrairie View A&M
X 1500 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.SoJared McNeil3:48.75aTarleton State
2.JrCory Higgins3:50.75aTexas Tech
3.FrZack Dawson3:52.83aTexas Tech
4.FrZac Flowers3:53.52aBaylor
5.SrJohn Wenhold3:53.90aBaylor
6.JrJustin Stroup3:54.53aOklahoma Baptist
7.FrMitchell Driver3:56.70aSouth Plains
8.SrBilly Giano3:59.50aNorth Texas
9.JrKirby Dunn4:14.03aWayland Baptist
X 5000 Meters - Open - Finals
1.FrCody Hughes14:55.06aTexas A&M-Commerce
2.JrKolin Styles15:00.76aTarleton State
3.SoGerzain Valenzuela15:01.99aTarleton State
4.SoWestyn Rosilies15:22.76aTarleton State
5.JrBrian Carroll15:36.63aAngelo State
6.FrBlake Woolums15:38.78aSam Houston State
7.FrJavier Perez15:45.84aSouth Plains
8.SoJosue Nunez15:47.16aNorth Texas
9.SoRyan Quasada15:48.50aTarleton State
10.SrAlonzo Thomas15:50.62aPrairie View A&M
11.JrGerardo Delafuente16:02.29aTexas A&M-Commerce
12.SoLogan Kelly16:31.93aTexas A&M-Commerce
13.FrRobert Hummingbird16:34.99aAngelo State
14.JrRoland Dejean16:52.81aPrairie View A&M
15.SoJohn Keith17:12.72aWayland Baptist
16.FrPatrick Range17:34.31aPrairie View A&M
17.FrErrol Hampton18:23.42aPrairie View A&M
--SoJared McNeilDNFTarleton State
--SoNathan MillesDNFTexas Tech
--FrJoseph D'EramoDNFSam Houston State
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNathan Lowry14.33aTexas Tech
2.SoWilliam Donelson14.34aPrairie View A&M
3.FrBrandon Tucker14.38aTexas Tech
4.JrAndrew McDowell14.39aAbilene Christian
5.JrGarret Thomas14.63aTarleton State
6.FrMatt Johnson14.79aSam Houston State
7.FrTerry McGill14.93aNorth Texas
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrNathan Lowry14.69aTexas Tech
2.FrBrandon Tucker14.73aTexas Tech
3.JrAndrew McDowell14.92aAbilene Christian
4.SoWilliam Donelson14.93aPrairie View A&M
5.FrBryce Brown14.96aSouth Plains
6.JrGarret Thomas15.11aTarleton State
7.FrTerry McGill15.13aNorth Texas
8.FrMatt Johnson15.33aSam Houston State
9.SoJordan Wehr15.51aNorth Texas
10.FrMichael Rasor15.56aAbilene Christian
11.FrDerek Douglass15.60aOklahoma Baptist
12.FrEric Bostick15.73aBaylor
13.FrJared Huckabay16.31aOklahoma Baptist
14.FrBrock Harris16.49aTarleton State
15.FrTrevor Mastin16.55aOklahoma Baptist
16.FrAndy Henson16.56aAbilene Christian
17.SoChuck Zavala16.94aTexas Tech
18.SoNick Green17.01aTexas Tech
19.FrJordan Coffman17.35aSouth Plains
20.FrAdam Raiford17.85aSouth Plains
--SrJohn ThomasFSSam Houston State
--JrJames HardinDNFAbilene Christian
--FrSheldon WilkersonDNFTexas Southern
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrZach Plinario52.74aTexas Tech
2.JrAdam Betterton53.40aOklahoma Baptist
3.SoWilliam Donelson54.23aPrairie View A&M
4.SrSterling Farmer54.41aBaylor
5.JrBradley Jimerson54.90aOklahoma Baptist
6.JrTim Dobin55.08aBaylor
7.FrJeff Smith55.34aTarleton State
8.FrStephon Beckford55.49aSouth Plains
9.JrGarret Thomas56.78aTarleton State
10.SrHarold Jackson56.82aAbilene Christian
11.FrLester Liburd57.83aSouth Plains
12.-Adam Thiel58.11aAbilene Christian
13.FrDemetrius Holmes58.42aTexas A&M-Commerce
14.FrJared Huckabay58.52aOklahoma Baptist
15.FrDerek Douglass58.68aOklahoma Baptist
16.FrMichael Rasor59.61aAbilene Christian
17.FrTrevor Mastin63.52aOklahoma Baptist
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Invitational - Finals
1.FrBryce Brown50.31aSouth Plains
2.FrJamele Mason51.43aTexas Tech
3.SrLane Dennis51.54aSam Houston State
4.FrPhilip Raaf52.70aBaylor
5.SoJay Newman53.89aSam Houston State
6.JrThaddeus Gordon54.52aBaylor
X 3k Steeplechase - Open - Finals
1.FrTallam Kipruto9:27.10aSouth Plains
2.JrGarrett Sage9:33.20aNorth Texas
3.SoBrandon Womack9:44.02aTexas A&M-Commerce
4.SoLogan Culotta9:46.75aTexas Tech
5.FrPatrick Krol9:55.82aSam Houston State
6.SoMichael Williams9:58.18aBaylor
7.JrTimmy McCune10:02.59aWayland Baptist
8.SoKail Kidd10:50.94aWayland Baptist
9.FrPatrick Range11:02.75aPrairie View A&M
10.FrErrol Hampton11:14.46aPrairie View A&M
X 4x100 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Marcus Boyd
Whitney Prevost
Courtney Thomas
Trey Harts
2.-Damon Douglas
Latoy Williams
Rodney Campbell
Bryce Brown
40.15aSouth Plains
3.-Byron Washington
Ryan Varner
Keyth Talley
C.j. Fowler
40.22aNorth Texas
4.-Omo Osaghae
Bill Lawhorn
Brandon Tucker
Markus Henderson
40.24aTexas Tech
5.-Jared Jackson
Omari Blair
Wit Williams
Pierien Iniss
41.17aOklahoma Baptist
6.-Montrell Pyron
Justin Flowers
Brandon Irabor
Jamel Jackson
41.31aNorth Texas
7.-Lee Prevost
Dominic Palmer
Jerry-Lee Davis
Stanley Smith
41.34aWayland Baptist
8.-Bryce Elarms
William Osborne
Dominique Reddick
Treven Dickerson
41.59aTexas Southern
9.-Daniel Dailey
Ethan Mignard
Sam Bryant
Bradley Jimerson
42.20aOklahoma Baptist
10.-Justin McGuffey
Cody Bolton
Albert Sinegal
Cairo Thornton
43.40aTexas A&M-Commerce
11.-Anthony Valle
Lyndon Wyse
Bradford Dotson
Chad Washington
43.58aTexas A&M-Commerce
---Relay Team DNFSam Houston State
---Andre Salmon
Donovan Anderson
Ronald Stine
Charles Jackson
DQMcNeese State
---Oswald Ingraham
Desmond Jackson
Jordan Johnson
Andrew McDowell
DNFAbilene Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Zwede Hewitt
Marcus Boyd
Michael Liggins
Quentin Summers
2.-Rodney Mims
Gil Roberts
Brandon Washington
Lamont Adams
3:06.63aTexas Tech
3.-Tim Foster
Bill Lawhorn
Markus Henderson
Jamal Butler
3:11.86aTexas Tech
4.-Calvin Dascent
Bryce Brown
Latoy Williams
Renny Quow
3:12.24aSouth Plains
5.-Jason Mitchell
Jared Alexander
Jarryd Gray
Brandon Hicks
3:12.73aPrairie View A&M
6.-Lane Dennis
Darryl Hayes
John Thomas
Michael Courtney
3:13.42aSam Houston State
7.-Justin Flowers
Keyth Talley
Reggie Hayter
Montrell Pyron
3:14.15aNorth Texas
8.-Relay Team 3:16.17aBaylor
9.-Damon Douglas
Rodney Campbell
Marcelis Lynch
Sharif Webb
3:16.70aSouth Plains
10.-Ethan Mignard
Jared Jackson
Wit Williams
Pierien Iniss
3:16.76aOklahoma Baptist
11.-Billy Christy
Nick Blackwell
Adam Betterton
Sam Bryant
3:18.26aOklahoma Baptist
12.-Desmond Jackson
Harold Jackson
Jordan Johnson
Raymond Radway
3:18.62aAbilene Christian
13.-Stanley Smith
Jerry-Lee Davis
Lee Prevost
Mario Scott
3:19.32aWayland Baptist
14.-Aaron Donohue
Chad Edwards
Aaron Gooden
Jordan Hurd
3:20.79aTarleton State
15.-Ricky Bridgewater
William Donelson
Matthew Jones
Fernando Hernandez
3:21.11aPrairie View A&M
16.-Albert Sinegal
Cairo Thornton
Lyndon Wyse
Bradford Dotson
3:23.03aTexas A&M-Commerce
17.-Stephon Beckford
Chicanel Cole
Guistino Fyfield
Lester Liburd
3:23.63aSouth Plains
18.-Leon Banks
Matt Stephenson
Joseph Anderson
Clint Anders
3:25.06aSam Houston State
19.-Eric Breath
Clint Wilson
Dakota Price
Durrell Williams
3:25.84aOklahoma Baptist
20.-Sheldon Feist
Austin Griffin
Jamal Mays
Garret Thomas
3:26.84aTarleton State
21.-Andrew Turner
C.j. Fowler
Brandon Irabor
Jordan Wehr
3:28.00aNorth Texas
22.-Dominic Palmer
Tito Benton
Kirby Dunn
Skylar Lovett
3:28.42aWayland Baptist
23.-Brandon Womack
Ronald Balthazar
Demetrius Holmes
Colby Oberle
3:29.35aTexas A&M-Commerce
24.-Derek Brest
Jordan Coffman
Mitchell Driver
Adam Raiford
3:30.76aSouth Plains
25.-Parker Jackson
Seth Brown
Gideon Edmisten
Nick Hermes
3:32.96aOklahoma Baptist
26.-Anthony Tosie
Anthony Valle
Chad Washington
Justin McGuffey
3:36.51aTexas A&M-Commerce
X Shot Put - 16lb - Open - Finals
1.SrHarrison Benjamin57-02.75Texas Tech
2.SoNick Jones54-03.25Abilene Christian
3.FrMichael Carter Jr54-01.25South Plains
4.JrTyler Menges52-09.25Texas Tech
5.SoCasey Keeter52-06.75Tarleton State
6.SoJacob Domingue51-10.50McNeese State
7.-Jeffery Rayome50-08.75Texas A&M-Commerce
8.FrJared Crafton48-07.50McNeese State
9.FrJacob Shultz48-06.00Sam Houston State
10.FrHayden Eubanks46-06.75Tarleton State
11.FrDaniel Rodriguez46-03.25South Plains
12.SoNolan Eubanks45-00.25Tarleton State
13.FrRichard Scales43-09.75Abilene Christian
--JrEmery DudensingFOULAbilene Christian
--SrJohn ArmstrongFOULOklahoma Baptist
--SrAndrew TurnerNDNorth Texas
--FrTyler StowellFOULTarleton State
--SoBrandon MansfieldFOULWayland Baptist
--FrLogan MillerFOULSam Houston State
--FrJordan CoffmanNDSouth Plains
--FrMario PerezNDTexas Southern
--FrAdam RaifordNDSouth Plains
--FrMatt JohnsonNDSam Houston State
X Discus - 2kg - Open - Finals
1.SoNick Jones54.29mAbilene Christian
2.SrJon Tipton53.60mSam Houston State
3.SrBrock Stickler53.13mNorth Texas
5.SoBrett Mcdaniel49.15mTexas Tech
6.SoNolan Eubanks47.53mTarleton State
7.FrHayden Eubanks47.18mTarleton State
8.FrJacob Shultz46.58mSam Houston State
9.SoJacob Domingue45.95mMcNeese State
10.SoCasey Keeter45.05mTarleton State
11.-Michael Pratt44.88mTarleton State
12.FrDillon Welch44.70mSouth Plains
13.FrDaniel Rodriguez43.30mSouth Plains
14.FrRichard Scales42.80mAbilene Christian
15.SoChuck Zavala42.23mTexas Tech
16.FrTyler Stowell41.47mTarleton State
17.SoNick Green40.44mTexas Tech
18.SrJohn Armstrong40.15mOklahoma Baptist
19.SoBrandon Mansfield40.03mWayland Baptist
--FrLogan MillerFOULSam Houston State
---Jeffery RayomeFOULTexas A&M-Commerce
--FrJared CraftonNDMcNeese State
--FrMichael Carter JrFOULSouth Plains
--FrMario PerezFOULTexas Southern
---Johnny PiggeeFOULPrairie View A&M
X Javelin - 800g - Open - Finals
1.SoBen Chretien64.63mMcNeese State
2.SrPaden Behrens57.60mTexas Tech
3.SoNick Lyons56.30mBaylor
4.FrMatt Johnson55.31mSam Houston State
5.SrLeslie White49.06mTexas A&M-Commerce
6.SoJordan Wehr48.16mNorth Texas
7.FrLogan Miller46.28mSam Houston State
8.FrJordan Coffman45.47mSouth Plains
9.FrEric Bostick45.00mBaylor
10.FrJared Huckabay42.40mOklahoma Baptist
11.JrAnthony Valle42.21mTexas A&M-Commerce
---Dean LaingFOULTexas A&M-Commerce
--FrAdam RaifordNDSouth Plains
--SrAndrew TurnerFOULNorth Texas
X High Jump - Open - Finals
1.SoJermaine Jamison7-00.50North Texas
2.JrJustin Turner6-10.75Texas Tech
3.FrDemarius Bell6-06.75South Plains
4.FrTyler Rushing6-06.75Tarleton State
4.SrToby Edwards6-06.75North Texas
6.FrDevin Swain6-04.75South Plains
7.SrLeslie White6-02.75Texas A&M-Commerce
7.-Josh Conder6-02.75Texas A&M-Commerce
7.-Reginald Mayes6-02.75Prairie View A&M
10.FrKyle Cash6-02.75Baylor
11.SoAaron Schickendanz6-02.75Tarleton State
12.-Donnell Norwood6-00.75Prairie View A&M
13.FrKyle Weaver6-00.75Texas A&M-Commerce
---Dean LaingNHTexas A&M-Commerce
---Justin WilliamsNHPrairie View A&M
--FrAustin LawrenceNHOklahoma Baptist
--FrJordan CoffmanNHSouth Plains
--FrAaron RogersNHTexas Southern
--FrJared HuckabayNHOklahoma Baptist
X Pole Vault - Open - Finals
1.JrLandon Ehlers16-06.75Abilene Christian
2.SoJordan Wehr16-00.75North Texas
3.SrSeth Brown15-07.00Oklahoma Baptist
4.FrSteven Farber15-01.00South Plains
5.JrJames Hardin14-07.25Abilene Christian
6.FrJuan Gonzales14-01.25Oklahoma Baptist
6.SoBradley Sell14-01.25Wayland Baptist
8.FrDavid Gilliland14-01.25Oklahoma Baptist
--SoStephen TolerNHAbilene Christian
--JrAaron CantrellNHAbilene Christian
--JrCory AltenbergNHAbilene Christian
--FrAndy HensonNHAbilene Christian
--JrBrian PorterNHTexas Tech
--SoChuck ZavalaNHTexas Tech
--SoKelly WilsonNHTexas Tech
--JrAndrew GrantNHTarleton State
--SrChayden FeistNHTarleton State
--FrJordan GuerreroNHTarleton State
--FrCutter BernhardNHSam Houston State
X Long Jump - Open - Finals
1.FrCurtis Patterson7.45mSam Houston State
2.FrKyron Blaise7.31mSouth Plains
3.FrDellon Williams7.30mSouth Plains
4.FrDemarius Bell7.24mSouth Plains
5.JrChris Gilchrist7.24mSam Houston State
6.FrMatt Johnson7.22mSam Houston State
7.FrHenry Jordan III7.01mSam Houston State
8.SoChuck Zavala6.98mTexas Tech
9.SrLyndon Wyse6.95mTexas A&M-Commerce
10.SoNick Green6.81mTexas Tech
11.FrLonnie Buchanan6.63mTarleton State
12.FrAaron Rogers6.59mTexas Southern
13.FrEric Bostick6.57mBaylor
14.JrBernard Hammonds6.55mTexas Tech
15.SrTravon Chadwick-Hill6.51mTexas Tech
16.FrJared Huckabay6.44mOklahoma Baptist
--SrDaniel DaileyFOULOklahoma Baptist
--SrAndrew TurnerFOULNorth Texas
--FrKyle WeaverNDTexas A&M-Commerce
X Triple Jump - Open - Finals
1.JrChris Gilchrist15.18mSam Houston State
2.FrKyron Blaise15.11mSouth Plains
3.JrAyo Animashaun14.68mTexas Southern
4.FrDellon Williams14.17mSouth Plains
5.FrStanley Smith13.55mTexas Southern
6.-Shanton Gore13.52mPrairie View A&M
7.SrIdiato Jeremiah13.47mAbilene Christian
8.FrLee Prevost13.39mWayland Baptist
9.FrCurtis Patterson13.39mSam Houston State
10.JrBernard Hammonds13.15mTexas Tech
11.SrLyndon Wyse12.96mTexas A&M-Commerce
12.FrKyle Weaver12.92mTexas A&M-Commerce
X Hammer - 12lb - Open - Finals
1.JrChris Cralle60.27mSam Houston State
2.SrJohn Armstrong52.64mOklahoma Baptist
3.SoBrandon Mansfield52.32mWayland Baptist
4.FrJared Crafton50.34mMcNeese State
5.JrEmery Dudensing50.14mAbilene Christian
6.SoJason Russell48.83mSam Houston State
7.SoJacob Domingue46.62mMcNeese State
8.FrRichard Scales45.75mAbilene Christian
9.SrJon Tipton42.93mSam Houston State
10.-Michael Pratt42.44mTarleton State

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTiffany Townsend11.28aBaylor
2.FrTerra Evans11.59aTexas Tech
3.JrJessica Gregory11.67aBaylor
4.SoBrittani Simmons11.79aNorth Texas
5.FrAmber Evans12.09aSouthern Methodist
6.SoAlexandria Smith12.34aSouthern Methodist
--FrNiquel ThomasDQSouth Plains
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoTiffany Townsend11.57aBaylor
2.FrTerra Evans11.97aTexas Tech
3.JrJessica Gregory12.04aBaylor
4.SoBrittani Simmons12.08aNorth Texas
5.JrFrancesca Okwaro12.08aTexas Southern
6.FrAmber Evans12.23aSouthern Methodist
7.FrNiquel Thomas12.39aSouth Plains
8.SoAlexandria Smith12.42aSouthern Methodist
9.SrLauren Wiggins12.44aNorth Texas
10.FrCecilya Smith12.45aTexas Southern
11.JrJessica Fisher12.45aSam Houston State
12.FrAllysha Wilson12.45aSouth Plains
13.SoKierra Westbrook12.48aTexas Southern
14.JrAshley Austin12.54aNorth Texas
15.SoKelli Johnson12.54aNorth Texas
16.SoAlysha Adams12.54aNorth Texas
17.FrJanesa Moore12.57aNorth Texas
18.SoLatanya Nation12.58aWayland Baptist
19.JrKeleisha Ross12.63aWayland Baptist
20.FrBianca Grant12.64aWayland Baptist
21.SrJoella Foster12.75aAbilene Christian
22.JrCandace St. Louis12.81aNew Mexico Highlands
23.SoGayla Cloud12.81aSouthern Methodist
24.SrChelsey Bradford12.85aTarleton State
25.FrLeandria Lee12.88aWayland Baptist
26.-LaDonna Carroll12.90aMcNeese State
27.FrTamerria Dansby12.99aPrairie View A&M
28.SrAlexis Tanner13.09aPrairie View A&M
29.JrAshley Dantzler13.32aPrairie View A&M
30.-Amber Harmon13.33aMcNeese State
31.FrSabrina Best13.33aNew Mexico Highlands
32.SoLindsey Bennett13.42aOklahoma Baptist
33.-Alycea Wallace13.48aTexas A&M-Commerce
34.-Desiree Spencer14.07aTexas A&M-Commerce
35.SoMelanie Walker14.30aOklahoma Baptist
36.-Olivia Talley14.51aPrairie View A&M
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCiara Smith23.99aNorth Texas
2.SoKimberly Smith24.31aWayland Baptist
3.JrFrancesca Okwaro24.33aTexas Southern
4.SrTiana Hood24.44aBaylor
5.FrShawna Anderson24.51aSouth Plains
6.JrWanda Hutson24.60aAbilene Christian
7.SoAlexandria Smith24.64aSouthern Methodist
8.JrJessica Gregory24.69aBaylor
9.SrChrystal Mitchell24.99aNorth Texas
10.FrDeandra Knowles25.03aSouth Plains
11.SrShayla Hart25.08aNorth Texas
12.FrLeandria Lee25.16aWayland Baptist
13.FrJanesa Moore25.25aNorth Texas
14.FrJamie Simanek25.33aTexas Tech
15.JrKeleisha Ross25.37aWayland Baptist
16.FrCecilya Smith25.43aTexas Southern
17.JrKandis Brooks25.47aTarleton State
18.FrAllysha Wilson25.53aSouth Plains
19.FrMelicia McCloyen25.58aSouth Plains
20.FrJessica Ubanyionwu25.68aBaylor
21.JrFallyn Farrow25.72aNorth Texas
22.SrJoella Foster25.78aAbilene Christian
23.SrLaquita Alexander25.79aPrairie View A&M
24.FrShaneika McRae25.83aSouth Plains
25.FrKwantisha Farmer25.98aTexas Southern
26.SoNicole Cummings26.03aOklahoma Baptist
27.JrCandace St. Louis26.04aNew Mexico Highlands
28.JrFernanda Mackenna26.37aNorth Texas
29.FrKeirra Ross26.38aWayland Baptist
30.SoDestiny Jernigan26.44aPrairie View A&M
31.JrConceita Cutrer26.46aMcNeese State
32.SrStasia Kelly-Taylor26.52aBaylor
33.FrTamerria Dansby26.58aPrairie View A&M
34.SoWhitley Dobbins26.61aPrairie View A&M
35.-LaDonna Carroll26.79aMcNeese State
36.FrClaire Goodman26.86aTarleton State
37.JrAshley Dantzler26.89aPrairie View A&M
38.FrSabrina Best27.09aNew Mexico Highlands
39.SoMakesha Brewer27.09aTexas A&M-Commerce
40.FrTara Towns27.15aTarleton State
41.SoLindsey Bennett27.16aOklahoma Baptist
42.SrChelsey Bradford27.28aTarleton State
43.-Amber Harmon27.55aMcNeese State
44.SoStephanie Suggs27.79aTexas Southern
45.SoMelanie Walker28.27aOklahoma Baptist
46.-Khadijah Campbell28.70aTexas A&M-Commerce
47.-Dena Hawkins29.20aTexas A&M-Commerce
--FrNiquel ThomasFSSouth Plains
X 200 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.SoTiffany Townsend23.03aBaylor
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEdina Brooks55.07aSouth Plains
2.JrJonisha Boleware55.25aTexas Tech
3.FrShackeeri Cole55.63aSouth Plains
4.SrShayla Hart55.66aNorth Texas
--JrTrudeann ClarkeDNFTexas Tech
X 400 Meters - Invitational - Finals
3.SrKatrina Taylor53.39aBaylor
4.SrMarissa Mosely53.67aOklahoma Baptist
5.FrDiamond Richardson53.91aBaylor
6.JrCiara Smith54.47aNorth Texas
7.SoChristi McRae54.84aMcNeese State
X 400 Meters - Open - Finals
1.SrKim Prather54.68aAbilene Christian
2.SoBrittany Bruce55.61aBaylor
3.FrAngelle Miranda55.90aSouth Plains
4.SoMonika May56.22aSam Houston State
5.SrAzraa Rounds57.29aAbilene Christian
6.JrFallyn Farrow57.78aNorth Texas
7.SrLaquita Alexander57.90aPrairie View A&M
8.SoBrianna Wasson57.95aTexas Southern
9.SoSarah Patterson58.95aOklahoma Baptist
10.JrAshley Harvey59.12aNorth Texas
11.SoWhitley Dobbins59.41aPrairie View A&M
12.SoDemetrice Gilliam59.81aWayland Baptist
13.FrShondia Drew60.00aOklahoma Baptist
14.FrKeirra Ross60.26aWayland Baptist
15.SoJessica Ryan60.44aTarleton State
16.FrKrystal Noggler60.54aWayland Baptist
17.JrFernanda Mackenna60.65aNorth Texas
18.SoMakesha Brewer60.78aTexas A&M-Commerce
19.FrCourtney Newsom60.80aTarleton State
20.JrSherryAnn Baggoo60.88aNew Mexico Highlands
21.SoBryttni Hughes60.92aTexas Southern
22.SoDestiny Jernigan63.69aPrairie View A&M
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLorianne Pattee2:18.27aSouth Plains
2.FrCarleigh Kutac2:18.58aNorth Texas
3.FrAlyssa Montegut2:18.78aOklahoma Baptist
4.SoYesenia Avila2:19.11aOklahoma Baptist
5.SoGladys Chumba2:22.31aSouth Plains
6.FrKathleen Hoogland2:22.91aSouthern Methodist
7.FrDevin Bailey2:24.27aTexas Tech
8.SoAndrea Mellontree2:24.45aOklahoma Baptist
9.FrAlexis Taylor2:24.82aOklahoma Baptist
10.SrElva Pedroza2:24.83aWayland Baptist
11.FrMaegen Stires2:25.01aSouthern Methodist
12.SoSydney Jackson2:25.92aBaylor
13.JrMelissa Farias2:26.40aOklahoma Baptist
14.JrSheila Bishop2:26.41aTarleton State
15.SoBrieanna Roper2:27.67aNew Mexico Highlands
16.SrViktoria Manuel2:28.26aPrairie View A&M
17.SoAasha Marietta2:29.89aSouthern Methodist
18.SoTara Piles2:30.65aNorth Texas
19.FrKatherine Grillo2:32.52aTarleton State
20.JrJelissa Phillips2:34.33aPrairie View A&M
21.SoBritney Sullivan2:45.10aNew Mexico Highlands
X 800 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.FrIlyssa Pettigrew2:07.29aSouthern Methodist
2.JrNichole Jones2:08.36aBaylor
3.SoShannon Jackson2:10.74aTexas Tech
4.SrDevyn Mitchell2:11.94aSam Houston State
5.SoKearci Jobe2:13.33aTexas Tech
6.FrSara Dietz2:13.45aNorth Texas
7.SoLauren Simpson2:13.55aBaylor
8.SoLeigh Ann Ganzar2:14.08aBaylor
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKathleen Hoogland4:58.86aSouthern Methodist
2.SoAmanda Kean5:00.05aNorth Texas
3.JrCarolina Garcia5:00.86aNew Mexico Highlands
4.SoShadoh Campbell5:02.06aTarleton State
5.FrMaegen Stires5:02.60aSouthern Methodist
6.FrAlyssa Priest5:05.17aAngelo State
7.FrVanessa Elizondo5:10.47aTarleton State
8.SoAasha Marietta5:10.90aSouthern Methodist
9.SrViktoria Manuel5:13.70aPrairie View A&M
10.FrAllison Fowler5:14.44aAbilene Christian
X 1500 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.JrErin Bedell4:16.03aBaylor
2.FrCate Westenhover4:34.99aBaylor
3.SrJodi Hulett4:35.37aBaylor
4.JrBrittney Heath4:37.50aAngelo State
5.FrSamantha Patty4:40.27aBaylor
6.SrChristina Graham4:42.32aTexas Tech
7.FrKristen Hanselka4:43.18aBaylor
8.SoKatie Shaw4:46.53aBaylor
9.SrElva Pedroza4:51.44aWayland Baptist
--SoKirsten MorrowDNFOklahoma Baptist
X 5000 Meters - Open - Finals
1.FrAddison LeMaster17:58.55aTexas Tech
2.FrKayla Pratt18:14.66aTexas-San Antonio
3.SoGladys Chumba18:26.41aSouth Plains
4.JrPaige Massingill18:36.00aAngelo State
5.SrPatrcia Dailey18:54.46aAngelo State
6.SoSallie Anderson19:00.98aNorth Texas
7.SrKymberlee Trnka19:09.99aTarleton State
8.JrCarolina Garcia19:30.10aNew Mexico Highlands
9.FrAmy Alcala19:33.58aNorth Texas
10.FrSara Collazos19:37.69aSam Houston State
11.SrPhanice Orora20:09.78aNorth Texas
12.SrAna Juarez20:14.50aNew Mexico Highlands
13.FrApril Phillips20:20.68aAngelo State
14.FrVanessa Elizondo20:36.41aTarleton State
15.FrCrystal Dickinson21:11.69aSouth Plains
--SoShadoh CampbellDNFTarleton State
--SrKrista MorrisDNFTarleton State
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLauren Wiggins13.80aNorth Texas
2.SrTori Smith13.83aTexas Tech
3.SoAlysha Adams13.98aNorth Texas
4.JrSandra Iwunze14.07aTexas Tech
5.JrKandis Brooks14.12aTarleton State
6.SoTywaneisha Spiller14.16aSam Houston State
7.JrDeAna Carson14.28aBaylor
8.SoLatanya Nation14.59aWayland Baptist
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrDeAna Carson13.98aBaylor
2.SrTori Smith14.34aTexas Tech
3.SoAlysha Adams14.47aNorth Texas
4.SrLauren Wiggins14.51aNorth Texas
5.JrKandis Brooks14.66aTarleton State
6.JrSandra Iwunze14.68aTexas Tech
7.SoTywaneisha Spiller14.69aSam Houston State
8.SoLatanya Nation14.71aWayland Baptist
9.SoGayla Cloud14.74aSouthern Methodist
10.FrJamie Simanek14.85aTexas Tech
11.SrTiana Lee14.93aSam Houston State
12.JrJordan Heggie15.16aSam Houston State
13.SrRonda Tucker15.35aPrairie View A&M
14.JrAshley Harvey15.63aNorth Texas
15.SoAngela Graham15.68aNew Mexico Highlands
16.JrBreanna Shippy15.70aOklahoma Baptist
17.SoStephanie Suggs15.93aTexas Southern
18.JrAbby Lewis16.85aOklahoma Baptist
19.FrNadira Johnson16.97aAbilene Christian
20.FrKrista McGehee17.31aOklahoma Baptist
21.FrSelena Fudge17.47aTexas Southern
22.JrSunny Henderson17.59aTexas A&M-Commerce
23.SrEstelle Carter17.59aNew Mexico Highlands
24.-Amber Brooks17.65aAbilene Christian
25.-Jasmine Casnel18.17aPrairie View A&M
26.FrSabrina Fudge18.69aTexas Southern
27.FrMorgan Davis18.85aSam Houston State
28.FrKayla Smith20.28aOklahoma Baptist
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChelsea Wells63.69aSouthern Methodist
2.SoDakota Stewart64.83aSam Houston State
3.SrRonda Tucker65.01aPrairie View A&M
4.FrCorinna Brown65.08aPrairie View A&M
5.FrEbony Cuington66.29aSouthern Methodist
6.SrDarolyn Flaggs67.08aTexas Southern
7.FrAlexis Thurmond68.52aOklahoma Baptist
8.JrPatricia Lewis68.57aNew Mexico Highlands
9.FrKrista McGehee68.72aOklahoma Baptist
10.JrAlicia Stephens68.98aTexas Southern
11.-Jasmine Casnel69.41aPrairie View A&M
12.FrBrittany Warminski69.45aSouth Plains
13.FrMaria Williams70.40aTexas Southern
14.FrHeather Martel70.69aTexas Southern
15.-Leslea Traylor72.39aTexas A&M-Commerce
16.SrEstelle Carter74.37aNew Mexico Highlands
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Invitational - Finals
1.FrVerone Chambers59.14aOklahoma Baptist
2.JrSandra Iwunze59.47aTexas Tech
3.SoKelsey Lloyd61.19aTexas Tech
4.SrNnenna Ejesieme62.52aSouthern Methodist
5.SrTiana Lee63.97aSam Houston State
6.SoBrittany Henson64.50aSam Houston State
7.JrOptimum Baker65.14aOklahoma Baptist
X 3k Steeplechase - Open - Finals
1.SoKaci Westervelt11:23.88aTexas Tech
2.SoKayla Lee11:48.83aOklahoma Baptist
3.SrKrista Morris11:52.44aTarleton State
4.SoMeagan Willingham12:04.02aSouth Plains
5.-Shaya Taylor12:05.86aOklahoma Baptist
6.FrShayla Contreras12:24.01aSouth Plains
7.FrKatie Roland12:25.32aWayland Baptist
8.SoKate Donovan12:47.36aTexas A&M-Commerce
9.JrNancy Anel13:12.03aNew Mexico Highlands
10.FrGabrielle Greer14:50.55aTexas A&M-Commerce
11.SoEmily Gibson15:18.08aTexas A&M-Commerce
X 4x100 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-DeAna Carson
Tiffany Townsend
Tiana Hood
Jessica Gregory
2.-Jonisha Boleware
Terra Evans
Tori Smith
Trudeann Clarke
44.90aTexas Tech
3.-Latanya Nation
Keleisha Ross
Bianca Grant
Kimberly Smith
45.97aWayland Baptist
4.-Joella Foster
Wanda Hutson
Kim Prather
Azraa Rounds
46.18aAbilene Christian
5.-Allysha Wilson
Shawna Anderson
Niquel Thomas
Edina Brooks
46.36aSouth Plains
6.-Gayla Cloud
Alexandria Smith
Amber Evans
Ebony Cuington
46.67aSouthern Methodist
7.-Tiana Lee
Jessica Fisher
Dess Meek
Desiree Taylor
46.67aSam Houston State
8.-Relay Team 46.75aTexas Southern
9.-Marissa Mosely
Shondia Drew
Nicole Cummings
Verone Chambers
47.36aOklahoma Baptist
10.-Relay Team 48.36aMcNeese State
---Lauren Wiggins
Brittani Simmons
Alysha Adams
Ciara Smith
DNFNorth Texas
---Lindsey Bennett
Melanie Walker
Sarah Patterson
Andrea Mellontree
DQOklahoma Baptist
X 4x400 Relay - Open - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:40.70aBaylor
2.-Alexandria Smith
Amber Evans
Ilyssa Pettigrew
Gayla Cloud
3:42.59aSouthern Methodist
3.-Angelle Miranda
Shackeeri Cole
Deandra Knowles
Edina Brooks
3:42.73aSouth Plains
4.-Monika May
Brittany Henson
Desiree Taylor
Jessica Fisher
3:44.98aSam Houston State
5.-Marissa Mosely
Sarah Patterson
Shondia Drew
Verone Chambers
3:45.84aOklahoma Baptist
6.-Jonisha Boleware
Trudeann Clarke
Kelsey Lloyd
Sandra Iwunze
3:46.08aTexas Tech
7.-Shayla Hart
Brittani Simmons
Alysha Adams
Ciara Smith
3:48.30aNorth Texas
8.-Wanda Hutson
Kim Prather
Azraa Rounds
Joella Foster
3:49.73aAbilene Christian
9.-Keleisha Ross
Leandria Lee
Kimberly Smith
Krystal Noggler
3:51.01aWayland Baptist
10.-Laquita Alexander
Whitley Dobbins
Corinna Brown
Ronda Tucker
3:52.35aPrairie View A&M
11.-Optimum Baker
Yesenia Avila
Alyssa Montegut
Andrea Mellontree
3:55.39aOklahoma Baptist
12.-Melicia McCloyen
Niquel Thomas
Shawna Anderson
Lorianne Pattee
3:57.41aSouth Plains
13.-Relay Team 3:57.55aTexas Southern
14.-Fallyn Farrow
Chrystal Mitchell
Monica Dunn
Ashley Harvey
3:59.94aNorth Texas
15.-Sheila Bishop
Claire Goodman
Courtney Newsom
Jessica Ryan
4:00.09aTarleton State
16.-SherryAnn Baggoo
Brieanna Roper
Candace St. Louis
Rashaan Guillory
4:05.68aNew Mexico Highlands
17.-Melissa Farias
Alexis Thurmond
Alexis Taylor
Kayla Smith
4:14.23aOklahoma Baptist
X Shot Put - 4kg - Open - Finals
1.SrPatience Knight54-11.25Texas Tech
2.FrKelly Closs50-10.25South Plains
3.SrD'Andra Carter45-10.00Texas Tech
4.FrShatoya Brown45-01.75South Plains
5.SoChristina Webb43-05.00Sam Houston State
6.JrDeAnn Washington42-08.75McNeese State
7.FrJenny Zoch40-09.00Sam Houston State
8.FrElizabeth Dominguez40-07.75North Texas
9.FrAmber Kelly38-06.75McNeese State
10.FrDestiny Collier38-02.25South Plains
11.JrEbonee Stephens38-00.75Sam Houston State
12.SoAndrea Chambers38-00.00Prairie View A&M
13.SrAlana Tyler37-07.75North Texas
14.FrFlorqu Carrington37-06.75Tarleton State
15.FrHillary Moreno36-05.00Tarleton State
16.JrTaylor Smith35-06.50Texas A&M-Commerce
--SoMeredet PersingerFOULTarleton State
---Ashlee CooperNDTexas Southern
--SoChantell MazoneFOULWayland Baptist
--FrDanielle OrdonezNDSam Houston State
--FrMorgan DavisNDSam Houston State
--FrAmanda AndersonNDTexas Southern
--JrLeneka ColesNDTexas Southern
--FrMarguerite FelderNDTexas Southern
---Krystal HolmesFOULPrairie View A&M
---Candace WhitesideNDPrairie View A&M
--JrKimberly MaleyNDOklahoma Baptist
--JrOlivia BoisseFOULOklahoma Baptist
--FrShayla FloresNDNew Mexico Highlands
--JrEbonee CarterNDNew Mexico Highlands
X Discus - 1kg - Open - Finals
1.SrD'Andra Carter55.15mTexas Tech
2.SoPaige Newby45.86mAbilene Christian
3.JrLaShara Jefferson45.22mTexas A&M-Commerce
4.JrDeAnn Washington45.09mMcNeese State
5.FrMelinda Bendik43.42mSouth Plains
6.SoChristina Webb42.68mSam Houston State
7.-Kim Olison41.53mSam Houston State
8.FrElizabeth Dominguez41.47mNorth Texas
9.SrAlana Tyler40.94mNorth Texas
10.FrFlorqu Carrington40.09mTarleton State
11.JrOlivia Boisse38.85mOklahoma Baptist
12.SoChantell Mazone36.73mWayland Baptist
13.JrOzie Okolie36.70mTexas Tech
14.SoChelsey Carrigan36.28mNorth Texas
15.FrHillary Moreno36.16mTarleton State
16.JrEbonee Stephens36.09mSam Houston State
17.-Erica Anderson36.00mTexas A&M-Commerce
18.FrJenny Zoch35.64mSam Houston State
--FrAmanda AndersonFOULTexas Southern
--FrMarguerite FelderFOULTexas Southern
--JrLeneka ColesFOULTexas Southern
---Krystal HolmesFOULPrairie View A&M
--JrKimberly MaleyFOULOklahoma Baptist
---Candace WhitesideFOULPrairie View A&M
--SoAndrea ChambersFOULPrairie View A&M
--JrPatricia LewisNDNew Mexico Highlands
--FrVictoria DominguezFOULNew Mexico Highlands
--FrShayla FloresFOULNew Mexico Highlands
--JrEbonee CarterNDNew Mexico Highlands
--SrJulie JacobsmaFOULAbilene Christian
---Ashlee CooperNDTexas Southern
--JrSarah SiddensFOULSouthern Methodist
--SoMeredet PersingerFOULTarleton State
--SrPatience KnightFOULTexas Tech
--FrShatoya BrownFOULSouth Plains
X Javelin - 600g - Open - Finals
1.FrColleen Felix45.18mSouth Plains
2.JrSunny Henderson42.03mTexas A&M-Commerce
3.SoAmanda Lejeune40.48mMcNeese State
4.FrShayla Flores39.36mNew Mexico Highlands
5.-Ashlee Cooper35.26mTexas Southern
6.JrShelley Hollingsworth34.66mNorth Texas
7.FrAmber Kelly34.34mMcNeese State
8.JrPatricia Lewis34.23mNew Mexico Highlands
9.SoAngela Graham33.51mNew Mexico Highlands
10.FrMeraiah Young33.44mMcNeese State
11.FrDanielle Ordonez32.93mSam Houston State
--FrMorgan DavisNDSam Houston State
--SrMallory CraigFOULBaylor
--FrKalie RoverNDBaylor
---Candace WhitesideNDPrairie View A&M
--SoAntonia KielNDPrairie View A&M
--FrKrista McGeheeNDOklahoma Baptist
--JrAbby LewisNDOklahoma Baptist
--FrKayla SmithNDOklahoma Baptist
--JrLeneka ColesNDTexas Southern
--FrMarguerite FelderNDTexas Southern
--FrAmanda AndersonFOULTexas Southern
--JrAshley JacksonNDTexas Southern
X High Jump - Open - Finals
1.SoKelsey Lloyd5-07.00Texas Tech
2.SrCassidi Porter5-03.00Tarleton State
2.SoLaura Skinner5-03.00Tarleton State
2.FrMarianne Wheeler5-03.00South Plains
2.FrCorinna Brown5-03.00Prairie View A&M
6.JrAbby Lewis5-03.00Oklahoma Baptist
7.SoAngela Graham5-03.00New Mexico Highlands
8.FrColleen Felix5-03.00South Plains
9.FrValerie Lindenmuth5-03.00Southern Methodist
9.FrShaneika McRae5-03.00South Plains
11.FrKayla Smith5-01.00Oklahoma Baptist
12.FrAlyssa Stroud5-01.00North Texas
12.SoCallie Cheatham5-01.00Texas Southern
14.-Amber Brooks5-01.00Abilene Christian
15.SoBritney Harris5-01.00Texas Southern
15.-Lucy Livingston5-01.00Sam Houston State
17.FrSelena Fudge4-11.00Texas Southern
18.FrAlexis Martin4-11.00New Mexico Highlands
--SrAlexis TannerNHPrairie View A&M
--FrEmily EricksonNHSam Houston State
X Pole Vault - Open - Finals
1.JrCallie Young12-07.50Abilene Christian
2.JrChristal Brewster12-01.50North Texas
3.SoJessie Gibbs11-07.75Texas Tech
4.FrKelsey Wilson11-07.75South Plains
5.JrBreanna Shippy11-07.75Oklahoma Baptist
6.SrKaleigh Teel11-01.75Baylor
6.JrElizabeth Buyse11-01.75Abilene Christian
6.JrKellie Delka11-01.75North Texas
9.JrShelley Hollingsworth10-08.00North Texas
10.FrShelley Keller10-08.00Baylor
10.SoKari-Ann Wagner10-08.00Tarleton State
12.FrCharvia Bell10-08.00North Texas
13.SoAudra Hoerr10-02.00Baylor
--SrAshley KorolNHBaylor
--JrStephanie WomackNHNorth Texas
--FrSabrina FudgeNHTexas Southern
--JrAshley JacksonNHTexas Southern
--FrCourtney LuedersNHSam Houston State
--FrSage LasaterNHTexas Tech
X Long Jump - Open - Finals
1.JrDeAna Carson6.04mBaylor
2.SoAngela Graham5.99mNew Mexico Highlands
3.SoDess Meek5.92mSam Houston State
4.JrAshley Austin5.66mNorth Texas
5.JrJanelle Appelhans5.63mTexas Tech
6.SrBrandi Stanfield5.56mNorth Texas
7.FrCorinna Brown5.52mPrairie View A&M
8.JrVeronica DiLullo5.44mTexas Tech
9.SrAlexis Tanner5.37mPrairie View A&M
10.SoBritney Harris5.28mTexas Southern
11.SoJasmine Mitchell5.27mSam Houston State
12.FrKia Wansley5.22mSouth Plains
--SoCallie CheathamNDTexas Southern
--FrKayla SmithFOULOklahoma Baptist
--JrAbby LewisNDOklahoma Baptist
---Olivia TalleyNDPrairie View A&M
--SoAntonia KielFOULPrairie View A&M
--FrKrista McGeheeNDOklahoma Baptist
--FrNadira JohnsonFOULAbilene Christian
--FrBianca GrantFOULWayland Baptist
--FrKaPrisha HendersonFOULWayland Baptist
--FrTara TownsNDTarleton State
--FrMorgan DavisFOULSam Houston State
---Desiree SpencerFOULTexas A&M-Commerce
---Dena HawkinsFOULTexas A&M-Commerce
X Triple Jump - Open - Finals
1.FrJessica Ubanyionwu12.01mBaylor
2.SrStasia Kelly-Taylor11.93mBaylor
3.SrMonique Gates11.76mTexas Southern
4.SrAlexis Tanner11.53mPrairie View A&M
5.SoNicole Cummings11.52mOklahoma Baptist
6.FrShaneika McRae11.51mSouth Plains
7.FrAmbra Mccuin11.23mSam Houston State
8.FrKia Wansley11.12mSouth Plains
9.SoJasmine Mitchell11.02mSam Houston State
--FrNadira JohnsonFOULAbilene Christian
--FrBianca GrantFOULWayland Baptist
--FrKaPrisha HendersonFOULWayland Baptist
--JrVeronica DiLulloFOULTexas Tech
---Dena HawkinsFOULTexas A&M-Commerce
---Desiree SpencerFOULTexas A&M-Commerce
X Hammer - 4kg - Open - Finals
1.JrOzie Okolie56.31mTexas Tech
2.SrAlana Tyler53.50mNorth Texas
3.JrDeAnn Washington46.85mMcNeese State
4.FrMelinda Bendik46.59mSouth Plains
5.-Kim Olison45.81mSam Houston State
6.SoPaige Newby44.84mAbilene Christian
7.JrOlivia Boisse44.22mOklahoma Baptist
8.FrKelly Closs43.61mSouth Plains
9.JrKimberly Maley43.32mOklahoma Baptist
10.JrEbonee Stephens39.79mSam Houston State
11.SoChristina Webb39.20mSam Houston State
12.SoAndrea Chambers39.13mPrairie View A&M
13.JrEbonee Carter35.32mNew Mexico Highlands
--FrAmber KellyNDMcNeese State
--FrJenny ZochFOULSam Houston State
--JrLeneka ColesFOULTexas Southern
--FrMarguerite FelderNDTexas Southern
--SoChantell MazoneFOULWayland Baptist
--JrTaylor SmithFOULTexas A&M-Commerce
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