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100 Meters  Championship - Finals

1.12Anthony Quezada10.71a (.2)Sachem North
3.11Donald Williams jr10.83a (.2)Midwood
4.11Darnell Cummings10.88a (.2)Millbrook Central
6.12Nick Campfield10.95a (.2)Cleveland Hill
7.11Jordan Thomas10.98a (.2)Union-Endicott

100 Meters  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Anthony Quezada10.80a (-1.2)Sachem North
2.11Donald Williams jr10.90a (-1.2)Midwood
3.11Berfrantz Charles10.99a (-1.2)North Babylon
4.11Jordan Thomas11.07a (-1.2)Union-Endicott
5.12Connor Reilly11.13a (-1.2)Niskayuna
6.11Jerremiah Kobena11.14a (-1.2)Cardinal Hayes
7.11Mark Canady11.22a (-1.2)Edison Technical
8.12Brian Archie11.48a (-1.2)Niagara Falls

100 Meters  Division 2 - Finals

1.11Darnell Cummings10.95a (-1.0)Millbrook Central
3.12Rahkeem Wiggins11.20a (-1.0)Cleveland Hill
4.12Zach Green11.22a (-1.0)Byron-Bergen Central
5.11Marc Mauro11.25a (-1.0)Locust Valley
6.11Nat Recine11.29a (-1.0)Bronxville
7.11Steven Webb11.37a (-1.0)Dundee Central
8.12Nate Williams11.38a (-1.0)Saranac Central

100 Meters  Division 1 - Prelims

1.12Anthony Quezada10.76a (1.5)Sachem North
4.11Berfrantz Charles10.81a (1.5)North Babylon
2.11Jordan Thomas10.83a (3.9)Union-Endicott
7.11Jerremiah Kobena10.85a (1.5)Cardinal Hayes
3.11Donald Williams jr10.86a (3.1)Midwood
5.12Connor Reilly10.93a (3.1)Niskayuna
6.12Brian Archie10.95a (3.9)Niagara Falls
8.11Mark Canady10.96a (3.9)Edison Technical
9.11Colby Parks11.02a (3.1)East (Rochester)
10.11Anthony DeJean11.02a (3.1)Rome Free Academy
11.12Joseph Edwards11.06a (1.5)Baldwin
12.11Steven Wendell11.13a (1.5)Rondout Valley
13.11Leroy Rouse11.15a (3.9)Arlington
14.12James McClenic11.18a (3.1)Roosevelt (LI)
15.12Tristian Akong11.20a (3.9)St Francis Prep
16.12Brandon Gilbert11.27a (3.9)South Park
17.11Damien Abar11.50a (3.1)Canton Central (HC W...
18.11Randell Hannaway12.21a (1.5)Boys & Girls

100 Meters  Division 2 - Prelims

1.12Rahkeem Wiggins10.84a (1.2)Cleveland Hill
2.12Nick Campfield10.87a (2.4)Cleveland Hill
3.11Darnell Cummings10.90a (1.3)Millbrook Central
4.11Marc Mauro11.00a (1.3)Locust Valley
5.11Steven Webb11.01a (2.4)Dundee Central
7.12Nate Williams11.03a (2.4)Saranac Central
6.11Nat Recine11.14a (1.2)Bronxville
8.12Zach Green11.14a (1.3)Byron-Bergen Central
9.11Melique Garcia11.34a (1.3)Watervliet
10.11Malcolm Strother11.34a (2.4)Liberty Central
11.10Tyler Curtis11.34a (1.2)Vernon-Verona-Sherri...
12.11Vlad Myschuk11.42a (1.2)Watervliet
13.12Brian Sutton11.44a (2.4)Cherry Valley-Spring...
14.11Jalen Law11.46a (1.2)Cardinal O'Hara
15.11Earl Ash11.52a (1.3)The Dwight
16.10Eric Bzdick11.59a (2.4)Altmar Parish-Willia...
17.9Taylor Colucci11.63a (1.2)The Stony Brook
18.11Mark Feggins11.67a (1.3)Windsor
19.11Zach Linsky11.93a (1.3)Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
20.11Xavier Brooks12.10a (1.2)Malverne

200 Meters  Championship - Finals

2.12Miles Lewis21.73a (2.3)Newfield-Centereach ...
4.10Michael Mastanduno22.03a (2.3)St Anthony's
5.12Rahkeem Wiggins22.08a (2.3)Cleveland Hill
6.11Marc Mauro22.13a (2.3)Locust Valley
7.11Kareem Morris22.33a (2.3)Albany
8.11Darnell Cummings23.10a (2.3)Millbrook Central

200 Meters  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Mike Abelard21.50a (3.6)Ramapo
2.12Miles Lewis21.75a (3.6)Newfield-Centereach ...
4.11Justin McCollin21.88a (3.6)Monroe-Woodbury
5.11Kareem Morris22.07a (3.6)Albany
6.11Jordan Thomas22.34a (3.6)Union-Endicott
7.11Dale McDonald22.36a (3.6)Roosevelt (LI)
--12Kennith AnayaSCR (3.6)Sweet Home

200 Meters  Division 2 - Finals

1.12Rahkeem Wiggins22.12a (.1)Cleveland Hill
2.11Darnell Cummings22.25a (.1)Millbrook Central
3.11Marc Mauro22.31a (.1)Locust Valley
4.12Nate Williams22.37a (.1)Saranac Central
5.12Tiere Spruill22.79a (.1)Webutuck Central
6.12Zach Green22.80a (.1)Byron-Bergen Central
7.12Nick Lombardozzi22.84a (.1)Clymer Central
--12Sean AtkinsonSCR (.1)Nazareth Regional

200 Meters  Division 1 - Prelims

1.12Mike Abelard21.71a (3.5)Ramapo
2.12Miles Lewis21.94a (1.2)Newfield-Centereach ...
3.10Michael Mastanduno22.00a (2.4)St Anthony's
4.11Jordan Thomas22.05a (2.4)Union-Endicott
5.11Dale McDonald22.07a (3.5)Roosevelt (LI)
7.12Kennith Anaya22.08a (3.5)Sweet Home
8.11Kareem Morris22.17a (2.4)Albany
6.11Justin McCollin22.20a (1.2)Monroe-Woodbury
9.12Zamel Johnson22.22a (3.5)Port Richmond
10.12Sean Bernstein22.37a (3.5)Baldwinsville Central
11.11Leroy Rouse22.42a (1.2)Arlington
12.12James McClenic22.44a (1.2)Roosevelt (LI)
13.10Daniel McCord22.61a (2.4)Half Hollow Hills West
14.11Jon Mallard22.72a (2.4)Niagara Falls
15.11Steven Wendell22.89a (2.4)Rondout Valley
16.11Damien Abar23.38a (3.5)Canton Central (HC W...
17.11Chris Thorton23.87a (1.2)Brockport Central
--11Camara LawrenceSCR (1.2)All Hallows

200 Meters  Division 2 - Prelims

1.12Rahkeem Wiggins22.01a (2.0)Cleveland Hill
2.11Darnell Cummings22.15a (2.2)Millbrook Central
3.12Nate Williams22.20a (2.4)Saranac Central
4.11Marc Mauro22.26a (2.2)Locust Valley
5.12Tiere Spruill22.28a (2.0)Webutuck Central
6.12Sean Atkinson22.43a (2.4)Nazareth Regional
7.12Nick Lombardozzi22.46a (2.4)Clymer Central
8.12Zach Green22.57a (2.2)Byron-Bergen Central
9.11Nat Recine22.69a (2.0)Bronxville
10.11Bryan Whitlock22.77a (2.2)Frank Sinatra Sch Th...
11.11Kevin Sainvil22.80a (2.0)Woodlands
12.12Tyler McCully22.93a (2.0)Friends Seminary
13.12Shawn Kisel23.10a (2.2)Waverly Senior
14.12Casey Gilbert23.11a (2.4)Berlin Junior-Senior
15.12Sean Bearse23.31a (2.0)Westmoreland
16.9Taylor Colucci23.52a (2.4)The Stony Brook
17.11Zach Linsky23.77a (2.4)Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
18.11Melique Garcia24.15a (2.2)Watervliet
--11Xavier BrooksSCR (2.4)Malverne

400 Meters  Championship - Finals

1.11John Thomas48.24aSheepshead Bay (Fran...
2.12Jonathan Santana48.84aEdison Technical
3.11Mike Quercia49.03aMarcellus Central
4.12Dustin Ross49.07aBainbridge Guilford
5.11Lamard Herron49.58aWestbury
6.12Charles Gilreath50.12aHoly Trinity
--11Randy PattersonDNFNewburgh Free
--12Sean AtkinsonSCRNazareth Regional

400 Meters  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Jonathan Santana49.02aEdison Technical
2.11John Thomas49.35aSheepshead Bay (Fran...
3.12Charles Gilreath49.43aHoly Trinity
4.11Randy Patterson49.54aNewburgh Free
5.11Lamard Herron49.64aWestbury
6.12Chris Davis49.75aRoosevelt (closed 20...
7.12Tyrek Barney49.77aHoly Trinity
8.12Akiel Cambridge50.01aCanarsie
9.11Jaquan Holland50.05aBellport
10.11David Lewis50.14aFreeport
11.11Brian Campoli50.14aShenendehowa Central
12.12Quinton Harley50.51aEdison Technical
13.11Matt Conti50.67aShaker
14.11Jacob Eaton Hall50.79aElmira Free Academy
15.11Jake Lafaver50.82aWest Genesee
16.10Mel Mosley50.97aMiddletown (NY)
17.12Hugh Bernard51.03aAmityville Memorial
18.11Alex Shapiro51.50aBeacon
19.10Cordell Johnson51.61aNiagara Falls
20.10Greg Shlotzhauer51.65aNew Hartford
21.12Jesse Fodero51.89aWest Seneca East
22.9Christian Lesperance56.49aOgdensburg Free

400 Meters  Division 2 - Finals

1.11Mike Quercia47.86aMarcellus Central
2.12Dustin Ross48.84aBainbridge Guilford
3.12Sean Atkinson49.43aNazareth Regional
4.11Steven Webb49.73aDundee Central
5.12Tiere Spruill49.84aWebutuck Central
6.9Kevin Hunter49.98aPawling
7.12Tyler McCully50.09aFriends Seminary
8.12Logan Sharpe50.09aSchoharie Central
9.12Brian Sutton50.17aCherry Valley-Spring...
10.11Kevin Sainvil50.82aWoodlands
11.12Chris Rhinehart51.64aOlean
12.11Austin Davis51.99aAusable Valley Central
13.12Justin Garrow52.22aNorwood-Norfolk Cent...
14.12Kevin Henry52.24aPort Jefferson (Earl...
15.12Joe Wellbrock54.02aMineola

800 Meters  Championship - Finals

1.12Terrance Livingston1:50.32aGreat Neck South
2.12Zavior Brown1:50.69aPine Bush Central Dist
3.12Tyler Stewart1:52.00aColonie Central
4.12Lyle Haywood1:54.15aNyack
5.11Alney Tobias1:54.50aLansingburgh
6.12Daniel Brown1:54.82aNorth Babylon
7.11Devyn Hollenbeck1:57.64aSauquoit Valley Cent...
8.12Adam Irr2:00.69aNewfane
9.12Sean Halpin2:04.67aIona Preparatory
10.12Michael Rossi2:06.92aValley Stream North
11.11Colin Savage2:12.83aLiverpool
--11Bumkuth JiakSCRJamesville De Witt

800 Meters  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Terrance Livingston1:52.64aGreat Neck South
2.12Zavior Brown1:53.13aPine Bush Central Dist
3.12Tyler Stewart1:54.86aColonie Central
4.12Sean Halpin1:54.94aIona Preparatory
5.11Alney Tobias1:55.31aLansingburgh
6.11Colin Savage1:55.52aLiverpool
7.11Bumkuth Jiak1:56.57aJamesville De Witt
8.12Daniel Brown1:56.77aNorth Babylon
9.12Lyle Haywood1:56.92aNyack
10.12Eric Fontanez1:57.12aHilton Central
11.10Damion Walker1:57.15aSpringfield Gardens
12.11Michael Cook1:57.20aKellenberg Memorial
13.12David Geary1:57.25aBrighton
14.12Christo Welch1:57.51aErasmus Hall Campus
15.12Mike Dapice1:57.72aWhite Plains
16.11Tony George1:57.77aWest Seneca West
17.12Sharif Younes1:58.76aIthaca
18.12Jordan Ashley2:00.37aJohn F Kennedy (Bell...
19.12Brian Nill2:01.06aShoreham-Wading River
20.11Clay Allen2:14.82aMassena Central

800 Meters  Division 2 - Finals

1.11Devyn Hollenbeck1:56.31aSauquoit Valley Cent...
2.12Adam Irr1:56.33aNewfane
3.12Michael Rossi1:56.40aValley Stream North
4.12Jonathan Byrne1:58.13aRed Hook Central
5.10Ryan Moynihan1:58.23aGeneseo Central
6.12Aaron Hoven1:58.36aMidlakes
7.12Nate Weber1:58.92aTully Senior
8.9Austin Lane1:59.31aGreenwich Central
9.11Mario Buscemi1:59.33aBayport Blue Point
10.11Abayomi Baptiste1:59.79aNazareth Regional
11.12Jon Filipe2:00.25aValhalla
12.11Josh Barber2:00.78aLansing
13.11Brendan Courneene2:02.51aBeekmantown Central
14.12Josh Disotelle2:05.26aFranklin Academy (Ma...
15.12Michael Onah2:08.07aPolytechnic Prep Cou...

1500 Meters  Championship Pentathlon - Finals

1.12Ben Depo4:24.81aSaranac Central
2.12Alec Svoboda4:25.30aBayport Blue Point
3.11Andrew Gregg4:28.04aHomer
4.10Sam Rugg4:29.22aDryden
5.11Brian Dillman4:30.13aOyster Bay-East Norw...
6.12Jason Raeburn4:31.98aBeacon
7.12Sean Cooper4:34.37aJohn S. Burke Catholic
8.11Kevin Langstaff4:37.60aSyosset
9.12Patric McLauglin4:37.98aOneida
10.12Robby Seyler4:38.03aLewiston Porter
11.11Josh Mann4:38.60aWarwick Valley
12.11Mike Rabbit4:40.11aOneida
13.12Mike Humphrey4:40.73aLe Roy
14.12Elliot Mathews4:41.16aSauquoit Valley Cent...
15.12Chris Ammann4:42.63aSmithtown West
16.12Jessie Grisham4:43.62aLivonia Central
17.11Tyler Washington4:44.29aLa Salle Institute
18.12Sam Smith4:47.01aBethlehem Central
19.12Spencer Lefort4:49.71aPioneer Central
20.12Blaze Parker4:50.55aUniondale
21.12Tomarris Bell4:52.82aMcquaid Jesuit
22.11Jermaine Miller4:57.49aElmira
23.12Kyle Sanders4:58.02aClarkstown South
24.12Mike Drock4:58.16aVictor Central
25.12Mike Carroll4:59.41aNanuet
26.10Chris Jones4:59.73aFonda-Fultonville
27.11Lionel Fontaine5:00.19aWest Babylon
28.11Matt Catera5:05.97aArchbishop Molloy
29.10Calvin Stallworth5:06.37aDunkirk
30.11Michael Perry5:12.66aFranklin Academy (Ma...
31.9Nick Crawford5:13.27aOgdensburg Free
32.12David Sandiford5:17.15aPaul Robeson for Bus...
33.12David Gray5:22.51aIchabod Crane Central
34.12Dan Waters5:28.22aArchbishop Molloy

1600 Meters  Championship - Finals

1.11Alex Hatz4:06.11aFayetteville-Manlius
2.12Chris Carrington4:11.97aNorth Rockland
3.12Bobby Andrews4:12.83aShoreham-Wading River
4.12Evan Tsembelis4:13.24aGrand Island Central
5.12Louis Serafini4:13.58aNiskayuna
6.11Marco Bertolotti4:13.73aPaul D Schreiber
7.12Scott Anderson4:13.96aEast Aurora
8.11Steve Mangan4:15.55aHoneoye Falls-Lima C...
9.10Tim Luthin4:17.35aWarwick Valley
10.12Chris Moore4:17.88aWesthill
11.11Quinn Raseman4:18.05aWard Melville
12.11Brian Dinan4:19.36aGeneva
13.12Vasili Papastrat4:21.02aBinghamton
14.12Brandon Abasolo4:21.82aLong Beach
15.10Chad Noelle4:21.84aGreene Central
16.10Jesse Garn4:22.07aMarcellus Central
17.11Matt Pierce4:22.77aCanton Central (HC W...
18.11Julian Saliani4:24.65aIrvington
19.12Jordan Hamm4:24.70aCanisius
20.12Jeffery Pennings4:24.84aGoshen Central
21.11Clifford Nielson4:25.87aGowanda Central
22.11Michael Champagne4:26.00aSeton Catholic Centr...
23.11Matthew Heath4:26.41aClara Barton
24.11Daniel Denis4:26.94aBayport Blue Point
25.11Tyler Beck4:27.47aDryden
26.12Joseph Jazwinski4:28.05aOyster Bay-East Norw...
27.11Steven Petramale4:28.14aLake George
28.12Jonathan Aziz4:28.40aNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
29.12Hugh Parker4:29.52aCollegiate
30.11Kendall Ward4:30.55aJames I O'Neill
31.11Jon Eng4:35.73aNorwood-Norfolk Cent...
32.12Adam St. Germain4:44.04aChapel Field Christian

3200 Meters  Championship - Finals

1.12Jeff Martinez8:57.60aJohnson City
2.12John Muller9:00.60aArlington
3.12Scott Anderson9:03.91aEast Aurora
4.12Chris Stogsdill9:08.84aMarcellus Central
5.12Bobby Andrews9:09.62aShoreham-Wading River
6.10Otis Ubriaco9:10.64aBurnt Hills-Ballston...
7.12Joe Whelan9:11.87aHamburg Central
8.11Max Straneva9:14.96aChenango Valley
9.12Evan Bloomberg9:15.91aNorthport
10.12Alex Luechanka9:18.46aShenendehowa Central
11.12Jason Skipper9:18.58aPittsford Mendon
12.12Michael Hickey9:23.09aPearl River
13.12Greg Redfield9:24.70aPenfield Central
14.12Lyle O'Brien9:31.57aEast Aurora
15.10Chris Buchanan9:34.58aCicero-North Syracuse
16.12Kameron George9:38.23aEast NY Transit Tech
17.11Michael Champagne9:40.10aSeton Catholic Centr...
18.11Kendall Ward9:41.63aJames I O'Neill
19.12Frank Johnson9:42.57aLetchworth Central
20.12Jonathan Aziz9:49.13aNotre Dame-Bishop Gi...
21.10Martin Hehir9:53.59aWashingtonville
22.11Patrick Wortner9:54.32aDobbs Ferry
23.12Thomas Clark9:59.60aWantagh
24.12Robert Cherkis10:04.62aSt Anthony's
25.11Anthony Russello10:21.36aValley Stream North
26.9Andrew Keresztes10:43.93aPort Jefferson (Earl...
27.12Mike Schram10:50.22aTupper Lake
28.8Alex Wood10:53.14aOgdensburg Free
--12Harry HavelesDNFCollegiate

110m Hurdles - 39"  Championship - Finals

1.12Brett Harrington14.10a (2.8)Edison Technical
2.12Amadou Gueye14.26a (2.8)Albany Academy for B...
3.12Shane Wagner14.51a (2.8)Schuylerville Central
4.12Jarman Esperance14.52a (2.8)Nyack
6.11Sean Collins14.79a (2.8)Archbishop Molloy
7.12Zach Zeller14.91a (2.8)Greece Athena
--12Wayne SeatonFS (2.8)Fordham Prep

110m Hurdles - 39"  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Brett Harrington14.34a (-.6)Edison Technical
2.12Jarman Esperance14.50a (-.6)Nyack
3.12Wayne Seaton14.64a (-.6)Fordham Prep
4.12Zach Zeller14.66a (-.6)Greece Athena
5.12Ryan Lacossade14.73a (-.6)North Rockland
6.11Sean Collins14.84a (-.6)Archbishop Molloy
7.10Sancho Barrett15.14a (-.6)Amityville Memorial
8.10Richmond Ahadzi15.27a (-.6)Sheepshead Bay (Fran...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Division 2 - Finals

1.12Amadou Gueye14.22aAlbany Academy for B...
2.12Shane Wagner14.29aSchuylerville Central
3.10Alec Silvera15.05aCooperstown
4.11Kurtis Ahart15.14aSpencer Van Etten Ce...
5.11Mark Castilletti15.21aBayport Blue Point
6.12Mitchell Switzer15.35aJ C Birdlebough (Pho...
7.12Samuel Pozorski16.43aEllenville Central
--12Eddie JacksonSCRJohn Marshall (closed)

110m Hurdles - 39"  Championship Pentathlon - Finals

1.12Patric McLauglin14.37a (3.9)Oneida
2.12Jason Raeburn14.63a (1.6)Beacon
3.12Tomarris Bell14.75a (3.9)Mcquaid Jesuit
4.12Mike Drock14.78a (1.6)Victor Central
5.12Chris Ammann15.28a (1.6)Smithtown West
6.12David Sandiford15.29a (.9)Paul Robeson for Bus...
7.12Mike Carroll15.43a (.9)Nanuet
8.12Mike Humphrey15.52a (2.6)Le Roy
9.11Tyler Washington15.52a (2.2)La Salle Institute
10.12Blaze Parker15.54a (1.6)Uniondale
11.11Mike Rabbit15.58a (2.2)Oneida
12.12Sean Cooper15.65a (1.6)John S. Burke Catholic
13.11Jermaine Miller15.78a (3.7)Elmira
14.11Andrew Gregg15.87a (3.7)Homer
15.12Sam Smith15.92a (2.2)Bethlehem Central
16.12Alec Svoboda16.01a (3.9)Bayport Blue Point
17.11Lionel Fontaine16.02a (2.2)West Babylon
18.11Matt Catera16.03a (1.2)Archbishop Molloy
19.11Josh Mann16.12a (2.6)Warwick Valley
20.12Ben Depo16.13a (1.6)Saranac Central
21.10Chris Jones16.26a (1.8)Fonda-Fultonville
22.12Kyle Sanders16.35a (1.6)Clarkstown South
23.12Spencer Lefort16.39a (.9)Pioneer Central
24.11Kevin Langstaff16.47a (1.2)Syosset
25.12David Gray16.50a (1.5)Ichabod Crane Central
26.10Calvin Stallworth16.74a (1.8)Dunkirk
27.12Elliot Mathews16.80a (2.6)Sauquoit Valley Cent...
28.12Robby Seyler17.36a (1.5)Lewiston Porter
29.12Jessie Grisham17.57a (3.7)Livonia Central
30.10Sam Rugg17.64a (1.8)Dryden
31.12Dan Waters17.70a (1.5)Archbishop Molloy
32.11Michael Perry18.04a (3.7)Franklin Academy (Ma...
33.11Brian Dillman18.68a (1.2)Oyster Bay-East Norw...
34.9Nick Crawford20.00a (1.5)Ogdensburg Free
--12Leighton FrancisSCR (2.6)Thomas Jefferson

110m Hurdles - 39"  Division 1 - Prelims

1.12Brett Harrington14.15a (3.0)Edison Technical
2.12Wayne Seaton14.47a (2.7)Fordham Prep
4.12Jarman Esperance14.53a (2.7)Nyack
7.12Ryan Lacossade14.61a (2.7)North Rockland
3.11Sean Collins14.75a (2.8)Archbishop Molloy
5.12Zach Zeller14.80a (2.8)Greece Athena
6.10Richmond Ahadzi14.82a (3.0)Sheepshead Bay (Fran...
8.10Sancho Barrett14.85a (3.0)Amityville Memorial
9.12Jon Lauger14.88a (2.8)Middletown (NY)
10.12Ryan Daugherty14.99a (2.8)Corning-Painted Post
11.11Isaiah Glover15.00a (3.0)Half Hollow Hills West
12.12Oluebebe Abara15.16a (2.7)Shaker
13.12Corey Bundrage15.18a (2.8)Liverpool
14.12Eliezer Riquelme15.22a (2.7)Newburgh Free
15.11Baffaur O'Brien15.47a (3.0)East Meadow
16.12Spencer Crawford17.28a (2.8)Ogdensburg Free
17.12Joshua Blango18.34a (3.0)Sweet Home
--12Nathaniel MercerDNF (2.7)Uniondale
--12Darryl BradshawSCR (2.8)Sheepshead Bay (Fran...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Division 2 - Prelims

1.12Shane Wagner14.58a (3.2)Schuylerville Central
2.12Amadou Gueye14.62a (2.6)Albany Academy for B...
3.12Mitchell Switzer14.89a (2.6)J C Birdlebough (Pho...
4.11Kurtis Ahart15.05a (3.2)Spencer Van Etten Ce...
5.12Eddie Jackson15.08a (2.6)John Marshall (closed)
6.11Mark Castilletti15.08a (3.2)Bayport Blue Point
7.10Alec Silvera15.33a (3.2)Cooperstown
8.12Samuel Pozorski15.56a (3.2)Ellenville Central
9.11Kieran Lang15.62a (3.2)Wheatley
10.11Ryan Ainsworth16.02a (2.6)Bath-Haverling Central
11.12Dylan Spicer16.12a (3.2)Norwood-Norfolk Cent...
12.12Nick Steel16.16a (2.6)Nanuet
13.12Dustin Scott16.42a (2.6)Ticonderoga Central
14.12Justin McLoughlin20.58a (3.2)Onteora
--12Nick LombardozziFS (2.6)Clymer Central
--12Matt JohnstonSCR (2.6)Olean

400m Hurdles - 36"  Championship - Finals

1.12Will Cole52.77aHamburg Central
2.12Oluebebe Abara54.43aShaker
4.12Casey Gilbert54.58aBerlin Junior-Senior
5.12Adrian Turner55.30aRush Henrietta Senior
6.12Umar Hasan55.59aValley Central
7.12Zach Zeller55.66aGreece Athena
8.12Zach Weisbrot57.63aHendrick Hudson

400m Hurdles - 36"  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Will Cole52.69aHamburg Central
2.12Umar Hasan54.33aValley Central
3.12Zach Zeller54.47aGreece Athena
4.12Adrian Turner54.57aRush Henrietta Senior
5.12Oluebebe Abara54.59aShaker
6.12Zach Weisbrot55.20aHendrick Hudson
7.12Rashim Gaines55.92aAmityville Memorial
8.11Sean Collins55.96aArchbishop Molloy
9.11Jaquell Chandler56.02aShaker
10.12Ryan Daugherty56.11aCorning-Painted Post
11.12Royston Souvenir56.22aBenjamin Banneker Ac...
12.12Ryan Whitley56.33aRamapo
13.12Brendan Creighton57.66aGarden City
14.12Dexter Bollers57.69aEast NY Transit Tech
15.12Alex Neumeister57.73aCicero-North Syracuse
16.12Jake Fredericks58.43aOgdensburg Free
17.11Nick Caesar1:00.66aWashingtonville
18.12Jeff Gregory1:01.14aWest Islip

400m Hurdles - 36"  Division 2 - Finals

1.12Casey Gilbert54.01aBerlin Junior-Senior
2.12Shane Wagner54.62aSchuylerville Central
3.12Curtice Davis56.16aGeneva
4.12Mitchell Switzer56.65aJ C Birdlebough (Pho...
5.12Jonathan Byrne56.95aRed Hook Central
6.12Jason Pageau57.02aSaranac Central
7.12Cody Dieterle57.08aOakfield-Alabama
8.12Brandon. J Mack57.47aSouthampton
9.11Scott Baglia57.75aFalconer
10.12Corey Irwin57.98a
11.12Nick Steel58.12aNanuet
12.11Kieran Lang58.13aWheatley
13.11Alex Delaney58.64aOwego Free Academy
14.12Ricky Shorett58.79aSauquoit Valley Cent...
15.11Jordan Reynolds58.98aChautauqua Lake Cent...
16.11Mark Castilletti1:00.24aBayport Blue Point
17.11Justin Marlow1:03.00aFranklin Academy (Ma...
18.12Justin McLoughlin1:03.61aOnteora

3k Steeplechase  Championship - Finals

1.12Michael Kiley9:13.92aChaminade
2.11Alex Deir9:24.80aHoneoye Falls-Lima C...
3.12David Dewan9:27.90aWarwick Valley
4.12Alex Brimstein9:32.35aWebster Thomas
5.12Jason Santos9:34.46aSmithtown West
6.12Arquimedes DelaCru9:34.86aWantagh
7.12Craig Weiss9:39.87aShaker
8.12Lyle O'Brien9:43.14aEast Aurora
9.12Jamie Glover9:43.82aShenendehowa Central
10.12Colin Seidl9:47.00aSullivan West
11.12Joe Blazey9:47.40aNewark Valley
12.10Willie Underwood9:49.43aLake George
13.12Nick Madison9:50.00aOneonta
14.10Shaun Thompson9:50.33aBaldwinsville Central
15.12Jake Krautwurst9:50.43aLe Roy
16.11Kevin McKenna9:56.89aSuffern
17.11Jared Cornfield9:58.97aCorning-Painted Post
18.10Kevin Brown10:02.12aGowanda Central
19.11Jason Stapleton10:05.67aCurtis
20.11Jared Quinn10:05.84aNorth Tonawanda
21.11Vinny DiSalvo10:15.36aWashingtonville
22.10Greg Johnsmeyer10:15.42aOnteora
23.12Danny Kane10:16.80aTappan Zee
24.12Vinny Savastano10:17.61aWesthill
25.12Gabe Sturges10:18.59aCatskill
26.12Christian Altamura10:49.05aGeneral Douglas Maca...
27.12Paul Colbert10:55.23aNorwood-Norfolk Cent...
28.9Dayton Flannery10:58.30aBronxville
29.12Mike Rolfe11:10.83aOgdensburg Free
30.12Connor Herdic11:26.65aNortheastern Clinton...
--11Kevin SullivanDNFPort Jefferson (Earl...
--11Anthony RusselloDNFValley Stream North

4x100 Relay  Championship - Finals

1.-Richmond Ahadzi
Paul Fyffe
John Thomas
Naquan Alexander
42.05aSheepshead Bay (Fran...
2.-Quinton Harley
Brett Harrington
Mark Canady
Jonathan Santana
42.46aEdison Technical
3.-Shervon Barthelmy
Stephan Davis
Ian Haney
Miles Lewis
42.67aNewfield-Centereach ...
4.-Anthony Quezada
Devon Lawrence
Davon Christopher
Stephen Reilly
42.73aSachem North
5.-Dan Fugazot
Justin McCollin
Chris McGee
Brandon Holmes
6.-Brian Archie
Jon Mallard
Darrien Payne
Oraine Allen
43.07aNiagara Falls
7.-Donald Williams jr
Eric Williams
Donovan Edwards
Alex Sterling
8.-Relay Team 45.41aRamapo

4x100 Relay  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Quinton Harley
Brett Harrington
Mark Canady
Jonathan Santana
42.18aEdison Technical
2.-Anthony Quezada
Devon Lawrence
Davon Christopher
Stephen Reilly
42.25aSachem North
3.-Richmond Ahadzi
Paul Fyffe
John Thomas
Naquan Alexander
42.29aSheepshead Bay (Fran...
4.-Shervon Barthelmy
Stephan Davis
Ian Haney
Miles Lewis
42.31aNewfield-Centereach ...
5.-Dan Fugazot
Justin McCollin
Chris McGee
Brandon Holmes
6.-Jason Senat
Chidi Ezemma
Aaron Thevinin
Mike Abelard
7.-Donald Williams jr
Eric Williams
Donovan Edwards
Alex Sterling
8.-Brian Archie
Jon Mallard
Darrien Payne
Oraine Allen
42.77aNiagara Falls
9.-Relay Team 42.84aBinghamton
10.-Relay Team 42.94aSt John The Baptist
11.-Robert Graham
Darious Reynolds
O'Neish Foote
Robert Robinson
43.04aNewburgh Free
12.-Nathaniel Mercer
Jordan Daley
Travis John
Tresean Goodwin
13.-Jerry Adams
Laquan Rouse
Antoine Tearney
Rashad Burns
14.-Relay Team 46.66aOgdensburg Free
---Jalon Scott
Kareem Morris
Corey Harris
Fuad Jusic
---Wayne Gordon
Kennith Anaya
Matt Cross
Joshua Blango
DNFSweet Home

4x100 Relay  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Matt Deim
Nick Campfield
Joe Puntoriero
Rahkeem Wiggins
43.08aCleveland Hill
2.-Eddie Jackson
Edwin Farquharson
Ralick Calvin
Dre Johnson
43.74aJohn Marshall (closed)
3.-Vlad Myschuk
Ashad Thompson
Akeim Thompson
Melique Garcia
4.-Relay Team 43.96aWaverly Senior
5.-Relay Team 43.97aDryden
6.-Mark Granville
sheldon mckoy
mookie muhammad
Richardo Williams
7.-John Smith
Ryan Ainsworth
Brian Vonderlin
Andre McCloud
44.45aBath-Haverling Central
8.-Mitchell Switzer
Sean McMonagle
David Marsh
Delreon Williams
44.60aJ C Birdlebough (Pho...
9.-Jon Filipe
Tyler Malcolm
Ernest Curtis
Philip Flynn
10.-Brandon. J Mack
Kyren Miller
Owen Laub
Alex Mangliviti
11.-Relay Team 45.14aPeru Central
12.-Jose Aldorondo
Tomasz Czarnecki
Tyler Obryant
Samuel Pozorski
45.19aEllenville Central
13.-Chris Edouard
Pejmahn Eftekarzadeh
Stanley Jacques
Elias Gaston
45.34aValley Stream North
14.-Relay Team 45.52aHackley
15.-Relay Team 46.18aPortville Central
16.-Relay Team 47.97aGouverneur Central

4x400 Relay  Championship - Finals

1.-Robert Graham
Robert Robinson
Fred Locklary
Randy Patterson
3:17.17aNewburgh Free
3.-Relay Team 3:19.09aFordham Prep
4.-Devin Askew
Umar Hasan
Michael Pressler
Steven Pizarro
3:19.91aValley Central
5.-Mike Abelard
Chidi Ezemma
Dozie Ezemma
Ryan Whitley
6.-Sancho Barrett
Hugh Bernard
Rashim Gaines
Emmanuel Johnson
3:20.88aAmityville Memorial
7.-Daniel Simon
Khamani Davis parker
Javaun Grant
Leon Gelzer
3:21.00aBoys & Girls
8.-Quinton Harley
Jonathan Santana
Mark Canady
Joseph Hlywa
3:21.06aEdison Technical

4x400 Relay  Division 1 - Finals

1.-Mike Abelard
Chidi Ezemma
Dozie Ezemma
Ryan Whitley
2.-Robert Graham
Nelson Mora
Fred Locklary
Randy Patterson
3:17.75aNewburgh Free
3.-Quinton Harley
Jonathan Santana
Mark Canady
Joseph Hlywa
3:18.64aEdison Technical
4.-Devin Askew
Umar Hasan
Michael Pressler
Steven Pizarro
3:19.17aValley Central
5.-Relay Team 3:19.21aHoly Trinity
6.-Relay Team 3:19.81aFordham Prep
7.-Sancho Barrett
Hugh Bernard
Rashim Gaines
Emmanuel Johnson
3:20.75aAmityville Memorial
8.-Daniel Simon
Khamani Davis parker
Javaun Grant
Leon Gelzer
3:21.24aBoys & Girls
9.-Tim Mount
Stefan Rafaniello
Mike Seahorn
Alex King
3:21.25aSaratoga Springs
10.-Rawle Crawford
Kadeem Anderson
Diosdado Sima
Casey Williams
3:22.32aMt Vernon
11.-Jared Squires
Demarr Aultman
Daniel McCord
Harold Jamison
3:22.51aHalf Hollow Hills West
12.-Oluebebe Abara
Matt Conti
Jaquell Chandler
Brendan Dolan
13.-Ashanti Foster-Felder
Antoine Drummond
David Lewis
Craig Reid
14.-Dwight Jones
Avonte Thrower
Adam Medford
Paul Fyffe
3:23.19aSheepshead Bay (Fran...
15.-Jordan Daley
Travis John
Randall Pierre-Pierre
Derrick Ingram
16.-Relay Team 3:25.24aFairport
17.-Brandon Marlow
Zach Brown
Jake Whritenour
Mike Fiume
3:25.34aCicero-North Syracuse
18.-Jordan Gibson
Shawn Winter
Chris Stessing
Evan Tsembelis
3:27.45aGrand Island Central
19.-Relay Team 3:27.88aVestal
20.-Relay Team 3:37.71aOgdensburg Free

4x400 Relay  Division 2 - Finals

1.-Josh Norris
Kyle Kelly
Steve Howe
Dustin Ross
3:24.51aBainbridge Guilford
2.-Mike Spadine
Alex Delaney
Jessie Shrauger
Jimmy Campbell
3:25.49aOwego Free Academy
3.-Jeff Morris
Zach Flood
Mark Castilletti
Kevin Price
3:26.05aBayport Blue Point
4.-Adam Dwyer
Kyle Murphy
Robert Mullen
Joe Acor
5.-Tyler Curtis
Dylan Guider
Matt Femia
Neal Fahey
6.-Robert Baird
Tyler Evans
Eric Stys
Jason Ritzel
3:27.08aHolland Patent Central
7.-Relay Team 3:27.43aSouthampton
8.-Dan Quiceno
Samuel Pozorski
Joe Barrera
Ryan Valencia
3:28.38aEllenville Central
9.-Relay Team 3:28.72aSaranac Central
10.-Relay Team 3:29.99aValley Stream North
11.-Kevin Hunter
Tim Yu
Alex Maruzzella
Chris Boyle
12.-Darnell Davis
Elliot Grund
Aaron Konigsberg
Ian Parnell
13.-Alex Zacharczenko
Jamel Fields
Buddy White
Amadou Gueye
3:33.06aAlbany Academy for B...
14.-Relay Team 3:33.30aSt Mary's (Lancaster)
15.-John Smith
Franklin Koehler
Brian Vonderlin
Garrison Koehler
3:33.38aBath-Haverling Central
16.-Relay Team 3:33.44aDunkirk
17.-Tim David
Matt Van Haugg
Josh Glick
Dave Haverly
3:33.74aBerne Knox Westerlo
18.-James Purvis
Dylan Spicer
Justin Garrow
Jake Frego
3:36.60aNorwood-Norfolk Cent...

4x800 Relay  Championship - Finals

1.-Zavon Watkins
Chris Clemons
Alex Wilke
Colin Savage
2.-Domenick DeMatteo
Nick Sferrazza
Jared Squires
Harold Jamison
7:48.33aHalf Hollow Hills West
3.-Robert Briwa
Zavior Brown
Aaron Ghobrial
Ben Sweet
7:50.86aPine Bush Central Dist
4.-Relay Team 7:51.05aNew Rochelle
5.-Chris Fernandez
Scott Maughan
Kent Harlow
Otis Ubriaco
7:51.98aBurnt Hills-Ballston...
6.-John Muller
Adam Doherty
Justin Decker
Jared Leslie
7.-Pierre Armand
Dan Ramirez
Tim Luthin
David Dewan
7:56.42aWarwick Valley
8.-Relay Team 7:57.63aChaminade
9.-Relay Team 7:57.75aCorning-Painted Post
10.-Joe Johnson
William Werner
Brian Wersan
Frank Fezza
7:58.56aSachem North
11.-Ohure Sam
Ben Palladino
Tom Haskins
Nate Weber
7:59.78aTully Senior
12.-Weymour Johnson
Tadd Willoughby
Jamar Jack
Damion Walker
8:01.74aSpringfield Gardens
13.-Sean Fuster
Sean Halpin
Nick Athanasidy
Kyle Shepard
8:02.90aIona Preparatory
14.-Tom Riccardi
Mike Quercia
Jesse Garn
Chris Stogsdill
8:03.64aMarcellus Central
15.-Brenton Jones
Corey McNalley
Mike Buchanan
David Bates
16.-Mario Buscemi
Mark Castilletti
Dan Denis
Zach Flood
8:05.65aBayport Blue Point
17.-Alex Maruzzella
Tim Yu
Chris Boyle
Kevin Hunter
18.-Relay Team 8:06.40aSanford H. Calhoun
19.-Steve Mangan
Alex Deir
Ethan Wickus
Nico Crecco
8:07.00aHoneoye Falls-Lima C...
20.-Dylan Nowik
Zak Wills
Sebastian Siegel
Eamon Graziano
21.-Ryan Egan
Christopher Herman
Matt Conti
Chris VanZetta
22.-Kevin Grazioplene
Cody Dieterle
Casey Boyle
Sam McCracken
23.-Jeremy Orton
Nic Dye
Drew Perilli
Brennan Cain
24.-James Purvis
Jon Eng
Graham Stone
Justin Garrow
8:14.71aNorwood-Norfolk Cent...
25.-Brian Cashman
Brendan Nugent
Connor Nugent
Max Straneva
8:16.65aChenango Valley
26.-Relay Team 8:23.62aValley Stream North
27.-Nick Tallon
Nick Trombley
Brendan Courneene
Ethan Waite
8:25.24aBeekmantown Central
28.-Nathan Bub
Conor Cashin
Rolly Lloyd
Ian Powell
8:26.52aVoorheesville (Bouton)
29.-Matt Menard
Sean Lippin
Sam Lindberg
Julian Saliani
30.-Ben Kolich
Alex Weberg
Lyle O'Brien
Scott Anderson
9:05.34aEast Aurora

Shot Put - 12lb  Championship - Finals

1.12Chris Buck57-01.00Frontier Central
2.11Joseph Fox55-00.25Clarkstown South
3.12Tom Lindley54-05.00William Floyd
4.11Breiten Balschmiter53-10.00Newark Central
5.11Mike Smith53-06.00Riverhead
6.12Justin Torres53-03.25Rome Free Academy
7.12Geno Buono52-11.25Lancaster Central
8.11Joshua Haghighi51-05.00Wheatley

Shot Put - 12lb  Division 1 - Finals

1.11Mike Smith57-00.75Riverhead
2.12Justin Torres55-07.75Rome Free Academy
3.12Chris Buck55-02.50Frontier Central
4.12Tom Lindley54-10.50William Floyd
5.12Geno Buono54-04.00Lancaster Central
6.11Breiten Balschmiter54-01.75Newark Central
7.11Joseph Fox53-10.50Clarkstown South
8.12Anthony Thomas53-09.50Holy Trinity
9.12Evan Palmer52-01.50Shenendehowa Central
10.12Bryan Small51-02.00Ithaca
11.10Dwight Hicks50-04.25Nottingham
12.12Kyle Clapper50-03.25Saugerties
13.12John Rudd50-03.00Averill Park Central
14.12Chad Delecia49-11.25East NY Transit Tech
15.12Errol Jeffrey49-00.25East NY Transit Tech
16.12Mike Jang48-02.75Lynbrook
17.11Kaydon Davis46-11.00Mt Vernon
18.12Alex Spanbock39-05.50Roslyn

Shot Put - 12lb  Division 2 - Finals

1.11Joshua Haghighi56-01.00Wheatley
2.11Shane Smith53-03.50Fonda-Fultonville
3.12Jeff Swayze53-03.00Lansing
4.11Marty Cole51-03.50Delaware Academy
5.12Jennes Coleman49-10.50Schalmont
6.12Shawn Wilson49-08.50Mynderse Academy
7.11Jon Jones49-03.75Portville Central
8.11Pat Wenz49-03.00Bayport Blue Point
9.11AJ Borriello48-02.00Ellenville Central
10.12Derek Krzemien47-10.00John F Kennedy (Chee...
11.12Michael Raplee47-05.25Dundee Central
12.10Henry Palermo46-03.25Bronxville
13.11CJ Brooks45-05.25Solvay
14.12Ed Watkins44-11.25Franklin Academy (Ma...
15.12Jesse Clark44-07.50Ticonderoga Central
16.9Augie Wolf Jr42-05.00Hackley

Shot Put - 12lb  Championship Pentathlon - Finals

1.12Mike Drock13.71mVictor Central
2.12Sam Smith13.51mBethlehem Central
3.12Jessie Grisham13.46mLivonia Central
4.12Kyle Sanders12.98mClarkstown South
5.12Patric McLauglin12.38mOneida
6.12Sean Cooper12.34mJohn S. Burke Catholic
7.12David Gray12.00mIchabod Crane Central
8.12Alec Svoboda11.91mBayport Blue Point
9.12Chris Ammann11.67mSmithtown West
10.12Ben Depo11.64mSaranac Central
11.12Tomarris Bell11.56mMcquaid Jesuit
12.10Calvin Stallworth11.52mDunkirk
13.11Tyler Washington11.47mLa Salle Institute
14.11Lionel Fontaine11.41mWest Babylon
15.12David Sandiford11.26mPaul Robeson for Bus...
16.12Mike Carroll11.23mNanuet
17.12Blaze Parker11.21mUniondale
18.12Elliot Mathews11.19mSauquoit Valley Cent...
19.11Andrew Gregg11.04mHomer
20.11Josh Mann10.72mWarwick Valley
21.12Robby Seyler10.65mLewiston Porter
22.11Matt Catera10.46mArchbishop Molloy
23.10Sam Rugg10.39mDryden
24.12Mike Humphrey10.20mLe Roy
25.10Chris Jones10.18mFonda-Fultonville
26.11Mike Rabbit10.10mOneida
27.12Dan Waters10.05mArchbishop Molloy
28.11Jermaine Miller9.76mElmira
29.12Spencer Lefort9.61mPioneer Central
30.11Michael Perry9.60mFranklin Academy (Ma...
31.12Jason Raeburn9.59mBeacon
32.11Brian Dillman9.10mOyster Bay-East Norw...
33.11Kevin Langstaff8.99mSyosset
34.9Nick Crawford7.94mOgdensburg Free
--12Leighton FrancisSCRThomas Jefferson

Discus - 1.6kg  Championship - Finals

1.12Anthony Thomas182-05Holy Trinity
2.11Shane Smith174-04Fonda-Fultonville
3.12Leonard Joseph157-03Clinton Central
4.12Jon Osucha155-06Alden Central
5.12Jon Luke Krywalski153-04Lancaster Central
6.12Kyle Clapper150-08Saugerties
7.12Adam Finch138-07O’Neill (Walton)
--12Evan PalmerFOULShenendehowa Central

Discus - 1.6kg  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Anthony Thomas173-02Holy Trinity
2.12Evan Palmer165-06Shenendehowa Central
3.12Jon Luke Krywalski161-04Lancaster Central
4.12Kyle Clapper157-10Saugerties
5.12Bryan Small152-05Ithaca
6.11Gabe Fox152-04Ithaca
7.12Abel Gilet150-01Clarkstown North
8.12Greg Feathers148-07Grand Island Central
9.12Justin Torres147-04Rome Free Academy
10.12Jameel Watson146-10Uniondale
11.12Dan Cimino145-01New Paltz
12.11Breiten Balschmiter143-08Newark Central
13.12Teddy Mottola143-05Iona Preparatory
14.11Mike Smith140-04Riverhead
15.11Tyler Prendergast139-11Shenendehowa Central
16.12Errol Jeffrey138-10East NY Transit Tech
17.11Joseph Fox138-08Clarkstown South
18.12Michael Telesford134-04East NY Transit Tech
19.12Spencer Crawford96-09Ogdensburg Free
--12Mike LevineFOULCommack

Discus - 1.6kg  Division 2 - Finals

1.12Jon Osucha176-04Alden Central
2.11Shane Smith169-11Fonda-Fultonville
3.12Leonard Joseph160-05Clinton Central
4.12Adam Finch153-10O’Neill (Walton)
5.12Chris Gattman150-04Fort Plain
6.11Joshua Haghighi146-08Wheatley
7.12Marc Troiani146-02Valhalla
8.10Tyler Hixson143-11Red Jacket Central
9.10Devon Anderson137-04Beekmantown Central
10.12Michael Raplee137-02Dundee Central
11.11AJ Borriello129-10Ellenville Central
12.12Ed Watkins123-09Franklin Academy (Ma...
13.12Joe Canini118-04Susquehanna Valley
14.11John Luis Damaskos107-10Port Jefferson (Earl...
--9Augie Wolf JrFOULHackley

High Jump  Championship - Finals

1.12Eric Fontanez6-08.00Hilton Central
2.12Sean Reilly6-07.00Arlington
3.12Jerry Ntumba6-07.00Greece Olympia
4.10Justin Wilson6-05.00Floral Park Memorial
5.12Kyle Brown6-04.00Holy Trinity
6.11Brian Kane6-04.00Baldwinsville Central
7.12Adrian Dawson6-04.00East Buffalo
8.10Rickey Headlam6-03.00Bellport
9.11Brandon Loomis6-03.00Rocky Point
10.12Shaynon Gramling6-03.00Geneva
11.12Mike Scott,6-02.00Red Hook Central
11.11Brandon Lane6-02.00Cooperstown
13.12Dustin Scott6-02.00Ticonderoga Central
14.12Laquan Rouse6-02.00Corcoran
14.12Tejorn Davis6-02.00Beacon
16.11Connor Ferris6-00.00Albany Academy for B...
16.11Daniel Hernandez6-00.00Ichabod Crane Central
18.12Jonathan Schofield6-00.00Alexander Hamilton
19.10Michael Johnson6-00.00Valley Central
20.12Greg Kehrer6-00.00Colonie Central
21.12Philip Flynn6-00.00Valhalla
21.9Laurent Dure6-00.00Susquehanna Valley
23.12Zachary Nevidomsky5-10.00Weedsport Central
23.12Gabrielius Anglicas5-10.00Southampton
23.12Tim McGreevy5-10.00Alexander Central
26.12Russ Tuttle5-10.00Ogdensburg Free
27.12Matt Genders5-10.00Iroquois
28.12Fred Sickau5-10.00Eden Senior
29.12Justin Bates5-10.00Port Jefferson (Earl...
30.10Jon King5-08.00Union-Endicott
31.12Connor Powell5-08.00St Mary's (Lancaster)
31.11Martel Williams5-08.00Webutuck Central
31.11Mike Hollings5-08.00Greene Central
--11Jacob KlossnerNHTupper Lake
--11Patrick RennallsNHHarry S Truman

High Jump  Championship Pentathlon - Finals

1.12Chris Ammann2.03mSmithtown West
2.12Tomarris Bell2.00mMcquaid Jesuit
3.12Mike Drock1.94mVictor Central
4.12Sam Smith1.88mBethlehem Central
4.12Sean Cooper1.88mJohn S. Burke Catholic
4.12Mike Carroll1.88mNanuet
4.12Patric McLauglin1.88mOneida
8.11Jermaine Miller1.85mElmira
8.12Robby Seyler1.85mLewiston Porter
8.12Jason Raeburn1.85mBeacon
11.11Mike Rabbit1.82mOneida
11.12Blaze Parker1.82mUniondale
11.12Mike Humphrey1.82mLe Roy
14.10Calvin Stallworth1.79mDunkirk
14.12Alec Svoboda1.79mBayport Blue Point
14.11Josh Mann1.79mWarwick Valley
14.12David Sandiford1.79mPaul Robeson for Bus...
14.11Lionel Fontaine1.79mWest Babylon
14.10Chris Jones1.79mFonda-Fultonville
14.12Dan Waters1.79mArchbishop Molloy
14.12Kyle Sanders1.79mClarkstown South
22.10Sam Rugg1.76mDryden
23.12Jessie Grisham1.73mLivonia Central
23.12Elliot Mathews1.73mSauquoit Valley Cent...
23.12Spencer Lefort1.73mPioneer Central
26.11Matt Catera1.70mArchbishop Molloy
27.11Tyler Washington1.67mLa Salle Institute
27.11Kevin Langstaff1.67mSyosset
29.12Ben Depo1.64mSaranac Central
29.11Michael Perry1.64mFranklin Academy (Ma...
29.11Andrew Gregg1.64mHomer
32.12David Gray1.61mIchabod Crane Central
33.9Nick Crawford1.55mOgdensburg Free
34.11Brian Dillman1.52mOyster Bay-East Norw...
--12Leighton FrancisSCRThomas Jefferson

Pole Vault  Championship - Finals

1.12Nick Gerardi15-00.00Queensbury
2.12Adam Helman14-09.00Grand Island Central
3.11Cory Duggan14-06.00Monsignor Farrell
4.12Eddie Sparks14-06.00Horseheads
5.12Jacob Platel14-06.00Bethlehem Central
6.11David Miller14-06.00Elmira
7.10Jordan Yamoah14-00.00Arlington
7.12Josh Glick14-00.00Berne Knox Westerlo
9.12Jeff Willis14-00.00Canastota
10.12Joseph Verderber14-00.00Riverhead
11.11Daniel Putnam13-06.00Wallkill
12.11Sasha Schaefer13-06.00Riverhead
13.11Andre Adkins13-06.00Adirondack Central
14.12John Horvath13-06.00Fordham Prep
15.12Shane Wagner13-06.00Schuylerville Central
16.12Robert Brower13-06.00Massapequa
17.12Eliot Butler13-00.00Hornell
17.11Jordan Traina13-00.00Gates Chili
17.11Chris McCarty13-00.00Waverly Senior
20.12Gegory Castro13-00.00Liberty Central
20.11Dave Aoun13-00.00Lancaster Central
22.11Tom Brace13-00.00Arlington
23.11Dillion McKee12-00.00Cicero-North Syracuse
23.12Christian Shaw12-00.00Lansing
23.10Matt Allen12-00.00Olean
26.12Josh Ulrich12-00.00Alden Central
27.10Ethan Meadow11-00.00Liberty Central
28.12Sean Meehan11-00.00Bayport Blue Point
29.11Randall Kingdon11-00.00Wellsville
30.12Thomas Roeder10-00.00Nanuet
30.11David Taylor10-00.00Cold Spring Harbor
--11Ben PetersenNHWarwick Valley
--12Aaron KonisbergNHHackley

Long Jump  Championship - Finals

1.11Berfrantz Charles23-04.00 (2.3)North Babylon
2.11Maurice Easterling22-10.00 (3.4)Archbishop Stepinac
3.12Brian Archie22-08.50 (1.9)Niagara Falls
4.12Alex King22-04.00 (3.0)Saratoga Springs
5.11Anthony DeJean22-01.00 (3.9)Rome Free Academy
6.11Brandon Hutchinson22-00.00 (3.9)Bay Shore
7.12Zachary Nevidomsky21-10.25 (3.0)Weedsport Central
--11Roscoe BalterDNSScarsdale

Long Jump  Division 1 - Finals

1.11Berfrantz Charles23-09.50North Babylon
2.11Anthony DeJean23-08.00Rome Free Academy
3.11Maurice Easterling23-05.50Archbishop Stepinac
4.12Brian Archie23-00.25Niagara Falls
5.11Roscoe Balter22-09.00Scarsdale
6.12Alex King22-07.75Saratoga Springs
7.11Brandon Hutchinson22-07.50Bay Shore
8.12Alix Lamarre22-07.00WC Mepham
9.12Dan Duffy22-03.00Washingtonville
10.12Quentin Ortiz22-01.25Middletown (NY)
11.12Brian Maley22-00.25Ithaca
12.10Rolyce Boston21-10.50Sheepshead Bay (Fran...
13.10Eric Ziegler21-06.50Spencerport
14.11Andre Green21-05.75Indian River
15.12Tejorn Davis21-04.00Beacon
16.12Lutalo Boyce21-01.00Westbury
17.10Jason Mathaja21-00.50St Francis Prep
18.11Damien Abar20-10.00Canton Central (HC W...
19.11William Francis20-08.50East NY Transit Tech

Long Jump  Division 2 - Finals

1.12Zachary Nevidomsky22-08.50Weedsport Central
2.12Kyren Miller22-01.50Southampton
3.11Josh Stary21-11.25Red Hook Central
4.12John Conti21-09.75Fredonia
5.11Ray Holmes21-08.50Campbell-Savona
6.11Mike Hollings21-07.00Greene Central
7.12Shawn Vanderbrook21-01.00Marion Central
8.10Josh Keyes21-00.25Chatham
9.12James Ryan20-10.25Salem Central
10.9Laurent Dure20-08.00Susquehanna Valley
11.12Adrian Dawson20-07.25East Buffalo
12.12Daniel Fruscella20-06.25Holland Patent Central
13.11Dylan Schuck20-03.75John F Kennedy Catho...
14.10Jason Crane20-02.50Millbrook Central
15.10Jonathan Granger19-10.00Ticonderoga Central
16.12Sherman Nelson19-06.50Cardinal O'Hara
17.11Jobin Abraham18-05.50Mineola
18.11Earl Ash17-06.00The Dwight
--12Jordan BondDNSNorwood-Norfolk Cent...

Long Jump  Championship Pentathlon - Finals

1.12Tomarris Bell6.75mMcquaid Jesuit
2.12Chris Ammann6.61mSmithtown West
3.12David Sandiford6.50mPaul Robeson for Bus...
4.10Calvin Stallworth6.45mDunkirk
5.12Sean Cooper6.43mJohn S. Burke Catholic
5.12Patric McLauglin6.43mOneida
7.11Lionel Fontaine6.39mWest Babylon
8.12Blaze Parker6.34mUniondale
8.12Mike Carroll6.34mNanuet
10.12David Gray6.23mIchabod Crane Central
11.11Mike Rabbit6.19mOneida
12.11Matt Catera6.12mArchbishop Molloy
13.12Jessie Grisham6.07mLivonia Central
14.11Jermaine Miller6.05mElmira
14.10Sam Rugg6.05mDryden
14.11Josh Mann6.05mWarwick Valley
14.11Tyler Washington6.05mLa Salle Institute
18.11Andrew Gregg6.02mHomer
19.12Ben Depo5.99mSaranac Central
20.12Mike Drock5.96mVictor Central
21.12Sam Smith5.88mBethlehem Central
22.12Kyle Sanders5.85mClarkstown South
23.12Dan Waters5.79mArchbishop Molloy
24.12Robby Seyler5.76mLewiston Porter
25.12Spencer Lefort5.74mPioneer Central
26.12Alec Svoboda5.73mBayport Blue Point
27.12Elliot Mathews5.67mSauquoit Valley Cent...
28.11Kevin Langstaff5.58mSyosset
29.10Chris Jones5.54mFonda-Fultonville
30.11Michael Perry5.51mFranklin Academy (Ma...
31.12Mike Humphrey5.50mLe Roy
32.12Jason Raeburn5.36mBeacon
33.11Brian Dillman5.29mOyster Bay-East Norw...
34.9Nick Crawford3.91mOgdensburg Free
--12Leighton FrancisSCRThomas Jefferson

Triple Jump  Championship - Finals

1.12Sam Ludgood47-04.25 (3.1)Webster Schroeder
2.11Eghosa Aghayere46-10.50 (1.1)Rush Henrietta Senior
3.12Sean Reilly46-07.50 (3.3)Arlington
4.11Ray Holmes46-04.25 (3.5)Campbell-Savona
5.12Leighton Francis46-02.00 (4.7)Thomas Jefferson
6.12Prince Abban45-07.25 (3.2)Shaker
7.12Dasheen Ellis45-07.00 (2.8)North Rockland
8.12Kyle Palombo43-11.50 (2.2)Scotia-Glenville Cen...

Triple Jump  Division 1 - Finals

1.12Sean Reilly47-07.00Arlington
2.11Eghosa Aghayere47-06.00Rush Henrietta Senior
3.12Leighton Francis47-00.50Thomas Jefferson
4.12Sam Ludgood46-08.75Webster Schroeder
5.12Prince Abban46-01.75Shaker
6.12Kyle Palombo45-11.25Scotia-Glenville Cen...
7.12Dasheen Ellis45-10.50North Rockland
8.11Gabe Pickett45-04.25Vestal
9.12Alix Lamarre45-02.75WC Mepham
10.11David Salbert45-00.75Jamesville De Witt
11.11Aaron Green44-06.00Riverhead
12.11Olukayode Owolabi44-03.00Midwood
13.12Brian Archie44-03.00Niagara Falls
14.12Lutalo Boyce43-06.50Westbury
15.12Cordell Grant43-06.00Corcoran
16.12Uche Nwokike43-04.75Iona Preparatory
17.12Roshane Williams`43-04.25Middletown (NY)
18.12Jake Fredericks42-02.25Ogdensburg Free
--11Dannie HollandFOULLongwood

Triple Jump  Division 2 - Finals

1.11Ray Holmes46-02.75Campbell-Savona
2.12Shawn Vanderbrook45-06.25Marion Central
3.12Jared Hamm45-03.25Edmeston Central
4.11Brennan Edmonds44-09.25Trumansburg (C.O. Di...
5.12John Conti44-08.25Fredonia
6.12Patrick Rooney44-07.75Skaneateles
7.12Philip Flynn44-05.25Valhalla
8.12Kyren Miller44-04.75Southampton
9.12John Moore43-11.50Red Hook Central
10.12James Ryan43-11.00Salem Central
11.9Jelani Currie43-10.75Albany Academy for B...
12.12Cory Card43-02.75Southwestern
13.12Dan Purcell42-11.50Sauquoit Valley Cent...
14.12Marcus Bazan42-09.25Alexander Hamilton
15.12Devin Scott40-02.75Ticonderoga Central
16.11Xavier O'Connor39-00.75Valley Stream North
17.10Evan Popham36-04.25Clifton-Fine Central

Pentathlon Score (Outdoor)  Championship Pentathlon - Finals

1.12Patric McLauglin3627Oneida
2.12Chris Ammann3620Smithtown West
2.12Tomarris Bell3620Mcquaid Jesuit
4.12Sean Cooper3494John S. Burke Catholic
5.12Mike Drock3484Victor Central
6.12Sam Smith3334Bethlehem Central
7.12Mike Carroll3278Nanuet
8.12Blaze Parker3264Uniondale
9.12Alec Svoboda3257Bayport Blue Point
10.11Mike Rabbit3225Oneida
11.12Jason Raeburn3211Beacon
12.12Ben Depo3162Saranac Central
13.12David Sandiford3158Paul Robeson for Bus...
14.11Josh Mann3153Warwick Valley
15.11Lionel Fontaine3152West Babylon
16.11Andrew Gregg3140Homer
17.11Tyler Washington3133La Salle Institute
18.12Kyle Sanders3104Clarkstown South
19.12Jessie Grisham3090Livonia Central
20.12Mike Humphrey3087Le Roy
21.11Jermaine Miller3070Elmira
22.10Calvin Stallworth3058Dunkirk
23.12Robby Seyler3010Lewiston Porter
24.10Sam Rugg3008Dryden
25.12Elliot Mathews2960Sauquoit Valley Cent...
26.11Matt Catera2925Archbishop Molloy
27.12Spencer Lefort2871Pioneer Central
28.10Chris Jones2870Fonda-Fultonville
29.12David Gray2829Ichabod Crane Central
30.11Kevin Langstaff2819Syosset
31.12Dan Waters2611Archbishop Molloy
32.11Brian Dillman2480Oyster Bay-East Norw...
33.11Michael Perry2450Franklin Academy (Ma...
34.9Nick Crawford1815Ogdensburg Free
--12Leighton FrancisSCRThomas Jefferson


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